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Open Pokemon Sun and Moon Roleplay

Post Char here please

It has been 4 years since she moved into Alola mourning after the death of her father but with support from her brother Shadow, her mother, and her partner Blue a shiny Umbreon she raised when she was child, she was able to pull through. Now, 18 she decided to start of her journey to become a Pokemon strategist master with her partner Blue that she has a deep connection with. She also read that instead of gyms there were island challenges you had to take then go against the Kahuna to receive a Z-crystal once you defeat them. She took interest in this as her brother Shadow did as well.

She was in her room getting ready for her journey as she put on her black tank top that is floral paturned along with a purple and black cover up that is sleeveless show both her arms that is buttoned up with a floral pattern on the side along with black short caprices showing half her legs. She places her Hawaiian designed fedora on top of her head tilted slightly to cover her right eye which her bang covers. She places her black open-toed flats on her feet places the straps around her ankles after wrapped the bandages on her ankles and wrists. She placed on her silver-black cross around her neck along with her gold and black rubic like cube that was given to her by a friend in Unova. Once she was ready to go she grabbed her black side bag with a purple floral pattern on it and put it over her shoulder as she fixed her new glasses on as they had floral patturns on the sides. She turned to Blue who was sitting on her bed and smiled. "Ready Blue" she asked her grabbed her black and blue flower and placed it on her right ear. "Umbre!" Blue said smiling.

"Alright then lets go" she said before exiting her room as Blue followed. She made her way down sat out of an extra door before seeing her mother cooking and her brother Shadow on the couch going through some books on the Alola region which she had already read and saw Blade her Absol keeping mom company as she gently petted her. "Morning Blade, morning mother, morning Shadow, way behind on those books that I already read again" she teased but chuckled.
"Very funny JC haha I'll catch up eventually just like you but good morning. Are you off on your journey now?" he asked as his partner Sparkx a Jolteon sat beside him as he greeted Blue as a good morning. "After I eat I will and you will catch up with me later slow poke" she teased again. " Also, Blade take care of mom for me while Shadow and I are gone ok girl" "Absol!" Blade said. She sat down and ate her breakfast as she grabbed her hooded cape and mask for her protection before she left out of the door closing it behind her. She placed her hooded cape on along with her mask to cover herself before heading to Iki Town.

Her mother looked to Shadow. "Shadow when you do catch up with her make sure you are with her at all times, you never know when she will be targeted again" she said. "Don't worry mom. I will make sure she is safe, I will not let anything happen to her like with father...I won't allow it"he said as Sparkx knew about this as well as he was hatched from an egg for him but a normal Eevee. She made her way through Iki town as this was where she would receive her starter Pokemon from Professor Kukui. She met up with Professor Kukui but was stood that the Kahuna wasn't here so she had to interact with him for a bit. "So your JC right?" he asked. She nodded as Blue sat down next to her. "So your new to Alola and I see you also found my assistant Lilly but my isn't that an Umbreon pretty rare to find but its a different color" Kukui said. "Yes, this is Blue a shiny Umbreon also my partner that I have a very special bond with" she said with words instead of nodding.

"Hm interesting oh and here is the Kahuna now" Kukui said as she turned her head to see a big man with an orange shirt with floral patterns on his shirt with sandles on his feet as he came up to them. "So Kukui is this the trainer that I will give a starter to" Hapu asked. "Yes, this is JC, she is new to Alola but apparently know Alola already" He said. After some conversation, Hapu took out three Pokemon, Rowlet the grass type, Litten the fire type, and Popplio the water type. She chose Popplio to join her party as she accepted her right away and named her River. After receiving her pokedex and meeting up with her mom, and Blade again as Shadow had left with Sparkx, she decided to look around in route 1 which she had to meet Kukui at on how to catch a Pokemon even though she already knew how. After the introduction, she was given Pokeballs to help with catching as she remembered that a Pokemon named Pikpek a normal-flying type lived around here as it final form packs a punch which was a Toucannon.

Before she did look for a Pikpek, she went to train River her Popplio with Blue as she let her out. "Welcome to the team River but before I find my next teammate we are going to do some training with Blue here ok River" she said gently smiling. "Popplio!" she said smiling as Blue and River went into battle stance waiting for her commands. "-Blue use Shadow ball as River then River use Bubble to hit it back!-" she said in thought as the girls obeyed as Blue unleashed Shadow first at River as River did her best to hit it down with bubble but the Shadow ball was a bit strong so it hit her as she slid back but stood strong as she watched them closely and their battle style as she smiled.


