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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Ron Towers, June 16th, Eterna City.

"No, Naka, she's not untrained, she's just not used to, wait, you know what she is?" Ron looked at Naka over his Typhlosion's shoulder, "Because we have no idea what happened to her, why she's been acting so crazy."

Furia looked at the Aerodactyl and sneered, giving it a "You're next" look. She turned to face the Infernape stepping up to her challenge. She was hoping one of them would allow her to unleash the energy she's been building up. She wasn't out of control, she knew what she was doing, she didn't need anyone to tell her how to do things or what she was!

Furia then looked down at the Infernape, still sneering as she measured him up. She disliked him.

"Look, Furia needs to unleash her built up energy, if you want to step in front of that, be my guess." Ron cracked his knuckles, a smirk appearing on his face while Furia looked back at him, surprised at his words. "Look girl, if Naka knows what you are, she might be right, let's fight until we pass out, show me your knew tricks!"

Furia stomped her right foot and roared before slashing at the Infernape, not real move, just trying to make him jump back. Then, three purple flames emerged from her back flames and began floating around the Infernape, before shooting towards him, one by one.

July 19, Tuesday - Yellow Rock Isle, Johto. Reina, current rank, 34,107

Reina covered her eyes as the sand kicked up and let out a chuckle, "What a mess." her green eyes then noticed the one person who should've been with Gene, "Um, Aldon... where's Gene? She was with you three..." She looked at Aldon, Esther and Desmond, "Did you guys lose her?" She turned around, trying to find the lost child somewhere on the beach. "Well, hopefully Esther's Pokemon brings her back soon."

Reina walked over to where the gear for diving was, taking a look at it and then turning to Naka, "So, how do we know which one belongs to us? Do we need our water Pokemon to dive with us? I'm asking because Peque was just in a battle, so I can heal him up."
"Slow poke poke!" Skol responded to Reina's question with remarkable speed despite his normally delayed reactions. It were as if Skol knew the answer to where Gene was. Did Skol really know where Gene was? It couldn't outright tell them where the kid was, but the slowpoke had a look of determination in its eye.

Aldon paused as he looked at Skol then at Reina, "Gene? Yeah I saw the kid a little while ago... I thought she went with you guys. She couldn't have gotten too far" Aldon said trying to remember what the kid was doing the last time he saw it. Aldon had wondered if she might still been up by the rail car, but doubted that as an option.
July 19, Yellow Rock Isle, Johto

"Whoa really? We can do something like that?" Replied a bewildered Savannah as she listened to Naka. "I heard about swimming but I never really tried it, but now you can go under the water too?" She continued. The girls eyes were lit up with glee.

Zap Zap moved back as Naka approached the bags, it appears his curiosity was going to be sated. The small Shinx listened in awe as the contents of what they have carried over was being explained, but that was nothing compared to the look of amazement Savannah had on her face. These devices sounded unreal, nothing like them could have existed back home. With the way Naka described them, it was like if you could turn into a water type pokemon by simply wearing those weird devices. "Whoa." The wild girl let out.

"Hmm? Oh yeah I grew up far from any places with big buildings like here." The girl replied when Naka asked about her origins. "The people at the village called the place I grew up in a Savanna, it's what I was named after." She continued.

While the two girls were having this pleasant chat, a distant scream soon interrupted the moment. Turning around, Savannah witnessed Esther's form flying towards them at full speed. She smiled and began waving at her. "Hey Miss Essy!"

Then the glorious collision happened.

As things settled down, Savannah noticed something, did the group looks smaller than before? Have their group suddenly shrunk again? She counted again, using her fingers this time to make sure she was right. Sure enough, they were 6. "Umm, we're missing some people." She announced.
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Gwen Tucker - 16th of June - Battle field behind the Pokecenter, Eterna City, Sinnoh
The air on the battlefield quickly changed. Not just mood-wise, but also literally as Ron had suddenly been enveloped by a strange smoke. When the pokemon revealed herself that had caused the change of atmosphere, Gwen couldn't quite pinpoint it. It looked like a Typhlosion, yet not quite? But it looked like a really powerful pokemon either way. Then she saw the bone-chilling glare, that was enough to wipe any boldness she may have had.

Ozzy turned around, feeling the imposing presence and the small stubby tail immediately stopped wagging and flumped down. The small Deino made a small whimpering sound as he took small steps to walk backwards a bit.

"Ozzy, come here," Gwen called out, kneeling down and grabbing the dusk ball. The small dark type immediately turned his tail towards the light blue haired girl who then quickly recalled him into his pokeball. Naka's Aerodactyl had also jumped in to help the small girl and her pokemon, which she was grateful for. Gwen moved to be closer with Luz and followed Ron's instructions. She didn't want to end up being any pokemon's meal today.
July 19, Tuesday - Yellow Rock Isle, Johto, Eveline

Oh man, Esther was screaming at them... great, because Reina wasn't responsible enough to book the rooms then and there, now Eveline was in trouble... what a load of crap. If she had done her job right in the first place, they wouldn't be in this situation.

"Tch... Ruination, get back in here... knew we should've gone harder... comiiiing... was trying to make Reina do the job she took on, but she was stronger than expected."

Ruination was returned to their ball, and Eveline walked down to the beach to meet up with the others. Guess it would be time for a dive, though she wasn't really sure if she would be into that... she hated wearing latex. Last time she had to do that for "Diver Down: Deep Depths Daily", a magazine for deep sea diving equipment, she was sweating like crazy, her makeup was so incredibly runny after all of that. It made her hate that material so much, she could barely look at a pair of disposable gloves...

"...Alright, fine. I can go down there, but I won't be happy at all. And I'll be going to the hotel immediately after, no delays."

There was a lot going on at the moment, and it seemed pretty clear to her what Esther was doing... girl clearly had some sort of crush on Nakano, and she wasn't making it subtle at all. Oh well, why was it her business? Let the girl fall in love or whatever.

July 19, Tuesday - Yellow Rock Isle, Johto, Genevieve

Genevieve had spent a sufficient amount of time in the wooded area, although what she was doing mostly was poking at a stick. Stick was fun, especially with mud. However, she hadn't noticed how she had gotten separated from the group. She whistled lightly, and Sam would hover back to Gene, plopping onto her head again. Sticky Fingers was already on her back, he was just wondering how long this girl would poke at that stick without noticing that everyone had left. The answer was 20 minutes, about. She began walking out of the small underbrush, poking her head out of a bush. She would see Pari in the distance and trod over, giving her headpats before looking to the beach. So that's where everyone went... they did say something about diving. She would then slowly make her way down there, standing there before making the statement of:

"I touched grass."
Jean-Leu Cormier - Old Guard Boss
June 30 - Lumiose City, Kalos


If Cormier was nothing else, he would still be a patient man. The haphazard stacks of documents, photos, and maps scattered throughout his office were a testament to that greatest strength of his, meticulously gathered over nearly ten years of scheming his revenge on the family that betrayed his own in the Second Back Alley War.

