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Ask to Join Pokemon Kalos Quest


Previously Breon
"All right, here it comes you know what to do, use Sucker punch and knock it away." As litleo was about to hit Croagunk, he quickly stepped to the side while his fingertips then began to glow with a black aura around them and punched litleo on the cheek while it was still in its flame charge attack which caused Croagunk to slightly flinch before sending the litleo a few meters away from Croagunk.

Croagunk glanced at his arm that punched the litleo to see that it's slightly damaged from the flames before looking back at his opponent. "Go after it with poison jab, don't let it gain any momentum for another flame charge." Nora ordered Croagunk before it started running towards the litleo while its fingertips were covered with a poisonous purple aura.
Santalune city, 2 days ago, early morning:

The lingering night wrapped the city in darkness, lampposts and early risers fighting back with small lights. Dawn was not far off and the city would soon be drowning in the sun, which would warm the bricked paths and provide energy for the many patches of plants dotted around the settlement. A traveller arrived before the morning did, coming down from the skies on a long necked Pokemon whose impressive and shiny visage could not be appreciated in the limited light and absent company. The grass/flying type gently landed, folding it's leafy wings against it's body as it surveyed the area. Barely a sound was made as the traveller dropped onto the pavement and gently petted his Pokémon. He gently whispered praise to the Tropius, thanking it and then returning the shiny to her Pokeball. They'd landed outside the Pokémon centre, the weary traveller walking into the building which was still thankfully open.

"Has she gotten through all right?" A teenage trainer sat in a phone booth, talking to his mother on the other end of the line who held up a familiar looking Pokeball. "Safe and sound hun, you sure you only want to start with Sparky again? How is the little rascal?" "Mhm, becoming somewhat of a tradition at this point and ..." Finion looked over his shoulder, taking a glance into one of the two bags he had. The furry Pachirisu was there, curled up and snoozing peacefully. "Fast asleep, probably wake me up in a few hours" "Well you try get some sleep alright, long journey ahead of you, Kalos is a big place" "I will do Mom, love you- those the pups?" Finion had heard the faint yips and yaps in the background, his mother sighing and shaking her head with a loving but tired smile. "Oh yeah, they're a lot of work, might need to give some away to beginning trainers" "That doesn't sound too bad an idea, Growlithe's are good Pokemon" "Hmmm" "What?" "Nothing, get some sleep hun"

Eventually the orange haired trainer ended the call to his mother, leaving the Pokemon centre and searching around the town for a place to stay for the next couple of days. He found a small hotel, booking a room and retiring in it for the remander of the night where he tried to get some sleep.

Santalune city, present day.

Finion walked through the town with a mild frown on his face. There was a holocaster in his hand which he clearly wasn't happy about it. "Ridiculous, if I knew things were going to be this expensive I would've brought more money" He spoke to his two Pokemon, his partner Sparky who was sat on his shoulder and the newest member of his team Daisy the Growlithe, who was trotting laps around and in-between his legs. The fire pup had been a gift off his mother a couple of days ago, Finion accepting the lively young Pokemon and immediately beginning to train her on the surrounding routes. He'd grown quite familiar with the town and the surrounding area but he was beginning to bring his time in Santalune to an end. Finion had brought the essentials for travel in the Kalos region and was preparing to face the bug type gym leader tomorrow. Daisy lightly barked at her trainer, hopping up his legs with excitement then dropping back onto the floor "We've been training all day Daisy, tomorrow we'll find the gym alright" It was getting late during the day anyways and Finion was quite happy to head back to the hotel he was staying at to rest.
"First you lie and say you aren't aware of Team Flare and then you stick your tongue out at me, oh god no this isn't over now it's personal. So Ralts use Trick Room" Charlie said as Ralts turned the battlefield into a blue cubed room. "HA! Let's see how fast you are now. This will be over quick and I'm finally gonna get some answers from you. I have become an extremely amazed strategist and your paralysis isn't gonna stop us now, Ralts stay in one spot and each time that Spewpa comes toward you use Thunder Punch to defend!" Now Ralts charged an electric fist and readied for Spewpa's attack.
Helion, still taunted, continued attacking against his trainer’s wishes.
“Come on, Helion! If I can’t tell you what to do, I’ll at least cheer you on!” Isa shouted at the Litleo. Rette followed her trainer’s example and began cheering from the sideline, too.

Helion took the powerful blow to the cheek like a champ, and only fell to the ground for a few second before getting back up. But by then, the poison jab would be impossible to evade. So, with Helion‘s speed boost, it had just enough time to counter poison jab with its own most powerful attack: headbutt.


Previously Breon
Croagunk rapidly approached litleo with its poison jab, but before he could land a hit on litleo, the little lion cub dashed with increase speed and head-butted him, which unexpectedly caught Croagunk by surprise and skeeted back a few feet with its head lean back.

