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New Member Introductions

This Vulpix Drinks Coffee

Previously ShinyVulpix93
May I reintroduce myself? I've been a member here for awhile but I haven't interacted much with the forums. I'd like to meet new people and get to know someone here so I thought I'd make another introduction.

My Username is This Vulpix Drinks Coffee. Inspirations for username is that Vulpix is one of my all time favorite Pokemon and I love coffee. Who said a Vulpix couldn't drink coffee lol?

A little bit about me; Trying to figure out what I want to do with myself. I am very passionate about art and music and I'm a huge anime fan. I'm a bit stubborn at times but you'll find I'm a pretty chill dude. I try to be.

Favorite animes include but not limited to: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer, Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online

Favorite types of music; J-Pop/J-Rock, country, classic rock, orchestral/soundtracks, alt pop/rock, trance/house, EDM, rock and roll

Favorite Pokemon: Vulpix/Ninetales, I Sylveon, Articuno to name a few

If I was a real life Pokemon trainer...this would pretty much be what I would look like...minus wearing the cap back

Hoodies and cargo shorts all the way (except in colder climates of course).

My dream team of Pokemon: Sylveon, Vulpix/Ninetales, Venusaur, Articuno, Starmie or Vaporeon, Nidoking or some other badass mon here like Dragonite...

When I play the Pokemon games, I try to build a diverse team and level them all up at the same time. I care deeply for my Pokes and every team I make even when replaying an older game is different.

Some more random facts; I took a Japanese class (not fluent but know a few words), I drink too much coffee lol, fantasy movies/books are my favorite, favorite Pokemon trainer would either have to be Gary/Blue, Misty, Dawn, or Gloria (from Pokemon Sesh), I own all the original Yu-Gi-Oh manga, I spend too much time on the internet.

Names you can call me: Kirito, Ryou (may add another later).

Hello, it's nice to meet everyone, again.

Hayo; I'm Pixus, although you can call me Pix for short. I mainly joined for seeing all the art that everyone here has to offer (especially Fakemon related art), although I'll admit that I'm unsure if I'll really post much here because it's not Pokemon themed. Speaking of which, I'm not that much of a Pokemon maniac as I used to be. I used to have tons of Pokemon characters, but I've mostly repurposed them into fandomless ones in fear that I wouldn't have complete ownership of them, among a few other reasons.
It reminds me that I did want to make a Pokemon themed story, but the plans didn't fall into place and I ended up giving the project to someone else, although I might try rebooting it at a later point; I'm not entirely sure.

Like I said, I personally love Fakemon related art. I'm a bit of a maniac for them as I like to see the concepts of them and how they're used, as well as use them for inspiration for my characters.

Regardless, I'm mostly interested in creating some (simplistic) models of my characters, as well as some pixel art-like works for another project I'm working on. I'm also into roleplaying, although considering the majority of my characters aren't Pokemon themed, I'm not too sure if I'll really roleplay here often.

I think that's all I really need to say, but I might edit this if I've got more.
Hey I'm ShadowedEevee, but you can just call me Tabby. I had a rush of nostalgia for my Pokemon roleplays I participated in back when I was younger, so I went to go read them and the forums they were on was deleted. I might be a bit rusty, but I wanted to participate in roleplays again, so I searched for Pokemon roleplay forums, and this site came up. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

Let's see, some basic things about me are that I am currently a college freshman studying biology education, so I get pretty busy but I'll try not to ditch this place. Even though I like Pokemon, I also like Digimon.

Another thing to know about me is that I like the Pokemon Adventures manga, so if you like that don't be afraid to speak to me. I don't bite

Saoirse Fiàin

Previously Saorise Fiain
Hey everybody! My full name is Saorise Fiain, but you can just call me Saorise. My name is pronounced a bit funny: ser-shuh fee-uh. In Gaelige (the Irish language) Saorise means freedom and Fiain means wild. I could go on for hours about why I chose that name to represent my online self but I'll just leave it at that.

I discovered this website by looking for reference images of a certain Pokemon (can't remember which one), found a good picture, accidentally clicked on the link, and it brought me to the creative corner. The rest is history!