The man's face contorted into a scowl, biting down on the cigarette that hung from the corner of his mouth. To think he'd been reduced to scurrying in the dark in search of the crumbs; the shame! Cormier sat at his desk with the newest crumb in the trail propped in his hands, an elusive book titled Tyrant's Fall: the Aftermath of the Kalos Revolution.

Most Kalosian school's gave a state-approved account of the Tyrant Queen who ruled over Kalos over two hundred years ago, but now that Cormier had his hands on Tyrant's Fall he had access to the details the Kalosian government would rather not be taught.

{The latter years of the Tyrant Queen's reign was characterized by an overwhelming paranoia. The previous king's assassination seemed to instill a fear of usurpation in the new queen, though the full extent of her Queen's Guard's work to prevent such a matter is unknown.}

He knew that well enough. Cormier's own ancestors were the Queen's Guard; the powerful Cuermei family. They were a rich and powerful noble family, with a long history of cooperation with the throne and a great deal of influence within Parfum Palace. The Cuermei's name had been mostly scrubbed from Kalos' history, and why wouldn't the revolutionaries fear their name?

The Tyrant Queen would've been nothing without the Cuermei's at her back. In a time when Pokémon training was a rare phenomenon, the Cuermei's boasted some of the most powerful beasts in the region. Jean-Leu's grandfather told him stories of their ancestors, whose crest was a Doublade, and their might.

{Kalosian census numbers from the era reported steep population drops outside of Lumiose in the five years preceding the revolution, coinciding with the famine commonly reported to be the root cause of the revolution. What most historians miss is the population drops in the year directly preceding the revolution, which report a higher population drop than expected for the cities of Shalour, Courmarine, and Anistar.

These three cities were more insulated from famine, with Shalour and Coumarine being popular ports for foreign trade and Anistar sourcing most of its food from the neighboring lake. The common theory among historians holds that a sickness was brought from rural Kalosians fleeing famine, but recently uncovered documents from the Parfum Estate tell a different story.

It seems the Queen's Guard was dispatched into these cities to quell the growing resentment towards the throne. The sharp drops in population seem to point towards their brutal methods, and can also prove an apt explanation for the revolutionaries' recruitment of the fabled "elite four".

The Elite Four are somewhat of an enigma. Their appearance in a period well before the popularization of Pokémon training is not entirely unprecedented, but the strength of such trainers was historically unheard of. One of the Tyrant Queen's first decrees when she took the throne was the abolishment of Pokémon training in her kingdom, so how the Elite Four gained the power to challenge the Queen's Guard is unknown.

What cannot be questioned is their effectiveness in battle with the monarchy. Historians agree that if not for the Elite Four at their backs, the lower class revolution would have been quelled as soon as it started with earnest. Royal influence was ousted first from Shalour, the documented origin of the Elite Four's alliance with the revolutionary leadership, and the final battle which led to the Tyrant Queen's capture was held in Lumiose.

Accounts of the battle are sparser than the aftermath, though several sources point to the Lumiose Catacombs as the site of the final clash. Details of the Catacombs have since been purged from most historical documents, though historians continue to search for historical documents that slipped through the cracks.}

They and Cormier both. The Cormier family's greatest asset used to be their control over those very catacombs, but even Jean-Leu knew little about how to navigate the dank, decrepit corridors. The Second Back Alley War didn't only decimate the family, but the police secured all of their maps. Tch. How infuriating.

Still, hope was not lost. The book went on to name a painting rumored to contain a map of the catacombs hidden within it. The name drop led Cormier down a rabbit hole of online research, eventually finding the painting to be contained within Shabboneau Castle's vast art collection. No photos of the painting were online, but there was an opportunity to acquire it advertised.

The Shabboneau Estate is excited to announce the 7th Annual Shabboneau Junior Tournament in conjunction with the 48th Annual Camphrier Festival!

The SJT is a celebration of the most exciting time in any aspiring trainer’s life, the start of their Pokémon journey! Any and all novice trainers are welcomed to Shabboneau Castle in Camphrier Town on July 5th for a day of fun, fireworks, and battle!

Participation is first come, first serve! Will you be one of the lucky 32?

The Tournament:
  • Participants will join together in teams of two (2) for a series of 2-on-2 battles!
  • Each participant may only use one (1) Pokémon per battle, but there is no limit on the number of battles a Pokémon may participate in!
  • 1st Prize - Both winning participants will be able to choose from the Shabboneau Estate’s vast art collection, as well as receiving $1000 cash!
  • 2nd Prize - Each participant will receive $500 in PokeMart credit! (Credits given in the form of a gift card)
  • Semi-Finalist Prizes - Each participant will receive $250 in PokeMart credit! (Credits given in the form of a gift card)

Tournament Schedule:
  • Opening Ceremony - 10 a.m.
  • First Rounds - 10:30 a.m.
  • Quarter Finals - 11:30 a.m.
  • Coordinator Exhibition - 1:30 p.m.
  • Semi Finals - 4:30 p.m.
  • Final Round - 5:30 p.m.
  • Closing Ceremony/Fireworks - 7 p.m.

"The Shabboneau Junior Exhibition," the Boss read aloud, "First prize wins a thousands dollars and their choice of a piece from the Shabboneau Estate's vast art collection?" It was almost too perfect. A sinister smile spread across Cormier's face as he pulled out his phone to ring up his key player.

If the bastard could win that tournament, Cormier would be one step closer to his revenge on the family that decimated his.

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 19 (26yo)
Location: Ogi City, Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Brute Tooth the Barraskewda

Interactions: Savannah and Zap Zap the Shinx (Grand Master Koop), Esther, Pari the Munna, and Pyrrha the Jangmo-o (kyuukestu), Aldon and Skol the Slowpoke (ThAtGuY101), Reina (Hecotoro), Desmond and Politoed (Godjacob), Eveline, Gene, Sticky Fingers the Octillery, and Sam the Phantump (GQuasch)

Wow, everyone was talking to her. Well, except for Desmond, thankfully. Naka did her best to listen and keep tabs on what everyone had said, wanting to go over everyone's points. Although, all this attention was slowly making her more and more flustered. No no, she was able to teach a bunch of kids ten years ago, this should be fine. They were all younger than her anyway, so she took a deep breath, calming her nerves. Even her Pichu grew nervous, so Naka had to return her.

Esther's concern over having left Gene, and Aldon's, Savannah's, and Reina's musings about Gene's whereabouts had given the poor girl a safe Gene with an Octillery and a Phantump. Everyone was okay, everyone was here. That was good. Though, Gene's arrival had her snickering at the words she said. "Oh, that's actually funny."

First, Desmond didn't seem like he was talking to her or wanting to strike up conversation, so she let him be. His Politoed was being adorable though. But she'd rather not have her Ludicolo get a bit too chaotic and the poor guy seemed to have issues with Pokemon appearing out of nowhere in a surprise.

Aldon didn't realize she had gotten supplies and she laughed a bit recalling what he said. Apparently, he was having a bit of an argument with his Slowpoke, who looked incredibly smug.

