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Open Pokémon High (Pokemon school for Pokémon trainers)

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Hi! Before we start roleplaying please read this post. There are some rules and one way to introduce yourself. Here are the rules:

- No one lined posts
-No legendaries
- Introduce yourself before roleplaying
- Maximum Pokémon to have is 3
- Shinies are allowed

This is how you introduce yourself.

Appearance: (Write as much as you want! This doesn't have to be one lined!)

I'll start the thread now,

Name: Alissa
Age: 15
Appearance: Blue eyes, dark brown hair, light skin, wearing: purple T-Shirt saying: "Pokemon rules!", and Neon blue jeans
Personality: Kind, loves to battle, confident, ready for anything.
Pokémon: Sylveon, Glaceon, and a Umbreon

Alissa walked onto the school steps, with her Sylveon by her side "We're finally back! After a month of summer!" Alissa told her Sylveon. "Sylveon!" Her Sylveon replied excitedly. They walked into the school to find that it was mostly empty, but a lot about it hadn't changed.
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Name: Dodge
Age: 14
Personality: Brave and protective over his friends. Outgoing and friendly.
Appearance: Blue eyes, Turquoise hair, Olive Skin, Clothes: Zipped up Jacket and Three-Quarter Trousers.
Pokémon: Quilava, Pidgeot and Baby Wynaut

Dodge looked across from his Notepad and gazed at the girl with a Sylveon by her side. "That must be Alissa" he gasped as he ran over to meet her.
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Name: Archibald
Age: 15
Personality: Full of himself, Vain and highly dangerous.
Appearance; Red eyes, grey wild hair, Ashy skin Clothes: Open jacket with bare chest and skinny, white jeans.
Pokémon: Haunter, Zoroark and Banette

As a Blue haired trainer ran across the hallway, Archibald stuck his foot out to trip him and succeeded. Archibald laughed and was about to spit on the boy as he walked of and heard the crowd cursing him from behind.
Archibald turned around and agreed to the battle as his eyes filled with malice and he licked his lips. He released his Zoroark from its pokeball and ordered it to destroy the opposing trainer or else.
Name: Lucy
Age: 12
Appearance: My Profile Picture
Personality: Friendly, competitive
Pokémon: Eevee, Fearow, Popplio

Lucy heard something coming from another room. She ran in, with Eevee on her heels. It turned out to be two trainers having a Pokémon battle. She and Eevee stood on the side to watch.
Eevee shivered.
Name: Mikaela (Mik) Strange
Age: 14
Appearance: (She's a north face fun so... Bewear~) Black and pink W Arrowood Triclimate Jacket - AP, black W Flight Series Warp Tank, gray camouflage kick up dust skirt, gray knee length socks, and a black riding boots with the infamous roller skate soles. She has a straight shoulder length copper-like hair, reddish-orange eyes and a pale complexion. Her most standing out feature is her vampire like fangs.
Personality: Sadistic, Loves to prank, troll and roast people, literally and figuratively. She's judgmental and untrusting but very loyal once you earned her friendship and respect. She wouldn't careless if your an adult or a superior as long as you dont earn her respect your nothing but an equal civilian to her.
Pokémon: Shiny!Decidueye (Chastiefol), Gallade(Lancelot),Swanna(Wanda)

