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Hey guys! I go by Boan and I am looking for some roleplay partners (:

A few things to know before I continue:
- I LOVE roleplaying and have been active off and on for over 10 years
- Despite my love for writing, I work full-time (and then some) and so it is possible (though I try not to let it get that bad) that a week or more will go by before I can reply :'(
- In general, I prefer 1-2 paragraph responses (although intros and plot twists and things like that are usually much longer!). This keeps the plot moving and gives me an opportunity to reply more often (:
- I'm not a big fan of romance. I prefer the roleplay to be action-based and centered on development of friendships (usually, occurring naturally). That being said, feelings ARE a part of normal life and if the characters are inclined toward each other (personally, I only RP MxF) then, well... I can't stop that lol. But, I only write fluff, no smut.
- I LOVE worldbuilding. I am completely happy starting with a vague, general plot and growing it as we go along.
- Lastly, I AM a little picky about my role-play partners... sorry :'( Please be literate and have a general understanding of grammar, as well as an interest in dramatic plots and plot twists and all that good/awful stuff! If you have a short writing sample lying around that you wouldn't mind sharing, I would really appreciate seeing it! I can do the same for you, if you'd like.

Now if you made it through all that and are still interested, here is a list of current interests!

- Medieval Fantasy
- Star Wars
- Pokemon
- X-Men/mutants
And pretty much anything else, if you have a unique/interesting plot. I've done a little bit of everything in my day and there's very little that I won't try (:

Please let me know if you have any questions! (:
@Pokemon Fanfiction Novels Thanks for sharing! I read through that post and agree with many of your sentiments (: I also checked out your profile page and am excited to find another roleplayer that lives by Christian values. That, for me, has been one of the most difficult aspects in locating good roleplay partners and one of the reasons I have taken many hiatuses through life.

Do you have any setting/plot in particular that catches your eye?
I'm glad to see that we appear to be kicking it off so early! As to your "setting" question, all four on your list work. That said, Pokemon has been consistently dear to my heart for . . . gosh, two decades now (wow, just noticed that), so Pokemon, preferably. I think I'll take a walk outside and think plot over for a while, because any story we end up creating will be for the long run. I'd like to have one theme be rivalry, though; the "steel sharpens steel" thing always brings me great pleasure.

Ooh, one more thing. Since you just put this topic up a short while ago, I'll bear in mind that this isn't set in stone, and if someone else wants a shot and posts, you'll consider him/her in fairness. Talk to you later.
I'm always up for Pokemon (: I've also enjoyed in the past Pokemon crossovers... like medieval Pokemon or apocalyptic Pokemon or things like that. Just kind of gives other setting possibilities.

That sounds good to me! Enjoy your walk and let me know what you come up with (: I don't mind having multiple RPs going on at once, so feel free to share your ideas and I'll engage with anyone else that shows up, too. Thanks for your consideration!
Hi Boan, I, on the other hand, love romance in RP's. I don't usually join RP's that are centered around romance (Romance RP's). Rather, I enjoy an RP just like any other that has a plot and a conflict, through which the characters gradually fall in love. I've been RPing since 2010 on various forums but I'm relatively new to this one. We could RP together if you want, for sure. If you're looking for writing samples there are plenty in the RP's I'm involved in and the one I started. To be honest, though, I don't know what topics like this are for, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I mean, you could just join whatever RP that pops up on here. What do you mean by RP partners? Do you mean we'd be involved in Private RP's together? I also do have ideas for plots but this post is already long enough.
Hey @E.K.A.N.S. (: Hmm, I guess I could clarify a little bit more... I'm just wary about romance in RPs. I have been burned by several RP partners who were more interested in writing the next Shades of Grey than they were in writing an adventure epic. So my defense is to start off with no romance at all, because in my opinion that usually weeds out the people who want to write that kind of smut. I'm also just not a big fan of physical affection or PDA personally, so that type of genre is difficult for me to write.

The other RP I'm in right now, Dexter's Eye, has a hint of romantic possibility in it. But, I think for me the difference is the characters are not ultimately interested in romance. They're interested in each other as people. If that leads to something, okay, but if it doesn't, that's fine too. They can just be friends, and there's nothing lost there.

