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Ask to Join Pokemon Kalos Quest

Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-kalos-quest-discussion.23539/

"Are you 100% sure you have EVERYthing?" "Mom, I promise I have everything. I'll go through it again. Camping Equipment, Travel pots, pans, my Holo Caster, PSS, Fishing Rod, wait! Where's my Town Map!?" said the girl as she dug around in her desk drawers and said "Where is it! Where is it?!" said Allison as she hastily searched through her desk drawers. "Dun." said Doughnut. Allison looked over and her best friend and partner Doughnut holding a Town Map in his mouth. "Thanks, Doughnut, where would my little Allison be without you," said Allison's mom on her computer. Allison took out the Town Map and put it in her backpack. "Okay, with this, I have everything." "Alright dear, make sure to call often. Let's say...Santalune City." "Alright mom, I'll call you then," she said as she switched off her computer. "Are ya ready Doughnut, we're gonna start our adventure," she said as she pulled on her backpack. Dunparce jumped, fluttered his wings a bit, and landed in Alisson's backpack. "Let's go!" she said as she left the small house in Aquacorde Town and headed off toward Route 2.
Isa opened the door from her home in Aquacorde Town. It was a brisk morning, but she expected it would warm up in the afternoon, so she had worn athletic clothing. Her parents were on a vacation trip around Kalos, and had basically left her to fend for herself for a week or two. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to prove she could go on the gym challenge. Her parents weren’t too overprotective, and had let her go out and catch Pokémon before, so she was a relatively skilled trainer, but they still wouldn’t let her travel the region. Isa’s plan was to go out as far as she could before her parents returned home, beat a few gyms if she could, and then show the badges to them to prove she could handle herself.

So, Isa, along with Rette the Weavile, set out on their adventure. She had a bag with clothes, equipment, and money, but she had packed light, hoping to stay in the many inns that were around Kalos instead of relying on camping equipment.

Upon entering Route 2, she saw a few wild Pokémon. She had a few ‘mons on her list to catch, if she wanted to beat Viola. Spotting a Fletchling, she signaled at Rette to sneak up on it. Once in position, she shouted, “Revenge!” and then she threw a Pokéball at it. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Fletchling broke out, and then it tried to fly away. “Rette, don’t let it escape!” She commanded, but it was too late. “It’s not your fault, Rette. You can’t fly. We’ll just find another one on the way to Santalune.”


Previously Gamingfan2
After a flight, Bron and Auro found themselves in route 2, on their way to santalune city. Even though it was his second journey, Bron felt excitement as he walked through the forest, seeing other trainers trot around. The tweeting of the surrounding fletchling was nice, especially the one on his shoulder.
Bron acted on impulse.
"AH! Catch it!" he yelped, turning and surprise, pokeball in hand. Maybe if he didn't freak out the bird would've stayed, but his sudden movement startled it. It chirped in surprise, jumping off Bron's shoulder and leaving a charred mark, before flapping off as the pokeball flew pitifully under it. The pokeball was then caught by Auro, who had apparently stopped to see when his trainer would notice the pokemon singing on his shoulder. He looked at Bron quizzically.
Bron remaiend still, before slumping and sighing, grinning self-mockingly.
"Whoops." was all he could say.
Out of Aquacorde town, she fixed her cap and headed towards route 2. "Alright, If we wanna take on the Santalune Gym leader, we're gonna need flying types. Are you ready to find one?" "Dun Dun." "Yes Doughnut! I have pokeballs right he-" said Allison as she paused rustling through her bag. "Ok, that was a lucky guess." said Allison as she pushed Doughnut back into her backpack and stopped at the pokeball mart. After coming out with 10 pokeballs, (and 1 premier ball) Allison proceeded to head to route 2 where she proceeded to see two people fail to catch a Fletchling in a row. "Looks like I'm not getting, that. Seems a little on the harder side." said Allison with a chuckle. But alright let's see what I can find." said Alliston as she started looking through the grass to find something useful while Doughnut jumped out of her backpack and dug around to see if he could find anything
Isa stood before the entrance to the Santalune Forest. It was much darker under the forest cover.
“Well, maybe with some shade you can sneak up on them better,” she commented to her partner, who growled a little at the suggestion that she didn’t sneak well enough last time. The Weavile walked alongside Isa through the forest, occasionally attacking the nearby Weedle or Scatterbug. She didn’t have much trouble fighting these weaker pokemon, despite their type advantages against her.

Finally, they saw a light at the end of the path. They were almost out of the forest. But, then they saw a Pikachu run out of a bush.
“Hey! Rette, ignore it!” Isa yelled at her partner, but the Weavile ignored her instead, pursuing the electric rodent deeper into the forest, and off the path. “Ugh. I guess I have to go after her.” She thought. And then she started running.

