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Open PokeHigh (Part 2)

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Previously XxPika~ChanxX
Carrying on from part 1!

It's halfway through the first year, some new students join, others stay (if you staying just say 'old kid' if new say 'new kid')

(if you are new) Character Bio
Full Name:
Age: (has to be 11-17 years old)
Things (insert character name) likes to do:
Pokémon he/she has: (maximum of 6)
(Some of this is optional like nickname, likes to do etc)
((OOC: Just reposting my bio, because people might not remember her
*Old Kid*
Full Name: Kathren Relmem
Nickname: Kat/Kathy
Age: 13
Personality: Kathren is a very shy girl that is a pacifist. She is really nice, once she warms up to you and will be your best friend, but you have to get past her ignoring behavior first. If she doesn't know you she will give you short answers and will most likely ignore you
Appearance: Kathren has pale skin, azure-colored eyes (dark blue), and long brown hair that is down. She usually wears pink tee-shirts and light blue jeans
Likes: Her pokemon, the few friends she has made, her family
Dislikes: Bullies, her pokemon getting hurt, tight schedules
Things Kathern likes to do: Spend time with her family and pokemon, being alone doing who knows what (she doesn't tell anyone only her pokemon knows), writing, drawing, reading
Pokémon she has: Shinx, Espeon, Stoutland))
Kathren walked up to the school shyly. She really didn't like this place, full of people and people that wanted to fight. It gave Kathren shivers. Her Espeon walked next to her. "I really don't want to go," Kathren whispered. Her Espeon gave her a look and shook her head. Espeon often did that, it seemed like she was almost a mother figure/overprotective of her. Kathren shook this from her head as she entered the court yard.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
*New Kid*

Character Bio
Full Name: Catalina Fontaine
Nickname: Cat, Catie, Cata, Lina, Line (leen)
Age: 15
Personality: Catalina is a kind-ish girl, and she is a little distrusting. She loves getting compliments on her outfit or her hair or any of the sort. Catalina dislikes being alone and constantly needs to be around people, just because she is distrusting doesn’t mean she isn’t social. If there’s drama going on, she’s usually one of those instigating bystanders who’ll record it on their phone and spread it or whatever. Catalina is sometimes the person who is making the drama, but it’s not often. Catalina is pretty smart, but not to the point of a straight A student, she has a mix of As and Bs usually. When she isn’t at school enjoying her life, she enjoys baking and doing mini performances with her Pokemon.
Appearance: Being pretty tall at 5’8, Catalina has elbow-length brownish red hair that is usually styled in space buns. She has tanned skin with plump lips and dark green eyes. Catalina wears round, stylish glasses that have little pink heart designs all over the stems. For outfits, Catalina wears stylish clothing everyday to make sure she looks as best as possible. Same with her shoes. Catalina has a gray and silver leather backpack that can fit a lot. It also has a puffy ball keychain on one of the zippers.
Likes: Compliments, baking, performing, clothing, shopping, laughing, and her Pokemon.
Dislikes: Liars, traitors, hypocrites, stereotypes, being alone, her hair down, thieves, fighting, and people who try to bring her down.
Things Catalina likes to do: Baking pastries, performing (like coordinating), shopping, and spending time with her Pokemon.
Pokémon he/she has: Meowstic (Astrid, F), Leafeon (Dahlia, F), Heliolisk (Milo, M), Ninetails (Sora, F), Floatzel (Buoy, Shiny, M)

Catalina walked into school, her chin up high. That day, she wore an off-the-shoulder gray sweater with a pair of ripped jeans and brown boots. Catalina had her usual leather backpack on, with only one strap on her arm. Walking beside her was Astrid, her Meowstic, with a few star pins in her fur, which she really liked. When she got to her locker, she put her backpack in and looked at her schedule. ‘A-ha! Battling class. Never really liked it, but what can I do about it?’ She thought to herself as Astrid looked over her shoulder. Catalina looked back at Astrid and shrugged, closing her locker and making her way down the hall.
Full Name: Ruth Diane Kennedi
Nickname: 'Ru Ru' / 'Ruthie.'
Age: (has to be 11-17 years old): Fifteen.
Personality: Ruth is an extremely bubbly and social person; loving to make new friends and meet new Pokemon. She can be rather cocky and confident- hating if she loses anything, such as battles.
Appearance: She has long, light brown hair that stretches down her back, and has blue eyes. Her skin is pale, and she's slightly shorter than average.
Likes: She loves when she hangs out with her Pokemon, and meeting other trainers. She likes to write a lot, as well.
Dislikes: She doesn't like when she loses in things such as battles, and she also hates if she's alone, or having to just stay in one place for a while.
Things Ruth likes to do: Ruth likes to spend time with her Pokemon. She also enjoys showing off in front of others.
Pokémon she has:
- Zorua. [ Zaria. ]
- Houndour [ Amelie ]
- Deering [ Lawrence ]
- Staravia [ Kai ]


