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Ask to Join Midnight Hunters RP

Interested? Feel free to join ^^-

Tuesday, 7:46 pm

At the late evening, Stagecoaches were passing through the streets, while kids hold their Mommies' hands to not run off anywhere far from day. it seemed to be a normal day as any other and that was what made it so suspicious. Young male was crosspassing the Street, he was wearing some sort of elegant hat and a worn-out leather clothes. His face was in dirt and dust and his hands seemed rought from the manual labour.
It was that man that would push the doors to our story open for others to appear in it.

While he continued walking, suddenly a shade figure bumped into him, almost causing him to fall while the culprit ran away as fast as possible. No one seemed to care nor want to help the Man, but he didnt mind that. He just received a note with the coordinates of where his hunt shall begin.
Niles wasnt exacly the type of a person that liked to work alone, but sometimes it was neccesery. He headed to where the coordinates lead him till he reached an old mansion in the city outskirts. A wooden sign that was by the entrence to the garden had written 'Hause of Marvels' on it with a barely visible now ink. Which only showed how old the hause was and how much time passed since someone was here. Expierienced Hunter headed his way towards the mansion, walking across the huge, dark garden. The garden itself looked unkept by anyone, with a tall grass and weeds. When he finally reached to the mansion's doors. He was suprised to see them open as he did see them closed just a second ago. Now it was certain that there was someone or something in the hause. Man went inside with caution.

It was not a sudden move in a Darkness or a Loud noise that took his attencion, but scent. Poison.. A strong one at that. Niles pulled up his mask and continued to go forward, passing many skeletons of humans, with holes in the skulls that as he went further and then he saw a monster in dinning room that hold the skull of its most recent victim.

Abuhuku, Monster of Columbia seemed to have life here for quite a while now. Somewhat of a Sloth size, being eminated toxins from its body and holes in skulls showed a horrible fate of those that met him. When Niles entered the room, Monster noticed him and quickly rushed in his direction, receiving a straight kick in the after a second. Niles took out his combat cross and then lashed a chain connected to his weapon like a whip at the opponent, sending him flying for a few meters. However, Physical attacks couldnt kill this creature.

Niles quickly rushed out of dinning hall, going to the kitchen while he could hear monster following him. He quickly got to the room and closed the doors while he looked around. He searched for a paprica, but it couldnt be Just random vegetable. Capsicum smoke.. Thats what he needed and he was Lucky enough to find some and burn them when the Beast suddenly burst into the room.

A moment.
Beast attacked Niles.
He was tackled onto the ground.
It was about to pierced his skull and eat him like other victims.
The smoke spread, It got to the creature.
It killed the Abuhuku...
Niles didnt expect demon to be here, although it was quite a weak monster, It is hard to kill it without knowing a certain way to do so. He was more Lucky than Niles would assume. He sighed and got up, while checking if poison didnt took any effects on his body.
Now was time for his real job.
He had to look for the clues on the 'suspicious movements' that happend in a City recently and he had to do it before tommorow.. Before his new team is assigned.
Wensday 11:42 am

Niles was waiting. He sat down by the table, as far from people as possible in quite unpopular restaurant while the others were supposed to get here soon and meet with him.

He was in formed earlier that it was the team that he is supposed to work with during this case and that their team leader will be announced once they all gather here.

Each of them was also supposed to bring some evidence of their own for the meeting to proof that they are capable to take on the mission.

In Niles' case it was a black Card with a red letters C that he found in a basement. It was similar to id cards as it seemed to have written down name, surname and other info. However Niles couldnt Read the language that was on it. The same basement also had a summonic circle made from the chicken's Blood that could be used to summon Abuhuku.. Yet he wasnt 100% sure of it.

He needed to wait to discuss the matter with others.
(Sorry it took this long @=Nightshade= @Void_Nugget)