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Open Pokemon Ultra High Roleplay

Char here before posting

Rules as follows:

~Shinies allowed~(but not a full team of them like one or two is fine)
~Crushes allowed(no further then kissing)~
~No Legendaries(Must have permission from an admin as this includes Mega evolution)
~No autoing/bunnying please!~
~Can have up to 3chars~
~No Marysues please!~
~No double posting~
~Don't force any ones char to do what you want to do just let them play their char the way they want to~
~Must be a paragraph long
~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator with out issue and have her/him lock this down. Other then that enjoy this rp ^-^.

An unusual but unique letter had appeared inside her mailbox as her brother Shadow went to grab the mail as he walked back into the house. He noticed the letter addressed to his sister as made her way to her as she was sitting on the couch. "Sis you have some sort of unusual letter addressed to you but it doesn't say who it's from"he said handing it to her as he sat down next to her. She looked to her brother taking the letter observing it closely. "Hm, this is a strange letter but I wonder who it's from?" "Well you would have to open it to find out"he said. "Oh right well here it goes"she said before beginning to open the letter. Blue her shiny Umbreon rested herself on her shoulder looking down at the letter.Once she fully opened it, the words appeared fancy as it read:

Dear Trainer,

You have been chosen to attend Pokemon Ultra High along with your bond partner that you have faithfully chosen. We may have discovered that your partner may go through an even further change within his or herself. We won't know for sure unless you come to the school yourself with your partner and other Pokemon to discover it. We would like to address you properly in person. Someone from our school will come for you to show you the way as this school is very well hidden and sacred.

See you there chosen Trainer,

Sincerely, the President of Pokemon Ultra High

She had read it more through before folding the letter back and place it on the coffee table. "Pokemon Ultra High?"she said looking at her brother then mother. "It seems to be a very new school here and you were faithfully chosen but what could they have chosen you for?"Shadow asked. "I don't know Shadow I would have to go there myself and find out with Blue"she said. "Umbre!"Blue said smiling. "Well, then go dear since you love the adventure"mom said smiling. She chuckled before standing up. "Alright I'll go but I'm just sad Shadow wasn't chosen. He has a very deep bond with Sparkx here"she said gently petting the female Jolteon. "Jolt!" she smiled nudging her hand. "I know you are JC worrying about me when I should be worrying about you but don't worry I know your brave and strong and can take care of yourself well and with Blue by your side I have nothing to worry about"he smiled before standing up as well gently patting her head.

She chuckled before removing her brother's hand from her head. "Oh yes I know Shadow and Blue knows that too." "Umbre!"Blue smiled being petted by Shadow. "Well I must get ready before I go come on Blue"she said before going up stairs as Blue leaped off the couch following her up. She made her way to her room as she put on her casual Alola clothing consisting of a purple and black plad shirt with a tank top underneath with half caprice shorts at the bottom showing her legs with black open-toed flat sandles with the straps wrapped around her ankles securing it tightly after placing her bandages around both ankles. She fixed her hair nicely before grabbing her Alola like fedora with the Hawaiian flowers just to the side of it before she tilted it slightly down to cover her right eye which is now useless to use since it was now blind as her bang now covered it. She placed on her glasses upon her face, a black and silver cross necklace, and a black and gold rubic like cube that she received from a friend back in Unova as a gift before she left leaving with wrapping bandages around her wrist before securing it in place. She went over to Blue to brush down her black fur before putting on the final touch, a black and black flower which she placed on her right ear.

"There you go Blue all nice and pretty"she smiled to her. Blue smiled moving her tail back and forth happily. "Umbre!" She grabbed her black side bag and placed it on her that had a purple flower outline just to the side. She placed her half gloves on her hands showing her fingers before turning to Blue. "Ready to go Blue?" "Umbreon!" she smiled before following her downstairs. She made her way to the kitchen where her brother and mother were. "Alright I'm ready to go" she said. "Oh well look at you all grown up"her mother said smiling. "Yes like a young lady"Shadow said. "Mother...Brother........yes I know thanks to you guys and Blue"she smiled gently looking to them. She had grabbed her lunchbox her mother packed for her and placed it in her bag before grabbing her hooded black cape and wolf mask from the coat rack. She waved her brother and mother goodbye before leaving her house making her way down the stairs. She placed on her hooded cape placing the hood up then her wolf mask to fit securely on her face hiding her appearance. "Come on Blue"she said. "Umbre?"she said before walking beside her to the location that was shown on the letter she read as she pulled it out to look at it again. "-Ten Carat Hills? Is that the location the person will appear? Well I'll just have to go with it-"she thought before making her way to Ten Carat Hills. She had arrived there with no problems seeing she was the first one there as she made her way to the circle part of the hills before moving to the side quietly waiting for others to appear as Blue sat beside her eyes closed with head slightly lowered.