"Damn, Croagunk use Poison sting." Croagunk then brought its head back forward with its cheeks swelled up and started to fire from his mouth tiny purple needles at the litleo.
The needles flew towards Helion, and Isa’s reaction time was spot on.
“You can run circles around Croagunk. Just avoid the Poison Sting!” She commanded.

For once, Helion listened, and he literally ran around the Croagunk in circles, the needles barely missing him. However, he couldn’t seem to get in to attack; the needles were too difficult to get past. So, Helion instead used Noble Roar while it ran, trying to intimidate Croagunk into stopping.


Previously Breon
Croagunk stopped it's hail of needles to block out the sound with his arms as it watched litleo ran around him, knowing that he couldn't hear his trainers orders, he might as well take measures to his own hands.

After a couple of seconds of trying to adjust to litleo new speed, Croagunk then dash towards the position the litleo was running towards with a poison jab on one of its hands.
The sudden poison jab caught Helion off guard, and the Litleo was sent flying. Well, it was sent a few feet, they were only 1st stage Pokémon after all. By this point, Helion had taken a few hits, and it was definitely battered. Not only that, but this hit happened to have poisoned the Pokémon.

But Helion wouldn’t give up easily. This time after the hit, Helion landed on its feet, which gave it the advantage it needed to charge at Croagunk with a headbutt. It was being damaged by poison the whole time.


Previously Breon
As litleo charged towards Croagunk, Nora then had a cheeky smile when she snapped her finger while pointing at Croagunk. "All right, Croagunk time to end the match let's finish this, use Sucker punch." Nora ordered.

When Croagunk heard the orders he was given, his facial expression then changed, it wasn't a uninterested look on its face anymore, but instead Croagunk had the same cheeky smile as it's slightly chuckled while it's arm began to glow a dark aura and went to hit litleo's face.
"First of all, for an 'amazing strategist', you really should've thought twice about yelling your plan out loud! Kinda doesn't work if I don't get in close to attack. Also, my Spewpa is a literal walking cocoon. If anything, this Trick Room is making Pixel faster. Second of all, you think you have a right to be offended!? You attacked me, tried to steal my Holo Caster, and tried to bite me. But the moment I fire back, I'm suddenly the butthole!? Mr. Pot, Mr. Kettle called, he says you're black! Third of all, for the last time, I have no idea who Team Flare is! I just use this Holo Caster to stay in contact with my parents. By the way, don't call me a liar, Mr. "I don't even know the Ralts it's not mine, it fired on its own" " yelled Allison towards Charlie.
As the Croagunk’s sucker punch was readied, Helion continued to charge towards it. Luckily, Helion didn’t even make it close enough to the Croagunk to get hit before it collapsed of exhaustion and poison.

“Oh well,” Isa said, as Helion fell to the ground and she returned it to its ball, “This is my first training session for Helion. And he showed some pretty good talent. He’ll get better. Your Croagunk is pretty good; you might be able to beat Viola pretty easily.”


Previously Breon
Croagunk began to scratch it's chin as its opponent was returning into its pokeball and stared off into space again. "You did great there Croagunk, you deserve a good rest." Nora brought out Croagunk pokeball and returned him.

"Thanks, your litleo isn't that bad itself, it would have been bad if you kept using flame charge, Croagunk has this ability that makes him weak against fire type moves, anyways nice battle, it was a nice test for Croagunk to see how well he does in combat, anyways I guess I'll see you tomorrow at Viola Gym, nice meeting you." Nora winked at her then ran past Isa back towards town to book a room at the Pokemon center.
"A: You are a bad liar thinking you can just lie and say aren't a Team Flare member, B: Did you notice my Ralts has a Cheri Berry under it's neck, and C: This is a growing AFRO, no one ever notices this is why I'm gonna take your Holo Caster, ransom you for Team Flare and avenge my dad once and for all do you hear ME!" Charlie yelled as Ralts ate the berry healing it's paralysis "You didn't think I wasn't prepared for that did you, now that that's taken care of Ralto use Thunder Punch" Charlie said as Ralts charged another electric fist and ran toward Spewpa.
"No matter what I say to this guy, he wont listen to me. Wait, I have an idea...but I'm not sure if this will work lemme check my pokedex" Alli pulled out her pokedex as it started to scan the Ralts. "Wait this'll work!" Thought Alli. Alli then realized that a Ralts was charging at Pixel with a Thunder Punch. "Protect!" Said Alli as the Spewpa summomed a light blue forcefield. The forcefield started to crack little by little and Alli was worried. "Drat! Protect works less and less as you use it more. Hang in there Pixel!" "Spew Pew!" Said the Spewpa obviously struggling, but then Pixel started to glow. The stringy shell started to crack, and wings started to sprout out from it. In a flash of light, the protect suddenly got bigger and stronger and pushed off the Ralts. The light dissapeared and the Spewpa was replaced with a butterfly with Dark Blue wings. "Wow, Pixel, you evolved!" Said Alli as the now Elegant Patterned Vivillon floated in place. "Anyway, Charlie listen to me! Ralts can read thoughts and emotions right!? Well tell your Ralts to read mine! That'll show you I don't know anything about Team Flare, and I've never worked with them in my entire life!" Said Allison pointing directly at Charlie.
"No you're lying, don't fall for it Ralto it's a trap she wants you to do it!" Even though Charlie denied it Ralts read Allison's mind anyway and when he was finished he saw that she was right and tried to tell Charlie he was wrong "Ralts Ralt" (She's right Charlie you need to apologize) Ralts said in a very serious tone. "Ralts are you serious, oh my god but it all added up and I was gonna defeat you and finally find out who shot my dad and I, Ralts return" Charlie's voice trailed off as his eyes started watering and as Ralts returned to his pokeball "I'm not crying you're crying you big dumb baby" Charlie said as he sat against a tree and started crying.
“Yeah, guess I’ll see you there.” Isa replied to Nora as she walked off towards the town. The sun seemed like it was a bit past noon now. Although she had no holocaster, she knew it was going to get late soon. However, she decided it might be about time for a late night training session. So, after reviving Helion and giving him some healing berries, she walked into the forest.

