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Previously PrincessPika~chan

Maiden's song

Oh, far ocean;
Is it an illusion?
Only a tower of faded memories;
Remains whilst stuck in a reverie.

What is one's true destiny?
What is one's true legacy?
Is it what we make?
Is it what we fake?
All tied up in an illusion;
So many make one allusion.

Oh, far seas;
Are you but a breeze?
All but a tower of broken wishes;
Can remain without any ambitions.

What is life?
What is strife?
Is it all pointless?
Is it all hopeless?
All thinking of mere illusive dreams;
So many foretell of the breaking of all teams.

Oh, far waters;
Do you hold any honours?
Nothing left to say;
A remaining price to pay.

Foretell, please do;
A song just for you.
Leave, no do not;
A song left in a knot.

Oh, all tears and droplets;
Ever so spotless;
Let me sing you this song;
To ease all wrong.

Oh, far oceans;
Seas and waters;
Tears and droplets;
All bring newfound emotions.

Far, far oceans...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Poem of a Love...

Light, like the soft skies;
Beckon forth, bright smiles;
Purpose, is one true destiny...?
Maybe, lose one dream to lies...

As one dream shines;
We all smile so brightly;
But is this what we see...?
At least watch on the sidelines...

Above and beyond our hearts;
‘We own our destinies;’
So many say that yet...?
Fly off the charts...

At last, our wishes come true;
You, stand by my side ‘til the end;
I hope, we can shine together...?
Looking upon the sea, oh so blue...

Let us shine upon the waves;
And fly upon the sky so bright;
Do we own our dreams and soar...?
Amongst my dreams that engraves;
My heart so deeply...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Broken and Lost Dreams

Own the sky beneath all light,
Under the soft sky of night,
None shall touch the dream,
The dream you held,
‘til it burst at the seam...

I call for your dream to back,
Let this memorandum be a comeback,
Awaken once more for the final fight,
Where you stand by my side,
And everything is set right...

At long last, the broken dawn,
Flashing across the sky, upon where we are drawn,
I see you, for the final time,
Within my dreams, you stand here,
Next to me, sometime...

Awakening from the fears that sealed me back,
I rise up to realise the truth and no longer fear attack,
You can finally rest at long last,
I realise what I dream for isn’t painful,
Anymore as I accept the truth so fast...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Poem #4

Infinite worlds of possibility,
What worlds could there not be?
Infinite dreams of futility,
What dreams could at all foresee?

Choices of the bold,
Waver not as they soared up.
Choices of the trolled,
Waver so as they fell into a buttercup.

Crimson fears unending,
As the unyielding falter...
Crimson lights blessing,
Us with the undoubted altar...

But this is all a mere illusion,
Or else none could see the truth!
But it is not a mere absolution,
As that would break and don the sooth!


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Poem #5

By the shimmering bright starlight,
My dreams turn to all right starlight.

Standing alone before such eyes,
Oh, what is it by slight starlight?

Upon that hill where I oft lay,
I see clearly despite starlight.

Though I thought hope was faint within,
I bear courage to spite starlight.

In memories of that era,
I think and pray to white starlight.

Fate must meet; the paths of two stars,
Thinking that on finite starlight...


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Poem #6

Wondering what, whilst wandering by,
Is bothering the bothersome brat?

Isn’t incandescent intuition,
And superb sight of sleuthing,
Plenty of path to play with?

“Time ticks to tug and take,”
The bothersome brat believes.

“Surely something should stand,
“Against all above anger,
“That takes its toll...”

Surely such a speech,
Would withstand what he,
Could call and cry out.

“Anything animated and alive,
“Holds to hope however hopeless,
“Time ticks on ‘til the very end.”

He holds to his heart,
A bleak belief,
Unchanging until,
Every end ends.

Whilst wandering, not wondering what,
Is bothering the bothersome brat.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

A small trial...

I can’t think of that world,
With all its unordinary words,
Can’t anybody apply usual talk?

Do you spot what it is?
Can you fathom such a thing?

As long as I am living,
I wish not to think about that land.

In that country,
It looks as if only this city,
Lay away from that law.

A lord of this land,
Though not of this city,
May say:
“Oh faithful man,
“Oh fight for us almighty.”

Wait, what am I saying,
Doing what I am ridiculing?
This land must cast a magic.
That is this law.

I didn’t know this truth,
And thusly it took its toll.
Alas, what can I do?
But a tiny doll in this world’s play.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Seven Flowers, Seven Nightmares

The alluring flower blooms,
Bright and strong,
Surely more will bloom in its wake,
Even with only a year of life left.

The fierce flower blooms,
Snapping at the bugs,
As it grows and eats,
It seeks more than its body can reach.

The noble flower blooms,
With sharp thorns and brilliant colour,
The garden that surrounds it,
Turned to ruin by the loss of the one closest.

The drooping flower blooms,
It creating a poison around,
That causes the soil to ruin,
And the ‘flower’ to be reborn.

The surviving flower blooms,
All alone, trapped by the past,
Nearby, a group stands cheerfully,
But this one, alone, cannot.

The twisted flower blooms,
Near the base of a slope,
Wrapped tight all its life,
Around a pillar of corruption.

The vengeful flower blooms,
Though in youth was almost torn,
Grows to block the sun,
And its petals cover the land.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Song of Sky

Oh, great azure Sky,
To which my heart shall fly.

I beg of this world,
Explain what I have heard.

My dearest Sky,
Eases my soul with a gentle lullaby.

This is what flows within,
Deep underneath my skin.

Azure eyes peeking through,
The pale hands lacking hue.

Body of clouds, hair of cyan,
I wonder when that likeness began?

You are my beloved Sky,
You are the name that will never die.


Previously PrincessPika~chan

Ballad of the Wolves

One day the starlit sky shone above,
The young knight finally found his love.
No rank could stop the lowly knight,
For he would never know any fright.

One day the starlit sky shone above,
A fierce lady not knowing ‘too tough.’
Such a lady knew her grace,
She lets none give her chase.

The meeting of these two ones,
Surely they know to what end fate will bring.
Though not the finale of their story,
‘She cannot be the one,
‘It is not fear but pure reason.
‘She is a lone wolf.’
Such does the knight believe.

The meeting of these young ones,
Surely they know to what end fate will bring.
‘Though not the finale of our story,
‘He is the one who can rival me,
‘I cannot let him be.
‘I am the olden wolf.’
Such does the lady believe.

Only once did they cross paths,
Love faded between future laughs.
If they had not merely passed each other,
If they had truly met each other,
What may the story have been?