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Ask to Join Pokemon: Broken Valour

The region of Auvena has been in a state of turmoil for decades now. An organization known as Team Infinity has been creating chaos across the region, in hopes of one day awakening an ancient, legendary pokemon, a guardian of the region known only as The Peacekeeper (No, mods, we will not encounter the Peacekeeper, attempts to summon it fail).

Thankfully, a bastion of hope still exists. Professor Buckthorn, leading researcher of the Auvena Region, has entrusted a group of trainers with rare and powerful pokemon, in the hopes of quelling Team Infinity's chaos, and perhaps defeating them once and for all. No guarantees, though.

I've been meaning to do a Fakemon Roleplay for a while now, and so I've been making a Pokedex with just over 300 Pokemon, a mix of real and Fakemon.

Gym Leader 1:
Name: Xander
Theme: Coast
Badge: Beach

Regional Gible

Riptide: Water, 60 Power, 100 ACC, Special
Deals more to Pokemon in the invulnerable phase of Dive.

Works as a Lifeguard
Related to Brawly, and rivals him.
When you first visit him, he is preoccupied at the beach, so you go to him,
where he is busy rescuing someone who had just been attacked by an evil team grunt.
You defeat the Grunt, the Leader rescues the man from drowning, and then they return
to the Gym.

Gym Leader 2:
Name: Oria
Theme: Farm
Badge: Crop

Regional Mareep

Harvest: Grass, - Power, - ACC, Status
Grows a berry, which cures the current status condition of the
pokemon. Will fail if no status condition is applied.

The heir to the Millrind Farm, Oria works hard to keep up to her family's previous workload.

Gym Leader 3:
Name: Bertrand
Theme: Magic/Forest
Badge: Mystic

Regional Pawniard

Mystic Chant: Pyschic, 120 Power, 70 ACC, Special
Sound-Based Move

Studies the Mystic energy of the forest.
Not originally from the region; comes from Kalos.

When you reach the gym, he is out in the forest researching the magical
capabilities. You have to go out to find him, and when you do he's being attacked
by a group of evil team members including one of their admins. They're interrogating
him on the whereabouts of the Lost Runes, used to change the form of the Peacekeeper.

You defeat the admin, causing her and the team grunts to run away. The leader thanks you, and the two of you return to the gym.

Gym Leader 4:
Name: Lawrence
Theme: Desert/Savannah
Badge: Ruins

Regional Gardevoir

Desert Winds: Flying, 65 Power, 90 ACC, Special
Deals Super-Effective Damage against Electric types.

Ruins Explorer, who searches the desert for days on end to find ruins to excavate and explore.

Gym Leader 5:
Name: Riordan
Theme: Regality
Badge: Noble

Regional Scizor

Regal Blade: Fighting, 85 Power, 95 ACC, Physical
Has a chance to lower the opponent's attack stat.

Gym Leader 6:
Name: Emily
Theme: Craft
Badge: Workshop


Buzzsaw: Steel, 80 Power, 90 ACC, Physical
Breaks through Protect and Detect.

Works as a Craftsmen and Artist.

Gym Leader 7:
Name: Aaron
Theme: Mountain
Badge: Peak

Regional Electivire

Snap Freeze: Ice, 100 Power, 85 ACC, Physical
Strike an Enemy with sheer cold. This move has priority.

A Snowboarder and Mountain Climber. Co-founded Shatterpeak City as a
homebase for the winter and mountain-based sports.

Gym Leader 8:
Name: Rae
Theme: Deep Sea
Badge: Depths


Abyssal Charge: Ghost, 100 Power, 100 ACC, Physical

Helped construct the island that Altantrite floats on, and now
concerns herself with the city's safety. She has a fascination with
the deep ocean, and has assembled an aquarium to show the wondrous
pokemon found in the depths.

I've got the Pokedex and Gym Leaders set up. There won't be any Elite Four, as I'd prefer a championship-style event (Like the anime or Sw/Sh).

Age: (Not a young child)
Starter Pokemon:

Name: Sebastian Winters
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Relatively long, light brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. Dark blue eyes, with slightly crooked glasses. Pale skinned.
Personality: Rather unenthusiastic when it comes to most things beside pokemon, Sebastian has very little patience when it comes to topics he finds boring. He has an interest in Pokemon Research, aspiring to be a professor or field researcher.
Starter Pokemon: Jovyne
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Previously Beedrillisdrilling
Name: Blake Winston
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: He's a pretty short guy, he has a black hair and brown eyes. He wears a dark blue hoodie with yellow stars on it (Side note: He wears his hood up whenever he feels uncomfortable.), he also wears a jeans and a pair of black boots
Personality: He's pretty shy and quiet but he really likes making some friends.
Starter Pokemon: Kittesail
Name: Reyna Johnli

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: About 5'5'', with mahogany skin dappled with lighter vitiligo spots and gray eyes. Her black hair is usually braided into long cornrows and has amethyst streaks in it. She wears a black utility jacket over a dark purple t-shirt, denim jeans, and black high-tops, with gold bangles decorating her wrists

Personality: Witty and strong-willed, Reyna never backs down from anything, whether it's a Pokémon battle or an argument. She wants to become an important trainer someday, though whether she'll be a Gym Leader or something else isn't something that she's thought about. She's a little really impulsive, and that sometimes gets her in trouble. If anyone makes fun of her vitiligo, they will be punched on the spot, no hesitations.