"So, this is the school?" Ruth hummed to herself as she looked up to the school, hands resting on her hips and a grin plastered on her face. In her arms was her Zorua, who excitedly looked around as her trainer walked- as if it had wanted to find something that it could cause mischief to. The trainer had contently headed into the school, keeping her Zorua close in her arms.
*new kid*
Full Name: Kat Monte Blano
Nickname: Kat
Age: 12
Personality: Kat is overly optimistic, which can be seen as annoying at times. However, she can be serious, and isn't willing to stand down when threatened. She enjoys making new friends more than anything, including Pokémon. She also loves contests.
Appearance: Although quite short, Kat is easily noticeable, with her dark red hair, green sharp eyes, and peachy skin. She wears a modest outfit, a Blue t shirt with an Eevee drawing on it and grey jeans with blue shoes, along with fingerless gloves.
Likes: Pokémon, Contests.
Dislikes: Battling, being seen as annoying.
Things (insert character name) likes to do: Perform in contests, look after Pokemon
Pokémon he/she has:
Eevee(Haun)(Wears a red scarf)


Kat, an eager smile on her face, practically ran into the school, Haun on her shoulder and Fluff following close by.
"Yes! We're finally here!" She shouted in joy as she ran in, cheering.
"E~Eevee!" Haun practically sung.
"Ruff!" Fluff said quickly and with a smile.
*New Kid*
Full Name: Makura Ashino
Nickname: Maku
Age: 15
Personality: He's quiet, independent, and quite anitsocial. Makura is a kind individual who would anything for his friends no matter what the cost. He can be lazy from time to time, doesn't like to be disrespected. When he's out on the battlefield with Eon, he shows no mercy to anyone going against him.
Appearance: He has dark brown skin, crimson-colored eyes, average black hair that's down. He usually wears a blue shirt, with a black collared jacket, with a neckerchief.
Likes: His Pokemon, playing videos games, making friends easily
Dislikes: Being disrespected, getting his friends hurt, people who harm pokemon
Things Maku likes to do: Playing video games, hanging with friends, admiring nature
Pokemon he has: Eevee(Eon)(wears a black headband), Togekiss(Icarus), Luxray(Lux), Gardevoir(Lily), Umbreon(Lunar)
Bio: Makura and Eon slowly walk into the school nervously wondering what would happen next. Both looked at each wondering if it's a good idea. With Eon on his shoulder, Makura confidently started their high school adventure.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
When Catalina looked over her shoulder, she giggled as the school started swarming with new students who looked like lost Pokemon trying to find their mothers. She was sure she was the only one who looked like she knew her way, she had studied the school map quite closely.

When Cat got to the Courtyard, she looked around, her hair sweeping her back, for someone to battle. Since she didn’t see anyone with Pokemon that sparked her interest, she decided to sit down on the bench with her legs crossed until someone approached her for a battle.
Kathren's Espeon laid on her lap as Kathren sat underneath a tree in the courtyard. She petted the lavender coat of the Psychic-type and murmured things to her. The cat-like pokemon yawned and got out of her trainer's lap as her trainer got out her notebook. Two Pokeballs also came out of her bag, letting out her Shinx and Stoutland. Kathren, who didn't mind all her Pokemon being out, smiled at her sweethearts and started to write.
*New Kid*
Full Name
: Hyun Bianca
Age: 15
Personality: Hyun is quiet, kind, and polite, but takes her role as a student and a trainer quite seriously. She studies hard, and will buckle down to work hard at anything she does. Sometimes she can take a bit to loosen up, but does her best to relax if that’s what makes her friends happy. She misses her old school dearly, but will try to keep her head up at her new school.
Appearance: Hyun is average in night, she has very long, straight, dark brown hair that reaches to her hips. She sometimes keeps it in a ponytail. She usually wears skirts/leggings and a flowy shirt or blouse.
Likes: Music (listening and playing, she likes to compose her own music, too) meeting new Pokémon
Dislikes: Seeing others sad/angry, she finds it hard to get away from schoolwork, Some bug Pokémon
Pokémon she has: Eevee “Akira” (M), Jangmo-o, “Aya” (F), Heracross (M) “Keon” (M), Mandibuzz “Narita” (F), Arbok “Yuna” (F)

