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Name of your rivals through the gens?

Hi! I'm Manny714!
my first thread posting I was curious about people's choices in rival names for their pokemon games when we could name our rivals

here are mine rival names and why I chose them
  1. Pokemon Red/Fire Red: Gerard = My best friend in real life
  2. Pokemon Silver/soul silver: Ace/Jasper = those seemed like cocky names at the time.
  3. Pokemon platinum: Veck = the rival of a character I created for a manga series


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Oh, nice topic! My rival names are really boring, sadly – I just use the defaults. That said, my rival in Yellow was called "Sam," which is the name of my brother. I was rather young at the time...
Nice! I tried so hard to get pokemon yellow as a kid haha, My best friend got it at the time and I was so upset!
so when I started playing red again after I accidently messed my data up I named my rival after him!
the first time around I did call my rival Gary haha!

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Generally I leave the rivals with their default names. However, there are a few exceptions I've played with for comical effect - like naming the G/S/C/HG/SS rival "Bingo" for the sake of having the policeman say "Ok! So BINGO was his name!", or alternately naming Barry "Thud!!", because that's what he does for 85% of the game. The novelty of that ran thin after a while, but it amused me the once or twice I did it.
Red and Blue: Dawson (My brother)
Gold and Silver: Fritz (After Fritz Smith from FNAF2)
Pearl and Platinum: Gavin (I was naming all the Pokemon after Phoenix Wright characters, so it seemed appropriate)
My rival has always been my best friends name...we have always been actual rivals in life since we were kids...so in the game its a no brainer for me:)
RBY: Gary, 'cause I watched the anime before playing the game and I couldn't see him as anyone else.
GSC: Gray, You might be thinking 'oh 'cause it's like Silver' but I actually didn't even know that Silver was his accepted canon name until years later xD. I just named him Gray 'cause it sounded edgy. And he was pretty much edgy Gary :U
DPPt: Harry. Again, this was before I knew his anime name would be 'Barry.' His outfit made me think of Harry Osborn. Not sure how but it made sense tok me at the time.
BW2: Aniki, which some see as a rough, informal way of saying 'big brother' used by stereotypical delinquents and ruffians to refer to their superiors. Hugh sometimes acts as something of an older brother to you, especially at the start of your journey.

I sure hope we can name the rival/s in SuMo like we used to~
When I was a dumb kid, I just used the default names. Nowadays I just name them stupid crap like: real, that, -WHAT?

"Oh so his name is that?"
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I pretty much always use the default names, it feels weird to me to call them anything else. Boring, I know. But, there was one time I didn't do this. When I was probably 6 years old or something, a friend of mine leant me his version of Pokemon Gold, and there I named the rival ???. Yup, I really thought that was his name because well that's what it said when you battled him so... I'm so clever.
Oh god, I think I named my rival something incredibly immature in Red/Blue because I was 12 and what is this. Something like "Stupid" in all caps or "Butthead" misspelled because there was only room for seven letters.

Gold/Silver: I think just Silver
DPPt: These years are a bit of a blur now for various reasons so it took way more effort to find out than a one-off topic probably deserves: "Damien" in Diamond, "Axel" in Pearl, "Gavin" in Platinum
HGSS: aaaaaaaaa OK in SS I found him at the Dragon's Den and I named him "Damien" here too
B2: North
Oh, wow, I like threads like these! Sad thing is I'm not sure if it's accurate, but here we go.
RBY: By the time I got to play the first gen, Johto was already airing here in my country, so I just thought of him as "Gary". When I resetted it a few years later, I named him "Blue" instead. Probably because of GSC's Viridian Gym Leader.
GSC: I played it before RBY because when I got my first GBC, a friend of mine gave me his Silver cartdrige. He was named 'PORCARI' (he tried to spell 'porcaria', which means 'crap' in Portuguese XD). I resetted, wanting a gameplay of my own, and named him "Silver".
FRLG: This time I named him "Green" because of the manga.
DPPt: I don't quite remember... but I think it was "Damien".
HGSS: "Silver" again. He's my favorite rival so I always saw Silver as none other than himself.
BW2: I have no idea why, but when I saw him I though of the name "Ryuu".
I always gave them really dumb names pertaining to random things. I recall a runthrough of HGSS where I named the rival "Egg" . other times, when I was younger, I would name them "poop" or something mean (for a six year old)
I would name the rival Tyler. Or Gary. Or something else. Like Kamon. I named one of them, Clark. Yeah. That's about it. Oh and I named the guy Barry in the Platinum games. XD hahaahhaa :)

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At one point I'd name my rival after my crush, or my bestie (who... is my current crush...), so the names were bland like Eric, Michael, Aaron, etc. At one point I restarted enough times that I'd name the rival stupid things like aaaaaaa or bakadesu. :'D
platinum:Barry[didn't know it was his cannon name at the time,thought it was a cool name]
Silver:I think i named them Gold,i forgot what i named them the second time though as i played twice[the second time only because i couldn't remember what i was doing,it was my first game]
Silver: Silver(I know it doesn't make sense)
Platinum: Barry(named after the Diamond and Pearl anime character Barry)
It doesn't let you choose your rival's name in X, Omega Ruby, or Moon, so I just lived with the defaults: Calem, Shauna, Trevor, Tierno, Brandon, Hau, and Gladion.


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Recently I've been leaving many of the rival names as their defaults, but when I played Let's Go Eevee I named my rival "Mike" after a close friend of mine. It was fun telling my friend IRL that I'd trashed "his team" in LGE. 8D

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Gen I: My brother and I named our rivals after each other
Gen II: I played Silver, named myself Silver, and named my rival Gold. I don't remember what I named the rival in Crystal.
Gen III: Might have named Blue after my brother again but I don't exactly remember.
Gen IV and up I used the default names of the rivals. Although I named the rival in Pearl Damian because I thought that was his default name for some reason.
So I played through Platinum twice as a kid, with the rival's name being Barry at first as it should. But, when I played again, I decided to name him "Hi", so whenever dialogue came up, I didn't know if someone was saying hi or if he's speaking.