Within just a few minutes, she had managed to catch up with Rette. The Weavile was fighting against the Pikachu. After Isa commanded him to use Assurance, the battle was all but over, and Pikachu got away. “Now we’re lost...” she said. She decided to wander in a straight line in one direction to see if she could make it to Santalune, or at the very least get out of the forest.
"Ughh, jeez I haven't found anything!" said Allison as she stomped her feet in frustration. "Not to mention every time I find something it breaks out on the first ball!" she said as she grumpily crossed her legs and sat down on the ground with a sigh. "Doughnut! Did you find anything?" she yelled down the Dunsparce's hole. As if on cue Dunsparce hopped out of the hole. The Dunsparce looked a little worried and motioned Allison to follow it into the hole as he made it bigger so she could fit. After crawling through the tunnel for a minute or two she popped her head out in Santalune Forest she saw a girl with a Weavile and tried to get her attention. "Hey, are you lost?"
Anthony calmly walked through Santalune forest with his hands in his pockets, behind the trainer was a rather big and fat Pokemon who walked close behind, in one arm, he huddled several Oran berries while his other hand picked them one by one to eat them. "I hope we can find ourselves a decent Pokemon around here, Snorlax. Maybe a Pidgey, Pidove, Rookidee... I dunno, while I know you are strong, what would happen if you were to face multiple Pokemon at once?" Anthony asked as he looked back at Snorlax who simply gave a shrug and proceeded to eat, before he ate his most recent berry, he paused and pointed in a certain direction and Anthony's gaze followed to see a bird Pokemon relax within the grass.

"Can I have one of those berries you got there?" Anthony asked as he held out his hand, his gaze still focused on the bird Pokemon who seemed to be a Rookidee upon closer inspection. Snorlax gave his trainer a berry and Anthony slowly and quietly attempted to approach the Rookidee, the latter seemed to have already caught notice of Anthony, but rather than fly away, he turned to the white haired boy with a curious look. "Hey there lil' guy." Anthony said as he held out the berry to the Rookidee who inspected it before it took a few bites out of it. "My name's Anthony, my buddy back there's Snorlax. I'm planning to become a strong Pokemon trainer and figured someone like you might wanna be a part of my team? It means you'll train so you can get big and strong." Anthony said with a smile while the Rookidee tilted his head before he started to fly in circles around Anthony before he landed on his shoulder.

"I'll take that as a yes then?" Anthony asked as he got a Premier ball out of his belt bag and held it out, Rookidee tweeted before it was lightly bumped by the white spherical device which suddenly opened and the bird Pokemon was sucked in as a shade of red, the Premier ball shook a few times in Anthony's hand before the button like center lit up with a ding to indicate a successful capture. "Awesome." Anthony said before he stood up and looked back at Snorlax who just ate his last berry and smiled with a thumbs up before he walked up to Anthony. "Well, whaddya say we see how Rookidee is in battle? Maybe we'll find a trainer or two who's be up to the challenge, but first..." Anthony said as he threw the Premier ball up to let Rookidee out while Anthony got out his Poke dex to scan Rookidee.

"Rookidee, the tiny bird Pokemon, Rookidee will bravely challenge any opponent, no matter how powerful. This Pokemon benefits from every battle—even a defeat increases its strength a bit. Jumping nimbly about, this small-bodied Pokemon takes advantage of even the slightest opportunity to disorient larger opponents." The Pokedex explained. "Alright, what's his moveset?" Anthony asked. "Rookidee's moves are: Peck, Power Trip, Fury attack and Hone Claws." The Pokedex said before Anthony put it away and looked somewhat amazed at Rookidee. "Not bad, you sound strong, but we haven't seen you battle yet. That'll change soon enough." Anthony said with a smile, Rookidee gave Anthony an confident squawk with raised wings which made him laugh. "You're excited too, huh? Well I hope we won't have to wait long." Anthony said as he returned Rookidee. "What about you, Snorlax, you wanna rest in your Poke ball for a bit?" He asked, Snorlax merely gave a shrug. "Not bothered by either, huh? I'll keep you out for company until we see a trainer or three." Anthony said with a smile before both trainer and Pokemon proceeded to walk.
Isa heard a voice from behind her ask if she was lost. Immediately, she leaned towards saying no, but decided this wasn’t the time to be prideful. Instead, she said, “Yeah, I am lost. My Weavile ran off the path after a Pikachu, and I chased after it. Do you know where the path out of here is? My name’s Isabelle by the way, but you can call me Isa, and this is my Weavile, Rette.“
"Nice to meet ya' Isa, I'm Allison, you can call me Alli. I'm not exactly sure how to get out the exit, but my Dunsparce is great at finding ways out of places, Doughnut, would you mind digging until you find the exit?" "Dun dun," said the Dunsparce as he hopped out of a tunnel and burrowed a new one that will lead to the exit of Santalune Forest. A few minutes later he popped right up next to Allison. "Alright, that hole is a straight-ahead trip to the exit of Santalune forest," said Allison as she pointed to the hole. "Now I better get back to route 2.," said Alli as she was about to jump into the hole leading to route 2 unknowing that a Spewpa made its way into that hole while Allie was distracted. Allie almost landed on the Spewpa and It a Stun Spore in self-defense but Alli jumped out of the way just in time. "That was close," she said with a sigh. "I'm sorry!" said Alli but the Spewpa was very mad and shot a string shot out towards Alli. "Looks like we have to battle, ready Doughnut?" "Dun dun," said the Dunsparce dejectedly.