There seemed to be a lot of shouting coming from somewhere inside the forest.
Wait a second. I recognize that voice. Is that the girl who helped me find my way out of the forest? What was her name again? Allison?” Isa thought to herself.
She listened as carefully as she could: “You attacked me, tried to steal my Holo Caster, and tried to bite me.” Allison had yelled. Immediately, Isa realized that whatever was going on might not be good, so she ran over. When she got there, though, Allison seemed to be winning a battle fair and square. There was no way a Vivillon would lose to a Ralts, not with that type advantage. So, Isa decided to sit down on a stump near the battle and watch.

Soon, however, her entertainment went downhill very quickly. And then it went uphill again, just in a different way. Before, it was action entertainment, but now it was a bad drama. Both fun to watch though.

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"I-I'm sorry about your father," said Alli as she looked down at her shoes. "Guess, there's no point in continuing this battle now. Bye" she said before she walked off "Later Anthony," said Alli while walking away. Once she finally got out of Santalune Forest, she didn't realize how dark it was. "Wow, I spent so much time in that forest. Also, I didn't realize it got this late. If I don't call my mom later, then she's gonna fly over here herself and drag me back home." She walked to the nearest hotel, rented a room, and unpacked her bags, untied her hair, and changed into her pajamas, before climbing into bed. Pixel and Doughnut slept together inside of Alli's empty bag. While Alli stared at the ceiling unable to think still thinking about Charlie.
With night's arrival Finion had retired back to his hotel room, ready to rest along with both of his Pokemon. He'd had a shower earlier and was now relaxing in under the cove with Sparky and Daisy curled up at foot of the bed. "You two ready for tomorrow?" The Pachirisu didn't respond, being fast asleep and snoozing peacefully. The growlithe pup gave a small huff, looking towards her trainer with a tired but excited expression. "Both of you get some rest, we'll face her first thing tomorrow alright" With that, the Sinnoh trainer slowly drifted off to sleep.
After 5 minutes of crying Charlie finally noticed it was dark and Allison had left so he got up and left the forest but before he did he spotted a pokemon Egg "Oh an Egg I can use this for breakfast, but I don't know where home is. I got it the hotel all hotels cook eggs, I think but if it doesn't hatch in ten minutes it's tomorrows breakfast." So Charlie went to a hotel and rented a room, he didn't go to sleep right away but wondered what he would do tomorrow, "I need to find her and ask her to be my friend, maybe we could hang out, nah that's stupid but it could work" Charlie decided to just sleep on it.
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When Allison left and the drama ended, Isa decided it was probably time for her to go back to town too. It had gotten quite dark, after all. On the way back, she fought off a few nastier wild Pokémon, which only came out at night, like Noctowl. Eventually, she made it back to the town, though, and went straight to the trainer’s school, where she was staying.

When she got to her room, she released both of her Pokémon to go to bed, and then fell asleep herself, still thinking of tactics to use against Viola.
Anthony gave a silent wave to Alli before he put his hands in his pockets and walked away with Snorlax... only to look up in surprise at how late it was. "You think maybe we should get some rest, pal?" Anthony asked Snorlax who responded with a nod, Anthony nodded back and went to reach in to his bag to find a fold-able tent and began to set it up. The tent itself was colored black and was big enough to let Snorlax inside, the latter did just that and immediately went to lay down on his back in the middle while Anthony stepped inside and closed the entrance, he smiled and began to climb on to Snorlax' expansive belly, the surface of it felt a lot like the floor of a bounce house with a much fluffier surface. Anthony smiled and laid his back on Snorlax' who already began to fall asleep, Anthony smiled and yawned. "Goodnight, Snorlax..." Anthony said before he too began to slowly drift to sleep.


Previously Breon
Nora was peacefully sleeping until she then heard her early morning alarm, which caused her to wake up. "I-I'M UP." Nora looked around her room before turning off her alarm and sighed. "Oh right, I guess it's time to get moving." Nora then got off the bed began stretching before getting ready for her day.

