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Open Pokemon Sun and Moon Roleplay

Libra dove after rowlet only to miss and faceplant onto the ground"mfhfmn!" he shouted though it was muffled from the ground making it barely intelligable. He stood back up and wiped the dirt off his clothes"ugh..that bird..." He held his head and looked at the others dizzily, who seemed to catch the rowlet already
She saw Libra fall as she walked up to him as lended a hand up. "Are you alright Libra, that was quite a fall but we catch it already actually River caught it. She said before looking that mischievous Rowlet wondering who this Rowlet was or was it wild. She didn't know as she saw Shadow walk up to her. "You alright Libra that was quite a fall" he said as Ghost was still angry at the male Rowlet to what he just did. "Now now Ghost calm down I know that upset you" Shadow said chuckling at her reaction right now.
Libra shook his head"um..yeah.." he wobbled partly and grabbed the two's hands to try and get focused again"I think I'm fine now"Azul stood next to Libra and looked a little worried" I'm fine Azul, just a bit dizzy.." once he regained his postuer he decided to speak out" I think we shpush maybe start the challenge, were getting side tracked here" he stated while holding up his challenge amulet to the others


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin had been having a good time with the group they’d formed, until the Rowlet stole the masaladas. He saw the Rowlet fly off, seeming to be happy. Justin was thinking of what to do, when the same Magnemite from before had come along. It stared at him, tilting its body a bit. Justin knew that it could float, so maybe it would have a better chance to go after the Rowlet. “Hey, Magnemite. You think you could go after that bird?” He asked. “Magnemite.” He got as a response. The Magnemite began floating after the Rowlet. Justin wasn’t sure if the Magnemite would come back or not, but he was glad that the floating Magnet had listened to him. He then turned to the others. “Well, that’s strange. At least you still have the challenge amulet, right?” Justin said, trying to stay positive.
She looked to Libra. "Yes I know we should go for our island challenge Libra and what Justin says is true at least we still have our island amulets but we have to figure out who's Rowlet this is before we start our island challenge"she said sighing as she did want to start her island challenge.

"JC is right though we can leave this Rowlet unattended and cause more trouble for people or Ghost will go insane"Shadow said chuckling seeing Ghost's reaction. "Rowlet! Row!" She hooted eying the male Rowlet.-


Previously AceAltaria
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Laney shrugged. Her Rowlet was perched on her shoulder, so she knew it wasn't hers. A a small tweet came out of Makani's beak. He jumped off of Laney's shoulder and stayed put in the air. Pancake was hugging Laney's leg, which wasn't really a shocker to her.


Previously TheJustinMan
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Justin had seen the Magnemite come back, empty handed. “Magnemite.” It said, shaking it’s whole body as if saying it couldn’t catch up. “Hey, that’s fine. I think we’re over it by now anyways. Thanks for trying to help, though!” Justin said to the Magnemite. It’s eye became happy, and Justin went and rallied with the group, overhearing that they wanted to start their island challenges. The Magnemite had seen Justin do this, and floated over to him, Justin not knowing that it was still there. “Yeah, we should probably get started on that. I think we have to go one at a time, though, so who should go first?” Justin asked. TrashPile noticed the Magnemite, and began talking to it. “Hey, what’re you doing? You’re free to go, Y’know.” TrashPile suggested.(They’re talking in Pokémon, humans can’t understand it). Magnemite turned, and stared at TrashPile. “I don’t know. I normally just wander around, and find things that interest me. Like for example... he’s your trainer right? I find him a bit interesting. Plus, what else is there to do?” The Magnemite replied in a robotic but expressive voice, and went back to eavesdropping on the conversation. TrashPile tilted his head with a confused look, and continued to stare at the Magnemite.
Libra began to get a little irritated by all the trouble this rowlet was causing"fine, but who know, this rowlet could be wild." He stated to the group, but in reality it would rare for the alola starter to be wild...
When Justin brought up the mention that we would only be able to participate in the challenges one at a time"actually, from what I learned on the way over here, they don't use gym challenges which are mostly one on one, they have island challenges which make you have to solve some sort of puzzle, so perhaps we could all solve the puzzles together, right?" Libra explained, even though he was guessing, it was still what he was hoping for

