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Private/Closed Pokemon: Lasting Bonds

(DISCUSSION : https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-lasting-bonds.19227/ )
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Peter woke up, straight out of bed with quite a jolt. Rockruff, lying spread out over the bed woke up too, and made a friendly "woof!". He looked at the clock, whilst petting Rockruff's head, to see it was 7 o'clock. "How come I always wake up early on a Saturday, when I have the chance to have a lie in, but when it's Monday I can never wake up at this time in the right mood?", he looked at Rockruff, and Rockruff looked back at him, and 5 seconds later, lept onto Peter and kept licking him. Laughing ,Peter picked Rockruff up and walked over to the bathroom, to get ready for the upcoming day.
Crystal woke up, looking to see Litten and Eevee cuddling up to each other at the end of her bed. She happily jumped out of bed, making sure not to wake Litten or Eevee. After getting dressed, she went outside to the small stables where her Ponyta lived and opened up the door. Ponyta gave an optimistic “Neigghh!”. She knew crystal would be taking her out for a morning ride.
Crystal tacked her up and jumped on. Ponyta ran out excitedly.
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Previously gamora
Ignacio woke to a Darumaka hopping aggressively on his back. "Oh my god Enji, I'm up." he groaned. He got out of bed, put on some clothes, and went to go get breakfast, Enji impatiently following behind him.
Angle was reluctant to retreat from her fluffy bedsheets, but Shellby had become quite worried that she had died or something, and was frantically nudging her arm. She always found it ironically funny how much of a brute her Blastoise appeared to be, despite his timid and worrisome tendencies. "Fine, fine... I'm awake..." she groaned, stretching luxuriously. She got ready to go out; she mixed her moisturiser with some strobe cream, put on highlighter and peach-pink eyeshadow with mascara, and dressed in her trusty sundae dress, pale pink pumps, knee-length pale pink stripey socks- her usual outfit. The pretty teen exited her room, taking a deep breath of the fresh air outside, and headed to a nearby café.

She sent out Zappy, Clementine, Floss and Tama, as well as Shellby who was already out of her Pokéball. "Okay," she instructed, "Stay here while I pop in the café and get you guys some food."

A chorus of happy Pokémon chimed in agreement, and about five minutes later Angle exited the cafe with a bag full of sweet Pokémon food, and a croissant with a soda for herself, and sat on an outside table.


Previously gamora
Angle would see Ignacio chasing into the café with Enji leading ahead of him. He waited idly in line, his leg bouncing up and down, Enji jumping from one foot to the other.
As the morning sun rose over Lecol Town and the rest of the island, many of the Pokemon both in the sea and on the land began to wake. As such, there was a school of Wailmer following a nearby ship, playfully spraying water at the passengers who were at the railings watching them. There was a brunette among the folks, a Weavile hitching a ride on her shoulders. The young woman let out a giggle as she was sprayed with a gentle mist, her Weavile's ear feathers twitching as she gave a small sneeze.

The Wailmer passed by, back into the blue waters, letting the ship dock at the island's port. One by one and group by group, passengers began to filter off the ferry. Many carried luggage with them, and the brunette with her little ice type was no exception. Carefully carrying her suitcase by it's handle, she made her way into Bigol Port, looking around for some semblance of an information kiosk or town map. The woman's Pokemon was already thinking ahead, jumping off her shoulders and darting through the crowds of people. She returned only a moment later, handing a pamphlet she had found to her trainer.

"Thanks, Rubes," The girl smiled at her Pokemon, unfolding the map side of the document. She wheeled her suitcase behind her, careful not to bump into anybody, her Weavile walking at her side. Her first operation of business was to find the hotel she was staying at and sign in without any complications. Making her way out of the port and into the city streets, she studied her map carefully, trying to get a sense of where she was going.
Knowing that the Bagon might sink the ship in with his tears if he were to get sprayed with the tiniest droplet from the passing Pokémon, Charles decided to steer clear of the railings. The Bagon quaked in Charles's arms, as Charles felt the little dragon Pokémon recoiling away from the other passengers happening to also take the same route of egression on the vessel as his trainer did. The infantile Pokémon clutched his compound bow composed of the finest wood from a tree native to his trainer's home region, while the string was smooth, yet strong to allow for ease of use even for the youngest of drawers.