Esther seemed to be alright physically, but emotionally she wasn't so sure if Esther was going to dive bomb the poor girl and ask a bunch of questions. Judging by this girl's character, she might as well. To her question, Naka shook her head. "Nope, no problem at all."

Reina asked her questions soon after, and Naka grinned. "If you'd like to swim faster and potentially avoid Water-Types from attacking you, I would suggest having a Water-Type on hand. If not, you can buddy up with one of ours. Just pick a bag, they all have the same stuff. A wet suit if you wanna wear it, aqua-breathers, goggles, and flippers."

Back to Savannah, Naka recalled what she had said before Esther's interesting arrival, and chuckled at her for her amazement at their technology. "Oh yeah. It's cool. There's a whole new world under that water. Glad to have you with us so you can get all these cool experiences you otherwise wouldn't."

Naka then looked over at Eveline, chuckling at her dislike for diving. "If it gives you any solace, the wet suits don't have to be used, if it's the latex that bothers you. It is... Rather tight when it's not soaking." She pulled on the collar of the thing, chuckling albeit nervously. She noticed Eveline looked rather peeved, but didn't know what else it could be. Oh well, not her business.

Now that everyone was here, Naka began passing around the bags, setting them right next to each person or passing them off if they reached out to grab them. Naka disguised her backpack as one of the rental bags, hoping no one grabbed them. In fact, she was just going to bring out a Pokemon to protect the backpack.

"Alright, Mudster." She called out, but paused as to give Desmond some time to get ready, her eyes on him before sending out her Swampert. The Swampert tilted his big head to the side, confused. "I need you protecting my stuff. That would be greatly appreciated." She gave a sort of nervous chuckle, but Mudster knew what would happen if he didn't. He gave a deep growl-like purr, nuzzling his big maw against Naka's stomach before wrapping himself around the backpack, his big arm grabbing an empty rental backpack to also hug to his chest and protect. "Put the sea gear backpacks with my Swampert. He'll protect them." And protect my shit...

Once that was all done, she stretched her arms over her head, not wanting muscle cramps for when she went swimming. "The water will be a tad chilly, so if you're not going to be wearing a wet suit, beware." Recalling a brochure she read, she spoke of the diving site to get everyone up to date.

"The diving site is that of the I.S.S. Raspberry. While any worthwhile treasure may have already been looted, there could still be something worth of value or useful down there. Oh, and if you seal your lips around the aqua-breather, you can talk unhindered while underwater. Just try not to break the seal." She turned to her two fish Pokemon, the tiny white sardine and larger toothed trout splashed about with glee. With awkward waddling with the flippers, she managed to get deep enough into the water where she can swim, her fish swimming beside her.

Once she was a ways from the shore, she waited for everyone else to arrive. She hoped the kids can figure out the contraptions themselves, especially Savannah.

As soon as the group started delving into the water, she quickly dove under the surface, her hand on the reins of her Barraskewda with her Wishiwashi swimming along behind her, the aqua-breather's light turning green then blue as it began filtering oxygen from the ocean like a fish.

The silhouette of the ship - I.S.S. Raspberry - came into view. It's dilapidated structure became a home for all kinds of wildlife. Barnacles and coral grew on its rusting surface, wood rotting and weakly holding itself up. Holes were made in the seabed or the hull of the ship to make for Pokemon nests, and Naka spied the pink luster of a Gorebyss swimming out of the captain's quarters.

Naka and her two Pokemon swam until they hit the seabed, the ship several yards from them. She waited for the others to get there and share in the sights.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Oh... Did she say untrained? Fuck, she did, didn't she? She chuckled nervously, scratching the back of her head. "I didn't mean to say she was untrained, I meant she hasn't trained in her new form, yet." Phew, dodged a bullet there. "But I do know why. Kind of. It's a working theory. Some Pokemon tend to grow angry or aggressive when they evolve. If they evolve too early, they can be either too childlike or become extremely angry. Especially when they gain a Ghost typing. All that emotion and new energy and awareness of another world can cause a Pokemon to become violent. She likely wants to battle to use this newfound, excess energy, like an Electric-Type needing a fight to keep its organs from storing electricity. I hope I'm not imposing on her too much though... She looks... Maybe a bit prideful..." Naka chuckled nervously.

Aero let out a low growl, his eyes narrowing as he watched the Typhlosion warily. The Infernape simply grinned, waiting for Furia to do something. She attempted to slash at him, but it wasn't really a move. He noticed that, a wide grin spreading across his features as his fist cloaked in shadow energy. His fingers flexed out in a claw-like fashion. He used his other arm to block the strike coming down on him as he aimed the Shadow Claw right at her chest.

Of course, this Shadow Claw wasn't very strong compared to a fully trained one. It only had half the damage output and wouldn't increase the chance of a critical hit. That didn't mean that the points were any duller, they were still quite sharp.

Regardless if he hit, he dove right under the arm he blocked to avoid the fiery orbs, rolling on the ground with a somersault and stopping himself with his hands, now on all fours as he made himself as flat as possible. Naka giggled, hopping one foot as she mimicked punching maneuvers (with proper form, of course) - a hook and a jab. "That's it!" She looked back at Gwen, a sort of thrill on her face. "Now you get to see a proper fight between two strong Pokemon." She looked back at Ron, mirroring his own smirk - even if it looked maybe a bit too sadistic.

"Hanu, be careful of her signature move!" Hanu didn't know what kind of signature move he had to look for, but given he had fought against countless Ghost-Types, he imagined what it probably looked like, and it used the flames on this thing's collar.
July 19, Tuesday - Yellow Rock Isle, Johto. Reina, current rank, 34,107

"This is certainty the weirdest suit I've ever worn." After having changed into her bathing suit, Reina was attempting to put on the wet suit.

She had placed her Pokeballs into a small bag, for safe keeping. She had three water Pokemon on her, but sadly she had used them both for battle. Not having that much available, Reina used two of her five Super Potions on Peque, releasing the Swampert next to her. Despite another of his species being nearby, Peque was more focused on his trainers, quietly waiting instructions. After Reina finished gearing up, she went over to help Gene. The last thing she wanted was the little girl drowning while they were down there, "Sticky Fingers will take care of you, but stay close to me, okay?" Reina said, giving the Octillary a small pat on the head.

"Hey Desmond!" Reina called out, once she was ready, "Want to be diving buddies? I'm a pretty good battler and my Swampert can definitely fight in case something goes wrong."

While the others finished up, Reina jumped into the water. Naka was right, it was chilly, but moving around it and being close to her Swampert kept her warm. Once it was time, she dove underwater following Naka, keeping her eyes on the rest, specially Gene. Whatever happened, she needed to react fast, specially in such unpredictable environment.

Ron Towers, June 16th, Eterna City.

Furia growled as the Infernape dug his claws into her chest, but she didn't back down, as if trying to test how strong the her opponent was. She watched as he jumped away, just glaring at her opponent, studying him. "It's just a friendly match Furia." Ron said, but the Typhlosion didn't seemed interested in listening.

