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Ask to Join Pokéblades: Zerdion Royal RP

(Disscussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokeblades-zerdion-royale-sign-upsups.18753/#post-577916)

Hello knights who receive this letter,
I am William Bonnet III and I invite you too the region of Zerdion and to fight in the grand pokéblade royal, an event where knights go head to head in battle, the winner shall get a special prize. It will be our greatest pleasure if you attend. You will be picked up at your local airport and brought to Chanya, an industrial paradise. A tour guide will then be waiting for you after you have landed. Bon voyage!

From, William Bonnet III.
Arielle waited patiently outside of the airport with Naomi, her Grovyle. Arielle was assigned by her father to greet the participants and your them around Chanye. She didn't want to, but of course, father's word is law. She sighed and played with her thumbs. "Whats taking them so long? Their planes should've arrived half an hour ago!" She said extremely annoyed. Naomi sighed and looked around "This is a huge airport." Naomi said as she looked inside, the baggage area was packed and so we're the food courts. The outside was even bigger (It looks like JFK airport but bigger and a bit more classier). The sounds of annoyed business men, crying babies, the clicking of thumbs, and the sound of suitcases rolling filled the air. Naomi shrugged and went back to Arielle, thinking that the guest might've just gotten lost.
After what felt like an eternity, the plane holding Mathias awkwardly floated to the ground, and the door swung open. Slowly, Mathias took graceful, yet sluggish steps down the stairs that led to the ground. His Bisharp, Tot, didn't really care about a fancy entrance. Tot bruised through the stairs of the plane to reach the bottom as quickly as possible, which knocked his trainer sideways onto the ground. Mathias squealed, falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Shocked, Tot peered over to see if Mathias was okay. "[Are you dead?]" He spoke in his non-understandable language, which most others of his kind spoke.

"Why... did you do that?" Mathias sighed, getting up awkwardly. Tot rolled his eyes and wandered to himself about how much he'd wish his trainer understood him. But, that'd also be a catastrophe. Nevertheless, Tot twirled a string from the bright blue scarf he wore, with a very awkwardly shaped hand of a Bisharp. Slothfully, Mathias continued to walk towards the exit of the airport, due to not wanting to stay in such a large place full of so many flying machines. They're just going to break anyways.

Mathias, with Tot following close behind, appeared outside of the airport. He looked around for a moment, trying to see some sort of sign of where he was. It would be horrible if he took the wrong plane, right?
Arielle looked over at Tyler. She quickly checked her phone and compared the face on the screen to Tyler's. "Oh, you must be Tyler Yuki." She said as she bowed. "Welcome to Zerdion. I will be your tour guide." Naomi stared at the Froakie. "We have to wait for the others to arrive so please be patient Mr. Yuki."

Arielle bowed. "I'm Arielle Bonnet." She looked over at Mathias and compared the face ok her phone screen to his face. "Ah. Please excuse me Mr. Yuki." She said as she walked over to greet Mathias. "Hello, you must be Mathias Turner. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She said as she bowed. "Welcome to Zerdion."
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"So you're the tour guide mentioned in the letter? How quaint. I thought there wouldn't be a... human as the tour guide. Oh, how disappointing." Mathias sighed, oddly expecting too much out of this new place. He turned to Arielle, and to the other person next to her. "So is he also supposed to come here?" He questioned.

Tot glanced to the other Pokemon, observing what they were and what was different about the two. He has never seen two different Pokemon together like this, although it's mostly because he's been in one region for so long, until now. This excitement of meeting two utterly unknown, and possible, friends made him do a small dance to exert his excitement, and made a tumultuous noise.

Mathias frowned, looking awkwardly at Tyler. "My name is Mathias. The Bisharp is Tot." He swiftly greeted. He didn't want to be here for long, nor did he want to be here at all. The whole reason why he is here is because of the fact that there wasn't anything to divert his attention from anything other than his usual business. So, he decided to break the mold upon receiving the letter. Now, Mathias hates breaking the mold.

Tot held in excited squeals, as if he were a small child. He was about to tackle-hug either one of the strangers, but he held it in. Wouldn't want to hurt any of them, right? Tot didn't question his immaturity in this situation.
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Yin stepped out of the plane as one of the final people out. "So, a guide?" He asked his pokemon, Clang. Clang, a Hakamo-o, pointed forward to a group of people separated from others. "Think that's our best guess." Yin said as he stepped off the descending stairs.

Yin stepped up to the group of people. "Hey, this the guide group?" If they were, it would be obvious he was with them. Any image of him would be able to compare to his eyes, one black and white. "I got a letter saying there would be a guide."