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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (Discussion) (Looking for Role Players!)

Hello, trainer! You've finally reached the age where you're finally able to start your journey or this mail has only been sent to you now. However, you've been mailed by Professor Oak, a Pokémon Professor that is willed to give you one starter, the first 6 people to get to me will receive their first Pokémon, which will be a starter, the rest will receive regular Pokémon, which are commonly found in the wild. Will you fight and become the champion? Or you will give up and become something else? It is your choice!

This RP takes place 1 year after Ash's journey through Kanto. Nothing changed at all, the GYM leaders are still the same, with the same Pokémon. The Elite Four is optional, you don't need to battle them to become the champion, the Elite Four is basically a group of people that are strong enough to beat the champion, but they aren't the champions because they're either above the age to enter the league or they just don't want to be the champion, but they still want some fame. You're able to be a member of Elite Four if you enter the league and manage to get to the semi-finals. After the actual Kanto RolePlay is finished, we will move to the Orange Archipelago, but the Kanto thread will still be open for more posts.

1- I don't really want a Pokémon RolePlay with 6 grown-up people walking around and acting like kids, then, your age should range from 07 to 15.

2- No bad words, I want to keep this RolePlay safe from those things. (You can say 'crap' or 'damn you', those aren't bad words, I'm talking about actual bad words.)

3- We are all rookies, we don't know anything about Pokémon, then don't pull something like "Oh, this is a Charmander, a Fire-Type Pokémon that is commonly found in mountains," did you get me?

4- No Auto-Hit, I don't care if your Pokémon is a Charizard fighting against a Magikarp, don't Auto-Hit. Ah, and no Godmodding, that's cheating and shouldn't be done in any circumstance.

5- Posts should have at least 5 lines, I don't want 2 liners all over the place.

6- If you want to leave the RP, you need to notify me, don't jump out without letting me know, ah - and make the last post explaining how your character gave up on his/her journey.

7- There will be only 6 characters, I'm not counting with my characters.

8- Please, don't be a sad boy in any matter, your backstory can be sad, but not something like "My parents died and my main Pokémon got exploded by a car and now I'm emo and I like to see others suffering," if you do that, you won't be able to join the RP.

9- You can only have TWO characters.

10- Have fun :D!

This is my first experience in owning a RolePLay in my WHOLE life, I don't want it to be frustrating, please, help me on that. Ah, this isn't a rule, you don't really need to follow it, but I beg you, don't be mean to others, at least not out of RolePlay. Please, treat people the way you'd like to be treated.

Weight (This is going to be important later on):
Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules):
Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actual words):
Backstory (A brief one, also following the rules):
Favorite food:
Least favorite food:
A sample of your skills in RolePlaying (At least 5 lines):

Favorite food:
Least favorite food:
Special Traits:

Name: Euclides Levi

Age: 10

Height: 1,58

Weight (This is going to be important later on): 44 KG

Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules): Ecruteak City, Johto

Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actual words):

Euclides is a skinny boy, he got a tanned skin followed by brown eyes, a black hair and also black eyebrows. Euclides's hair is combed to the right, it is spiky on the top and messy on the surroundings, but who cares about that? He usually wears a cap that covers his hair, rarely taking it off.

Euclides got a green sweater with a really thin gap in every 2 centimeters of it (There are 2 centimeters of cloth, then there is a gap between the next 2 centimeters), they're so thin that they look like black lines. Euclides got black cargo pants that are bigger than him, making it look like a Muk when it starts to approach his feet, ah, and talking about feet, he wears purple socks and amber shoes with two black details on the tip of the feet and on the heel.

Backstory (A brief one, also following the rules):

Euclides born in Ecruteak City, when he was 2 years old, he met Mark, which is his best friend since then, they are always together, no matter what. Euclides never really cared about the warnings on the supermarkets saying "Wet floor", so, once, when he in the supermarket with his mom, he fell down on the wet floor and broke his left arm, but the pain was nothing compared to the day he broke his middle finger. Euclides was in Mark's house, playing with him when he fell down from a table, the tried to stop himself with his left hand, but his middle finger hit the ground and broke his middle finger.

