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Open Pokémon Legends Sign Ups


Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette
It’s a Pokémon journey through a new region where you have to beat the evil Pokémon team (Eclipse) and save the world.
You can have up to 2 chars.
Regular Pokécharms rules must be followed.
You are allowed to date but no farther than kissing

How to sign up
Pokémon Partner:
Pokémon Team:
Region Your From:

Here’s mine for an example
Name: Coop (Cooper)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Green sweatshirt with black T-shirt under, black pants, brown hair and green tenni shoes
Personality: Kind and cool
Partner: Swampert (M)
Pokémon: Salamence (M), Dragonite (M), Incineroar (M), Swellow (M)
Region: Hoenn
Other: N/A

Name: Zen
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair covering his right eye that has a scar that made his right eye slightly blind, black jacket with red zipper, black shirt under it, black pants, black boots.
Personality: Cruel and cold, barely ever nice
Partner: Charizard (shiny and male)
Pokémon: Nidoking (M), Staraptor (M), Magmortar (M), Lycanroc (Midnight and Male), Gengar (M)
Region: Kanto
Other: Is secretly a member of Team Eclipse

Hmm, before I sign up for the RP, I was perhaps wondering if I can use my fan made Pokémon for the RP, and also have my character be a part of the evil team. (Note that there will be a lot of information on the Pokémon due to images being highly frowned upon to use in place of character description, and the trainer character had been in hiding after their formal team disbanded.)
hi im gonna sign up

Name: jack
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: black hoodie , black jeans , green eyes , knuckle dusters , brown hair , tall nad carries a scythe
Personality: mean and dark , resourceful when needs to be
Pokémon Partner: hydreigon (M)
Pokémon Team: kommo-o (M) , weaville (M) , kingdra (F) , hydreigon (M) , Krookadile (M) , scizor (M)
Region Your From: unova
Other: N/A


Previously im_the_rhino
Name: James
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing tall and coltish with fair skin, this man has a boring feel about him. He has alert, deep-set brown eyes, a large nose, and a pointed chin. His short, curly, grey hair is cropped. He usually wears old fashioned clothes.
Personality: Absent-minded and Sneaky
Pokémon Partner: Weaville (F)
Pokémon Team: Weaville (F), Quagsire (M), Ninjask (F), Jolteon (M), Crobat (M), Rapidash (F)
Region Your From: Sinnoh
Other: N/A
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Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Name: light
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: short black hair and green-brown eyes. He wears yellow shirt with a black sweater on, he wears black pants with red pockets and a deep blue shoes.
Personality: light is kind and naive, he will try to do the best he can to help his friends and pokemons.
Sometimes he act like a leader.
Pokémon Partner: emolga (m)
Pokémon Team: emolga(m), sylveon(f), mareep(m), mimikyu (shiny m), clefa(f).
Region Your From: jhoto
Other: light always dreamed about becoming an electric type gym leader, so hes trying to catch aspecially electric pokemons.
He also can translate pokemons.
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Already have permission to use a fan made Pokémon of mine for the RP. Apologies for being here a little later than usual, since the cold is starting to get on my nerves a little.