A thought entered libra's mind, which made him call out to group"hey, if we have to wait for this rowlets trainer, how about a battle, who wants to go against me on my first battle in alola!"Libra said grinning, when Azul heard the words battle, he jumped in front of his trainer and showed off his claws. Azul has had a love of battling ever since the first fight he ever got in, which was with Libra.....Libra lost.
She smiled hearing the word battle. "A battle huh alright I'll challenge you as I know who to go to who will test you before you can take on his island challenge" she said facing Libra. "I actually want to test you and see if your prepared for the island challenges if your up for it" she said as Shadow looked to Libra. "I warn you though my sis is tough to beat like rarely even I can't beat her. Her style is unpredictable no matter what you throw at her" Shadow warned.-
Libra laughed a bit" heh, this'll be a great battle, well we better get started then, and I guess it will be a 1Vs 1" Libra said, his only Pokemon was Azul, so he assumed that JC would be battling with one of her pokemon. Libra walked over to a large path"this will be our battlefield. Let's go Azul!" Libra called out,
Azul stepped in front of him and went in all fours"Zangoose!" He growled ready for battle.
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She chuckled. "Oh right you only have Azul alright if its partner against partner then..Blue I'll choose you then..." She said looking at her. "Umbre!"Blue said as she leaped in front facing Azul as she made a head nod as if saying "Good luck and try to keep up with me if you can". She looked to Libra. "I'll let you go first, unless your a gentlemen" she chuckled looking at him as she placed her hand on her hat tilting it slightly as River and Celosia watched closely on Blue's stragety.-
Luckily for Zack, the two trainers from earlier had managed to catch his Rowlet. He caught up to them and Sharpshot flew to his shoulder. With a grunt and a disapproving look to it, Zack retracted it to it's pokeball. Then he approached the two trainers, who appeared to be about to start a battle.
"Woah woah woah! Your not about to battle here are you? Really? In the middle of town with people around? At least take this to the route up ahead. Oh, and uh, sorry for interrupting your snack break. I just got my Rowlet and all so he's not exactly, obedient yet.. Um, anyway. I'm Zack, uh, and I'll just leave you to be. But just, please don't fight here, where people could get hurt," Zack awkwardly introduced himself. Then proceeded to slowly back away from the two trainers and down towards the Trainer School.
Libra grinned"alright! So bBue versus Azul, sounds like a good fight to me" he said as he shrugged his arms.
"Well, illI take it either way, if you want me to be gentlemanly, then be my guest and go first" he smiled cheerfully.
Azul was showing his teeth as intimidation.
Then suddenly a boy came up to them and claimed the rowlet belonged to him...then said that we shouldn't battle here"huh! The only people on this path is us, I'm sure it's going to be fine" Libra said to the new trainer that showed up
She saw the boy named Zack as she sighed. "He does have a point though, just follow me for the moment" she said as she made her way to an area she trains with her Pokemon before facing Libra once again. " Alright if you insist,"she said smiling. "-Blue start off with an Iron tail on the ground to confuse him I want to see his strategy first-" she said as Blue nodded as she swiftly leaped up and slammed iron tail on the ground causing pieces of the ground to come up before flipping back in front of her.-
Libra sighed but nodded his head"okay then... I'll follow" he agreed. He followed JC to an area that seemed away from people"okay! I'm ready!" Libra said.
He crossed his arms and gazed at JC, revealing that one of his eyes had turned black, with red pupils. This was his alter ego, though it changed his facial appearance, it was mearly a cosmetic change, but his personality would change to somebody who focused on battle only.
When JC commanded her pokemon to attack the ground Libra had a sense of what she was planning"hm...she must be trying to observe me.." he muttered under his breath, not wanting his opponent to overhear"Ok Azul, Leer!" Libra commanded, Azul headed the command, he stood up and stared menacingly at the umbreon.
She chuckled. "-Lowering Blue's defense won't work...Blue run swiftly around Azul then use Iron tail to hit Azul quickly-" she said as she nodded to Blue as an order. Blue swiftly leaped up avoiding the leer and started to run around Azul to confuse him as her speed was very swift as it was hard to see her. She then leaped just in front of him ans hit him hard with iron tail causing him to slide back as she made her way back in front of her. She noticed his change in appearance as she smiled. "-Changed appearance huh well I believe I might do the same-" she though before grabbing her wolf mask and hooded cape as she placed them both on hiding her appearance.-
Libra jerked back when the Umbreon landed the iron tail, and then another one. Azul was knocked back but recovered before he hit the ground, allowing him to land on his feet, he noticed the masked form JC took"heh, now it gets fun. Azul! Quick attack!" libra pointed at Blue, the zangoose almost immediately lunged forward at Blue, but before he made contact Azul hopped over the fox"X-Scissor!" Libra shouted to his partner, Azul's claws glowed green and then slashed at Blue's back" you may be fast, but Azul is faster!" He said smugly