He emitted a series of low, feeble cries of fright towards his trainer after taking swift notice of a weasel-like Pokémon strolling alongside a girl in dark brown hair. He attempted to gather a small amount of draconic energy in his body while attempting to cover his watery eyes away from the dreaded, wandering peepers. The Bagon's trainer kept him secure in his arms while the Bagon took in a series of rapid, but noticeably louder breaths.

Charles glimpsed at the leaflet found and held in his left hand seconds later after managing to track the weasel Pokémon's location after a split second view of it rushing through the crowds. The shoulder bag of his did not seem to be of much problem carrying along with the young Pokémon of his. After carefully folding back the yellow paper of vital information in its original shape and stowing it in his bag, he thought, "I guess I really do have to go to the center first. I'm pretty sure that there's no way out of this, so I gotta think about something fast... or else it's gonna end up like last time."
Ten minutes later, Peter came out of the bathroom. "Hey, Rockruff! I feel like running through the town, because why not?! You coming"? Rockruff barked happily, before dashing out the room. "I didn't say go!" shouted Peter tagging along.

A few minutes later, the duo came dashing along the same street as the brunette with the Weavile. The only thing was, Peter was in the path of the girl. Peter tried to stop himself, but failed, knocking the 2 humans to the floor. "Ouch... wait, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to crash and -". He stopped and looked at his hand in shame, similar of what a young child would do.
"That's enough Ponyta!" Crystal shouted as her Pokemon sped along. She reluctantly settled down to let Crystal jump off and take her reigns, leading her back to the town's streets. As they walked, Crystal saw 2 people that had fallen to the floor, and rushed over, Ponyta following behind. "Um, hello? Are you two okay?" Crystal asked them, whilst helping Peter up off of the floor.
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Previously gamora
Ignacio stepped out of the café with a plate that had about 6 pastries on it, as well as a bag full of Pokemon food. He poured two bowls and let Vermillion out of his Pokéball. He gave them each their bowls, Vermillion's a bit bigger, and a little bit of pastries. Vermillion ate his in two bites and Ignacio followed suit with his own pastries. Enji slowly took little nibbles of each piece. After Enji was all finished, he hit at the pastries implying he wanted more. "No Enji," Ignacio sighed, "You know they're not good for you." Grumpily, Enji ran over to the table next to them, and snatched a croissant out of Angle's hand.

The girl was just about to take a bit out of her croissant when a Darumaka snatched it out of her hand, and in shock she almost fell out of her chair, yelling “Waaah!!”

She stumbled when she got out of her chair, pushing it into her seat. Her Blastoise ambled forward and gently tried to prise the croissant from Enji’s grip.

“H-Hey!!” She called with uncertainty to the table next to hers, “Is this your Darumaka?”



Previously gamora
"Hm?" Ignacio looked up, wolfing down a danish. He picked Darumaka up, Enji angrily struggling. "Enji, what the hell?" He handed Enji over to Vermillion, who flashed a disappointed look at Enji, making Enji feel guilty about it. "Sorry about that, Enji's got... personality." Enji stared angrily at Ignacio.
Atty was too focused on her map to see the boy heading her way, even through the sudden mewls of warning that her Weavile was producing. Ruby, luckily, had hopped out of the way in time, watching as the two humans took a fall.

"Oof-!" Her butt hit the ground, shivers rolling up her spine as her tailbone was struck. After swearing under her breath and getting her bearings, she looked up to see a Rockruff and a young boy, likely still in his teens. He began apologizing, looking almost as if he was ready to cry. "Ah, nono, it's fine!" The young woman waved her hands out. She stood, and although she would be sore for the next couple of minutes, she was unharmed.

Another teen walked up to them, a Ponyta keenly following behind. The girl helped the other boy up, questioning if they were both okay. Had it been an another adult that she ran into, things would be much more awkward. The brunette attempted to put on a non-threatening smile, not wanting to further embarrass the boy. "Yeah, I'm okay. It was probably my fault anyways, I was too busy looking at my map- Wait...? My map!"

