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Ask to Join Naruto Rp

This is set in the Naruto universe but none of the original characters exist. But all the jtsus and techniques exisits ie the sharingan, sage mode, wood release. You start of at the school as new ninjas and must now do the chunin exams.
All poke charm rules apply
3 main oc's max
You cant start of super powerful
No god modding.​
Charecter Bio
Kekkie Genkai
Jutsu's: (this is optional if you want to show of your justus in the rp you can only have 10 to start of with)
Village of origin
Clan of origin

Name Thomas Senju
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Thomas has brown unkept hair freckles brown eyes light skin glasses. He wears a scarf around his neck with his ninja headband sowed inside. He usually wears black clothing and has Shurikans and Kunai around his body and long wide sleeves.
History: Thomas grew up with his father due to his mother dying from child birth of his little sister. When he was 9 he releised he could use the wood release and he kept training it, He also practiced accuracy with Shurikan. And learnt how to use the scythe and chain. He got into the shinobi school in the leaf village.
Personality: Thomas is rather happy and easy going he's very confident in his ability and has a great love for nature. He wishes to travel and map the world. He wants to travel to every village and learn their culture.
Kekkie Genkai: Wood release
Skills: He is an amazing gardener and is skilled with a chain and sickle, and shurikan.
village of origin: Hidden leaf
Clan of origin: Senju clan
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Name Shaj Uchiha
Age 14
Gender Male
Appearance with the signature black hair ((white tips)) and black eyes, Shaj wears a long dark blhe coat bearing the Uchiha symbol on the back
History... his parents died when he was 5, as an orphan, hes always alone, and fending for hi self
Personality : quiet and "rude", people think he's rude even tho he doesn't really mean it, he has a hard time expressing his feelings
Kekkie Genkai 2 tomoe Sharigan
Katon: Fire ball Justsu!
Katon: Hellish trap! ((Fire comes from under and attacks the target ))
Katon: Final Showdown! ((A big fiery explosion ONLY LAST RESORT))
Switon!: Water Vanish! (( a wave makes he used disappear . Lasts for 1 minute IF actually trying )) ((based on age))
Basic water walking
Basic shurriken throwing
Taijutsu ((A LITTLE BIT))
Great tactician
Smart fighter
Detail Detection
Clan of origin Uchiha

Village: The village hidden in the leaves ((Konoha))
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Your accepted @Hungry Badass the bleach thing was a mistake Can you put what village your characters from to
Heres my second charecter
Charecter Bio
Name: Lucinda
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance-She has a pony tail with white hair and red streaks. She has tan skin blue eyes and is well built. She wears red and back clothing and wears her headband on her forehead.
History: Lucy was born into a decently wealthy family in the village of the sand. She lived a happ life until she was forced to have son goku or the 4 tailed beast and became its jinchuriki. After this point her parents relieved she would be a good ninja and had her train her body and chakra.
Kekkie Genkai
Glass release
Lava release
Glass Shurikan: (Lucy throws a rectangular shard of glass about as big as her middle finger the shard will th split into small pieces that will cut the person on the receiving end of the attack.
Glass mirror: Lucy creates a mirror which will absorb attacks and shoot them back it only works with small things tho and doesnt workon organic creatures.
Shattered blade: She creates a katana of glass which is extremely sharp but not very durable she can make it shatter at will and re create the blade to make another.
Sand shield: Lucy makes a dome of sand to defend her self with small holes for Lucy to see through.
Glass prism: Lucy shoots out sand all of the opponent and then shoots fire from her mouth which impriosens the person in glass.
Fire ball jutsu
Lava spew: Lucy spews out lava from her mouth if she spits she'll shoot out blobs of lava or she can just release a stream of lava.
Initial jinchuriki Form
She's an amazing gymnast
She is skilled with a katana
Shes very intelligent
she can easily deciper peoples personality which she uses to try determine what kind of jutsu they specialise in.
She an amzin acrobat
Village of origin: Hidden sand village
Clan of origin: just some noble Clan
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I usually do but id like at least anonther person to join as Im rewatching the original chunin exams and boruto chunin exams for more info
Ooohhh, in naruto, there are the qualifications fights, where when eliminated, your out, if you win, you get to the finals,upon winning you graduate

I hope that helped (i don't remember 100 percent tho..)