(Just I reminder all of the trainers will meet at Ten Carat Hills to meet the person then I'll take it from there)


Previously AceAltaria
Taylor had been inside for most of her morning, casually watching TV. She'd almost forgotten to check the mail like she did almost everyday. Standing up from her seat on the sofa, she stretched before heading outside, her Jolteon--Phantom--trailing behind her. He seemed to sniff around at everything no matter how familiar they were. Taylor opened the mailbox and noticed a strange letter inside. Wow, we actually got mail today.. She stared at it for a long moment before finally opening it and reading the message in fancy lettering.

"Hm. Never heard of the school, but I guess I could give it a try. What do you say, Phantom?" she asked, turning to her Pokemon, who gently nodded. The movement caused his necklace to shift slightly as the sunlight reflected on the moon pendant's smooth surface. He glanced up at the sky.

"Anyways, I should get going. Ten Carat Hills, was it?"
Milton walked out of the nearby forest, followed by his Hitmonchan, Soul. Milton seemed to have some burn marks on his dark green shirt. "Soul, I don't want to argue over this..." Milton looked over to Soul. "I think we should stop using Fire in the forests..." Soul shook his head "Chan! Hit, Mon!" Milton sighed, as they approached the house. Milton opened the mailbox, before entering the house. He went into the kitchen, and began to read it as he fed Soul.

As he read on, his face slowly lit up. "Woohoo! I got into a High School!" Soul looked at him, confused. "Look Soul! Because of our friendship, we can go to this 'Pokemon Ultra High' place!" Soul smiled with Milton, and nodded. Milton ran upstairs, and changed into new clothes. He ran down as fast as he could, and back into the kitchen. He wrote a note to his parents, telling him where he was going to go to. He put it onto the counter, next to the letter. "Alright, Soul! Off we go to new adventures!" "Chan! Hit!" As soon as Milton, and Soul exited their house, they walked over to the Airport, and boarded the next flight to Alola.
Taylor rode his Gyarados, laughing and giggling with glee. Her scales glinting in the sun. She roared with power, alarming a flock of nearby Wingull on a rock. "You're awesome!" Taylor exclaimed with childish giddy. He stretched and sprawled on her back as she splashed around in Melemele Sea. "Taylor! Something came in the mail for you!" his mother called from the front porch. He sat up excitedly, eager to know what it was. Gyarados took him to the shore and he patted her crest. Returning her to her ball, he went inside.

His mom had left the envelope on the table. Taylor sat down and unfolded the note. He mumbled the words of the letter to himself and as he did, he got more and more nervous. This was high school. He had barely finished Junior High, and that was hard enough. There would be older people there. He always used to being the oldest grade level. He felt intimidated, yet that made him more determined to stand out.

He put on some dry clothes- a white shirt with some grey jeans- and headed to Ten Carrat Hill. Making his way into the clearing, he spotted a shiny Umbreon and it's supposed, trainer. Taylor was spooked by the mask they wore. "Um, hello." he squeaked nervously peering from behind a small rock formation, his trembling hands inching towards his Absol's Pokeball.
She heard the trainer say hello to her and saw him trembling a bit towards one of his Pokeballs. She raised her hand up suddenly giving a smile under her mask. "Oh Greetings...there..don't be afraid I won't harm you or anything...honest..."she said before Blue opened her eyes to see the trainer trembling before walking a couple of steps forward as she kept distance before smiling. "Umbre!"Blue's tail moved back and forth slightly as she was trying to calm the boy down.-
Taylor let out a sigh of relief and walked out from the rocks. "Hi. I'm Taylor." the boy introduced, still a bit apprehensive. "Oh, wow! An Umbreon. It's beautiful." he complimented. He let out his own Eevee. The small Pokemon looked around cautiously and came alive when he saw the Umbreon. He skipped and danced around it. "It seems my Eevee is taking a liking to your Umbreon." Taylor giggled softly covering his mouth with his hand.