Atty whipped around, noticing her hands were now empty. In the fall, she had let go, the paper now long gone down the street thanks to the wind. With a low groan, she turned to Ruby, her Weavile neatly perched on her rolling suitcase. "Looks like we gotta backtrack..."

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Large booming footsteps could be heard and felt on the ground as a very large Torterra stomped her way through the streets. Her trainer, a young woman, had just came back from the library as she checked out a book about Lecol Town and its history, as well as well known myths about the area. Although, none of the pages hold anything about the town's secret as for why wars were a thing. While she was basking in the shade of her Torterra, she heard some commotion in front of her. A young woman with a Weavile, a young teen with his Rockruff, and another girl with a Ponyta. She especially loved the Rockruff.

She smiled and patted Torterra's tree, who looked up at her. She nodded her head towards the group and the large turtle made a very deep croak of some kind in understanding, and headed her way to them.

As she neared, she waved her hand at everyone, smiling and her alto voice rang out from atop her comfy perch. "Hello, everyone! How are you all?"

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(Just after the Ponyta appears)

As the Ponyta rider picked Peter up, he made a surprised reaction. "Yeah, I'm fine... thanks....". Peter looked really embarrassed, as the brunette turned around seeing her map soaring away from her, like a untrained dog might do if let off it's lead. Without thinking, he went charging down the street, after the map, but it was easy to see he was limping. Regardless, he managed to reach it, and as soon as he made a jump for it, the map went even higher into the sky. It was now unreachable.

"Oh, no, aaagh...." he said, head to hands. "I'm....". Before he could say anything, Rockruff appeared in front of him, and pointed at the map, then at Peter. "OH YEAH! I know this island like the back of my hand!" Peter made a sudden jolt around, and asked the brunette if she'd like a tour around the island. He looked really excited to do this, until he got a full look at the girl. "Wait, you look much older than me... if this is going to be awkward, I can just try and get a map or something...". Peter hadn't felt like this in a while. Embarassed, surprised and wanting to impress the girl, all at once.

( @vaultie @HeyThereItsJodie )
While Crystal waited for Atty to respond to Peter’s request to show her around, her Ponyta started huffing and jumping around as a rumbling and stamping noise began. “WOAH, what’s happening??” She asked, completely confused to the stomping.
A few moments later, she looked upon the massive shadow, seeing the huge Torterra with a young woman on top of its tree. “Hiii.. who are YOU? That’s an impressive Pokemon you have there!” She said, whilst patting her poor Ponyta to settle it down as its mane flamed up, making everything hotter. After she had looked away from the woman, she turned her head to give her attention to her Pokemon. “Ponyta, it’s okay now, go say hi to the Torterra.” Crystal told her.
Ponyta scaredly walked over, reaching out to nuzzle the Torterra’s face to say hello.
Crystal smiled as she watched her Ponyta try to make a new Pokemon friend.
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"Well," murmured Angle, taking the croissant from Shellby- luckily, the Darumaka hadn't put it in his mouth yet, so she was safe to eat it. "It's obviously a fiesty personality." she said. Her brown eyes flickered up to look at Ignacio, and a crooked, smirk-like smile curved her lips, humoured by the antics so early in the morning. Shellby looked over his mistress' shoulders, trying to hide behind her despite his massive brute size.

"Even so, that's quite an introduction you and your Pokémon made," Angle chuckled. "Enji, is his name? His energy reminds me of some friends I had back when I travelled through Kanto."



Previously gamora
"Yeah," he nodded. "I'm Ignacio, and I think Enji's fully represented himself here." His eyes darted to Enji aggressively who let out a resigned 'daru'. "And this is Vermillion," Vermillion smiled friendlily, some crumbs around his mouth.
"WOAH!" Peter stumbled back from seeing the massive Pokemon he'd next seen before. "What Pokemon is that?! I've never seen it!". He ran to the side of it, and looked at the top of the shell. "It has... like a piece of nature on it's back! It looks so cool, but it looks intimidating too! Is it tame? Can I pet it?". Peter flooded questions similar to this at the person and their Torterra.
Catrina giggled an adorable giggle and slid off of her Pokemon's shell. Her Torterra cocked her head at the scared Ponyta, and smiled a warm smile. She then nuzzled the Ponyta's nose, wanting to help calm the poor startled horse. Meanwhile, Catrina just chuckled as she looked at the other guy who was interested in her Pokemon. She smiled and relayed as much information as she could. Her voice wasn't as serene or soft, but rougher.

