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Private/Closed PKMN: Applewood Academy [RP]


Previously AceAltaria
Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pkmn-applewood-academy.19838/

Let's get this roleplay started!


As Annabelle took a hesitant step forward, towards the school, she turned to look at her trainer again. Even though it was for the best, she still was going to regret leaving her trainer--actually, it was her trainer leaving her. She sighed as she thought about some things while her trainer turned around and started walking away, waving a goodbye. Annabelle was trying to forget that her trainer had left her on her own for 'school,' as they called it.

The light breeze ruffled her feathers lightly as the Staravia headed for the school. She had decided not to fly, since the entrance was actually only a few feet away from her. The sun was beating down on her with only a few clouds in the sky. From these observations, Annabelle concluded that it would probably be sunny all day, unless somehow the weather wanted to be all freaky and rain.

Swinging open the door with her wing, she stepped inside and immediately felt the cold air. "Ohh, that's colder than I expected.." Annabelle shook herself before heading over to the front desk, where a Wigglytuff was stationed. "He-"

"Hello!" the Wigglytuff greeted, interrupting Annabelle. She smiled at the Staravia, who looked a bit ruffled. "You must be Annabelle, right? Let me get your things together for you." With that, she rummaged through some things behind the counter and presented a key--probably her room key--and a schedule. "Here you are! Your room number is 405, in Block C. You can go ahead and get settled in with your belongings! Remember, the first day is a free day, meaning no classes until tomorrow!"

Annabelle nodded, grabbing the key and piece of paper in her wing. "Uhh, thanks," she said, dipping her head. She then walked off in an attempt to find Block C. She then froze for a second, realizing something was missing. Oh, for the love of... she thought, frustrated. How could I possibly forget my entire bag outside?! She then rushed outside to retrieve her things, if they were still there--which they were. Annabelle sighed in relief and claimed her things, while checking to see if anything was missing.
Diego emitted a slight whimper at his trainer after noticing the man about to leave to get their training done to serve for his beloved region, Bajola. The Twigslinger Pokémon groaned after eyeing over the wave his trainer gave before the man left and said, "I trust that you will be good Diego. Remember, you're here because of what the deputy said yesterday, so please don't cause anyone any trouble."

The Slitoling gave a dubious nod in response before his trainer left. A brief memory flashed in his eyes, as he found himself back at a familiar bank about forty hours into the past. Sirens blared as the alarms and bells continued to loudly ring through the radio chatter!

"Everyone evacuate the premises immediately! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill! Evacuate the premises right this instant!" An officer shouted while keeping his titanium shield held and steadily keeping ahead of the other officers that appeared to be taking an alternative route as opposed to the front entrance to the offices.

"You there! You should be getting out of here... INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO THAT DAMN MUSIC OF YOUR'S!" A female officer roared to a man at a water cooler before grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the office!

A squad of officers arrived near the entrance of the opened vault about half a minute later, with the other squads following up behind after a full minute elapsed. A tall woman in a bright, royal blue, garrison hat stomped towards the vault's entryway with a megaphone tightly gripped in her left hand, as she commanded through the device in a stern tone, "We know that you are in there, and we ask that you must stand down. You are outnumbered one to a little over a hundred, so we would suggest for you to do the right thing so nobody gets hurt."

"Do not try anything smart against us! If you try to fight back or get out of here, just know that we are armed and have Pokémon on standby outside the bank!" The woman shouted before the little Pokémon gulped after picking up the woman's harsh, unrelenting voice that pierced through his soul like a knife slashing through warm butter.

"D- dang it... I shouldn't have... even though I did barely manage to pull it off... until she found me yesterday," Diego thought before a tear fell from his left eye. He swiftly returned himself back into the world of reality after picking up on the rushed steps from someone within the area.

He silently walked towards the school after managing to get over the gentle breeze brushing against his flaps. However, before he could get halfway towards the entryway, a brown bird with a yellow peak caught the lizard's attention. The little Pokémon toddled towards the avian creature with shaky, unsteady steps before the Slitoling asked in a tentative, puerile tone, "U- u- u- uhh... i- is this the s- sc- school that the u- u- umm... o- of- officer told me to g- g- go t- to?"


Previously AceAltaria
Annabelle was relieved to see that everything she had was still there, and then was slightly startled by the new voice. She turned with a small jump backwards before realizing it was just another student. The only thing she wondered was why there had been such a commotion as the Stitoling was dropped off.

"Well, if they told you to go to Applewood, then yes," she answered with a small nod. Annabelle kept herself from asking what the whole officer incident was about. It seemed quite clear it wasn't something the lizard-like Pokemon wanted to speak about. The Staravia grabbed her belongings but waited before heading inside.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Bellamy was dropped off by his trainers limo which was surrounded by paparazzi, they loved his trainer but he didn't really care he finally made his way through them.

