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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Ezio Farello - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

"That's fair, deciding on your sixth team member is always a struggle. I remember rotating between multiple variations of my team before settling on this one and whilst it is by no means perfect, no team is. Besides, I like puzzles and figuring out what to do to beat a tough opponent." Ezio said, cupping his chin as he thought.

"Sun Stone only really gets you Grass types like Sunflora, Lilligant, Whimsicott and Bellosom. The Moon Stone gets you Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Delcatty and Musharna, the Dawn Stone results in Gallade and Froslass, but you already have a Psychic and Ghost type. The Leaf Stone is similar to the Sun Stone, giving you Victreebel, Vileplume, Exeggutor, Shiftry and Simisage. The Ice Stone is an unique one, allowing for Alolan Vulpix and Sandshrew to evolve into Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Sandslash respectively."

"From what I have seen is the Ice Stone your best bet, getting you an Ice/Fairy type or an Ice/Steel type. Then again, it is your choice in the end. I am just some old man rambling about rocks." He said, chuckling.


Nicole Newman - June 10th - Route 3, Galar

"I'd like to practice moving targets first, as those are what I will most likely be filming most of the time. I assume we'd be filiming Pokémon, then?" Nicole asked, starting to come out of her shell a little. She was still professional, but it helped that she knew what she was doing.


Sand Attack was a minor inconvenience at best, and Esther very comfortably ignored it in favor of dealing another blow; "Follow-up with Bubble!" Shiro's pokémon had already taken super effective damage twice prior, so it needed no further focus. This time she'd default to attacking both enemies at once with a spread of bubbles, already dangerously floatsying towards their targets
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

"Metronome again!" Reina called out, falling back into rhythm with her Clefairy.

The fairy Pokemon moved her fingers back and forth again, this time air gathered around her and with a big yelp, she shot a Sonicboom, that broke through the incoming Bubbles and went directly for the Dragon Pokemon.

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Kaden Miller - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh
"I've been thinking about getting a pokemon who either evolves from the moonstone or the icestone seeing that I already have a grass type on my team. I haven't yet to set anything in stone though," Kaden said, his gaze wandering the room until he noticed his unintentionally done pun and chuckled for himself slightly.

"I do appreciate the recommendation though. You're clearly an experience trainer and know what you're talking about,"

Lara Brook - 10th of June - Route 3, Galar
"Sounds good! We are at a route so here should be plenty pokemon around," Lara said with a smile. She did contemplate on digging out her own camera to nab her own pictures of the local pokemon, but decided against it since she should focus on teaching Nicole. She could return here later to do it in her free time.
Shiro, Johto, you know damn well where he is!
Well, Gehenna fainted as amount of punishment and Focus he got earlier clearly didnt go well for poor pokemon that didnt get a real occasion to show off.. Maybe next time.

Shiro glanced at his two pokemon, one nod and soon a new challanger would appear in a meantime as Goomy and Diva fight each other.

And white Little paws made their way to the 'arena'
Tuesday, June 14th - Relic Castle, Unova

After walking a few feet into the hall, Rick noticed pictures engraved along the corridor's wall. "Hey, look at this..." He muttered, passing a hand over it. The first segment depicted an asteroid, with a small ellipse shape in its center. A little further, there was what seemed to be a pedestal, with the same ellipse on top of it, and some human figures next to it on each side. The third and final picture showed a pokémon over the pedestal, with the ellipse in the center of its body, and the human figures drawn in a praying pose.

"So... this is the asteroid. I assume that ellipse is the Meteonite. The people found it and brought it into the castle... and... this looks like a Volcarona." Rick said, while interpreting the images, while Iris's mane gave him some light. "This is cool and all, but doesn't really tell anything we didn't know of. If anything it just adds more questions. Namely what Volcarona has to do with it." He added, crossing his arms.

"Well, it used to be worshiped as an ebodiment of the Sun by ancient people. And there's legends about its flames being used as a replacement to the Sun in much the same way the Meteonite was. That's where the similarities end though. And nowadays we know that's just hocus pocus and a Volcarona can't really replace the Sun if a disaster came up." Chris explained.

Rick took a few steps back, looking at the whole picture and thinking. "Yeah... unless that Volcarona was exceptionaly powerful. Then maybe it could actualy accomplish such godlike feats." He muttered. "What do you mean?" Chris asked. "There's always some truth to every legend. If the Meteonite emits so much energy that it can replace the Sun, what happens if a pokémon were to be exposed to it for extended periods of time? Like, say... for years?" Rick questioned, before continuing along the room, mumbling. "There's something in these ruins that is not right. It's too much of a coincidence that the pokémon living at the same place as the Meteonite have this much strength."
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Monday, July 18 – Olivine Beach, Olivine City, Johto Region​

The Sonic Boom smashed through the bubbles and landed on Nâva’s body; the compressed projectile released its payload and knocked out the dragon. The ticking damage from the earlier burn had pushed Goomy to its limits, it could hold on no longer.

Esther returned Nâva to her pokéball and turned to her team, “Danse de l’eau, L’ Basseau! Show ‘em how it’s done with Water gun!”

A spray of sand went up as Esther’s Surskit rushed through the sand, a bundle of jitters. The pond skater twirled, the antennae on its head swiveling between its opponents before eventually settling on Diva; then–fwooosh—a rush of water was released right at her.

Pokéball x2

Seal Case

Initial: $6330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

"Alright we're gonna keep going!" Reina raised her fist into the air, ready to continue with the battle royal, but just then a loud growl sounded through the air. "Oh, um, how about we have lunch?" She said with a slight blush on her face.

After the battle, Reina joined the rest of the group, enjoying a sandwich with the others and telling her story about the perverted cashier in the store. She then bought some Soda Pops and Lemonades, some for the trip and some to accompany their current meal. Once the trainer was done eating, she began to inflate the floating boats for their trip across the ocean, getting help from some of the other Pokemon.

