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Private/Closed Poke College

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this RP. These are the rules
1. No swearing
2. No spam.
3. No Rudeness
Every student should have their
1. Name
2. Starter Pokemon and nickname
3. Appearance
4. Personality
5. Home region
This is mine
Name: Jonny Recks
Starter: Torchic (Flare)
Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes. Black t-shirt and White shorts
Personality: Cool and funny. Nice and sweet.
Home region: Hoenn
Other: Mom and Dad are the princables.
Jonny looked at the college. "I can't believe it! I'm at the college. Ready, flare?"
Tor! It pecked. A young assistant greeted the team and led them to their dorm. Jonny
And Flare got organized. "I wonder when my roommate will get here?" Jonny said to
Himself. "It's taking forever."
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Jonny sighed at the other bed. No one was there. He had to have a partner. It would be the
Best thing ever. He gave out another sigh. He prayed to God for a friend.
Ralts (freya)
Short dark messy brown hair, light blue zip up hoodie, loose jeans, blue eyes, and always carries around his computer bag
He is sympathetic, creative, observant, quiet, and protective

Wishing he had woken up early, rory sprinted through campus with his ralts sticking out of his computer bag. When he arrived he was shown his room, but there was already someone in it. Out of breath," good morning."
"Hello!" Jonny said to the young girl. "I'm Jonny, and this is flare!" Flare stared at the girl.
"So your Callie, My Mom and Dad are the princables." Torchic played with the grass
Kim Wilson
Mudkip (Kip)
Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5". Wears a pink skirt, white t-shirt, and white leggings.
Funny, kind and an all-around good person.
Fortree City, Hoenn

OOC: Noah, if you HAVE to keep saying Principals, spell it correctly. Principals. Also, if you guys want, Noah and Sor's characters (Jonny and Rory) can be roommates and Flowey and my characters can be roommates (Callie and Kim).

Kim showed up to the college. She was able to admit to herself that she was nervous. She really was. She went to the dorm building but saw that there was a weird...mix-up going on with a room. "Hi," Kim approached the group.
Name: Violet Valencia
Pokemon or Starter: A Charmander, she named it Chara. (Out of pure things, not out of Undertale.)
Appearance: She's pale, wears a teal blouse, faded jeans, black jacket. She has aqua eyes and long brown hair.
Personality: Loner, Quiet, Tomboy.
Home Region: Unova
Other: Her parents are divorced, with her dad at a workplace near the college and the mom at home.

Violet chased after the Charmander. "Wait - !" She stopped and caught the Charmander outside the college. "Nice place." She turned around and caught Chara by the tail. "We're going straight to our dorm." She ran inside, and let a woman lead her to her dorm. She stopped at a dorm with a sort of mix-up happening. She let the woman keep talking and eventually leave as she walked forward to the three.
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Name: Kiri
Starter: A reluctant Froakie that was given to him by a visiting professor
Appearance: A short 5'6 who hates it when people talk about his height 16 year old boy with slightly tanned skin, he has spiky pure black fair to fit his brown eyes, but it's only visible once he takes off his PokeHat as he calls it which is a pure red snapback with the pokemon symbol on the front, followed by a light blue and white sleeved jacket, with some blue jeans and some simple black and white running shoes, as he has some black training gloves he always wears
Personality: He's a very naive boy, often immature and declaring he's the best and be the best trainer in the world despite not knowing how strong his opponents may be. At first he comes off as an little kid but once you get to know him you begin seeing how mature and why he actually acts the way he does and care for people who would care for him in return
Home Region: He was born in Sinnoh, Twinleaf town and was later raised in Celestic town, as an infant he was often babysitted by Cynthia before she fled to her journey to become a champion, which is probably why he's so naive and determined to be the best
Other: His mother who's a professor always worked side by side with Carolina the professor from Sinnoh, Kiri as a child was often taken to other regions with his dad who works to study all kinds of pokemon to help improve the Pokedex each region is supplied with

