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Ask to Join *゚ 。 ✦ ━ Pokémon Academy.◝

✦ Lazuli's ( the creator ) Rules ━
  1. Romance is okay! If you'd like my character to be your character's romantic interest, go ahead and message me and we'll talk it out~
  2. Please refrain from swearing. While I myself am okay with it, other people in the group may not be.
  3. Legendaries are not permitted. Neither are being overpowered and making your character a Mary Sue / Gary Stu.
  4. Shiny Pokémon, mega evolutions and z-crystals are okay!
Welcome to Pokémon Academy, a prestigious school for trainers, coordinators, performers and alike. Here you will learn more about the meanings of befriending Pokémon, battling, training, performing and meeting others. You have been selected as one of the many talented students to join this academy! If you'd like to study here, please fill out the following form.


Name :
Gender :
Female ( She / Her )​
Age :
17 yrs old​
Appearance :

Art drawn by me! Please don't use it without permission, thanks! ♥
Personality :
Shy and gentle, Nyx is a timid girl who's rather sensitive when it comes to her feelings. Generally generous and sweet, she won't hesitate to help others though has a huge problem with meeting new people. She has little confidence and dislikes showing off, believing that she doesn't have the true potential to do anything great. Despite her nervous nature, Nyx doesn't mind the company of people she knows. While it takes a lot to get to know her, the purple-haired teen still wishes to befriend others and has a rather positive outlook on life. On the more intelligent side, Nyx hardly has any experience with brawn or battles - eager to continue learning more about handling Pokémon and battling others.​
Origin :
Pokemon :
Zoro ( Zoroark ) ( M )
- Shadow Ball
- Sucker Punch
- Dark Pulse
- Focus Blast

Maggie ( Misdreavus ) ( F )
- Psybeam
- Shadow Ball
- Confuse Ray
- Dazzling Gleam

Essie ( Shiny!Espurr ) ( F )
- Disarming Voice
- Confusion
- Light Screen​
Extra :
- Nyx is sometimes nicknames "Gourgeist" due to her looking similar to a shiny Gourgeist.
- Nyx's Zoroark doesn't listen to her and doesn't see her as his trainer.
- Her favorite types are dark, ghost and psychic.​

*゚ 。 ✦ ━ ROLEPLAY◝
Taking in a deep breath, Nyx ━ a young teenager hailing from Sinnoh with lilac hair and violet eyes ━ strolled through the halls of Pokémon Academy, biting the bottom of her pink lips in anxiousness. Gloved hands clutching the strap of her white bag, Nyx glanced at her 'partner', Zoro the Zoroark. "Wow, Zoro. . . There's so many people here. . . I-I'm not sure if I can do this. I shouldn't have signed up!" She murmured, leaning against the fox-like Pokémon. "Zoro! Ark!" Zoro responded in irritation, rolling his ice blue eyes as he pushed himself away from his 'trainer.'

"Z-Zoro!" Nyx called out, sighing slightly as she hung her head in disappointment. She knew Zoro never really respected her to begin with but either way ━ it still hurt. "O-Oh! I'm sorry!" The lilac-haired girl gasped out as she bumped into someone, falling onto her knees and dropping her bag. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay. . . ?" She asked, brushing dust off her skirt and letting out another sigh at the sight of her bruised knees.
Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Black Pants. A white Shirt With A Thin Black Jacket A Fedora with a white Feather. Sliver Hair, Yellow Eyes, Pale-ish Skin.
Personality: Jake is Very Nice, He likes Helping out People. Some times he can be Weird Or Rude.
Chandelure (M)
Dark Pluse-
Shadow Ball-
Flame Burst-
Hyper Beam-

Honedge Shiny (M)
Sacred Sword-
Swords Dance-
Shadow Sneak-

Combee (F)
Bug Bite-

Flabèbè (F)
Vine whip-
Razar Leaf-
Fairy Wind-
Lucky Chant-

Extra: Has A Twin that mean, Well reveal more in the future. Loves to Swim. His Honegde doesn't like his that much.

