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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn


Previously BartenderReaper
Val headed back to the room where she dropped her food on the bed and popped the frozen food into the microwave. As the food cooked, she packed the rest of her snacks away. Since she planned on getting a head start in the morning, Val packed the rest of her things away except for her change of clothes and other morning necessities. Val sat on the edge of her bed once she was done packing as she waited for her food. A couple minutes later the microwave dinged and Val retrieved her food. She sat on the edge of her bed as she ate her food.

After she finished her food, she tossed the empty tray away. Val jumped back into her bed and turned off the bedside lamp, saying good night to her roommates. Surprisingly, she fell asleep rather quickly.
Filip headed back to the room too, and he opened the water bottle, placing it on the nightstand and opening the chips bag, eating them slowly. Each crunch was one beat skipped, Filip was really nervous, he looked to Val, and then back at his chips, and in some minutes, he had finished the whole bag. "Oh... I think I'm done!" Filip said, grinning and drinking the water slowly.

Filip, after finishing everything, got his flip flops off, turning to Val and waving, and since she was already asleep, he tried to make little to no sound. "Oh, and good night, Kai!" Filip whispered, waving to Kai. Filip then put his legs onto the bed, covering himself with the blanket and falling asleep quickly as always.
Saiorse did not sleep well, mostly because of noises outside the room. One thing she did miss about Pacifidlog Town was how peaceful it was there, and... perhaps due to that, every little noise awoke her- the beep of a car horn, people laughing into the night, the chirping of Swellows or the barking of stray Poochyenas- anything. She awoke finally at a reasonable time, her eyes flickering over to the clock on the bedside table- 7:30. A sigh of relief escaped her. She looked to the other bed about 8 feet away, and Ernest seemed to be still asleep- so, as quietly as possible, Saiorse got out of bed, going into the bathroom to get changed. She wore a similar outfit to yesterday- A teal wooly jumper, but with a white shirt underneath and a black skirt instead of jeans. She brushed her hair in the way she usually did, so it covered most of her face, humming softly as she did so- though, it wasn't loud enough to wake Ernest up, she hoped. She then exited the bathroom, deciding to wait for the other to wake up; so, the redhead put her pyjamas back in her bag and took her moleskine and a pen, sitting on the bed with her back to Ernest, and taking notes.

water gun + disarming voice = some sort of sparkle explosion? with light, maybe it'll make a rainbow. nb, test that.
have fiona use sing, put snooch to sleep. do something impressive, perhaps drop and catch him? again, test.
Russel woke up to the sun's rays in his eyes. He got up and sat on his bed as he looked down at the two Pokémon that slept with him... they looked so peaceful. "Alright guys, time to wake up." Russel said softly as he began to get off the bed and put on his boots and coat. Afterward, he reached into his bag and pulled out a frozen breakfast burrito which he put in the microwave for ten minutes. Whilst he waited, he got out some Pokémon food for Arthur and Heather. Arthur ate is food happily whilst Heather had a bit of trouble eating hers, so Arthur ate his food quickly and fed Heather for her in an almost romantic kind of way, Heather blushed as she ate her food.

"Heh, that's adorable..." Russel said as he heard a ding come from the microwave, he opened it and got out his freshly cooked burrito. He wasted no time eating it showing he had some table manners albeit sitting informally. "Alright, that was good, let's go wait outside the hotel and see if anyone else is up, eh guys?" He asked his Pokémon as he took his bag, put it over his shoulder and headed out with his Pokémon not far behind. As Russel went outside, he calmly whistled the tune of 'I want to be the very best' as he enjoyed the morning sunlight.
A nudge of fur brushed across Ernest's exposed leg, as he suddenly realized that he was conscious. All he saw was black, but he was suddenly aware that it . . . existed. He began to pry his eyes open, only to see Nathaniel the Lillipup rubbing against his leg on his bed - certainly the source of the odd sensation that had braced against his legs. Golden rays of morning sunlight replaced the somewhat ominous red glow that had been sliding in through the windows, a welcome change, the young trainer thought.

Ernest looked to his side, noticing the alarm clock as well. Not a bad time, pretty reasonable. He thought, before sliding himself out of the weight and warmth of the covers, and staggering towards the bathroom. The boy entered the restroom, relieving himself, washing his face, and combing his hair back. Once back into the main bedroom, Ernest immediately returned his Pokemon back into their poke balls. He fished around his pockets for the keys to their room, lethargy slowing down the process significantly.

He turned back towards Saiorse, while slipping on a new plaid flannel to wear throughout the day. "Hey, uh, Saiorse? I'm gonna go get breakfast, you're welcome to come too when you're ready."

Ernest then inserted the key into the hole, walking out towards the entrance - hoping to find something good to eat, like a restaurant or something. His wishes were granted, as a mouthwatering smell wafted past his nose, the source seemingly from a building a couple hundred yards away from the motel, it's title sign saying Growlithe's Homestyle Grill.

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Her eyes followed Ernest as he got up to leave the room, and she hastily slammed shut the notebook, putting in unceremoniously into her bag. She didn't want to risk anyone reading it- though, the girl didn't quite know why. Apparently, that was yet another thing she had to worry about. "Uh... I'll come with you. No point, um, staying here... just a sec," she murmured, returning the still-asleep Snooch into his Pokéball. She then grabbed her bag, slinging it around her shoulder and following Ernest out of the room, hugging herself as if she were trying to make herself as small as possible. There were quite a few people gathered in the lobby area, and Saiorse gulped, but took a deep breath in to calm herself down, walking a fair bit behind Ernest. She noticed the place he had spotted, and nodded, even if he couldn't see her. "That place smells... pretty good. Well, better than... than that, actually." she mumbled smiling slightly and gesturing to 'Growlithe's Homestyle Grill'. She continued to walk toward it, clumsily fumbling around in her bag for her purse, eventually getting it out, and examining what little money she had in there. Well, it would be enough.
Kai woke up at around seven thirty. He sat up on the couch he slept, rubbing his eyes awake. Laika was rolled up near his legs, softly snoring. The boy looked over at his two roommates, Val and Filip, who were still asleep. He sighed, then got out of the couch. In the process, he woke up Laika, but the Poochyena seemed not to mind. She happily followed Kai to the bathroom. "I need to freshen up," he nudged her out with his foot, closing the door. He washed his face, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. (Combing his hair consisted of going through it with his fingers.) Kai got out of the bathroom, Laika cheerfully jumping up and down. He tried shushing her down, not to wake up Val and Filip. Kai turned on the weather channel, just to plan out what he was going to put on. It was supposed to be fresh, and sort of cold all day. So, Kai dressed accordingly. A long sleeved, striped shirt, and wide, black pants.