A few minutes later

Nora finally left the Pokemon center and started to head towards the gym to get her first Kalos gym badge. After a couple of minutes of walking she finally reached it and when she entered, she was met with the gyms Greeter.

"Hello, welcome to the Santalune gym that specialize in bug types, how may I help you?" The Greeter said.

"I would like to challenge Viola to a battle and win her gym badge." Nora said.

"Excellent, one moment please." The greeter then grabbed the gyms landline phone before calling someone. "Lady Viola, a challenger is here for you,........Understood ma'am." The Greeter then hung up the phone as she looked at Nora. "The gym leader will meet you in the battle room now."

"Nice, bug badge here I come." Nora walked past the greeter and started heading towards the battle room to face off against her first gym leader of Kalos.

When Nora entered the so-called battle room it looked like a huge greenhouse with plants all around her and a huge Pokemon field in the middle. The doors on the other side of the field open to reveal Viola, the bug type gym leader.
Charlie woke up to find he was running late "Not again, wait a second, oh no the Egg I distinctly put it on the table before I went to bed now it's hatched". The Egg that was on the table was now half a egg with 2 broken shells. I need someone to help me find that Pokemon," but before Charlie got put of his bed he felt something on the floor, it was soft and when he looked down he saw a Goomy, he was scared out of his mind. (Goomy Goom) "Who are you" I'm Charlie and you are my Pokemon, I think you don't need a nickname I'll just call you Goom. Then Charlie pulled out a pokeball and caught the Goomy

Goomy's Stats
Moves: Tackle, Absorb
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The school bell rang, signaling the beginning of the day, and also waking Isabella up. As she got out of her bed, her Pokémon were doing similarly around her. Helion, who was previously curled up, stretched out, while Rette, who sleeps in a sitting position, opened its eyes. Quickly, they all prepared for the day by waking up fully, and in Isa’s case, getting dressed.

Once they were all ready, she returned the ‘mons to their balls and headed out for the café for a quick breakfast, but decided she would take it with her to the gym. Once she got to the gym, the girl she had battles yesterday, Nora, was already in there, just beginning her battle. So, Isa brought the food to the stands and released her Pokémon on the stands, ready to watch a battle and eat breakfast.


Previously Breon
As the gym leader and Challenger stared at each other off, the referee appeared in the middle to announce the rules. "The battle between gym leader Viola and Challenger Nora will soon begin, but first allow me to explain the rules, both sides will have the use of two Pokemon and the battle will be over when either trainers Pokemon will be unable to battle, only the Challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon."

"Surskit, I choose you!" Viola then brought out her water/bug type onto the field.

"Croagunk, show them your power!" Nora herself brought out her newly acquired Pokemon.

"Let the battle begin!" The referee yelled announcing the trainers to begin their battle.

20 minutes later

It took a little bit of planning, but Nora manage to get the bug badge. At the start of the battle Croagunk managed to get a Sucker punch in before Surskit could get off a Ice beam, but it didn't stop Viola Pokemon from continuing its attack, I ordered Croagunk to then dodge, but it managed to hit his arm before the attack finally stopped. Nora gasped as she then saw that the entire field was covered in ice which cause Croagunk to slip around trying to find its balance.

Nora thought fast and told Croagunk to break the ice beneath him with poison jab so he could stand without slipping, but as he was doing that, Viola ordered Surskit to use signal beam on Croagunk. As the attack was heading for Croagunk, Nora ordered for him to brace for the attack and don't leave that spot. Croagunk was then hit with multiple signal beams as Surskit was skating around him, but what Viola didn't know is that Croagunk has been in this situation before, which means is that Croagunk is now adjusting to Surskit speed on the ice and is now waiting for a moment to strike.

The moment then struck as Nora ordered Croagunk to use Poison sting at where Surskit would be next. Surskit wasn't ready for the attack as it then intercept her course which caused her eyes to automatically close as the small needles got close to her eyes and struck her and also stopping her in her tracks as she tried to shake off the needles. This caused the perfect chance to go on the offenses, Nora then ordered Croagunk to jump the distance and use poison jab on Surskit, Croagunk then jumped into the air and slammed it's ice covered hand onto Surskit causing it to break and send her back a few feet as Croagunk then used his other hand to punch the new position of ice he was in with poison jab so he wouldn't slip again as he landed.

Viola was then about to order Surskit to do something, but Croagunk then use taunt at Surskit which caused her to ignore Viola and instead use Aqua Jet. Nora ordered for him to stand his ground and try to grab it. Croagunk then braced itself as Surskit then came into contact with Croagunk. While Surskit was trying to push Croagunk back, it was instead making some of Croagunk wounds from earlier to disappear as Aqua Jet then dissipated.

Both Viola and Surskit were shocked as it appeared that Croagunk was not affected at all, which gave Croagunk enough time to finish Surskit with a poison jab to the belly, knocking it out.