I have quite a few interests which include gaming, watching anime and cartoons, birdwatching, and photography. I'm 16 years old, and I've only been into pokemon since around 2014 but I'd say that I'm as much of a hardcore fan as anybody else! I've been playing the games a lot more frequently too lately so that kind of rejuvenated my pocket monster addiction. So far I've played Heartgold, Alpha Sapphire, X, Moon, Ultra Moon, and Shield as well as a bunch of the spinoffs. Believe it or not the pokemon mystery dungeon series was my first introduction into the series.

I have a lot of favorite pokemon, but Mudkip and Suicune are at the top. Especially the shiny version of Suicune. I still have yet to catch my own and I'm still deciding on what to name it and all, but it will happen someday, trust me.

Anyways, I hope to make lots of friends in this community and generally have a good 'ole time. To anybody reading this, have an excellent day :D
Hello all,

I used to participate in pokemon forum called PE2K starting about (jeez) thirteen years ago, and have written fanfiction off and on since then. This week I was bit by the bug to try my hand at forum RPing again, and, once I came up with this username, I set out to find a pokemon forum. I remembered Pokecharms for its trainer cards way back in the day, and, Bob's your uncle, and I'm here.

Besides pokemon, I enjoy reading, singing, and cracking jokes. That's all for now, I reckon. I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum!
Hello all,

My name is Hans, my nickname is Ballie (or BallieKong or WorldWaker). I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm already 30 years old, but I still love the pokemon games, partly because of the nostalgia (I'm a big sucker for nostalgia!).

While I unfortunately never owned my own gameboy, I made up for that lost time with simulators on the PC and later with my 3DS + virtual console. I have finished at least 1 pokemon game of every generation until gen 7.

Besides pokemon, I love gaming in general, both on the PS4 as the 3DS. I will buy a Switch Lite soon, mostly for pokemon and fire emblem. I mostly play RPGs, action/adventure games, tactics/strategy games and Soul-like games. I also love the whole SNES library, my favorite console of all time!

Besides video games, I also play the trading card game Magic: The Gathering for almost 10 years now. I'm also a huge fan of anything related to the Dragon Ball franchise. I've also played soccer for almost all my life and I still love to watch it. Fan of Ajax Amsterdam for life!

With the whole COVID-19 crisis going on, I have some more time on my hands. I want to fill part of that time with doing a Nuzlocke for a base game of every pokemon generation (Blue - Silver - Sapphire - Pearl - Black - Y - Sun). A nuzlocke is like a hard mode of pokemon. If you google it, you can find a really cool comic from the creator, you should check that out, it's awesome. In short, the basic rules are you can only catch the first pokemon you find on a route and if a pokemon faints, it is considered dead. Besides that, people could have all kind of personal nuzlocke rules. This is right up my alley, because I already love to play hard tactical games with lasting consequences, like fire emblem without resetting after deaths and XCOM 2 on ironman mode.

I already used the trainer cards from this site to keep track of my progress for myself, but I might also use the forum now to report my nuzlocke progress in my own topic. I never finished a nuzlocke yet, but I really want to pull through now. After I finished all games semi-blind (I have played the games, but some a long time ago and I will not use the internet to look up potential learned moves, gym leader teams etc.), I will also nuzlocke Let's go! Eevee and do a completely blind nuzlocke of Shield!

So, in short, I'm mostly here for the trainer cards and to share my nuzlocke experience with you. I might also check out the creative corner every now and then (I used to make some pokemon mixes and retypes with gba pokemon sprites) and I might join some RPs. Feel free to PM me about anything. I love to chat and I can (try to) answer any questions you have.

Greetings, Hans
Oh no I must muster up at least a noteworthy introduction...