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin stepped out of the plane onto the ground of Alola. “ALOLA, HERE I COME!” He shouted, walking down the plane stairs, onto the beach. Buddy and his team were back at home, Buddy really wanted to come, but Justin wanted to meet all new Pokémon. People had stared at him, but smiled after what he had said, knowing what a great place Alola was. One of the locals came up to him, a bit intrigued with his clothing. “Are you sure you’re gonna wear that? It gets pretty hot here in Alola.” The local told him. “Nah, I’m fine. The heat won’t stop me from wearing this jacket. By the way, sir, could you tell me where the nearest café is please? I could really us a bite to eat!” Justin asked, to which the man pointed him in the right direction. After stopping at the place, he had walked out onto the beach, and sat on a bench closer to the water, watching the waves. A Popplio was staring directly at Justin, but the human trainer didn’t seem to notice. Popplio took an interest to the trainer, so he got a bit closer. “Bwark?” It said, as it got closer. Justin still didn’t notice, and he got up and began walking back to Hau’oli City. “Pop! Pop!” The Popplio cried, happily following the trainer. As Justin walked through the city, trying to get to Iki Town to start his journey, a woman and a little girl walked up to him, smiling. “That’s a cute Popplio you have there! Mind if I pet it? Please mister?” The girl asked. “Eh? What Popplio?” Justin said, as he turned around, noticing the little seal Pokémon, gazing up at him. “Popplio!” It cried, smiling, and jumping into his arms. “Uh... sure! You can!” He said, letting the little girl pet the Popplio. The woman got closer to Justin. “You don’t know where that Popplio came from, do you? Don’t worry, I think it just followed you because there are many friendly Pokémon in this region, and it must be one of them. You could catch it, they’re pretty rare among other Pokémon in Alola!” The woman suggested. “Thanks mister!” The girl said, finishing up, and walking off with her mom. The Popplio then turned back to Justin. “Pop! Popplio!” It said, jumping into Justin’s arms again. Justin was a bit confused at what had happened. “It Followed me because... maybe it likes me? But, hmm...” Justin said. The Popplio then got on Justin’s shoulder, rummaging through his bag, and pulling out a Pokéball. “Oh, so you want me to catch you?” Justin asked, to which a happy”Bwark!” Was replied. “Alright, then!” Justin said, gently throwing the Pokéball, to which the Popplio gladly got in. Justin then released the small Popplio. “So, you wanted to come with me? Hmm...” he said, noticing it was a male. “I’ll name you... Inan!” Justin said. “Bwark!” Inan replied, and rubbed Justin’s face. Justin pet the little Popplio, who got on the ground, and started to follow the boy. “Alright, to Iki Town!” Justin said, and both him and his newfound partner headed off to the sacred village.
She finished her training with River her Popplio as she did catch a Pikpek that she named Celosia as she felt herself hot in her hooded cape and mask as she took it off and neatly folded it away into her bag as it was thin enough to fit in as she attached her mask to her bag so it would be easier to grab for her protection. She left River out who was on her shoulder as she put her hair up in a ponytail as it was too hot to put down. She did see the ocean as she decided to maybe have a little fun. "What do you think Blue and River want to have so fun and I'll let Celosia in on it"she smiled gently looking at them. "Umbre!" "Pop! Popplio!" they both said as she let out Celosia as well. She and her Pokemon made their way to the water as she had switched to her swim suit which was a two piece as she had a well feminine build but had shorts on her lower half. She chuckled as she splashed at the girls as they followed splashing her back as she chuckled. "Umbreon!" "Popplio!" "Pik! Pikpek!" the girls said loving the cold water on this hot day.