Mik was the new transferee of this school and already she was loving it. She grin at the unfolding battle before her. 'I might stayed longer than half a year in this school if it continues like this.' She thought to herself. Her Decidueye watching beside her, stare at the two trainers with interest.
Name: Emmeline "Emi" Bardot
Age: 16
Appearance: Emi is a short girl with an olive complexion, her eyes are eggshell blue in colour. Her hair is a light brown in colour, half of it is tied into a bun whilst the other half is let down - when down her hair is wavy and comes to her lower back. She has uneven dimples which are often seen as she grins often. She dresses simply, opting for a pale blue t-shirt with a knotted tie, blue denim shorts which look ripped and a large white cardigan which is loose and comes down to her knees.
Personality: A humble individual, Emi can be a fun person to have around. She's always searching for the latest thrill and holds a thirst for adventure close to her heart. Whilst she loves meeting new people, she's loves it even more when they are happy or if she has made them laugh with her terrible jokes. A little known secret is that she isn't too confident in her abilities.
Pokémon Species: Aggron, the Iron Armour Pokémon
Nickname: Teresa
Gender: Female
Personality: Teresa may appear to be scary but is actually very caring for those around her. She isn't fond of battling, rather, she prefers protecting those who who cannot protect themselves.
Likes: Nature, planting trees and napping with Emi
Dislikes: When things are messy (especially the outdoors), thunderstorms, when her trainer is under attack or feeling upset.
Pokémon Species: Pyukumuku, the Sea Cucumber Pokémon
Nickname: Gamat
Gender: Male
Personality: Gamat, much like his trainer, loves to entertain those around him. He helps Emi out in pranks and is, basically, her little sidekick. He likes stealing Emi's food but he also tends to be oblivious to what other pokémon think of him.
Likes: Water and being thrown into it, jokes, seeing others with a smile.
Dislikes: Awkward situations, off date food, those who think they're better than everybody else.
Pokémon Species: Egg
Nickname: Eggy
Status: This Egg's still got a little while to go before it'll be ready to hatch.
Appearance: This egg is light blue with several white spots over it, a small patch at the bottom of the egg is beige.
Extra: I'll be adding little tid bits to her background in my posts as opposed to putting it all here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Perking her head into the room, Emi could see that there was a battle going on. She wasn't much of a battler herself, but that didn't mean that she didn't watch other do it. From her experience watching others, this battle was sure to be an interesting one. In her arms rested an egg which was quite warm, maybe it was the cardigan she was wearing. From the corner of her eye, she could see a new student whom she had yet to meet.
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Name: Alisson (Ali) Kosan
Age: 14
Appearance: Brown hair, olive green eyes, ripped dark blue jeans, and a jean jacket.
Personality: Timid, Obsessed with puns, Artistic
Pokémon: Oshawott (Percy)

Ali was wandering the halls, cautious of what could be there. With Percy in her arms, she sat down and started to doodle in her sketchbook.


Previously pokeyman
Name: James
Age: 15
Appearance: (Write as much as you want! This doesn't have to be one lined!): Wears a long black hoodie-usually hood on, looks cool. Long Black sweat-pants.
Personality: Shy, loner, people thinks he's cool but he doesn't care.
Pokémon: Oshawott (Male) (He nicknamed him Oliver.)

James stood outside the School. He took out a book with Information on the School, and started to study it. Oliver was sitting on his shoulder, smiling. Oliver looked excited, but James didn't.

(Sorry MoonBeam, didn't see you had an Oshawott. Oshawott's my favorite XD)
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Name: Sato
Age: 16
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, very tall and well-built. Wears a black t-shirt and red bermudas.
Personality: Sassy, aggressive, competitive, prideful, touchy, sometimes serious
Pokémon: Toxapex, Metagross, Gengar

Yet another bully who needs to be taught a lesson Sato thought, as he was looking at one of the two students who were about to battle.
As an older student he should've stopped that bully himself, but the "victim" seemed to need no help, so he just stood there and watched.
At least this is an entertaining way to start a new year..

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Emi also took notice of Sato, a fellow older student, before glancing back at the battle. Not much seemed to be happening at the moment, unfortunately, but in all fairness it had yet to properly begin. As much as she wanted to step in, she was no battler and not many pupils in the school had respect for 'a trainer with no goals such as herself', so she wouldn't be taken seriously.
Hm... I should really start looking for an aspiration She thought to herself, looking down at the egg in her arms.


Previously pokeyman
James walked down the hall. He saw the crowd, and the battle that was about to start. He sat down, fairly close, and started to write something down. "Osha?" James shook his head. "Sorry Oliver, you can't join their battle." Oliver sighed, and whined. "We should get to class." Oliver nodded, and they proceeded to look for their class.
This is getting boring.

As he thought so, Sato noticed a girl briefly looking at him. Was that Emi? Weird, I remember she didn't really like battles.
He walked towards the girl, who was now looking down to what seemed to be an egg.
"Emi? Long time no see! It's great seeing that you finally started having some interest in battles... because you DO have some interest in battles now, right?! Or was there another reason for you to stare at those guys?"

Sato pointed at the egg that the girl was carrying "And what's that? A water type pokemon egg?"
Upon hearing Sato, Emi glanced up from the egg in her arms and up at him before smiling.
"I guess you could say that," She responded, having grown up in a family filled with Ice battling specialists she had always felt a little odd for not battling just like them - to the point where she kept her lack of battling a secret.
"It's always interestin' seein' how each person battles, each person is unique 'round here and the way they react in the heat of the moment is pretty awesome!"