Well, I'm just some guy who likes writing and Pokémon. I have a love for nature, music, and linguistics. I have known about this for... a year or so? And I was trying to make realistic characters for all of that time. Let's see... I have played Red, Crystal, Platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver, White, White2, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Moon, UltraSun, UltraMoon, Sword, and Shield. And those I have not lost due to my incompetence are Platinum, Soulsilver, White, White2, Y, Alpha Sapphire, UltraSun, UltraMoon, Sword, and Shield. I also have played my fair share of Mario games, and wow I do not have any diversity in terms of gameplay. Except Fire Emblem if that surmounts to anything. I just hope I will blend into the community over time, and that's all, I think. I'm not sure what else I can/should say.
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Hello there! I'm NasirSenpai. I've been a part of a few pokemon forums over the years. I'm a massive weeb and a longtime pokemon fan. I signed up here searching for a new Pokemon Role Play and Community based forum. I hope you'll all accept this crazy dude into your circle :]
Hi! I'm Reese! I haven't really been on many forums before, so this is a pretty new experience for me. I'd like to post my art eventually, when I have Pokemon related work to share. I also take commissions!

I grew up watching the Pokemon anime and collecting the cards, but never knew how to play with them. For some reason, I've always had an affinity for Water-type Pokemon. My other favorite types are Fairy, Grass, Psychic, and Electric. A year or so ago, I finally learned how to play the TCG, and I built a few decks. I'm not super good yet, but I just have fun playing.

The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Y. I've also played Pokemon Sun. Sadly, I've never finished a Pokemon game, though, because something -- like work, school, or my art -- always distracted me from it. I also own a copy of Pokemon Sword and plan on streaming myself playing for the first time. When that will be, I'm not sure.

In my spare time, which I have a lot of lately, I write fanfiction, draw, watch anime, and play video games. My favorite games are probably (in no particular order):
  1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  2. Undertale
  3. Detroit: Become Human
  4. Life is Strange
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
If you'd like to learn more, feel free to message me! I'm mostly here to make friends!


Previously awney
wow i've been here for a while but i don't think i ever introduced myself.

hi i'm roo! you can usually find me posting art of cute things. i specialize in lineless and fanart, but occasionally i do draw ocs as well. my favorite pokemon is ampharos and my favorite game series is the legend of zelda. i absolutely adore animals and have 2 birds of my own. i'm honestly a very quiet person but i'm very friendly so feel free to reach out and talk to me.
Hello everyone, I'm RedRaven. I used the Trainer Card Maker and thought to myself 'If I use their tools I can also join them', so I signed in.
To myself: I'm from Germany, so I hope my grammar and spelling isn't to bad. My favorite Pokemons are Dragonite, Umbreon and Mimikyu. In my free time I like to play videogames, watching movies, reading books or simply sleep, because I'm kind of a sleepy head. I think it would be to much to list everyone of my favorite movies or books because I love too many of them, but Adam Sandler movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and such names the an big part of the list.
I'm honestly not good in writing about myself ^^' If you want to know more about me, please just ask me, I don't bite ... normaly ... nah, maybe if I'm fresh out of bed and still half asleep ^^
Good evening, my friends! I'm just a Chiefs fan from the middle of nowhere and I'm glad to meet y'all. Beyond my obsession with sports, I greatly enjoy video games, writing, music, and roleplaying. Outside of Pokemon, I mostly play RPGs like the Elder Scrolls, sports games like Madden, NBA 2k, Forza, and Rocket League, other times I play games to cause chaos like that of Minecraft and GTA V. I regularly write fanfictions and have been working on a number of settings for my own novels; they include a fantasy-sci-fi hybrid and superhero setting. Well, I hope to talk with some of y'all soon.

Why, hello everyone! Please feel free to call me Novalune, or Dylan. I am a young Canadian lad who has numerous hobbies such as:

  • Writing intimate stories from my imagination
  • Reading different genres of novels
  • Exploring, and appreciating nature
  • Playing Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Minecraft, and Mario Kart 7 periodically
  • Listening to musicians such as David Bowie, Billy Joel, Nelly Furtado, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Kylie Minogue, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Neil Young, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more
Since September of 2019, I have been enrolled as a full-time student with a college for a two-year diploma program called Business Administration (Human Resource Management). I have decided to go back to the college this September to continue the program for my second year. So far, I have been thinking about going for a career in human resource management someday. I personally believe that I have an exceptional ability to interact with other people in a courteous manner.

I personally wouldn't call myself a professional in human resources, however, I am looking forward to becoming a more knowledgeable individual on the topic of human resources. I would like to become more experienced, and proficient in managing people. I would like to truly be able to do better with forming relationships, and personal connections with other people around the world.