"Alright, try that move again Furia, the dancing fireballs!"

Furia stood her ground as the fire around her neck ignited into a bright purple, releasing three big purple fireballs that began dancing around her. The fire ghost pokemon roared as one by one the Infernal Parade shot towards Hanu. She wasn't done yet though, while he dealt with her attack, Furia held her front paws close to her chest, where an sphere of sinister energy began to form, along with a mischievous smile on Furia's face.

"Holy shit, is that Shadow Ball?" Ron even looked surprised, not aware Furia had gained such attack.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Naka watched the Typhlosion closely. Amidst the sinister grin she was giving, she was watching for any changes in the Typhlosion. Dancing fireballs? She watched as the Typhlosion used the move again, and realized it was on one of those journals she read. "It's called Infernal Parade!"

Hanu watched, hearing what it was called and lunging towards the side in a blur, still on all fours. Seeing Shadow Ball was being formed, Naka chuckled at Ron's surprise. "Yup! Most, if not all, Ghost-Types can learn Shadow Ball. In the notes leftover from Hisuian times, it can also learn Hex and I think Ominous Wind and Calm Mind." While Naka spoke, Hanu watched the ball with a creeping grin.

Once Furia was going to send it towards him, he charged forwards, then jumped over it - body now in Furia's face. "Thunder Punch!" His fist shone like metal before lightning completely cloaked it. The lightning of his Thunder Punch had an orange sheen from his Iron Fist ability, and he sent the fist down towards her head. Thunder Punch was at its full power, being one of his battle-ready moves.
"Coming in hot, Rollout!"

Furia watched as the Infernape jumped over her Shadow Ball and was on his way towards her. She wasn't just going to freely take another hit. She lunged forward, barely moving out of the way in time and curling up into a rolling ball of purple flames, moving quickly to the other side of the field and springing into the air, landing on her four legs.


Furia opened her mouth and sent out a long line of purple flames, swaying her head to the sides and spreading the fire across the field.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Ah, he whiffed. The momentum carried him in a somersault wherein he landed on his feet. He turned around, heard Flamethrower be called by Ron. He charged at her despite the considerable distance, Furia's flames coming out once he reached the halfway mark in the distance.

His body seemed to disappear in the fire, but in Ron's view, Hanu's hands glowed with beige energy, and he scooped into the ground, digging his way. He got hit, but that was fine. His back felt like it was on fire, but it wasn't like he hadn't felt fire before. He was on fire after all! His back felt singed, but he disappeared under the earth, then began making his way to where he remembered Furia was, but then dug upwards before he reached her. He wasn't going to use Dig to attack her, no. No no, he was going to do something else far more irritating.

He just hoped Furia didn't have Earthquake...

Once he reached it, he breached the surface, popping out and sticking his tongue out at her. He put his hand on his head, making an 'L', and then dove right back into the tunnel he made.

He used Taunt.

Oh dear lord...

Naka found herself slapping her forehead, chuckling darkly and with uncertainty. "Damn it, Hanu..."
Ron burst into laughter as Hanu used Taunt. Furia on the other hand, wasn't as happy. She growled and snapped at the air as Hanu disappeared underground again. She then began to gather dark purple energy around her body before it exploded into a strong sinister wind covering the arena, Ominous Wind. The air moved around the area a few moments and the vanished.

"Sorry!" Ron called, apologizing for having laughed at Furia.

The Typhlosion spit a purple flame and the closed her eyes. For the first time, having a peaceful expression on her face. Pink energy began to emerge from her fur, using Calm Mind while her opponent prepared to attack.
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

"Well, that solves that issue." Desmond mused as Gene had arrived and made a rather cheerful declaration. Touching grass....good for her, in any event he noted Naka who seemed to answer several questions that almost seemed to ping pong from one person to another towards the poor individual as Desmond seemed to enjoy not being the social magnet today.

Naka had given Desmond a look and called out a name, which gave him time to prepare himself as she pulled out a Swampert which caused Desmond to flinch a step but he avoided letting out a cry. He sighed, nodding in appreciation as he got his heart settled before he worked to get chanced himself.

These wet suits certainly left little to the imagination, he felt it almost stick to his skin as he worked to change into idea swim gear. He of course left Kricketune's Pokeball in his bag as well as his personal locket and had on hand his underwater camera. Next to him Politoed seemed eager to take the dive as Desmond only hoped it wouldn't try to like hug a Sharpedo or something. No don't be silly, these were Indigo Plateau waters, there wouldn't be a Sharpedo around....right? Well too late now. Reina seemed to kindly offer to being a "diving buddy" and protection as Politoed seemed to light up though her mention of her own Sharpedo caused him to sweat drop a bit.

"....suppose it is good to have support here, if nothing else." Desmond said, before he got his breathing gear on and he and Politoed jumped into the water. The water seemed to have a chill to it but that had not bothered Desmond, if he camped out in the rain once he could endure this and soon he and Politoed began to swim by Reina's position as he got his camera ready to take some shots.

Tuesday – Afternoon July 19
Ogi City – Beach, Whirl Archipelago
Johto Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Halay-Alae (Houndour), L’ Basseau (Surskit), Unnamed (Shellos)
In Esther’s care: Feebas​

‘Oh, Thank Arceus,’ Esther zipped right over to Gene’s side to subject the girl to a thorough inspection. Once satisfied nothing was observably wrong, she turned back to listen to Nakano’s explanation. She’d done her due diligence and thankfully, saved Esther from giving the long-winded exposition herself.

Now that all the boring stuff was behind them a fun-promised day on the water lay ahead, Esther couldn’t wait! She grinned and her eyes bounced between her companions; they settled on Reina, already in the water.

“Reina! I’ll race you to the dive site! Just let me change first.”

Her challenge issued, the Oblivian sashayed over to Eveline and swung her waist to hip-bump the other girl. “I remember someone offered me a ride on their Sharpedo, does the offer still stand?” She kept her voice low and signaled for Eveline to do the same. She still had to change though, so she excused herself with a ‘brb’, but not before she threw Eveline a few expectant looks and a suggestive wink.

A few minutes later she returned in a black swimsuit and with a wind-sail board she’d rented from a nearby shop.

Seal Case


Clip-on roller skates

Hand-woven kilt

Initial: $5330

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00

Friday – Morning July 1
Lumiose City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care:Houndour​

After nearly a week diving through the swamps of route 14 Esther was excited to be back in one of the big metropolises of the world. So many people, so many trainers! It was crazy to her that so many people were cluttered into one city. It couldn’t be normal, not even Wyndon had this many people! As it turned out, Lumiose was extra packed this time of year. Kalos’ League circuit, the Lumiose Conference had just kicked off last month and so the city was abuzz with fresh new trainers eager to test their mettle with their new pokémon. Seeing a chance to have some fun and earn a bit of cash for the road, Esther dove right into the frenzied battles.

“Nail it Pyrrha, 『Dragon Tail』!”

“Dodge it Gastly!”