Kai felt his stomach rumble. "You hungry too?" He asked Laika, and the Poochyena squealed in response. The boy took it as a 'yes'. So, they both headed out, making sure they didn't make too much noise. After silently closing the room door, Kai started making his way towards the motel exit. There he saw Ernest and Saorise. Kai's reaction was late, though, because they was already outside. He frowned, but decided to run after them. Kai assumed his friends were going out for breakfast. "Hey, Ernest! Saorise!" Kai shouted out once outside, Laika running alongside him the whole time.


Previously BartenderReaper
Val stretched her arms above her head and yawned as she sat up in her bed. She looked around the room and noticed that Kai had already left and Filip was still asleep. Grabbing her things, she went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. She took a quick shower and changed into her normal attire. After finishing morning routine, she left the bathroom and grabbed the rest of her things. Val noticed that Filip was still asleep. Before she left the room, she left a note on the nightstand letting him know that she went to meet up everyone else and they wouldn’t leave him behind (if he ever woke up :p ). She softly closed the door as she left and headed to the lobby.

Val went over to the front desk and asked the lady if she had seen some other trainers leave the motel. The lady nodded and pointed Val in the direction they had left. Looking in the direction, she noticed a restaurant and figured they were getting breakfast. Val thanked the desk lady and left the hotel, heading towards the restaurant. Once outside, Val saw her traveling companions and decided to join up with them. “Good morning everyone!” Val said as she caught up with them.
Russel saw a few of the people he travelled with yesterday and smiled as he decided to walk up to them. "Hey guys, I trust everyone slept well?" He asked as he put his hands in his pockets. He noticed they were walking to a restaurant known as 'Growlithe's Homestyle Grill' and decided to join them in going there despite the fact he already ate, he would most likely get a drink but mainly tagged along for the company.
As the morning sunlight had rised, Pj was asleep, since he couldn’t sleep very well. Eevee as anxious since she saw that everyone had woken up, tackled Pj various times waking him up. A little angry Pj said “Eevee why did you wake me up? I’m sure it’s early.” And then he checked his phone. “OH MAN IM LATE! They all probably left without me!” Pj then rapidly gave himself a bath, got a jacket and a orange T-shirt and his jeans, and went outside to figure out where everyone was. Figuring out they were outside walking to a restaurant he started running anxiously towards them. “Oh man I’m so sorry for being late! It won’t happen again! Anyways how was everyone’s night?”
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Ernest turned around to the sizable crowd that had gathered around him, taking in a deep breath, and looking around. PJ, Saiorse, Russel, and a few others . . . right. Okay, I guess we're heading over there. He thought, before clearing his throat and working momentarily through his hair with his fingers.

"Alright, so I assume mostly everybody has woken up. I think we're gonna go over to that restaurant over there -" (Ernest then motioned towards Growlithe's Homestyle Grill, the red and black building that laid across the street from the motel that they currently resided inside of.) "And get something to eat. Then, we're gonna start heading over to Petalburg. Oh, right, I think I forgot to say good morning. Heh."

Ernest took a deep inhale from the fast paced rambling he had just created, worrying if that had seemed a bit unnecessary. The boy then walked back up to the clerk present, turning in the key that they had used the past night. After that, he began walking at a brisk pace across the town, headed towards the restaurant. Oldale's streets weren't very busy, so he didn't take too much care to cross the road that had been so suddenly bathed in the orange caress of Mother Nature. Sunlight was present, but it served as more of a warm embrace - not a projected inferno of exhaustion.

Reaching the door of the sleek, modern structure, Ernest was hit with an immediate overwhelming smell of grilled, charred food. The smell was somewhat pleasant, however, and once he recovered from this, the boy walked over to a table - before awaiting the presence of a waiter, or some other kind of staff.
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The redhead raised her hand in greeting to Kai, who seemed up-and-at-em already, much dissimilar to Saiorse herself, who was on the verge of falling asleep while standing up because of her rough night. "Hello," she murmured drowsily, blinking slowly. "Kai, right? Yeah... Kai. With the... cute Poochyena," She continued to ramble on tiredly, realising how she was talking about nothing and hiding her face in embarassment. "Oh, sorry..." she mumbled, swallowing. She also greeted Val with a small, drowsy "Hello," and allowing a smile to curve her lips.

Of course, then arrived two others of whom Saiorse had met the previous day- Russel and PJ. "Um... my night was... yeah, I slept well," she lied, quite obviously given her state. She took in a deep inhalation, closing her eyes as she did so, trying to let herself relax as she mentally counted the people around her. Okay... okay. Ernest, Kai, Russel... I think his name's PJ...? And Val. That's five. Five people. The girl felt someone suffocated in the midst of such a subjectively large group, and swallowed, dropping back slightly- not too much that it would be obvious, but... it was slightly noticeable.

Ernest then also began to talk, and she understood in a way his expression and the deep inhalation he took after talking. She often felt as if what she said was unnecessary and unhelpful, and somewhat recognised that feeling in the other's expression- of course, she couldn't be sure if that was the case. She followed the group to the table and sat on a seat where she was able to leave easily if the business really got to her. Perhaps she wasn't cut out for this big-important-adventure stuff.

"Ever since mum died, you haven't wanted to do anything. I'm worried about you, Saiorse." her brother said, and the girl felt her eyes drop to the ground. She knew he was right- she hadn't done anything. Snooch and Fiona were getting restless, often running outside to play with the Pokémon inhabiting the sea surrounding Pacifidlog Town.

"But what should I do, Aodh?" she croaked, refusing to look him in the eye.

"Go," he murmured. "Go do contests, like you've always wanted to do. It'll be good for you, Saiorse, you'll make friends and see so many new places... I'll stay here and look after Lapras and Altaria. Please. I want to see you happy again."

So she had gone, taking her closest companions- her Pokémon- with her. But on her second day, merely, she was worried. Was Aodh right? Would it really be good for her?