"Start off with Headbutt," said Alli as the Dunsparce "crawled forward and rammed its head into it. "That was a direct hit Doughnut!" said Alli while jumping up and down. "Hit it with another Headbutt!" said Alli as Doughnut went in for another Headbutt, but Spewpa put up a light blue barrier just in time to block Doughnut's hit, and countered it with a Tackle. "Doughnut, are you ok?" said Alli as Dunsparce got backup (kinda). The Spewpa tried to use Tackle again. "Dodge it with Dig!" said Alli as Dunsparce dug a hole to dodge the attack before coming out of the ground and hitting the Spewpa from below. "Alright, here's my chance!" said Alli as she threw the Pokeball at the Spewpa. It shook once, then twice, then three times. With a flash of white Alli picked up the Pokeball. "All right, er caught ourselves A Spewpa!" said Alli jumping up and down, while Doughnut jumped into her backpack.
Species: Spewpa
Ability: Shed Skin
Gender: Female
String Shot
Stun Spore
Characteristics: An "Energetic" Pokemon. A bit short-tempered. Is very competitive though. But she gives everything 110% and is always up for a battle
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“Thank you!” Isa said, as her new acquaintance left through a different hole.
“I’m not sure how to feel about going through a hole, Rette. Do you think you could collapse it, and then we could follow it along the surface?” She said, and her Weavile did as she asked.
Eventually, Isa exited the forest, after following the collapsed cave for a while, and reached route 3, the last route between her and the first gym. There were a few wild Pokémon along the way, but nothing that she really wanted on her team. She wasn’t just about to catch every ‘mon she saw.

Finally arriving at Santalune, she went straight to the Pokémon Center, and then to the trainer’s school. She was planning to stay the night at the trainer’s school. She had a family friend teaching there who said she could stay as long as she needed. After that, she went over to the Café with Rette.
“I really wanted a second Pokémon to help you out in this gym, Rette. There just wasn’t anything interesting. It shouldn’t matter though. I know you can carry me on your own.” Isa said to Rette. The Weavile grinned with pride over this comment.
Black and yellow backpack. Camera. Pokeballs. Map. Pokegear. Journal. Berry Pot. Book. Clothes. PokeDex. Yep, all done.
"Mom, Dai, I'm going!" Her mom and Daisy were sipping tea when they heard it. Stella and her mom, Alicia, had come visit a friend of hers. Only two days and Stella already wanted to leave! Well, she was excited for her journey! She wanted to take many great photos and make new friends, Pokemon and human alike. She kissed both of them goodbye, they hugged, and on she went!
"You think she'll be alright, Ali?"
"She will! After all, we helped her prepare, and she can handle herself. And we'll make sure to call her every day... and..."
"Ah, of course she'll be!" Daisy answered, realising she shouldn't stress Ali out more than she was already, she kissed her on the forehead and told her not to worry... and like that, for Stella, Daisy's little vacation house in Vaniville Town disappeared from view, and a new town... rather, a whole new region opened up to her!


Stella's dark button-up dress shirt and jeans probably weren't the best choice to wear, as the brisk morning was turning warmer and warmer as the sun made its way up the sky. At this pace, she'd have to change her clothes somewhere or die of constant heat exposure! Just an exaggeration, probably, right? "Dan, you think I'll be okay with this shirt... I don't know, even the air is hot right now..." she talked to her companion, Dan, the Mareep. Dan just nodded happily and walked alongside her, looking out for any trouble. Eventually, she passed through Aquacorde Town and reached the entrance of the Santalune Forest... Daisy had told her to go pay a visit to Santalune City's gym, where there was a photographer like her! "Do you think we'll get to meet that awesome photographer, Dan?" she wondered aloud as she looked around the forest. The trees were tall and at least in some parts the canopy was such that the warm climate dwindled. She saw some Pidove here and there, a Fletchling that seemed to be escaping from someone from the looks of it, but she wasn't in the mood to try and capture or talk to any of them. She did get her camera out to be ready for when a photograph-worthy something appeared, though.