"I'm curious to see what my Eevee evolves into. Or whichever I choose to evolve it into with a stone," he said.
She chuckled before walking over to Blue gently petting her. "Is that so Eevee? Maybe her shiny appearance has caught her some attention from your Eevee"she smiled before standing up. "Well...there are 8 Evolutions of Eevee including the newest one a fairy type, using the three evolutionary stones of fire, water, and Thunder which would give you Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon. The second way would be by friendship with day and night, for example Blue here evolved into an Umbreon with high friendship by night and same with Espeon but during the day. The third option would be to evolve an Eevee by a moss rock or an ice rock which would give you Leafeon with the moss rock or Glaceon with the ice rock. Last but not least with the new Fairy typing of Eevee which requires a lot of affection towards your Eevee and learning a fairy type move will cause your Eevee to evolve into a Sylveon the newest of the eeveelutions. However, that's for you to decided what to evolve your Eevee to or just let him decide on his own when he's ready" she smiled under her mask. Blue made herself turn in a circle as the boys Eevee was circling her before he stood still. She smiled gently before patting his head with her paw. "Umbre!(remain strong and brave)" she told him in Pokemon talk as her trainer smiled to this.-


Previously AceAltaria
Taylor had walked for a bit of time before she saw two other trainers. Guessing this is the place, she thought before walking silently towards them. She hesitated before greeting them with a bland "Hi." Her Jolteon stood by her side, seemingly watching something in the sky, even though there wasn't anything particularly intriguing up there. Phantom was quiet as he shifted around.
I'll think about it. You will too, won't you buddy?" Taylor asked. The Pokemon responded with a cheerful yip and hopped onto his shoulder. Taylor scratched behind Eevee's ears which resulted in a nudge of affection. Another trainer with a Jolteon came into view. "Hi," she said. "Hello, I'm Taylor." he greeted kindly. Eevee perked up at the sight of another evolved form of his species. He felt apprehensive about jumping off Taylor's shoulder to play though.
She looked at the new trainer with a Jolteon as she raised her hand up to say hello as she folded her arms against her going into a stand position with her legs close together as Blue sat down on her side before closing her eyes after seeing the female trainer and her Jolteon beside her as she lowered her head. She wasn't sure if another trainer would show up so decided to remain patient until the person that was going to meet them appears.-


Previously AceAltaria
Taylor blinked as the boy stated his name and hesitated. "Er, my name is..also Taylor," she said, immediately wanting to facepalm herself afterwards. This is going to a pretty awkward year. She was silent, waiting to see if anyone else would show up.

Phantom glanced downwards and saw an Umbreon, as well as an Eevee. He sat down and waved a paw at the Eevee, taking notice that the Umbreon had closed her eyes.
She glanced to the girl who was also named Taylor as she spoke up. "I'm JC and this is Blue my partner. Its a pleasure to meet you both. Also according to the letter I recieved there should be one more coming that was shown in the back"she added as Blue opened her gold eyes to look up at her trainer before standing up to look up at her. "Umbre! Umbreon!"she called. She looked down at Blur understanding what she said to her. "Oh so that's what you want now Blue"she chuckled before pulling out a case from her side bag inside her hood before opening it revealing Poketreats shaped like hearts as she pulled out a sweet one. "Is this what you want Blue?" "Bre! Umbre!"Blue smiled standing up as she moved her tail back and forth happily. "Alright here it goes"she said throwing it up in the air before Blue leaped up high grabbing it into her mouth doing a flip before landing safety as she smiled. "Umbre!" "Yes I know, do you two want one Eevee and Jolteon I have plenty"she offered placing two on the ground for them to grab as Blue instantly started to eat it as it melted in her mouth.-


Previously AceAltaria
Taylor nodded lightly as she glanced down towards Blue. "This is Phantom," she said, watching her Jolteon sniff at one of the treats before munching on it with satisfaction. He quickly finished off the treat, looking up at his trainer. Phantom then shifted his gaze to something else, his necklace dangling around his neck.
Blue looked at Phantom in confusion as she tilted her head to the side a bit before fixing it back to normal before looking up at her trainer then looking up at the sky for the moment before lowering her head slightly down closing her eyes sighing. "Umbre....."she said before making her way back to her trainer and sat down to the side of her remaining the same position she had before.
"Phantom is your Jolteon's name? I suppose he is your partner in a way. I'm I correct?"she asked folding her arms against her chest after putting away the case back in her bag.-


Previously AceAltaria
She nodded. "I suppose it's a strange name for a Jolteon, but I have reasoning for that, that I will not explain right now," Taylor replied. She then returned to waiting for the last person to arrive, gently stroking her Jolteon on the head. She glanced around, thinking about the new school she was going to, and what the year would be like.
Milton's plane finally landed. Milton stepped out and looked around at his new surroundings. "Wow... this looks amazing!" Soul came out, and nodded in agreement. They started to walk towards Ten Carat Hill, admiring the Pokemon and people along the way.