"Well, this is a Torterra, the fully evolved form of the Grass-Type starter Turtwig of the Sinnoh Region and is a Grass/Ground-Type. She's been with me for 29 years, which is my age. I'm Catrina Shanordash Darastrix, but you may call me Catrina or Cat. Terra is her name, and she is very tame. She will allow you to pet her, just don't touch the spikes on her jaw. You can even hop onto her shell if you want to bask in the shade of her tree. She loves giving people rides. Oh, and Torterra are usually not supposed to be this tall, but because of how old she is... Well, this is an exception," she smiled an innocent smile, shutting her book and cradling it in one arm against her stomach.
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"He certainly has," the girl snickered, a sparkle of humour still remaining in her eyes. "And your Rhydon's pretty cool too."

"This is Shellby," she said, motioning to her Blastiose, who still huddled himself behind her. "He's a gentle giant. There's Zappy- he'd get along well with Enji," continued Angle, tilting her head toward her Jolteon. "And then Clementine, Tama, and Floss." she finished, gesticulating to her Dragonite, Mimikyu and Shiny Lopunny respectively. She brused a strand of hair behind her ear.

"My name's Angle- pleased to meet you." she finished, holding her hand out in gesture of a handshake, and hoping that the boy who stood opposite her would not question her out-of-the-ordinary alias.

Atty winced as she watched Peter attempt to run after her lost map, noticing the boy's limp as he ran. "Ohgodpleaseyoudon'thavetodothat..." She hissed under her breath, not wanting the teen to harm himself any further.

However, her expression softened when he returned and mentioned that he knew the island very well. She tried brushing his concerns off, comforting him with a smile. "It'll be fine. I'm not that much older I don't think? I'm like, what, 20?" She playfully waved her hand. "Trust me, it'll be fine-" She was interrupted suddenly by heavy footsteps, once again turning to the source of the noise. Another adult, thankfully, with a giant Torterra. She watched in awe for a moment, both with the Pokemon's size and age, as well as the woman's beauty.

Clearing her throat after Catrina introduced herself, Atty did so as well, her face dusted a pale pink after attracting so much sudden attention. "My name is Atlas- Everyone tends to just call me Atty, though. And, um... Well, I'm here for vacation! I'm originally from Unova, but I really love to travel and sightsee," She looked between all three trainers that surrounded her, eyes stopping on Peter. "So, yes, it'd actually be a lot of help to be shown around. I'm supposed to check into, ah... What was it...? Heaven-? Nono, Haven. Havens! Hotel Havens." She nodded, brown hair bouncing with her movements.

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Previously gamora
Vermillion glimmered with happiness after being complimented as 'pretty cool'. Ignacio rudely, but oblivious to how rude it was, ignored the handshake, fascinated by Floss, who he had just noticed. "Is that Lopunny shiny? Its cotton is normally yellow, no? I've never seen one like that before!" (@tokyomustard)
She dropped the handshake, brushing her hand on her leg and raising an eyebrow- but chose to just kind of ignore it, because the guy was most likely not trying to be rude. Instead, Angle decided to humour him by informing him about Floss- something he seemed to be quite interested with. "Ah- indeed she is! Floss is one of my greatest achievements." she chuckled, beckoning Floss over. Her Lopunny was quite a show-off, knowing how appealing her shiny colours were, and enjoyed flaunting her hue. "And she loves attention," deadpanned the girl, as Floss strutted over, making an effort to look appealing.



Previously gamora
Ironically, Ignacio shook hands with Floss. Grumpily, Enji used Headbutt on Floss. Of course, Enji wasn't strong enough to do much harm to her. "Enji!" Ignacio yelled in anger, and put Enji back into his Pokéball. "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" He said to Floss, gargantuanly overestimating Enji's power.

A look of slight confusion spread across Angle's face as she noticed Ignacio shake hands with Floss, but thought nothing of it, really- it was early in the morning and she wasn't in the mood for confrontation. Floss stumbled backward a little bit as the impact of the Headbutt, but managed to keep her balance, and looked at Angle for input until she was spoken to. "Pun," chimed the Lopunny, nodding her head. Angle chuckled again at the ordeal. The Darumaka was without a doubt quite short-tempered and high maintenance.