The Oblivian punched the air a wild grin on her lips as her pokémon rocketed across the battlefield with speed that bordered teleportation. Dodge? Pfft! No chance! The whip-CRACK of Dragon Tail ended the battle as their opponent went down. Pyrrha landed and scales clattered in victorious celebration.

Honestly, it was too easy. While she didn’t have much more experience than the trainers around—she’d also started out last month—the breadth of that experience made the difference. Her time on the ranch was like a 2-week crash course where she’d had ample opportunity to battle both wild pokémon and new trainers. Simply put, she was at the front of the pack, and it showed. It didn’t hurt that Jangmo-o weren’t exactly common around Kalos and the unfamiliarity kept her opponent off-kilter. As a result, Esther was on a streak! A win streak!

Their opponent, a blue-haired punk-type & his Gastly, were just the latest victims in their rampage and Esther flashed him a small grin as he grumbled and stalked off the field and into the small crowd of trainers. She’d have been grumpy too if she were him. He’d made a big bet on beating her with his Gastly and had almost been a challenge with his swift, evasive pokémon. But his Gastly couldn’t keep up once Pyrrha got her motor going.

Esther turned to the crowd, hungrily eyeing up a challenge, “Anyone else?”


Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Naka bit back a snicker on her own as Ron laughed, shaking her head. "Uh-huh. Anyway..." She saw Furia use Ominous Wind, then Calm Mind. Wow, she must seem like she had excellent foresight. Hanu was still underground, but she knew exactly what he was going to do.

While this wasn't a move in and of itself, he was still using Dig. In fact, the area underneath Furia was starting to cave, as Hanu made the earth she was standing on unstable.

"Mach Punch!" Was it a move that couldn't hit Furia? Yes. Did that matter? No. His fist shone with a metallic sheen for a moment, then cloaked itself in an orange light. However, he used his agility and the fist's Fighting Typing to punch through Furia, escaping the crumbling earth he was under and using her typing to his advantage. As well as give an odd distraction.

Furia snarled as she felt the flaming monkey emerged from the ground and go right through her. To make things worse, the ground under her collapsed. As she fell in, she let out a roar, grunting as she took damage from the short fall. She was quick back on her feet though and decided to play the same game as her opponent. Furia took in a deep breath and unleashed a cloud of purple smoke. The thick Smokescreen spread through the field, leaving a purplish haze.

"Okay, I get it. Quick Attack!"

Furia then began moving through the smoke, her purple fur blending in with the smoke, occasionally leaving traces of her flames as she sprinted from one spot to another. Were those her flames? That or she was leaving behind Infernal Parade to attack her opponent.


As they kept swimming downwards, Reina grabbed on the her Swampert's back fin. There were some wild Pokemon, but not that could possibly rival hers, at least that's how she saw it. Besides, Naka and Evaline had good Pokemon on them and Desmond's Politoad looked pretty strong. As the ship came clear into view, she turned to Desmond and waved at him, before pointing at the sunken ship. "Can yoh take a picture?"

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

"Calm Mind!"

Hanu saw the smoke, and crouched low. What was he to do? He heard the words Calm Mind, but his impatience was starting to make him want to act out.

No, no, he needed to listen. He ignored Furia, gave up on trying to piece where she was in the smoke. Instead, he breathed in deeply, his body glowing pink for a moment as he focused on calming himself. He can hear her clearly now if he closed his eyes. The smoke was so warm though, only slightly offset by the purple fireballs heading his way.

Wait... It was smoke! That's right! It should go up if he ran around heating up the area! He's fought against Charizards and other Pokemon that used Smokescreen before! Maybe this ethereal smoke was different, but he wasn't going to back down!

Ow, that hurt. Luckily, that Calm Mind aided in lessening the pain of that Infernal Parade as some of the fireballs landed on his back. The ethereal fire felt cold, it burned through him so hot that it felt cold. Why? This wasn't a Fire-Type move, was it?

Without Naka's guidance, he lunged forward and curled up into a ball, flames spewing out from his head and completely cloaking him in fire. The rest of the Infernal Parade hit him as he rolled around in a ball, hoping that the smoke rose up, especially when he flared his fire. Of course, the Infernal Parade helped to disguise him, his orange-red flames turning purple.

He wasn't trying to hit Furia, but if he did, he was going to also hit her with her own attack since it was flowing with him.

Naka noticed the red-orange glow turn purple and she laughed, a raucous sound that probably tore something in her throat, as her words came out hoarse. "That's it, Hanu! Disguise yourself as her flames!"

Oh, that's what he's also doing? Oh yeah! He meant to do that all along! Totally!

Now he might actually want to hit her...
"This is actually getting good!" Ron called out.

Furia kept running around the field, watching the monkey's flames turn the same color as hers. It was a neat trick, but she could actually command her flames. She shot the last Infernal Parade, then her target was obvious.

"Swift! Then get ready for a counter strike!"

Furia turned her flames off, the tips of her fur glowing white before a rain of starts shot all over the area. She wasn't done yet, she stood up and once again began preparing another Shadow Ball, waiting for her opponent to get close to ensure a hit.
Montagne Khastil - Unranked
July 1 - Lumiose City, Kalos

There really was nothing better than a Lumiose street vendor's breakfast. Monty's stomach grumbled in anticipation as he and Oracle waited in line for some of the savory-sweet baked goods, and while the trainer was eagerly awaiting the breakfast the Absol was looking up at him with blanket annoyance.

Didn't he know what day it was?! It was supposed to be the day she finally tested her strength against one of these so-called gym leaders that Monty kept blabbering on about. Oracle hadn't gotten a good challenge since her duel with that Pawniard, but it had been over a week since then! If her grand strength hadn't already atrophied, it would certainly had by now with how long they'd been waiting in this endless line!

"What, too good to wait in line?" Monty asked his partner sarcastically, receiving a up-turned nose and huff in response. "It's tradition to get galettes the morning of a big job," the trainer explained, stooping down to his partner's level with a grin plastered across his face. "And it's been way too long since we've been home, anyway."

The pair were only stopping off in Lumiose for a little while before they headed down to Santalune, still wary of a possible Interpol investigation. It had been two weeks since Wabash informed the lieutenants of his possible Interpol tail, and Monty was none too eager to have that tail whip his way if the agency came snooping.

Their two weeks of hiding were more eventful than laying low usually entailed for the lifelong criminal, but they'd been more fruitful than he could've hoped. Two new teammates, a new criminal ally, and more battle experience for Oracle combined for a successful trip; they deserved a stop-off in Lumiose and a delicious breakfast while they were there.


Finally it was their turn! Monty wasn't sure if his stomach could go another moment without digesting itself, and he was equally worried about Oracle causing some sort of scene from the intolerable torture of standing in line for about eight minutes.

Monty ordered three galettes and a coffee, giving one of the sweet treats to Oracle out of the boundless kindness of his heart. With breakfast secured, it was time to move on to their new task from Cormier; securing a partner for some tournament in Camphrier Town.