I suppose you could say that I am an optimistic, stubborn, and friendly individual. I have a productive, and courageous spirit when it comes to working independently, and collaborating alongside other people. Additionally, I have a loyal, and dependable heart when it comes to serving other walks of life.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I look forward to becoming familiar with more people on this site. I am hoping to start making more lovely artwork, and fictional stories from the comfort of my own home. Furthermore, I would like to continue sticking around with you all. This place has a lot of potential, value, and worth. I personally believe that it is up to all of us to make something remarkable out of this beauteous website that is Pokecharms.
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I just found this great thread and decided to introduce myself as well.

My name is Brianna and guess what, I like Pokemon, which is basically everyone here. I am a 13 year old american, now before you say, "oh crap here comes another kid who doesn't capitalize their sentences." At least I have somewhat good grammar, and I don't write one liners. I might make mistakes here and there but if I do please correct me so I can learn. I normally write in first person so I'll break that habit and make this site a learning experience. Yes I read the rules to this site, so don't worry about that.

My hobbies are watching anime, drawing and writing stories. I came here by my interest in role-playing and I'm trying to learn so I don't became a bother to all the veteran role-players out there. People say I'm pretty understanding, I don't know about that.

My future goals are probably to better understand body language since before I didn't know how people felt just by looking at them. Although I'm not the best at everything but I do try, that is only when I want to.
Most people complain about it. I've been on other role play sites where they would ban you for repeatedly not capitalizing sentences. Charms isn't the most lenient site out there, but if you keep doing something they probably will ban.

My name is Sarah and I love just about everything to do with Pokemon from the main series games, to the Mystery Dungeon and other spin off franchise such as PokePark and Pokemon Go, to the anime and the cartoon. I was introduced to Pokemon when I was around eight years old and it has stayed close to my heart ever since. I found out about this website from a link on Bulbapedia and look forward to interacting with you all over the coming days - I may also check out the role-playing forums, and otherwise always happy to chit chat and meet n greet!
hi everyone! wow, it is so nice to meet all of you and i hope we can all be great friends. ♥

my name is ray, i am a girl and i am a mess! i'm a HUGE pokemon fan and when i came across this site, i knew i needed to sign up. so far, i love the set up and i love that we can roleplay because... well, i love to roleplay very much! on the top of roleplaying, i usually type in lowercase when i'm ooc, but when i'm in roleplay, i'm very literate with my responses and will capitalize my sentences.

other than that, i love many other video games and manga/anime. i listed a few on my profile already, including a bunch more that i can't think of right now because my brain is the size of a peanut, haha!

anyway, i'll leave my introduction here. it's so very nice to meet you all again and have a great rest of your day! ♥ feel free to dm me as well!
Hi, I'm Rurihime (Ruri for short) and I've known this site for a long time but I just used it for trainer cards. I'm rather new on forums and probably rather distracted. I always dreamed I had the courage to share my content and I think it's finally coming!
I also am rather sleepy and English isn't my first language, so expect some typos, along with my terrible text ability.
Well, it was nice to introduce myself to the world.
Howdy all, I'm Sparks.
Honestly I came here looking for rp; I've been dying for some pokemon universe threads to participate in for a while & I haven't been able to find many (esp ones that are open to ocs). I decided that I might have an easier time finding one on a site made specifically for pokemon content (and so here I am). Neat to see that this is where the trainer card maker is from, though.

I tend to write, draw, and make meme edits a lot in my spare time, and regarding pokemon I mostly play the games (in which I do a lot of competitive battling, breeding, and shiny hunting).
Hi-lo, CrustyMustelid here. Came to Pokécharms to use the Trainer Card maker for a fanfic/novel project I was working on, when I noticed the PRP Forums. Pretty much dove right in to create an interest thread to see if maybe people would be interested in playing through my story.

I'm a professional chef when I'm not geeking out on Pokémon, video games, opressively heavy music or anime.

