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Private/Closed Peril at Munford Manor

Hello! In this RP, your character has been invited to the Mysterious Munford Manor by a Mr. E for the week, completely free. The invitation promises a week of fun, relaxation, and battles! And to make things even more interesting, the guest that Mr. E invited are in a wide range, from normal trainers to odd trainers, from the most experienced and honed battlers to those who have just picked up a Pokeball. What could possibly go wrong?

...Well, there is one little, itsy bitsy thing that the invitation neglects to mention. The fact that one of the guests have decided to come for the purpose of MURDER... *gasp!!!*

And Munford Manor is the perfect place to do a murder. It's on a most unusual island, surrounded by jagged rocks and fast currents. The island is also at the eye of a constant, super powerful storm. (Even though the island is in the middle of the storm, it usually has perfect weather... don't ask me why. Weather is weird). With killer seas and skies, the only way to get on and off the island is the ferry, which comes once every week. Trapped, on the island for 1 week with a murderer... And did I mention, no cell service of any kind at all?

So, in a nutshell... Your character has been invited to a week off relaxation on an inescapable island, with a murderer. However, your character does not know about the murderer being on the island. Yet.

If you want your character to be the murderer, don't put it down in their bio. PM me and I'll let you know if you can. Also, be warned that there's a pretty good chance that your character might get... a little murdered?

Post character bios and OCC discussions here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/peril-at-munford-manor.13935/