Her name is Lily Maes.
Age: She is roughly about 14 Years old.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lily stands at a modest height of 4'11", as she has long, black hair in a straight style, baby blue eyes, a fair skin tone and a somewhat skinny build. She wears a pale pink lab coat over her black scoop neck shirt and her short, gray skort. She has on blush pink short heels and carries around a rose pink duffel bag that contains various items. A part of the bag can be converted into a sling to carry around small Pokémon with ease.
Personality: Lily tends to usually be a moderate, independent girl who usually takes things upon herself when it comes to her own decisions of action. She sometimes stays quiet when it comes to group discussions, as a result of her mind being constantly filtered out when others ramble upon for previous minutes. She can be somewhat stern at times, as a result of her Pokémon not always listening to her when she commands it the most.
Pokémon Partner: She has an Alpvaros. (See below for more information.)
Pokémon Team: She does not have any other Pokémon at the moment, as she likes to have only one Pokémon for the time being to make caring for her only Pokémon much easier.
Region You're From: She is from Etepeal.
Other: She decided to secretly go undercover into Team Eclipse to observe them. It is done for the main purpose of determining whether she should go back to hiding or maybe even work with the organization.
Name: His name is Attai, though he often prefers to be called by the name of his species due to most people usually saying his name incorrectly.
Species: Alpvaros / Young Temporal Pokémon
Type: [type]Psychic[/type] [type]Dragon[/type]
Gender: Male
Native Region: His native region is Etepeal.
Height: 1'5" / 43.18 cm
Weight: 10.7 lbs / 4.85 kg
Special Features: He does not have anything that makes him stand out.
Hidden Power: Normal
Ability: Rewind (When the Pokémon takes damage and stops taking additional damage for a brief amount of time, the Pokémon may regain HP equal to all damage taken during that prior moment.)
Appearance: Alpvaros is a small, bipedal, humanoid Pokémon that resembles a Carnotaurus. He has a primarily cloud gray body in a somewhat darker shading. He has a modest head to body ratio, as he has big violet eyes, a small nose composed of three tiny nostrils and a small mouth that has a tiny lavender tongue and only one baby-sized tooth in the middle of the upper row. He has a pair of tiny, cream-colored horns on top of his head; both of the horns are on their respective sides. He has a patch of minuscule scales that run from the top of his back to his tapered tail, as the scales are the same color as his horns. He has an orchid purple underside, along with a light, mauve purple collar marking that encircles his neck. He has four fingers on each hand, and three toes on each feet; the toes have three tiny claws on them that are the same shading as his horns and scales.
Clothing: He wears a beanie on his head, and a onesie that has the picture of a simple, white clock on the front. He wears a pair of soft mittens and comforting socks to further preserve his warmth. All of his clothing are in a friendly shading of amethyst.
Personality: Attai has an modest outlook in life, as he usually attempts to keep away from trouble to avoid obtaining another first class ticket for a round of the dreaded potion. He usually keeps to himself, especially during his time of lonely play he likes to have when his trainer is not around.
Primary Moves: Diacleave, Draco Lance, Destiny Eye, Chronostasis.
Other: As a result of his stunned growth, he appears to look and behave younger than his age of thirteen months. He prefers to communicate through the means of body language, babbling incomprehensible sounds or occasionally wailing at the top of his little lungs since he is unable to speak and can hardly use telepathy.
Poké Browser Entry: "Nicknamed as the "the little head of time," it is no surprise that this Pokémon was feared by many ancient civilizations. It can reverse and obverse time on a small scale of seconds, but its drawback is its inability to effectively change time on a wider, desirable scale."
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Category: Physical
Condition: Tough
Power: 45 x 2
Accuracy: 90%
Power Points: 15
Target: All enemies in range
Range: 2 Meters in front of user; straight, horizontal line pattern
Description: The user brutally slashes at the target with the strong force of mystic energy, as it may leave the target with reduced defense and/or speed.
  • [Attack 30%] Physical Resistance −50%, for 30 s
  • [Attack 30%] Speed −50%, for 30 s
Type: [type]Dragon[/type]
Category: Physical
Condition: Cool
Power: 45
Accuracy: 90%
Power Points: 25
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: The user strikes the target in a stabbing motion, draining their energy and power.
  • [Attack 100%] HP Drain +25%
  • [Attack 100%] PP Drain +25%
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Category: Status
Condition: Clever
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 10
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: The user puts themselves in a state of intense concentration to see a brief glimpse of the future and have a short window of altering it through any means necessary. This move may fail if used in succession.
  • [Activation] Advanced Sight +100%, for 5 s
  • [Activation, > 1 Use] Fail Chance +50%, 0.5x more per use in a row, capped at 87.5%
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Category: Status
Condition: Clever
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 3
Target: All Pokémon in range excluding self
Range: 10 Meters around user; circular pattern
Description: The user unleashes a powerful wave of strange, mystical energy that rips apart time and space to trap all nearby Pokémon. All trapped Pokémon cannot move for a brief moment, as all attacks from all Pokémon (excluding the user of this move) are slowed to a crawl during this moment.
  • [Activation] Leg Hold +100%, 10 m, for 10 s (Leg Hold: The target cannot move, but may attack or use items. Status condition from all PMD series.)
  • [Activation] Time Scale −80%, 10 m, for 10 s


Previously OtisRolePlays
(I hope I’m not too late to join, this seems interesting.)

Name: Otis

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: She is kinda tall, with wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes. Otis wears a sky blue bandana around her neck, she also wears blue glasses, a fluffy white sweater, blue jeans, red sneakers, with a pink backpack.

Personality: Otis is very kind, and deeply cares about her pokemon. She can be impatient and a bit stubborn though.