I guess that's a more detailed description of how I feel on the matter? Though I don't know if I was any clearer or not lol.

As for this topic, it is indeed a search for private partners (: A "one on one" is simply a roleplay between two people. Often they play multiple characters to make up for the lack of other players, but not always. While searching through the boards I didn't find anything that particularly reached out to me (it's difficult to jump into an RP that already has its feet under it), so that's why I made a post myself searching for anyone else who might be interested in the types of things I am (:

Let me know what plot ideas you have! I'd love to hear them out and let you know if anything tickles my fancy :D
I don't really write smut and never go into great detail with explicit scenes like that. If I want to take relationships to that level I might say something like "they made love" or "they consummated their relationship," which is a slightly more appropriate way of putting it.

I didn't know what "one-on-one" meant at first but now that you told me it does sound kind of hard to keep going, not that I'm against trying new things. I have three plot ideas right now, none of them about Pokémon.

An RP set in the future about a zombie apocalypse, where the zombie virus turns out to be a man-made disease that the government released into the world to address the problem of overpopulation and excessive carbon emissions that lead to climate change. Cancer had been cured, causing people to live longer and the Earth to swell with their numbers. This will all be revealed toward the end, because the theme for the RP would mostly be survival throughout, just like in any zombie apocalypse.

An RP set in a boarding school where grisly murders begin occurring, and the students must solve the mystery of who is behind it.

Third, a tale of two solar systems. One was taken over by the other, its king was slain, and its queen and their baby daughter flee to Earth. She lives a normal life on Earth and is a regular high school girl, until her crush reveals that he knows who she is and that he is an agent of the resistance that fights to take back the solar system. Previously the two solar systems were at peace, but the main villain is a scientist who served the solar system that would eventually get taken over. He corrupted the minds of the other solar system's royals and persuaded them to launch the attack. His goal is to obtain the power to reverse Creation, collapse the universe in a Big Crush phenomenon, and recreate it in his own image. Basically, he seeks the power to become God, and as soon as he has destroyed the resistance, he will continue to terrorize other reaches of the galaxy and amass great strength until he finds this power. The ex-princess's crush takes her on his space ship to fulfill her destiny and stop the scientist, but the road ahead is arduous. The occupied planets are ruled by powerful Lords whom they must defeat before they can face the main villain. There are several powers in this, from tomes and magic, to lasers, to abilities that those with royal blood possess, to new and interesting ones entirely.
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I'd be willing to workshop a 1x1 RP, you and I seem largely aligned on ideas: high concept RPs with emphasis on action, worldbuilding, and character development. I, also, tend to deemphasize romance, preferring it to be something that may or may not develop over the course of a story, rather than be the singular purpose to it. My only demand is that the RP is put on the appropriate RP board, and not done via PMs. As for your current interests, the only one that doesn't appeal to me on the face of it is the X-Men, though I am not adverse to a similar style Superhero storyline.

I have a love for history, so a historical fantasy, or alternate history, could easily work for me. If you want someone to help you build a fantastical Europe, or a continent based on it, for a medieval fantasy, I'm your guy. My interests tend to revolve more around the spheres of the Mediterranean, especially the Roman Empire as it existed after the fall of the west, and the Holy Roman Empire. that is to say, Germany and Italy, but I can easily drift further east or west depending on your interests, I have a lot of material to build on regardless of the exact location.

When it comes to Star Wars, I must inform you that my stories tend to pull more from the old EU, rather than the Disney canon. I especially pull a lot from KOTOR and its sequel. So expect Sith patterning themselves after the likes of Revan and Traya, Jedi swearing to the ideals of the Old Republic. The Empire of the day is fully Sith, we are still some time from the Rule of Two Darth Bane would propagate and we would see through the movies with Sidious and his successive apprentices, Maul, Tyranus, and Vader. It's not that I'm wholly against the new canon, but it holds less of interest to me.