She only had to hope, really. There was nothing else she could do.
"Well, anyways, uh - like I said, we're probably gonna get some food here before continuing. I'm hungry, anyways, I dunno if any of you had anything in your rooms, any midnight adventures or something." Ernest tried to suppress an awkward grin at what he said, though a sly smirk managed to form at the corners of his lips.

"So, how did you guys sleep?" Ernest asked, as his gaze darted around the room, swiftly examining the restaurant. There was a fair amount of people there, probably getting breakfast or something - though the overwhelming stench of grilled meat and alcohol remained throughout. Well dressed waiters and waitresses were frantically walking around the area, slipping food and such towards other groups and attendees of the building. There was mainly red lighting, a comfortable glow that spread throughout the decently kept restaurant. It certainly wasn't a five star location, but it was definitely decently satisfactory in Ernest's mind.

A waitress quickly walked past, slipping all of the teenagers reasonably large menu's. Ernest would have began looking over his, but for the time being he was still inspecting the rest of the area. In some corners of the area, there were sleek television sets mounted to the wall - displaying multiple sports and news channels. One of the headlines flashing by caught the teenager's attention: "DEVON CORPORATION EXECUTIVES GONE MISSING. CURRENT CEO OF THE ESTEEMED COMPANY HAS YET TO COMMENT..."

I wonder if Val noticed that...
Ernest thought inquisitively, his brow raised at the very out of place manner of the comment. He began looking over the menu, as another cheerful waitress paced over towards them to take their orders.

"Hi, welcome to Growlithe's Homestyle Grill! What would you all like to have on this fine morning?" She said in a heavy Unovan accent, holding a sketch pad that Ernest assumed was used to organize the orders of various customers. Despite being around people he was generally growing comfortable with, the massive crowd that was filed into the building began giving Ernest somewhat of a headache, and he put his hand to the side of his head in an attempt to soothe this.
The day came onto the scene, and Filip was still snoring. He didn't wake up with the others, and even his Torchic was already awoken, and it was worried about Filip, looking at him with a sad expression while chirping, trying to wake him up, but all its effort was useless, Filip was in a deep state of sleep, and he was far from waking up. The Torchic's groans and chirps started to get more intense, but Filip didn't show a sign of getting up.

After about thirty minutes, Filip opened his eyes, analyzing the local where he was, and then curving his body up, looking down at Torchic, that was sat on his lap. "Oh, hey, friend!" Filip said, grinning, but the Torchic frowned, closing its eyes and turning its head away and chirping. "Um, are you okay? What did I do?" Filip said, and the Torchic turned its head back to Filip, laying down on his lap and closing its eyes, sticking its tongue out. "Oh, I was sleeping, that's why I wasn't answering!" He explained, and the Torchic stood up on his lap, rubbing its head against his chest and then jumping off the bed, putting on his flip-flops and walking around.

Filip got up, walking around and picking Torchic up, and it hung its foot around, and the flip-flops slipped down its foot, falling down to the ground and making a huge noise. Filip looked around, creeped out, but he noticed that he was the only one in the room, and his eyes widened, and he looked back forwards, glaring at the clock and getting his flip-flops on quickly, running and getting his backpack, picking up his shoes and putting them inside it, unlocking the door and running out, he then sprinted past the lobby, looking around and spotting a restaurant, it was one of the only buildings around, and he approached it, because it was the only place he hadn't visited yet that wasn't a house. As he looked inside, he noticed the group of kids he was with inside it, and he opened the door, looking around and then back at the group, walking towards them with the Torchic on his hands.

"Hello! How are Y'all?" Filip said, smiling, and the Torchic chirped in happiness, Filip then walked next to them, taking a seat near to them and picking up the menu, taking a look at what they served in the restaurant. "Oh, I wonder if that meat is good," Filip said, putting the menu back onto the table and turning his head to the waitress who was there before he came. "Oh, I assume you wanna know what we want? Well, I want soda and the number 15, I think that it looks cool," Filip said.
Haring, greeting, and recognizing everyone, Pj went over in his mind oh who was who and their characteristics. “Ok so here is Val, Filip, Ernest, Russel and Saiorse and everyone’s Pokemon.” He also saw Eevee greeting all the Pokémon, which made him glad since he was quite silent without saying much, he barely said hi and bye yesterday, he knew he had to start talking and meeting everyone, he was disappointed in himself and thought. “Everyone here is talking and im being weird.”

Pj was quite hungry, since he hadn’t eaten anything since lunch with Professor Birch. He responded to everyone “Well I didn’t sleep well since time zones sometimes give me imsonmia, but thankfully I don’t need lots of sleep and im up and at em after getting a bath, even though im a bit hungry since I didn’t even eat dinner yesterday.” Pj’s hunger was easily noticeable, everyone could see his lack of energy even though his eyes were wide open, Eevee also seemed a bit worried about him.

Pj thought to himself. “Well I don’t know what should I get since usually I don’t get breakfast but I’m so hungry... I don’t want to be awkward getting something no one will get...” And as he read through the menu, he thought he wanted to eat something that hoenn people usually ate, and saw a very appetizing combo. Lots of people and Pokémon seemed to be eating it. “Can I please get Combo 12 and Coffee?” The waitress wrote down his order.
Once again, Ernest shifted uncomfortably in his wooden stool, which he noted was quickly becoming a nervous habit to do when with a large group of people. He took another moment to look over the menu, coming to a consensus, before quickly averting his gaze up towards the waitress in front of him. After once again clearing his throat, Ernest replied to her somewhat meekly: "Right. Uh, I'll have the Iceberg Lettuce salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette, and then just plain ice water." After this, he handed over his menu back over to the woman, and returned to his surveying of the area. (She then moved on then to the person closest to him, Saiorse.) The people attending really were mostly adults, and he didn't see any kids around there - other than maybe some families of five or so coming out here for an early breakfast. Maybe they were setting out to do something too, Ernest thought listlessly...

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Seeing that the waitress had asked her for what she wanted, the girl began to panic- though, gained as much composure as possible when she said, "Um... j-just... some, uh, scrambled egg on toast, p-please..." Oh, it was so embarassing! People already made comments about how little Saiorse ate, questioning as if it were some sort of disorder when in all honesty she just didn't have a very big appetite- and she felt so utterly mortified ordering such a simple thing that she would be able to make herself if she'd just listened to mum. Once the waitress turned her back to Saiorse, the girl put her head in her hands, breathing quite heavily as if she were in pain.