Hope to get to know some of you, especially on the RP side of things!
My name is Blackoutt.
Obviously not my real name.
My favorite type is water.
This is my first time on a forum, so please excuse my s*******y
I first played Pokémon Y on my Nintendo 2DS.
If I have any questions,please answer them.
I am here looking for fellow Nerds.
Greninja rules!
Hey! I'm SayoriRose, I'm not fully sure why I gave myself that name, but I decided to just go with what was the first thing that popped up in my head. Which was the name of a certain visual novel character and roses, because I love flowers-.
I've been into Pokemon since my childhood, and it makes me happy! I have many Pokemon that I love so I can't just list them all, but I tend to end up having my boxes full of Fairy types, Grass types, Water Types and more- Considering I'm fond of cute stuff, pastels and flowers, it's not a surprise to me.

I joined Pokecharms because I recalled this site many many years ago and was like- Hey why not join? I don't have much people to ramble about Pokemon with, and there's roleplaying and I can share my art here!

Outside of that, I'm a person with social anxiety who loves plants/nature and will ramble about my favourite video games. I do have some roleplay experience as well, but I'm new to doing that here, and new to Pokemon roleplays of all things.

Nice to meet you ^^
Hi, I'm Insaneblathers and have been on some other forums. My name is the same on these sites and on discord so you might recognize me, or you might not. I like rp and have been participating in some fun ones in sites such as Marioboards and Zelda Dungeon, and have wanted to do some more relaxed pokemon rp. Unfortunately, most pokemon fans seem to prefer proper formatting, compared to script formatting :?

I decided to try out this site anyway, mostly to do some rp. I'm not completely against story formatted rp, as long as it still feels like having a laugh with a rotating group of friends. :p

I hope to have lots of fun here!
I might as well do this, why not.

Hey, I'm Fenix! I've been a Pokémon fan for, like, as long as I can remember. I'm Spanish, and I like drawing, videogames, anime, film, the usual. I'll start studying animation soon, if everything goes well.

I'm also a big fan of writing and RPing. I started RPing in the Pokémon Showdown RP forums (RIP) and from there I moved on to Discord. I have a bunch of friends on there that I RP with regularly, and I even started playing DnD on the side, for extra fun, but I also miss Pokémon RPing. I hope I can get my fix here!

I'm generally a pretty chill guy. I like meeting people, so I won't have any problems with getting random DMs as long as you're nice. I'll do some writing, RPing and art in here too. Hopefully things go well for me around here, I'm excited to start doing stuff here!
Hello! I am Frank the Froakie. I made that name up from my other alias, Frank the Frog. My name is NOT Frank, so don't get that wrong. What you will get right is the fact that I am male. I really like Pokemon, but that would be silly to say, because (hopefully) everyone here like Pokemon. But I actually don't have a lot of the games. I have Let's go, Pokemon GO (don't hurt me) and played a bit of Sword and Shield. I only have a Nintendo Switch, okay? I'm older than 10, which means I can have a Pokemon, and I live on Earth. Obviously.
Hello everyone! A pleasure to be a part of this website! I'm Rachel. A black, American woman who likes to draw, design characters, play games, and chat with friends. I've been a fan of Pokémon ever since I was a little kid starting with the Pokémon Yellow game. I like Sableye a lot and I hang out on Pokémon Showdown sometimes. I'm typically a compassionate person and naturally tend to avoid drama. However, I get anxious a lot in social situations. But, I look forward to spending time with everyone here!
Hi! I'm Eternal Doughnut! To be honest, I just came up with this name off the top of my head. I've been a fan of Pokémon for as long as I could remember, having grown up watching the anime and playing the games. Some of my other interests include film, classic rock, traveling, and many other video game franchises. I love role-playing, and joined the site because most of the other websites I looked at didn't seem to be too active in that department. I tend to be shy and quiet, but will do my best to respond to any post! It's nice to meet you all!
Greetings, Rex here, not quite all that extinct and making their grand dive back into roleplaying before workload steals me away again!

I have been roleplaying since I was 11 and to the pain of my co-writers, learned English along the way. My backstory lies in a tragically rather dead pokemon site that shall not be named, because my past mortifying English on there would forever sully my reputation here. (Torchic with a wizard hat, if you know, you know and I'm so, so sorry.) I deserve a trophy for using the words "better" and "batter" interchangeably till I was 15.