"This is going to be fun! My Swampert is full of energy right now and so is my Lapras, so we should be able to keep a fast pace without any worries." Reina says as she steps out of the water after setting the inflated boats free. "Make sure to put on sunscreen Gene!" She calls out and begins to pack up her things. "Everyone ready?"
Ezio Farello - June 14th - Gran Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

"Ehhh, it comes with the years." Ezio said, awkwardly grinning as he scratched the back of his head. "I only have like 15 years of experience as a Trainer, which is nothing compared to someone like Drayden, who says he didn't have Pokéballs in his youth. By the time I have as much experience as him, I probably will be gray and old."

As the man chuckled, a question came to mind. "When did you start your adventure, if you don't mind me asking?"


Nicole Newman - June 10th - Route 3, Galar

Nicole solemnly nodded, turning the camera off and carefully stashing it in the bag before picking up and looking around. The first Pokémon to catch her eye was a herd of brown equine Pokémon frolicking around the mud. "How about those?" The bird keeper asked, keeping in mind that the camera could get dirty.

Monday, July 18 – Olivine Beach, Olivine City, Johto Region​

Quitting while she was ahead,’ Esther softly clicked her tongue as Reina brought up lunch and ended the battle. ‘Sneaky bitch.

Not that the Oblivian disagreed with her friend’s decision; after all, she had bought a burger, and there was nothing worse than cold, soggy buns. Esther stooped down to pet L’ Basseau; denied her chance to battle, the Pond Skater was a bit sulky.

After rejoining the group Esther cleaned up her burger and then set off into town. She had a few things that needed to get done before they left: the pizza she had ordered was still at the café, Pariparisithea needed to return to Oblivia, and the sun was really hot, so maybe she’d buy a sun hat.

Before she left she noticed her Suskit hanging around Reina’s soda pops; someone was going to find their soda pop a bit too sweet to put down.

When Esther returned the rafts had been inflated and hooked up to Reina’s pokémon. She jealously eyed the large water types: pretty blue things and their primary modes of travel for the next few days. She was tempted to look for a large, or at least rideable, water type for herself, but...she did already have a lot of pokémon...

Sighing, Esther hopped onto the raft and found herself a seat.


Pokéball x2

Seal Case

Initial: $6330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto, Genevieve

Gene waited a while for that battle royale to finish... it felt like she had been waiting almost 3 weeks for that to be done! She had long finished her sandwich, and Sam had somehow already gotten hungry again even after eating so much. A foodie didn't just savor their food, they needed a LOT of it... at least in his case. Gene then waddled over to the rest of the group and sat down with them, lightly swaying back and forth while she waited for everyone else to finish their food. Sam, however, was a sneaky little bugger, and had taken a slice of the pizza that Esther had gotten before. It wasn't stealing if someone in their group had already gotten it... right?

Gene looked at the raft and the two very large Pokémon, tilting her head at the comment about "sunscreen". She had never heard of that, and assumed that she would be fine without it... she never needed it before, why would she need it now? She climbed up onto the Lapras, hugging their neck to make sure that they didn't fall off. Sam just floated alongside them, continuing to eat the swiped slice of pizza while he waited to get moving. It was probably going to be a long journey, and a burger and a slice of pizza wasn't going to last him that long...
Olivine City Beach/Olivine City, Johto (July 18th)




While the match was a bit of a thing he never considered or cared for, it was a spectacle to the lens as he took some stunning pictures of the trainers and their Pokemon as capturing the creatures engaging in a passion with their partners had been a good measure of what this world was all about. While Desmond never admitted and never would admit to it, as he took these shots and his own partner Pokemon cheered on the group ahead of them it had made him feel...happy. He actually seemed to enjoy himself for once on the beach.

Soon enough, the battle came to an end and everyone headed out, likely to get onto the trip to the islands as Desmond sighed. He only hoped this raft of theirs was truly sea worthy as he returned his Politoed and Kricketune and followed them as he set his tripod back and placed his camera in his bag. Upon arrival back to the city, he worked to get changed or least had a proper shirt on but chose to kept the trunks as he figured that might be needed as they sailed the sea.

Soon enough he followed them as he saw Esther hop onto the raft and he scanned it. He was sure this group seemed confident in it but he wondered if it would hold a group their size and...oh screw it he already agreed no going back.

"In the event we end up lost at sea consider this photo a record for people who fail to find our bodies." Desmond mused and snap he took one photo a sort of "modified" selfie with his camera before he hoped onto the raft and got seated.
Olivine City, Johto

Piper loved Johto. Sometimes she thought she must have been born in Johto in a past life. The architecture always gave her so much inspiration for her design sketches, and its closeness with Sinnoh gave it a familiar, homey feeling that she didn't get anywhere else (besides, well, Sinnoh, of course). She sipped her raspberry iced tea and allowed herself to be soothed by the ocean breeze.

Idly, she checked her phone, and grimaced. Two missed calls, no doubt about that oh-so-important Kalosian manufacturer Daddy had made no secret of wanting her to sit in on his meeting with. She'd been very clear with him that she was going to be on vacation this week! And the next week... and the week after that...

Piper was snapped out of her thoughts by the chirp of the Togetic floating at her side. He gestured pointedly at the straw she'd been absentmindedly chewing on, then at himself.

"Oh! Sorry, Sunny!" Piper exclaimed with a giggle, offering the Happiness Pokémon a sip of her tea. He flapped his wings in gratitude and took a drink.

Piper let her gaze wander again, scanning the shoreline where locals and tourists alike swam, fished, and played. There was a lot to do in Johto, and she wanted to enjoy every second of it. Maybe she'd be able to sneak in a good battle or two; it had been a while and she knew her team would appreciate it. She could practically see Zeus's grumpy expression every time she'd let him out of his ball over the past few weeks only for him to realize there was no opponent for him to face.

As she looked out across the city, a commotion on the beach caught Piper's eye. Several trainers, looking to be at least a few years younger than Piper herself, were crowded around some kind of... structure? With Pokémon attached? Curiosity piqued, she got up from her seat and made her way closer. It soon became clear it was some kind of raft, yoked to some Water-types at the front, and it wasn't hard to suss out what these kids planned to do with it.