Blue took it like it was nothing as she had the oportunately to grab his claw. She smirked. "Be careful not to underestimate me Libra." She warned. "-Blue throw them up in the air then used Dark pulse-" she commanded. Blue obeyed as she smirked as she threw Azul up then opened her mouth as she unleashed a powerful dark beam as it hit Azul direct hit. Blue glanced to her giving her a signal. She nodded understanding. "-Blue Moonlight-"she said as Blue recovered her Hp back to full health. "Not bad Libra, I'm actually impressed"she complimented as she placed her hand on her mask.-
Libra had an angry expression when Azul was thrown, he landed on his back but stood back up"Zang!" He roared content to defeat the Umbreon" nice shot, let's see how you like this..." Suddenly Azul gained a dark purple tint to him, but didn't seemed bothered by it, he then pulled out a purple orb from....somewhere, and grinned "that right there is a astoxic orb, and as you may know, zangoose has a hidden ability, toxic boost, making him much stronger when he's poisoned, Umbreon on the other hand...Fling!" Azul suddenly threw the toxic orb at blue, hitting him directly..." You can thank my brother for that little trick" Libra crossed his arms and grinned
She smiled seeing he was an opponent a reckon to deal with. "Hm not bad Libra. I just really hope that Blue doesn't get poisoned by that move" she smirked as she was mentioning her ability that Blue has but kept it secret but she knew that if Blue got poisoned it would only boost Azul's power up. Luckily though Blue didn't get poisoned. '-Libra is tough I'll give him that but Shadow ball won't work on Azul since he is a normal type so I am going to have to do a combo move then use Blue's hidden move, Hyper beam as a last resort.-" she thought. Blue nodded to her as she looked. "-Blue Dark Iron tail, confuse him first use confuse ray-" Blue nodded as she leaped up onto Azul and she used confuse ray at close range to confuse him then she leaped up unleashing Dark pulse in the air then Iron tail as she combined the moves together and slammed Azul down to the ground with her Dark Iron tail with a direct hit before flipping back in front of her. "Umbre!(You seemed to impress me Azul with your style which is rare to do with a female like me, Your tough I'll give you) Blue smirked.-
Libra was confused when he heard that"dark iron tail!? Azul get o-" before he could finish Azul was hit with a devastating combo, Azul was slammed against the ground from the attack, he remained unresponsive for a few seconds, but somehow, he managed to stand back up, he struggled "Azul...you don't need to push yourself buddy" Libra said feeling a little worried for his partner"Zangoose!" He growled at his trainer saying he wanted to fight. Libra could feel that Azul was determined"o-okay! JC be prepared, this is going to end it all! Quick attack!"he shouted "Blue, your very strong, I'll give you that...but I'm not losing my first battle to you...sorry" Azul said to the Umbreon before initiating the attack, with incredible speed he tackled Blue knocking her into the air, he continued the quick attack and jumped next to blue"Crush claw!" Libra shouted, one of Azul's claws glowed white before he slashed at the dark type sending her crashing to the ground"Azul finish it! Focus Punch!" Libra commanded, Azul was at his limit, knowing that he would be incredibly weak after the attack, however he followed up with it, "Zangoose!" Azul shouted, His hand glowed red and white as he fell, he charged the attack until he was about to land on Blue"sorry"he mumbled as he threw the punch... A large shockwave echoed around them from the punch, before the smoke could clear, Azul stood in front of libra, with bruises and scratch marks all over him, he panted heavily...
Blue stood up taking the attacks like it was nothing but she did feel how powerful his attacks were so she slightly struggled to stand up but was able to get on her paws as both of her ears were down but raised back up. "Umbre!(Sorry Azul but you have to do more then that to take me down) she said looking at her owner. She noticed he was at his limit as she had to end this now with Blue's hidden move. "Blue Moonlight" she said as Blue recovered from all the damage she took from Azul. "Your tough but I special trained Blue very hard because I had a reason to but I'm sorry I have to finish this now" she said. "Blue grab Azul and throw him up then finish with Hyper beam!" she commanded as Blue obeyed. Blue grabbed the weakened Azul as she throw him up in the air as she opened her mouth as a multicolored orb appeared in her mouth before a powerful beam shot up at Azul hitting him with a direct hit as she saw him go down unable to get up. "That's enough, Azul is already at his limit, this battle is done" she said removing her mask and hooded cape as she put it away. She made her way to Azul and helped him up. "You did well Azul, but constantly using attacks like that will drain you a lot faster and you become more vulnerable to attacks. Also defeat is always a way to get stronger and battle correctly ok" she gently petted his head and smiled as Blue walked over. "Umbre!(I enjoyed the battle with you Azul, your tough I'll give you that but you weren't close to beating me as I am able to withstand attacks like that even if it is my weakness but I love to battle with you again once you become stronger)" Blue smiled gently lifting her paw up to give a paw touch.

