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Open Pokemon Ninja Academy

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It had been two years since she graduated from the Ninja Academy as a student with Ivy her shiny Leafeon who was previously a shiny Eevee when she first enrolled. Along with Sky her Servine, Venny her Venipede, Kora her Skrelp, Brionne,and Sheer her Alolan Ninetales. She was now a Chunin the Middle class and very experienced. She wore a wolf mask and hooded cape to hide her face from others as she held her Sickle and Chain in her hand as Ivy stood beside her as she was training to become the higher class which would happen in about a year after. "Leafe?" Ivy said looking up at her. She smiled and gently petted her as she continued to practice with Ivy.
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Previously pokeyman
James was sat down in what he could assume was a training area, but in a corner, hiding away. Infront of him, he had three of his five out of their Pokeballs. Bubbles, Emolga, and Pachirusu. "Oh why did my parents have to send me here..." He asked his Pokemon. They didn't know, but they tried to support him. "I think I should maybe... try to meet new people..." The three Pokemon listened to James's moaning. "You guys are good friends." James let his Pokemon play with each other, while James thought about what he was going to do.
He had just graduated from Genin and was very happy. Even Toxicroak who was normally quiet was beaming. He saw other genin he used to know talking to their Pokémon. He never understood why people nicknamed their Pokémon, he thought it ruined half of their beauty. He walked over to where a clump of people were and decided to join in on the conversation.


Previously funguy
Circus was alone, with only his Maractus behind him staring in dismay. He seemed to be pouting as he swung his "half a nunchuck" into the wall of the academy. His Maractus stated to approach him, but in the Pokemon's surprise "Circus" slowly began to slide his bow staff out of his back. The Maractus quickly backed up. "It's nothing personal Maractus. I'm adjusting. So are you. Am I not correct." "Circus" says quietly. Maractus looks up in a angered expression. "Circus" looks up and begins to pull his bow staff out. You see, Maractus and "Circus" will randomly engage in combat. This isn't "bad" necessarily. This was good for "Circus'" practice. They began. Maractus acted first with a "spikey shield" as "Circus" swung his staff at Maractus. Maractus reacted wisely and set up a "cotton guard" as well. "You shouldn't have done that." "Circus" says grinning. "Circus" swung a poke ball up into the air and shot it directly towards Maractus. Mewoth was suddenly all upon Maractus' face. Loki Sircus for once wasn't thinking about the" rejection".
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Tes stood, leaning on a wall and watched people chat. "Man, how many people are actually gonna be here?" She asked her pokemon. Jolteon shook her head side to side. "Yea, I feel you." She said to her pokemon. Of course. There must be some kind of training to tell who stays and leaves.


Previously funguy
Marcatus slowly backed up as Mewoth ejected his grasp from Marcatus. Maractus began too relax as Mewoth leaped behind Circus. Circus took this as an opportunity as he swung his staff into Maractus knocking her onto the floor. Maractus stood up and swung her arm into Circus' leg. "Really." Circus mumbles grasping onto his leg. Mewoth quietly stands up and adjust himself into another position. Maractus' pines were injected in Circus' thigh. "Marcatus. Let go." Circus whispers as he glances at Mewoth. Mewoth glances back at him slowly then slowly gets up and prances infant of Maractus. Marcatus glares at Mewoth in dismay. She slowly raises her arm. Mewoth in a quick reaction stood up and gave her a couple of "furry swipes". Circus looked in surprise than held back Mewoth. Maractus paused as well. They all slowly strolled out of the academy alley. There they saw a group of Genins. "Lets go." Circus says quietly.
She put her Katana away under her cape as she was getting some air. She walked off as Ivy walked beside her as she was looking to grab a bite for herself and Ivy as she walked past the other students and Genin's not saying a word to them as Ivy followed closing her eyes as she walked to the nearest food area as a sudden wind blew by blowing through her cape.-


