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Ask to Join Pokemon School Discussion

Species:shiny Eevee
Personality:Happy most of the time, prankster, A good Student.
Extra info: Wants to be an umbreon when she grows up
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(The Pichu Brothers XD Anyone old enough to remember them?

Name: Kito
Age/Level: 6
Gender: Male
Species: Pichu
Personality: Mischievous, playful
(Optional)Other: He is a shiny Pichu

Name: Hikari
Age/Level: 5
Gender: Male
Species: Pichu
Personality: Shy, follower
(Optional)Other: Normal Pichu, Kito's brother
Name: Foxy
Age/Level: 7
Gender: Female
Species: Fennekin
Personality: Friendly, kind, brave, careful
(Optional)Other: Loves to read fantasy and watch anime
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Name: illusive
Age/ level :5
Gender :male
Species: zorua
Personality: He is extremely timid most of the time. However he loves warm and soft things. He also really loves butterfly Pokemon.
Other: he wears a masquerade mask made to look like butterfly wings.