Eventually, when she was deep in the middle of the forest, she caught sight of a big Snorlax walking... she had to take a photo! She readied her camera and... flash! Then she noticed there was a boy near the Snorlax walking with him, and they were talking to... a Rookidee?
"Pst, Dan, what do you think they are doing there? Are they gonna capture it?" And capture they did... but the Trainer place the Rookidee in his Pokeball just after that. "What a shame, a Rookidee is a Pokemon I haven't seen frequently and a photo of it would be great..." Stella lean on a nearby tree and when she was about to take one last picture... a slight shuffle caught Dan's attention... and he stomped onto Stella right in time to make her fall near the tree before a Mothim descened upon her!

"Wahh!! A... I have no idea what that is but let's try and get far from him to attack!" Although Dan wanted to attack right then and there, he followed Stella's wishes and they ran near where the other Trainer was. "Now let's do it, Cotton Spore, Dan!" But Dan was too slow and the spores hit the tree as the Mothim dashed near them!

@Red Gallade
As Anthony and Snorlax walked to find the exit to the forest, Snorlax tapped Anthony on the shoulder and directed his attention to a girl with a Mareep... and a rather aggressive Mothim, the latter was most likely wild. "Snorlax, defend the girl, Rookidee, time to put your skills to the test!" Anthony said as he held one arm out as if he told anyone behind him to stay behind while his other hand grabbed his premier ball and tossed it forward, the small bird Pokemon emerged from the capsule once more to see the Mothim while Snorlax stood a bit closer to the girl. "Rookidee, Peck, let's go!" Anthony commanded, Rookidee returned the charge and collided with Mothim beak first in to the Mothim's chest which caused it to move back in pain. "You okay?" Anthony asked as he looked back at the girl and her Mareep.
Only when they were near the trainer did Stella notice that he had white hair, which wasn't exactly a common ocurrence. Thankfully, he acted quickly and got his Rookidee out. Stella managed to take one good picture of the Rookidee's nimble Peck colliding with the the Mothim. Afterwards, it flinched backwards, but it wasn't done just yet! Its four wings were flapping incessantly, and it stood in its place in the air, gradually whipping up a Gust that seemed about to send all of them flying! But Dan would not let himself be outshined, and after having Charged himself while the Rookidee was attacking, he gracefully jumped up and a thunder materialised in the air, striking one of the Mothim's flapping wings. This made it recoil and it retreated as quickly as it could, but it was still within reach, and no one knew what it was going to do. Stella relaxed and thought it was over. Furthermore, she did not want to capture it.

Stella had been watching the battle intently and also managed to take a photo of Dan, though it didn't come out as well as the other. After a while, she noticed the boy had spoke to her. "Oh, uh, yeah! Sorry for startling you, this... I-have-no-idea-what-it-is, came out of nowhere, I hadn't even seen it!" she exclaimed as she gestured with her hands. "And you did great, Dan!" she exclaimed, crouching and opening her arms for a hug, which Dan gladly took.
Anthony and Rookidee prepared for another attack only to watch the Mothim get electrocuted by the Mareep and retreat. "Don't apologize, I needed a good excuse to test Rookidee's potential, and that one Peck he did shows great promise, nice work lil' guy." Anthony said as he held out his arm for the bird Pokemon to land on. "I think that was a Mothim that attacked you... where are my manners, the name's Anthony, the big guy behind me's my main partner, Snorlax and this guy here's Rookidee, a recent addition to the team." He said with a smile before his eyes turned to the little sheep Pokemon only to see it's trainer hug it. "Cute."
As Allison was crawling through the hole that was just big enough for her to fit, she noticed a large rumbling above ground. She poked her head up out of the hole, and brushed the dirt out of her hair with her hand. When she poked her head up she noticed two trainers, one of which with a Rookidie and a Snorlax and the other had a Mareep. "Oooh, so that's what the rumbling was all about. Wait, you must think this is really weird to talk to a human diglett." she said as she climbed out of her hole. "Hi I'm Allison, you can call me Alli and this is my partner Doughnut" said Alli as she motioned towards her backpack. "Spaarce" said the Dunspace sleepily. "He's the one who dug the tunnel I popped out."
"Ah, don't worry." Stella said as she stood up and pat Dan. "I'm Stella, this is Dan. Nice to meet you. Oh, and he definitely is a cutie, isn't he?" Stella smiled and ruffled Dan's cotton some more, to which Dan squeaked happily. She waved to him for a second when her attention was thrown off balance to right in front of them...