Starter Pokémon: Kittesail
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Name: Rebecca Brooks
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: She is quite tall. She wears a purple T-Shirt with a Pokeball on it. She has brown hair and green eyes. She wears a pink short and light blue sandals
Personality: She's very energetic and quite talkative.
Starter Pokemon: Rostorch
Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: He is around 5,9 tall. He wears a blue T-Shirt with icicle patterns on the top. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears dark blue jeans and black sneakers.
Personality: Fast, Sporty, Silent, Smart
Starter Pokemon: Kittesail


Previously 'Candle'
I'm thinking of leaving, I've had no idea what's happening and I just feel I have two many roleplays on my hands. So I have no other choice expect leave, I'm sorry. I hope you all understand.
Name: Anne Heroux
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: ADMIN EDIT: Please use words to describe your character. If you must use images be sure that the images comply with our RP forum rules.
Personality: Kind, energetic, ambitious.
Starter Pokemon: Kittesail
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Name: Alexander Carliel
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Around 5' 7", he has hazel eyes with dark brown hair with dyed blue highlights. Also he has tan skin and usually wears a yellow tee with black shorts and red tennis shoes. He also has hot pink glasses.
Personality: Though being a professor type, he's always been interested in challenging the league. He is very brainy when it comes to Pokemon, being called a living Pokedex. Even though he is smart, he doesn't stay isolated. He always hangs out with people and plays with Pokemon in the fields. Ever since he seen a Pokemon battle however, he realized that was for him. He's been excited to get a Pokemon from Professor Buckthorn ever since.
Starter Pokemon: Rostorch
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Alright! Possible new RP, Fakemon, This could be a unique experience!

Name: Evelyn Noelle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, kinda curvy brown hair, Big fluffy hoodies with sleeves that are always too long for her, sweatpants and shorts which changes depending on the weather, a Bright blue beanie, t shirts, a side pack bag that she uses as a pillow, and a pair of sandles.
Personality: Evelyn is a very calm, laid back person, who hardly ever carries crutches. Shes very intelligent, especially when it comes to pokemon.
Starter Pokemon: Havent fully decided but it'll probably be Kittesnail!
(EDIT: Changed and Added some new stuff to her Appearance)
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Name: Rory Gallant

Gender: Non-Binary

Age: 18

Appearance: With their stocky build and rather meager height of 5'3'', they have never been exactly a beanstalk. But they don't need that to catch attention, as their wild wooly hair, poorly braided into front-facing plaits, very much resembles a traffic cone in both color and annoying glitz.

Unlike their mane, their flamboyance is somewhat restrained in their outfit, having only a glimmering golden bow to make up for their otherwise unremarkable, survivalist get-up- olive short-sleeved blouse, baggy cargo pants, and well-worn combat boots. And well, also the matching beret, but with how often it escapes them, you might as well not count it.

The beauty mark upon their bronze skin is a trademark of the Galant family- if they were relevant enough to really have a trademark per se. And for the last but not least, their bright ochre eyes are framed by black cat eyeglasses that.. shimmer too? That's definitely stray glitter on them. Dear Arceus, better not to ask..

Personality: Rory is known to be a bit of a... Well, a handful. A theatrical loudmouth with no off-switch, who does genuinely mean well but has a tendency to stomp all over. Their presence is like an oversized firefly right to your face- you're charmed and dance with it or you will have a thought or two to swat it. Better three, since Rory doesn't tend to ever get the message quickly.

They adore exploration, all things garish, and butting their head into any curiosities and gossip that comes their way. Try not to blame them much, as they do have genuine joy for living and all little things that it brings, even if they aren't the most restrained about it. As for their goals for the future... Well, they are hoping to figure that one out too.

Starter Pokemon: Jovyne
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Hello! Is this still open to join?? I know I'm new, but this seems like a fun new experience. I've read the rules and am up to roleplay for hours on end, if I hyperfocus. I hope I can join, unless it's too late.
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Was going to ask to join, but you seem to already be pretty far along. I'd join if you let me, but I don't care either way.
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