Bellamy walked up to the Wigglytuff. "Hello!" the Wigglytuff greeted. She smiled at the Umbreon. "You must be Bellamy, right? Let me get your things together for you." With that, she rummaged through some things behind the counter and presented a key--probably her room key--and a schedule. "Here you are! Your room number is 404, in Block C. You can go ahead and get settled in with your belongings! Remember, the first day is a free day, meaning no classes until tomorrow!"

Bellamy then decided to walk to his room he made it there but had an issue as he tried to open his door he dropped his bag and his things fell everywhere, suits, books, utensils you name it, he crouched down trying to pick it up.
Aspectu stepped away from his trainer, feeling the shadow of Applewood Academy the school looming above. He was positive that attending the school would further his skills, and better him as a fighter. With his trainer, Aspectu never had time to focus, but here, he would be have time alone, and learn new techniques to promote his dream of proving to the world that even though he was blind, he could still be a force to be reckoned with.

Hearing his trainer offer a quick, "Goodbye," Aspectu raised his hand, and waved goodbye to him, not bothering to turn around. As the aura of Aspectu's trainer began to depart, the ambitious riolu picked up his bag, which was somewhat limited, and walked toward the academy, silently observing the area around him using his aura. There seemed to be two pokemon speaking to each other in front of the school, one of which was holding a bag filled with items similar to Aspectu's, but he simply ignored it, and proceeded to, relatively rudely, walk between the two pokemon, without saying a word, and open the doors, entering the building.
“Umm... uhh... o- okay... t- thanks... I- I just hope they’re not too m- mean or anything... and w- well... I- I don’t know w- what to do,” Diego responded before heading in the school after managing to maintain a somewhat straight stance. The Twigslinger Pokémon disreguarded the other Pokémon that also entered the building.

“Well hello there little one!” The Wigglytuff addressed the little Pokémon before masking her slight concern towards the same, exact Pokémon in a small folder with a smile.

“You must be Diego, right? The tall lady already informed me about you, and we will try our best to have you stay out of trouble. Let me just get your things real quick,” The Wigglytuff added while Diego resisted the urge to conduct a swift holdup at the Wigglytuff within gunpoint in broad daylight.

“Here you go Diego. Your room number is 406, which is located in Block C. The lady and your trainer kindly instructed our assistant to leave your belongings in the room. Remember, the first day is a free day, so there are no classes until the next day!” The Wigglytuff stated before handing the Slitoling the key to his room and a schedule.

Diego emitted a lengthy groan and gave a nod at the Wigglytuff before heading outside the building for a brief moment. The little Pokémon moticed the Staravia waiting outside, as he said with a feeble tone, “I- I’m not sure if I should be h- here... w- what if an o- of- officer tries to b- beat me up? O- or if e- eve- every... o- one picks on m- m- me?”


Previously AceAltaria
The Staravia casually ignored the Riolu who had just cut through. Annabelle gazed at the Stitolong, shaking her head. "I'm sure they won't, and as long as you don't do anything--unfavorable, an officer likely won't come and beat you up for no reason," she said. She turned towards the entrance of the school again.

"I'm going to head to my room," Annabelle informed him. She paused before adding, "right after I find Block C." With nothing else to say, bird-like Pokemon walked off and pushed open the door with her wing, walking around until she saw a sign that was labelled 'Block C' outside a hallway.
“U- umm... o- okay... I- I’ll go to my room too I guess. I hope that this place doesn’t have too much security to be honest,” Diego replied before adjusting his fedora.

The Slitoling followed several feet behind the Staravia, while making it through the doorway before the door quietly shut itself. The little Pokémon took a mental note of the sign having the label of the block his room was in, as he could only hope that there were many escape routes he could choose from later on.
Aspectu walked past one of the pokemon from just before as he made his way to the front desk. He noticed a wigglytuff standing behind the counter. He assumed she would give him his room key, and his schedule, as he couldn't sense many other pokemon near where he was. As he neared the desk, the wigglytuff standing there turned around and saw him.

"Oh, I assume you're Aspectu?" the wigglytuff implied. Before Aspectu had a chance to reply, however, she handed him his room key, and his schedule. "Your room number is 403, in Block C. Remember, today is a free day, so classes start tomorrow." As Aspectu collected his items, the wigglytuff gave him the directions to his room, realizing how difficult it would be for Aspectu to locate it otherwise.

Following the directions given to him, Aspectu made his way to Block C, noticing that the two pokemon he saw earlier seemed to have rooms there as well. There was also another pokemon, who was crouching on the ground, collecting items that he seemed to have dropped, but Aspectu simply ignored it, uninterested in socializing.


Previously AceAltaria
Annabelle walked relatively quickly through the hallway until she found herself standing in front of her room, 405. She stopped to put her bag down and search for her room key. It was a pale green color, with the words 'Block C' printed on it as well as 'Room 405'.