Suddenly, everything was louder, brighter- and it hurt. It hurt so much, the walls were closing in and her head was thumping like a drum.

"E-Excuse me for a moment," she murmured, muttering an apology as she hastily rose from her seat and swiftly made her way to the women's bathroom. For what seemed like an age, the redhead bent over one of the sinks with her head in her hands, trying to get her breathing back to normal. Oh, Arceus- if only she wasn't such a ridiculous person! how weird must the others think she was? Ordering a meal and then bolting, looking as if she were about to be sick? Aodh must have been wrong, this wasn't the right time for her!


Previously BartenderReaper
Val said her hellos and followed Ernest and the others into the restaurant. She sat down and perused the menu, as she waited for their server. With her head buried in the menu, she didn’t see the news channel that Ernest had. The server eventually came around and Val patiently waited her turn to order. “Two eggs over easy, hash browns and toast and a glass of orange juice, please,” Val told the server and handed her menu over.

With her order given, Val took a sip of water as she looked around the building. She didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, just seemed like an ordinary breakfast crowd. As she looked around, she noticed the televisions on one of the walls. Her eyes scanned the different screens, reading the news. When she read about the Devon Corp, Val’s eyes went wide as many thoughts ran through her mind. There wasn’t much to do at the moment, but she would give Burnet a call before leaving Odale Town. Frowning, she turned back to the table and slumped a little as she sipped her water.
Russel smiled at the waitress. "I'll just have a coffee and one slice of toast if you don't mind, I'm saving my appetite for later." He requested. He watched as Saiorse left the table in a rather abrupt manner with a look of both curiosity and concern, he then brushed off any dust that might have been on the mane of his coat, sure he was wearing it in hot weather, but he was used to it. Arthur and Heather were tempted to play, but they knew this wasn't the place for it so they both sat sensibly on Russel's lap.
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The rest of the morning seemed to be pretty normal. The gang went to a place called Growlithe's Homestyle Grill. It was a small place, but quaint. Kai enjoyed the feeling of tranquility it gave him. Like a warm cottage in some forest, with all the bricks that made the walls, and the large fireplace. Kai loved the sound of fire cracking soflty – reminded him of his camping trips back in Alola. Back home. Kai had to admit, he was starting to get homesick. Hoenn was nice, but nothing could really match home. A good portion of the night, Kai spent remembering all the nice times he had with his childhood friends, and how much he missed that. He sort of wished he hadn't come to Hoenn.
Just before he had fallen asleep, though, he remembered how he wouldn't have met the people he was currently surrounded with if he was still home. It was an odd bunch, sure, but colorful, and full of different personalities, pasts, and Kai felt like he had already connected to them. As cliche as it may have sounded, they were like a home away from home.

"Hm?" Kai was shaken out of his trans by the waitress. "Oh, my order," he chuckled, a bit ashamed of how absent-minded he could get. "Eggs and bacon seems alright." He scanned the rest of the table. Someone else started ordering after him. Laika was laying next to Kai's feet – the Growlithe's Homestyle Grill staff had a pet Pokemon allowed policy, or so it seemed. Laika made Kai think of Saorise, and, coincidentally, the redhead jumped up from her seat after she had ordered, and ran towards the bathroom. It was... Odd. Kai wasn't sure what to make of it. He felt glued to his seat, having trouble deciding if it was alright to just stay there, or to go after her. Because something must have been wrong for Saorise to react that way, and he knew someone had to investigate. No one else seemed to have minded the outburst, though that was just from first glance. But the boy still didn't move, and just stared towards the bathroom. It was just ... Kai wasn't sure if the two were close enough for it to be acceptable to ... comfort each other? That's dumb, Kai though to himself after finding the reason he was unable to react. No matter their closeness, a person should always help another in need – that's Alolan principle number one. And, following the ways of his ancestors, Kai got up from his seat as well. "I'll be right back," he quietly excused himself.

Now, Kai wasn't sure what he would do. But he kept walking. Laika noticed his absence, so she quickly ran towards the boy, small feet tapping on the wooden floor. Almost to the rythm of the cracking fire. She's in the women's bathroom, Kai thought. Of course she was. He was suddenly worried; What would everyone think about a boy going into a girl's bathroom? They'd think he was a perv, that's what. But, I'm not!, He defended himself in his mind, even though there was no need to. Kai couldn't back out now that he was here. Maybe Saorise really needed help. Or maybe she just needed to go to the bathroom? He sighed. Whatever the case, it'd be best to check.

Kai knocked on the door. "Saorise?" he called out. No one answered, and Kai's stomach knotted up. He was probably being a creep. He should've probably left, but he couldn't move from his spot, again. "Are you- you alright in there?" he asked again, and he sweared he could hear soft cries. Kai's hand, against all common sense, ended up on the doorknob, and don't, Kai don't, you're being an idiot--

He only opened the door a little bit, but it seemed like Saorise was bent over the sink. Her face was covered by her long, red hair, but Kai could still sense something was off. "I didn't mean to be a bother, I just go worried, and-" he stuttered, but stopped after Laika managed to crawl her way through the door, and rub her head against Saorise's leg. Kai wanted to stop the Poochyena, but he then remembered how well they got along, and... It might not have been the worst idea Kai had. He stayed behind the door, deciding that the girl did need privacy after all, but hesitantly asked, "Do you want to... Talk?"
The girl's ears were ringing furiously, and she focused on the faucet, trying not to let her vision swim more than it already was. She let out a quiet whimper, but cut herself off as soon as she heard the door creak open, and a voice softly murmur her name. She let out a small hiccupping cough of shock as she felt fur brush against her leg, and she gradually raised her head to see Laika rubbing against her leg. A soft smile curved her lips as she saw the Poochyena and shakily stood straight, then cautiously going into a crouch to scratch Laika behind the ear. She chuckled the words, "Hiya, Laika..." sniffing and wiping her red, blotchy face with her sweater sleeve. But, it can't have been Laika who had said her name, as well as some other muffled words she couldn't quite make out at the time.

"Oh... Kai," she murmured, recognising the other's voice as he apologised for bothering her. Her voice was slightly croaky and edged with a breathless tone as she continued, "N-No, I'm... I'm okay. I just..." she hesitated, her voice hitching in her throat. Getting her steadiness back, the girl stood carefully and then shuffled over to the door, peeking through the crack in the door. She felt a sense of... happiness, knowing that the other had worried enough to check on her. "I... don't deal well in really busy places, plus I had an... um, an awful night's sleep... so... agh, that must have been such a strange thing to witness!" she yelped, hiding her face in embarassment. "Yeah... uh, yeah. I... I guess I'm just thrown out of whack a bit. Don't... don't worry about me."