(I am going to adding in Shadow's oc as I will be playing him as well since I have not played with him for a while)
After a few relaxing days on the beach with his previous Pokémon Torch and Ace, Zack decided it was about time he set out on his Alola adventure. As always when he started a new adventure, a surge of excitement overtook him at the thought of exploring the region. No more time to waste. He thought, and then rushed to his closest poke center, depositing the last of his old friends to the PC.
After a lot of peaceful walking through the beatiful island Zack found himself in Iki town. Sunlight beamed off his pearl white sunglasses and his scarlet jacket blew loosely from the breeze. He needed to find the professor... If there was one. Looking around, Zack got a lot of strange glances he was far to familiar with, most likely due to hiss bright orange hair, something you don’t see everyday.
Making his way through the town Zack encountered a guy named Kukui who took him to see the Kahuna when Zack asked about getting his Pokémon.
“Alrighty, you’ve got 3 choices here. Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio.” Kukui said as the kahuna threw out the Pokémon.
“It’s tough but I’m gonna have to to take Rowlet. Thanks again Kukui, and you too Kahuna Hapu. I’ll take good care of it,” Zack said with confidence.
“Good to hear, now take these, a few times to get you started, and you’ll be all set to head off!” Kukui informed him.
After receiving his items, Zack figured it was time for some partner bonding time. He threw out Sharpshot, his newly obtained Rowlet. After some brief introduction, they began training on the wild Pokémon in the area.
In the Jhoto region a young boy was about to journey to the tropical region of alolan. Libra put on a black backpack which he had filled with many items. Later he stoof outside the doorway of a large plane where three people approached him. It was libra's family, her brother and sister, as well as her mother to be exact"oh Libra, I never thought you would be setting out on a journey, but I want you to know I'm supporting you all the way" his mother said wiping a tear from her eyes"yeah, I'll be waiting for you when you get back, then we'll see who's stronger" his brother Leo said smugly "and once you get to alola take some pictures for me okay little bro!" Shouted Aqua, Libra's sister. Libra scratched the back of his head and laughed "hehe, don't worry guys, I'll be back soon, but I really should get going, the plane is leaving soon" Libra replied to his family before he began to walk up the stairs onto the plan"oh, and I'll be sure to take some photos Aqua!" Libra waved to them with Azul at his side before the plane soon departed.

Days later, the plane arrived in the alola region, Libra stepped off the plane in Hou'oli city "wow, this place looks so much different from jhoto, and apparently the region is split into 4 islands" he said looking through a brochure he found on the plane, Azul stared at the many buildings and the coastal scenery. The two walked around the city, asking people questions on where to start their journey"hmm, everyone is saying that we should head to iki town and see proffeser kukui" Libra said to the shiny zangoose. The two searched around and eventually found a trainer who fortunately lived in the sacred town, he offered to give Libra and his Pokemon a ride to the proffesers lab"really! Thank you so much, this'll make it allot easier to start my journey"Libra said gratefully.

Soon after they arrived at route one, where the trainer guided Libra to the lab"ok, so you shout head down to the beach and yoully see a beaten up house, that's the lab" the trainer said before leaving the two"okay, let's go Azul" Libra stated, they walked along a path until they reached the ocean, where the lab was as well. Libra noticed a girl at the shore playing with what seemed to be her Pokemon, he decided to blankly shout out"hello!" To the girl, he began to get side tracked from what his original plan was, he walked down to where the girl and her Pokemon were playing"how's it going" Libra smiled cheerfully, yet to notice the rare varient of Umbreon that she had, Azul however walkef up to the umbreon and tried to talk to her
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Previously TheJustinMan
As Justin traveled to Iki Town, a buff man wearing shades and a golf cap saw him heading up Route 1, and took interest in Inan. “Excuse me, cousin! Wait up!” The man said, to which Justin turned around in surprise. The man looked at the Popplio for a little while. “Alola! My name is Professor Kukui, or just Kukui for short. I’m sorry if I suprised you, but where’d you find that Popplio?” He asked, obviously confused. Justin knew that Popplio was a starter choice, Kukui must be wondering if he stole it. “Oh, no sir, I didn’t steal this Pokémon. I was down by the beach, and apparently this Popplio, Inan, began following me, according to what other people saw.” Justin replied. “Bwark!” Inan also said, nodding to confirm that Justin was telling the truth. “Hmm... anyways, you must be heading to Iki Town to get a Z-Ring then? No worries, cousin! The Kahuna should still be here. And also, what’s with the pants and jacket? If you’re from another region, I can understand, but it’s around 80 degrees every day here!” Kukui implied. “Oh, heat doesn’t really affect me much. And don’t worry about giving me a Pokédex, I brought my own and updated it.” Justin said. The Professor then took Justin to Iki Town to meet the Kahuna. “Another one, Kukui? That’s the third one today! Only joking, of course. Now then, in order to start your journey here, you’ll need a Z-Ring!” Hala remarked. He then gave Justin a bright white Z-Ring, with no crystal. Justin fit the ring on his left wrist, parallel to the Xtransceiver on his right arm.

Justin Obtained the Z-Ring!