The Boss called him the day before to fill him in on the tournament; something about winning the thing so he could get a painting? The criminal couldn't really remember on account of the Eevee that was pestering him during the call. Their new teammate was a damn attention-fiend! The big issue with it was that it was a doubles tournament to "foster cooperation between novice trainers" or some shit.

Oracle wasn't too happy about it, already jealous that they'd picked up two new teammates, but this was supposed to be an important job. But where the hell was he supposed to find a partner for it?


What the hell was that?! Monty and Oracle whipped around simultaneously, spotting a large crowd gathered down the street. A battle? The pair exchanged a look, both of their mouths full of breakfast, and without saying a word they started walking toward the commotion even though they weren't exactly on the same page.

Convenient, maybe they'd find a suitable partner there?

Great! Maybe they'd find a good challenge for her there?

Monty put his bulk to use as the pair pushed through the crowd, shoving his way through the mass of onlookers while many gave Oracle a wide berth after one glimpse of her razor-sharp horn. The pair emerged on the other side just in time to catch the aftermath of what Monty figured was an impromptu battle, with some blue-haired punk looking like his opponent, a black and fiery-red haired girl, just took a shit in his Glame-O's.

The girl seemed fired up, the clear winner of the battle, but her Pokémon was equally raring to go. Monty had never seen or heard anything like it before; some sort of gray and gold lizard, with glimmering scales that rattled and CLANGED! as it whipped around victoriously. On first glance, they seemed pretty strong. Monty looked down at Oracle for her input, but her eyes weren't on him. They were snapped wide-open and fixed on the rattling lizard. Her trainer knew the look well; she was ready to pick a fight.

The fiery-girl surveyed the crowd with battle-hungry eyes as she called out a challenge, "Anyone else?"

Monty and Oracle took a step forward in tandem, and the criminal called out in a booming voice, "Yeah, mademoiselle, us." The criminal's steely-gray eyes sized up the girl as he responded, and Oracle did the same to the gray-and-gold lizard as she scratched the cobblestones in eager anticipation.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Hanu rolled about, realizing that he was the only source of the purple flames. He jumped out of his attack, then saw a white light shine within the smoke. Stars came towards him.

"She must be in the center!"

Given direction (and hearing Ron tell Furia to ready for a counter strike), his fists glowed orange as he started to boost over to her, his fists striking the stars. While it did hurt, it didn't hurt as much unlike actually letting them hit him. His lunge punches got him in range of Furia, and saw the Shadow Ball getting ready once again.

He smirked.

"There's one thing you gotta be careful of, 'Bob'. And that's remembering that your opponent's Pokemon can hear and understand your commands, too."

All of his training came down to this. The ol' bait and switch. With that Mach Punch still active in one fist but quickly losing out, he moved quickly in a blur to move through the Shadow Ball attack, only to then enclose his fist in ghost energy to cause that Shadow Ball to react with his Shadow Claw.

It might explode, which was very reckless, but what he wanted to happen anyway. And considering there wasn't a lot of space between Shadow Ball and her chest, she might get hit by that too.
Furia smirked, she took the damage straight on. From the Shadow Claw and the explosion of the Shadow Ball. She stumbled backwards, her gaze still on her opponent. Sparks began to flicker from her fur as she stood up on her two back legs and spread her arms, roaring to give her opponent a chance to prepare, she was ready to fight more.

"You're doing great Furia!" Ron called out and then laid his attention on Naka, "I like to support my Pokemon by throwing ideas, Naka."

Friday – Morning July 1
Lumiose City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

Esther’s attention snapped to the source of a booming challenge: a tall, well-built, and sharply dressed man and his equally sleek-white pokémon. For a moment, Esther frowned. This man certainly didn’t look like a fresh trainer, but what were the chances she’d run into someone ‘rookie crushing’ on her first day in the big city? Ultimately, it didn’t matter as Pyrrha had already made a decision for them. The drake’s tail struck against the ground, a swift and steady response to the new challenge that culminated in a loud roar—or, as loud as her tiny body would allow. Esther found it rather cute, and she’d hardly deny her partner her fill of battles.

The grin returned to Esther’s face, and she offered a theatric bow, and then offered a reply in her stilted Kalosian. “Enchanté!”

“Quite the gentleman aren’t you, then I don’t suppose you mind me going first? Pyrrha, 『Work Up』!”

Pyrrha was already excited for her next battle and only became even more so as her scales rattled and clattered, their edges grinding each other to an edge that raised her offense.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

An explosion, and Hanu was sent hurtling backwards. But it did clear the smokescreen just slightly enough for the trainers to see their Pokemon again. Naka chuckled at Ron's words, her blue eyes staring at him with that sadistic glee. "Oh, there's nothing wrong with it until you run into a person who takes advantage of that~." She practically cooed, then yelled at Hanu, the two of them spotting the sparks in her fur.


"Cover her!"

With what, Naka knew Hanu knew, as they have fought against Pokemon with biological components to their attacks... Especially those with fire. Thoughts were thrown around in Hanu's head - about a Magmortar he fought where he used Stone Edge on the blaster arms to clog him; covering a Jolteon in sand to make its lightning effects not as effective; and using poison to cause an adverse effect on a Quilava's back when he was a Monferno... The monkey grew a creepy grin that mirrored his trainer right now. He charged at the Typhlosion, then dove into the tunnel he made earlier, making another tunnel towards her. He was in there for a while, making a tunnel so he would appear behind her, but there were no disturbances on the surface of the ground as of yet.
Montagne Khastil - Unranked
July 1 - Lumiose City, Kalos

Monty gave a mock bow of his head at the girl's greeting, and kept a confident grin when she called out a move; Work Up. He hadn't heard of that one before. If the name and her Pokémon's actions were anything to go off of, though, their opponent had been boosted somehow. Whatever it was, he didn't want her using it again.

"Shut down that move, then get in close," he told his partner, "and keep your wits about you."

The Absol hardly acknowledged him, angrily transfixed on her opponent. So this peon thought she could take the first move?! Presumptuous! Oracle wouldn't let this stand. The fur along her spine stood on end as she flared her Pressure, the phantom weight falling in a wide radius around her. Some members of the crowd may have been made uncomfortable by the sensation, but who cared?!

Oracle stood tall, glaring down at her opponent as though she sat atop a throne and the lizard was a peasant groveling at her feet, and issued a loud growl; << Taunt >>.

If the clattering lizard didn't understand the folly of crossing her in battle now, she would show her soon enough. Oracle's body glowed with a faint white light, and she crossed the battlefield in a FLASH!. Her body propelled by << Quick Attack >>, the Absol leapt at Pyrrha with her claws outstretched.
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"Furia, remember what we learned from Whitney!"

The Typhlosion was busy looking at the ground when she heard Ron's words. She looked annoyed that he had come up with the idea instead of her. She fell forward and landed on her four legs, glowing white before sprinting around the field using Quick Attack. No way could Hanu move faster underground than she could above it. Once she gained enough momentum, she leaped forward and curled up, rolling around the field at high speeds with Rollout. The longer her opponent waited to come out, the harder she was going to him.