"That looks kinda dangerous," Piper said, in a purely observational tone.
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July 18th, Monday

- Olivine City, Johto

While everyone else had gone out to the beach for the battle, Dustin had gotten lost in the tourist plaza. He’d gotten some more food for Aeos, since Indigo had so callously taken revenge on him by eating the last burger. Dustin found somewhere to sit after getting two more large hot dogs. Both of them were for Aeos, the Trapinch. Indigo would have to watch as Aeos sucked the hot dogs into its mouth hole like a vacuum. Even part of Dustin’s steak was taken too. The Trapinch then just stared blankly at him, like it expected Dustin to give more food.

It didn’t take much for Dustin to surrender his food. They were on a time crunch after all, but at this point, the others probably started the battle and left without him. Even more concerning was that Despacito got stuck in his head as they sat in the plaza. His Kirlia just nodded along as it listened to on repeat due to its telepathic link with him. Pasito a pasito, Swablu Swablu sea toe. Numel peg and toe, pork key toe pork key toe~” Yeah, he probably butchered it and just laughed awkwardly when some onlookers complimented his singing skills. Dustin didn’t know why, but after hearing Reina shut down the employee in a foreign language, he figured she might know the song. Maybe he’d ask her if she knew it and how to get it out of his head.

Fortunately, once Dustin was making his way towards the beach, one of the venues had Loudred as a DJ for a beach party and it was playing all sorts of songs that were requested. There were different types of music, like the normal hype songs, but also some weird ones that killed the vibes. No wonder that one song by some Mori person was called Dead Beats. The whole crowd was basically as dead as a Magikarp out of the water. As Dustin was scanning the beach for Reina and the others, someone shouted No Direction for the next request. That somewhat cleansed his mind until he found the others.

“If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t~ Oh! There they are! The Lugia raft actually looks dope!”

Dustin exclaimed as he scurried over to the group. It seemed like they were just about ready to leave. They had probably forgotten about him, but he had been gone for a bit, so it was cool. He noticed a Swampert was one of the Pokémon carrying the raft. Since Dustin was from Hoenn, he knew a bit about the water type, especially since he had his own Combusken. It probably belonged to Reina. Besides that, the boy with the Cubchoo had already boarded the raft Dustin helped pick out and Astra waved at the friend it had met earlier. Desmond had taken a selfie on before entering raft himself and he could sense the nervousness from where he was standing. There was also another older woman who seemed to be observing the crew while commented appropriately. Dustin just chuckled as it looked like that Two Piece(?) cartoon his cousin used to watch back in the day.

“I dunno if even the real Lugia could hold that many people, but it seems like fun. Hey, is there still space for more of us or is it gonna capsize?!”

After his own comment about the safety of the ship, Dustin called out to his former acquaintances.
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

Reina placed plenty of sunscreen on her hands and rubbed it on Gene's face, she didn't care if Gene didn't like it, she was going make sure the girl kept her pretty skin intact. "Hold still..." She said as she rubbed the last bit on her cheeks. "Storm, make sure Gene doesn't fall." Reina patted the Lapras who chirped back and splashed around a bit with her front flippers.

The Metztli trainer jumped off her Lapras' back. Just in time to hear and see Dustin walking back. "Hey Duster, I thought we were going without you. Choose a raft and get ready we're leaving soon, I got sunscreen if you..." She stopped as she noticed the pink hair girl looking at them. "One moment." She said as she walked over to the stranger.

"I'm sorry you look familiar, I think I saw you on television once in some tournament. Right?"

Monday, July 18 – Olivine Beach, Olivine City, Johto Region​

Esther swiveled in her seat; she turned her back to the group and dangled her legs into the water. The rhythmic splash of the surf was calming, and more importantly, a cool and welcome distraction from the summer heat.

Esther’s vision wondered about, catching Sam sneaking a slice of pizza. Was it cannibalism when a grass type ate other plants? If it was, Sam didn’t seem too bothered by that fact as he devoured the slice.

Off in the distance, she could hear the distant blear of music, a beach party, perhaps? Every few minutes the song changed; there was no consistency to the picks, so Esther figured it was by request. When Dead Beats started playing, she was certain it was by request lol. There was probably one Deadbeat in that crowd from the sound of it, but they sure went for a legacy pick.

As the lyrics picked up, Esther quickly got up and moved over to Genevieve’s side, she happily hummed along to the song as it played.

‘Then I feel a rush of adrenaline, I think I like you—♪
‘Wanna feel my five-foot scythe inside you
‘I would die for you, and that adorable scream'
‘Curious...would you die for me?’

As Mori shifted into the chorus, Esther reached out and covered Genevieve’s ears, protecting the girl from a few choice expletives. There was really no point in removing her hands from Genevieve’s ears since the rest of the song was not very seiso... Fortunately, Deadbeats was a short song.

The song wrapped up and as the DJ switched to a new, less interesting song, Esther checked out. At some point Dustin made a re-appearance; he must’ve gotten lost or something. His words, combined with the concern shown by the new and apparently-famous stranger jogged Esther’s memory. She snapped in realization, “The life vests!”

“Almost forgot about those. We have two rafts so it shouldn’t capsize, but if it does then we should be good.”

Pokéball x2

Seal Case

Initial: $6330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto, Genevieve

Genevieve was just waiting to get moving, sitting on Storm's back before being pulled back by Reina and having sunscreen lathered all over... basically just her forehead, since everything else was being covered by her scarf, making sure she tightened its grip even more to ensure that there was no possibility of it coming loose while Reina put the sunscreen on. Then, unexpectedly, Esther had come over and planted her hands on her ears while Reina was still putting the sunscreen on, so it was definitely an assortment of hands being placed on her face, and she definitely wasn't a fan, making small whines as her face was smushed and shoved every which way. After this was finally done, she readjusted her glasses since they had become slightly loose after that ordeal.