Despite every accident that occurred with Euclides, nothing so bad happened to him, he is a common 10-year-old boy.

Euclides is a happy and joyful boy, he is always smiling, unless he broke another limb! Euclides is sociable and fearless... just kidding, Euclides always runs up to the nearest person when there is a blackout, that means he doesn't like ghosts or spirits. Euclides is always making fun of things, sometimes people don't like it, but he doesn't really care.

Favorite food: Pizza!

Least favorite food: Stroganoff, ew.

Name: Mark Wang

Age: 11

Height: 1,52

Weight (This will be important later on): 49KG

Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules): Ecruteak City, Johto

Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actual words):

Mark is also a skinny boy, he got a white skin followed by a blonde hair, olive eyes, and blonde eyebrows. Mark's hair is combed to the left, it is straight and bright, and also smelly! "I always wanted to steal his shampoo" - Euclides

Mark usually wears an amber hoodie followed by blue jeans and amber shoes, iddentical to Levi's shoes.

Backstory (A brief one, also following the rules):

Mark born in Goldenrod City, but his parents moved to Ecruteak because they didn't want to be known by everyone. Mark's family is rich, he always got everything he wanted, but, everything changed when they moved to Ecruteak, they started to live a common life, Mark grew up in Ecruteak, and he met Euclides when he was 3.

Mark is a common 11-year-old boy, nothing so important happened to him.
Mark is kind and joyful, he always got what he wanted, but that didn't make him those annoying rich boys, he is really chill and likes to play video-games with Euclides, but it wasn't like that before, since they were kids and they didn't really like video-games, they just wanted to run around and play soccer together.

Mark loves to watch the clouds and read books. He is really good at cooking!

Favorite food: Rice

Less favorite food: Broccoli

That's all! Have fun and... I didn't want to do this but... Gotta Catch Em' All!
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Name: Ace
Age: 14
Height: 5’2
Weight: 149lbs
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Appearance: Ace is fair skinned, has red eyes, and brown, messy hair. His clothing consists of Black Boots, blue jeans, a red shirt, and a white unzipped hoodie.
Backstory: Ace was planning to go to Professor Elm’s lab for a Cyndaquil as a starting pokemo, but found no luck, finding that Elm had to catch more starting Pokemon, so his parents made the decision to send him to Kanto and receive a starter from there instead.
Personality: Ace is very Naive and Stubborn when it comes to most things, choosing not to listen, and when he does listen he doesn’t know wether his source is trustworthy or not.
Favorite food: Pizza
Less favorite food: Rice
Hmmmm... seems good, but I want more explanation, write more, think of something brilliant! Write at least 5 lines in the backstory.
Name: Myrna Wilcox

Age: 14

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 131 lbs

Hometown: Cerulean City, Kanto

Appearance: Frizzy chestnut-brown hair, somewhat tamed by a flower-sporting headband, with blue-gray eyes hidden behind wire-framed glasses. As she's never been able to live an active lifestyle, she's a little on the chubby side. As for clothing, she tends to wear a loose-fitting flowery purple blouse, green capris, and regular tennis shoes.

Backstory: Born in Castelia City, Unova, Myrna had respiratory problems growing up. Living in the most bustling city in Unova, one with ever mounting pollution, only made it worse. After some years of treatment and consistently dangerous asthma attacks, her doctor recommended that the family move to a place with cleaner air. After scoping out a list of possible clean cities and searching for new jobs, the family eventually settled on Cerulean City, and Myrna's condition got better over time. However, that doesn't mean she's completely okay yet. While she can move around enough to travel, she is still prone to attacks, and carries an inhaler with her at all times. It was because of her illness that she never got her first Pokemon until she was fourteen.

Personality: Dreaming of an exciting future, but prone to self-doubt, Myrna has no idea what to expect on a Pokemon journey. As she wasn't allowed to play outside a lot when she was younger, she found an escape in books, and yearns to go on some type of fantastical journey like the ones she's read. Despite those bookworm dreams, she's more comfortable indoors than outdoors, and may act dependent on others as she's unsure of her own abilities. She's kind of a pessimist.