Previously funguy
Circus stepped up to a specific Genin. This specific Genin didn't make a move when even though he felt Circus' presence. Circus swung his staff into the side of the Genin. The Genin slowly turns around. This Genin slowly slaps Circus. Circus jabs him in the "face place" as the Genin slowly drops to the floor. The rest of the Genins prepare to pull out their weapons. Circus swings his half a nun chuck into the academy as another Genin chokes him against the wall. The Genin lets go immediately as he has been temporarily impelled in the head by Marcatus. "He's not dead don't worry." Circus says chuckling. The Genins begin to swing at him with all their "utensils". Circus avoids most of them until he drops to the floor with a bloody nose. A Genin through his nun chuck into Circus. Circus slowly stood up, but another Genin stood upon him jabbing his "face place" with the "harmless" end of a sword. In the background Circus could see a Genin fall to the ground as Mewoth pounces on him. "Good boy." Circus says laying his head down. The Genin is suddenly grabbed by the hair as Mewoth climbs upon his face covering his field of vision. Maractus backing Mewoth up swings his arm into the Genins legs. The Genin yells in agony. Circus stands up and gives the Genin a "pow punch" in the "face place". "Suck it." Circus cries out as he stands upon the Genin.
Maya bounced around campus, overflowing with excitement. Her Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix dashed after her, trying to keep up with their trainer as she skipped and danced across campus. "Where do you guys think we should go?" she asked as she stayed ahead of the baby pokemon.

Cassie the Rockruff looked around, huffed at the boy fighting a Maractus, amd tried to move Maya in the other direction. Emeria yawned and shook out her sleek white coat. The ice type looked around and spotted a girl against a wall who looked bored. Figuring cheering up this person would keep her trainer in one place for a bit, Emeria tugged on Maya's sandal strap to get her attention.

"Huh?" Maya asked her Vulpix before following the small pokemon's gaze to a bored looking girl and her Jolteon. A large smile broke out on Maya's face as she dashed over to the girl. "Hello!" she enthusiastically greeted.
Tes watched the kids around her, noticing the new girl run up to her. "Oh, hey." She said to the greeting. Tes pulled her bright yellow hair to the side in order to gain a clear view of the person. "Or would it be more at home for you with a greeting of Alola?" Making a direct mention to the pokemon the trainer used. Jolteon stood in sync with it's trainer in a show of proper obedience.
As she was walking into town she noticed the two girls in the distance talking. One with a Jolteon and ome with a Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix. She kept a stern face as she looked to them then glanced down at Ivy her Leafeon "Interesting girls aren't they Ivy" she asked her. "Leafe!" She smiled to her as she gave one back. She continued to walk forward but was stopped by just a couple of male ninjas wanting to duel with her but it would be a waste of time and energy but they seemed to block her way as she silently said nothing "We want to duel with you and battle" "-Of course you do....-"she sighed softly as Ivy stood just next to her determined for a battle now.-
Maya giggled at Tes's greeting and started sputtering as her thick, wild, black curls got in her mouth. She quickly pulled a hair tie out of the pocket of her skinny jeans as she started talking. "Yeah, I was raised in Konikoni city; Cassie- she's the Rockruff- was my first Pokemon. I caught Emeria when my family visited the league when my sisters competed!"

Cassie went up to Jolteon and sniffed politely before giving a happy bark. Wagging her tail, she looked back at Emeria, trying to get the ice type to be social, but Emeria just sat down and turned away with her nose in the air. All Cassie could do was give a short growl at her teammate's arrogance.
Tes didn't seem surprised by the girl's homeland. "What brings a beach chick out here? Didn't think you could stand the cold." Tes, of course, could since she came from Snowpoint.
Jolteon looked at the rock type and shook it's head. It looked around the pokemon over to the Vulpix. Jolteon attempted to lock eyes with it in a since of challenge.
She decided in order to get away from this she would have to battle with them first then duel with them after. They decided the battle with a double battle since there were four of them as she was fine with that. A Houndour and a Swellow was the first two to appear on the battle field. She let out Ivy her Leafeon and Venny her Venipede as the battle began. "Houndour Ember!" "Swellow Aerial ace!" The two Pokemon unleashed their power but Ivy and Venny dodged out of the way at quick speed. "-Ivy Iron tail!- -Venny Bug bite!-" she said telepathically to them. "Leafe!" "Venipede!". Ivy and Venny attacked Houndour and Swellow as Ivy slammed her iron tail on his Swellow as he hit the ground hard with a direct hit as Venipede used Bug bite on Houndour then used her head to knock it down poisoning him because of her ability as they were both weakened by her Pokemon's attacks.
"Well, I was going to take on the island challenge but Dad said I need more self control before I do that. So Mom started looking into boarding schools and found one for Pokemon coordinators! But I got kinda bored and so did my Pokemon but then Dad found this school and it looked like fun to me and Pokemon and it made Dad feel better that we'd know self defence for when we go places like Poni Island," as Maya went on and on, Emeria felt eyes on her and locked gazes with Jolteon. Who did this Jolteon think it was? She would end it.