Sam continued to enjoy his pizza, even though it wasn't as good as he was hoping it would turn out to be... the sauce was fairly bland, barely even seasoned, and it somewhat felt that the cheese... wasn't real? The only real thing that was saving it was that pineapple was pretty fresh and that the beef was very good as well. Finishing off the stuffed crust, he pat his stomach, poofing away for a little while to go to the nearest bathroom to wash up. A minute or two later, he would hover back to the beach with the others, where the new girl caught his attention. He would float around Piper for a while, observing their clothes and personality since she definitely didn't seem... usual to him. He would leave her alone though to go greet Sunny, giving him a smile and some friendly "tump-a tump-a"s as he without restraint shook their hands.
Olivine City, Johto

Piper blinked, a little surprised at Reina's question, then giggled behind her hand. "Oh—hee!—yeah, it's pooooossible, I used to, like, compete and stuff. That was a while ago though!" She didn't often get recognized these days—Pokémon Leagues had tons of challengers every season, and she was a few years out of the spotlight by now—but Piper appreciated when it did happen. It was always nice to find out that seeing you on TV had stuck with somebody. She thrust her hand out for a handshake, beaming. "I'm Piper, bee-tee-dubs. Are you guys doing the Gym challenge?"

Sunny, who had been hovering cautiously behind his trainer, now peeked out from around Piper's mess of pink curls, looking taken aback yet curious about the Phantump's forwardness. Gingerly at first, then with more purpose, the Togetic returned the Stump Pokémon's handshake and chirped a nervous greeting.

Piper's smile widened. "Aww, Sunny! Are you making friends?" She looked back at the group. "He, like, never does that. He's usually super shy!"
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

"Hi Piper, I'm Reina. Some of us are doing the challenge while some are just traveling along. We're planning on crossing the ocean, if you want you can join us, there's no ferries until Wednesday I believe." She gestures to the two rafts set on the ocean. "Maybe I could get a practice battle with you before the gym? Me and my team would love a chance to battle someone with experience like you."

Diva's jaw dropped, the Clefairy couldn't believe yet another person to share Reina's attention with. Maybe she could tip one of the boats over and get rid of half of them...

"Alright everyone let's go! You're still coming, right Duster?" She said as she patted the trainer on the back. "Make sure to wear sunblock!"

July 18th, Monday

- Olivine City, Johto

Dustin would have to add Duster to the list of nicknames related to his given name. He had earned quite a few already from back in school. He didn’t really mind though and thought they were funny. The blonde teenager chuckled and listened as she continued. Reina mentioned sunscreen, which Dustin had some of his own, but she paused before he could bring it up. Instead, she seemed to take notice of the pink-haired woman that had been watching them. Meanwhile, Esther seemed to shout something after hearing his comment. Something about a life jacket, which was then clarified by what she said afterwards. After Reina finished exchanging introductions with Piper, she patted Dustin on the back, and asked if he was coming.

“Yeah, of course! By the way, Piper, I’m Dustin and you should come along. It’s gonna be a fun ride!”

With a cheerful expression, Dustin introduced himself to the newcomer before hopping onto one to the rafts. He found Esther and reassured her that he wasn’t worried.

“If this does capsize, then we’re going for a swim! Surfing with the Sharpedo in the Whirl Islands would be wild, huh.”

Laughing to himself, Dustin just shook his head. Esther seemed like someone who might take him seriously, though, so he didn’t let the foolishness of what he had said linger too long before clarifying he was joking.

“Just kidding! It’s a joke haha! Yeah, actually lemme post this to my story real quick before we leave.”

He took out both his phone and sunblock as he finished speaking. Unlike the last two videos of Dustin that had gone trending in the area, such as the collapse of his giant Pallosand castle and his run in with the the naked woman being chased by Police and their Growlithe, being seen on some rafts would be much tamer. Dustin could only hope that would be the case.
July 18, Olivine City, Jotho

When the battle royale had been going on, Savannah and Zap Zap both found their eyes completely glued to the spectacle. As each trainer called out their moves, their pokemon would follow the instruction without delay like they were one being. "So this is a pokemon battle I heard so much about." She mumbled to herself. As Zap Zap watched the battle unfold, the Shinx found his excitement building up, he wanted to try battling as well. When the match came to an end, the trainer and pokemon duo were snapped out of their trance when Reina announced their departure. "Oh it's already over? Oh well, it was really fun to watch." She declared.

When it came time to go out to sea, Savannah had other ideas than to use the blown up raft with everyone else. "Oh if we're going out on the water I have my own pokemon to carry me." She said before looking toward her Rhydon. The Rock type pokemon had been standings behind them this whole time, almost unmoving like a real rock. "Alright Rhy Rhy, you're up." The young woman called. Without hesitation, the Rock and Ground type casually walked into the water and laid down, showing his back for his trainer to ride on. Savannah and Zap Zap quickly leaped off the sand and sat themselves on the Rhydon's back. "Ok, I'm ready to go now."
Olivine City, Johto

"Wednesday?" Piper echoed, frowning. Okay, her bad, she probably should have looked at the ferry schedule herself before deciding on a beachfront vacation. "Yeah, I totally see why you'd wanna take a raft... at least you've got life jackets. I was seriously freaked out that you were gonna take such a little kid along without one!" She looked pointedly at Gene, giving the young girl a smile.

Piper thought for a moment. She didn't have much of an itinerary (she never really did these days; she'd wanted to see the ocean and that was about the extent to which she'd planned this trip out), but an open-air ride across the sea did seem really nice. She wasn't quite as worried about the ragtag group as she originally was, since they'd had the forethought to bring life vests, and the Pokémon pulling the rafts seemed to be strong. What was the life of a Trainer without a little adventure? Besides, she had a safety net of her own, didn't she?