"Hey, maybe you and I could have a battle sometime." Angle proposed, seeing potential in the Darumaka. "Maybe when Enji's a Darmanitan?"


Previously gamora
Ignacio thought for a second. "Yeah, I don't know, could be a while before he evolves." He shrugged. "We could have a battle now with Vermillion though, if you'd like." Vermillion cooed with excitement over the idea of a battle.
"Go on then." Angle said, nodding her head determinedly. She sent Floss forward, her Lopunny rearing to go. Floss may enjoy looking pretty, but she also loved the thrill of battle- so, she stood in her stance, ready to go. "I'll warn you- I'm pretty good." she winked, doing finger guns.


Previously gamora
"Please," Ignacio snickered playfully, "Vermillion is practically undefeated." That was a lie. Ignacio was far from a good battler at this point and had won few. Vermillion set into place, ready to battle, before Enji burst out of his Poké Ball. "Maku, maku!" Ignacio groaned. "I think Enji'd like a double battle, if you dont mind." (@tokyomustard)
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Crystal gave a small giggle back at Catrina. “Ponyta seems pleased, so does your terra.”
“And it’s nice to meet you all, Peter, Cat and Atty!” She said, looking around at the three of them. “I guess I’d better introduce myself too. I’m Crystal, this is my Ponyta, or Poppit as I like to call her sometimes. But my Pokemon don’t stop there, I also have a Litten and an Eevee sleeping back at home, I could go get them for you if you want.” Crystal gladly told them. Ponyta gave a delightful puff, pushing her head into the three’s arms for a warming introduction.
“Oh, also, Peter! I’ve seen you around before, but I’ve never really picked up the courage to say hi.. I guess I’d just like to say, it’s nice to finally be able to meet you, you seem like a great character!” She excitedly said to the other teen, whilst Ponyta kept trying to lick his hands, which seemed to be covered by the scent of his rockruff.
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"Of course," Angle replied, the humour still in her eyes. She beckoned Shellby to come over, and the gentle giant of a Blastoise ambled over, looking uneasy but somehow determined at the same time. "You ready?" she asked, deciding to let the other have the first move- to keep her on her toes.



Previously gamora
Ignacio nodded, ready to battle. "Alright, Enji, Work Up, and Vermillion, use Dragon Rush on Floss!" Hot flames appeared around Enji, as his face turned red, stomping up and down. Vermillion ran towards Floss, his tail starting to glow purple.
"Floss, out of the way!" cried Angle, and the Lopunny jumped away from the Dragon Rush attack- but she wasn't quite quick enough, and the attack knocked her feet, causing her to go tumbling to the floor. However, the Lopunny was anything but clumsy, and quickly got to her feet. "Floss, High Jump Kick on Vermillion! Shellby, use Rain Dance!" she instructed, quick-firing the moves at her determined Pokémon.


Previously gamora
Not quite dexterous enough to avoid the High Jump Kick fully, Vermillion jumped onto the ground to duck. Floss's attack would instead land on a sprinting Enji, trying to use his own command to take out Shellby. Enji fell to the ground, nearly fainted. Concerned, Vermillion picked up Enji and held him in his arms. It was at that moment Ignacio had an idea. "Now, Vermillion, Earthquake!" The quake spread throughout the field, and would be strong enough to topple over both of the Pokemon. Ignacio rashly thought that in Vermillion's arms Enji would be protected from the Earthquake, however, he fell down, laying on the ground with his eyes closed. "...Damn."
Angle braced herself for the tremor, and so did Shellby and Floss, but that didn't stop said Pokémon from falling over. Shellby wasn't quite as nimble as Floss and took a longer time to recover, but Floss was all ready. "Floss, use Attract on Vermillion!" Angle ordered, hoping that Vermillion was male so that the move would land- Floss was female, or course. When Shellby had finally recovered, he was unsure of whether the Darumaka had fainted or not, and Angle had the same thought process. "Okay," she said, "If that Darumaka hasn't fainted, when it gets up, use Hydro Pump," the girl ordered, and Shellby nodded his head.