As for Pokemon, I'm not really looking for another Trainer RP at the moment, though if that's all you're interested in a good enough plot might sell me. I've actually been searching for a PMD style RP for some time, though it doesn't need all of the trappings of PMD - there needn't be a transformed human, for example. I was actually working on a concept for another 1x1, two Pokemon adventurers traveling the region searching for a set of twelve relics infused with the power of Legendary Pokemon. I workshopped it with the RP board's very own moderator, to ensure that none of the relics proved to be overpowered, and I can easily apply to use them.

Unfortunately, the other RPer for that 1x1 was actually just looking to solicit mature themes against the site rules, hoping to hide them from the board via PM, thus, my request that this RP be kept entirely on the boards. Despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise, they kept on pushing, and I was left with no choice but to report them to site staff. However, the base concept itself is still good, if I do say so myself!

As for writing examples, I hope some of my RP posts will suffice.
Here's one from a Trainer RP, it's the most recent.
Something a little older, from a Superhero RP.
This one's from a PMD RP.
And some Star Wars for good measure.
Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to do a historical fantasy or anything similar to it, so I don't have any references for that.
Hey, hey, look at you, Boan. Popular! You're gonna be pop-yooo-lar . . .

Okay, so here's something that I didn't bring up before, but I'll say now: starting July 9, and ending the 25th, I'll be going on a trip to Israel. That's two weeks that I'll be away from the computer, so . . . you know, it would break any momentum the story might have picked up over three and a half weeks. Also, Rex's post reminded me of something you asked for, but I didn't provide: a sample of my style.

This is from Twisted Beige, my first and favorite Pokemon RP on this site: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-twisted-beige-kanto-journey-with-a-twist-rp.17674/page-4
And here's the audio version, to demonstrate that I got way into it:
I've generated a couple of different ideas at this point. The first is heavily inspired by Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in that Pokerus has become deadly to humans. The characters spend their efforts in the post-apocalyptic pokemon world either killing or capturing the creatures to quarantine the threat. They also search for some kind of antidote to permanently counteract the virus. It's only a starting point, but I haven't given it much thought, at least not yet.

The other idea is sort of like X-Men. Science has produced an efficient method of harvesting pokemon quintessence to allow humans temporary gain of their powers. I haven't thought through how the process looks, materials/skills required, or its length, but transferring the power leaves the pokemon in a vegetative state until it dies. Debates arise in the pokemon world, about whether circumstances exist in which this unethical behavior is ever justifiable and necessary. Disagreements eventually erupt into civil war, with humans now directly fighting pokemon on the battlefield. Again, this is just brainstorming, and open for tweaking various aspects.

Alright, that's it for now. Whoever you end up going with, I'm cool about it.
For anyone who hasn't found it already, here is my most recently roleplay as a writing example: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dexters-eye.17249/

@E.K.A.N.S. Thanks for clarifying your position on romance for me (: Unfortunately, I think what we are looking for in an RP is too different for either of us to be fully satisfied with whatever story we could create. One person will have to sacrifice what is really important to them in the writing, and that's not fun or fair. Thanks for taking the time out to read my post and comment!! I wish you the best of luck in your current and future roleplaying endeavors! (:

@Rex sorry to hear about your previous RP mishaps!! I'm glad you were able to take the steps necessary to keep this site a safe place for everyone, and I totally respect your desire to keep the RP on the boards.

In general, it sounds like you are much more knowledgeable about concepts of history and fantasy than I am!! I generally just like the idea of a story and cast off the details so I can create an epic of my own lol. For example, I actually know nothing (much) about Star Wars beyond the movies :S BUT that doesn't mean I'm interested in roleplaying JUST the movie timelines, either. You just might have to coach me along as I take baby steps into the deeper lore (:

That being said, I like pretty much all the settings you mentioned! I am fascinated by the Roman empire, though more in a philosophical and cultural sense than a deeply historical sense, but you sound pretty capable in that area! I've never played anything but the first PMD game (though I've been told that I really need to try some of the others...), but I like that plot idea too!! Is there any one in particular that you are looking forward to roleplaying?

@Pokemon Fanfiction Novels haha wow it's been a long time since I've heard that song!