Growing up as a not well-socialized child with budding and aggressive non-binary-ness in Central Europe was very lonely experience, so roleplaying makes up a huge portion of my happy memories from childhood. Hoping to manifest some new ones here! Plus, the rainbow icon basically sealed the deal for me, worked like the most sweetest of honey traps and I don't even mind. We love being accepted in this house.

I'm an agriculturist by craft, but still in the iron-cold clasp of the educational system for a while, so don't you dare ask me for Latin namings or I might end up sobbing. Asking about flower meanings produces the same results, but with the tears being a water attack neither of us get to walk away from with dignity.
When I am not stressing about how behind our class is due to Miss Rona, I am tending to my pet bunnies, replaying Pokemon Reborn, crying over how deep Transformers comics are, or monologuing. Don't know if you noticed, but I love hearing myself talk,, well, write, but you catch my drift.

Can't wait to see how this goes. Wish me luck on this journey and hopefully, I won't embarrass myself that soon! Godspeed, folks! :D
Hello there, fellow trainers! My name is Vanessa, but you can call me either Vee, or Bulbathor! I've been playing Pokemon since I was around two or three years old. My favorite generation is Gen 3, because it was the first Pokemon game I ever got to own for myself. (My brother had Red, Blue, and Silver. R.I.P Gameboy Color) And I believe it had some of the best Pokemon designs. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon Sapphire, Diamond, and X versions. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for most fire, dark, and dragon types. Mightyena is my top Dark type.

I play Pokemon TCGO whenever I get bored enough, and I would love to have a match with anyone here. Of course, I'm currently trying to build a working deck. But I'll save that for the appropriate section of the forum.

Anyways, I hope I'll be able to make some friends here. Cheers!
Hi, I'm Dan. I live in the U.S. I've been playing Pokemon since I was seven, and I'm currently the owner of a great card collection. (Full Art Holo Arceus, and all of the Eeveelutions) I also play Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Go. (I have an awesome Great League Team!) My hobbies are reading, drawing, playing basketball and soccer, running cross country, building with Legos, and playing piano. I have some experience roleplaying; I've done Star Wars and Wings of Fire roleplay. Currently, my six favorite Pokemon in order are: Manectric, Ambipom, Infernape, Arcanine, Slaking, and Samurott. I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you guys!
Howdy, howdy! Just a Pokemon fan dropping in, glad to meet y'all!

I'm a diehard sports fan from a Kansas; I follow the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Clippers, Washington Capitals, and Sporting Kansas City primarily, but have a number of college (Kansas State, Wichita State, and PIttsburg State mostly) and minor league teams that I enjoy as well. Always happy to discuss sports with fellow fans!
Outside of sports, I greatly enjoy music, gaming, and writing; I regularly write terrible fanfictions on Wattpad and AO3.

Favorite Pokemon is Tentacruel! Always happy to discuss Pokemon and other topics, so I hope to meet y'all soon.


Previously 'Candle'
Just realized that this was a thing, but I have been here for a while and still haven’t posted a introduction. So here we go!

Hello! I’m Bread, I’ve been here for almost a year (Joined 7-22-21). I had been scrolling through the site as a “visitor” for a while, because I had a friend tell me about this which was very kind of them. I absolutely fell in love with the trainer card maker for a while before starting to roleplay, the first Rp I had on here was probably Cryronn’s “That’s Right, another Superpower High School Romance (ETC)” which Ioved for a while before once again going back to check out the Pokémon rp’s. (I still like general over Pokémon but I’ll settle)

I have been roleplaying for about 5 years now, well actually longer because I started back when I got my first tablet at the age of 10. I roleplayed on there on unspeakable app of the name Roblox. I don’t use the app anymore but I still remember. After that I pretty much stopped roleplaying for 7 years due to school stuff and what not. Before once again deciding to go back to Roblox at the age of 17, after about a year of doing that I stopped and began to use Quotev. I don’t have my old Q account but my new one is here: https://www.quotev.com/FwenchToast. I roleplayed there for a while until I turned 20 and then my friend told me about here and I began to scroll around as a visitor for about a week and a half before making this account.

