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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn Discussion

Time Skip?

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  • no

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That's alright if you can't post, I understand; life happens. I'm just checking in with everybody, as I think casual RPs also can live a lot longer than forced active ones.

(I'm also missing notifications)
should I edit my last post to be more open ended? I'm worried that it wasn't able to be replied to easily, and I feel like this rp is dying somewhat (or just resting)
Right. I edited it now, if anybody wants to reply - hell, anything could lead to hopefully drive the plot somewhere, even a question, I just want a bit more interaction between characters.
Nah, I'll wait until the next route to decide on what my next Pokémon will be. Also, do the Pokémon we catch have to be from Hoenn or are we allowed other region Pokémon as well (even a starter if we really wanted, not that I plan on getting one?)
Oh man sorry ive completely been offline the past 2 days, gimme a hour to eat (so hungry!) and ill post something soon, also would it be ok if I caught a froakie, or got a egg of it or something similar?
I can't really post for today, not until late, at least - I'm sorry if this rp is dying, kinda my fault for not being as active in managing it as I should tbh
same here, I think it's just not being very active, which I'm fine with. either way I'm still going to be using Ernest in some other rps after this one - so I'm thankful that this worked out regardless.