She stood up and look at Libra. "I did enjoy the battle with you Libra, Azul is strong I'll give you that however let me give you some advice if I may, don't let your emotions cloud you as you must remain clear minded when battling so you will be able to see your opponents strategy more clearly but it won't work on me since my strategy is unpredictable and as for Azul you must train him better as he is attacking to recklessly, he must focus not on attacking but with his defense as well but most important his surroundings so he can easily deflect an attack that is coming towards him and another this his limit is important or he will collapse on you trust me I have seen it happen" she advised as she took out a couple of Sitrus berries and handed them to Azul. "Here you are Azul, i have to admit your quite a handsome Zangoose but powerful" she said.
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Libra was in shock, the black coloring in his eye dispersed when he saw the Umbreon shake off the attack as if it was a tap on the shoulder, and his jaw dropped as she defeated Azul..."h-how....how would you be able to take that much damage....and not be harmed..." He mumbled, Azul feel to the ground, he was barely able to stay consious "z-zang..." He murmured as JC helped him back up and offered him a sitris berry...before he could even take a bite, he collapsed, fainted from the damage he took during the battle "Azul!" Libra ran over to him and tried to carry him"ugh, w-we have to get to a Pokemon center...I knew you shouldn't have over exerted yourself" he struggled, as Azul was aeouar the same size as himself...
She helped Azul on the other side as she sighed. "Azul has determination I'll give him that but he can't overdue himself like that, he has to be careful with himself when battling"she said as she helped Libra with Azul to the Pokemon center. Once they arrived at the building she saw nurse joy as she went up to the counter. "Please nurse joy, help my friends Zangoose Azul" she said worried. "Audino come quick!" Nurse joy said as they grabbed the Zangoose and quickly took him back. She sighed feelings bad. "Sorry..Libra..I should have stopped the battle when Azul was at his limit...but Azul was so determined that he didn't want to stop.....but I couldn't lose....because if I did I would be too easy of a target to grab.....so when I battle I have no choice but to win each one.....because I have a reason to, a personal one...I'm sorry I just.." she suddenly cried as she used her hand to cover her face to hide it as Blue looked up at her with worry. "Umbre...." she said softly as her ears went down.-