Out of the blue, she saw a girl... popping out of a hole? "A... human Diglett?" Stella couldn't help but giggle heartily. That's so funny! Who is this girl? Eventually, she ended up laughing. "Ah... ha ha, hello, Allison... Alli, I'm sorry, your joke was great, I wasn't laughing at you," she gestured with her hands a negation as her face still recovered from trying not to laugh, and then Dan approached Doughnut. "Reep! Reep!" He stared at Doughnut, quizzically. "Oh, he dug the tunnel? What a good boy. Ah, I'm Stella, and this is Dan." she offered a handshake to the girl, though he hadn't offered one before, her mind had just shifted attention so fast, she wasn't able to keep up, but she thought it'd be good to offer it anyways.
Anthony chuckled a little bit at the joke. "Sorry if my Snorlax' rumbling disturbed you and not that I'm judging your choice of travel, but I dunno how I'd feel about going through dirt tunnels; I wouldn't wanna get myself or my clothes dirty." He said as he folded his arms and returned Rookidee once more. "My name's Anthony, I was just in the forest to do a bit of training and catch Pokemon before facing the Gym. Either of you two doing it as well?"
"Nice to metcha' Stella and Anthony. By the way, digging's not for everyone, I understand," said Alli as she returned Stella's handshake. "I only got used to this because it's the fastest way for Doughnut to travel aside from it being the safest and fastest. Not exactly good at flying, crawling next to me and my bag gets pretty heavy after a while since he sleeps in it so much. By the way Anthony, I am doing the gym challenge though. On the way I caught this little guy." said Alli as she threw up a Pokeball and a Spewpa came out. "His name is...Huh I never gave you a name. I'll call ya' Pixel" "Spewpa, Spew!" said the Spewpa while nodding.
"I guess that makes sense..." Stella said, deep in thought. How was it possible? This girl was a bit quirky, but that wasn't bad! She seemed lively and fun to be around.

"Oh, Pixel is cute!" Immediately, Dan went to play with the Spewpa, Stella took a photo of the two together. "So, you're going to fight, uh... who's the next Gym Leader again? I was told there was a photographer there, who is it?" Stella looked at Ali expectantly, she was thrilled to have met new friends, but she was also thrilled to be able to meet a fellow photographer.


Previously ☆ JakeOS ☆
After a long ferry trip, Perry arrived in the Kalos region. He had gone there because his mom found a job with the professor, however he said he was looking for people to fill his new Pokedex. Perry agreed to help, and brought his Mudkip, Splash. He, Splash, and his mom set off for Aquacorde Town. Once they got there, they got settled in the house.

Eventually, Perry finished unpacking his last box in his house with mom. "Well, I think that's everything. Thanks for helping, are you ready to set off on your adventure?" Perry's mom asked. "Yeah mom, I have everything. He reached into his backpack and brought out his Holo Caster. "Alright mom, see you later." He went outside, roamed off to Santalune Forest. He noticed a group of people with their Pokemon in the forest so he though he would greet them. "Uhm, hi. Are you guys from here? I'm new and it would be cool if you could maybe show me around? I'm trying to fill up my Pokedex for Professor Sycamore," He said, with a smile on his face. He was excited to embark on this adventure, but he had no idea where he was going.
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Okay. As a public service I've edited your post this once to make it actually readable. I will not do so again. In the future, remember to proofread your post before posting it, use some actual paragraphs, introduce some description, and remember your viewpoint. This kid has no way of knowing the names of this group of people that he, for reasons of some absolute moon logic, decided to commit a random crime against for no discernable reason as his first act in a new region.

It was a Tuesday - not a exciting Tuesday, just a Tuesday - where Charlie had to move from the Unova region to the Kalos region. He went there because he figured all the good pokemon were there and because his stepdad insisted he moved.

"But I don't wanna! My friends are here and I'm well known!" Charlie said in a tone.
"You are going to move there and that is final. We're already on the boat and these passports are non-refundable," Charlie's stepdad argued back "Besides, what's the worst that could happen? Nuclear explosion and/or memes."

30 minutes later they arrived.
"Well, we're here. Look, I'll make you a deal. If you go and explore now, I won't bother you later. Deal?" Charlie's stepdad asked.
"Deal, Bye." Charlie said as he ran off into Santalune Forest.

