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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn Discussion

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I haven't seen many Hoenn journey RP's, so here I go...

[1] All Pokecharms rules and regulations are obviously in effect. That should go without saying, but you never know on the internet.

[2] Romance is allowed, though nothing past a passionate kiss.

[3] Most kinds of swearing is allowed, just don't be obnoxiously excessive. (Basically only exceptions are exceedingly vulgar things and racist slurs, regardless of being OOC or not. I expect everybody in this RP to understand and abide by those limitations, and I will not tolerate that kind of behavior.)

[4] Start off with one or two basic Pokemon, you can evolve and catch more later.

[5] Pokemon from all regions are allowed, just to open the pool of teams that can be made.

[6] General age range of characters should be 14 - 16.

[7] Posts should be AT LEAST 3 or 4 lines long. One liners will be immediately requested to be removed, and if not removed, staff will be contacted. (Note: Combat is an exception. Though, one liners still should not exist - and the 3 line rule is still heavily suggested in battles as well.

[8] At most 6 moves per Pokemon.

[9] Feel free to have jerks as characters, but any kind of unwarranted rude behavior towards other users OOC will not be tolerated, and swiftly be excluded from the RP permanently. Many people use this site as a source of escapism from day to day life, and I won't allow assholes in my role-plays. Period.

[10] I would like to exclude Z - Moves and Mega Evolutions from the RP, unless you are given express permission from myself and moderators, and even then that would likely be declined due to the fact that everybody will be handling basic and stage one evolutions for a while.

[11] Don't dodge every single attack in battles. I know that sounds specific, but dear god it happens so often I feel inclined to include a separate rule for it. (Also kind of goes along with power playing.)

[12] Referencing rule 2, give romances and relationships in general at least a bit of time to develop. A lot of these characters haven't been in Hoenn for most of their lives, and don't have natural bonds towards everybody else.

[13] Any serious violations of any of these rules, (excluding the more minor rules, like 8 or 6) will result in a warning, or request of moderation.

[14] I know this is a lot of rules, but I just want this RP to stay fun. Which goes along with the final rule. . . have fun!

Character Bio Format:

Pokemon Format

My Bio:
Name: Ernest Waniczek
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Appearance: Short, well kept brunette hair with bangs that sweep above his light blue eyes. Fair skinned, not extremely pale but still not anywhere near deeply or notably tanned at all. He stands at a height of 5'6, and normally will be found wearing a maroon long sleeved flannel with various T - Shirts underneath, and normal athletic shorts or trousers, complimenting his average, but well built physique.
Personality: Though he's generally outwardly neutral, Ernest is a very loyal person and isn't afraid to stand up for those he cares about, no matter the situation or odds. Due to this, he can constantly get in over his head, letting the distinct intellect that he possesses fuel a sometimes too large ego. He is metaphorically socially bipolar sometimes, occasionally being extremely charismatic and other times being a bit more conserved as well. He also can be very self deprecating and such, a result of his odd social habits.
Pokemon: Sandshrew (Pestov)

Pokemon Format
Name: Pestov
Species: Sandshrew
Appearance: Average Sandshrew.
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Sand Attack, Dig, Fury Cutter, Slash, Rollout
Other: Extremely loyal and trusting of Ernest, has been a companion of him for years.

RP will start in Littleroot Town once a few people have joined.

(Note, this is somewhat of a restart of another RP that was moderated.)
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Name: Micheal Antonin
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Appearance: Tall, and stands at 5 foot 8 and has a buzz cut with blonde hair, green eyes. He generally wears brand long sleeved shirts, he is skinny but has worked up some minor muscle near the calve and leg areas of his body giving him a somewhat average body build. Most of the time has good posture so his back looks normal as well.
Personality: Micheal can be called a 'Lawful Neutral Type' and follows people if they have a good reason this is more of him being gullible than a sense of loyalty. He likes being outside, exploring nature and often goes far away from home and gets lost and has to call his parents for help. Tends to try to ignore things that aren't his problem.
Pokemon: Mudkip
Other: Even though he loves the outdoors he is really invested in video games.

Name: N/A (No nickname)
Species: Mudkip
Appearance: Average Mudkip
Ability: Damp
Moves: Water Gun, Rock Throw, Protect, Mud-slap (Will learn more moves)
Other: N/A


Previously BartenderReaper
Name: Valentina Bianchi (goes by Val)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Italian
Appearance: Straight, long black hair tied in a ponytail, ocean green eyes, olive tanned skin. Her clothing consists of white sneakers, black leggings, blue-jean short shorts, and white t-shirt.
Personality: Val is friendly to others but tends to mind her own business as she doesn’t like unnecessary confrontations. She cares deeply for her Pokémon, often putting them before herself.
Other: She comes from the Alola region, where she serves as Professor Burnet’s assistant. After assisting the professor’s studies into ultra wormholes in Alola, Burnet wanted to study if the ultra wormholes had appeared in other regions. She tasked Val with investigation and studying the Hoenn region. Along with her studies and investigation, Val plans on to take on the Hoenn gyms at Kukui’s suggestion.

Name: Trix
Species: Eevee
Appearance: Shiny female Eevee
Ability: Anticipation
Moves: Swift, Trump Card, Hyper Voice, Synchronoise
Other: Modest Nature

Name: Drax
Species: Jangmo-o
Appearance: Male, normal Jangmo-o with a few scars from previous battles when it was wild
Ability: Soundproof
Moves: Dragon Claw, Protect, Tackle, Work Up
Other: Jolly nature
I suppose I'll join, this seems interesting enough.