With Viola's first Pokemon out of the way she then brought out her ace pokemon, Villion. Before anything could happen Croagunk use Sucker punch it, which knocked Villion a few feet away in the air, but before Croagunk could land, Viola ordered Villion to use Gust which launch Croagunk high into the air and then began to free fall and while in free fall Villion then launched a Psy-beam towards Croagunk which exploded on contact, Croagunk then crash onto the ground and was knocked out for the count. Nora was surprise on how fast Villion was able to recover.

Nora praised him before returning him into his pokeball and bring out her partner luxury ball. She tossed the ball into the air which released her aggron and as it landed onto the ice it shattered around him on contact because of his massive weight.

Viola ordered Villion to use energy ball on Cain, but as she did, Nora then told Cain to knock it back with Iron tail. As Cain did so the energy ball was then sent back at Villion which exploded on contact and caused Villion to crash onto the ground. Nora cheered as this was perfect, then quickly ordered Cain to finish Villion with Head smash.

Aggron roared as it then charge towards Villion with its body glowing blue. Viola quickly told Villion to dodge and get back up but before Villion could get out of range, aggron then slammed into Villion, sending it flying past viola and into a wall behind her before slumping back onto the ground unconscious.

"Villion is unable to battle and with aggron the last Pokemon remaining this means that the winner is Challenger Nora!"

Cain roared with triumphant as Nora jumped into the air with a happy smile on her face and then started talking across the field towards Viola, who was then returning her Villion.

"Well done Nora, you manage to beat the Santalune gym, which means you deserve this, The Bug badge." Viola then extended her arm to give Nora her badge.

"Thank you Viola, it was an excellent battle." Nora said as she retrieved her badge and placed it in her badge case. She looked to her side to see Isa understands and decided to head there towards her before she left the gym.

"Yo Isa, you saw my battle right? Wasn't I awesome, I tell you what Viola ain't no joke, actually do you want me to stay here at the stands cheering you on during your battle, I've been told that I'm motivating person."
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Finion awoke nice and early, giving him and his Pokémon plenty of time to wake up and prepare for the gym battle they wished to partake in today. The Sinnoh trainer woke up his two small and furry Pokemon, the fire type full of energy and rearing to go whilst the electric type was ... less enthusiastic. The mention of food soon changed the little Pachirisu's mind and together the trio went to a small café for breakfast. They finished their food quickly, paying the establishment before going to Viola's gym.

The experienced trainer arrived at the gym, having placed Daisy in her Pokeball just before he'd entered and wad addressed by gym's greeter. He explained to Finion how a battle was already underway and that a trainer that had arrived before him was most likely to challenge the next but he was free to do so is Viola still had some Pokemon left. Finion understood the conditions and agreed to them, leaving the entrance room to head to the stands and hopefully watch the battle.

By the time he arrived the battle had already finished, Finion only gaining a peak of a powerful Aggron proclaiming it's victory. He moved to the stands, sitting close but not right next to Isa and watching as Nora came over to speak to the other girl. Sparky was rearing to go, almost leaping onto the pitch only to be caught by Finion. "Patience Sparky, we'll wait our turn okay"
Alli woke up very tired, mostly because she didn't get a lot of sleep. "Hey, Doughnut, Pixel, did you guys get any sleep? 'Caus-*yawn* Cause I didn't get any sleep at all." Doughnut was naturally, very sleepy (as always) but Pixel was bright and chipper. "That's good for both of you." said Alli as she got out of bed and got dressed. While tying her hair into her favorite pigtails, she pulled put her Holo Caster. She selected her mom's contact and dialed her. A hologram of her mom appeared and after a short conversation involving Alli's mom being terrified that she got lost in Santalune Forest because it took Alli over a day to get through, introducing Pixel to her mom and saying she'd call again once she got to Lumiose. After she hung up, she stared at her Holo Caster, still thinking about the guy from yesterday. "Jeex, what's so special about this thing, and what does this have to do with Team Flare? I think he called it that." said Alli as she stuffed the Holo Caster in her back pocket and head to a nearby cafee. After ordering a coffee (with way too much cream and sugar) she felt weirdly energized so she decided to stop by the Santalune Gym today. After looking around, she found the gym and went inside. After a terrifying walk on a spider web,(which got significantly less terrifying onche she found out by flalling that is is not bottomless, it's just a shallow floor painted black. Once Alli got to the batt;e area she saw an empty seat in the stands at sat next to a trainer she recognized. "Hey, Isa' how has it been. I haven't seen you since yesterday. Doughnut say hi," said Alli as she angled her backpack towards Isa, as Doughnut gave a weak "Dunn". "Could you get a little hyped up, we're gonna be battling soon." "Dun Dunnnn" said the Dunsparce is it slunk into Alli's backpack
"Come on, Come on, Yes! I made it so this is the so-called gym I keep hearing about." Charlie was looking for the Santalune gym in hope to battle Viola. "Oh this is gonna be easy as pie." As Charlie entered the gym he saw Allison and got scared, "Oh No I gotta think of something, oh I got it, my disguise." then Charlie took out a disguise that made him look inconspicuous and new to everybody, he managed to walk on the spider web with ease and tried to make sure Allison didn't see him before he battled Viola.
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“Yeah, I saw the whole battle,” Isa replied, “Viola’s pretty good, but she didn’t stand a chance against your Aggron. As soon as you sent it out, the battle was basically over. If you want to stay and cheer me on, you can.”
Then, to Allison, who had just shown up, she said, “I’m doing well, I’m just about to beat Viola.”