"Ralto appear", Charlie said, and the Ralts appeared.
"Ok, look. I spotted a bunch of kids over there - so you're gonna fire a Psybeam at them, I run over in the dust, I steal a Holo Caster and we go fight a gym leader. Got it?" Charlie said in a serious tone.
"Ralt!" Ralto said in a understanding tone, then fired a Psybeam at the group of trainers.
"All right! Operation Holo Caster Steal - go!" Charlie yelled, as he tripped over his own shoelaces in front of everyone.
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Isa got up from huge café, paid for her drink, and started walking towards the gym. She was confident, and she figured that she would be able to get through the gym before the end of the day without any issue. Upon entering the gym, she saw a thread leading down to a spiderweb tightrope. This was a terrifying prospect. Luckily, she managed to make it through, and came up against Viola.
Viola was every bit as skilled as Isa had thought. Isa’s Weavile couldn’t even make it past Viola’s Surskit due to its type disadvantage. So she had to train. And that brings us to where Isa is now, on route 22, taking her anger out on wild Pokémon. She saw a few of note who she might like on her team. There was a Riolu punching rocks near the river. Not too far from that, she saw a Psyduck laying on the ground, incapacitated by a headache. And Isa also saw a Dunsparce pop out of the ground. She half expected to see a human come out afterwards, only to quickly realize this was a wild Dunsparce.
She thought about catching the Psyduck. While it too had a weakness to bug types, it also complemented Weavile’s ice type quite well. She was about to throw a ball, when out of nowhere a Litleo jumped out of the bushes on Rette. “Rette, are you okay!?” Isa nearly screamed from the surprise. “Well, this Litleo could complement my team quite well, and you certainly have the fighting spirit. Let’s do this, Rette, use revenge!”
The super effective attack, boosted by the attack on Rette before it, practically threw the Litleo into the ground. It still got up. “Wow. Now I really want you, because you obviously never give up.” Isa stated, and then she threw a Pokéball. It shook once, but in the end, the Litleo became her newest partner. Releasing the ‘mon from its ball, she said, “I think I’ll call you Helion. Let’s go back to Santalune and take a break.”
And so, she did.

Helion’s Stats:
Gender: Male
Ability: Moxie
Moves: Headbutt, Noble Roar, Flame Charge, Work Up
Personality: A very tenacious Pokémon, not afraid of anything, and not willing to give up.
Pixel saw the Psybeam coming towards Alli and Anthony so she jumped in the way to use Protect. Alli looked over surprised by this at another trainer who proceeded to trip in front of the two. "The heck was that for! Pixel ties them up please," said Alli as the Spewpa fired string shots at the Ralts and the boy to restrain them. "You have a lot of nerve just attacking people out of nowhere like that," said Alli while stomping her foot. "Don't you know how dangerous that is?" said Alli proceeding to scold the tripped trainer like an angry mother.
"I don't care what you say woman but can you let me go because if you don't you will force me to use my secret weapon," then Charlie lunged himself forward trying to bite the other trainer "Ow, Come on just let me go I'm sorry I'll be good I definitely won't try to attack you again, Come on just tell me your name look I'll start. Hi I'm Charlie what's your name and can you please let me go before I have to really use 2% of my power YOU LITTLE DULL NUT!" Charlie yelled as he was tied up. "I was just looking for a Holo Caster and just tried to grab yours, I don't even know the Ralts it's not mine, it fired on its own Uh Oh" suddenly Ralts's pokeball fell out Charlie's pocket. "Don't look at that ignore that and please let me out this string please" Charlie pleaded with a little sorrow added for good measures
Alli jumped back dodging his feeble attempt at biting her. "Well now I know that you tried to steal from me, I guess I can trust you," said Alli with an I roll. She sighed to herself. "Well, it isn't like me to keep someone tied up in a forest where you'll probably be an Ariados's dinner or some morbid thing like that," she said after pausing for a few seconds. "Seeing as how you are just about as threatening as a newborn Magikarp and you couldn't run 5 feet without tripping you're probably not that much of a threat," she said as she walked over to the tied up Charlie. "I don't even think I should be doing this, but I believe in second chances," she said as she untied him. "If you're looking for ways to get a Holo Caster legally, I recommend looking for wild pokemon that are already holding items. They can hold things like berries and you can sell them at pokemarts. It might take a while but it's certainly better than stealing. But try to steal from me again, and not only will tie you up, but Doughnut will also bury you in a hole and you'll wait there until the cops come, got it?" said Alli while giving Charlie the stink eye
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Charlie listened to every insult the girl threw at him and reacted in the worst way possible, he insulted her back. Ok miss I'm so spoiled that I bought my pokemon from another trainer. I bet you to a pokemon battle my Ralts against your reject caterpillar winner takes all and if I win I want your Holo Caster or are you to CHICKEN! Charlie said to the girl trainer. "BAWK BAWK BAWK oh I'm a girl I'm so scared of everything" Charlie said in the most annoying voice possible


Previously LizardWarrior
"C'mon Treecko let's finish him off! Use Razor Leaf!" Ayva shouted and Treecko jumped up and launched razor sharp leaves at the opposing Clauncher finishing the battle with a win.
"Yeah let's go!" Ayva shouted happily.
"Aww man you got me." The other boy sighed. "Nice battle." He said before running off toward The Pokémon centre.
"Great work Treecko." Ayva said as Treecko jumped up onto her shoulder. "Now let's find another trainer willing to fight." Ayve was training to try and take on the Coumarine City gym.

