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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Kaden Miller - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh
Burgh, that name was surprisingly familiar. Compared to most of the other gym leaders at least, though he didn't follow the Unovan bug type specialist for his gym leader related escapades. More so for his art and exhibitions.

"Oh Castelia city sounds quite intriguing. I know of Burgh as well, fan of his work. It would be amazing if I got the opportunity to meet him," Kaden said with a smile, but Etna nudged his hand some to get him to give her more scratches.

Lara Brook - 10th of June - Route 3, Galar
Lara moved her hand to scratch the Mudbray behind the ear which caused it to lean more into her hand and let out a happy, "Brayy," which made the reporter chuckle, "Aww, aren't you cute," she said in a giddy voice.

"Nicole are you seeing this?-" the red haired woman said turning around to look at the bird keeper, but then saw that the camera was pointed at her. She was a bit surprised and it showed by her cheeks turning a bit red since she was more used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it. She looked away and didn't say anything. After all Nicole was supposed to practice filming, so why should she say anything.

Gwen Tucker - 16th of June - Eterna Forest, Sinnoh
"Alright!" Gwen said with enthusiasm, but quickly turned to Naka and saw her working together with her pokemon to ensure that the Galactic grunt wouldn't escape.

"Whooa! That's so cool!" she said, bouncing up and down in place, her blue hair going up and down with her. She then calmed down some as Naka told her some tips in regards to this new pokemon she would get, "Hmm, well I don't have anything to worry about if that's the next evolution right?" Gwen said pursing her lips a bit to think. When Naka turned to Ron to ask about his name, the young trainer decided to chime in, "He didn't even tell me his name. So that's why I call him Mr. Punk," she explained, seeming to be proud of the nickname that she gave him.
Tuesday, June 14th - Relic Castle, Unova

After a brief staring contest, Rick called for a Hydro Pump from Pearl. As she was charging up the water, however, the Onix darted at the dragon in a sudden burst of speed, forcing Pearl to cancel the attack to move out of the way. The giant rock pokémon slammed head first against the wall, causing debries to fall off. Pearl turned around to try again, but once again, she had to cancel it to avoid the rock-type's Dragonbreath.

"Damn, this thing is fast, even for an Onix." Rick commented. The rock snake then let out a roar as multiple loose rocks surrounded by a purple aura started floating around it, before they were hurled at Pearl. Most of these missed the dragon, but one of them was more than enough to knock Pearl out from the air. The Onix stared at the cloud of dust for a few moments. Then, a huge collumn of water blasted from the dust cloud, hitting the giant snake right below its neck, knocking it back. "Aha! Nice one!" Rick praised. Pearl raised out of the dust and back to the air.

After recovering from a direct hit from Hydro Pump, the Onix roared again as some more boulders around the room started being lift. But rather than firing towards Pearl as Rick was expecting, they simply vanished. Rick frowned, before calling out the next move. "Water Pulse!" A water sphere formed in front of Pearl's orb on her neck before being fired at the Onix, hitting it on its head and making it flinch a bit. The rock-type then opened its mouth wide and started firing boulders at Pearl. The dragon dodged the first no problem, but as she dodged the second one, she slammed against a floating rock that was invisible until she hit it. Stunned from the collision, she got hit by the third projectile.

Rick started gritting his teeth. "Damn, I hate Stealth Rocks..." He muttered, before looking over his shoulder for Zephir. "How are thing going there? I could use your help here for a bit." He told him. Zephir looked at Rick, before Iris nudged the grass-type. The grass-type nodded, then stoped the healing to step forward. "Alright! Bullet Seed! Get rid of those Stealth Rocks!" He commanded. Zephir leaped onto Rick's shoulder before he started sweeping the room with a barrage of round seeds. The Stealth Rocks flashed briefly as they got hit and destroyed. Rick grinned at the success, but Onix didn't seem so amused by the trainer's plan.

"Oh oh..."

The Onix raised its tail high above Rick before slaming it into the ground. Rick dodged out of the way, whereas Zephir leaped out of his shoulder in the opposite direction. Pearl sweeped by soon after, firing off an Ice Beam in an attempt to freeze the Onix's tail to the ground, however, the giant pokemon broke the ice with ease. Pearl then made another pass by to pick up both Rick and Zephir. "Alright! Helping Hand and Dragon Pulse!" Rick commanded. An aura moved from Zephir to Pearl's body, as the dragon-type pointed her horn at the Onix and fired a beam of draconic energy at the rock-type. The Onix responded with a Dragon Breath of its own. To much of Rick's surprise, the two moves clashed into what seemed to be a tie.