Jake was Walking With His Chandelure And Honedge Right bye his Sides when He ran into someone. He hit the Ground Hard As he stood Up and whiped away some dirt on his pants and held his hand out to the girl. "I Should be asking you." Jake and Chandelure Smile at The girl While Honegde Hid behid Jake Peaking over feom his sholder.
Letting a smile grace her features, reaching out and clasping her hand with the boy's as he picked her up. "Oh, I'm okay, really! So sorry again. . . I got a bit distracted," Nyx chuckled, flashing a sheepish grin. "I'm Nyx. I-It's a pleasure to meet you," She beamed, words gentle and soft. "And this is my partner, Zoro!" She pointed at the glaring Zoroark, leaving Nyx to sweat-drop slightly. "Ah. . . Well, I wish we were partners. He doesn't really listen to me," the lavender-haired teen murmured.
"Oh! My a Name is Jake! Its pleasure to meet you! And this is My Partner Chandelure! And the one hiding behind me is Honedge, He's Shy." Chandelure Smile at the girl then took its attention on Zoro as Honedge Shyly looked over from Jake's Sholder At Nyx.
Name: Totakeke Nakagawa
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Very tall, about 6'3 at most. Baggy cargo pants with a Arcanine design on them, paired with a belt holding his Pokémon. A loose, white tee with all but a simple black and white Pokémon Sun symbol on his upper torso. He has dark brown eyes and wears colorless contacts to help with his eye problem. Messy black hair that goes down to his sholders.
Personality: Both lazy and carefree, Totakeke rather hang out with his Pokémon than actual people. If one were to ever visit his home, they most likely see him 'making' instant ramen, or playing on one of his many gaming consoles, in which many collect dust seeing how he spends most of his time at the academy or training his Pokémon.
Sometimes, he may show off, depending on the situation such as comparing Pokémon stats or other things of the sort, though he still likes to keep to himself rather than being so upront about things. He is very experienced in battle, especially triple battles for some particular reason.
Totakeke would also help people with stuff, but would never say "you're welcome".

Rufus - Pangoro (M)
Current Item: Choice Band
- Super Power
- Knock Off
- Gunk Shot
- Ice Punch

Koishi - Lycanroc, Midday Form (M)
Current Item: Life Orb
- Swords Dance
- Stone Edge
- Accelerock
- Brick Break

Sumiko - ★ Gardevoir (F)
Current Item: Gardevoirite
- Hyper Voice
- Psyshock
- Thunder
- Moonblast

Current Item: None
- "It looks as if it'll hatch soon!"
- Totakeke's Pangoro, Rufus, is claimed to be a bully to some other Pokémon, in which he is.
- Though Totakeke never was a A+ student, he was asked to come to the academy anyway.
- Totakeke hates cream cheese frosting or anything else that's "too creamy".

Totakeke lay lounging around on a bench with his Pangoro; Rufus.
The hulking Pokémon took up most of the space, messing around with the choice band wrapped around its massive wrist.
Totakeke mimicked his Pokémon and had his legs spread out on the bench as well, yawning a few times.
"Oi', Rufus," Yawned Totakeke, his brown eyes looking at the Pangoro lazily. "When's class gonna start already? I'm getting bored outta my mind just sitting on this bench."

Rufus merely shrugged as his responce and went back to fiddling around with its choice band, huffing at other students occasionaly.
The Pangoro never really was nice to anyone other then Totakeke.
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This seem interesting. Guess I join this rp.
Name: Drake

Age: 14

Appearance: Messy hair, his left eye is blue and his right is green, and have carmel skin color tone.
always wears his headphone his neck. wears a different type of pokemon hoodies and under his hoodies he wears shirt that match his hoodies. Black jean with black running shoes.

Personality: Drake is a super social person because he love to meet new people. He is smart enough to make dumb decision. He love to meet any pokemon and befriend with them. He will stand up to his friend no matter what. He loves to battle, and when ever he lose he will try to learn from it.