Favorite Food: Carmel Castelia Cones

Least Favorite Food: Anything with wasabi

Jean looked from the number on his key to the number on his door, ignoring Crimson's offer to come inside and Cas for a moment as he tried to figure out if it was really his room. He had been relieved to see Crimson there at first, knowing he'd be rooming with someone he already met, but both him and Cas? Wasn't it only supposed to be two people to a room? After a moments of staring at the numbers in confusion, he looked at the other two freshman, face clearly confused. "Uh, hello! Cas and Crimson, hello! Um, are you sure that both of you have the right room number?" Jean stepped inside the dorm, showing the two of them his key. "I mean, I know I'm supposed to be here, but I think one of you has the wrong number." Peeking inside, he did indeed see two small beds. "I see both only two Pokemon beds, which means only two students, so-" he cut himself off as the realization hit him. Those small beds were what they were supposed to be sleeping in. And the size of the room... two people were supposed to share that? "This- this is insane! Are those pathet- I mean, uh, tiny- beds supposed to be ours? What if you role off them? Safety violation! And is that seriously all the closet space they gave us? Uh, they haven't even brought up our stuff yet! And is it just me, or does this place literally stink?" Without a second thought, he pulled a love ball from off the strap of his satchel, and tossed into the air. As his pokemon came out, a lovely aroma lavender and vanilla aroma began to fill the air. "That's better. Thank you, Spritz." Instantly, the spritzee raced around the new room and the heads of Crimson and Cas, before perching on top of Jean's head. "Spritzee is the Perfume Pokemon," he explained.
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Accepted! The RP thread will come later on! The only thing that bugs me is that you didn't hit the enter key after every topic, please, do that when you post in the RP!
Accepted! The RP thread will come later on! The only thing that bugs me is that you didn't hit the enter key after every topic, please, do that when you post in the RP!

What do you mean 'hit the enter key after every topic'? Is everything smushed together into one box or something on your screen, because it doesn't look like that from mine. Did you want an entire bar of space in between each point? I can edit my post.
Also, did you mean 'Least Favorite Food' as one of the topics? Because the way you have it written in the form, it says 'Less Favorite Food', which might be interpreted as second-favorite.
Ah, and the special traits are for Pokémon, but the way you did it really looks cool, then nothing to say about it.

I know, I already edited it and replaced it with the roleplaying sample. After I finished posting, I zoomed back up to the first post to made sure I had everything correct and accidentally read the wrong form! But it's fixed now!
Name: Tes Willow
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight (This is going to be important later on): 98 lbs
Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules): Snowpoint, Sinnoh
Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actual words): Tes is a normal sized girl. She has dyed hair, starting the color pale blue with green eyes. She wears a light tank top with a black skirt. She wears a mystic water around her neck.
Backstory (A brief one, also following the rules): Tes came from Sinnoh. When she turned 14, she could start a journey, but being from Snowpoint, Tes spent time learning a little about pokemon and preparing. When she turned 15, Tes moved to Kanto to begin without her older brother's name over her head. (He's a skilled trainer) To reach Kanto, she had to head through Johto. In Johto, Tes caught a rare glimpse of Suicune (admin approved) and made her way to Kanto.
Personality: Nice and relaxed. Tes could care less about the world around her. She wants to become a pokemon professor when she grows up, researching legendary pokemon. She does have a competitive side and feels that she isn't good enough, causing her to dye her hair different colors.
Favorite food: Shrimp Curry, like her granny made it.
Less favorite food: Liver and onions.
Sample of your skills in RolePlaying: https://pokecharms.com/threads/welcome-to-hazy-valley-full.18099/

3- We start on Kanto, you can be ONLY from Kanto and Johto, no matter which City.

But anyways, I will let this one go, you're allowed to join the RP since you explained how you got to Kanto. @Mr.Glaceon
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Name: Isaiah Oh

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hometown: New Bark Town

Appearance: Isaiah has short, black hair roughly brushed to the left and black rectangular glasses. He has a medium build, with some more muscle on the arms than other places, mainly the biceps. He usually wears a basic white tee with navy jeans and dark grey sneakers. In colder weather, he'll wear a grey hoodie over his shirt.

Backstory: Ever since his older brother went on a journey, leaving Isaiah (who was 7 at the time), the latter had always aspired to follow in his brother's footsteps and receive a Pokemon of his own.