Kiri sneezed as he stood at the entrance as he frantically looked around him to find his Froakie who's laying down on the ground next to him sleeping as Kiri gets irritated and shouts loudly "OI!!! Froakie get up already you slept all the way here!!" He shouted so loud that anyone would be able to hear him as Froakie slowly got up and with a quick "Frooo" he was walking ahead not waiting for kiri at all
Rory gave the lady next door a nice kind smile and looked to jonny, "excuse me, I believe I'm your new roommate." Rory looked down on a tiny sheet of ripped paper that he used to quickly write down his assigned room number. Hoping he wrote down the right room number, he begun to get a little nervous. Reassuring himself, he decided to "wing it," as his mother would say.
Kiri finally entered the collage, as the Froakie decided to walk next Kiri not hoping on his shoulder or anything he truely despised Kiri for some reasons, as Kiri slowly began seeing a couple of girls talking to eachother, with Ralts standing beside one of them Kiri scratched his head and stared at Froakie and raised his shoulders "Let's go" Froakie simple made a quick FRO and trailed behind Kiri as he approached the two girls
She noticed that they were, ah, oh, the first person was waiting for a roommate. She silently walked backwards, not going to cause attention to herself, but she knew some stupid boys were probably eying her right now, because, as her mother would say, she was simply 'stunning' and 'beautiful'. She turned and saw two boys staring at her. She scowled. She walked up to them, and smiled sweetly. The boys gaped at her, apparently being nerds. She leaned in on them, and whispered, "Get away before i kick your crotches." The boys' gapes grew bigger, and she walked away.

(Please don't take these as something picturing men as stupid and unarmed. I was just doing my part as myself.)
Froakie stopped in place as he observed the two boys running away as Froakie softly scratched his head confused chiming a quick KIE? Of confusion as Kiri walked beside it, he looked up ahead as he saw the women who caused that specifically, Kiri raised his hand slightly despite being still a distance away almost like a long distance greeting as he said softly "Yo!"
She turned in surprise. "Wha - ?" She saw Kiri. "Oh..ah, hi?" She said. "I'm guessing you saw the ruckus i caused?" Her Charmander popped out the bag. "WOAH! GIRL, WAIT!" The Charmander fled the floor, as Violet chased after. "YOU LITTLE - !" She stopped momentarily, and turned to Kiri. "Ah, sorry, I have to catch Chara. I'm really sorry.." She chased after it.
Kiri has barely gotten a word out before she turned away as Froakie, simply began following Violet trailing behind her as she ran, Kiri didn't even noticed until he looked around him "I guess I'm just that bad right Fro..." Kiri's sentence is cut short as he sees Froakie running besides Violet as Kiri's jaw drops "OI!!! Froakie!!" Kiri said as he began trailing behind Violet and Froakie trying to catch up
Name: Tori Cass
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil (Nickname: N/A)
Appearance (Trainer): Wears a tan flatcap, has a green V neck shirt on with blue cargo pants on, brown leather sandals, and a red shoulder strap bag that has a Fire Emblem on it
Appearance (Pokémon): Nothing unusual
Personality (Trainer): Calm, Mother like, Caring, Patient
Personality (Pokémon): Extremely timid, is a crybaby, often runs away from battles
Home Region: Johto
Other: Her parents had divorced in her childhood, and her mother is also a Pokémon Nurse.

Tori had just gotten to the college, as she had taken the magnet train and walked three blocks to get there. She enters the building while carefully holding Cyndaquil in her sling as she sees a lot of new faces and some exciting new Pokémon! She thinks, "Wow, there's so many new friends that I'll get to make." Cyndaquil wakes up and yawns a little as he wonders and thinks, "Where am I? What is this place? And why are there so many giant people here?"

Tori walks around while seeing groups of people socializing with each other as Cyndaquil anxiously whispers to her, "Cyndaquil..." [Translation: Why are we here...] Tori chuckles and calmly explains to him, "Well we are in college, and I understand that you're nervous. Just relax and don't think about the crowd okay?"