Deciding at last, Piper smiled and clapped her hands together. "Okay, sure, I'll come with! And don't worry, my team and I will totally pull our weight and everything." As she said this, she produced a Poké Ball from her satchel and tossed it into the air. It opened in a burst of white light to reveal its occupant, a tall, avian creature with a gold three-pronged crown.

"Étienne," Piper addressed the Empoleon, "why don't we hook you up between the boats so they don't get separated?"

Étienne glanced from his trainer to the inflatable transport, clearly doubtful of the quality of the craftsmanship, but he made his way over nonetheless. His chest puffed out as he approached the Lapras and Swampert, and he examined them up and down with narrowed eyes, but thankfully they seemed to pass his scrutiny and he gave them both curt nods of acknowledgment. Piper fastened the remaining free ropes around his chest and waist and patted his side in thanks, then turned back to Reina.

"I can deffo help you train for your Gym battle! It's been a while but I think Chuck specializes in... Fighting-types? Yeah, that sounds right. You can totally practice with my Machamp!"
Olivine City, Johto, 18th july

Shiro was sleeping.. Sad but true, It seemed that running around shops, preparing place on the beach for everyone and then battle tired the Young boy quite a bit and after sitting for a while, he passed out on the seat in the raft.

2 of his pokemon, Gehenna and Goatie were sleeping peace fully with their Trainer too. Goatie's fur warming his legs and Gehenna hear warming his neck, allowing Shiro to peacefully rest and even all the ruckus around couldnt Wake them up.

Glacier however, being an ADHD polar bear cup he is, didnt want to sleep. In the matter of fact. He rushed out to Reina and a new face to greet that new person.

"Cuppp" He called out to both of them and waved his small paws at them. His green scarf waving On his neck due to a strong wind.

Monday, July 18 – Olivine Beach, Olivine City, Johto Region​

After defending Genevieve’s still-innocent ears and procuring the life vests, Esther, quite pleased, moseyed back over to her seat; she was more than content to remain a background character in this conversation. She took a mental note when Reina invited Piper to join them and sized up the seasoned newcomer. Piper’s cotton-candy coifs were reminiscent of Nurse Joys’, but she didn’t have the facial features of the nearly identical super-family. She had an emotive way of speaking, unlike anyone Esther had met so far; truth be told, Esther was silently judging her for ‘bee-tee-dubs’ but not as much as she was judging Dustin for stopping to post on his story. Maybe they’d get along? They did seem to carry energy on the same wavelength.

Her own judgments aside, it was best to get along with her travel companions. They didn’t have time for another round of introductions, so Esther rose from her seat and stepped forward.

“Welcome to the crew Piper, you’ve already met our ditzy yet surprisingly reliable leader, Reina, and resident Shinxtagram model, Dustin, so let me introduce you to the rest of our group!

“This little one is Genevieve, the plain lookin' eye-candy is Desmond, dressed to her neon nines is Colored, over there on Rhydon is Savannah, and the sleeping one is Shiro"

As she introduced them, she pointed them out to Piper.

"Finally, I'm Esther, and, don't mean to be rude, but we've got a long trip; we need to get going if we want to make it to the Whirl Islands before dark."
Pokéball x2

Seal Case

Initial: $6330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Ezio Farello - June 14th - Gran Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

"Ehhh, it comes with the years." Ezio said, awkwardly grinning as he scratched the back of his head. "I only have like 15 years of experience as a Trainer, which is nothing compared to someone like Drayden, who says he didn't have Pokéballs in his youth. By the time I have as much experience as him, I probably will be gray and old."

As the man chuckled, a question came to mind. "When did you start your adventure, if you don't mind me asking?"


Nicole Newman - June 10th - Route 3, Galar

Nicole solemnly nodded, turning the camera off and carefully stashing it in the bag before picking up and looking around. The first Pokémon to catch her eye was a herd of brown equine Pokémon frolicking around the mud. "How about those?" The bird keeper asked, keeping in mind that the camera could get dirty.

Kaden Miller - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh
"But 15 years is still a very long time. Don't sell yourself short," Kaden said, adamant in trying to give Ezio some recognition here, but looked up at the ceiling when it came turn to answer the ruin maniacs question, "Ah, I started my journey at the ripe old age of twelve. Depending on how you see it, could be the right age or later than usual,"

Lara Brook - 10th of June - Route 3, Galar
Lara waited for Nicole pack up, making sure that she handled the equipment correctly. It all went really well and over all looked like this teaching thing has been going alright. Yet, there was a part of Lara that was sure that something could still happen.

The reporter snapped out of her train of thought when Nicole pointed some sort of ground type pokemon playing in the mud. Or that's at least what Lara assumed them to be due to the fact that they looked to be enjoying a roll in the dirt. They didn't look to be dangerous and actually had a bit of a goofy, yet cute charm to them.

"Oh, good eye. We could film them playing in the mud, but should keep our distance so we don't risk the camera becoming coated with mud," Lara said clearly liking the idea of filming these pokemon. Perhaps she should quickly try and look up what they are exactly on her phone. As well as maybe snap a picture or two for herself.
Ezio Farello - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

"I guess I did spend the better half of my life on the road, if you put it like that." Ezio admitted, twirling his curly hair around his finger. "Still, I have like 50 years left and I don't want to stop any time soon."

"At 12 years old? That sounds like a perfectly reasonable age to start to me. When you are young, you should go out and explore the world, see what wonders it has to offer. I genuine recommend traveling to anyone who can afford to do so, you learn so much more out in the field instead of just sticking to the books." The man said, smiling at Kaden.


Nicole Newman - June 10th - Route 3, Galar

"Do you know what they are? They don't look like any Pokémon I am familiar with." Nicole admitted, making her way to the Pokémon, whilst keeping a safe distance. "Should I have Cassidy on stand-by to protect us?" The woman asked, glancing at her singular Pokéball.
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

Before she jumped into a battle with the Empoleon, Reina gulped down her urge to test her strength and decided they should be on their way. Once everyone was aboard, she joined Gene on her Lapras and off they went. The ocean was calm, making the ride pretty smooth and the sight of three strong water Pokemon and a Rhydon seemed to drive away any Tentacool that would originally jump into to fight any trainers. What surprised Reina more, were the actual swimmers making their way across the big blue. She even felt inspired to try and do so herself, but maybe some other time. She also video recorded the Mantine and Mantyke swimming alongisde them, sending the videos to her mom back home.