It was true- Saiorse didn't want Kai or any of the others worrying about her at all. Like anyone, she had a sob story- but, she had a good life. She didn't want to inflict her burdens on anyone else by constantly whining, my mum is dead!! and i'm cripplingly awkward!! There was no point in that, it would only make others more concerned about her. She still couldn't shake her aura of melancholy as she spoke to Kai, but... she didn't need or even particularly want to divulge everything about her past to everyone.
Ernest leaned back, trying his best to look collected and calm in this place so heavily entrenched in socialization and mirth. Maybe for other people. This probably wasn't a very good idea... He thought, putting on a grim frown while awaiting the waitress to come back hopefully soon, he was fairly hungry after all - the excitement of the previous day was significantly exhausting for Ernest physically and mentally, so a hearty meal seemed like a reasonable solution.

When Saiorse very suddenly and abruptly stood up and walked away from the table, a perplexed inflection of deep concern gradually stretched across Ernest's face. Is she sick? Did I scare her, or something? What the hell was he thinking? Of course he didn't scared her, she seemed genuinely panicked - not uncomfortable. Probably some kind of internal worry or something of the sort, but even then Ernest had no way to actually properly know.

Ernest had a sudden urge to get up, to do something, say something; to help. But he knew this would be nosy, taboo, all of the sort. This was around the time that Kai did the same, thought Ernest also knew that bombarding her with even more human contact wouldn't exactly be the smartest to do if she truly was having some form of panic attack.

And so, Ernest simply sat there, internally screaming himself for not doing anything. It simply wasn't in his nature to just let people suffer, especially somebody that he cared about. Jesus, Ernest, back up. You met her literally a day ago, what's the big deal here? The more practical side of himself was inquiring in the waves of thought that now crashed against the boy's cranium.

But he did care about her. It wasn't much, but something about Saiorse was extremely comforting to Ernest, and he genuinely was worried for her well being, even if part of him was laughing at this sudden surge of stupid emotion. (At least, that was the way Ernest himself saw it at the moment.)
Pj had spent some time watching the TV in the restaurant's wall, he saw a bulletin of the Devon Corporation incident as if something came to his mind. This reminds me of something... but what? Well I cant do anything about it, better do something else right now. He then finally moved his head away from the television, Pj internally thought after noticing Saorise wasnt in the table. Shit why am I so distracted with such a stupid thing! I need to be here in the time and the moment! He then saw Kai returning to the table, and noticed a bit of Ernest's worry for Saorise, which had gone for a while to the bathroom now and hadnt returned. A friend of mine is suffering right now and I didnt even realize and offer help for being so stupid watching at a dumb TV. I didnt even watch Eevee. What if she got kidnapped or something because of me being so irresponsible with everything! Then Pj suddenly slammed at the table out of impulse. These people must already think im crazy. I barely talk since im so stupid. I dont even watch my pokemon. And I dont even realize a friend is suffering in a bathroom and im standing here like a statue. I slam a table like a crazy person without reason. This is why I never had some real friends home... He then noticed Eevee had jumped to his lap and started getting close to him what he interpreted was Eevee asking for some affection. He then started petting Eevee and she looked up to Pj with a smile. But Pj was still a bit serious. He didnt know what to do after slamming the table so violently like that. He was waiting for a reaction from everyone nervously.
Ernest noticed the waitress making her way back towards the table that the group had positioned themselves at, holding a metal platter loaded with several plates and bowls of various food. The boy was considerably hungry, though an empty stomach wasn't exactly enough to clear his lamentation about his lack of action concerning Saiorse, and the best he could do in a gesture of thanks, was nod and mumble "Thank you." to the waitress, who was currently attempting to find out why the other two teenagers were not present at the table, as she could swear they were a few minutes ago...

Ernest began eating his salad enthusiastically. Well, less out of enthusiasm, more out of hunger.







Dear Mister Hitarashi,

I would initially like to open this document with a congratulation of your promotion to an admin. Your loyalty to RHB has finally gone noticed by high command, and I hold much mirth for this. You deserved this, and I look forwards to seeing what you will do in your new position of power.

Now, onto more serious matters.

The Devon Corporation executives we have captured, Felicia Sturgeon (Board group B executive) and John Veerman (Stock group analyzation vice executive) specifically, have been successfully kidnapped and stored in our secondary outpost on the outskirts of Rustboro. Some of our admins have expressed discontent at this choice of keeping area, due to the proximity to Rustboro law enforcement centers.

However, we must keep them here for possible forced use of political propaganda and statements - moving them back and forth several areas would be risky, expensive, and unnecessary.

As you likely know, the nature of these captures have been due to the staunch resistance of Devon support from us by Felicia Sturgeon - terminating her would have been, well difficult - and John Veerman, who was so outspoken about his enthusiasm of our support that it could have lead to important intentions leaking. Recruitment efforts for this individual are pending.

I will not disclose more information here, due to my distrust of the encryption service here. Contact HQ for further information. This has been the purpose of telling you the status on the kidnappings, other operations and executive actions are going accordingly to our predictions and intelligence services.

Best wishes,

Francis Dunken


Filip glanced at the waitress, opening a slight grin that stamped his face with joyless, he seemed to be a bit happy, as he wasn't aware of Saiorse's absence. "Thank you, mine is number 15!" The boy said, looking deep into the waitress eyes and squeezing his lids, and the waitress began to lower the hand holding the metal plate, making all the plates that were distributed on it clear. Filip's eyes then instantly rolled down, and he fixated his gaze onto the plate he had asked for, opening a smirk while moving his hands towards the plate and then setting it down on the table.

Filip started to eat his meal slowly, scanning the place, and noticing that there were two people missing, and he turned his head to Ernest, swallowing his food and cleaning his throat. "Where did Kai and Saiorse go?" Filip said, raising an eyebrow.
Hearing the inquiry from Filip, Ernest immediately forced himself to get snapped out of the seemingly endless wallow of self pitying inaction. He looked up towards the other boy sitting across from him, as unconscious concern still struck through his eyes; mixed with a light touch of melancholy.