"Are you kidding me? Dragon Pulse is already stronger than Dragon Breath!" Rick angrily stated. Fortunately for the group, the tie would eventualy be broken, as the Onix got hit on the back by a Solar Beam. Without an opposing force stoping it, Pearl's Dragon Pulse also hit its target, causing the Onix to collapse. Rick tilted a little to see Iris standing with her horn pointed at the Onix. "How did you do that?" Rick asked, surprised that she had recovered so quickly. However, he wouldn't have much time to think about it, as the Onix recovered once again. Rick gritted his teeth, before he and his pokémon regrouped. Then, the Onix started gathering energy into his mouth. Rick frowned, as his pokémon took on fighting stances. "Alright, guys. We're going all out! Together, Leaf Storm, Solar Beam, and Hydro Pump!" Rick shouted.

The trio fired off their attacks, to which Onix responded with a Meteor Beam. Despite its empowered state, the combined attacks proved to be too much for the Meteor Beam to contend with. Slowly but surely, the three moves eventualy reached the Onix and exploded, causing the giant pokémon to collapse, and the aura that was surrounding its body to dissipate.

"Is it over?" Asked Chris from the headset. Rick stood there, staring at the fallen Onix, waiting for any reaction from the snake. "I think... yes. Nice work everyone!" He said, unwinding his posture and petting each of his pokémon. "Now... that room with the vases and such... it looked promising." He muttered, still trying to catch his breath. "Lets just hope we don't have to deal with another one of these." He added, as they walked back to the previous room and went through the ornated doorway.
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Ron Towers - 16th of June - Old Chateau, Eterna Forest, Sinnoh

Ron pressed his lips together and nodded, taking a look at Naka and then at Gwen, before he finally spoke up. "My name is Bob." he said in a calm tone, while trying to ignore the judgmental look his Espeon was giving a tree that was probably meant for him. "Now let's head over to the Pokemon Center, The last thing I want is the police asking us questions." In reality, he was in parole, so getting picked up by the cops was not a good idea.

On the way, Ron decided it was the best time to try and get answers from Naka, just to avoid having her turn out to be someone undercover. He just needed to ask question indirectly and Gwen was his key to unlocking those answers. "So, Gwen and Naka, why were you two in Eterna Forest? Unless you're a bug or psychic enthusiast, not much to do there. Probably why those grunts chose it as a hideout, besides the local gym leader, not many people pay attention to those woods."
Blue Point Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 18 )

Desmond blinked as one of the guys, someone who seemed to be spamming status effect moves, had the gull to sass him back as Desmond had been "informed" that others seemed as confused with this whole Chinchou mess as Desmond had been. Regardless, Politoed and Kricketune seemed to continue the fight; the signing working to relax the Chinchou a bit while the Water Gun would get their attention and allow Kricketune to focus on transferring its notes as needed.

A fog would suddenly appear, and out of this smoke Desmond observed and noted a familiar face who seemed to dash from it towards the town, and Desmond only had the energy to grown internally.

"Course Esther would be involved with this. It would've either been that or Reina, where the hell is Reina anyway!?"
Ezio Farello - June 14th - Grand Lake Hotel, Sinnoh

"I should be able to get something going. Burgh is close friends with Lenora, and she essentially raised me when I was young. I'm sure that Burgh would be happy to help another artistic soul find their calling. Besides, maybe Nacrene itself is a way for you to get inspiration. After all, Burgh himself goes to Nacrene whenever he has art block, so it might even help you." Ezio said, offering to help Kaden. After all, it was the least he could do for informing him about past variations of Pokémon that live today.


Nicole Newman - June 10th - Route 3, Galar

Nicole felt the corners of her mouth tug upwards as she recorded Lara playing with the Mudbray. Maybe there were some gentle Pokémon out there as well, as long as they had a calm environment. An active volcano probably wasn't the best place for a positive encounter with Pokémon.

"Cute." She simply stated, making sure the camera was working.

Aldon looked around as people casually began to walk away. Luckily for Aldon, his pokémon never took a center stage in the battle, so they didn't gain much attention from the chinchou so they didn't need immediate attention at the pokécenter. Though they could obviously use a nice rest.

Zippy rested on Skol's back, and the walked over to his trainer. Relatively unaware of the magnetite on his back.

