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Pictures, please ~

The top is from a journalism convention in 2011. The bottom is from Halloween.


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Haven't shared my portrait in a long time.
Just standing in front of my Eeveelutions, had to make sure that Flareon was in the image.
I love to mess about with my photos in Photoshop. I have one inserted that's serious though. Hope you like it!


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Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football

Got my hair bleached today! Well, the lower layers at least. I’m planning on making it a bright red color but my hair is just naturally really dark; this is how it looks after applying bleach to it twice. I’ll probably have to bleach a couple more times to get a light enough color that red will show up, but I thought this was cool enough to show off on its own for the time being.
So, although technically this isn't pictures, it's still me, and it does have a few pictures in it, so if that counts maybe possibly? :'|
Little explanation: This was my AK History final for my Senior year of High School, and I cannot stop cringing over this. I mean, it was funny and all, but I forgot to ask him to not post this elsewhere, especially his YouTube channel. >_<

Was a difficult moral choice for me in whether I should post this or not, but here it is, and hope you enjoy my current embarrassment over this. XD
(side note: I was very open, and am still open, for wearing a dress and high heels in public)
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Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football

A friend of mine sent me a message on tumblr about how she liked dark brown eyes so I decided to show her just how "dark brown" my eyes really are. AKA where the hell are my pupils.

Also bonus late pic of my haircut I got a couple weeks ago (my hair grew out since then and it looks terribly awkward now, which is why I'm posting an old pic)

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football


I got a new haircut! I would show a before shot but my hair... was a mess. Like, I hadn't cut it since June and I had this mullet and everything and it was just really bad. So here's the new haircut.

Oh, and a new outfit! But I don't have a full body shot because the camera kept shaking and blurring the picture (thank you bad lighting) but this'll do.

In Kamen Rider fandom, this is known as having an identity crisis, but it's my most recent photo, took it in Japan at the end of November when I bought my gamer driver ^_^
This is me in my natural habitat, shut away in my room with access to the internet, and surrounded by stuffed animals. The one in the picture is just a large polar bear I got at Goodwill, it is soooo hugeble.