"Oh, Saiorse? She looked like she wasn't feeling too good, and she headed off to the bathroom. I dunno if she's sick, but I think that Saiorse is feeling a bit stressed. . . I'm pretty worried, to be honest." Why did you add that last part? Ernest thought, not wanting to come across as too protective or creepy. "Anyways, I think Kai went off to see if she's okay - I just feel a bit useless kinda sitting here, you know? I feel like I should be doing something, making myself do something instead of just sitting here like an asshat, eating my salad . . . I don't know, this whole journey thing is throwing me for a loop."

Real slick, venting to a stranger. Jesus Christ, you mess of a person. . .
A gentle smile was formed when Filip heard Ernest talking, he then slowly got up, turning his chest forwards and his neck to the side, looking down at Ernest, signaling him to come.

"Let's go see what happened, maybe you can help her! I'm almost sure that, if she is sick, we could help her out a bit," Filip said, walking towards the bathroom. Alright, we just need to be gentle, and not harsh. We shouldn't start asking questions, we should start trying to soothe her and find out what she is passing through with a simple conversation, that always happens.

As Filip arrived there, he stared at Kai, trying to figure out what he was trying to start while he slowly moved closer to the door. "Hey, let me take care of it, alright, Kai?" Filip said, turning the palm of his hand down and moving it downwards.
"Hey ill go with you guys too... I didnt even realize she was in trouble because of me watching some stupid tv..." Pj went right behind Ernest and Filip, he followed along to see if he could help or give support in any way. "Hey guys im sure she'll be ok, We did the right decision coming to help her." As he started shouting internally to himself. How can I say a person will be okay without even seeing her there?! Im really dumb huh saying a person isok without even seeing her... Maybe its for the best that I leave... Im just being a pain for them... They are all normal people and im a weirdo here. This is why my friends always fled from me and treated me badly. Because im trash. His anger with himself was a evident, and he tried to hide it since there was a more important person than him that needed help. He hoped he could somehow stay there in the group.


Previously BartenderReaper
Val got her food and ate silently as her mind wandered about the Devon Corp and what that would mean for her research. She finished her food and stood up from the table, setting money for her food on the table. A lot people had already left the table and she wasn’t sure if any of them would return. Val left a note on the table: I’m going on ahead on my own. There’s a lot going on in my mind right now and I need some time alone. I’ll catch up with you guys later. -Val

Val grabbed her things and left the restaurant, heading to Route 102. Her head was down as she wandered forward, not aware of her surroundings. As she continued to walk down 102, she accidentally bumped into a hefty biker.

“I’m sorry,” Val said as she took a step back from the biker.

“No, you’re not,” the biker growled. “But you will be.” The biker pulled a Pokeball from her vest and tossed it, letting out his Weezing. Val gulped as it seemed she had no choice but to battle the biker. She pulled out one of her Pokeballs and sent out her first Pokémon: Drax, her Jangmo-o. This was going to be an interesting fight.
Ernest had basically just finished eating his salad, and the hunger that he felt had now been sufficiently quelled by the delicious mix of crunchy lettuce and flavorful dressing. He saw Val get up and exit the restaurant, so that just left him and Russel sitting at a now desolate table.

PJ got up to go be with Kai, and Ernest cringed. They were just going to make her feel even worse, bombarding her with social contact, acting like she has to be cared about . . . no, that's not how it works. This isn't going to support them, this is going to be crippling. If Saiorse is such a socially awkward mess, then they're not helping. No, they don't understand! He thought angrily, and defensively. But it was no use, nobody would ever understand, unless they went through the process themselves, of being worthless, an absolute mess, an outcast!

He wouldn't have it. Ernest ran out the door, heading towards Route 102. As he approached the entrance, he noticed a duo having a heated battle - wait, was that Val?

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Kai nodded at what Saorise said, still hiding behind the other side of the bathroom door. "I'll... Go back to the table. You can stay with Laika, though," he said. The Poochyena seemed to have a soothing effect on the girl, so he thought it'd be good to leave Saorise alone with Laika. He turned away to walk back to the rest of the group, when he bumped into Filip. Was he here to check on Saorise, too? That wasn't necessary, in fact, even Kai was unnecessary here. He just acted on a weird impulse. "She's fine," he hurriedly said. Kai didn't want to or Saorise, though Filip was here with good intention.

Kai remembered that he had ordered food, and that it was probably there already. His eyes widened, and he rushed towards the table, and... Where had everyone gone? "Come on," he sighed, pinching the tip of his nose. Kai didn't want his food to get cold, so he sat at the table anyway. His eggs were warm, to his pleasant surprise, so he enjoyed the meal.

He asked the waitress if there was any Pokemon food beforehand, so he sent out his Komala to eat as well. She ate rapidly, and Kai was sure it was because he had forgotten to feed her last night. What a trainer he was...
Russel looked around at everyone either eating their meals or doing something else, he lightly sipped his coffee. In his mind, he wondered what he could do to help everyone, yet other people got up and did it before he could fully think on how the scenario would go down. He was more of a thinker when it came to some situations regarding the needed comfort of another individual, he would've gone to comfort Saiorse… if she hadn't gone into 'No man's land' aka: The lady's bathroom. So he just remained silent while drinking his coffee.
Pj had gone back to the table, seeing that his food had already arrived, and it was hot. Eevee had already stated eating, as hungry as she way since she didnt eat since being on Route 101. Even though Pj had not eaten anything since being with Professor Birch, he had lost his appetite. Even though Eevee stopped eating and left a bit for him "Oh Eevee dont worry im not hungry, ill eat later." Eevee looked at Pj worringly, begging him to eat. Pj refused and told Eevee to not worry. He then drank all his coffee, and gave the waitress the money for the food. After telling everyone in the restaurant he was leaving to meet up with the people in route 102, he always liked to be with his friends, and he wouldnt leave them no matter what in school, he ate with them, he did everything with them until he went home. But now he was gonna be all the time with them, he hoped they wouldnt mind him tagging along all the time.