Personality: Isaiah is extremely kind and somewhat charming. He will do anything to cheer up any of his friends who might be feeling down. Isaiah believes that wherever fate wants to take him, he will arrive there. That said, he is very relaxed and carefree. Isaiah is also considered to be a brotherly figure to his friends.

Favorite food: Steak

Least favorite food: Eggplant

Dylan made a casual salute to Crimson as the boy left and grinned at the others. "Same here, and I'd love to go for a bite! I'm gonna go get my schedule and stuff; See you guys later!" He waved good-bye to the group and left the auditorium, walking into the main lobby, standing in the R-Z line to get his necessary documents. When it was finally his turn, the teacher smiled at him and gave him his key card for his dorm room, Dorm A, Room 352 (For anyone that wants to be roommates), and a manila folder. Dylan thanked the teacher and left the auditorium, opening the manila folder and skimming over the contents. There was his schedule, possible clubs that students could join, tutorial dates and times, and more. The documents were printed on cardstock paper. Dylan headed to the dormitory building that had a big bold "A" printed on it and opened the door. He took the elevator to the third floor and walked to Room 352, unlocking the door with his key card, and opened it.

Dylan walked inside his dorm room and gleefully breathed in all of th--- wait, no.. no; He broke into a coughing and gagging fit from the odor of new dormitory room. "What the heck?!" He opened his suit case vigorously and took out a bottle of Febreze, spraying it around the place. "Jeez, who died in here?" He choked, waving his hands to get the Febreze everywhere.
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Name: Angle

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft7

Weight (This is going to be important later on): 120lbs

Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules): Goldenrod City, Johto

Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actualwords): Angle is a stylish girl who wears fake angel wings all the time. She always wears a scarf and with whatever's trendy- due to the fact she comes from Goldenrod- a big city- she has exceptional taste in fashion. She has dyed dusky-pink hair that comes up to just below her chin, bangs and yellow contacts in her eyes.

Backstory (A brief one, also following the rules): Angle is rather spiteful due to the fact she is rather intelligent, while her parents are rich but quite dim-witted. Her parents' slight stupidity shows in Angle's name; they misspelt it on her birth certificate. Her name was supposed to be Angel. Other than that, Angle had a pretty pampered childhood.

Personality: Can be very sassy and sometimes mean, though is surprisingly really supportive. She always has a can of soda.

Favorite food: Watermelon

Least favorite food: Carrots

A sample of your skills in RolePlaying (At least 5 lines): Angle woke to the sun's rays shining harshly upon her face. Wincing and grumbling, the femme changed out of her pyjamas, and into something more stylish. She slipped on her angel wings and put in her contacts (poking herself in the eye in the process), and headed downstairs to shove some food down her throat before leaving. A small smile played on her lips as she watched the TV- there was some sort of comedy show playing, and though she was not usually the type to laugh at such things, Angle found herself giggling under her breath quite a few times. She closed her eyes, her breathing steady, ready for the day ahead.
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In which Angle is this post? Sorry about this trash joke. Well, accepted! Just place a space between the topics so it makes it easier to read.
Name: Andrew Hills

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 9

Weight: 112.0 lb

Hometown: Fuchisa City, Kanto

Appearance: Andrew really doesn't care about the latest trends in clothes, he likes to put on colorless clothes and mostly wears jeans everywhere.

Backstory: Andrews parents forced him down a road to become one thing, to become the champion with his parents teaching him almost every thing that they knew. Most of the time he refused to listen, not wanting to be a part of this or even catch a pokemon but he reluctantly grew it like and after a while his parents made him go to get a pokemon.
Personality: Andrew is introverted person who never has luck by his side because of this hes usually is a awful mood, he hates talking to a person due to his introverted nature. He could also be a bit absent minded sometimes.