"This is your captain speaking. I am pleased to report that if you look out the right side of the ferry, you will see that we have broken through the storm wall and are now approaching Munford Manor." The captain said over the speakers. The sudden cheerfulness woke up Melody from her slumber, and she sat up in her seat. She tried to get her thoughts straightend out as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Her Chatot, Allegro, fluttered up next to her.
"Oh, hey Allegro." Melody said, petting her Pokemon.
"Oh, hey Allegro." Her Chatot mimicked back.
"Ha ha. Very funny."
"Ha ha. Very funny." Melody sighed and ignored her Pokemon's copying. She looked out the window as the ferry drew closer to the island. The Manor was large, taking up most of the island. She absentmindedly gazed out the window and continued to pet her Pokemon, oblivious to the other trainers on the ferry.
Erica sat down and watched her glaceon,dimand, chase a ball of string around the deck And glanced at the island. This would be the first time she left he hometown. Sudenly she heard yelling and looked to see dimand running at full spead back to her with a yelling trainer behind her. Dimand jumped onto ericas back pack, but now the training was running at her. So erica did the only thing she can do. She turned around and ran. Erca sprinted acrost the ferry until she ran into another trainer with a chatot.
Melody's thoughts about the island were interrupted when another trainer ran right into her, knocking her down with a "oof". Allegro flew up with a startled squawk.
"Hey, watch where you're going!" Melody said to the trainer.
"Squawk! Watch where you're going!" Allegro mimicked.
Erica got up with a grown."Hey, watch were you are going!" The other trainer said. Erica got up quickly."omg i am so so so sorry" erica replied her face turning red."i just um.. was running and um... and i didnt see you...." dimand stared at erica shaking her head.
Melody got up and dusted herself of, and realized she may have been a bit to snippy with the other trainer.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you like that. I just wasn't expecting to be ran into like that." Melody said. She put out her hand. "My name's Melody."
"Squawk! Allegro!" The Chatot said. Melody glanced behind the trainer to see another running at her. She raised an eyebrow.
"Umm... is he a friend of yours?" Melody asked.
Erica quickly turned around to see the trainer running tword her."nice to meet you melody, my name is ericia and this is dimand." She said quickly jestering to the glceon next to. Erica turned and quickly hid behind a bush as the trainer ran past. Erica sighed."and to answer your queston no he is not my freind." Erica continued.
Melody watched the trainer run past, then turned back to Erica.
"So, Erica, do you have any idea of who this "Mr. E" guy is?" Melody asked, thinking back to the unusual invitation she received.
"hm..." Erica said thinking."i think he/she is some old lonely rich person". Erica then opened her bag and pulled out a map of the island and looked at it."and this the size of the island" She said indicating the map "proves that the Mr.E has a lot of money."
Jina sat with her head out the window, desperate to be on land. She was extremely seasick, and felt like she was about to barf. 'Please, just get the boat to the island, please!' she was screaming in her head.
Just as Jina pulled herself away from the window, she heard the captain's announcement. She looked out the window once more, and saw Munford Manor. It was gigantic. Jina couldn't wait to get inside.
Erica looked up as she heard a grown. She looked around to see who make the noise, and saw a girl cluching her bellie staring out an open window."hey are you ok?" She asked the girl with dimand beside her also looking concerned.
Jina turned her head to the trainer. "Not really," she answered, "I've got seasickness. I just hope we get there already, I can't take it much longer..." Jina thought it was nice that this person cared.
Erica opened her bag and pulled out some ginger and gave some to her."my brother also has sea sickness so i always carry come will me even if he does not come." She said.
"Oh, thanks!" Jina said as she took the ginger. After the ginger, she did feel better than before, which was a relief.
"That really helped, thank you!" Jina told her, "Normally I bring some ginger, but I forgot this time."
"Alright, ladies and gentlemen. We are now docking at Munford Manor. The exit is to your left, and thank you for choosing LaprasCo. Ferry. See you folks next week." The Captain said as the ship settled into the dock. The gangplank was laid out, and the trainers began to get off the ferry. Melody was walking down the gangplank when she spotted a familiar-looking trainer. He had bright red hair, which made him stand out from the crowd. The next thing she noticed was the sword he had at his belt, along with other Pokeballs. When he turned, Melody could finally see his face. Her eyes lit up with recognition, and she walked back over to Erica and pointed out the trainer.
"I don't know how this Mr. E did it, but he somehow managed to invite Dirk Kyle!" Melody said excitedly. Dirk Kyle was a famous battler and swordsman. Although he was famous, the trainer never seemed to show his face outside tournaments. At the end of the dock, there was a well dressed butler. He cleared his throat.
"Excuse me, may I have everyone's attention?" The butler said.
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Erica looked over who melady was pointing to and excitement flutter over her."omg that IS him!!" She just started to mutter as the buttler started to speak.
"Welcome, to Munford Manor. It is with deep regret that I must inform you..." The butler said, then paused. "Your host is unable to greet you, but he has left me with specific instructions. He says he will convene with you all at dinner, which is at 6. Until then, feel free to explore the Manor."
The butler gave an unusual smile, then turned and began to walk back towards the Manor.
"What a peculiar man..." Melody muttered. She shook her head and began to walk towards the Manor as well.
Erica felt dimands fur fluff up with uneasyness while erica also felt the same way she did not show it. Instead she picked up dimand in her arms so dimand can rest on her sholder. Erica then pulled out her map. "Do you want to go to the rooms or the crystal cave first?" She asked dimand. Dimand looked at both options for a bit the put her paw on the cave. "Gla" dimand said as erica started to walk that way.
Melody managed to catch up to the butler before he entered the Manor.
"Hey, mister... Uh..."
"Just call me Butler." The butler said. Melody nodded.
"Ok, Mr. Butler. What exactly is there to do, on the island? The letter he gave us didn't really say much." Melody said.