"Oh look at that!" Reina shouted as she stood up and pointed ahead.

An island became clear in the horizon, becoming bigger the closer they got. What seemed special about it was the big blue rock in front of it. Peque the Swampert and Storm the Lapras seemed to understand as they began to speed up a bit more towards the location. It would make a great quick stop and Reina of course wanted to get souvenirs.

"Make sure to take pictures Gene!" Reina said as she handed over her phone to the little girl. "And no stealing food!" She shot the Phantum a quick look and focused back on the road as they arrived at the docks.

It would be a lie if people said they didn't notice the odd group arrive. Parking their set of inflatables alongside the actual boats and jumping off them as if they had just taken part in a water park ride, the group was finally on solid land. It had taken about three hours to get there and that was because they had to stop while a group of Wailmer and Wailord swam across from them.

Reina put on her big hat, sunglasses and shorts so she wouldn't be walking around in her swimsuit only. Diva seemed as excited, jumping around while looking at the different boats and shooting a smile at the confused fishermen.

"Okay, I say we have about an hour to look around and have fun unless you guys want to spend the night here, what do you all think?"
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto, Genevieve

Genevieve looked at the new group member with curiosity... they were very much an adult, so at least that wasn't a big issue in case someone came to get her. She wasn't a huge fan of how Piper was drawing more attention to her though, turning away so people didn't really look at her. Of course, Gene wasn't dumb, so she scooted back a little to grab a life vest and put it on. She could swim, but it was better to be safe in case something happened, like something grabbing her from the ocean depths. Sam understood it was time to go, and hovered away from Sunny, giving them a small wave as he retreated into his stump on top of Storm's head. Soon, they would be off for the Whirl Islands.

On the way there, there obviously much of anything that was interesting, it was just water after all. When Reina had asked Genevieve to take some pictures, she was confused, until she had handed her a phone. She hadn't used a mobile phone before, so it was taking her a while to figure it out, and wouldn't even open the camera until they had already arrived, so no pictures were taken. Sam was actually flying beside them at that point, so when Reina shot a glare at him, he felt absolutely offended, giving her a nasty look as well, a hand on his chest as to say "excuse me, WAT". How dare she judge him for such a simple, definitely not legal act of survival!
Olivine City/Whirl Islands, Johto

"....plain looking? Suppose that isn't the worst type of eye candy." Desmond mused as Esther seemed to have a colorful little intro as she presented a roll call to the group as they entered the raft and he merely prepared for the rough ride at sea. Course he had traveled by sea before, he did take a boat to Johto after all but this raft seemed to promise none of the stability of that ride even if nothing else had gone wrong on the trip.

Never the less, once everyone had settled the Pokemon were called to give them a ride and they began their sail.

At first it was slightly rough, the Pokemon did the best they could but with so many bodies and this rather brutish way to traverse the waters it was a bit of a rough bump at the start least for the photographer. However, things seemed to settle over the course of this three hour venture and Desmond dare he say it managed to get somewhat comfortable. It was a bit too crowded for his liking but given the circumstances this ride had gone about as smoothly as it'd possible be able to. It left him with plenrt of time to think as he'd be the last person to spark conversation on this ride, the beautiful sea as they drifted across the blue waters had him thinking and a hand clutched his locket though he tried not to make this action seem dramatic or anything.

Sure enough, the island seemed to approach ahead, and Desmond quickly took his chance. Just as another member of this group called for someone to take a picture, Desmond pulled his own camera to snap the island as it he come closer to view. Snap!

As they had made landfall, Desmond stepped onto the land and took a moment to stretch a bit. Seemed the idea was to roam a bit for an hour, or to possibly stay over a night depending on what the group had preferred. He decided to question the new sunglasses wearing Reina as he figured he should voice his piece.

"When you say spend the night, do you mean camp out here? Or split a fee to stay at a hotel?" Desmond asked more so to get a sense of where her head was.
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3:47 PM July 18th, Monday

- Blue Point Isle, Johto

“Well, that was fun. Definitely gonna try swimming through the Whirl Islands one day. Still can’t believe how huge that Wailord was too. Almost as big as the ones in Hoenn!”

With an exclamation to no one in particular, Dustin hopped off the raft and finally onto the dry land of Blue Point Isle. It was supposedly one of the largest islands in the Whirl islands archipelago. When they’d stopped for the family of Wailmer, Dustin interacted with some of the swimmers passing by. Although it was a bit extreme, people actually did swim around in these waters, so he wasn’t stupid for saying such a thing. In any case, Reina was trying to figure out how long they wanted to stay, so Dustin threw in his own response as he adjusted his sunglasses.

“I’m honestly down for whatever. Either way, I wanna check this place out. If we’re staying the night, then I’m probably gonna go exploring. One of the swimmers said there was a giant lake here on the island filled with Chinchou. Think she said it was called Blue Lagoon and that the Parade of the Chinchou might be going on too.”

Monday, July 18 – Blue Point Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto Region​

Esther loved seafaring; something about wrangling a small, personal vessel amidst the waves, the tickle of seafoam, and the wind-whipped numbness thereafter left her breathless and giddy. Given the choice, she would’ve preferred a sailboard to the raft, but she lacked both the option and inclination; her time aboard the raft was occupied with Nâva.

Part-way through their journey, the slime dragon had burst from her pokéball; sunken eyes, pale and sallow skin...something was wrong. Esther spent the journey worried and antsy, coddling the drake in her lap while she awaited landfall. Once they’d arrived on Blue Point Isle she took off at a sprint; bare feet pitter-pattered against the pavement and Esther grit her teeth, the road too rugged for comfort.