The school hallways were packed wall to wall with students. Hyun’s brow furrowed as she studied the map of the school. Did they have to make it so confusing? Looking around, she could tell she wasn’t the only one having trouble judging by the confused faces of the other students. After a glance at the clock, she noted there was still time until her first class. A break from busy hallways would be nice, she thought.

After a minute of searching, she found her way to the school courtyard. A ways away, she spotted another student, a girl. She didn’t seem as lost as Hyun felt. It couldn’t hurt to meet someone who was familiar with the school, she thought.

“Um- Hi there,” Hyun waved and smiled a bit timidly to the other girl. “I’m Hyun. I just transferred here. Are you new too?”

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
Catalina looked at the girl. “Um, no, I’ve attended for awhile,” She lied, and glanced at her schedule again. “Do you also have battling class? If so, might as well battle me?” Catalina shrugged, and stood up with a confident posture. Looking at Astrid, the Meowstic nodded and looked excited for this battle.
Hyun didn’t expect to be battling on her first day. But it was unbecoming to refuse a challenge.

“I do have a battle class. And I guess it couldn’t hurt to warm up first! How many Pokémon should we use?” Hyun reached into her backpack’s Pokéball pocket to retrieve her team.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
Catalina immediately had an answer. “How ‘bout a three on three?” She asked, walking over to her side of the battlefield and clutching a Pokéball. While she was waiting for an answer, Cat made a mental note of the Pokémon she’d chose to use.

(who’s going to win this battle?)
Kathren saw that a battle was about to happen and shook her head. She didn't understand why people battled. Her Stoutland laid down next to her and yawned. Kathren, not able to help herself, petted the huge dog.
(OOC: @My Ballistic Noctowl , I don’t mind losing. Hyun doesn’t battle very often and I think losing could be a motivator to get better. Is that ok with you?)

“Alright then! If you don’t mind, I’ll send out mine first.” Hyun stepped back a few paces to make room for the battle. She only had three battle trained Pokémon at the moment, so deciding her team took no time at all. She took out her Arbok’s Pokeball and tossed it gently. “Ready to go, Yuna?” The snakelike Pokémon nodded calmly at her trainer, and held its head up high to show it was ready to attack when commanded.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
(okay, that’s fine.)
“Arbok, huh? Don’t know much about it,” Catalina said as she was quick to pull out her Pokedex to scan the cobra.
“Arbok, the cobra Pokemon. Transfixing prey with the face-like pattern on its belly, it binds and poisons the frightened victim.”
“Alrighty then,” Cat said, and maximized a Pokeball off of her belt. “Go, Milo!” At her words, a Heliolisk materialized in front of her.
“Let’s get this battle started, Milo, use Dragon Tail!” The Heliolisk obeyed Catalina’s command and charged towards the Arbok, smacking a power charged tail towards the Arbok.
Arbok was struck by Heliolisk’s charged tail. The poison type recoiled from the hit, hissing. Hyun knew she had to move quickly before Heliolisk had a chance to put distance between itself and Arbok. She preferred her targets to be up close.

“Our turn, Yuna,” she she spoke to Arbok with a encouraging tone, “try to wrap yourself around Heliolisk and use Crunch!” Arbok slithered quickly forward, and attempted to coil its long body around Helioisk while preparing to bite down wherever it could.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
Milo was wrapped by the Arbok’s powerful tail, and struggled. “Before the Arbok bites you, use Thunderbolt!” Heliolisk shot electricity out at the Arbok, before escaping its grasp, out of breath.
“Are you okay Milo?” Catalina asked, crouching down. The electric Pokemon nodded, the look of determination appeared on his face again. “Good, use Wild Charge!” Milo masked itself in electricity and barreled towards the Arbok.
Having just been hit with Thunderbolt, Arbok was still stunned and out of breath when Heliolisk attacked with Wild Charge. The attack knocked Arbok to the ground with a crash, where she skidded a few yards and came to rest at Hyun’s feet. She was completely unable to get up.