Israel! That's awesome! I've always wanted to go. I'll be leaving on a trip around that time myself so it's no problem (: Thanks for giving me a heads up! I've had to take similar breaks from roleplays before and it can take a moment to get back into things but I've never really had it be a dealbreaker before.

Thanks for sharing that writing sample! I'd never thought of turning roleplays into audiobooks. Neat idea!

I kind of like that Planet of the Apes idea. It sounds pretty devious. Plenty of room for angst and fighting your conscience and trying to survive! I like the X-Men idea too, but if I'm honest... I kind of like the first one better XP Do you have a preference? At this point, I agree pretty well with your writing style and passion for Pokemon LOL so I'm game for a roleplay if you are!


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By the sound of it, we'd play off each other well. One of my issues is that I can get lost in the details, someone who can pull me back from endless lore and references and remind me to 'keep it simple, stupid,' would certainly help keep the story moving.

When it comes to the various plots and settings, the PMD plotline I mentioned is actually intended to take place in an age of sail style setting, and could easily be adapted to a time period a few centuries earlier, mix and match Pokemon and Medieval Fantasy. Building fantastical countries based on ones that existed in real life in the historical age of sail, or some time before it - necessary if we want a Byzantine Roman, rather than Ottoman Turkish, analog - would be easy, and would help give the exploration focus of the plotline some flavor and context, the aforementioned relics had to be created by somebody, and I already have some ideas of associated tales for some of them.

However, in the grand scheme of things I don't have any particular preference. If there's anything in particular you want to do specifically we can easily workshop it from the ground up, or slot it into the idea I've laid out if they're compatible.
It looks like you're going to have two shows going at once, though ours will be in the Pokémon section. I'm game for the pokerus idea, but all we've got right now is a setting. I'd like to synchronize a bit more before leaping right in. Let's talk story elements that aren't plot, because without some sort of vision, I tend to flounder. As always, nothing's set in stone, but put forth as a suggestion only.

SETTING: It could be the Pokémon world or the Earth we know, but I prefer the Pokémon world. One of the initial 3 regions is also more familiar to me than the ones that came after. We can still totally use the later regions, and build a new one- my point here is that I'll need more direction and elaboration outside of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. As for the region's status, that depends on time. Would we start right at the outbreak's beginning? Or would our characters' stories begin a few months/years later, when the population has significantly diminished and humanity has taken emergency counter-measures? I'm thinking the former, but we'll be seeing the latter either way. The culture of the land will have changed: only the few humans with pokerus immunity will be capable of journeying any significant distance from survivor settlements. If they still use pokemon, their pokemon would have to remain well apart from people, including even their trainers. Any education will probably be different for humans with immunity: they would likely receive special forces training as they prepare to enter a hostile wilderness. Wild pokemon will be significantly stronger, since pokerus doubles their effort values in combat, and their natural territory would be greater with the human withdrawal. Pokeballs would be essential resources, because they would serve as effective containment for pokemon that could not be killed off. Most humans would be in a survivalist mindset of just trying to maintain their security walls and food stores, but some ambitious ones would see an opportunity for power: those of the creed "Never let a good crisis go to waste." It's a new world, and there's potential for a new world order if humanity recovers. I have more to add, but that's enough for now.

CHARACTERS: I'm content to let any of my characters develop naturally. Physically, I would assume that they are part of the few immune humans who can still travel, since that's a major theme of Pokémon. I'm still working on motivation (my mind goes through peaks and valleys of creative drive), but perhaps it was an ultimatum thing. "You don't want to leave the safety of the settlement? Well, I sympathize, but we need these animals gone. Either submit yourself as a test subject for vaccine development, or take up the Ranger mantle and clear the wilderness." I'm not sure whether to put villains here or save it for the "conflicts" section, but . . . ah, whatever. We could each make our own, or share them, but we'd need to keep the personalities consistent. Villains would range from petty thugs to well-meaning idealists, to subtle schemers. I can't actually think of the thugs' deal at the moment, but I imagine idealists would take opposite sides on what to do with pokemon. Do you exclusively capture them, even if it means making pokeballs to the detriment of the rest of economy? Or do you kill them and save on resources, even if they are passive and innocent? These questions would drive them, neither necessarily evil. As for the schemer, well, that would be where many of the plot twists come from. The question here is: was pokerus an accident, or a deliberately crafted bio-weapon?