She quickly inserted the card into the lock on the door, opening it to see her room. It was almost like a hotel, with basic furniture around. There were several empty spaces that were left to place your own things. "This is nice," she remarked as she entered the room and retrieved the room key again before closing the door behind herself. She set her bag down in a spot next to a small stool, heading over to a window that had a view of the back of the school--plain meadows and fields stretching beyond sight.
Diego strayed away from the block for a brief moment after taking in the swift sight of a familiar Pokémon walking towards the exit of the building. Before the fox-like Pokémon could push open the door with its tiny paws, the Slitoling snuck up behind the fox, silently drew his gun-shaped twigs and commanded in a stern tone, “Put the purse down perra!”

“W- what’s going on?! W- why are you doing this?!” The fox Pokémon cried before dropping its purse and turning towards Diego, only for the fox to notice that it was already held up at gunpoint.

“You always tried to steal my lunch money a few weeks back, and you even got your amigos to pick on me! Now... on the floor pendejo!” Diego shouted at the fox Pokémon!

The fox Pokémon did what the Slitoling ordered, as a flood of tears rained from its eyes after its silver pendant with a gold nugget was swiftly snatched away! A couple of hard, swift kicks and punches rendered the fox out cold soon after. Unfortunately, it became a mystery as to where it was taken to a brief moment later.

Diego returned back to the block as if nothing happened and went inside his room after using the pale green card to unlock the door. The Slitoling emitted a silent sigh of relief, as he allowed the door to shut on its own. The little Pokémon opened the door to the closet and stashed the purse and pendant away from wandering eyes. He noted the bag that lied next to the nightstand, as he gave a quick check before groaning after a quick realization that most of his contraband was likely confiscated from his trainer for various, legitimate reasons.


Previously AceAltaria
Annabelle glanced at her closed door as she heard some yelling outside--probably a fight between some Pokemon. After a short while, it stopped. She paid no mind to it, however, and started unpacking some of her things. There were little decorations here and there, some snacks, other typical things that she would need for Applewood.

She set a small alarm clock down on a nightstand, as well as some other things. Annabelle took out a bag of berries and placed it on the medium-sized table in the middle of the room. After setting up a few more things, she took a seat on a comfy chair and sighed.
“Heh... I was right, the little lizard strikes when you least expects it, and this one’s got guns instead of a huge tongue!” Diego quietly said to himself while giving off a brief moment of an infantile, nefarious laughter. The lizard Pokémon holstered the gun-shaped twigs in his flaps before he noticed a note next to the bag. He picked up the note and closely examined the neatly written text, as it read:

I apologize if some items appear to be missing from your bag, as I was forced to take anything that was deemed highly dangerous from the deputy said. I might maybe give back some of the not as dangerous stuff if you don’t go skipping school like last time.

Please be good in school and don’t cause anyone any trouble. I had to pull some strings with the deputy to get her to put you in the school instead of the correctional facility. I hope you’ll find a new light to leave your evil deeds behind.

Gliding his hand over the braille on the sign indicating room 403, Aspectu recognized it as his own, and inserted the key into the keyhole, after a few admittedly pathetic failed attempts. As a clicking sound was heard, the door opened, and Aspectu strolled into his room. The room was relatively average, nothing standing out as specifically noteworthy. Setting his bag down on a nearby desk, Aspectu sat on the floor, closed his eyes, and began to concentrate on nothing in particular. He made a habit of performing this action at least once a day, since it seemed to strengthen his aura little by little.

As always, Aspectu's aura-based abilities grew stronger temporarily. In a room near his, one of the pokemon he met earlier that day was sitting on a chair, though he couldn't identify her specific emotion. In the next room over, the other pokemon Aspectu saw at the entrance seemed to be reading some sort of note. It suddenly became clear that Aspectu would be running into the two pokemon from the entrance quite often, but it didn't matter to him, since he didn't have an opinion on the two just yet.


Previously AceAltaria
Annabelle sat in silence for a moment before getting up again to take a look at her schedule, which she had laid on the table. "Battle training with Hitmontop," she read aloud. "Talk about a wake-up call. Battle training first thing in the morning." She laughed a little to herself before reading the rest of the page. "Biology..and then History....boring..." Her voice trailed off.

Annabelle yawned, watching the sun slowly set out of her window. "Might as well get some rest early." She turned and headed for a small nest in the corner. The room had probably been designed specifically for bird Pokemon like herself. It wasn't long before she drifted into sleep.
Diego placed the note back in his bag before carefully taking out a set of colorful blocks. He turned towards a small cot in the corner, as he noted it being a smooth, wooden basket suitable for smaller Pokémon demanding the highest standards of safety. There was a fine, thick cloth placed over the basket so as to avoid scratching one's self. There were two neatly folded blankets over the cloth layering that the Pokémon could use anytime. He noted the lack of pillows on the small bed, as he gave a slight nod after recalling several nights before. He gulped when he picked up on the fact that his trainer had to resuscitate him as a result of having one too many minutes on the soft cushion.

A green Poké Doll immediately got the attention of Diego's eyes a brief moment later. It was the doll featured on the technical machine for substituting one's self in combat and in various magazines. The Slitoling twinkled a smile at the doll before he decided to cuddle the soft plush soon after getting on the bed and carefully lying on his back.