“Pokétch, where’s the nearest pokécenter?”

It took a moment, the pokétch didn’t have a signal on the ocean and needed to reconnect, but soon a holo-projected map was guiding Esther through the streets of Blue Point.

Pokéball x2
Seal Case
Initial: $6330
Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
July 18, Blue Point Isle, Jotho

The long ride across the sea was rather uneventful for Savannah. The young woman spend the seafaring voyage laying on her back, staring at the bright blue sky on this clear sunny day, occasionally dipping her hand in the water to feel it move. Zap Zap on the other hand, was a lot less tranquil. The Shinx spent it's time intensely staring down the water, barking at the many different pokemon that swam by. Nonetheless, the trip was still very uninteresting.

However, as soon as the group reached their first island on their trip, Savannah leaped off her Ryhdon's back and began quickly scanning her surroundings. "Whoa this place is huge. So what do we do here?" She asked as she turned back towards the group. That was also when she caught the sight of Esther leaving the group in a rush. Not understanding what was happening, Savannah quickly chased after the distressed girl. "Hey where are you going?" She asked. Zap Zap was of course running along his companion while the seafaring Rhydon decided to rest by the dock with the group's raft to conserve his energy.
July 18, Monday - Olivine City, Johto. Reina, current rank, 35,589.

"Huh Esther is in a rush, might be a girl emergency." Reina said before looking quickly at Gene. "Which you don't have to know about for a long time, okay? Okay, let's move on." She listened to Dustin a bit and nodded. "Spending the night here it is, don't worry, we'll find a cheap place to stay. The lagoon sounds fund though, I'm going to go ahead and ask around about it you guys can come with or look around also, I'll send the information on the hotel I find."

Reina grabbed Gene's hand and began walking into town. She stopped at the first shop she saw, which seemed to have plenty of tourist items, including Reina's favorite, pocket tour guide. "If you want a snack, get something for you and Sam. Don't leave the shop without me." Reina told Gene before she began looking through a rack of sunglasses. "Oh these are nice, you guys getting anything?" She asked, whoever had followed her along.

Monday, July 18 – Blue Point Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto Region​

Seeing an easy shortcut, Esther cut left through an alleyway. Though not terribly tall, the two-story houses of Inland City were still enough to darken the girl’s path. She stumbled along the cramped, slightly damp ground, wrapping Goomy tightly in both arms as she vaulted over a trash bag and tried not to think about the dampness.

She spilled onto the main and caught sight of the pokécenter; it was three, maybe four, blocks down the road. Savannah had caught up to her.

“Pokécenter,” Esther managed between breaths. “Nâva’s sick, I need to see Nurse Joy.”

The Oblivian wasn’t sure what the issue was, but the slime-dragon shuddered in her arms, urging her forward. Whatever had happened, she trusted Nurse Joy to figure things out.

- - - - - - -

The pokécenter was almost empty when Esther arrived, and she immediately rushed to the front desk.

“Nurse Joy, please, my Goomy. I–“

The Nurse gripped Esther’s hands and cut her off. “I need you to calm down...for Goomy’s sake.

“Chansey, bring a stretcher!”

Esther took deep breaths, calming herself as the pink Healy-blob ran off. Nurse Joy inspected the drake, closely assessing its eyes and skin. After several moments, she turned to Esther. “I need you to answer some questions: has your Goomy been subject to powerful fire-type moves recently?”

“Uh, yes, a few hours ago we had a battle and Nâva got burned.”

“How long afterward until you treated the burn?”

“I had Nâva soak in the ocean to take the edge off the burn and then treated it immediately after the battle.”

“That confirms it, your Goomy is dehydrated. It was probably the combination of the fire-type moves and the salt water. While the ocean might’ve appeared to treat the burn in the short term, the salt left on its body likely caused its mucous membrane to quickly dry out. Pokémon like Goomy need to stay hydrated to stay healthy, maybe you should read up on your pokémon to avoid more mishaps in the future.”

Although the Nurse’s voice was kindly, Esther’s cheeks went scarlet with shame. As Chansey returned with the stretcher Nurse Joy beckoned Esther to follow. After a few twists and turns, they arrived at a large pool that stretched into the ocean. Beside the large saline pool was a smaller freshwater pool and Nurse Joy gently lowered Goomy into the water. She waved for Esther to join her in the water.

“Here, gently and carefully scrub the salt off Goomy’s body then allow it to soak in the water until it regains its strength. You should look into purchasing a spray bottle to keep it moisturized and after battles with fire or ice types—anything that could compromise its mucus coating—you should take some time to give it a thorough scrubbing. Dehydrating can be life-threatening for Goomy, so if you aren’t prepared to raise it properly, maybe you should release it.”

Esther had the good sense to look chastised and chagrined, but as the front-desk rung, Nurse Joy stood up and walked away.

The Oblivian sighed, cupped some water with her palms, and got to scrubbing through Nâva’s slime. Her fingers traced guilty lines over the faint roughness of dried skin.

“I’m sorry love, guess I’ve still got a lot to learn about being a good trainer, huh?”

Nâva guggled into the pool: a weak and pained cry that tugged at Esther’s heart.

“Maybe it’s time I enroll in that trainer school...”

A quick search revealed numerous trainer schools scattered across the world: Straiton & Apsertia Academies in Unova, Jubilife Academy in Sinnoh, and Violet Academy in Johto among others. However, Hoenn’s Rustboro Academy presented itself as the best of the best, the world’s foremost trainer school with deep connections to the Hoenn pokémon league, it was closely followed by Alola’s Melemele Academy whose principal was Professor Oak’s brother and proudly counted Professor Kukui and Burnet as members of its staff.

It was hard to pick between the two, but after looking around more the decision was made for her.

“I can’t afford any of those!”

Higher education didn’t come cheap, but all hope wasn’t lost. While Esther certainly couldn’t afford full enrollment, the academies allowed prospective students to enroll in individual courses. The price was a bit steep, but it was... doable...probably. She’d need to go after a few more tournaments or pick up more jobs to keep herself afloat, but hey, that was all part of the experience.