“Thats all for now.” Hyun’s tone was gentle as she withdrew her Pokémon. “Thank you, Yuna.” With Arbok safely back in its ball, Hyun sent out her second Pokémon, a Heracross. He surveyed his opponent carefully, then took a fighting stance, raising his horn confidently. “Keon, we’re going to start with Brick Break!” Heracross didnt hesitate before diving forward, one claw began glowing a dim red as energy was charged for its attack.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
“Milo, dodge that!” Though, Catalina’s command was late by a hair, Milo had been hit by his Brick Break. He fell back. “Milo, are you okay?” She asked, and the Pokemon stood up. “Lisk!”
“Okay! Good to hear. Use Dragon Tail!” Milo charged towards the Heracross with a powered-up tail that turned green, and he lashed it at the Heracross back and forth.
As Makura walked down questioning where to go, he saw the battle that was going. "Hey Eon, you wanna check out this battle?" Eon nodded with interest. So Makura and Eon decided to watch the battle from a distant.
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Heliolisk’s attacks were quick, Hyun knew there was no way she could counter up close. Heracross ducked every which way, but still caught a few quick lashes from the foe’s tail.
“Um—Keon, lets try Bullet Seed from the air instead!” Heracross released his wings from his back and took off upward. Heracross came to a steady hover above the courtyard, then began rapidly shooting seed projectiles from its mouth towards the other Pokémon.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
“Milo, dodge!” The Heliolisk began to avoid the majority of the shots, getting hit by a few. “Milo, are you okay?” Catalina checked in on her Pokémon.
“Heliolisk!” Milo replied.
“Alrighty! Use Thunderbolt!” Catalina ordered, and the weary Heliolisk shot a beam of electricity at the opposing Heracross.
As the battle continued to rage on, Makura slowly grinned. "This is getting intense, isn't it Eon?" Eon nodded with excitement. "Eevee!" Eon replied.
The Thunderbolt jolted through Heracross’ body, causing it to lose flight for a moment. Luckily, he was able to hover again right before hitting the ground and he landed on his feet again softly.

“That was close...” The battle so far had been more intense than Hyun was used to, she felt herself getting a bit tired. Heracross seemed to feel it too, as he kept his eyes glued to the opponent, breathing more heavily now. “Let’s keep going,” She directed with a hopeful look at her tired Pokémon. “Try Megahorn!”
Heracross’ horn began to glow a bright green. The bug type jumped forward at Heliolisk, horn first, aiming straight for its chest.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
“Milo!” Catalina yelled as the Heliolisk was critically hit by the Megahorn, and as the dust cleared out, Catalina could make out swirls in the Heliolisk. “Oh, return. You did very good,” She said and placed the Pokeball back onto her belt. And then she felt for a fire symbol on her Pokéballs, and when she found it, unclipped Sora’s Pokéball. “Go, Sora!” Catalina said as she threw a Ninetale’s Pokéball onto the battlefield.
“Let’s get this started with Flame Charge!” Sora nodded and charged off towards the Heracross with a cloak of fire. Catalina smirked. She knew very well that Ninetales were fast, but her Ninetales was especially trained for speed, so it was a lot quicker than average.
Ninetales greatly outsped Heracross, giving him no time to counter. In addition to already being weak from the previous Pokémon, Flame Charge was super effective. The attack was enough to knock him out.

“Come back, Keon,” Hyun called as she returned him to his Pokeball. “that’s enough for now.” She reached nervously for her last of three Pokémon. She knew Mandibuzz would be her last chance to turn this battle around. “Narita, it’s your turn.” She said as the bird Pokémon appeared. She let out a cheerful caw and fluttered up into the air, eyeing Ninetales with curiosity. “We’ll want to bring it down to our speed first, I think. Start with Scary Face!” Mandibuzz’s eyes shone briefly, keeping her gaze locked on Ninetales. Hyun hoped it would now move slow enough to be an easy target.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
Sora looked at the Mandibuzz straight in the eye and backed up a few paces. “Don’t fall for it, Sora! Use Flamethrower!” Sora had to take a second before she regained herself a tad. The Ninetales stepped back up and fired the fire at the opposing Mandibuzz, firing it again if it missed.
Mandibuzz dove in time with the shot of fire but was a bit late, a few cinders caught her wings. Hyun could see Ninetales preparing for another Flamethrower and knew Mandibuzz couldn’t dodge forever.