THEMES: As this is Pokémon, the classical Pokémon themes should remain. One theme should be struggle for dominance. One should be the life-altering journey. One should be rivalry, as I mentioned earlier. One should be moral ambiguity, making impossible decisions when the lines are gray, and getting called on one's inconsistency. One might be adapting to a situation that you were thrown into prematurely: living up to unreasonable expectations. There are others, but I can't think of them right now.

CONFLICTS: Some of these were mentioned in the Characters spot. There's the standard Pokémon one of "a wild RATICATE attacks!" as pokemon are naturally inclined to aggression, and pokerus would have only augmented it. There's the moral conflict of what to do when a Pikachu is passively eating berries, and you're out of pokeballs, and you know that thing is carrying the Black Plague. There's the people who want to kill you for wasting their hard-made pokeballs, people who want to kill you for killing God's creatures, people who want to kill you so they can dissect you for the cure. There's the desire to reach out and touch your own pokemon, but knowing you shouldn't because you're tempting fate (Just how "immune" are you?)

There are a couple other things that come to mind, so I'll write them before I forget. If there were a macguffin in this RP, it would most likely be an all-cure vaccine (or at least, the promise of one). Something must drive the characters, and it must be something that continues to morph. That's one thing. The other is the "Time Skip." In prior RPs, when it seemed time to move forward a few days or weeks, one participant would end their post with "ready to Time Skip to (whenever later)." That way, the others had time to get in whatever they needed to finish the scene, and it wouldn't drag out and mess up momentum. Speaking of momentum . . . when I roleplay, I try to post once per day, on average. There may be days when I do two or three posts, but whenever I see that someone else has updated the story, I don't let the sun set without adding something. You were upfront in saying that work might keep you from daily posting, and that's fine. I just wanted you to know how I operate.

There are still plenty of things I haven't thought of, as my mind's been scattered for the last hour while writing this. I probably even messed up the tense a couple times. Eh, whatever- consider this continued brainstorming.
@Rex ooohh I like the sound of Sail Age... makes me think of pirates and stuff LOL But all those timelines sound like good options! I'll let you have the ultimate decision, since you know your plot best (: I'm happy with any of those!

As for the relics, are they imbued with some kind of power from the legendary Pokemon, or they're just tokens? Or is that part of the plot? O:

I'm pretty flexible plot-wise (: Once I kind of see what direction you're taking, it'll be easy for me to follow suit or ask the questions I need to help everything along! I'm excited :D

@Pokemon Fanfiction Novels I'm happy with staying in the Pokemon world too, and the first 3 gens are also my favourites/the ones I'm most comfortable with (: I would be content operating in any of those regions.

ok so I had this kind of crazy idea... I'm still toying with if it's a good one or not. I don't know if you've read Ender's Game, but I was wondering what it would be like if it was already several generations into this Planet of the Pokerus thing and humans had finally set themselves up well enough to fight back. So they start rounding up a bunch of really young kids who have either been proven to be immune or are likely (genetically) to be immune & send them through this Academy training thing. In the Academy the kids basically think they're playing a videogame. (If you wanted it to be REALLY twisted, they could even be playing through the GameFreak games.) The game is training them how to effectively capture Pokemon, defeat enemies, and conquer difficult puzzles. This is backed, of course, by physical training & hand-to-hand combat etc. etc.

Out in the wild, away from other humans, there are still Breeders who refused to leave their Pokemon (at least, the Breeders who are immune and didn't die from Pokerus). They aren't allowed around other humans, of course, but they train teams of Pokemon for these Academy students to fight with. The students believe their training is all fake - they have no clue that they are actually controlling a real team of Pokemon in the real world. (This is based on the assumption that there are Pokemon who, despite the virus, are still interested in engaging and partnering with humans, just as there are humans who are still interested in engaging and partnering with Pokemon, despite the threat to their life.)

