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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn Discussion

Time Skip?

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To be honest 50-50, If you dont want them to be in a relationship I would advice doing other character sub-plots, since Ernest is her friend and I think he'll always be there for here, but when you start repeating it people might think he's in love. But they dont seem like a bad couple. But to be honest I think you should leave it like that.
I can't post much today, sorry. also not really in that creative mood - will make posts if I have the chance.

also, I can't force everybody to be active, but I really enjoy this RP and don't want it to die out so soon.
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don't know what the hell that was about, but I still don't know anything to post - I think the situation in the restaurant needs to progress before I feel comfortable posting, or bartender posts something.


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You’ll be free to intervene after I finish my post. But we shouldn’t linger too much on the biker as we want to keep to moving. I only wanted to do this as a way to wait for the others while still posting and not having a lot of down time.


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In the next hour, I will be busy for the next 3 hours playing Pokémon Go because today is Moltres day. I won’t be able to post at that time. Then, two hours later, I won’t be able to post because I will be working. Just letting you guys know.
that's fine! i'm sure no one minds about your absence, i certainly don't (since that would be VERY hypocritical of me)
i'm actually writing a post at the moment lmao but it's kind of crap so i don't know whether i'm gonna post it soon or not
i think it would be fine for ernest to catch another pokémon. it's not too soon, we've been doing this rp for a while, and like,,, it's only been one day in-universe but in reality how long would a trainer wait before seeing a pokemon they wanted to catch and catching it