"Ah, yes. Mr. E has put a lot of money into this manor, as you can see. It is very large, and has much to do in it. We have a pool as well. But, the reason that Mr. E chose this Island to make his Manor on, is the Crystal Cave."
"He has a cave of crystals?!" Melody exclaimed. The butler nodded.
"Yes. But aside from the Manor and the Cave, you'll have to find some other way to entertain yourself. I would suggest actual human interaction." The butler said rudely, then walked away.
"Gee, thanks Butler." Melody muttered.
"Squawk! Thanks, Butt!" Allego squawked loudly. The butler visibly stiffened and spun around, as if stung.
"Allegro!" Melody said, her face turning bright red. She made a grab at her Chatot, but it flew out of her reach and away from her. Melody dashed after her Pokemon. "Allegro, you get back here and apologize!!!"
Jina heard what the butler said, and sighed in relief. "Finally, I can get off this boat!" she exclaimed as she ran off the dock to look for something to do. She let out Emolga (who was her first pokemon), who flew beside her as she made random turns.
"Allegro!" Melody said angrily. She tried to make another grab, but the Chatot flew out of her reach again.
"Go, Jagger!" Melody said, sending out her Geodude.
"Geo!" The Geodude grunted.
"Use Smack Down on Allegro." Melody said. Jagger picked up a rock and threw it at Allegro, smacking the Chatot out of the air. Allegro hit the ground with a squawk. Melody walked over and placed her foot on Allegro's tail feathers, preventing him from escaping. Allegro squawked and tried to fly, but couldn't.
"Not this time. This time, you're getting your just desserts..." Melody trailed off when she looked up and saw Erica. "Um... Hello..."
Erica was forced to laugh. She couldent even try to hold it in. Dimand joined in. Erica could see melodys face turning red but erica could not help it.
Melody could feel her face start to turn red, as she looked at her shoes and released Allegro. Allegro flew a few feet away and began to preen his feathers. Melody just glared at him.
"You shouldn't've called the Butler a Butt, Allegro. And don't give me that "Oh, I was just repeating what you said" look! You know very well I said "Butler!" OK?" Melody said to Allegro. Her Chatot ignored her and kept preening it's feathers.
"What the-?!" Melody said, staring at the new person. She glanced at Erica, then back at the new person.
"Um... Hello." Melody said, then looked at the ocean behind Kip, confusion across her face. "Where did... you... come from?"
Jina heard a familiar voice shouting. She turned and saw the trainer that helped her from before, along with her friend, who was shouting at her Chatot.
She walked over to them, when suddenly an unfamiliar person landed next to them. She heard her say her name was Kip, and that she got tossed out of the boat.
Once Jina got closer, she said a quick "Hi" to the girl who helped her, then asked Kip, "Why'd you get thrown out of the ship?"
Unnoticed as always, Edgar upturned his face to the wind with a sheepish smile and took a deep breath of the salty air. A Hypno silently led him by the wrist, as he'd been accustomed to since he was a child, and occasionally tugged on it when he fell out of step.
"Lighten up a bit," Edgar commented to Hypno, whom said nothing in return. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."
Hypno stopped abruptly and Edgar stumbled a bit.
"What? Are we there?" asked Edgar with a bit of annoyance in his tone. Hypno gave an affirmative grunt. "Alright. Uh, where are we again?"
Hypno sighed gruffly.
Jina thought it was possible that the reason Kip got thrown off was because wasn't holding on, but decided not to say. It wasn't that important how she got thrown off, anyway.
"Are you hurt badly, or...." Jina's voice trailed off. She was a bit concerned about Kip.
Erica jumped at the sound of a girls voice. she turned her head tol see the girl she gave ginger to before. "are you hurt badly, or..." the girl said. Erica turned her head back the kip.
"Hey! Nova! Wake up! WAKE UP!!!!" Kayenne yelled. Nova, her Espeon, was in her Pokeball sleeping. Usually, she brought Calix, her Glaceon with her, but they were going to a tropical island, so Cal probably wouldn't like it too much. Besides, her instincts told her she might be in danger. She didn't see how, or why, but brought her Espeon with her instead. Since Kayenne was a Euphorian (FYI a Euphorian is a sort of witch that could possess people, read minds, and do telepathy.) She could communicate with Nova, and since Nova could tell the future, it was necessary that she came along in case anyone was going to die or something similar. The predicted future could be changed by Euphorians only. This was why a Glaceon was her favorite. There was this stereotype that most euphorians were evil, and used Umbreon or Espeon most.
Edgar paused for a couple seconds when he recognized the aura signatures of four or five different people and nearly a dozen Pokémon somewhere ahead of him. He lit up.
"Ahoy," he muttered and nudged Hypno with his foot. "Forced social interaction dead ahead."
He began striding ahead to greet his soon-to-be accomplices. Hypno's grip on his wrist was reluctant, but he didn't let go.
"Ahoy," he repeated when he decided he was close enough, greeting them in the same manner.
Erica looked over to were the voice was coming from. It was a boy and a hypno. Erica was about to replie with a hello but she then noticed his milky eye. 'He must be blind' she thought. "Hello" Erica said finally after a pause.
He grinned, scratching at the back of his neck inelegantly.
"Beautiful place, huh?" he asked bashfully, holding his hand out to shake with whoever had just answered his informal hello. "I'm Edgar, from Kanto."
Erica shook Edgar's hand. " I am Erica, form sinnoh, and this is dimand, my glaceon." She said as dimand jumped up on her shoulder and pressed her nose to Edgar's hand to show she was their.
The surge of her aura passing through his when their skin made contact was like a summer gale. He vaguely pictured her face in his mind's eye, but it passed as quickly as it came when they concluded their handshake. His father had told him that Psychic-type Pokémon could see with their eyes closed because they could connect with living auras. This was what it felt like when a human attempted the method.
"A Glaceon?" he oozed, beaming. "Wow! I've never seen one up close." Hypno cleared his throat definitively. "Right, right. This is my partner, Hypno."
"Um... Hello." Melody said to the boy. "My name's Melody, and that's my Chatot sulking over there, Allegro."
"Squawk! Hello, Butt!" Allegro called over. Melody's face turned red at her Pokemon's rudeness.
"Allegro! This is your last warning! Be polite, or else... or else I'll..." Melody trailed off, thinking.
Edgar chuckled turning his head to the two voices that had spoken.
"It's no big deal," he proclaimed humbly. "Pleasure to meet you, Melody and Allegro."