Upon hearing Sato mention the egg in her arms, she shot him her signature grin - her uneven dimples forming.
"I don't quite know, I found it on my way to school today by the river bank. This lil' guy isn't quite ready to hatch just yet, but I'm sure it will be if we give it some time," Unfortunately, she wasn't quite sure what pokémon would hatch from the egg - but she knew that it looked very familiar.
"By the way, how's your team doin'? Haven't seen 'em in a while."
"My team is doing great obviously! In fact, my Mareanie evolved just a couple of days ago!"
As he said so, Sato took a pokéball out of his backpack. It was a Net Ball, great for water type pokémon. Sato usually kept his pokémon in different pokéballs not only because capturing certain types of pokémon with certain types of balls was easier, but also because he really didn't understand how trainers could guess in which pokéball each of their companions were.
"Come out Toxapex, time to show Emi just how strong you got!"

The Brutal Star pokémon came out, two of his tentacles already towards the ceiling in order to show his little body.
Lucy frowned. This battle is getting pretty boring... She thought. "Come on Eevee, we should get going." She started walking in the direction she thought her class might be in, but was quickly lost. She sighed.
Eevee frowned.
"It seems that he's been trainin' hard!" Emi commented, nodding at Sato in response to the new news whilst carefully placing her egg into her bag where she knew it would be safe. She had recognised the Net Ball, knowing that Sato was somebody who liked to use different types of Pokéballs instead of just the standard.

She smiled brightly upon seeing Toxapex come out from his ball, she moved around to observe the Brutal Star Pokémon's appearance as she simply had never seen one before. Mareaine were already rare enough and she was thankful that sge was able to meet one, but Toxapex was something else entirely in both appearance and strength.
"Hey there, bud!" She crouched in front of the Toxapex and took out some Pokémon food, pouring some of the contents into her hand and holding her hand out.
"I made some food before arrivin' today, would you like to try some?" She offered. She wasn't a master chef, but she was fairly good at making delicious food for Pokémon.


Upon releasing himself from his Dive Ball, Gamat had began hopping away from the room his trainer was in. The Pyukumuku had missed the school dearly and so his trainer would understand why he wanted to explore the place and greet the trainers like he did every year. Nearby was a girl with her Eevee, maybe she would be a good person to start talking to. Hopping over to Lucy, Gamat poked her leg with his innards, which currently looked like a hand with a pointing index finger. Given his small size, the Sea Cucumber Pokémon could only hope that she noticed him.
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Lucy looked down and saw the Pyukumuku. She crouched down. "Hi! How you doing, little guy?" She didn't care uf people thought this was weird, because it was quite normal for her.
Eevee leaned down and sniffed at Gamat.
While Toxapex was voraciously eating the food Emi offered him, Sato noticed a small black shadow sneaking out of her room.
"Huh? What was that?" Sato asked, pointing at the girl's room. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that the small hopping shadow was no other than Emi's Pyukumuku. The Sea Cucumber pokémon's way of moving had always been kinda funny to Sato, so he couldn't contain his laughter at that sight.
"Emi, I think your Pyukumuku has finally got bored of you and is running away!" said him, still laughing.
Upon hearing that, Emi glanced up at Sato with every inch of colour drained from her face - for a second at least. She knew Gamat sneaked out every year but she also knew that tough Pokémon tried to fight him every year as well, thinking of the Sea Cucumber Pokémon as a weak target. Usually her first lunch was spent trying to apologize to every trainer who's Pokémon had been badly poisoned because of him.
"This is a normal occurance!" Emi sighed a little, realising that Gamat was just like her. After Toxapex was finished, she shot up and out of her room. Luckily eggs weren't fragile so her little blue eggy would be safe and sound, she still left her bag next to Toxapex anyways just in case.

