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Ask to Join Pokémon Ranger Division

It is an interesting age for Pokémon. Conflict continues to rise, and threats grow to sizes far greater than simple authorities can handle. The famous, or infamous, Ash Ketchum has proven multiple times that even Legendary Pokémon threaten our very existence. Though he was young, he had always been able to resolve the dangerous situation with the help of unique individuals.

You can be those unique individuals. Thirty years have passed without world-threatening troubles, but the possibility of them existing is still all too high. That is the purpose of our very first Ranger Academy, built in the Sinnoh Region. When Dialga, Palkia and Giratina put the world in peril more than once, it became time to put this idea into action. Here, you will train to become an elite Pokémon Ranger, someone who can resolve those issues that simple law enforcement cannot. That does not mean we are better than them, however, as they still fulfill the important job of keeping peace among the people.

My name is Nick Walls (the name I use for everything lol), and I will be the head of the Academy. You will have to show me what you're made of. But you won't do it alone. Depending on your skills, you will be organized into squads with fellow Rangers to resolve certain situations.

But we all serve the same purpose. We are all here to save the world of Pokémon.
Welcome to my first organized RP! As the narrative suggests, you will be playing the role as a Ranger in training, working your way through the Academy to prove yourself as someone who can save others. This is meant to be a bit more long-term and meaty than most RP's, so prepare yourself for a long road ahead.

As for rules, the basic ones apply, but I will be a bit stricter on some of them. This isn't just a tournament, this is a journey. These include:

-Avoid Mary/Gary Sues/Stus. Take the test if you have too, but generally all characters should have flaws with their strengths. Your character should also just be a normal, human being for the most part. This doesn't mean they can't be unique in any way, but avoid getting into "have a hidden, demon side that can singlehandedly wipe all enemies away" territory.

-Keep Continuity

-Keep Violence and Romance from going too far. I will allow romance and violence in this RP, but we are not going into Rated M territory. You can include that someone is slightly bruised and bleeding from attacks, for example, but not that they were ripped in half from a Scizor.

-Narrative over Mechanics. This isn't like the video games, but Pokémon still follow their own rules. A Blissey can still tank multiple attacks, but we are not busting out a calculator to make sure it can still fight. It all depends on how we want the narration to go.

-Encounters will only appear as absolutely necessary. A Legendary is the biggest deal here, and as such will most likely be the end game. They will not also be able to bond with like the movies.

-No Megas, Z-rings or Battle Bonds....yet. These will be late-game gets, as we develop as trainers and Rangers.

-No Godmodding.

-No Autoing...unless the RPer gives the ok. For this, make sure to PM the player first to make sure it is ok to control their actions for the sake of moving the story forward. If they do not allow it, don't do it.

-Avoid Poor Grammar/Spelling. This will be a more complex RP, and as such deserves meatier posts. I'm still fine with at least a paragraph, but try to avoid very simple sentences. Also avoid putting multiple characters' quotes within the same paragraph.

-No Fan-made Pokémon.

Now, with that out of the way, here is the template to use when presenting your Ranger in training. It is quite similar to the Mainstream Bios, but with slight alterations:

Hometown: This will be based in the Sinnoh Region, but your hometown can be from another Region.
Age: Must be at least 18 years old.
Identifying Marks:
Love Relationships?: If two of you want your characters to be in a relationship right from the start, be sure to message each other and message me so we are on the same page.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability. (Other factors can be shown through RP).

EDIT: Forgot to mention this at first but keep the max number of Pokemon to three. This will allow opportunities to catch more on the job!

I don't know how many I will accept, but I think I will be starting with at least 4-6. When Squads are formed, I will update another post to keep track of current squads.

The Academy is based in the Eterna Forest. The abundance of trees and privacy from others allows for perfect training. If you have any specific questions, be sure to message me!
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