By this time, Isa had finished breakfast. So, she got up and headed over to where Viola, who was healing her Pokémon in a healing machine, was, and announced, “I’m here to challenge Viola to a rematch.”

Viola replied, “Just a second. I’m almost done healing my Pokémon.”
Once Viola was finished, the referee said, “You were here for the last battle; you know the rules, right?”
And when Isa said “Yes”, the battle was on.

Isa sent out Helion first. She had seen Viola’s strategy against Croagunk, and decided not to give Surskit any time to use ice beam. So, Helion charged at the Surskit with a Flame Charge to start the match. This was strong, but not enough to knock out Surskit, who jumped back after the hit to get away. However, now Helion was significantly faster than before, and it was prepared for this jump. So, another attack, Headbutt this time, smashed into Surskit pretty much as soon as it landed on the ground, knocking it out.
“Great job Helion! You didn’t even give her time to breath.” Isa yelled as she returned the Pokémon and sent out Rette, “Now, it’s time for Rette to get some revenge.”

Rette and Vivillon came onto the battlefield simultaneously, and both with a weakness to the other. They traded hits for a while, with Rette shooting Icicle Shards and Vivillon firing Signal Beams, until eventually, Rette leaped into the air and took the Vivillon down with a Metal Claw.

With the Bug Badge in her possession, Isa, along with Rette, walked back to the stands.
As the sun rose to begin another new day, Anthony slowly opened his eyes while he tossed and turned on Snorlax' belly, the latter was still fast asleep until he felt Anthony get off of him and start to stretch, Snorlax stretched just as Anthony did. "Oh, morning Snorlax, I didn't mean to wake you." The trainer said as he rubbed his eyes and got out his phone to look at himself and tidy his white hair. "Think you can help me take down the tent? After that, we can get ourselves some breakfast." Anthony said as he stepped out of the tent with Snorlax close behind, it took them a few minutes to take down the tent and pack it in to Anthony's bag before Anthony got out Snorlax' Poke ball. "Gonna return you for a bit, I'll let you out when we're someplace we can eat." He said before Snorlax nodded and was returned to his Poke ball in a red flash. It didn't seem like too far a walk from Santalune City, but Anthony learned the hard way that his Pokemon partner's belly seemed more comfortable than almost any hotel beds.

When Anthony arrived in Santalune city, he widened his eyes in slight awe to see the beauty it had to offer, as much as he loved nature, there didn't seem to be any lack of it as he strolled through the streets to find a cafe to eat at. It didn't take him too long to find one and immediately stepped inside, as he sat down at one of the tables, he opened his two Poke balls to let out his Pokemon, Rookidee chirped with excitement while Snorlax let out a stretch before he looked around at the scenery and smiled at Anthony. All Anthony got for himself were some pancakes which seemed to be on a discount and ordered a mixture of Pokemon food and berries for his Pokemon who all chowed down happily.
"Me next, Me next!" said Alli as she ran down the stairs from the stands. She ran to one side of the battlefield.

"Wow you're an excited one, I didn't expect this many challengers today. I'm gonna give my main two a break, and use some others I've caught kay?" "Fine by me!" said Alli. "Alright, it will be a two on two single battle. No items will be allowed and no substitutions." "Alright, Ledyba, come on out!" "Doughnut, you too!" said the girls as they each threw out their Johto pokemon. "Ledyba start out with Comet Punch!" said Viola as the Ladybug pokemon flew in on the Dunsparce and repeatedly punched the dunsparce. "Oh no Doughnut!, Shake 'em off with Headbutt!" Doughnut shook off the Ledyba and Struck back with headbutt. The Ledyba rolled backwards and recovered. "Now, Rock Tomb!" Dunsparce, levitated a bunch of rocks and flung it towards the Ladybug pokemon. "Reflect!" said Viola as a wall of yellow light and blocked the Rocks. "Wow I didn't expect that!" "You're gonna have to try harder than that to get the Bug Badge!"


Previously Breon
"Well it's only because me and Cain are quite experience in battling that it seems to be easy, anyways good luck." Nora said as Isa then left for her battle.

One battles later...

"Congrats on getting the badge." Nora then got up from her seat and started heading out of the gym. "Anyways see you, you can wait for your friend if you want but I'm going to head out towards lumiose City and maybe find another partner for the next gym, good luck on your journey and next time you see me I'll be tougher before, that's a promise."