After getting out of the restaurant he went to a Pokemon center/mart nearby. He looked at the wide variety of products in there and was thinking on what he wanted, there was everything from adventuring equipment, clothing, recovery items, pokeballs etc. He saw a jacket, and he wante 1 since his had lots of holes and he had used it for a while. A employee came to him gave him a bag and offered some of the diffrent jackets, he decided on 1 that had 2 pockets, he thought he could fit some pokemon food in some pockets and other things. He saw a box which had some space for berries, full heals and other recovery items. He thought it would be useful in case a pokemon got hurt. He also saw a section for pokemon toys, and he thought Why not buy some toys for Eevee and the other pokemon? He bought various toys, some beach balls, chewing ropes and other items he thought he could use to train his pokemon. Then he bought some berries, potions and repels for the night. And he almost forgot to buy some cooking supplies, tents and coal for fire as well as other supplies he thought they might need. Oh man I hope someone eventually helps me with carrying this stuff... Its so much I can barely carry this. Thats because im a weakling. Time to go to Route 102 I guess.

Pj then started walking towards Route 102 as he saw Ernest watching a battle between Val and the Biker's Weezing. It was the first time he saw a pokemon like that, he pointed the Pokedex at it and it started talking with a electric voice. "Jangmo-o, the Scale Dragon Pokemon. A dragon type, It will never show an enemy its back in battle. Ancient warriors liked Jangmo-o for its valiant disposition and made it one of their own. It evolves into Hakamo-o and then Kommo-o." He thought to himself what a cool and cute it was.
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Previously BartenderReaper
“Weezing, use Sludge Bomb!” The biker command his Pokémon. The Poison Pokémon belched out a glob of purple toxic waste towards Val’s Jangmo-o. “Drax, Protect!” Jangmo-o put up a protective dome around itself as the Sludge Bomb attack splattered against it. Small puddles of toxic sludge formed from the remnants of the attack. Val looked at the field, biting her bottom lip. She really didn’t want to battle the biker but he wasn’t giving her much choice. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Ernest and Pj and her nerves calmed down.

Refocused on the battle, Val had a renewed confidence in herself and Drax. “Drax, use Work Up!” She called out. Drax let out a roar and flexed its arms, a red aura glowing around him as it’s Attack and Special Attack stats rose. Now, he’d be able to hit harder. The biker wasn’t just going to let Drax set up. “Weezing, use Flamethrower!” Val was surprised that Weezing could use such attack, but still commanded her Pokémon to dodge. Drax, being small, was quite agile and dogged the attack easily. “Use Dragon Claw!” Drax’s claws on both hands glowed a light green and extended a few inches. He charged at the purple Pokémon and slashed at it. The attack connected and Weezing tumbled back. “That was nothing!” The biker roared. “Double-Edge!” Weezing righted itself and slammed full force into Drax sending him flying back to Val. Weezing flinched slightly as it took recoil damage from the attack.

“You’re not gonna win, little girl!” The biker taunted. “Weezing, wrap this up with Sludge Bomb!” Another glob of toxic sludge was hurled at Drax as it slowly got back. “Drax!” Val cried out. Not wanting to disappoint it’s trainer, Drax mustered all of its strength and dodged out of the way. Val was relieved that her Pokémon was able to avoid the attack. Drax looked back at Val with determination in its eyes. She nodded to Drax and the two looked at Weezing with matching determination. “Drax, use Dragon Claw and don’t let up!” Once again, Drax’s claws glowed green and extended as he charged the Weezing. He lept at Weezing and continuously slashed at the Pokémon. Each attack caused Weezing to tumble back, dwindling down Weezing’s energy. With one final slash, Weezing crashed to the ground and was down and out. Val ran over to Drax and gave her Pokémon a hug. “We did it!”

The biker returned Weezing to its ball. “If you think this is over, girlie, you’ve got another thing coming for you,” the biker growled.
Kai was getting tires of sitting at the table, so he paid up, and got up from his seat. "You ready to go?" He asked his Komala, which was... Still drowsing. Komala was an odd Pokemon, and Kai never understood how they managed to sleep their entire life yet still live. As long as Komala was alright, though, Kai didn't worry. Komala moved by pushing itself from the ground with the help of the log (it had a few bite marks. Kai was worried Komala wouldn't accept it back, but she did.). He decided to keep Komala out of the PokeBall for now. "Goodbye!"
"Hope you come again!" The cheerful made Kai smile.

Once out, Kai realised he had to search for he rest of his friends. But, what about the ones still inside? Saorise was still in the bathroom, Russel was still inside, and Kai didn't want to leave anyone behind. What if they couldn't find each other? He sighed, but decided to start moving. If he found Ernest, Val, and PJ, he'd just tell them to go back and pick the others up before moving on. His search began, first checking the Pokemon Centre, then back at the motel... Nothing. Kai turned around a few times to see if Komala was still following, and thankfully, she was there each time. He spent fifteen minutes before thinking about checking Route 102. It made sense for them to gather there and plan the rest of the journey. They had to keep moving, after all. It was 9 o'cock already.

Kai finally saw a person who resembeled Val, but she was in front of a... Buff guy? It seemed like a battle was taking place. Or, was it over? The buff guy (a biker, now that Kai saw his motocycle.) retrieved his Pokemon in the ball. Kai ran up to Val, then saw Ernest and PJ as well. "Hey!" he smiled, putting his hands on his hips. He didn't bother to ask what happened, as he pieced two and two together - Val was hugging her Jangmo-o, or Kai assumed it was hers, and the buff guy from before... Yeah, a battle definitely took place here. That Jangmo-o looked strong, too. Kai always wanted one. They were one of the rarest Pokemon in Alola, and were held in high regard. Majestic and mythical was what his final evolution, Kommo-o, was thought to be. Legendary. They made their way into every myth and story Alola had to offer. Kai never saw one himself, but he got a pretty good impression thanks to the stories his grandmother told him.

His grandma, Kailani, was one of the toughest trainers in Alola back in her day, and even completed the Island Trials. Kai was named after her, and he was grateful for that – he looked up to her. She had a Kommo-o of her own, but, at one point in her life, she let all of her Pokemon go.
"They deserved to be free, Kaikane," she told a six year old Kai, once he got sad after he heard what happened to them. He didn't understand it back then, and, although he was wiser today, couldn't now, either. How does one let their best friends go, and never see them again?
"He's really cool," Kai told Val, after a moment of reminiscing his childhood, and kneeled down to the Dragon Pokemon's level. He was so close to a Jangmo-o. He could almost feel its power, just by looking at it.

He felt homesick again, but he didn't try to push it back this time. It didn't make him sad anymore.
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Filip, after knowing that everyone had left, chuckled and then shrugged, walking back to his seat, where he softly sat down before finishing his food.