“Thanks, Hala!” Justin replied. Justin then walked back down to Hau’Oli City, where he got a few snacks for him and his Pokémon. “Ah... that hit the spot, didn’t it, Inan?” Justin said, satisfied. “Popplio...” Inan replied. Justin’s trash was in hand, only to be quickly swiped away by something. “Hey, what? Where did that-“ he said, looking in front of him. A giant green sludge ball with eyes and a mouth was staring at him, and happily ate the trash he had. “Grimer!” It cried happily, looking around Justin for more. Inan also had a bit of trash, so he gave it happily to the Grimer. (Pokémon are talking to each other) “Here you go!” Inan said to the Grimer. “Thanks, Popplio!” The Grimer replied, munching on the trash. “Hmm, what’s that Pokémon?” Justin asked, pulling his Pokédex out. “Grimer, Alolan Variant. Grimer was brought to Alola from Kanto after a massive trash outbreak. It became green, and they like to prowl cities, looking for more trash to eat, thus keeping them clean.” The Pokédex replied. Justin then pulled out a Pokéball. “Hey, Grimer, would you like to come with us? I’m sure there’ll be plenty to eat across our travels!” Justin suggested. The Grimer looked at the Pokéball, and nodded. “Grimer!” It cried, going into the ball, and being released again. “Let’s see... I’ll name you... TrashPile!” Justin said. TrashPile was satisfied with this name, and the group went along, walking through the city again.
She saw the boy with a shiny Zangoose walking up to meet Blue as she smiled gently. "Greetings, I'm well are you new to Alola?" She asked a bit wet from the water as she saw the shiny Zangoose greet Blue. Blue smiled as she greeted the Zangoose. "Umbre!" River and Celosia looked at the trainer and the Zangoose curiously as they ended up greeting him as well.-
Libra gave a kind grin but quickly changed"what! How'd you know!" He said as if it was a shock, but really it shou be pretty easy to tell since he's wearing jeans and a jacket in the tropics.
Azul looked at the blue ring on Blu's head and tapped it lightly with a claw "Zan!" He growled with a smile as he pointed the claw at the blue marking on his face, as if he was saying"hey, we're both blue!" Libra heard his partners voice and looked over to the two shiny Pokemon"You have a shiny Pokemon too!" He said in suprise.
Blue saw what the shiny Zangoose was doing and understood and smiled. "Umbre!" She said agreeing. She understood what Blue had said thather rings were blue just like him. She smiled then nodded. "Well by your clothing I knew and yes this is Blue a shiny Umbreon. She and I grew up together so we have a very deep bond towards each other and is also my partner. Also this is River a Popplio my starter for this region and this is Celosia a PikPek and I am new to this region as well so don't feel bad"she said chuckling but smiled. "But who are you? I don't even know who you are?" She asked him a bit cautious at the moment.
Though it made feel better knowing that she was foreign to alola as well, he felt like he cane off as a rude person when the girl said that"sorry, I'm Libra, and that's Azul over there, hehe I should've said that from the start" he looked at the popplio and pikipek" so these are pokemon native to alola right" he said"well it's nice to meet you and your Pokemon, well once I know your name too that is" he asked kindly.
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She smiled. "Like the Zodiac it has a nice ring to it but I like the name and oh I'm JC its nice to meet you Libra sorry about the swimwear it was just too hot to wear my hooded cape and mask but aren't you hot in that" she chuckled but gave a smile as she extended her hand out to him.-
"r-really, thanks, my parents named me and my siblings after zodiacs, I always thought it was kinda cheesy. But anyways it's nice to meet you JC" Libra said putting emphasis on her name, he looked at her and shrugged" oh and it's no problem, the reason I wear stuff like this is mainly because I can't feel heat. From the day I was born I was either cold or just normal, I don't really understand it though, my mom says it's because of my white hair, but she believes in some crazy things" he explained while his pokemon chatted with JC's


Previously AceAltaria
oof i just realized there was an rp thread kfnerinfi)

"SHOOT!" Laney tumbled out of the doorway, her two Pokémon following behind her. "I must be so behind, argh!" In reality, she'd only been out the door two minutes later than she normally would be. There was really nothing to worry about, since she'd already gotten her starter.

"Be careful," her mom called from behind her shoulder with a small chuckle. "Remember that one time in Johto when you did the sa-"

"Yeah, mom, bye. I have no time to talk!" Laney interrupted, running off. She already knew what her mom was gonna say, anyway. She'd done the exact same thing and hurt her leg to the point she had to limp everywhere. But that was ages ago, I'm in Alola now, she thought.

Laney had made it into the city, but clumsy her decided to run into a lamp post. "Ow!" She rubbed her forehead and then continued on, walking this time. Makani, her Rowlet, made a noise that sounded like "Wow, that was dumb." Laney decided to ignore it and continue on, hoping to just run into some other trainers.

