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Official Shiny Pokemon Thread

I've caught quite a few shiny Pokemon, as I occasionally hunt them. I remember my first shiny Pokemon really clearly as well, a shiny Rapidash on Mt. Silver in Soul Silver, which I named Silver - pretty fitting I thought because her flames look metallic. Not long after my sister caught a shiny Donphan in Heart Gold. After that we both got into looking for shiny Pokemon and I still do to this day.
I've bought my Rapidash over to Shield, it's coming with me into every new gen/game because it reminds me of childhood days playing Soul Silver with my sister.

As for other shines, I've caught Zubat (X), Oddish (AS), Metang (X), Ferroseed (X), Hakamo-o (Moon), Snivy (Hatch, AS) - and lots of others that I can't recall off the top of my head.
I've recently gotting my first shiny: a Hitmonchan from the Max Lairs. I don't really see it as a true Shiny though, as the Max Lair chances are insanely high. But still, it's nice to finnaly have my first shiny :p
First Legit Main Series Game Shiny was a Ponyta found leveling my team for E4. I've found a total of 3 shinies hunting, the other two were Caterpie and DA Maractus looking for Xurkitree.


Previously TheJustinMan
I have found 2 legit shinys in my life.

The first was an Alolan Vulpix and the second was an Inkay.

Both were encountered at complete random.

Neither still exist due to save data deletion.

If you notice that my team members on my Unova team are Shiny, than I regret to inform you that they were cheated in because I have a 1/32000 chance of finding a Shiny Venipede and the same odds apply to finding a Shiny Heatmor. I calculated this based on the other Pokemon you can encounter, and you have a chance of encountering 3 other Pokemon in each area. I also needed to use cheats because it is impossible to get a Speed Boost Scolipede without Dream World, or at least, so I think. I understand that this may be frowned upon, but I more than anything wanted those two shinies because they look really cool.

I don't consider any Wormhole Adventures or stuff of that nature because the shiny odds are increased.
the first shiny i ever encountered was a purrloin. back then, I didn't even know what a shiny was. also, i was playing on my brother's DS, so I decided to ask him why the purrloin looked so weird and well, he sure was excited.

actually, my first shiny was the red gyarados in G/S but i don't count that.

then, when sun and moon came out, i also played the game (i picked moon). on the third or maybe second island (don't remember its name) on the way up to the observatory, i run through grass, encounter, AND... a shiny Fearow appears right in front of me. caught it and gave it the most uncreative name ever: "Shiny". (i could really continue moon, haven't played it in ages. same for ultra moon)

and my most recent find was a shiny drifloon in PLA.

(now a bit of a tangent about zeraora: I absolutely hate the way shiny zeraora looks. and there is a very simple reason. the picture attached shows a different color scheme that just looks so much better than what the actual shiny looks like. normal zeraora already is bright, i don't need a color scheme that is even brighter. i especially dislike the blueish parts of its body.
the one below is more like the exact opposite. it is dark. and i like that.
btw, i found this zeraora coloration through this video, where the screenshot is also from:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2XtkLyZzWQ (I made level 9 CPUs fight with ZERO lag) )


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