“Quickly, start a Tailwind! Keep the flames down!” Mandibuzz cawed her affermitive, and began flapping her wings at a more intense rate. The gusts she created petered out the second Flamethrower. “Now, ride the Tailwind and use Brave Bird!” The move was a risky one, but Hyun was backed into a corner with only one Pokémon left, a risk might be exactly what she needed. She hoped the Tailwind would give the attack enough of a speed boost to hit.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
“Sora, jump to the side!” The Ninetales attempted to move away from the hit, but before she could get away, her lower half was struck.

Sora jumped back to her starting position and looked behind her to Catalina, who gave her the “I’m fine” nod. Catalina smiled. “Alright Sora, use Flamethrower!” As Sora shot the Flamethrower, Cat thought to herself. ‘For now, I won’t use Sora’s physical attacks too much because of that brave bird, so I’ll try to use more of those special moves,’ She concluded and turned her head back to the battle.
Mandibuzz struggled a moment, trying to reorient itself after using Brave Bird. Ninetales followed up with another Flamethrower, which, to her dismay, Mandibuzz was unable to dodge.

“Are you alright?” She called to her Pokémon as she fluttered carefully down and landed in front of her. Mandibuzz nodded, and stretched her wings, wincing a bit from the damage. ‘Narita can’t use Brave Bird again without fainting,’ Hyun realized. Instead she settled on her fourth attack. “Let’s try Dark Pulse this time, from the air, ok?” Mandibuzz took off, a bit more stiffly this time, the battle was beginning to wear her down. She fired a blast of dark, almost purple energy from her beak, aiming as best she could with her shaky flight.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
“Sora, dodge!” Sora quickly sidestepped the move and waiting for Catalina’s command. “Use Flamethrower!” The Ninetales quickly fired a ray of flame at the Mandibuzz, doing the same thing as last time, firing again if it missed. ‘I saw how tired the Mandibuzz looked, this shouldn’t miss, especially since Sora fires multiple Flamethrowers at once,” Catalina thought, watching the battle.


Previously thunder gamer
*New kid*
Name: Dylan (last name not specified)
Age: 13
Personality: (learn in RP)
Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, Red unzipped hoodie, White shirt underneath hoodie Blue shorts, Red and blue Running shoes
Pokemon: Riolu

Dylan walked to the school gates for his first day at the school. "Well Riolu, Here we are"

Dylan had walked into the school quickly enough to see the battle end
"Dang it! i missed a whole battle!" Riolu was a little upset as well
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“Narita, use Tailwind again! Beat back the flames!” Mandibuzz looked apologetically at her trainer, cooing softly. She was already working up a sweat staying in the air and swooping left and right to avoid the flamethrower as best she could. She simply didn’t have the energy to create such strong winds. Hyun began thinking over an alternative strategy, but she knew even if it was successful, Mandibuzz was would be too weak to defeat the last Pokémon. “That’s enough, Narita.” Solemnly, Hyun recalled her Pokémon back to its ball and sighed. “I guess you win. I just can’t make Narita battle anymore, she’s had enough.” She offered a weak smile to the other trainer. “Good match though! I guess I still have a ways to go to compete with the trainers here.”
"Huh, it's over..." I walked up to them. "Yo guys! That was pretty fierce. You got me and Eon all interested." Eon nodded his head. "Eevee!" Eon replied with excitement.


Previously thunder gamer
Dylan was about to walk over to meet the two trainers, but stopped when he noticed the third "wait, whose that?"

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
(that would be who’s, not whose)

“Sora, return. You did very well,” Catalina said as the Pokeball containing the Ninetales moved to her words. Walking up to the opposing trainer, she shook her hand. “It was a good battle. Maybe we can rematch someday,” Catalina said as she looked at the approaching person. “It sure was,” She replied. “Did you watch the battle?”
Hyun approached the newcomer with a wave and a smile. She may have lost, but it was nice to know the battle was entertaining to someone.
“Hi there! I’m Hyun.” She eyed the new student with curiosity. “Oh! You have an Eevee too? That’s awesome! Could I pet him? Or her?”


Previously thunder gamer
Riolu was eager to battle after seeing the previous one end. Dylan noticed riolu jumping up and down constantly. "Looks like I'm not the only ready for battle!." He said
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