"Now finish with a powder snow!" Rian called and Cubchoo sent out a burst of snow that slowly fell over the two. "And finish." Rian said and sat down.
"We'll need to work on the middle bit, it just feels a bit off to me." He said as he took his notepad and pencil from his bag. Rian and Cubchoo were training for their first Pokémon showcase in Lagoon Town. He decided to head back to Coumarine City and rest there.
"Excuse me!" said Allison, taken aback by Charlie's sudden outburst."I let you go and this is the thanks I get!? No way am I battling you. Call me what you want but don't forget you were taken down by a "rejected caterpillar's" String Shot! And this "rejected caterpillar" has a name: Pixel! I have half a mind to report you to the authorities!" said Alli while stamping her foot. "The only way you're getting this Holo Caster is over my dead body!" she said holding her backpack close to her. "You know what!? Pixel, tie Charlie and his Ralts back up. Get Charlie's mouth too so he doesn't try and bite me again!" said Alli as her Spewpa jumped up again. "Spew Spewpa! (Gladly!)" said Pixel as she spewed String all over the Trainer and his pokemon.
"I have an idea, maybe if I charge at her she'll dodge and I can cut these strings on a tree branch, then I can steal her Holo Caster the right way" Charlie thought with a smug smile even though no one could see it. Then he stared at Ralts and sent a look that said "I have a plan but it requires a diversion are you ready? "Ralto Ral" (Ready as I'll ever be) "MMH" Charlie yelled a battle cry and charged at the trainer hoping that she'd dodge it but in case she didn't he had a back-up plan because Ralts broke through his string with a Thunder Punch and fired a Psybeam at Spewpa.
"Doughnut, Dig." said Alli with a deadpan expression. As Charlie charged at her, Doughnut jumped out of her backpack and dug a hole underneath she dropped into a hole causing Charlie to completely miss and Alli grabbed Charlie's tied up leg in an attempt to trip him. Spewpa proceeded to grab onto a nearby tree branch with a String Shot to swing out of the way. Spewpa then jumped over the Ralts and divebombed it with Tackle. "Sigghhh looks like there's no way out of a battle, how did tieing you up somehow make you MORE annoying" said Allison.
"Ah I t'see you have a Diglett, an unfair advantage but still easy to take out".Charlie muffled words of anger and words of a bet "If't I thwin then t'you let me and Ralto go and if you thwin then I'll do what you want" Charlie muffled with a little fire in his voice. Then Charlie kicked himself out Allison's hand and put himself up against a tree so he could cut himself free, and it worked so he could take the string off his mouth and get ready for a fight. "Now where were we oh, I remember now I have to take you out with the rest of the garbage. You are not the first woman to tie me up and stomp your foot at me so now I'm about to knock you out and steal that darn HOLO CASTER! Now Ralts use Confusion on that Diglett" Charlie yelled as Ralts fired a confusion pulse at Diglett.


Previously Breon
Nora sighed as she just finished her drink and began looking around.

She's been in Santalune town for a week now and the only thing she's found in the forest that interest her was a croagunk, she managed to capture it, but Cain was having a little trouble trying to hit it. Whenever Cain went for the attack it just dodged out of the way and kept looking at Cain with a bland face, which was quite infuriating for Cain I guess because Cain then began to ignore my orders, but after a couple of seconds of trying to calm him down, they successfully manage to get a solid hit with Head smash against the croagunk and gave Nora the chance to capture it.

She hope to find another Pokemon to use against the gym leader without using Cain, but after a week of looking in that God forsaken Forest she came out empty. "I guess I'll just use Croagunk and see how things go before using Cain, actually I don't think I seen what Croagunk has for a move Pool, let's see here."

Nora brought out croagunk pokeball before releasing him and as she did Croagunk then started to look at her while croaking before she bring out her new Pokedex that was shipped from Kalos to scan him.

"Croagunk the toxic mouth Pokemon, It tries to catch foes off guard to jab them with toxic fingers, It rarely fights fairly, but that is strictly to ensure survival."

Moves: poison jab, taunt, sucker Punch, Poison sting
Characteristics: Stares off into space a lot whenever not in battle, and loves to make and watch Pokemon be angry.