After Nora said that she ran out of the gym and continued on with her journey.
"Hit 'em with Headbutt again!" Said Alli as the Dunsparce skittered forward and jumped up to hit the Ledyba out of the air. The Ledyba looked unable to move from the attack which confused Alli. She pulled out her Pokedex. "It's Flinching? Oh, it's because of Doughnut's ability: Serene Grace! Way to go Doughnut!" "Dun dunn" said the Dunsparce dejectedly. "Keep it up with the Headbutts!" Said Alli as the Snake pokemon kept ramming it's head into the bug pokemon. After a few more hits, the Ledyba was down for the count. "Alright we did it Doughnut!" "We're not done yet! Go Scyther!" Said Viola as she threw out a pokeball and out bursted a mantis pokemon.
"Let's go with our Headbutt strategy again!" Said Alli as her Dunsparce skittered forward and Headbutt the scyther twice, with the second one knocking it over. "Don't give em a second to attack finish em off with Rock Tomb!" Said Alli as Doughnut levitated a few rocks and flung them at the scyther. The scyther got over it's flinching very fast and dashed around all of the rocks. "Wing Attack!" Said Viola as the Scyther spun around and smacked Doughnut with it's wings. It knocked Dunsparce back and it rolled away. "Doughnut are you ok?! How the heck is Scyther that fast?" Viola smirked and said: "That's Scyther's ability: Steadfast. Everytime it flinches, it gets slighly faster
In other words, your two flinches just dug your grave. How are you gonna get outta this one? Scyther, use Fury Cutter!" "Dodge it with Dig!" Said Alli as it dodged just in time and dug a tunnel and dug around and landed right across the battle field, "You won't escape it that easily, Fury Cutter again!" Said Viola as the Scyther sped across the battlefield before Doughnut could react and slashed it again. The dunsparce got knocked into a wall and fainted. "Dunsparce is unable to battle, the winner is Scyther." Said the referee. "Drat, I'm down to my last pokemon." Said Alli to herself. "Go, Pixel!" Said Alli as her Vivillon came out of her pokeball. "Vivi!" Said Alli as the Vivillon flew in place. "Alright, let's start off with Gust!" Said Alli as Pixel flapped its wings and blew a small wind towards the Scyther. "Quick Attack!" Said Viola. The Scyther dashed through the wind and headbutted the Vivillon. "Jeez, that Scyther is just too fast! If I attack it head on, I can't win. I'm gonna have to come up with something!" Alli's eyes darted around and found the hole that Doughnut dug earlier. "That's It!" Said Alli as she got Pixel's attention. "Alright Gust, One more time!" Said Alli. "Alright, use Quick Attack!" "That's what I'm hoping for!" "What!?" Said Viola as Pixel used Gust on the battlefield and sprayed dust to create a smokescreen that Scyther dashed right into. Both Alli and Viola shieldid their eyes from the dirt swirling around the battlefield as it dissipated, which revealed only Scyther visible. "Where did you Vivillon go?" Said Viola looking around with her Scyther. "Right under your nose! Pixel, Stun Spore!" Said Alli as Pixel popped right out of the hole right behind the Scyther and sprayed a yellow dust on the Scyther. "That takes care of the speed problen, now finish it off, Tackle Attack!" Said Alli as the Butterfly pokemon flew in and rammed into the paralyzed mantis pokemon. The Scyther fell over fainted and Vivillon happily flew in a circle. "Both of Viola's pokemon are unable to battle. The match goes to the challenger: Allison!" Said the Refere. "Yay! We did it Pixel!" Said Alli as the Vivillon rested on Alli's head. "You too Doughnut." She said as she looked down at Doughnut's pokeball. "Great job, Allison. I did not expect that hole strategy." "Actually, I thought of that on the fly. If that didn't work, I would be in big trouble." "Well it did, and your quick thinking earns you the Bug Badge!" Said Viola as she handed Alli a gym badge. "We did it Pixel, we got the Bug Badge!" Said Alli while jumping up and down and while she didn't notice Viola snapped a picture of Alli, her Vivillon and her badge.
"All right then, I guess I'll go since no one else wants to" as Charlie walked down the steps to the battlefield he was worried about what would happen if he lost, he knew if he didn't then everyone would see him "Hi there I wish you luck challenger and I hope we have a good battle" "Yeah Yeah let's just get this over with, Go Goomy" then Goomy appeared at first scared of it's surronduings then ready to battle "Ah a Goomy that'll do pretty bad against my first pokemon, Go Surskit." then Surkskit appeared in an intimidating stance