That's when it hit her: this was a Jolteon. Eevee's need thunderstones to be Jolteons. So there may be evolution stones on this island! Which means she and Maya could fond an ice stone and she could finally be a Ninetales!

Cassie frowned and waved her paw in front of Emeria's face. The Vulpix had been blankly staring for almost a full minute and she was starting to become concerned. "And so you see, even if the cold does slow me down, it's nothing I can't handle," Maya finally finished. "What about you, why are you here?"
She won the duel and the battle against the boys as she walked off again into a nearby forest however she had spotted something shiny and icey colored as she looked to see what it was as it was an Ice stone but she found two of them. She loved to collect rare stones as she had a collection of them as she put it away in her bag. She listened to the wind as the trees moved as she listened to any sudden movements.
Tes thought for a second before answering. "For the heck of it. It was this, or temple school. Where they teach you to stand still and protect a temple." She used heavy sarcasm for the last part. "But honestly, I find it fun. Especially to beat the boys." Tes's eyes caught the vulpix's glare. "Um, does your pokemon normally glare at other pokemon?" She asked with a slightly worried look.
Jolteon kept a blank face as it tried to read the other pokemon's expression. It kept on looking at it.
Maya creased her brow and looked down at her pokemon. Gasping in horror, she scooped up Emeria, who immediately began squirming and squeaking. "What have I told you about having a bad attitude with everybody, Emeria?!"

The little ice pokemon looked up at her trainer, puffing out her cheeks and growling defiantly. "Vul! Pix pi-vul; pix pix vulpix!" Maya sighed and slumped, almost losing her grip on the struggling baby. "I know you want to be a Ninetales but I've told you already: Cassie evolves first." At the mention of her name, the Rockruff sat up straighter, her little chest puffed up in pride.

Emeria slumped in Maya's arms, nearly breaking down into tears. Feeling guilty, Maya cradled the ice type like a child; however, feeling indignant towards the girl, Emeria whirled around so the ice crystals in her tail whacked Maya in the face. "Ow!" Maya cried as she reflexively moved her hands to where she was struck. Emeria leapt away as Maya let go and moved a few feet away, head down in despair.
She chuckled by the young Alolan Vulpix wanting to evolve "What do you think Ivy should I approach them?" "Leafe! Leafeon!" "Oh curious of the Jolteon hehe alright" She walked up to the girls "Quite an eager Alolan Vulpix you got there right Ivy sweetie" "Leafeon!"Ivy smiled as she looked at the Vulpix then the Jolteon curiously. She had her hand on her mask fixing it slightly before her hand disappeared back into her hooded cape.-
Lizzie finnaly got on camps. "Braixen we're finnaly on campus!" said Lizzie. "I wish it wasn't so far from the train station though." said Lizzie as she groaned. "I need something to eat. Thank goodness theres a place to eat." "Braix Braix Xen!" said Braixen as she started running there. "Wait! That's unfair!" said Lizzie. They both got to the resturant(?) (Braixen won obviously) and they ate. Nearby there was a wall with 3 girls there. "Hi!, I'm Lizzie"
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Tes crooked her head. "Why stop it from evolving? It's kinda like torture to me." She said honestly. Looking down, she picked up her Jolteon. "Jolteon evolved whenever it wanted to. She chose the thunder stone, actually." She said thinking back to the day.
"Emeria isn't the best behaved pokemon. This is actually her on her best behavior," Maya admitted with a dark blush. "When I first caught her, she was really aggressive; my mother sometimes breeds pokemon and she almost made me release Emeria because she was that unpredictable around the newborns. I don't want to torture her and having a Ninetales would be amazing but if I can barely control her now, how can I risk making her stronger? I've heard stories about pokemon getting more aggressive and disobedient after evolving. That's why I want Cassie to evolve first; if Emeria listens even less as a Ninetales, Lycanroc Cassie can help me keep her in line," Maya revealed, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