I don’t do much but roleplay because I can’t draw. I love to try to either do the opposite of myself in Oc’s, add as much as possible or add one trait/characteristic. I speak in a British accent as I’m a Brit myself. I can speak a little bit of sign language (still learning). I love listening to music and outside all of that, my favorite Pokémon is any Dragon/Grass/Ghost types!
I there I am Evoliponita and new to this site. My favorite Pokémon are Eevee and his evolutions, Ponyta and Rockruff and Lycanroc. The origin of my name is simple. It's nothing more then the german names of Eevee (Evoli) and Ponyta (Ponita) written together.
Call me Soda! I’m a 21 year old Non-binary Trans Man who uses it/its/itself pronouns. I’m also okay with he/they being used, but I prefer it/its. I’ve been a fan of Pokémon as a child, and the first game I ever played was Pokémon Crystal. My very first Pokémon was a Totodile named Kisame, and ever since then Totodiles have a very special place in my heart! I still find joy in collecting Pokémon cards, and I’m still trying to complete my collection. I have two Pokésonas so far, if you will: Soda the Feraligatr and Water Gym Leader Aquarius. Both of these characters are very personal to me, so they will never be up for trade or otherwise. I’ll post more about them as I get in the groove of this forum!

I’m a bit new to forums, but I find them really fun and most of the other communities I’m in have been very kind, so I think I’ll fit in right here as well! It’s nice to meet you all, and I hope we can be friends! I’m open to making friends on this site, but all I ask is that you’re 18+ since I’m an adult and I’m not comfortable with befriending people who are younger than me, please respect that boundary.

My hobbies include: cooking, collecting Pokémon cards (as stated above), drawing, writing, role-playing, OC creation and playing video games. I’m also planning on starting comic making soon just for fun!

Some facts about me: I went to college for Culinary, and I’m an aspiring animator! One day I’m planning on going back to school to take some animation courses. And as mentioned in my sig, I work from 3:00-11:30, please be patient with me when it comes to replies!
Yo! I'm Connor, and 24-year old Latino from Massachusetts. I am an omniromantic homosexual, and I use he/him pronouns. My favorite Pokemon is a tossup between Greninja, Mega-Gallade, Drifblim, Darkrai, and Beartic. I cant choose >_<

Some other info about me:

-I was born in Japan, and moved to America when I was 14.
-I'm also into many other fandoms, namely Sonic (duh), Danganronpa, and pretty much any Nintendo franchise.
-I generally work from 3-11PM, but I sometimes work at 7AM-3PM, so sorry if my reply times are somewhat erratic.
-English isn't my first language (Japanese is), so I apologize if my English is sometimes incorrect.

I'm excited to get to know you all ^^
Howdy, howdy! Diehard sports and video game fan from the middle of nowhere, here to befriend some folks and cause chaos with you lovely people. If it weren't obvious by my profile, I adore the Elder Scrolls V, but beyond that, I also greatly enjoy Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda, the Outer Worlds, Smash, Fire Emblem, among many other games. Diehard fan of the Chiefs, Royals, Clippers, Capitals, and Sporting KC, and am in pain 80% of the time as a result.

  • Venomoth is my all time favorite Pokemon, with Victini, Volcarona, Beedrill, and Gastly rounding out the top five.
  • I mostly main Ganondorf in SSBU, but also heavily use Wolf, Hero, Terry, Bowser, and King K. Rool.
  • Also a fanfiction writer on AO3 and Wattpad, mostly writing stories involving the Elder Scrolls and various crossovers.

Dunno what else to write, so I guess I'll end it here. Glad to meet y'all!
Hey there everyone! I am Lucid, though some call me Luci for short (which I am not use to but you are free to call me it). I am a huge pokemon fan and have been ever since I was a little kid. I am a big fan of fairy type pokemon too since I love their generally cute aesthetic. I came on here in hopes of making friends but I doubt I will get far with it due to my social anxiety. I can only hope. I am happy to try and chat with others! ^-^ Also also, my pfp is my sona which is a Lucario/Sylveon fusion. I commissioned the art I use for it. So ye! Hope you all are having a good day!