Pokemon Partner: Scolipede

Pokemon Team: Serperior, Scolipede, Ampharos, Unfezant, Flygon, and Zoroark.

Region your from: The Unova Region

Other: Otis and all her pokemon wear matching sky blue bandanas around their necks.
Name: Chester
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has green eyes and black hair, he wears a dark red cap, black zip up jacket, dark blue shorts and black shoes
Personality: He acts mature and firm, but often worries over things too much. Like all good trainers, he cares deeply about all of his pokemon.
Pokémon Partner: Lucario(M, David)
Pokémon Team: Lucario(M, David), Luxray(M, Watts), Starmie (Ruby), Weavile(F, Ciarra), Growlithe(M)
Region Your From: Sinnoh
Hmm, I’m already having a lot of second thoughts about the RP, and the second to last recent post made by a certain someone has added onto that much more than I would like unfortunately.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
I edited my character (not today) that he can translate pokemons.

But he can translate only his pokemons

(If that not okay i will remove that)
I already have a feeling I might need to consider interacting with someone else or perhaps move to a different setting after seeing how things are turning out. I might also maybe introduce a new character with my fan made regional variant Pokémon of a starter possibly.

*an Ele-Otter Pokémon could be seen playing with several cell batteries, as his trainer attempts to intervene*

StellarWind Elsydeon

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I already have a feeling I might need to consider interacting with someone else or perhaps move to a different setting after seeing how things are turning out.

Wolf and Icy are getting off a boat in a small town by the coast. If you'd like to interact with them I'm all open ^^
Roger that, I might consider that as a possibility, though I’m putting in the information for my lil’ Camtonian variant Pokémon.

“It manipulates and conducts lightning with a shell-like weapon that rests on its belly when not in use. Touching its antennae or prong-shaped tail is ill-advised without any protective gear, as its body contains a lethal amount of amperes against an adult rhino.”
Name: Riley
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Simply just my profile picture with brown hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Cocky at times , swears a bit ( If it is allowed) , Usually friendly.
Pokémon Partner:
Pokémon Team:
Region Your From:
I don't see how a twelve year old can look like Kakashi who's a grown man but alright. I personally think he looks cool when he's young too though.

Anyway, here's my bio:
Name: Isak
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: 6'1 tall. Somewhat muscular. Brown hair. He have yellow colored contact lenses (they are for his bad eyesight. Not just for show). He wear a purple hoodie and torn jeans.
Personality: He's somewhat cocky but smart. And he hides his feelings at times.
Pokémon partner: Charizard (Blaze (M)).
Pokémon team: Charizard (Blaze (M)), Umbreon (Lunar (M)), Absol (Demon (M)), Lycanroc (midnight form. Sassie (F)), Ninetales (Alola form. Glacia (F)) and Sceptile (Thorn (M)).
Region you're from: this region.
Other: pansexual
This seems fun, count me in.

Name: Melissa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown hair usually styled in a ponytail and amber eyes. She wears a green hoodie, the sleeves covering her hands, and jeans. She also has a backpack containing the other 2 members of her team, as she usually keeps FOX out of the pokeball.
Personality: Melissa is usually silent, only speaking in short, snappy answers or battle commands. She's really bad at explanations and is an avid fighter.
Pokémon Partner:
Nickname: FOX (y'know, the Shirobon track. I'm absolute garbage for that kind of music.)
Species: Ninetales
Gender: Male
Appearance: A dark, almost melanistic Ninetales with unnatural-looking pink points. There are a few paw-sized dots running up his front paws, ending at his shoulders, that are the same pink as his points.
Personality: FOX is a serious, nonchalant type, and is quite literally a caretaker for the rest of the team. He treats the rest of the team as younger siblings.
Pokémon Team:
Nickname: Haka
Species: Hakamo-o
Gender: Male
Appearance: A slightly smaller-than-average Hakamo-o, nothing much else.
Personality: Hyper. Very hyper. Always looks on the bright side of things, and is most likely the reason FOX is the leader.
Nickname: Rinni
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal Eevee, with a Silk Scarf tied around her left front paw.
Personality: Very soft-spoken and shy. Doesn't make a sound when moving and is generally a pacifist, only fighting when absolutely necessary.
Region You're From: Alola
  • chaotic neutral on main
  • keeps a journal in her bag for doodles
  • excuse me why is she so interested in computer viruses