Makani landed on her shoulder while her Pichu, Pancake was desperately hopping to climb into her backpack. With an exasperated sigh, Laney picked up the tiny Pichu and set her down in her backpack, leaving a good size hole for her head to stick out.


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin was walking around to see a trainer that had run into a lamp post. The girl had got up and shook it off, but he was still a bit concerned. He and his Pokémon ran over to her. “Excuse me, are you okay? You took quite a tumble there running into that lamppost.” Justin asked. Inan had been looking at the trainer, smiling, while TrashPile had a neutral expression on his face.


Previously AceAltaria
"Um, yeah, I'm fine. It always happens.." Laney said in response with an awkward chuckle. Makani eyed the Popplio, letting out a small "Chirp!" Pancake tried squeezing out of Laney's backpack, but failed and pouted, shrinking back into the bag. Laney unzipped the bag, letting the Pichu climb out and land by her feet.
She chuckled. "Well you seem to have a normal personality to me I mean everyone is different in there own way" she said before looking at her watch. "Wow its that time I should go change come on girls lets wash up excuse me Libra I'll be right back' she said before making her way to the bath showers. She undid her hair and washed herself off along with the girls before drying herself off and the girls. She put her clothing back own which was her original outfit she wore as she placed her Hawaiian fedora on last along with the bandages along her wrists and ankles before placing on her open toed flats finishing the straps around her ankles. She placed her wet swimwear in a bag then into her side bag before walking back to Libra. "Sorry about that but maybe I can show you around and bring you to the Professor to obtain your start just like how I did if that's ok" she asked gently smiling before making her way back on the sidewalk until noticing a male with a Popplio and a Grimer and a girl with a Rowlet and Pichu seeing she had hurt herself a bit there as she walked up as River and Celosia rested on her shoulder with Celosia on Rivers head. "Are you two new in this region? Also are you ok there dear?' She asked placing her hand on her fedora tilting it slightly as Blue walked up to the girl to make sure she was ok sniffing her for injuries.-


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin smiled, and held out his hand. “Well, that’s good to know. My names Justin, and these are my current partners, Inan and TrashPile.” Justin said. Inan looked at the Rowlett, and blew a small balloon, bouncing it up to the grass owl, letting out a small “Bwark?”. TrashPile still looked neutral at them, seeing as he wasn’t sure of what to do. He then looked around, eyeing a piece of trash, and ate it, now having a smile on his face. “Grimer!” The trash Pokémon said, satisfied. Justin didn’t notice the other girl yet.


Previously AceAltaria
"My name's Laney. This here is Makani," she said, flicking her head towards the Rowlet, who was pecking at the balloon curiously. "And this is Pancake." The Pichu put on a smile and attempted to do a little dance, but failed, tripping and landing on her face instead.

Laney looked at the other trainer, nodding. "Yeah I'm fine. And to answer your first question, yeah. I just moved here from Johto. Believe me, it was a long trip."
She nodded as she saw the Pichu fall on her face and gently helped it up. "Are you alright Pancake? That must have hurt didn't it" she smiled gently petting her before standing up as Blue walked back to her side and sat down. River and Celosia however greeted the Pichu and Rowlet before River made a bubble as she balanced it on her nose. "Popplio!" She smiled before bouncing on it up to the Rowlet as she smiled. "Popplio! Pop!". "River sweetly hehe"she chuckled. "Sorry about her she loves to greet people and Pokemon and play apparently".-


Previously AceAltaria
"CHIRP!" Makani greeted the Popplio and Pikipek. Pancake nodded to the trainer and greeted the other Pokémon. "I can see that," Laney said to the trainer with a smile. She watched her Pokémon before pulling out a water bottle from her backpack, twisting off the cap. She took a few sips before putting it back in her bag.
Libra scratched his head" oh, sure go ahead" he and Azul waited by the showers for JC until she eventually came out in a different outfit, more than likely her signature look. once she offered to show him around Libra got a smile on his face"really! That'd be awesome!" He answered.

Libra followed along his new friend until they came across what seemed to be two rookie trainers like himself and JC, Libra watched how JC helped one of the trainers Pichu, who seemed to be named pancake "hm, are you two perhaps trainers like us?" He decided to ask"Oh! I'm Libra by the way" he followed up remembering his mistake from last time


Previously AceAltaria
"Yep, and my name's Laney." Makani looked at the shiny Zangoose and greeted it with a chirp. The Rowlet got down from Laney's shoulder and landed on the ground. "Quite a bunch of Pokémon we have here, isn't there?" Laney said. She looked at all the Pokémon in front of her.