"What do you mean?? Your pulling my leg, aren't you? You've never tried swimming? It is so much fun! For your first time swimming, you gotta belly flop! That's when you get really high up and leap into the water, arms and legs spread out and belly slap the water! A writ of passage. Cannon ball is also a respective choice. You jump and ball up before SPLASH! As far as swimming goes, if you flail your arms around fast enough, you won't drown" Aldon said responding to Savannah. He patted Skol on the back whom seemed to be out of it as usual again, staring into the distance.

Aldon watched as Naka went to dive. He then turned to look at Desmond, "Hopefully none of us will get eaten by a sharpedo while we're down there! I wonder what would happen if someone got eaten by a sharpedo. Would they search for the sharpedo that did it, or let it go? Maybe turn it into a contest! but that sounds silly though, so probably not" Aldon said.

Seeing how it was soon time to dive, Aldon pulled his wetsuit over his swimsuit, Aldon ran down the dock with his aqua breather in hand, He went to flip, but only managed to pull off half the flip and slapped his back, making a nice splash. He sunk in the water like a rock. Bubbles could be seen in the direction he was swimming. Skol was slowly walking towards the waves, the water slowly rising as Skol walked deeper and deeper into the water. Soon the only thing poking out of the water was Skol's tail, poking straight up as it swamp just below the water's surface. For someone swinging his arms so fast and kicking his legs so hard, Aldon was a remarkably slow swimmer. In stark contrast, Skol was moving around like a bird in air.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Hm, well this just became a problem.

Naka yelled upon seeing the Typhlosion run around. "Don't come up!"

So, how was he going to enact his plan now??? He can make potholes for her to eventually hit. But now she was going so fast, she might as well reveal where they were without causing any careening. Groaning, the Infernape decided to dig around some more, making more tunnels. Where he heard the rumble of her Rollout on the ground being far away, he punched the ground above him, but not to breach. His fist cloaked with poison, it seeped into the earth, becoming a puddle of toxic sludge that could stick to her fur if she were to roll over it.

It also alerted her to where he was, but now he had a set of tunnels to run around in, where he made one more toxic puddle for her to run into.

It might even poison her, who knows.

Friday – Morning July 1
Lumiose City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

The Taunt brought a hiss to the drake’s tongue and for a moment Esther was worried the taunt would be too effective. Luckily, Pyrrha kept her wits about her as their opponent launched into an attack. It was fast, much faster than their last opponents. She’d have to watch out for that. The Absol closed in with a flash, claws scraping against scales as the larger pokémon pounced on Pyrrha.

“Throw it off, 『Dragon Tail』!”

Pyrrha twisted and whip-lashed her tail at the offending pokémon, a wide sweep would force their opponent to take some distance and give the Jangmo-o some breathing room.
Ron watched the poison puddle being created, "Smooth." He said before calling out, "Jump!"

Furia was rolling fast and at the sound of Ron's voice, the sparks from her fur created a small explosion, causing the rolling Typhlosion to jump just a little bit, enough to avoid the puddle, going for a full run around the field again.

"Look at that! Calling out instructions does help!" He called out with sarcasms towards Naka. "Jump!" He shouted once more as Furia got close to the same poisoned spot. "Come out and face your fate!"

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Ron's sarcastic remark had Naka laughing. Maybe laughing a bit too giddily. "Oh, you know, commands when you need it is fine. Like when Furia needed to see and even now. Come on up!"

But there was nothing... for a bit at least. While Furia ran around, Hanu ran around in the tunnels until he heard and felt Furia pass over him. He immediately breached the surface, hoping to slam his beige fist into Furia's stomach, using Dig as an actual attack right now - his Hasty personality working in his favor.
Montagne Khastil - Unranked
July 1 - Lumiose City, Kalos

Oracle was rather pleased with herself as she pounced on her lowly opponent, but her glare returned when it utterly failed to cower in fear at her superior strength. Not only did claws only seemed to land a glancing blow, unsatisfyingly scraping against the Pokémon's hard scales, but the drake thrashed underneath her and whipped a glowing tail her way!

Oracle didn't need a command from useless Monty, her eyes already glowing blue with the power of << Detect >> as she pushed off of the drake and leapt a couple yards back. Useless Monty's command did come, though, but it wasn't the one she expected.

"Sucker Punch! Keep the pressure up!" Monty didn't want this battle to drag out too long. There was no telling what number of tricks this girl had up her sleeve.

That was more like it. Oracle's legs crackled with the familiar black sparks, and the moment her feet touched the ground she LAUNCHED! forward at Pyrrha! Her claws grated against the cobblestones as the Absol took off, and her scythe-like horn glowed with the same black energy as her feet as she swung it downward.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Nico Zacharias Flynn
Date: July 1st
Location: Lumiose City, Kalos

Nico had finally arrived in the Kalos region, after such a long flight from the Alola region, he'd arrived here for one thing only. To learn and try different dishes that are local here in the Kalos region. He definitely stood out amongst the crowds of people as he bumped into them and almost tripped a few times. It was no problem, as he'd finally arrived at one of the more popular restaurants, Restaurant Le Nah. He thought the name was weird, but it was probably some local thing in the Kalos region. From what he knew, it was some kind of "Battle Cafè" like the ones they had at home, but a bit different. Mostly the food was different though.

Once he entered the Café, he was greeted by a man who told him the rules of the cafe. He of course started off by eating the first course, and then got ready for the battle. It was a double battle, and so he sent out his Pokémon, Pepper and Berry. After what felt like a few minutes, the battle didn't turn out so great for Nico. What he might have for cooking, he doesn't really have for battling. Oops. Atleast he and his Pokémon tried, and that's what mattered to him. He soon left, and went to check out other cafés around, or maybe some local street food!

Furia was hit by the dig attack, plus the momentum she had going on, she was sent flying high into the air. Although the impact had hurt, it was enough to get her raging. As she flew upwards she unrolled, spreading her arms open and facing down towards the ground. Her fur sparking wildly as her flames began to ignite, instead of purple though, they burst into a burning bright blue, activating her Blaze.

"Gwen, step back!" Ron called out, raising his hand into the air, "Furia make it rain fire!"

Furia had a view of the entire field, her flames sending off waves of heat as she took in a deep breath. She smirked for a second as she began falling down and the, unleashed and all out Flamethrower. The string of fire was way bigger to the one from before, the bright blue flames destroyed the field as the tunnels began to collapse under the pressure. What was a normal battle ground was turned into a pool of burning flames as Furia descended slowing, the Flamethrower slowing her down.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Hanu the Infernape
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Seeing the Typhlosion sent upwards and the flames now turning blue, the Aerodactyl turned around and stretched his wings out to block Gwen from the blazing heat. But Naka felt the heat of battle - literally and metaphorically - and oh she was relishing in it. So much so, her arms came up just slightly, as if enjoying the sea breeze of Sandgem City's beach.