Cassie started rubbing up against Maya's legs, trying to comfort her as Emeria looked back at them both with a pouting glare. Cassie merely snorted at the fox pokemon as if to say, "Well, you dug yourself this hole and now look what you've done!" Emeria looked ready to shout back but instead just turned back around.
She listened to the girl with the young girl with the Vulpix "That is reasonable to me you have to make sure your Pokemon obeys properly to the trainer other wise the Pokemon will only get hurt in the end along with the trainer and that could cause some trouble that I can understand if I was in your situation maybe she needs a teacher to help her with that and I know one that can help and also what do you plan on evolving Cassie into? The midday form or the midnight form?" She asked the girl as Ivy greeted the Jolteon "Leafe?" Ivy smiled as she was a different color then the normal Leafeon.-
Tes shrugged. "I'm new to Alola pokemon, so I don't know what the heck those are." Tes said to the girls. She started to mess around with her pokeballs, which are quick balls, in a comforting way.
Jolteon crooked her head to the new pokemon. It was oddly coloured. The electric type pokemon started to frown when she noticed that it was shiny. They always thought they were such a blessing to the world.
Winter was running through the trees, she didn't really care about school, so here parents sent her to the only boarding school that they could find. Her Lucario, Aura, was following her on the ground. When she arrived at the campus she saw a three people talking. She walked over and asked "Excuse me but do any of you know if there is a training room here?"


Previously funguy
As Mewoth ran into one of the Genins Maractus threw her arm at his legs. The Genin fell with a drowned expression. Circus stood up whispering, "Call me Circus". Circus propelled himself off the wall, and into a couple Genins. They fell as Mewoth screamed in agony, for a dagger had been thrown at his forehead. Circus choked the Genin against the wall as the rest of the Genins sent out their pokemon. A Luxray and a Scissor pressed Mewoth against the wall. While a Noivern flew into Maractus and took her away. Circus was thrown into a fountain as the other Genins soaked his head deep into the water. Circus lifted his head slowly as it was pushed down. Noivern let Maractus go above a small group of girls where Maractus fell on a Jolteon.

Meowth vigourously fought back as the Luxray sank his electric fang into him. A large Genin appears behind Circus. With a drowned expression, Circus looks up. The water slowly drips from his hair as he is slapped across the face. Circus foots him back as the Genins pull Circus into the water. Circus stood up only to be thrown into the wall by a Pangoro. "Oh, sh*t!" Circus says slowly moving towards the wall. Mewoth stares at him, for now, they are both pinned against the wall. Mewoth purrs as blood drips from his forehead. Circus stares at Mewoth as he tosses a Pokeball into the fountain. A Genin clutches it and slowly pulls it out.

"What's this Bones?" Borris says. Borris throws it into the fountain.

"It's your death," Circus says quietly. Krookodile emerges from the water throwing the Pokeball in the air. Krookodile jumps out throwing himself at Luxray. Luxray sinks his fangs deep into Krookodile. Krookodile lifted Luxray with a closed jaw. Krookodile threw Luxray into Scissor. Scissor stood slowly as Krookodile unleashes an earth power knocking out Scissor.

"Bloody hell! Your Krok brought up a challenge." Borris said throwing his hand in his pocket. "I happen to have a pokemon of my own. Think he's up to level?" Borris said smiling.