Shadow saw her sister cry as he gently placed his hand on her head. "Don't cry JC it wasn't your fault and I know you have reasons to always win a battle each time......" he sighed sadly looking at her as Sparkx looked up at JC as well worried. "Jolteon..." he said.
Libra felt better when she helped him carry Azul"thanks JC, and illI keep those things you said in mind..." he said in a soft tone. When they arrived JC took the liberty to tell the nutse before he could even speak, this warmed Libra.

The nurse took Azul, and Libra and the others went to sit down, Libra was worried but felt better with JC comforting him, then suddenly JC began to cry after she told him about her 'reason to win' "ah! Um what's wrong, s-shadow is she okay!?" Libra stood up with a worried expression
Shadow looked to Libra and nodded. "Yes she is alright she just doesn't like seeing Pokemon hurt in battle but not also that there is another reason why she is crying like this but its a personal matter she needs to tell you if she is comfortable about it of course" he said gently as his face became serious.

She turned her back on Libra for the moment before calming herself as she gently wiped her tears. "I'll tell you....but not here after Azul is ok so don't worry I'm fine...just the sudden waterworks" she smiled to say she was ok as Blue nodded. "Umbreon!"Blue said as she gently tugged at Libra's shirt to sit back down. She looked away for the moment as in thought. "-Should I tell him...do I have his trust to....hm well I'll have to find out myself I suppose..-"
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Libta couldn't help but worry even though shadow told him that she was fine"are you sure she doesn-" he stopped when JC said that she would tell him and Azul about her secret, then Blue tugged on his shirt"um...okay..."he sat down and took a deep breath.

A few minutes later than nurse called Libra over the PA system"huh? That must be Azul" he stood up and walked over to the counter, where Azul was standing, he seemed fine other then a white bandage across the left part of his face"Thank you for waiting Libra, your zangoose took allot of damage, normally that would be enough power to put a Pokemon at Azul's level on it's deathbed, but he recovered quite well, though he took significant damage to his left eye, so for the next few days he'll have to wear this bandage, but he's free to leave" the nurse explained in a soft tone. "Zangoose" Azul growled lightly "where's Blue at." Libra tried to inform his partner"hehe, your not holding a grudge, and I don't think JC wants to deal with you two going at it again" "I'm not going to start anything!"Azul growled again
Blue leaped down from the chair as she walked up to Azul. "I'm right here Azul, sorry about that but you were really at your limit....so please don't start a fight with me I'm sorry you ended that way but you must learn with defeat you can always work harder Azul, even I have limits I'm not invisible you know....and I was worried about your health. I don't like hurting other Pokemon in battle and neither does Shadow and JC so please calm yourself ok" Blue said as her ears went down a bit.

She saw Azul come out as she was relieved that he was ok as she stood up. "Your ok Azul? Good I was worried for you.....I should have stopped the battle when you were at your limit but you were so determined to finish the battle I had to let Blue take you down like that......if you were battling llima as a test he would have taken you down easily...I'm sorry you ended that way but you did worry your trainer at least consider his feelings the most Azul" she said as Blue nodded agreeing. "That's why Blue beat you because we had complete trust in each other so she was much harder to take down but don't get Blue wrong she did feel your attacks. They were powerful which impressed her but you have potential if you train with your trainer properly then you will see your really power against opponents with the trust from your trainer..that's what's important" she advised sternly.
Azul was suprised whenever Blue approached him and explained how she didn't want to hurt him
"It's fine Blue, honest, you don't need to worry" he said empathetically.
As the two began to teach him about why blue beat him so easily and his flaws in the battle, which began to irritate him"grr...I have a perfect bond with Libra, if I didn't trust him would I hold a toxic orb for him! You have your way of battling and we have ours, just because you beat me on our first battle doesn't mean you can assume things like that!....*sigh*...sorry for talking like that, thanks for the tip..." Azul retorted. Libra didn't want o come off rude but he did agree with Azul...
"Ok... So just down this street on the left..." Zack muttered to himself as he walked down the path that had shifted from grass to pavement. After a little bonding time with Rowlet he was confident in it's not stealing other peoples food. Rowwww-let! Sharpshot let out as they walked. Zack came to a halt at a large building with a battling court and lot's of trainers running around.
"Yup, I would guess this is the place..." Zack told himself, walking past multiple trainers running along with there rattata's and pidgey's. Entering the school it was quiet cool from the tropical heat outside. Zack decided it was time for a quick break after all his training and walking, and layed down on a nearby bench, putting his hands behind his head and kicking one knee up. Then quickly drifted off into a nap.
She sighed raising a hand up. "Hey don't worry it fine honest I was saying my point here ok Libra but before we go Blue its your turn to heal up" she said picking up Blue before putting her on the counter as Nurse joy took her back. "Umbre!" She called out before disappearing into the room. "Once Blue is better then if I have your trust to not tell anyone I will tell you why the reason I must win all the time" she said as she crossed her arms.