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin turned toward the two new Trainers that had walked over, and smiled. “Yeah, I traveled here from Unova. This is my third journey, because I’ve already been across Unova and Kalos. My other Pokémon are back at home. It’s Justin, by the way.” He notified them. TrashPile now took interest in the other Pokémon. He slowly got close to Blue. “Grimer?” He cried, curious of the Umbreon. Inan was now on Justin’s shoulder. Justin then got a call on his Xtransceiver. “Excuse me for a moment.” He said, answering the watch like device. “Hey, sweetie!” Justin’s mom said, rather loudly. Being the kind person he was, he didn’t blush. “Hey, mom! I’m here in Alola! I’ve already got a new Pokémon and a Z-Ring.” He said, as Inan showed of in front of his mom. Buddy then came into view of the small camera, looking at Inan, and smiling, giving a small “Samurott!”. “Buddy misses you, but we’ll come see you guys later. Have you made any new friends yet? I’m sure you have. Anyways, I’ll have to go. Juniper is gonna call you later, so don’t worry about that. Bye!” She said, followed by Frosty’s quick cameo, and the device hung up. Justin just shook his head and laughed, and then turned back toward the group.
"well nice to meet you Laney, Justin" he grinned, Libra looked at the many pokemon around them which made him chuckle"heh, I guess so." He then paused for a moment while Justin talked on something that seemed similar to the pokegear back in Jhoto, he then heard a loud "Hey Sweetie" echo out if the device, LibraLibra th about how embarrassed he would be if something like that happened to him"hmm...oh JC, I still have to talk to professor, and get my challenge amulet" he felt like he had to mention