"I guess we did a good job! Not bad if I say so myself. This chinchou didn't know what hit em" Aldon said before deciding to head to town as well.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna Forest Outskirts, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Tochi the Parasect, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Brute Tooth the Barraskewda

Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Ron Towers (Hecotoro)

Her work with her Pokemon really looked that cool to the girl, didn't it? The outward excitement had Naka wondering if she should say 'thanks' or continue on as if it didn't even happen out of embarrassment. But then the whole thing with the Deino came up, so that's what she led with instead. However, it seemed that Gwen had misunderstood. Ah, oh well, Gwen will realize later that Deino also have a bit of a blind problem. Though, hearing how this mystery man hadn't said his name yet and she was forced to call him Mr. Punk had her chuckling. She watched the guy, wondering if he'd introduce himself. She narrowed her eyes at him though when he said it was Bob.

"No, it's not. I'll just call you Rocker Man until we get an actual name." She rolled her eyes, having caught the Espeon's look that... was a little off on the mark. Was his Espeon blind? She looked at her for a bit longer before catching "Bob's" eyes again as he spoke of not wanting to stay here. It wasn't uncommon for people to get out of the cop's way, but something about it just seemed off. His word choice was just odd. At least to Naka.

But she wasn't about to say anything. She'll just ask a question, once she gave "Bob" an answer to his. She smiled wide, her Pichu squeaking happily at the question. "Ahh, Eterna Forest. There's lots of things to learn about the place, like how it all works and how the ecosystem is like. I'm a researcher, so naturally I follow Pokemon around and learn about them. Whenever I can, I tag them and take blood samples, and maybe catch them if I want to learn about their movesets and how they differ from others of the same species in other regions. Their behaviors are similar, but there's enough of a difference for me to want to explore it. You only know the surface of what Eterna has to offer." She gave "Bob" a wagging finger, the light in her eyes practically sparkling from this interest of hers.

"There aren't just Bug- and Psychic-Types here. In fact, there are no Psychic-Types here. Just Bug, Normal, Grass, Ghost, and Dark-Types. I was mainly here to see the differences between the Gastly who roam around Eterna Forest at night and those from the Old Chateau, but my research was interrupted by the Galactic Grunt getting lost." She chuckled. "Oh, there's also a special mossy rock in Eterna Forest Eevee can train around to evolve into Leafeon. I'm studying as to why the rock does that, as the explanation I found wasn't sufficient enough."

This entire time, she kind of forgot the girl was right there, and talking with such big words probably led to the girl not understanding half of what she said. Naka just smiled at the girl, hoping to clear up any confusions before a question was asked. "Basically, I'm here to research about two things because my study is on the Gastly line and the explanation with how the Mossy Rock works wasn't good enough, so I'm looking into it. Or, was, at least." She then shrugged.

"Anyway, there's quite a bit here if you look hard enough, it's just not a nice place to be. You commonly just get lost or get picked on by a Misdreavus or a flock of Murkrow. It's dangerous in Eterna Forest. That's why people don't want to come in here. It's got spooky vibes and more often than not people come out winded or scared because they became the victim of a Ghost-Type attacking them." Getting done with explaining that, she waited for Gwen to explain why she was in the forest before moving on with her own question.

She then looked at "Bob", a smirk on her face. "So, Bob, if that's really your name, but I just don't buy it. I've never seen anyone be so adamant about avoiding the cops. You okay or something?" Her eyebrow was raised and the smile was a teasing one, but the tone she held was concern. She then shrugged and shook her head. "Ah, that was a bit of a pointed question, wasn't it? Don't bother with that, either. I'm not exactly keen on police anyway. They either don't do the thing they're supposed to or they do it too much and innocents get punished. Plus, they bribe way too easily." She said that as if she had experience with it before.

Again, she forgot Gwen was with them, and she gave Gwen another smile, but this time it didn't hold the same kindness as before. "And by that, I mean please follow the law and don't bribe police officers." She chuckled, though nervously.
Blue Point Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 18 )

Well, given the situation it seemed things began to calm down as some trainers had began to leave and others seemed to call off the battle. Desmond sighed a bit as the situation had gotten nuts, but he supposed he should be thankful it failed to escalate into anything that had been too concerning.

"Well, guess we should head back to Reina..." Desmond mused, given that the Chinchou had been dealt with as Kricketune turned to follow its partner back but Politoed seemed to linger by the edge of the lagoon. It had not been sure of what, but it seemed to sense something. Desmond had taken noticed and raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, we're leaving. We can admire the other end of the lagoon." Desmond said to its partner.