It's important that the children be accepted into the Academy at a very young age, before they are able to develop an understanding of what the world is really like. They are basically the military answer to Pokerus: citizens who have been trained to do nothing except capture (and depending on how devious you want to get, it could be that at a certain point in their training - as they get to their upper teenage years or something - they are shipped off to a different school where their training is shifted from capturing to killing the Pokemon) wild Pokemon and create a safe space for the humans to grow and retake the planet again. That would help set up a basis for rivalry - two students trying to outtrain, outsmart, out-Gotta-Catch-Em-All their opponent.

There are several places it could go from there - if we follow the Planet of the Apes theology that the wild Pokemon will continue to get stronger and smarter, then perhaps they discover what's going on at the Academy and they band together to destroy it in order to save themselves. Our characters would be left out in the wild trying to fend for themselves. Or, they could begin to have some questions about the training they've been receiving, wondering if there isn't really some secret, hidden motive. If they learn that what they're playing isn't really a game at all, but that they've actually been engaging with (sometimes catching, sometimes killing) Pokemon in the real world... well, there's your moral quandary.

Anyway, let me know what you think, if you hate it or if you can make it better or whatever. It was just kind of a harebrained idea that came as a total ripoff of Ender's Game.

As far as the MacGuffin, I wonder if a Pokemon could hold the answer to Pokerus? Maybe they are able to discover that Blisseys don't carry Pokerus but offer a cure or something like that. That could be another reason to keep sending people out beyond relative safety.

& I like that Time Skip idea, I've operated with the same basic principle in the past, just not so aptly named.


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The Age of Sail does in fact include the Golden Age of Piracy, so running into pirates would certainly be a possibility!

As for the relics, that depends! In the original concept, they actually are empowered. That's why I mentioned getting permission to use them, and that I workshopped them with mods. However, if that's not suitable for you, the stories of legendary power in the relics can be just that, stories. I've included them in the spoiler below, for your perusal.

Arceus’s Conductor - A strange relic that changes form based on its wielder, though Unown characters are always carved into it, this most powerful of relics grants the wielder the power to reshape reality through control over the Unown. Such power does not come easy: this relic requires the presence of the other eleven to awaken.
Dialga’s Watch - A pocket watch with a hinged lid. The face of this watch is blank, though Unown characters are carved into the lid. When opened, this watch freezes time for one full revolution of its second hand. Within this frozen world, only the watch’s holder may act. After one minute, the watch snaps shut on its own and time resumes.
Palkia’s Bag - On the outside, this bag appears to be nothing special, a brown canvas bag stamped with Unown characters, held shut by a gold colored rope. This bottomless bag can conjure anything its user desires, except itself and the other relics, so long as that object is small enough to fit through the bag.
Rayquaza’s Sextant - Unown characters decorate the eyeglass of this sextant. This relic can be used to ensure clear skies, favorable winds, perfect sailing weather. Or it can do the opposite, create fierce gales, or deaden the wind and leave ships stranded. The effects of the relic are localized to its user, only stretching a few miles at most away from them in any direction.
Kyogre’s Heart - A beautiful blue gem, said to be the heart of a maiden who offered it up in her grief. This stone gives the bearer power over the very waves. It cannot create water, however.
Groudon’s Soul - A fiery red pearl, said to be the soul of a warrior who offered it up in his anger. This stone gives the bearer power over the land itself. It cannot, however, create new land.
Shaymin’s Flower - A beautiful undying flower, always in full bloom. When planted, it can bring vibrant life to even the most barren of wastelands. This life lasts for as long as the plant itself remains, and decays away should it ever be taken.
Manaphy’s Jewel - A small red jewel. When placed into a body of water, it purifies it. Water drawn from this purified source will always be pure, but any impurities to the body itself will return should the jewel be removed. There is also an upper limit on the size of a body that can be purified, roughly the size of a small lake, or a large pond.
Celebi’s Mirror - Unown characters decorate the rim of this black scrying lens. Those that look through it can see the past, or possible future, of whatever they are viewing. It was once turned to gaze at the whole of the city where it was made, which appeared to the viewer to be in ruin. So focused was this viewer on averting this possible catastrophe, they did not notice when they were the one to cause it.
Jirachi’s Compass - The face of this compass is blank, though its rim is decorated with Unown characters. This compass does not point towards magnetic north. Rather, it points towards the holder’s heart’s desire. Though theoretically it can point towards other relics, it cannot be fooled, and will always point to that which its holder desires most.
Ho-Oh’s Medicine - A corked vial with a label printed in Unown, it contains Sacred Ash from Ho-Oh’s resurrection, which can be mixed into medicine capable of healing any ailment, even death. While the uses of the ash are nearly infinite, it is limited by the medical experience of its user.
Victini’s Standard - A flag that can be used as a battle standard or ensign, depicting a stylized image of Victini surrounded by Unown. The force that waves this flag cannot know defeat in battle, they will always be victorious.