Then the referee appeared "The battle against Charlie and Viola shall commence, there shall be no items or substitutions." "All right then I'll let you make the first move" Viola said with a grin. "Goomy, use Tackle" Charlie yelled as Goomy then charged toward the Surskit. "Dodge it Surskit, then use Ice Beam" Viola said as Surskit dodged the Tackle attack and fired an Ice Beam at Goomy from above. "Uh Oh" Charlie thought as the Ice Beam hurt Goomy for a super effective hit, Goomy was knocked out "Goomy is unable to battle so the winner is Surskit" as Goomy was returned to it's Pokeball Charlie thought about a different strategy "If I keep this us this is gonna be a quick loss." "That wasn't even much of a challenge, did you even use the Pokeball before?" Viola asked Charlie in a confused tone. "Y-Yes I used it for the Alamo, but that's not important I shall get that badge one way or another, Go Ralto" then Ralts appeared ready to battle "Now use Trick Room" then the battlefield got surrounded in a blue cube that shortened Surskit's speed. "Ah staying on the defensive end, well I'll stay on the attacking end, now Surskit use Ice Beam" Viola yelled as Surskit fired a Ice Beam at Ralts. "Counter it with Psybeam, then use Thunder Punch" Ralts then fired a Psybeam that destroyed both of the beams then charged at Surskit with a electric fist. "Dodge it Surskit" even though Surskit tried to dodge the Thunder Punch but since the Trick Room was still active it couldn't move fast enough to dodge the Thunder Punch and got hit for a super effective hit. "All right then use Psybeam" then Ralts fired a psychic beam at the injured Surskit that was still slowed down by the Trick Room and when the dust cleared Surskit was unable to battle. The referee then said "Surskit is unable to battle the winner is Ralts" "Good Job, but you won't KO my second Pokemon, go Vivillion. Then Vivillion appeared in a battle-ready stance. "Now use Gust" then Vivillion flapped it's wings to cause the battlefield to be wrapped in a gust just as the Trick Room effect wore off. "Don't let them win Ralto, now use Psybeam to knock it out the air" then Ralts fired a Psybeam at Vivillion. "Dodge it Vivillion" as the Butterfly Pokemon dodged the ranged attack Viola said one final action, "Checkmate now use Energy Ball" Viola said as Vivillion fired a Energy Ball at Rats with a direct hit, when the dust cleared Rats was defeated and Charlie was devastated. The referee then said "Rats is unable to battle so Vivillion is the winner so the victory goes to Gym Leader Viola. As Charlie returned Rats to it's pokeball he shook Viola's hand and went back to his seat in the stands.
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Previously Breon
As Nora left Santalune town and went towards the next route, she was presented with a nice looking park area with multiple hedges around her. "Wow this place is really beautiful, but I don't think I'll find a suitable Pokemon here and if my Pokedex is correct after this place should be lumiose City, maybe I should pay the professor of this regions a visit."

Nora then went across the park while battling random trainers on the way and getting some experience for Croagunk.

When she finally managed to get across from it, she in awe as she looked at the large buildings while people and pokemon were walking around on the street.
Ali sat back down in the stands of the Santalune Gym she watched a trainer she didn't recognize. Shen then noticed a Ralts, with Trick Room, Psybeam, Thunder Punch named Ralto. "Oh my god it's Charlie!" she thought before the battle ended with a loss. After thinking to herself for a few seconds she made up her mind. Once Charlie walked back up to the stands, she tapped him on the shoulder. "I know it's you Charlie. Meet me on Route 4 in about 20 minutes. We need to talk." she said before getting up and walking out o the gym and securing her brand new gym badge in her badge case. After a quick stop at the pokemon center to heal up Doughnut, Alli met up with a trainer that gave her roller skates. After about 15 minutes she got the hang of it (barely) and skated to route 4's fountain before sitting there and waiting for Charlie to come.
"What does she want" Charlie thought as he decided to meet her at Route 4. He left the pokemon gym, healed his pokemon, and went towards Route 4 where he found Allison sitting on a fountain waiting for him. " Ok you got me here what do you want, come to gloat about you winning the Bug badge towards me or did you want to rub it in my face you got those cool skates. Or did you want to say you had more cool pokemon than me" Charlie complained even though he kinda liked Allison.
"As much as both of those things are tempting, I wasn't gonna do any of that. By the way, you're the one with a dragon type," said Allison while fixing her hat. "Anyway, I came to challenge you to a rematch. Since our last one ended abruptly, I want another go at you," said Alli while throwing a pokeball out and Pixel came out with a determined look in her eyes. "And if I win, you have to answer a few questions for me. If you win, I owe you a favor as long as it doesn't include anything weird or involves money. No questions asked. It'll be a one on one like before. Here you go just in case you didn't visit the pokemon center before coming here." said Alli as she tossed him a few potions.
"I'm not in the mood for a rematch, can't you find someone else to battle you, besides I have plans to cr- I mean train to beat Viola" Charlie said in a bored tone. "Besides you won so you can leave the great Charlie, to go to your next city, or did you stay because you actually want to help me" Charlie asked "Or did you stay because you actually care about helping me" Charlie asked trying to get inside Allison's mind
"I stayed for one reason: Answers. I wanted to know who the heck Team Flare is, what on earth it had to do with my Holo Caster and if I somehow helped you along the way, I wouldn't mind. Also, I can help you train...unless you're scared?" said Ali as she chuckled a bit to herself. "How do you like that Charlie, I used your own technique against you," said Alli while chuckling to herself with a sinister grin.