Previously AceAltaria
"Oh wow," Laney said to Justin. "This is only my second journey. My dad's taking care of my Pokémon back in Johto." She still remembered her entire team, and how close she had bonded with them before she left for Alola. "And it's nice to meet you, too, Libra." Makani flew back up and landed on top of her head, stretching his wings.
Libra thought to himself
"Well, I suppose it could wait for a bit, after all these trainers seem friendly"
H looked back at the group who were telling about the journeys they've completed"you guys have explored other regions, this is my first journey, but I can still hold my own" he grinned trying to act prideful.
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She smiled as she greeted herself as well. "Its nice to meet you I'm JC and this is my partner Blue a shiny Umbreon we also grew up together so we have a deep bond together and actually I have traveled from Unova which is where I grew up and then Kalos but I moved her for personal reasons to have a fresh start and most of my Pokemon are with my friend N who lives in Unova since I had trust in him as a child but one of my Pokemon actually lives with my mom as protection for since she is well trained by me of course" she smiled before looking to Libra. "Oh right thanks for reminding me so Justin and Laney I am actually showing Libra around before I take him to Professor Kukui you can join if you want. Come on girls, lets go" she said as River and Celosia went to her shoulder as Blue stood beside her as she looked at the Grimer and smiled. "Umbre?" "Maybe afterwards we can get some Masalada, I heard they are good and sweet ones too Blue's favorite." "Umbreon!" Blue said flipping the air before landing back down happily. She chuckled. "Well somebody is excited. Are you coming Libra?" She asked stopping mid way before the stores up ahead.-
Libra nodded his head at JC" hey, that's a pretty good idea, we're all starting our island challenge right, then why don't travel together!" Libra shouted before rasing his arm and pointing to the sky....for some reason.
"Zangoose!" Azul growled and imitated his trainer's pose. Libra then listened to what JC said after that"masaladas huh, I've never had one of those. Oh and since your helping me start my challenge, I'll pay for it all no matter the order!" Libra continued to pull the strange pose, Azul eventually stopped posing and facepalmed at Libra's strange actions, and that he himself imitated them.
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Previously TheJustinMan
Justin heard the words “travel together”. He then accepted to this immediately. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be glad traveling together! I haven’t done that since Unova.” He said, happily. He then heard about Masaladas. “I’d also be glad to go get some of those as well. No need to pay for me, I have money to use.” He said. He then noticed a Magnemite staring at the group. He wasn’t sure what the magnet Pokémon was doing, but it seemed to just be staring. It then floated off, indifferent to Justin noticing it was there. “Hmm...” Justin thought. He then turned back to the group. “So, are we all in terms about traveling together?” TrashPile smiled back at the Umbreon, and Inan blew another balloon.
She chuckled a bit seeing how Libra acted as she nodded. "Well lets get going then I don't mind at all at traveling together and I actually want to visit somewhere for the girls" she said before starting the tour. She showed all the buildings to them even the one where you give the Romdex the camera option. She stopped at a store which the shirt icon on it as she turned to them. "Well this is where you can buy the clothing for this region along with Pokemon clothing and accessories for both male and female of course but Laney I think you would be interested in this more then the boys and they might have a pancake hat or dress maybe even collar for your Pichu so if you guys want to come in you can" she said before walking in to get some accessories for the girls and maybe for herself.-
Libra walked next to Justin and put an arm around him"haha! There's a vote, what about you two" he said cheerfully, JC then agreed to it"nice, now how about it Laney" he said before JC began to tour them of the city. When they reached the clothing store"hmm, Pokemon accessories. IllI hold up on them for now, but we really should be heading for professor kukui's lab, by the looks of it you guys don't even have your amulets either" he stated, acting more calm then earlier
After a lot of fainting and trips to Pokemon nurses, Zack was confident he was ready to keep moving. He'd also snagged up a Grubbin while doing so. While trudging through all the tall grass in the area he noticed a group of 4 walking together down the same route, all of which looked around Zack's age. Huh, maybe some more trainers? He wondered, shaking a rattata off his shoe. His rowlet then fluttered it's way onto Zack's shoulder.
"Wanna go meet them?" He asked his Pokemon subsidedly. With a shutter of feathers, Zack figured he should just lay low for a bit. He wasn't heavy into meeting new people anyway. Maybe, if they were heading to the Pokemon lab, he'd be able to meet them there anyway. Confident in this plan, Zack continued down the path, training Glitch his Grubbin every now and then.
She came out of the store holding three accessories for the girls, a sparkle embedded black and blue flower for blue, a pretty pink shaded Hawaiian flower and Levi for River and a Levi and flower for Celosia as she place them on the girls. "Sorry guys, had to stop there for the moment so back to the tour so I can get you to professor Kukui" she said as Blue, River, and Celosia fell in love with the new items they got from JC. After covering up most of the tour she arrived in Iki town again where professor Kukui was as he noticed her and waved. "Hey professor Kukui," "Hey JC back already, are these your friends?" "Actually yes, meet Justin and Inan, Laney, Pancake her Pichu, and her Rowlet, and last but not least Libra and his partner a Shiny Zangoose Azul but Libra here is here to see you about his starter and receiving our island amulets" she said. "Oh I see a newcomer well step this way, here we have Rowlet the grass type, Litten the fire type, and Popplio the water type" Kukui said looking at Libra.
Libra followed the group through the rest of the tour, and once they arrived in iki town and met the professor, Libra looked a little underwhelmed"if it wasn't for the white coat I wouldn't think you would be a professor" he said.
When he called up for him to choose a starter, he shook his hands and answered"oh, n-no no no, I don't mean to sound rude but I already have a partner, Azul"he said flustered, Azul stood in front of him with his arms crossed, trying to look cool"I'm here to get a Pokedex and the amulet that let's me start my island challenge. hehe, sorry little guys..." Libra said in apologie to the three starters that stood before him.
The Professor glanced to Libra as he smiled. "Oh I see well here is your Pokedex and your island amulet" Kukui said before heading back to his lab. She watched Kukui go before she heard a familiar voice. "Finally caught up with you JC" he said as she looked to see it was Shadow her brother with Sparkx and a Rowlet. "Shadow hm yeah finally you slowpoke" she said teasing him. "Haha very funny JC and I see you made some friends already, kind of a surprise since you are always distant from people" he joked. "Oh shut up bro I least give me credit for trying to make them" she said chuckling after. "I see you choose Rowlet and it appears that it is shiny which is quite rare looks female" she said. "She is actually this is Ghost the starter I choose but she is a bit shy so forgive her" he said smiling gently before placing his hand on her head. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friends or your just going to leave me hanging" he said chuckling. "Oh right sorry....guys this is Shadow my older brother and this Jolteon, Sparkx his partner that grow up with him just like me" she introduced but smiled gently.

Shadow looked to them. "Its nice to meet you all, thanks for taking care of my sister while I was held back for a while but now I'm here to take her out of your hands in watching her" he teased. "Oh shut up Shadow, I can take care of myself" she chuckled after with him. "Don't mind my brother he is just a little over protective of me for personal reasons to bare with him but overall he is a nice guy to hang with trust me gentle as a rabbit" she admitted.

(Believe or not in my game play I did obtain a shiny Rowlet twice both female which was a surprise to me as that was rare in a starter ^-^ also I am going to add Shadow's char sheet in my post so you know more about him)
Libra gladly took the amulet from professor Kukui's, he the the tu back to the three small Pokemon and pulled out a small plastic container, filled with what looked to be a fruit salad, he set the containtc on the ground and let the starters eat it"my mom may be a horoscope finatic but she sure can cook!" She grinned happily.