"Huh! No wonder Cain got so mad, you were using taunt on him." Croagunk then replied with a simple croak. Nora smiled at him before getting up and throwing away her drink. "Well let's go to the forest for right now, I want to see how well you do in battle since I didn't see it when you went against Cain, maybe we can find a trainer to go up against." Nora then began walk towards the forest with Croagunk following behind.
Isa walked back into town with Helion and Rette by her side. She figured there probably wasn’t enough time left in the day to rematch Viola, so she went in the direction of the forest instead, hoping to train against other Pokémon trainers.
"Fine! You wanna battle so badly!? Let's battle! But when I win, you'll have to leave me alone! By the way, It's a Dunsparce, not a Diglett you idiot!" said Allison as Doughnut jumped inside her backpack and Alli jumped out of the way of the confusion. "Pixel, Slow 'em down with Stun Spore!" said Alli as Spewpa jumped up and sprayed the Ralts with yellow dust in an attempt to paralyze the Raltes."Follow it up with Tackle!" said Alli as Sthe Spewpa ran through the yellow cloud and rammed into the rammed into the Ralts.
"You're not getting away until you give me some answers, Team Flare scum, now Ralts take the Stun Spore so you can use your ability" then Ralts got covered in the yellow cloud and then became paralyzed then the opponent Spewpa also became paralyzed. "Ha you didn't even realize my Ralto had the ability Synchronize, it allows any status effects my pokemon has to be passed on to your pokemon, its the ultimate ability. Now Ralts stay on the attacking end and use Psybeam!" Charlie said then Ralts fired a psychic beam at Spewpa.


Previously Breon
As Nora was continuing her walk towards the forest, Croagunk suddenly stop before turning around, when Nora looked to see that Croagunk stopped and was looking in the opposite direction, she went to look at whatever her Pokemon was looking at before seeing a other trainer heading her direction in the distance. Northern smiled before looking at Croagunk. "Nice eye there buddy." Nora then started to rub the top of croagunk's head while Croagunk continue the croak.

Nora started to walk towards the new trainer that Croagunk found before noticing two Pokemon, one was a weavile that she's definitely seen before but the other was something she hasn't seen yet so she then pull out her Pokedex to scan it.

Litleo the lion cub Pokemon,
They set off on their own from their pride and live by themselves to become stronger. These hot-blooded Pokémon are quick to fight.

"Litleo huh? Cool, let's ask that trainer for a battle Croagunk." Nora then ran off with Croagunk following her in a walking pace.

"Hey trainer, sorry to do this out of the blue, but do you think you could have a 1v1 battle against my Croagunk here, I want to use him for my gym battle before I head to the gym itself and see if he's up for the challenge." Croagunk then arrived at Nora's side and began croaking while staring off in the distance.

A girl walked up to Isa. She had a Croagunk beside her, and she challenged Isa to a battle. Isa obliged, saying, “Ok. My name’s Isa. This’ll give me a good chance to test my new Pokémon, before I rematch Viola. I’ll let you have the first hit, whenever you’re ready, she continued, “Helion, ready yourself!”


Previously Breon
Nora pumped her fist into the air with excitement as the trainer that's now known as Isa accepted her challenge. "Great, by the way my name is Nora and thank you for the offer." Croagunk then walked in front of Nora and face intently at the litleo.

"Ok Croagunk, let's start off with what you know best, getting them angry, use Taunt!"
Croagunk then lifted one of its hands and did a hand motion towards litleo telling it to give it its best shot, if it can that is.

"Now that Taunt has taken it effect, all I have to do is wait for it to start it's attack before using Sucker punch." Nora thought as she then waited for her opponent's move.
"Shoot, I forgot about Synchronize!" Said Allison. The paralysus started taking affect on the Spewpa as it couldn't even move as the Psybeam was a direct hit. Pixel was powering through the Psybeam unable to move as Pixel started to glow white and a molt of the skin flew off and was able to use Protect just before Psybeam finished it off. "What the heck was that?" Said Allison as she pulled out her pokedex and scanned Pixel. "Oh yeah, Spewpa has Shed Skin. That means it can recover from abilities naturally." Said Alli as she put away her pokedex. "In other words, you got yourself paralyzed for nothing. By the way, I have no idea who Team Flare even is!" Said Allison pulling down her eyesocket and sticking her tounge out.
Helion was mad now, really mad. Isa had seen a croagunk before, and knew it probably had sucker punch, so she said, "Helion use noble roar to weaken it!"
But Helion did not listen, he wanted to get some payback. So, Helion charged at the Croagunk with a flame charge, boosting its speed as it went. All the while, Helion's trainer was about ready to facepalm, knowing what came next.
"Well, at least he boosted a stat when he decided which move to use." She thought to herself. "I'm going to need to get Helion to listen to me more before I fight Viola again, though."