Shadow looked at Libra as Sparkx sat down moving his head to the side. "Jolteon?" He said as he then looked at Azul and smirked a bit gently punching his arm as if saying "Nice try in beating JC and Blue but you fought well".
Libra didn't rrarea say anything to interrupt JC or Azul so he just sat down and allowed her to go heal up Blue. And when she mentioned her secret both Azul and Libra nodded as they could understand how something personal would want to be kept from people. The two turned their heads to Shadow and Sparkx "I'll fight you next..." Azul pointed at shadow "hehe, don't mind him....oh and thanks, I really thought I could have won... I can see what you meant whenever you said she was strong" Libra thought for a moment before shaking his head "I'll beat her next time..." He grinned happily
She chuckled. "Yes my Blue is powerful I had her longer then you do she is very high leveled but even if you do get more stronger don't think for a second that you will beat me but the next time we battle will be 6v6 alright with a fully evolved team alright Libra" she said smiling before hearing the doors open seeing Blue. "Your Umbreon is as good as new and in perfect health" Nurse joy said. "Audino!" "Umbre!" Blue said leaping into JC's arms. "All better Blue" "Umbre!" Blue smiled before she was placed down.

Shadow chuckled. "Oh now you want to face me and Sparkx now hehe well after we complete our first challenge with Ilima but first" he glanced to his sister giving a signal. " Oh right...um Libra and Azul follow me. " she said as she made her way to a table that was in the Pokemon center as Blue sat on her lap as Shadow sat beside her with Sparkx resting on his lap. She looked around cautiously making sure no one was listening in before facing Libra. "What I am about to tell you is something you must keep secret or I would be put in grave danger and we don't want that but if your ready to hear it I'll tell you" she said stern as she crossed her arms.-
Libra grumbled" I'll beat you next time, that's a promise."
Once the nurse returned Blue JC called both him and Azul over to a nearby table. JC explained how if he told anyone it could endanger her life...Libra was nervous for what he was about to hear, Azul had his arms crossed waiting to hear it"um...if it's that important, are you sure you want to tell me....I can keep a secret sure, but...." He didn't know what else to say..
She looked to Libra as she sighed. "If you don't want to hear it thats ok but what I will tell you is that the hooded cape and mask I wear is for my own protection of hiding my appearance for a specific reason but to put it in a way of understanding...I'm being targeted by a group here in Alola not the good kind I'm afraid, actually ever since I was a child I had to move to different regions because of it..thats why Shadow has to travel with me just in case I am attacked out of the ordinary...but if something like that happens you must leave my side as I do not want to involve you in my problem and also t hats highly unlikely that you will beat me so keep on dreaming Libra" she smirked looking at him.