Tori then notices Froakie and some other boys scurrying around as she follows them and thinks, "What are they doing? Did someone like run away?"
Froakie turns his head while dashing along side the charmander user, He comes to a skidding stop and lefts up his hand and gestures a hello, as Kiri soon comes running in he spots that Froakie has stopped running, Kiri sighed as he came to a stop in front of Froakie at his abrupt stop "Oi! Froakie don't run away from me again!" The Froakie simply turned his head the other way obviously ignoring Kiri, Kiri sighed and rubbed the back of his head "Well as long as your safe I guess" Kiri turns his head at the girl who looks like she could be nice and is wearing a green shirt holding along side a Cyndaquill as Kiri's expression changes "Oh sorry I didn't see you there" Kiri says as he pats off his white and blue jacket from all the running he's done, all while having the same PokeHat he's always worn to hide his naturally spiky black hair
Tori notices Kiri as she waves hi to him and asks, "Hello, my name is Tori Cass. What is your name? Your Froakie also likes to run around a lot by the way.

Cyndaquil notices Froakie as he hesitantly asks, "Cynda, Cyndaquil..." [Translation: Hi, I'm cyndaquil...] Tori sees Cyndaquil's face is raining with tears as she grabs a tissue from a box in her bag and wipes his tears off. She calmly strokes his head while attempting to calm Cyndaquil as she stands next to Froakie and Kiri.
Kiri chuckles softly as he folds his arms "I'm Kiri, I'm currently on a journey to become one of the strongest trainers out there hehe" Kiri says with a smile as he stares at Cyndaquill tears Kiri tilts his head "and it turns out your Cyndaquill is a water type too"

Froakie moves a bit closer to Cyndaqull as he raises his hand and when a quick KIEFRO (Translation: Cyndaquill feel free to call me whatever you like I'm Froakie)

Kiri tilts his head a bit and looks back at Tori with a smile "So are you enrolling at the college? We just arrived so we're a bit new"
Tori looks a little puzzled as she looks at Kiri and says, "Umm Cyndaquil is a Fire type.. not a Water type..." Cyndaquil looks a little embarrassed as he curls in a ball while whispering to Tori, "Cyndaquil..." [Translation: I wanna go home...] Tori swaddles Cyndaquil in her sling as she strokes his back while Cyndaquil dozes off.
Kiri chuckled a bit at Tori not getting his little joke about Cynadaquill's tears, he then look at Froakie who simply stands beside Kiri as he stares at his new friend who's currently dosing off, Kiri then looked back at Tori, and then back at Frokie "See why can't we be like that Froakie." Froakie simply let out a FRO as he turned his head the other way once more, Kiri sighed and then looked back at Tori "So are you applying for the Poke College?"
Name: Isaac Alphid
Starter: Smeargle named Pablo, Pabs for short.
Appearance: Short, with short brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a relatively standard hoodie with jeans compared to other trainers.
Personality: Tries his best to not draw attention to himself, doesn't really like to talk to others.
Pablo's Personality: Likes to just use any move he wants, causes trouble with due to his carelessness and random actions. Is very naive.
Home Region: Johto

Isaac entered the dorm area, and was shocked as a girl ran straight past him chasing a Charmander, almost knocking him over. He dodged past, and continued on, noticing two people with a Cyndaquil and Froakie. He was walking past, when Pabs suddenly popped out of his pokeball. "What? I must have accidentally pressed it against the wall earlier!" The Normal type Pokemon jumped straight into action, waving it's tail around like a fan, attempting to figure out where he was. Pabs suddenly them noticed the sad looking Cyndaquil, and decided he MUST cheer it up. Pabs whipped it's tail around like a brush in the sky, preparing for a move. "Not this AGAIN!" Isaac groaned. The Smeargle let out a... Sweet Scent attack. The strong aroma wafted through the dorm area. It was going to leave a smell, a smell Isaac was not too fond of. Pabs loved it however, and assumed that the other Pokemon would love it as well, jumping in the air after in triumph at his display.
Froakie let out a FRO from Smeargle's suddenly appearance raising both of his hands up with delight as a smell began to emerge, Kiri held his nose with his fingers as he stared at Froakie who wasn't too bothered by it, Kiri then looked at the Smeargle "Is it that Smeargle that's making the smell!?!?!" Kiri says as he quickly whips out the PokeDex which is the latest edition to be released as he finds out that the Smeargle could make any more move it please "Thats a cool ability.." Kiri says as he puts away his PokeDex once again and looks around for a trainer that could be the Smeargle's owner
Tori notices the smell as Cyndaquil wakes up startled and rubs his snout from the smell. Tori looks at the Smeargle as she is astonished and says, "Wow, did you make that sweet smell?"