Her eyes closed and she felt the warm air gush through her as it hit the field from the Flamethrower. "Reset the field, Hanu." The Infernape bashed his earthen fists into the ground, sending a pulsing wave of energy in one direction - all tunnels collapsing in that direction. Then in another direction, the energy shifted the molten earth even deeper. The molten rock was starting to get too hot to touch however, even for the Fire-Type.

He looked at Aero, and the Aerodactyl looked back at the Infernape.


Naka caught this and sighed. Of course, Naka looked at Ron worriedly, unsure if there were even parameters if this was a one-on-one and if switching was allowed on her end. "Is it alright if Hanu switches out?"

Cloaking himself in flames, he rolled around in Flame Wheel to mitigate the damage of the molten earth. He rolled towards Furia, feeling the blue flames hit him and he screeched in pain. He gritted his teeth with determination though. With a springy jump, he leapt off a piece of molten rock, his body turning a bright green as he went for a kick in her face or chest - whichever he could hit.

If he did hit, the green light around him will send him back to his PokeBall, and Aerodactyl will be the next opponent for Furia.

Friday – Morning July 1
Lumiose City
Kalos Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Tarrah Ta’Ellla (Bounsweet), Kasriel Ikaros Svelinka Sō (G-Zigzagoon), Bâquîle Nâva (Goomy)
In Esther’s care: Houndour​

Esther blanched as Pyrrha staggered from a Sucker Punch straight to the head-scale. Their opponent certainly didn’t intend to let up and their pokémon proved their grace, weaving in and out of range with deft movements. This couldn’t be allowed to continue; rather, she definitely wanted this to continue, things were just getting fun~

Their opponent was pretty nimble and although Pyrrha could match her...it would take time. First, she needed to break up their momentum and she had just the plan.

“Once more Pyrrha, 『Dragon Tail』 and...SWEEP!”

The wyrm shook, a bit dizzy from the earlier blow, but swiftly spun around and brandished her tail...straight into the ground! A powerful thrash sent fragments of rock flying in their opponent’s direction and doubled-up by throwing up a large cloud of dust and debris that concealed Pyrrha’s location. They weren’t done there though, “Let’s gogoGoGoGOGO! 『Dragon Breath』!”

Pyrrha shuttled through the dust cloud, concealed from sight until a torrent of dragon-fire erupted from the cloud and swept towards her foe.
"Not really up to me."

Furia landed and watched her destruction like an artist proud of their art. A wide grin on her face as Hanu attempted to retreat. She was okay with, taking the hit to her chest, her tired body stumbling back, but her proud smile still splatter on her face.

"Alright Furia, don't get carried away. We don't want to scare Gwen."

The Typhlosion followed Ron's gaze and she finally noticed Gwen as someone, instead of just an annoyance. She blew out a puff of smoke in a shape of a donut towards Gwen and then braced herself for her next opponent, breathing heavily and tightening her fists.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Aero the Aerodactyl
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Hanu successfully came back into his PokeBall, his battle lust satiated.

Aero stared at the Typhlosion, who blew a circle of smoke at Gwen. It seemed to be a light-hearted gesture. He watched the Fire/Ghost-Type warily, hoping that she was ready. Which it seemed like he was.

Seeing the floor was still practically molten, Aero turned back around and hopped, gliding right over the burning rocks and earth - the warm air giving his wings a bit of lift, allowing him to slightly hover in place without the need to flap too often.

"Ahhh... I love seeing a battlefield fighting just as hard to stay intact like the Pokemon fighting atop it hard to win." Naka mused to herself. While her passion was research, she did enjoy a good battle. In fact, it got her blood pumping enough to sock someone in the face. "Man, I wish I can see more of those damn grunts again. Love to just punch someone right now." She chuckled and spoke largely to herself, her sadistic grin coming back.

"Alright, Aero."

The Aerodactyl cooed, then flapped once, his body hurtling towards Furia in a blur, but it wasn't an attack. When he got close or felt an attack coming in, he'd bank upwards, showing off his aerial agility and maneuvering. Then he'd just come back down, swooping within range and then out of range unless Furia did something to stop him in his tracks.
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"I know what you mean." Ron said, following Naka's comment. "Furia, go all out!"

The Typhlosion glared at her opponent and went directly for a Flamethrower, but Aero was to fast in air. She kept trying Flamethrower after Flamethrower, the area around them getting too hot, but she kept missing. Frustrated, Furia's fur began to glow white, then she shot a bunch of stars into the sky, Swift. She hated not being able to land a Flamethrower.

Unlike her other opponent, the sky had too many places to hide in and she couldn't set the entire sky on fire, she was sure, she had tried before.

Nakano Saito​

Date: 1 Month Ago (26 years old); June 16
Location: Eterna City Pokemon Center Battlefield, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Hanu the Infernape, Yuki the Froslass, Aero the Aerodactyl, Orochi the Zweilous

Battling: Ron Towers and Furia the Hisuian Typhlosion (Hecotoro) vs Aero the Aerodactyl
Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Go all out?

Man, this poor Typhlosion.

The Aerodactyl almost felt bad for being too good of a flier. Loop-de-loops and banking and swooping were basic flying maneuvers and he didn't need to do more than that to dodge the flames.


Then stars flew out and targeted the sky, hoping to hit him. He smirked.

He let a few hit him, bouncing off his rocky skin. It hurt, causing him to growl in pain. Man, how strong was she? Those stars practically dug into his rocky skin! He closed his wings over his body, his form slowing down, then plummeting towards Furia at high speeds. His wings opened up right before he would hit Furia, his wings glowing a bright sky blue for his Wing Attack.
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Montagne Khastil - Unranked
July 1 - Lumiose City, Kalos

This was, quite possibly, the worst case scenario Monty had in mind.

Setting up with Taunt? It gave Oracle a solid start. Playing off of her Detect with Sucker Punch? Monty felt pretty good about that. If only he had his partner's disaster-sensing abilities, though, because he was sorely aware of his lacking precognition as their opponent smashed up a cloud of dust and debris.

The Absol's weaknesses were pretty few and far between, as far as they'd encountered, but if there was one they ran into time and time again on Route 14...

Oracle hissed at the incoming debris, shaking furiously as she tried to rid her coat of the encroaching rocks and dust. So this opponent of her's would stoop so low as to get her dirty?! The very thought made Oracle's blood boil, but the feeling of dirt and debris settling into her pristine white coat made her boiling blood practically spill over!


Huh? Did useless Monty say something?


The Dragon Breath was a direct hit, the draconic-blaze sweeping the distrated Absol off her feet and sending her rolling backward. The power was different than an Incinerate but was scorching all the same, and Oracle popped back to her feet as Monty called out another command.

"Double Team! Wait for an opening!" Monty knew Oracle didn't have any options for clearing the dust cloud, but she could at least make herself harder to pinpoint.

The Absol nodded as she began to glow white, splitting off into half a dozen identical copies. Each mirror-Oracle ran through the cloud in a different direction, the real Oracle doing the same to confuse her opponent.