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XY/ORAS Singles New Team with Old Pokemon

With a date for Pokebank finally released, I've decided to start planning a new team with some of my older Pokemon and my newer ones. Mostly this team would be for singles.

Galvantula @ Life Orb
Sp. Atk: 252/ Speed: 252/ 4 HP

- Sticky Web
- Energy Ball
- Thunder
- Bug Buzz

My standard Galvantula. Thunder and Buzz for STAB and Energy ball for coverage. Sticky Web because I've come to really love the move and how it really hinders the opponents ability to retaliate. Life Orb because it's frail already, might as well add some power to it.

Blaziken @ Blazikenite
Speed: 96/ HP: 106/ Atk: 252

- High Jump Kick
- Flare Blitz/Fire punch
- Bulk up
- Baton Pass

This Blaziken is intended to Mega evolve then sweep, or to baton pass speed boosts and bulk ups to another physical attacker on the team. I'm using bulk up over swords dance because I think the +1 to defense is a bit more useful than +2 in attack. I'm also a bit undecided on Flare Blitz. The power is fantastic, but that recoil is really inconvenient sometimes.

Alakazam @ Focus Sash
Magic Guard
Sp.Atk: 252/ Speed: 252/ HP: 4

-Focus Blast
-Signal beam
-Shadow ball/protect/psyshock

A basic Alakazam meant for sweeping. I really have no idea what would be effective as the fourth moveslot, though something to help longevity would be nice.

Haxorus @ Lum Berry
Mold Breaker
Atk: 252/ Speed: 252/ HP: 4

- Dragon Claw/Outrage
- Earthquake
- Dragon Dance
- Brick Break

This is the most-likely target for baton passes from Blaziken. Lum berry in order to prevent a random status affliction. D. dance is in the case that Blaziken doesn't manage to baton pass any stat boosts so that it can still deliver damage. EQ and BB are for coverage and finally a dragon move for STAB. I like Outrage's power, but with fairy-type now a thing, being locked into a move seems like a bad idea.

Aegislash @ Weakness Policy
Stance Change
Atk: 252/ HP:252/ Spec. Def: 4

- Shadow Sneak
- Swords Dance
- Sacred Sword
- King's shield

Forretress @ Red Card
HP: 252/Def : 252/ Sp. Def: 4

- Spikes
- Stealth Rock
- Rapid spin
- Explosion

Meant mostly as a suicide lead, just to put down spikes and rocks then die, get rid of hazards when necessary. Red Card usually allows for a free layer of hazards and combined with low speed allows it to essentially ignore spin blockers when timed right.

I just know there are better choices for some of the team and I'd love to hear some opinions on what to change.
Whenever I see a team I like to go through and evaluate how it would deal with a Pokémon that seems to be everywhere - Talonflame. As far as I can see you don't have any brilliant counters. Aegislash can deal with it, although it relies on you being very good at prediction, otherwise you'll be taking a Flare Blitz to the face or allowing Talonflame a few Bulk Ups. Haxorus isn't OHKO'd by Brave Bird, and neither is Alakazam as long as it doesn't run into hazards. However, neither can OHKO a typical Talonflame with HP investment, so I guess they could between them, but that isn't really ideal.

I'd recommend Rock Slide on your Haxorus. It isn't the best move, but it's unexpected and can certainly KO a Talonflame which fails to OHKO you. Also, I'd say Dragon Claw is better than Outrage, as Outrage allows Fairies to switch in too easily.


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Haxorus isn't OHKO'd by Brave Bird, and neither is Alakazam as long as it doesn't run into hazards.

Alakazam @ Focus Sash
Magic Guard
Sp.Atk: 252/ Speed: 252/ HP: 4

-Focus Blast
-Signal beam
-Shadow ball/protect/psyshock

Pay attention next time please.

Anyway, if Haxorus has Dragon Danced at all then any move it uses besides Earthquake will flatten Talonflame, especially Aqua Tail due to how useful it is at fighting Skarmory as well. Rock Slide is pointless here. Before you mention Flame Body, yeah no.

Several things to note:

- Suicide leads were shit in Gen IV, sucked even more in Gen V and are even worse now, so don't use them. Explosion is garbage now and with the buff to Defog it's completely idiotic to kill off your only entry hazard user the moment they've set up.

- You have WAY too many setup moves on this team. Haxorus does not need anyone Baton Passing stuff to him and the longer you take to set up, the more time the enemy has to ruin your setup with Roar/Whirlwind and the like.

- Your ability to stop enemies from sweeping you is poor. A Volcarona could probably do your entire team in one go after one Quiver Dance if it had the right Hidden Power to knock out Blaziken along the way.

So I'd suggest to you this:

- Drop either Blaziken or Haxorus depending on whether the former is Uber'd or not and build Blaziken as a straight sweeper if you pick him. This team does not need a Baton Passer.

- Drop either Aegislash or Forretress for a bulky Water-type that can offset the other's weaknesses. If Forretress is the one getting the drop, make sure his replacement can set up entry hazards.

- If you do drop Blaziken, add a revenge-killer to your team or anything that can stop enemy sweeps. Even if it's a Meowstic with Prankster Thunder Wave, anything is better than nothing.

You need to balance out this team better if it's going to be any good.