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Private/Closed Poke College

Blastoise crashed the wave, bringing it down. "Burning the hidden grotto wasn't a threat. Burning the rest of the safari zone was. And if you ask me, that hidden grotto should have never existed."

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Name: Tyler Sycamore (Ty)
Starter: froakie(Genji)
My Appearance: Blue hair, blue eyes, white shirt, black hoodie, grey pants, white trainers,
Froakie's appearance: Blue scarf
My personality: Brave, Cute and Never gives up
Froakie's personality: Brave, Strong and loyal
Home region: Kalos
Other: Father is Professor Sycamore

Tyler walked up to the entrance with Genji on his shoulder, when they had entered they went to go find their room which they knew was just down the corridor. "We finally made it Genji, I told you dad would let us come besides he said if we do well he might even let us go for the pokemon league isn't that great!" Tyler said to Genji "Fro-Froakie"Genji replied.
when they entered their room they found no-one was there so Tyler placed down his stuff and went to explore to try and meet some other students.
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Name: Michael
Starter: Pikachu (Pika)
Appearance: Black Baseball cap with pokeball on it, Blue Long Sleeved Shirt, Glasses, Black Shorts.
Personality: Arrogant, Tough, Mysterious.
Home reigon: Kanto

Michael walks up to the yard where lots of Trainers were kika climbs up on Michaels shoulder and together they sit under a tree
an Oran Berry falls on top of Pika Michael then has Flashbacks when his Family visited Alola and he caught Pika he was then spotted by another Trainer with a Charmeleon.

The Trainer attacked him and Pika with Dragon Rage "Ha gonna need to be better than that" he said.
"Oh yeah" said Michael who used Thunderbolt on Charmeleon after recovering from the brunt of Dragon Rage.
It hit charmeleon who was then paralyzed.

It then ate a berry the berry cured his status however pika snuck up and attacked from behind with Iron Tail
Charmeleon fainted "Noo' He said before he hands a Thunder stone to the Pikachu which it proceeded to evolve into Raichu.
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Name: Danta
Starter Pokemon: Dunsparce(Drill)
Appearance: Black Hoodie, grey, weirdly unknown, bracelet, Red shoes
Personality: Kind to pokemon and people, but has almost unthinkable tactics in battle.
Home region: Kalos
Other: Mother is Sina, one of Professor Sycamore's assistant.

Danta walked to the entrance, with Drill on his shoulder, after dumping his stuff in his room ,which already had some stuff at the other bed, and went outside to battle someone, he went to a group,
"Hi, does anyone wanna battle me?!"
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After Tyler and Genji had left the dorm they headed to the battlefields to find people to talk to but all he saw was a guy with a Dunsparce who was asking if anyone would battle him so Tyler approached the trainer with froakie on his shoulder "Hey i'll battle you Genji has been wanting to battle all day" Tyler said smiling.
"Nice!Me and Drill here will be ready for anything, meet you at, how about the main battle field!?"Danta said, overconfident of his abilities"Heh, I think a few thunderbolts should take out "Genji" the froakie, Heh."He thought
"Dun-Sparce!"(Heh, easy!)Said Drill.
Ty headed to battle the trainer and his Dunsparce "Y'know what you can make the first move"Ty said as Genji leaped off his shoulder and onto the ground in front of him "You ready buddy?" He asked Genji "Froakie!" Genji replied "Okay then lets go!"
"Heh, alright, Drill, let's go!"
"Drill, Unleash a few thunderbolts to start and Then use Drill run!"
"Dun!"Drill said as he unleashed electricity and charged foward!
Name: Camille
Starter Pokemon: Snivy
Appearance: She's about 5'10, has a slender firgure, and a nice shade of purple eyes and lavender hair with two small buns on either side.
Personality: Camille is a stoic, rather mean, kinda girl. She's serious about her job, which is collecting information for Lysandre.
Home Region: Kalos
Other: She was sent to the Pokemon College to gain information for Lysandre and his plans.

Camille stepped foot onto the campus and looked around with an expressionless face. She glanced down at the address her employer gave her, then looked back at the campus, "Well, this looks like the right place." "Sni-vy," her starter responded. She let out a sigh and began to walk forward, entering the campus further.
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1. Name:Syrus
2. Starter Pokemon and nickname:Froakie(Hydro)
3. Appearance:Has an orange,black sweater worn has blue,cyan hair
4. Personality:Gentle/Selfish/Naïve/Caring
5. Home region:Kalos
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"Bye! See you next year!" Said the girl as she handed out forums for the next year. "Bye everyone! The bus is here!" Said Jonny to all his friends. He hopped on the bus. "Let's go, bus driver!" Yelled Jonny!

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