Cyndaquil squirms a little as Tori calmly holds him and gives him a bottle of warm milk. Cyndaquil happily drinks it as TorI continues to hold Cyndaquil in her sling while also noticing others affected by the strange smell.
Isaac wandered over to Pabs and picked him up, and putting him down behind him. "I'm so sorry he has a... habit of wasting all his sketches on moves that he just likes. So we end up with this." He laughed.
"I've only just arrived here, so do you guys know what's going on?" He was about to call Pabs back into his pokeball, but he activated a Tailwind attack, swinging his tail back and forth, causing an unexpected torrent of wind and the sweet smell to waft away down the hall. Isaac seemed confused. "Did you learn that from Dad's Fearow?" He gave up trying to talk to Pabs and just retracted him back into the pokeball. His hood fell back with the wind currently blowing into his face, his hair flying back in the wind. "Woah!" He shouted, as the sudden winds started to calm down. "Sorry about that too I guess?" He muttered.
Froakie grapes onto Tori's ankle to prevent himself from being blown away, not grasping onto Kiri at all, Kiri held onto his PokeHat from the huge wind as he held his arm up to protect himself from the upcoming dust, then all the wind faded away along with the smell Kiri looked at Froakie "Glad your safe" He then looked back at the man that presented himself "So your a trainer too..." Kiri pointed to a desk down the hall, which had everyone's room designated on it "Usually whenever trainers meet eyes they battle..but since this is college we should get all the stuff we need before it's gone" Kiri then looked at the other two "Then we can talk about other stuff"
Tori holds onto Cyndaquil and her flatcap as Cyndaquil exclaims, "Cynda!" [Translation: Ahh!] Tori then notices Cyndaquil is curled in a ball and crying a little as Cyndaquil was extremely frightened from the tailwind. Tori tries to get him to relax as Cyndaquil squirms out and goes to the ground as he flares up his back. Tori then gets out her Poké Flute as she plays a little song which makes Cyndaquil fall asleep as his back becomes deflared and normal again. Tori picks him up and puts him back in her sling while chuckling, "Oh silly Cyndaquil, it's okay now. Just relax buddy."
Isaac seemed confused. "I guess? We can probably battle later, but I'm warning that Pabs is a bit weird with the moves he copies, so it's probably going to be a wipe either way." He started to head over to the desk.
The Froakie lets go of Tori as he follows Kiri and Isaac towards the desk, which had every student's names and room, after a little searching Kiri picks up his own paper reading it "I'm not far from here, so that's good..right Froakie?" Kiri says while looking down at Froakie as he simply Fro.....-ed and hopped on the desk inspecting the other papers as Kiri looked over at Isaac "And what about you?"
"Eh, I'm not too far away from here either." He looked at the pokeball hanging on his belt. "I'm gonna have to let Smeargle out eventually, and it'll all be chaos again." He laughed. "So I guess we should head over to our dorms."
Kiri began walking, next to Froakie and Isaac they walked past Tori as Kiri looked back at her "Feel free to meet up with us after you get your room number Froakie seems to like you anyways" Kiri says with delight as he walks once more "So should be in the other building at the men's dorm" Kiri walks out of the building as they walk by the many Pokemon battlefields set up in the dirt fields
Isaac continued after Kiri, deciding to let out Pabs to walk past the battlefields. Every time that it seemed Pabs was about to sketch something or use a move Isaac would have to get his attention again. He looked towards the other building, and decided to bring Pabs back into his pokeball as they headed inside. "Don't want him messing up ALL of the college." He joked.
Tori walks around while holding Cyndaquil in her sling still as usual as she passes by people battling each other. She then thinks to herself, "Hmm... If I'm staying here then that means I'm going to have to find my room number."