"Muku!" Gamat responded happily, his innards changed to the shape of a peace sign to show said happiness. He was careful not to hit Eevee, having known a few incidents where this happened to other Pokémon - let's just say those incidents never ended well. His innards quickly changed to a flat hand, patting the Eevee's head
Mik pouted "This is getting boring~" she said loudly not caring that she had attracted a few bystanders. She turn around and left the circle with Chastiefol quickly following. 'I take back what I thought earlier. This will be another boring school~ Though there are fighters but their dull and spineless~ Now then, I think it's time to set the timer. How long will I stay before letting the whole school burn down to ashes? Wait, no~ that's sound horrible and too... used up. Hm~ oh I know~ How about some awesome pranks to left my mark on this bunch of Magikarps.' She chuckle evilly in her mind, her reddish-orange eyes glow with mischief.

'I'll teach them how a real fight taste like while I'm at it.' Mik was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the Sea Cucumber that she was about to step on. If it wasn't for Chastiefol who dove in and grabbed the unsuspecting Pokémon, shaking his head at his oblivious, air-headed trainer who continue to walk off without a care in the world.
Gamat, upon spotting that he and the Eevee were about to get stepped on, quickly pushed the Evolution Pokémon out of the way before being grabbed and saved by an unusual-looking Decidueye. The Pyukumuku had seen many Decidueyes in his lifetime, but never had he seen one that adorned a black, red and teal colour scheme.
"Pyuku! Thanks!" Gamat had put his innards back inside them as he had been saved, glancing over at the Decidueye's trainer, he could see that she had an oblivious air about her. Maybe he could prank her later?
Mik suddenly felt a shiver go down her spines, although the feeling could be describe by others to be unpleasant and eerie, unfortunately Mikaela Strange always, always stand true to her name. Mik smirk in mischief as she turn behind her, smirk gone and was replaced by an overly innocent smile that could easily be categorize as childish mischief, yes thats a thing.

Her analytic mind, easily fitting the puzzles as to what might have happened if it wasn't for her Decidueye. As she sent everyone, except for the people who are still watching the awfully boring match, a smile, the moment her bright amber eyes landed on the black blob in her Decidueye's 'hand' her smile drop into a straight line.

She stare at the Pokémon with an unreadable expression until... "Woah! A Pyukumuku!" Mik exclaimed, like a child who receive their first toy car on Christmas, as she made her way towards the said Pokémon. She swiftly took it away from Chastiefol's grasp, squishing it in her palms, gently~, before throwing it in the air and catching it again like a ball "Neh~ is your trainer from Alola? Where are they? I wanna meet them!" She said excitedly while continuing her treatment towards the poor, poor Pyukumuku~
Upon noticing Mik picking him up, Gamat blinked a few times. He let her gently squeeze him and toss him up and down in the air. He didn't appear to mind it too much, as the treatment did tickle him quite a bit. The Pyukumuku was simply glad to see Mik being excited.

Emi quickly entered the scene, spotting her Sea Cucumber being tossed up and down in the air as if he were a ball. Her eyes followed the movement of the tossing for a small second. Upon seeing how much Gamat was enjoying himself, she came up with an idea.
"Hey! Pass it here!" She called over, holding her hands out as if she were away to catch. She knew that the Pyukumuku would probably get bored of simply being tossed up and down, so the longer distance of the throw and the thrill easily equated to more entertainment.
Name: Irenea Strange (She's the twin of Mikaela Strange)
Age: 14
Appearance: (She's also a north face fan) Black Daybreaker SS Jacket, Aqua green Lite Tank, green camouflage Better Than Naked Hauled Skirt, black knee length socks, and the same boots as her twin, Mikaela. she has the same features as her twin.
Personality: She's the complete opposite of her twin. She doesn't care about anything in the world that doesn't catch her attention or doesn't concern her at all. But she shared the same sadistic, prank loving side of her sister and occasionally let out a smile, that look more like a sinister smirk. She has soft side that only her close friend, mainly her sister and there Pokémon, only knew of.
Pokémon: Shiny!Delphox (female, Toriel), Lucario (male, Lucas), Lopunny (female, Alphis)
Other: She and her twin are slim-built and often skates (roller or ice)

