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OC Inspiration Meme...Thing

Greetings everyone!

So, for a while, I've been seeing all these OC related memes, templates, questions, etc. over on Twitter. And I've enjoyed seeing them as well as the OCs people use for these interactive type posts. I figured why not do one here with this template I found.


The template is pretty self-explanatory. Select up to 6 characters that inspired your OC and place said OC in the middle. If you don't have a visual of them, then feel free to leave any info of them in your post. Or both. Whatever suits you. Hopefully this gains your guys' interest to participate.

I'll go ahead and use my OC, Victoria Melis, on this template. Reigning from the Kalos region and from a wealthy family, she's always willing to have a journey and see where they take her. Bit on the fancy/sophisticated side with her, she definitely has her fair share of being a stereotypical rich girl.


Art of Victoria was made by WuBY over on the YCH Commishes.