Previously gamora
Vermillion smiled at Floss lovingly, walking over to her and trying to hug her aggressively. "Vermillion, you straight bastard," Ignacio sighed with disappointment. Enji remained still on the ground.
"From Sinnoh?" Peter looked up in excitement. "I've always wanted to go there!". He then went off to pet his head, whilst Rockruff being as excited leapt onto his back, and then curled up in the shadow of the tree. The Puppy Pokemon started pulling something out of its fur mane, which it started nibbling on. It was his favourite food, an Oran Berry. Even though being very hyper, the Rockruff was very smart too, as it must have packed itself a snack, in case it got hungry.

When Atty revealed her name, he twisted over at her, and excitedly introduced himself "Well, my name's Peter Cinnabar! And I know where the Havens Hotel is, I could help you get there!". When Ponyta hugged into him, he didn't decline it, he bent down to be the same size, so it felt more comforted. "You could get your Litten and Eevee if you wanted, I don't have anywhere to go." he responded to Crystal's request.

When he heard about her never having the courage to talk to him, he suddenly felt a bit awkward, as he didn't think his personality was intimidating up until now. "Wait.... I'm intimidating? I didn't think about it until now....". Once again, he went from hyper to embarrassed.
"Well, it's nice to meet you all, then!" Atty's warm brown eyes scanned over the little group, beaming a smile at each of them. "Feel free to go get your Pokemon, Crystal. I'll have to introduce my full team to you all and your Pokemon sometime. To start things off, though, this here is Ruby," She sidestepped, grabbing her suitcase handle as the Weavile hopped down and resumed her position at the young woman's side.

The weasel let out a mewl, ruby red eyes gazing over everyone, even looking at the Ponyta, Torterra, and Rockruff. A clawed hand was raised as a way of greeting, flashing her little fangs in a smile.

Once Ruby had given her hello, Atty spoke up once more. "I'd love to show off everyone now, but I should probably check in and drop my stuff off, first... Lead the way, whenever you're ready." She fixated a friendly look on Peter, ready for the boy to start moving on whenever.
"Oh! I wasn't trying to imply that.. I just get frightened about new people I guess.. you're really not intimidating! So please don't worry" Crystal told him, whilst giving an awkward smille. "I guess I'm just saying that I'm glad to meet you Peter" She told him, shaking his hand.
After what he'd told her about her other Pokemon, she sped off to get them after climbing back onto Ponyta when she happily requested Crystal to get on.

Back at her house, she grabbed a backpack with a Pokeball on it and took out 2 balls for herself. She went up to her room to wake up the lazy sleepers. "Wake up you two, we have some new friends!"
Litten made a "Mrawr!?" sound as his pokeball was lobbed at him in excitement. Eevee walked forwards from Crystal's bed and was sucked into her ball.

Crystal rushed back to the group again on her Ponyta, enthusiastically waving to them. "Here they are!" She squealed as she jumped off her pokemon and let the others run free outside of their pokeballs. "This is Litten.." She said, pointing at the small red and black kitten with glowing yellow eyes. "And this is Eevee!" She told them, pointing at the brown furry creature beside her. "I'm really happy you got to meet them." Crystal squealed again.

After Atty had asked Peter to show her to the hotel, Crystal waited for his response, smiling at the two of them.
(Before Atty asked Peter for the hotel, but after Crystal came rushing back with Litten and Eevee. Note, I asked HeyThereItsJodie about what the 2 Pokemon would act like)

"Aww! They're so cute!" He picked them both up, which Eevee loved it, but Litten was getting worked up. He realised that the Kitten Pokemon was irritated, so he put them both back down, to Eevee's disappointment. They both then met Rockruff, who was standing next to Peter, and the trio started playing around.

Peter had forgotten about guiding Atty to the hotel, upon hearing her saying to lead the way, he suddenly let out an "Oh, yeah! Follow me!" and started walking in the direction of Bigol Beach. "I'm pretty sure it's up here, on the road next to the beach, quite a nice place to have a hotel. You get the sun shining in the windows here, which could give you a tan by just staying inside! You get to see the glimmering, clear ocean 24/7, and the Pokemon that live in there. It's probably one of the best hotels in Lecol Town!".