Many of these relics have some kind of associated drawback as well, but that kind of information wouldn't be part of the legends, and some of them are still WIP.

All twelve of the relics are located in ruins, the crumbled remains of civilizations long since gone. Out of them, only four have what I would consider a 'necessary' locations - Kyogre's on an island, Groudon's in a desert, Shaymin's in a jungle, and Manaphy's on a lake. The other eight can be placed anywhere, as long as they're hard to get to.

If this is the plot you want to go with, we should probably move this discussion to a thread on the PRP discussion board. Unless you'd prefer to take a stab at Star Wars or some other kind of fantasy?
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It sounds like we're on the verge of creating the thread in the Pokémon Roleplay section. I'll leave that to you, Boan, and either of us could add the complementary discussion thread. I'll address your last few remarks in quotes as they come. First: the Ender's Game twist you suggested.

"The students believe their training is all fake - they have no clue that they are actually controlling a real team of Pokemon in the real world. (This is based on the assumption that there are Pokemon who, despite the virus, are still interested in engaging and partnering with humans, just as there are humans who are still interested in engaging and partnering with Pokemon, despite the threat to their life.)"

Funnily enough, I was with you about the military academy idea before the actual making of this thread (too lazy to post the link right now). However, I'd rather have the Ender's Game school switched out for a sort of SPARTAN-II program, if you've read any of the Halo books (it's very similar to your description). Lesser Reason 1: I've neither read Ender's Game, nor watched the movie, though I've been going over the synopsis for the past hour. Greater Reason 2: Assuming that simulations keep the students' real bodies within the relative safety of the school building, as "simulation" implies, the adventure aspect is diminished. There may still be real risk to the pokemon, but not their trainers. Furthermore, virus immunity becomes irrelevant, because anyone of sufficient intelligence can command pokemon. Again, I may be interpreting this incorrectly, without the full Ender's Game context to go with.

"As they get to their upper teenage years or something - they are shipped off to a different school where their training is shifted from capturing to killing the Pokemon) wild Pokemon and create a safe space for the humans to grow and retake the planet again. That would help set up a basis for rivalry - two students trying to outtrain, outsmart, out-Gotta-Catch-Em-All their opponent."

For there to be true rivalry, rather than camaraderie in fighting for a common good, I think the students would need additional incentive: something that the winner gets that the loser doesn't. That, or the loser gets moved up the list as a guinea pig for pokerus vaccine development, or something similar.

"There are several places it could go from there - if we follow the Planet of the Apes theology that the wild Pokemon will continue to get stronger and smarter, then perhaps they discover what's going on at the Academy and they band together to destroy it in order to save themselves. Our characters would be left out in the wild trying to fend for themselves. Or, they could begin to have some questions about the training they've been receiving, wondering if there isn't really some secret, hidden motive."

I confess that I'm not great at writing plot twists; or at least, they aren't thematic to my writing. I think what I'll end up doing is bringing in themes and elements that overlap with the X-Men, Star Wars, and Dungeons & Dragons genre archetypes you mentioned earlier. You'll probably handle most plot twists.

I'm ready to begin at any time. Just get us a good launching-off point that sets the stage and the tone.