Monferno (m) ( he will evolve later in rp)
-Mach punch
- Flame whell
-Close combat
-Aura sphere
-metal claw
-high jump kick
-bone rush
-ice beam
-thunder punch
-hyper beam
Origin: Alola

In the Rp:
Drake walking in the campus with his pikachu hoodie listening to music. As Drake is walking he notice a male student and a female student talking. "Maybe I could be friends with them", he thought to himself. A few moment later he shook his and thought it would be rude of him butting in conversation. He sighed and took his headphone off, and his lucario came out his pokeball. "Oh what the matter lucario", Drake ask. Lucario didn't say anything. "Oh you want to be out of your pokeball" ,He said, and lucario shook his head that he agree what his trainer said. The bell starts ringing. "Oh it seem it time to go class." Drake was walking to class as his pokemon was following him.
Name: Colton Treaty
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Appearance: Tall and skinny. Wears dark glasses and a bright blue shirt under a white over shirt.
Personality: Care free about basic things, but gets ticked when things happen to pokemon. He is very laid back, except when battling, he goes hardcore.
Infernape (hidden ability Iron fist)
Close combat
Fire punch
Mach punch
Thunder punch
Frost breath
Ice beam
Mudsdale (Shiny)
Close combat
Rock Slide
Heavy Slam
Extra: Came from Sinnoh, Chimchar(evolved now) was gift from father, Cares more for other pokemon than himself.

I ride up to the school on mudsdale. "Thanks for the ride, Muddy." I say to him, as I return him to his pokeball. He likes being ridden almost as much as battling. Glaceon was still asleep on my backpack. At least she got to sleep in. I walk on up to the school, and Glaceon starts to wake up. "Welcome to the real world." I say, joking with her. She starts nudging me, "Quit that." I tell her, but notice she was hungry. I take out a silver biscuit. I make them for my pokemon, and whatever ones want one too. She grabs it, and jumps down to walk with me. "New school, new people." I say, kind of annoyed. My family moves around a bit, but I was originally from Snowpoint City. "Lets get heading for class."
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Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
Name: Christian Cuozzo
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: Average height of a 12 year old, Black messy hair, Green hoodie, Black pants, Brown eyes, a black belt holding his Pokémon
Personality: Energetic, Shy, but Kind and Funny, goes all out hardcore when he is in battle
Feraligatr (Goji), Female
Item: Waterium z
Dragon claw
Hydro pump

Honchkrow (Kuro), Male
Item: Focus Sash
Hyper beam
Dark pulse

Ambipom (Boots), Male
Item: Sitrus berry
Double hit
U turn

Extra: Lives in the Johto region and travelled to many different regions, wants to become the Pokémon league champion, cares about his Pokémon, friends and his family

Flying down on Kuro, he arrived at the Pokémon Academy, "Thanks a lot for the ride Kuro." he says to Kuro, he seemed very happy. He put Kuro back into His Pokéball, but he then send out Goji, "Ay Goji, ready to make some new friends?" he says, Goji looks like She is ready as she'll ever be. "New school, new people, LET'S GO!!" As they run into the Academy.
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Totakeke looked up at Rufus who was tapping his shoulder and pointing at other students entering the school. Some going to socialize with some other students, and some going to their respective classes.
"Ah, so classes are finally starting?" Totakeke yawned, sitting up. "About time." Standing up, he took out a folded paper from his pocket to see which class was his first. "Hm... Ok then. C'mon, Rufus." The bully Pangoro nodded and stood up and walked alongside with his trainer to their first class of the day which happened to be... Training Class. "Really?" Totakeke thought, somewhat unimpressed.

