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Poems and other wordy things by Night :D


Previously Night's Shadow
Welp ive got an art channel, time for wordy stuff channel/thread thing whatever

Anyways for the even fewer ppl interested in my writing here we goooo

This is just my intro lol everything else will be actually an attempt at being interesting


Previously Night's Shadow
no not in that way
anyway this was a poem response project for english class last term and i realized i hadn’t shared it so here we are

i hold a thousand
kites in a field loosed from their tethers
at once, i feel
my skeleton losing track
of the beaten track that the demons
cannot keep track of me on;
when i run and run and
heave for a breath
that burning lungs cannot find;
and yet i am no longer running
as i search for an end to an endless
trapped within a body no longer belonging
to me,
i still run and yet i am still, like a river churning below
a surface frozen
haven’t moved an inch and yet forever in motion
surrounded by clothes and
hangers; tap my head like the tapping
inside of my head; a hangar
for the airplanes i
taught myself to fly
for no other purpose than to run again
from the shadows cast by
the coat on a hook that hooks me;
but is no hook at all but the hooked claws of the
demons always on me
in me
no escape from the maze so instead
i simply hide;
perhaps if i cannot see them then
they will forget me
and i will forget them
and i will forget me

maybe i am
one with the demons in the closet;
perhaps i will
stay here
just a