Suddenly another trainer showed up and began to talk with JC, Libra looked confused for a second that she had a brother...
But he spoke up whenever she tried to introduce them to Shadow" h-hey, so your JC's brother, well it's nice to meet you. I'm Libra, and yes like the Zodiac, and this is my partner Azul" Azul waved to Shadow and then began to examine Sparkx "Zangoose" he growled to the jolteon in a friendly tone, saying "Nice spike fur" to the electric type.
Shadow looked to Libra and smiled. "It's nice to meet you Libra and actually I will be joining you on this journey with JC along with Sparkx and Ghost of course"he said as he waved gently back to the Zangoose before seeing him interact with Sparkx. Sparkx looked at Azul and smirked a bit as he looked to him in a gentle tone saying "Oh thanks its my best feature" he said.

She saw Libra pull out a container that was fruit salad. "So you mom made that huh looks delicious, and speaking of lunches, Shadow did you remember to pack a lunch" she asked him. "yes actually, the best ones like mom made so here sis" he said handing her the container full of fruits and Masaladas for the girls and she made a lot. "Wow...ok she went a bit overboard with the Masaladas, here girls" she said as the girls instantly grabbed some and ate one. She grabbed a couple of them as she handed one to Azul. "Here Azul try one it's sweet" she said smiling gently handing one to him gently petting his head before handing the other ones to Pancake and the other Rowlet then one to Inan before opening her container eating a pineapple as she smiled. "Umbre!" "Pop! Popplio!" "Pikpek!". River blew a bubble up to Inan and handled another Masalada to him smiling before bouncing on her bubble before it popped. "Popplio!".
As predicted, the group of trainers found there way back to the professors. Maybe they don't all have Pokemon yet? He wondered as he watched from the porch of a neighbors house. He contemplated for a while on whether or not he should try and join them. But his introvert self got the best of him, and he decided it was best he just start his journey alone.
Zack took out his island map to see where he should go first. There's a trainer school down that way... Maybe I could learn a thing or two? Zack wondered for a moment.
He let out a sigh. "Well, nothing better to do. Let's get going Sharpshot," He called to his rowlet, which was...
"ROWLET!" Zack yelled as he noticed his Pokemon stealing from the other trainers food. Quickly he scrambled off the porch and rushed towards his Pokemon. Startled, Sharpshot quickly took off and began flying down town. As for Zack, he had knocked over himself and professor Kukui.
"Ow... Uh, OH! S-Sorry professor, it was just, my rowlet, it, well-," Zack tried to explain. "It's alright, just make sure you catch it! We can't have him flying around everywhere," the professor explained, helping Zack up.
"Uh... Thanks," he said before taking off again to catch his Pokemon.
Libra kinda expected that shadow would be traveling with them, since he is JC's brother and all" well that's fine with me. And yep, my mom made this as a going away snack" he smiled and watched Shadow and JC hand out the few malasadas.
Azul grabbed the sweet malasadas and hesistently took a bite, his eyes went wide and almost immediately after he began to gobble down the malasada, he then fell back "Zan.." he groaned"heh, you must've loved that snack allot if it made you act like that" Libra chucked at Azul.
Out of know where a rowlet flew up and stole the meal that he set out for the starters"what? H-hey! Get back here!" He began to run after the owl, ignoring the boy that it knocked over
She saw that the Rowlet snatched the Masaladas that was made by her mom. "Hey! Pikpek after it and you to Blue" she said running after the owl. Blue leaped up on a roof with River on her back as JC had told River to use a bubble to stop the Rowlet. "-River blow a bubble and trap the Rowlet in it-" she commanded. "Popplio!" she said before leaping up in the air as Celosia catch her as she blew a bubble that was big enough and shot it at the Rowlet trapping it inside before balancing it on her nose. "Well done River" she said coming to a stop as she huffed a bit out a breath for the moment. "Popplio!"River smiled before Ghost Shadow's Rowlet went into the bubble and took back the container of Masaladas and was angry at the male Rowlet. "Row! Rowlet! let!" she said hooting as Pikpek popped the bubble as Ghost flew on Shadow's shoulder who took the container and closed it. "That was naughty of you Rowlet, you don't take stuff that is not yours" Shadow said sternly before placing the container in JC's bag that was around her shoulder. "Now now girls calm down, but whose Rowlet is this?" JC asked wondering.