Irenea was far away from everyone else as she saw no reason to participate in their boring world. She and was standing near the entrance watching the sky and the small garden from the corner, her Pokémon beside her. Lucas was perch on the wall near the entrance his eyes close and arms crossed, Toriel was doing the same thing as she is while Alphis was knitting a new scarf for Lucas. Her twin had run off, once they heard a loud commotion a little ways away from the entrance.
Mik blink a few times at the new voice before turning towards. Her amber eyes meeting with blue as she assess the girl. 'A senior.' She smirk but it was easily replace with an innocent smile. "Alright!" Mik shouted back as she got on her throwing stance which sort of resemble a baseball thrower "Who doesn't catch it is a pancake!" She added playfully, her eyes glowed for a moment, before throwing the Pyukumuku not towards Emi but at the ceiling. Mik watched Gamat hit the ceiling before ricocheting towards the Entrance. Gamat was about to hit a brunette on the back of their head when a blue paw stop the Pyukumuku.
Calmly walking after Emi, Sato couldn't really recognize the girl that was playing with the Pyukumuku. Could she be a new student? Yeah, that had to be it, Sato would've certaintly remembered a girl with such an unsual eye color, and not being able to do so could only mean that he never met her before.
"Emi, you forgot your bag, that's not the way you treat an egg you know?" said him laughing, Toxapex following him and carrying Emi's bag.
As he approached them, Sato couldn't but notice the Decidueye standing next to the pale looking girl.
"That's a decent looking Decidueye you got there, careful though, you don't want it to get hurt, do you? That Pyukumuku is way more dangerous than it looks like.." As he said so, the girl threw the Sea Cucumber pokémon towards a brunette girl.
Should I intervene? Nah, let's wait and see what happens, maybe this'll start something entertaining
Irenea turn around when she heard something collide with her Lucas paw pads. Lucas open his paw to reveal a Pyukumuku. She stared at it blankly while Toriel seemed annoyed and her Lopunny peered at it in curiosity. She look towards the direction it came from and saw a mirror image of her. She sigh and grabbed the Pokémon roughly, she squeezed it hard, not really caring when it spit its internal organs from her squeezes. "Hm~ I didn't know they serve Pyukumukus here. This school might be interesting than the rest. Thank god, we don't need to burn it down like the rest for being too boring." She whispered the last part mainly to her Pokémon.

She turn back to look at her look alike "Thanks for the meal sis! You know exactly how I love roasted Pyukumukus..." she muttered darkly as Toriel held up her stick. She grin sadistically as the Pyukumuku squirm in her grasp.
Mik grinned and waved at her brunette look a like "No problemo, my dearest twin sister!" She laugh as she turn towards the two seniors "Hey didn't you know that Pyukumuku was made as a delicacy in my region. Once we squeezed them real hard their internal organs will grew numb and be spit out the whole was unable to build a fist to fight back." She explained smiling at the two with her eyes sparkling "Then we roast them up while there still numb." She finishes and giggled like a child being proud to themselves after recitating the multiplication table.
"Toxa..." Toxapex sighed at the sight of the girl squeezing Pyukumuku.
"What you don't know though, " explained Sato, while slowly walking towards them, "is that that particular Pyukumuku is known around the school for using Toxic quite easily when annoyed". He then stopped at a safe distance from the girls, and continued "You know, you're pretty pale, you better let that little fellow go before he decides to paint your pretty face in purple"
Emi was about to catch Gamat, her expression going blank when a Lucario had caught him instead. She watched how the Lucario's trainer began squeezing the Sea Cucumber Pokémon hard and bit her lip. Usually she was a passive person but those who mistreated Pokémon easily got on her nerves, especially since the Pokémon in question was her own.

From the rough treatment alone, Gamat's internal organs were beginning to grow numb, just like how Mik explained. Out of self defense, he squeezed his beady eyes shut and the six pink spikes on his back began glowing a dark purple, thick purple streams of poisonous liquid were released from each spike. In midst of the attack, he was quickly returned to his ball by Emi, who snuck over to her bag just to get the dive ball where the Pyukumuku could rest.
"Sorry for the late response," The short, brunette senior apologized with a rare hint of seriousness in her tone, picking up her bag. "But I will not tolerate any new kids treatin' my partner as a delicacy!"
Eevee ran up to Irenea. "Eevee! (Pokémon have feelings, you know!)" He growled. Lucy followed Eevee and picked him up. "Why would you eat a Pokémon? Pokémon are our friends, allies and partners! Not a snack food!" Lucy snapped.
"Agreed!" Emi called out, nodding her head. Whilst she was a lover of food, she'd never actually eat a Pokémon itself. It would just make her feel all weird and guilty inside and she'd never live it down, she had eaten a Magikarp as a meal in a five-star restaurant once before as a child but the feeling after doing so lead her to never eating any Pokémon meat again. Her family considered that weird, but accepted that it just killed her inside. The thought of it even made her sick.
She had to thank Lucy for speaking up the way she did, it was a brave move and that was respectable. Hopefully she and her Eevee weren't affected by Gamat's toxic attack.