Shadow chuckled as Sparkx smiled moving her ears slightly up. "That's my sister for you but let me warn you Libra, I am second best under my sister so don't underestimate me" he smirked.-
Libra sat at the table with his hands on his head casually listening to her story"well....I'm I going to pretend I didn't here that last part....but I can understand that, being targeted by a special organization is a tough thing to deal with, my family has been through similar things" Libra put his hands on the table and sighed "being in a rich family we've had plenty of people try to attack us for our wealth, even team rocket tried to burn down our house and made a fake will of my mother, just so they would get my family's money...after they burn't us alive! Thankfully we stopped them before they could do that. But the point is that I've got people after me too, so if you think I'm going to abandon you if that happens your surely mistaken"one of the reasons I became a trainer was to protect people!" Libra chanted standing up with his hands pressed against the table
Azul had never seen his trainer like this before...so he was a little surprised at the way he acted...
She listened to his strong but surprised her by what he did about what she told him about being out of her problem before closing her eyes and smiled. "Well I can't force you to not stay out of my problem but if it does get dangerous for even you to handle you must leave. I don't want any sudden life's being hurt thats all I have to say my stubbornness can get the best of me" she said before placing her hand on the table as she stood up from her chair. "If your prepared for danger then so be it but just be careful...please" she said as if begging as she closed her eyes thinking about her father as she held in her tears before opening them again. "Since I got that out I think its about time we meet with llima for our test for his island challenge" she said before walking away from the table as Blue followed

Shadow watched as his sister walked away from the table before glancing to Libra. "She has been through a lot of grief for a very long time which is why oue mom had gotten Blue as a present from an egg to help support her. That's why she remains strong even if her limits take her down, she always has a way to bring herself back up but there may be a point where she will break down completely and I would have no choice but to obey her...I just can't let that happen...not again" he said closing her eyes as Ghost gently nudged him. "Rowlet?"she said hooting as she smiled. "I know Ghost you will protect her too...thanks" he chuckled petting her.-
Libra had a Stern but determined expression as JC spoke, his face getting more and more lighthearted as she rambled, until she finshed and stood up, Libra sighed before saying"..ok...well I guees its time to go" he stood up and was about to follow her before hearing shadow "I understand...some things you can't protect, so you take it as if it were your fault and beat yourself up for the rest of your life.. acting like if you did one thing differently they ckuco have survived...it's best we don't talk about this for now" Libra stood up and followed JC out the door, with Azul behind him
She was making her way to the port where she saw a male with blondlish like hair with a side pony tail at the bottom with a clover like hair piece to tie it down as his eyes were squinted. "You must be llima" she asked as she placed her mask and hooded cape on as she saw Shadow and Libra catch up.

"Yes I'm llima," he said smiling talking to her ignoring the two males that wore black and white with a skull necklace around the neck with their mouths covered who suddenly appeared behind Shadow and Libra.

"Hey yo quit ignoring us!" One said as they pushed pass Shadow and Libra to where she and llima was. "We are going to pound you flat yo"one said. "Yeah we are yo". "Wow...so..scary" llima said not bothered by them. "Tsk pound me, you must be mistaken there, River!" She threw River's Pokeball as she came out. "Popplio!" "llima think you can handle him" she asked looking at him.

"Of course I can" he said before taking out Yungoos. "Alright then I'll deal with this one then" she said before he took out his Pokemon as Shadow made her way beside her with Sparkx beside Blue.-
Libra followed alongside Shadow while JC went ahead of them. Soon they approached a streange looking trainer with a clover pin n their hair
"Hmm, that must be llima"
Libra thought to himself
He watched JC talk with her for a mimemo before he realized the two people behind them who were dresses in punk outfits"huh? Who are you guys?" He asked only yo to be answered by a "yo! I'm the guy who's gonna knock ya into next week!" The grunt said overconfidently. Libra's eye changed colors as it did when he battled JC, he chuckled a little"heh, are you threathening me? I couldn't tell" he shrugged smugly
It seemed yhtt JC was going to battle one of the grunts and llima was going to fight the other one"I'll take this one ofkff your hands miss!" Libra shouted as Azul stepped in front of Llima's youngoose "Azul, you ready for another fight!" Libra said strongly, the grunt tossed out a ball and appeared an Ekans"yo, get ready for a beaten!" The grunt began to move his hands around as the battle commenced...