Luckily for the two, Training Class happened to be on the first floor since the staff wouldn't really appreciate their ceilings or floors having holes in them if it were on the second or third floor.
"... Oi', Rufus. Do you think the other students might have good Pokémon?" He glanced at the Pangoro and back at the hallway the two were walking in.
"Goro." Rufus grunted, shaking his head a couple of times.
"Of course you would." Totakeke snickered.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
The paper he received during summer showed the classes. "Hmm... so our first class is training class... why would that be a class?" So then they started to walk to class. On our way, they noticed someone heading to the same class, they also saw that he has a Pangoro. "Ay Goji, do you think we should go talk to that person in front of us with that Pangoro?" he asked Goji, she nodded with agreement, so then they approached him. "Hi! Are you heading to the training class too?"
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"Hm?" Totakeke stopped in his tracks and turned to see who spoke to him. He saw another student with their Feraligatr tucked his paper back into his pocket. "Oh, yeah. We're heading to Training Class." Rufus crossed his arms and looked down on the other student and his Pokémon. He let out a grunt, seemingly unimpressed with the student for some reason.
"Pan, Pangoro." The Pangoro muttered under his breath, onyx gaze darting back to his trainer.
"Why ask though? Are you going there too?" Totakeke cocked a brow, a questioning look on his face.
Totakeke put his hands in his pockets, his brown gaze landing lazily on Christian.
"Totakeke. I come from the Alola region." He simply replied, brow relaxing. "Anyway, I need to go before I'm late. I wouldn't want to be late on my first day here." He turned back around and continued walking down the hallway with his Pangoro, the Pangoro often glancing back at Christian and his Feraligatr.
They soon stop in front of the doors to the training classroom and open the door. Only a few students were inside to Totakeke's relief, and so the two took a place lounging around in the corner of the class waiting for class to start.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
They entered the class and took a seat, they spotted Totakeke and his Pangoro. "Hey Goji" He whispered to Goji, "why was that Pangoro looking at us like it wants to kill us?", Goji thought of the same thing "Gatr gatr" She replied to Christian. "You think it wants to battle us?" Asked Christian, Goji nodded with agreement. "Ok, so I'm gonna go over there and ask him if that's why Pangoro was looking at us." he then got out of his seat so he can go to Totakeke and ask.
"Hey Totakeke, I have a question, when you were walking away to head to class, your Pangoro glanced back at me and my Feraligatr with this look like it wants to kill me, my Feraligatr thought that it was a sign that it wants to battle. Is that what it means?" He asked.
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"Hm?" Totakeke looked back at Christian. "Oh, it's you again." "I wonder what it is this time." He looked at Rufus and then back at Christian, cocking a brow. "Well, Rufus here just doesn't really like anyone for some reason. Though he's always up for a battle anytime." Answered Totakeke, leaning against the wall. "Why? Was he looking at you two?" The Pangoro stood up and loomed over the three, intimidating gaze sweeping over Christian and his Feraligatr.
"... Goro..." Rufus quietly growled, a slight sneer on his face as his hands clenched into fists.
Totakeke thought about it for a moment before nodding.
"Yeah, I guess." He shrugged and lowered his brow. "We could battle, though I think the teacher would like for us to wait until we are asked to." The trainer twirled a pencil between his fingers, despite knowing that he'll most likely not have to use it in this particular class.
Rufus on the other hand, was still giving Christian and the Feraligatr the death look before leaning beside Totakeke.
"Pan pan." He grunted, onyx gaze not leaving the two.
Totakeke shrugged again.
"If you want to." He walked away from the wall he was leaning on and to one of the battle mats up in front of the class, the 'aggressive' Pangoro following close behind him. Totakeke stood on one end of the large mat and Rufus stood on his respective side of the mat, ready for battle.
"Goro!" Rufus suddenly blurted, appearing rather excited for the battle.
OOC: No one-liners please. ^^
Totakeke stood waiting on his side of the mat, a battle strategy already forming inside of his head, deep in thought. His brown gaze looked both relaxed and determined, he only flinched when he felt something shake a little in the string bag on his back.