(OOC - In other words, Emi may or may not be vegetarian. I just wanted to say that just in case I confused anybody)


Previously pokeyman
((Sorry I have not posted. I just traveled for 17 hours. Back now))

James had gotten to class. There was no-one there, not even a teacher. "Where is everyone?" James asked to Oliver. Oliver shrugged. James sat down in his seat. He took out his Sketch book, and drew Oliver while he waited for everyone else. His drawing turned out pretty close, but he didn't have any coloring tools, so it looked ok. Oliver chuckled after seeing the drawing. "Still, no-one's coming. Is school out?" James sighed.
Mik laugh when she saw her sister got the purple liquid all over her but then laugh harder when she saw the reactions of the others especially the senior trainers. Just like what she wanted. She licked her lips and turn towards them her eyes glowing maniacally.

"Relax, Ohime-sama, we don't eat Pokémon in our region! Sure they are a lot from our region but you should know that Pyukumuku's like squeeze massages. That's right! My sister was only giving the Pokémon a massage but I guess she squeeze pretty hard to get an unsatisfied customer!" She shouted loud enough for the said sister to hear. "And we don't eat Pokémon. If you bother getting information about us then you should have known. We're pranksters and troublemakers who got kicked out multiple schools because of it!" She laugh once again. Before walking towards her sister ignoring there gaze as she was use to it. "We don't eat Pokémon meat except Slowpoke tails."she chuckle once again. 'I might stay here a bit longer, than I thought~'
Irenea stared at the liquid in her hand and possibly half of her face and clothing, her sister's voice echoed in her mind. She "Tch" and high kick the dive ball out of Eli's grasp catching it in her hands. She send a sharp stare at everyone and a glare to her sister. "For your information, Nee-san~. Pyukumuku are not that hard to please it's your obnoxious descriptive of cannibalism that scare the thing off. And..." she look at the trainer blankly "Love Roast or Love Roasted are the name of the massage that was use to numb the feeling of Pyukumuku. The numbing sensation are so relaxing it's internal organs pop out." She release the Pokémon, after washing her hands off of its poisonous liquid with Alphis help, and continue to squeeze it, her finger kneading it ever so slowly that the others can't notice the movement " And I don't accept or leave an unsatisfied customer..." she mumble under her breath continuing the massage.

Toriel stood behind her and give the others a cold stare if they dare to start talking trash on one of the kids because of their 'childish prank' she will burn the school down with or without the permission of her trainer. Lucas give the Pyukumuk a scathing stare wanting a massage as well while Alphis sweatdrop at the sight of them both. Why can't they just be friendly for once?

Irenea sigh once she saw that Lucas was giving the Pokémon an uncomfortable vibe "I'll massage you later too just stop that..." she scolded softly as she continue on. Lucas give a grin before leaning back on the wall. 'This guys-' she look at the trainers, her eyes glowed in analytically at them, before they landing on her sister who was standing beside her. When? Probably the whole time. 'We might stay longer if that gleam from Nee's eyes spoke any louder than it should.'
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Lucy put Eevee on her shoulder. She kept looking for her class, and after a while of looking, found it. She walked in to find that only one other kid was there. She sat down in the desk next to him. Eevee sat on the top of the desk. Lucy drummed her fingers on the desktop with boredom.
Mik stare at the relaxing Pokémon as she twirled the dive ball in her finger. Chastiefol bump at her shoulder, she look at him and saw that he was gesturing to the halls with lots, lots of door. She scowl and groan. She grabbed the Pokémon from her sister's hand and throw it in the air followed by it's Pokéball. "Let's go..." she grabbed her sister's wrist and dragged her towards there room, the exact same room where that girl, Luke or whatever entered. Chastiefol catch the Pokéball in mid-air and threw it back to Emi before following his trainer.
Irenea didn't say anything and let herself get dragged by her sister. Her three partners following behind them. She look back at the airborne Pokéball sighing when she saw Chastiefol caught it. 'I wonder what else this school has in store.'
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