Favorite food: Mangos

Least favorite food: Eggs

A sample of your skills in RolePlaying: Andrew slowly walked out the door and was sprayed by the sunlight and what followed to that was him tripping and falling into dirt. After quickly getting up and then kicking the dirt a wild pokemon just came out of nowhere, He would of battled it but he had a huge problem. He had no pokemon so he knew the most smart thing was flee. So he ran and the pokemon just refused to go away and finally it catch up with him and since it was a mudary it used mudslap on him. After the pokemon thought it won and ran away Andrew just decided to go back inside it wasn't worth it anymore.
Name: Fiol Xertrase

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Height: 1.60

Weight: 58 kg

Hometown: Kanto, Vermilion City

Appearence: Fiol is rather plump boy, with black hair reaching his shoulders. Emerald-green eyes are shining on his long face with small nose, a tiny mouth can also be found beneath it.
Black necklace with green crystal is placed on his chest. His usual clothes are: simple black hoodie with jeans and green sneakers.

Backstory: Fiol was living in Vermilion City of Kanto his whole life. He had seen only forests near by Vermilion, so his curiosity for the world full of unusual creatures is obvious. He loved watching Pokemon battles on TV and dreamed about participating in such. His favorite trainer was one of Elite Four Agata, which made his favorite type Ghost and his favorite pokemon Gengar. At 10 he missed his chance due to health issues, however now he is indeed ready to take on the adventures of Pokemon Trainer.

Personality: As mentioned above, Fiol is curious and sometimes lazy, he likes silence, but enjoyes being around with his friends.

Favorite food: Mushrooms with fried chicken!

Least favorite food: Eggplants

As Graham wandered through the woods, he stumbled upon an old hut. After a long 'walk' his legs were almost shaking, so he came up with decision to knock the wooden door. After first few knocks an old man, with brown hat on his head and cloud-white beard reaching his chest. "Oh, a young traveler. Ah, I can see you are tired after a long journey. I can offer you and your pokemon, if you have any, a shelter for night". His voice sounded as old as the hut itself. "Thank you, kind...". "Ramos is the name". At this point Graham already rested on the chair and let his Ivysaur, Vulpix and Persian rest out of their pokeballs.
Leeft, I placed you in a conversation with the other participants. Oh, no, we don't have an order, but you can't double-post.
Zander, one of the members is going to get out, you want to enter? If yes, send your form. OH YEAH, I FORGOT COMPLETELY ABOUT THE POKÉMON THING! GUYS, SEND THE POKÉMON FORM RIGHT HERE.

Species: Charmander
Nickname: Charmander
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Personality: Charmander isn't so active, it often sleeps during battles and it doesn't get the touch to battle so quickly.
Favorite food: Oran Berries
Least favorite food: French Fries
Special Traits: Charmander got no special traits, he is a common Charmander.

Species: Spearow
Nickname: Spearow
Gender: Male
Age: 4 months
Personality: Spearow is a trustworthy Pokémon, he is always helping Levi, and that makes him Levi's most important Pokémon.
Favorite food: Corn
Least favorite food: Pizza
Special Traits: Spearow is small and cuuuute, but, when he grows up, he will just get the normal shape of a Spearow.


Species: Pikachu
Nickname: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year and 2 months.
Personality: Pikachu is the worst thing you're able to think of, she hurts Mark, Levi, their friends, she doesn't really care. Not to mention she also hurts other Pokémon.
Favorite food: Oran Berries
Least favorite food: Nanab Berries
Special Traits: Pikachu got bangs and a long hair that is nearly bigger than her.
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Species: Bulbasaur
Nickname: Bulbasaur
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Personality: Loyal to everyone who meets his standards, Will do anything for them.
Favorite food: Rawst berry
Least favorite food: Straft berry
Special Traits: Bulbasaur is a little smaller than the average bulbasaur and isn't that heavy.

Species: Pidgey
Nickname: Pidgey
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Personality: A naive pokemon who doesn't know how to use good normal attacks.
Favorite food: Watermelon seeds
Least favorite food: Oran berry
Special Traits: Nothing really.
Nickname: Snowfire
Personality: Tries to be kind towards others, brave
Favorite food: Mint Berry
Least favorite food: Carrots
Special traits: A bit more agile than normal Charmander
Species: Murkrow
Nickname: Graham
Age: 1
Personality: Curious, noble
Favorite food: Bitter berry
Least favorite food: Bread
Special traits: A bit more smarter than other Murkrows