She then decides to walk around with Kiri as Cyndaquil sleeps still and snores cutely. Tori secures her strap while following Kiri as she takes Cyndaquil's empty bottle and puts it back in her bag after closing it securely.
Kiri walked beside Issac as he chuckled softly as he looked at the other battlefields, Froakie slowly decreased his pace to walk beside Tori, Kiri looked at at Isaac "I'm aiming to graduate and become one of the strongest there is, that's my reason what about yours Isaac?"

Kiri then looked back at Tori with a smile "I've been meaning to ask...but are you looking to battle people here eventually with Cyndaquill?"
Tori looked at Kiri with a rather hesitant look as she said, "I'm not really sure since last time... Cyndaquil had ran off and I found him in the bushes after around thirty minutes."

Cyndaquil had just woken up, yawning and rubbing his eyes as he took a look at the area and noticed Kiri talking to Tori. He took a glance at Froakie and tried to get his attention as he babbled faintly.
Kiri rubbed the back of his head as they approached the dorm, Kiri poked at Tori "I get it, I haven't had my first formal battle so I have to learn more about it by attending this college" Kiri says with delight as he smiles straight at her "Let's hope we can both reach that, or are you aiming for something else" Kiri asked curiously

Froakie walked around Tori and looked up at Cyndaquill Froakie smiled with delight as he shouted a loud FROAKIE! to greet Cyndaquill
Tori followed Kiri still, as Cyndaquil was startled by Froakie's loud greeting. Cyndaquil felt very anxious as he shook Tori's sling and said, "Cyndaquil Cynda..." [Translation: Please tell me that I'm not battling...] Tori looked at him and replied, "Yes I understand that you don't want to battle, but eventually you'll have to face it."

Cyndaquil firmly grasped onto the sling, as a past memory flashed back at him. His face was filled with tears soon after as he cried for some time.
Kiri looked at Tori with a slightly concerned face when it came to her pokemon, Kiri then looked back at Tori "If you want Tori...." Kiri then looked at Froakie and then at Cyndaquill tearing up "Me and Froakie can be your first battle and we could help Cyndaquill adjust in battle" Kiri smiles as he looked at Froakie for confirmation

Froakie chimed in with a quick FRO FRO KIE (Translation: What the short one said you should learn how to battle) Froakie says with a tilt of the head
Tori nodded at Kiri as she replied, "Well sure, I suppose we could have a real battle, but the only problem would be from what I had said earlier. He had ran away last time, and well I hope that he won't run away this time. Tori picked up Cyndaquil gently, as she put him down on the ground.

Cyndaquil was quickly frightened as he hid behind her. Tori tried to get him to battle as she picked him up again and said, "Look it's okay buddy, I'll be there for you okay? I understand that this might end up badly, but you have to try okay?" Tori setted him on the ground again after she talked to him as Cyndaquil trembled in fear.
Kiri folded his arms and thought deeply he then looked at Cyndaquil and smiled not really coming up with a solution "I guess we'll just have to trust Cyndaquill right?" Kiri said with a bright smile and then looking at Froakie and nodded and then back at Tori "They say when trainers meet eyes they have to battle" Kiri grinned mischeviously "shall we" Kiri said as he extended his hand for a handshake

Froakie nodded as he said FROAKIE FRO FRO KIE (Battling is something you have to do we can both try to beat each other if your up to it!) as he had a confident look on his face
Cyndaquil hid behind Tori again as he prepared a plan as he thinked to himself, "If I can't fight, I must run... run like I did before. I'll smoke this entire room and make a run for it. Tori, I'm sorry for doing this..."

Tori tried to convince him to battle but he still hid behind her. Cyndaquil took a deep breath as he waited for the opportunistic moment to execute his plan.
Froakie walked up to Cyndaquill and tilted his head at Cyndaquill's deep thought he placed his hand on Cyndaquill's snout to try and get his attention and smiled as he said KIE KIE FRO (I look forward to our battle, we're friends so lets do our best)

Kiri pointed towards the small battlefield "I know it's on short notice but theres an open spot right there if you wanna get goin"