"Of course he is." Circus whispers grinning. Circus dunks the large Genin head first into the water. Circus jabs him in the head until he faints. Circus throws Borris to the wall. Circus chokes a small Genin against the wall as a Lapras emerges between the two. "Lapras ay?" Circus says as Mewoth impales the Lapras with the dagger it had on its forehead. "I got a cat," Circus whispered smirking. The Genin ran as Circus threw the dagger at him. The dagger slowly sank in as he fell. Circus stands back as he stares at the mess he made. Unconscious bodies lay in the fountain and on the floor covered in blood. Pangoro, Scissor, and Luxray lay in a pile of blood. Krookodile slowly walks up to Circus staring at his mess. As Meowth walks up he drops a bloody coin in Circus' hand. It's the coin that the Mewoth wear on their head. Circus throws it in the fountain. "Let's find Maractus," Circus says urging Krookodile form the site.

Borris slowly stands up. "What the hell is wrong with you. Because you didn't get in...is that your reason." Borris says wiping his bloody nose away. A Galvantula appears behind Borris. It slowly climbs on the wall and onto the roof. "Electro web." Borris mumbles. An electro web emerges from the air and onto Krookodile.

Circus stares in dismay. Krookodile kneels in shock as Meowth attempts to open the web. "Borris wants to go?" Circus whispers.

"Let's play Bones." Borris mumbles as Galvantula lepas from the roof and onto Krookodile.
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Aero-lyn was training with his Pokemon at a forest that was close to the village. His Charmeleon fired a strong Flamethrower. "Staravia use Quick Attack to dodge that to get close to Charmeleon." Staravia used Quick Attack to get close like Aero-lyn commanded it to do. "Now use Quick Attack once again." As Staravia attacked, Charmeleon took the impact and grabbed Staravia's wings. Then it fired Flamethrower at Staravia causing it to take a good amount of damage since it was up close. "Great job both of you. Keep that up you two will win lots of battles." He returned each of the two Pokemon in their Poke balls. "Alright Emolga its your turn now, and you are going to be training with Noibat today." The shiny Emolga jumped off from Aero-lyn's head and on the ground being prepared for training. Aero-lyn sent out his Noibat who was also prepared. Emolga fired a Signal Beam at Noibat waiting for what it would do. "Noibat dodge that and use Heat Wave." His Noibat did what he commanded it to do dodging Emolga's attack and using Heat Wave. Emolga started charging at it using Acrobatics. "Noibat use Supersonic and stop that attack." His Noibat used Supersonic causing the shiny Emolga to crash into a tree using Acrobatics instead of going for its target. "Thats enough for today, get some rest." Aero-lyn said as he returned both of the Pokemon in their Poke balls. After his training he went back to the village to see if there was anything he missed.
She had left the two girls as she began to leaped from building to building as she saw a training session with a trainer nearby as Ivy followed right behind her. She stood on top of a long pole just a bit close to the village as she watched the male trainer finish his training with his Pokemon. She gave a small smile under her mask as she watched him walk towards back the village as Leafeon, covered with a cloth stood just next to her as she smiled as well. "Leafe?" "I don't know Ivy we could use a bit of training for a bit what do you think?" "Leafe!" she smiled agreeing.
As Aero-lyn entered the village with a small smile on his face being proud of all the training he did with his Pokemon. He walked towards a nearby resteraunt to get something to eat as Aero-lyn's Emolga came out of its Pokeball on its own. The shiny Emolga climbed to the top of Aero-lyn's head "Emol" "Yeah i'm hungry to buddy. All you deserve some food after all that training." Aero-lyn said petting his Emolga. When he got food from the resteraunt, he returned to where he lived in the village with his Emolga still on his head waiting for his 'sleeping spot'. As soon as Aero-lyn got home he sent out all his Pokemon to eat the berries he got for them. They happily ate all the berries they got from the resteraunt and filling up their stomachs.
She leaped off of the pole into the village as Ivy followed. She looked around and found an area to train. She let out Sky her Snivy that was soon close to evolving. "Snivy!" "Alright girls its time to train with you ladies today are you ready?" She asked them. "Leafe!" " Snivy!" They both smiled as they faced each other. "Alright Ivy Shadow ball!, Sky Magical leaf!". Both of the girls obeyed as Ivy's Shadow ball was released first aiming at Sky as her Magical leaf came second as both of their moves collided strongly creating a gust of strong wind as she placed her hand on her mask and hood to hood as she smiled.-