While she had been researching, Goomy had recovered enough to begin tickling her sides with its feelers, eliciting a few giggles from its trainer. “Hey, cut that out Nâva!” Wibbling and wobbling, Nâva pointed towards a poster on the wall which advertised the ‘Whirl Cup’, a water-type tournament. The prizes were the big draw; even third place prize cashed out $3,000. Perfect for a trainer who wanted to earn a bit of cash on the side.

Unfortunately, the tournament required three water types. Esther only had one. Buuut then again... it couldn’t be helped if she needed to catch more pokémon, right? She’d even be able to catch something she could ride on! It was all but settled, she needed to catch more pokémon for the Whirl cup! Right...for the Whirl Cup.

Pokéball x2

Seal Case

Initial: $6330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Whirl Islands, Johto

The group had mostly dispersed upon arriving on the island; Piper recalled Étienne so he could rest up before the next leg of the journey. Esther's Goomy had started looking a little worse for wear on the trip over, and she and Savannah had already made a beeline for the Pokémon Center. Piper considered following them to make sure everything was okay, but two people was probably enough for now. Perhaps she'd go check on things in a bit.

Reina and Gene had begun walking into town, leaving Piper with Colored and the boys. She hadn't spoken much with any of them on the boat, instead mostly chatting with Reina about Pokémon battles, but Colored's outfit kept catching her eye the whole trip over and she finally saw her chance to approach the other girl.

"So like, where do you shop?" Piper asked. "Your glittery backpack is SO cute, I want one!"
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Kaden Miller - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh
"That's very understandable. There is a lot to explore and see in the world after all," Kaden said, giving Ezio a nod, "I suppose so. I did start a year later than what trainers here usually start. I do agree that traveling is wonderful. Trying to find a source of inspiration as of now and I thought trying to search for interesting locations could be a good jumping off point,".

Lara Brook - 10th of June - Route 3, Galar
"I don't know what they are either- I'll look them up quickly," Lara said and dug up her phone. Rotom, following how the two of them usually do their thing and peered over their trainer’s shoulder in curiosity as the red haired woman clicked and typed away on her phone.

"Oh- um, maybe keep her in her pokeball for now? T-they don't seem hostile and she could scare them away.. B-but if you feel like Cassidy should be out then feel free to take her out," Lara said, worried that the wild pokemon would run away at the sight of the armor-bird-pokemon, but she couldn't stop Nicole either if she thought that it would be for the better to have her steel-type on standby.

"Let's see here," the photographer said finding the info on the local pokemon inhabiting the route, "Oh- Looks like they're mudbray. A ground type pokemon," she said and scrolled a bit further to read more about the Donkey pokemon provided from the reputable pokedex.

"Um, they like to play and eat dirt and use it to apparently smear it over their hooves to get a better grip when walking in difficult terrain.. Whoa! Here it says they can carry up to 50 times their own body weight," Lara said, excitement clearly ringing in her voice as she turned her screen over for Nicole to read, but she quickly got self-conscious over her eagerness and withdrew herself back a bit, "Oh um- S-sorry.. We should probably focus on filming, right?"
Blue Point Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto

Desmond had an eyebrow raised as Esther seemed to rush into a panic into town, he guessed it was something concerning a Pokemon and while he naturally had a sheepish reaction to those he still hoped for the best. Was the decent thing to do, as Reina outlined them likely finding a cheap place to stay and options of what to do Desmond decided for now to follow Reina into town.

"I plan to least stay with you till you find a place, then when I can dump my other stuff probably explore the island to take some pictures." Desmond outlined his core plan, as the Whirl Islands were quite the prime place to get some good pics for his catalog, course he needed to know where they'd be staying so he had a chance to drop off some of his extraneous goods. He was used to carrying a bit of weight with his equipment but if he'd be able to dump some stuff he didn't need in a room he'd prefer that.

Course on cue his Pokeballs popped open as Politoed and Kricketune came out and both seemed to stretch a bit.



"Gah! D-damn it again can warn a guy..." Desmond said with a sigh as he settled his heartrate.

3:50 PM July 18th, Monday

- Blue Point Isle, Johto

“I guess she’s gone. Wonder what’s up with her.”

Dustin commented as he watched Esther ditch the group. Savannah seemed to follow after her as well. It seemed like this was where there group would be splitting up for the time being. In that case, he’d probably be hanging with Gene and Reina at least as the woman seemed to have some plans. She decided to head onto to town to find a place to stay since they would at least be staying the night. Desmond also came along, with his own excited Pokémon tagging along on foot. Reina was also going to ask around about the Blue lagoon too, so Dustin followed after them into some tourist store, where Reina was looking at some sunglasses. Of course, he was already wearing his own.

“Probably not. I got prepared before I came. Maybe I’ll find something, though.”

Having purchased some items at the store they were all at earlier, Dustin had come pretty much prepared, which was why he didn’t feel the need to buy anything. However, Dustin did want to buy some souvenirs, so he began looking around.
Blue point Isle, same day as the post above

a Loud cry woke the Trainer up from his slumber... It fricking happend again! He fell asleep and everyone are gone!

Arceus dammit... What was he supposed to do now?
Well, Gehenna was harmed quite a bit So he decided to go to a pokemon center. Hoping he sees someone on his way.
When he came to the pokemon center, first thing he noticed was Esther with a look of distress and somewhat sad. Before he reached out to her however she seemed to giggle Thanks to her pokemon then got a determined look to her.

She was probably okay, but hey. He may now keep an eye on her if he sees something wrong.
Thats what a friends are for! Those that leave you in a raft alone frie- ekhm.. Lets Forget about that Little issue.

Shiro headed to go and get Gehenna checked and in a meantime. Cubchoo cutely ran up to Esther and Nava. (Possibilly Savannah and Zip Zap too if they are with them)
Happily waving its Little paw at them.