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Open Pokemon Daycare

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Hello and welcome to the Pokemon Daycare!. This daycare is for baby pokemon of course!, but if you like you can be an adult pokemon and be a caretaker! so onto the rules.
1. No cursing!
2. Shinies are allowed
3. Up to 3 characters are allowed.
4. The first evolution of pokemon are generally baby pokemon for me.
5. Last but no least. Have fun!
Now for the form

Name: (Whats your name?)
Gender: (Female or male?)
Species: (What type of pokemon are you?)
Shiny?: (yes or no)
Role: (child or caretaker?)
Moves: (Most babies have 2 or 3 moves)
Likes: (what does your pokemon like?)
Dislikes: (what does your pokemon dislike?)
Now onto my ocs

Name: Vixey
Gender: Female
Species: Vullaby
Shiny?: No
Role: Child
Moves: Steel wing, attract
Likes: Cookies, pokepuffs
Dislikes: Bullies.
Vullaby was walking to daycare. And her ball fell out of her backpack. She ran to go get it, while she wasn't paying attention she ran into a wall. After she ran into a wall she started to burst into tears
Name: Lance Gearson
Gender: Male
Species: Gallade
Shiny?: yes
Role: caretaker
Moves: Protect, Teleport, Close Combat, and Calm mind
Likes: Psychic, Dark, and Steel types, nice pokemon, and most of the other caretakers
Dislikes: Fighting, and Electric types, very few of the caretakers, and enemies.

Lance was walking around seeing what some of the baby pokemon were up to when he saw a Vullaby run into a wall and burst into tears and he ran over to help her. "Oh no, are you alright?" He asked as he helped her get back up.
(OOC: I suppose I could use another shot of RPing while I recover from my severe illness. I also happen to notice a huge discrepancy here so I will be executing my code on Frost to RP accordingly...)

His name is Evan.
Gender: Male
Species: He is an Elgyem.
Shiny?: Nope, he ain't shiny.
Role: He is a child.
Moves: Thief, Psybeam, Teleport.
Likes: Evan likes being alone or with April, as he also loves to synthesize some simple mathematical equations or mix up some experiments.
Dislikes: Unfortunately, Evan detests hanging around most other Pokémon due to the fact that he fears that he will be harassed to the point of self harm after the incident from a few days ago. His biggest pet peeve is when someone disturbs him when he is in the middle of his cherished hobbies.
Other: He has some bandages snugly wrapped around his chest due to the incident from a few days prior to this RP.

Her name is April.
Gender: Female
Species: She is a Meganium.
Shiny?: No, she's not a shiny here.
Role: She is a caretaker, mostly for Evan since he is a special needs child.
Moves: Body Slam, Sweet Scent, Aromatherapy, Solar Beam.
Likes: She likes babying around Evan, though this can get to the point where she spoils him. She also loves helping out younger Pokémon since she is able to reach out to them more easily.
Dislikes: She despises being in the cold since it is ultimately like having an adult being in Alaska with only their shorts on. She also hates others that torment other Pokémon for sport and having to deal with younger Pokémon that exploit others for their own game.
Other: She carries around a bag that contains some basic supplies, such as medicinal items and other things in case of an emergency.

April quietly walked around while she cradled Evan in her vines with a soft grip, as she noticed a Gallade that was with a Vullaby that was sobbing seemingly because it ran into a wall after she deduced the reason behind the wailing. Evan glanced over at the Gallade that helped the Vullaby up, as April asked the Gallade, "Is everything okay? Is the Vullaby hurt?"

Evan stayed silent while fidgeting with his hands, as his attention was focused on some blocks that were lying inert on the ground within the distance. He briefly flashed a dim, green light from his hands to give off a friendly signal towards the Vullaby in hopes of getting it to respond to the indirect message.
Name: Dodge
Gender: Male
Species: Zorua
Shiny: Yes
Role: Child
Moves: Thief, Bite, Night Daze
Likes: Being with Zoroark his mother, Brocky and being alone at Pokémon Daycare.
Dislikes: Everyone else at Daycare
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Zorua gazed at the Vullaby and the Elgyem and snarled. As Meganium went over to the Elgyem, Zorua frowned and longed to be noticed.
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Name: Brocky
Gender: Male
Species: Larvitar
Shiny: Yes
Role: Child
Moves: Rock Tomb and Bite
Likes: Gems, Food, Nice People Rock, Dark, And Steel types
Dislikes: Bullies, Being lost, and being worried, battling

Larvitar just hatched out of a suspicious looking egg and yawned loudly and opened its eyes, and looked around and started to climb on top of April and fell, but landed on top of a pillow, and fell asleep. But then woke up hungry and asked everyone if he could have some of their food, they all said no. and tried to become friends with Zorua
Zorua gazed down at the diamond as it gleamed brightly. He smiled as no one had ever been so kind to him before. Zorua growled and snuggled up tight, hoping for a lasting friendship with Larvitar.
Larvitar covered Zorua with a blanket and left a note saying, " Hi! Im Larvitar, the kid you got the diamond from. Im only a baby and I'm probably like 1-2 hours old at the most. Anyway, I was wondering if we could be friends! Like we can do stuff together like play around together! If you want to come find me! From -Larvitar.
Zorua's nose twitched as he felt a warm blanket covering his body. He gazed at the note, read it and then smiled. Zorua then arose and ran outside to meet Larvitar. He couldn't believe that he was really gonna make a new friend.
Larvitar gazed at Zorua and smiled and gave him a hug and reacted, and larvitar replied, "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I just like giving people hugs..."

Then he asked a care taker for food and got a poke puff an ran back to Zorua and gave him half of his puff.
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Larvitar said, "When I first hatched out of my egg, I looked around and saw this cool place. I ran around and was happy! I then saw you and said , 'He looks cool, what's he doing?' "
Zorua smiled at the knowledge of this information. I don't have any friends here because I like to keep myself to myself but when someone new gets deserted by everyone else, I'm forced to break my own rules.

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