"Hm?" He took off the bag and peered inside, seeing both his school supplies and the egg he brought from the Alola region. It was the egg that shook itself. Surely it'll hatch very soon. Totakeke closed the bag and swung it back onto his shoulders.
Totakeke gave him a stiff nod, hands balled up into fists hanging at his sides.
"Yeah, yeah. Let's just start the battle." His brows knitted together, mentally prepared for what's coming. Rufus the Pangoro sneered and growled, taking a battle stance.
"Goro..." Kept growling the Pangoro, gaze locked onto the Ferlaligatr, a murderous intent hidden behind his onyx eyes.
"Oh brother, surf." Totakeke looked at Rufus, who stood still waiting for his trainers command. "Jump over the wave and withstand the current with your weight." The Pangoro obeyed and used its strength to propel himself above the wave, only to fall back down and land in the still ongoing current of water from the move Feraligatr used. "Now, Gunk Shot while the water's still going!"
"Pangoro!" Rufus roared over the roar of the surf, a ball of, well... gunk forming in both of his hands. Once both balls have been formed, he shot them at the Feraligatr, laughing as he did so.
"Take the Dragon Claw and use Knock Off." Totakeke calmly said, crossing his arms, a rather coy look on his face.
Rufus obeyed and took the attack, wincing from the pain before slamming his forearm on the side of the Feraligatrs face, essentially 'knocking off' the Waterium Z crystal off her, renduring the small gem useless for the remainder of the fight. "Now use Superpower."
"Goro-!" Pangoro powered up a fist and punched Feraligatr in the gut, a pleased grin on his face... Muzzle... Thing. Whatever.
Totakeke held up a hand, wagging his finger. "No. Actually, you have to wait until the end of the battle to retrieve any knocked off items. That's the thing about Knock Off." He said, a growing smirk on his face. "Now, Rufus, while that Feraligatr is running use Gunk Shot again." Totakeke smiled at the Pangoro, pleased with how his strength improved.
With a grunt and a nod, the... gunk was forming in Rufus's hands once again before launching them at Feraligatr, landing a direct hit between its shoulders.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
"Jeez this thing is strong." He thought to himself. Then, he got a idea. "Totakeke, are we allowed to switch Pokémon?"
Totakeke shrugged.
"That's your own choice. You can switch out if you want. Rufus, standby!" He answered and commanded for the Pangoro to stop for the moment. "Good, Rufus. You're doin' good." The Pangoro looked back, rather pleased that his trainer was praising it.
"Goro." Rufus gave Totakeke what seemed to be a smile before looking back at the Feraligatr he was battling against.
Colton stands watching the battle between the two trainers. 'Their pretty good', he thought. 'I may have to challenge the winner.' Glaceon nodded, almost like she could read his thoughts.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
"Alright then, Goji, come back. Kuro, I choose you!" Goji was sent back and Kuro was sent out. "KURO, YOUR QUICKER THAN PANGORO, SO USE FLY!" Kuro flied faster and faster until he hit Pangoro in the stomach bringing him down to 1 hp.
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Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
"NOW QUICKLY, USE DARK PULSE!" Christian shouts. Kuro obeyed and used Dark pulse, hitting Pangoro and fainting it.
'Very smart choice. Pangroo is a fighting type, so flying is very effective.' Colton thinks. "Should we challenge the winner? Glaceon?" Colton asked, already knowing the answer, since Glaceon was perched on his shoulder, trying to watch the battle.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
"Alright Totakeke, what's your next Pokémon?" says Christian with Kuro perched on his shoulder.
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Drake and his lucario was looking at the battle with an fascinate face. "Lucario this seem a crazy match". Lucario nod with agreement. "But this young trainer seems really interesting and I hope we get to battle them both". Lucario nod once again.
Colton walks up to the man with the lucario. "How about we battle. Its not like theres anything else to do." Glaceon looked at the lucario like it was a friend, but still very cautious.
"Really", Drake shout. "I feel fired up, how about lucario". Lucario gave a nod with excitement. Few second Drake got an idea. "Hey whoever wins get to battle the winner from those trainer. How bout it?" he said.
"You know what, its a bet." Colton replied. Glaceon hopped down, and walked to the other side. "You see my choice, how about yours? You using Lucario?" He asked, while putting on a necklass with nevermelt ice on it around Glaceons neck.
"Yeah. Lucario wanna go". Lucario nod with an agreement. "Alright lucario is my first choice" Drake said with excitement. As both trainer walk an area where they can battle. "You can start with the first move.", Drake said to the trainer.