Name: Russel Rogers
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Ethnicity: British
Appearance: Has elegant Silver spiked hair, Pale Skin and Orange eyes. Wears a long Charcoal closed trench coat with fur along the neck and sleeves. Dark Olive baggy pants and Wine Red boots.
Personality: Russel is a somewhat confident an friendly person despite blunt, sarcastic and a smartass at times. He is very laid back yet sometimes supportive to his friends. He cares for Pokémon a lot and would risk his life to save them. he is also easily awed by Dragon type Pokémon. He came from Alola to Hoenn because he wanted to travel the world as well as train.
Pokémon: Arthur (Ralts), Heather (Bounsweet)
Other: He is an expert with Guitaring, Skateboarding and Parkour.


Name: Arthur
Species: Ralts
Appearance: Wears a Blue neckerchief scarf around his neck.
Ability: Trace
Moves: Confusion, Double Team, Magical Leaf, Disarming Voice.
Other: Has a crush on Heather. Comes off as a hot head when people/Pokémon (Bird Pokémon mainly) try to harm Heather.

Name: Heather
Species: Bounsweet
Appearance: Wears a Red bow around her calyx.
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Toxic, Rapid Spin, Sweet Scent, Magical Leaf
Other: Has a crush on Arthur which she tries to hide, but fails.

Other notes: The Pokémon may change their personalities/attires upon evolution.
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Name: Kaikane 'Kai'
Gender: male
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander/Alolan in the Poke-verse because there ain't no Pacific there
Age: 16
Appearance: Kai is a boy of average height, at 5'7. His eyes are moss green, residing under thick eyebrows. His hair is black and curly, and long enough to cover his forehead. His knees are bruised, and if you focus, you notice freckles all over his body, just a little bit darker than his tan skin.
Personality: Kai is a boy who appreciates silence, family, and freedom. He wasn't happy about leaving Alola, the region he grew up in, but his mother assured him that Hoenn would be wonderful, and that the climate was similar – but Kai was still having a hard time getting used to it. Hoenn was packed with customs Kai hadn't know about, though, the most interesting being that young trainers take on something called the Pokemon League, and collect badges. It was vastly different from the Island Trial Kai was used to (and hoped to take on, before he moved). Trainers collected badges to get to the League, unlike the Trial Goers who collected Z-Stones as indicators of the bond between them and their Pokemon. This different approach sparked something in Kai, and prompted him to take on this odd challenge.
Pokemon: Komala
Other: /

Name: Peach
Species: Komala (f)
Appearance: regular Komala
Ability: Comatose
Moves: Stomp, Sucker Punch, Bulk Up, Brick Break
Here I come!

Name: Filip Galdec
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Appearance: Filip is a short, white boy. Weighing 98 pounds and standing at 5'2, Filip has golden, short curled hair and green eyes. Filip's nose is small and pointy, and his eyes are usually widely opened.
Filip's attire is rather simple, he wears a blue t-shirt with a red sweater under it when it is cold, and just the t-shirt when it is hot, he wears black sweater pants when it is cold and common shorts when it is hot, and he wears beige chamois shoes with black socks.
He uses a brown leather backpack with 2 side pockets and 5 big compartments where he stores all he needs, it is bigger than his whole torso and some part of the legs.
Personality: Filip is a chill, polite boy. He rarely argues with the people around him, and he never tries to make others feel bad in a way. He is nice to his Pokémon, and sometimes he releases them if he thinks that they are way too sad or just tired of battling over and over. Filip loves when people talk to each other with respect, and he doesn't like sarcastic people.
Pokemon: Quilava, Inkay and Mime Jr.

Name: Quill
Species: Quilava
Appearance: It is a common Quilava.
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Inferno.
Other: N/A​

Name: Inky
Species: Inkay
Appearance: It is a common Inkay.
Ability: Infiltrator
Moves: Psycho Cut, Toxic, Calm Mind.
Other: N/A

Name: Clowney
Species: Mime Jr.
Appearance: It is a common Mime Jr.
Ability: Soundproof
Moves: Mimic, Encore, Reflect.
Other: N/A

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Well, just don't rush it and don't make it a snail, lol. People like RPs that last for 3 months Ig, so you could do that. Maybe 2 GYMs every 2 weeks? Idk, I'm now good with maths.
We could travel in separate groups. Hosting an RP is difficult, I know, maybe if we split ourselves into 2 groups we can do it without any type of stress, and it would be also cool because we'd be rivals if we met and like... battled.
(Hosting an RP is really difficult to pace just right, especially when this is like my 2nd rp that got some attention.)

Don't worry too much! After Route 101, I'm sure the story will pick up a better pace, we just need some time to get to know the characters. There's a battle sub-arc happening right now though, so it might slow it down (sorry haha, but I'm sure it'll end in ~4 posts or something. Don't mean for it to be a drag).
@Red Gallade @Vaporeonn If I were you, I would say don't seriously hurt all your Pokemon, as we won't be able to get many potions or healing items until Oldale. I mean, a few people might have some potions or something, but just saying.

Also, sorry for the short post, I just wanted to get it out before the fight sub - arc. :?