After finishing his food, Filip got his backpack on, picking up his Torchic and getting up, walking out of the restaurant, and since he had nothing else to finish, he just went on to Route 102, and, as he arrived there, he noticed a small commotion around someone that seemed to be Val, so he walked up to the people around. "Oh, hey!" Filip said, grinning.

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Saiorse had spent a long time in the bathroom, trying to calm herself down after everyone had left. She looked at herself in a mirror, her pale skin slowly fading back to normal. Her cheeks and nose were still faded red, her eyes bloodshot, and the redhead sighed. What would Aodh think, now? What would he say? He'd tell her to keep going, to not give up because Saiorse, this is your dream.

How did he know what her dream was, though? Of course, her dream was to become truly great at contests- but without her mother there to congratulate her, what was the point? Everything Saiorse had done was because of her mother, but now that she was gone... what was the point?

The girl emerged from the bathroom, her gaze falling upon the table to discover that she no longer wanted to eat. Her appetite had almost completely disappeared, and plus the business of the area still unnerved her, so she just walked straight out. She let Fiona out of her Pokéball, and smiled as the Swablu landed comfortably atop her head. "I miss her, Fiona. If only you could have met her..." murmured the girl, proceeding to Route 102. Ahead, many familiar figures were gathered; the girl inhaled sharply and nervously, a bit embarassed that they would all see her after she looked as if she had been crying- which she had, but that wasn't really the point. Anxiously, she shuffled over to them, huddled up, making herself as small as she could. She raised her hand in greeting but didn't say anything, her gaze instead befalling the Jangmo-o, a small smile lacing her lips.
Russel sighed as he watched everyone leave the table one by one, he wished he could've talked more as the café seemed like the best opportunity, but so much happened before he could find the words. He downed the last of his coffee and put some money on the table to pay for it. He then got up and decided to head out, watching Saiorse come out of the bathroom and did the same, he decided to follow her to keep her company and hopefully comfort her on whatever seemed to be on her mind.

He noticed the group gathering around what appeared to be a battle if not the aftermath of one. He kept is hands in his pockets and his Pokémon in their Poké balls as he turned his head to Saiorse. "Must've had a lot of weight on you to leave so abruptly like that, hm?" He asked, but in a tone soft enough as to try and not alarm her.
Ernest approached Val, and felt as if it would be appropriate to say something, but nothing really came to mind concerning the current situation - Val had beaten the man in a battle, and it also seemed that he was threatening another one. Persistent bastard... Ernest thought, staying a good couple feet away from the previous battlefield, however still staying near just in cases something . . . dire would occur there.

A sudden influx of noise came from behind Ernest, and the now slightly annoyed boy didn't even have to turn before he knew what had happened - after him and Val had left, the rest of the table followed. Why was he annoyed? Ernest didn't really even have the answer to that himself, but it was okay, these seemed like a finally safe group of people, something he had never had. The cynical outlook on life that the teenager had carried so often since his first memory of elevated conscious thought - everybody works for themselves, and friends don't exist.

Sure, this might have been a product of the fact that he had never really been placed into a real, trusting friend group, but he had never really been too much of a target for bullies, either. Ernest was so invisible, or at least he felt, that nobody even wanted to make fun of him - but a level of charisma remained, something that he vigorously conditioned himself on if he even got the chance to truly be a part of something better.

This was that chance.

Then he saw Saiorse. Ernest began inspecting the girl with a kind of sideways glance, and he instantly noticed that the scene in the bathroom hadn't been very pretty - though hopefully Kai had been able to snap her out of it to an extent, as that appeared evident as well. Tell tale signs of crying were evident - the red nose, the divots that formed under ones eyes, the depressed gaze that seemed to land on nothing particularly, simply sweeping across the world. . .

And, oddly, Ernest felt he could have prevented that in some fashion. Though it was unlikely that this feeling was actually based on a realistic aspect of something, he still felt that it wasn't appropriate to simply sit there and continue a self pity session, with a side of wallowing in existential despair.

Ernest felt himself begin to move, pacing towards Saiorse, all the while turning his back to Val. He reasoned that if anything actually happened, they would all still be in a relatively close proximity to her, and so it wasn't exactly a prime worry of his at the moment.

"So, uh, Saiorse? I really don't mean to bombard you, I know it can suck when people get nosy and stuff, but are you okay? I'm just a bit. . ."

A short pause.

"Worried, I presume."
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Saiorse's eyes widened as the other spoke- just a natural reaction, rather than the fact she had been startled. "O-Oh..." she murmured, shaking her head, her blue gaze cast upon the ground. She swallowed, embarassed. "Uh, sorry about that..." she whispered, keeping her eyes away from anyone else's. She decided to just tell the truth instead of being all stupid and mysterious. "It wasn't anything... huge, it was... it was just me freaking out a bit," the redhead mumbled, a smile flickering across her lips. Her gaze flickered to Ernest for a short moment, the boy's expression reflecting one of slight irritation. Perhaps he wasn't fond of the fact that everyone was in such a tightly-knit and bustling group? Much like herself, the girl supposed- it wasn't that she didn't like the little congregation of trainers that had formed, it was just... a lot more people that she was used to, and that scared her a bit.

Everything scared her. She wished it didn't.

Ernest then began to make his way toward her, and her eyes briefly flickered up to look at him before falling back upon the ground as he spoke. "It's okay... really, I'm sorry for... making a scene like that." she responded to his initial worry in the sentence he had spoken. A small smile curved her lips, and she looked at him again. Even if she wasn't entirely comfortable around these people, knowing that she was cared about comforted the girl somewhat. "I'm fine... honestly. I just, uh... just freaked out, I guess... because of, uh... well, i don't deal well in busy places, I guess you could, um... say." she managed to stutter out, her voice hithcing in her throat a couple of times, not sure whether she should get into all the gory details- and she didn't in the end, instead opting for the easier choice, both for her and everyone else. "Thank you, though. For... worrying about me. Thanks." she murmured, repeating her gratitute a few times.

Because, truly, she was thankful. Thankful that she hadn't been cast aside in everyone's heads, that her little 'episode' hadn't just been passed off as her just having to go to the bathroom. It felt... nice, to an extent, that her discomfort had been noticed. it was a peculiar thing to be happy about, but... trivial things always seemed to please Saiorse, so it wasn't a rare occurence.