Milton rushed through the cave towards the opening. "Hi everyone! Sorry i'm la-" Milton then tripped on a rock. Soul quickly put a hand out towards him. "Chan?" Milton nodded. "Yep! I'm fine..." Milton grabbed Soul's hand and stood up, brushing his clothes off. "What was I saying again? Oh right! Hey everyone!" Milton waved towards the group. "My name is Milton... and this is Soul! He is a Hitmonchan!" Soul nodded. "Chan! Hit!" Milton, and Soul had the biggest smiles on their faces as they extended their hands for a handshake.
"You can call me T," he said to clear up the confusion.
Eevee looked at Taylor pleadingly for permission to have the treat. "Go ahead, Eevee," he said. He quickly hopped off of his trainer's shoulder and devoured the delicious treat. With satisfaction evident on his face, he hopped back onto his trainer's shoulder.

A boy crashed through the clearing. He tripped and made himself look a bit silly.
"Hi?" Taylor greeted seeming confused. I'm Taylor, but you can just call me T. This is Eevee," he introduced. Eevee got closer to Taylor's neck at the sight of the new fighting type. "What's wrong, boy?" Taylor asked the evolution Pokemon. He didn't respond, only shuddered.
She turned suddenly to the male voice as Blue stood up as well opening her gold eyes as she turned around to get a clear view of the male trainer and his Hitmonchan. She nodded her head slowly before speaking. "It's no problem,we actually just got here ourselves. I'm JC and this is Blue my partner a Shiny Umbreon. So you must be the last one so now we have to wait until that person arrived here."she said before hearing a suddenly voice in the distance. "I believe your reffering to me JC the Pokemon Stragetist trainer"he said before appearing to be in a white lab coat as he passed the boy to the middle of the circle. He looked at the four trainers before smiling. "I am an employee at Pokemon Ultra high and will be your tour guild so if you please stand in this white circle which I will place here and as for your partners, its best if you return them or carry them once I transport you to the school for their safety of separating because it has happened before and its a big problem to find them again"he warned. She looked down at Blue before she saw her leap in her arms until she rested comfortably before she moved to the white circle standing on it.-
Taylor didn't want Eevee to be lost, so he returned him to his ball and stood inside of the white circle until further notice. Nervousness grew in Taylor's chest. The unknown was his biggest fear. He just hoped there was some body of water for his Gyarados to enjoy and be able to function. The nervousness quickly faded at the thought of being able to battle and be with his lovely Water type.
"Eh?" Milton looked confused. "Alright... Return Soul, I guess..." Milton held out his Pokeball, and the Hitmonchan returned to it. "So... this doesn't have anything to do with ghosts or ghouls..? Not that it matters or anything..." Milton started to shake as he thought about ghosts. "B-But anyways... is this some kind of teleportation stuff? It sounds pretty cool!" Milton said gleefully, trying to take his mind off of ghosts. "Is this school in the sky? That would be even cooler!"
Location: Ten Carat Hills, 8:15 AM, Tue, Sep 4

A male figure was to the designated location Professor Kukui sent him in an email. He looked at his phone once more. "Alright, Ten Carat Hill." He put his phone away and started running. He had never been to this school, or any school, since he was home schooled. He looked down as his Raichu caught up fast. "Come on Voltage. Put that speed into good use." Voltage nods and started picking up speed, moving on all fours.
The empolyee looked at the boy and chuckled. "No well it sort of it just in another dimension completely different from your world and its more well organized but don't worry the president will make all of you feel as comfortable as possible"he smiled before he pressed a button on a panal that was on his watch before small thin circles surrounded them before disappearing into a trans portal. Many different colors of space and stars appeared around them as Blue's eyes saw this in amazement. "Umbre?"she said before feeling a slight grip around her from her trainer as they were being transported through the portal until they came upon a floor that appeared white. Once on solid ground she placed Blue down to walk on her own before looking around a bit amazed on how complex the school was. It was a white building with long pillars on the side of it as inside was blue sparks as she had guessed that was a power source to keep the school functioning. The letters "Pokemon Ultra High" was placed in front of the building at the top above the doors securely colored in a space blue to see clearly. The building of the school stood tall having to small parts to the side and one stood up tall in the middle to support them both. The staff from different locations moved around a lot getting to where they needed to go before some of them noticed her and the others enter.

The employee guiding them led them to a white laptop resting on a pulpit with a floor scanner as there was a sign that said. "New to the school? Register here." He turned to face her and the others before smiling. "Welcome to Pokemon Ultra High, I am one of the staff here working for the president but first before I can give you the tour I must register you all in the system like the other students here so as always ladies first"he said before looking at her. "Now JC, if you would please step onto the scanner?"he asked her as she told Blue to stay put as she sat down patiently. She made her way to the scanner as she placed her foot on it after the other one before turning around facing the others. She was instantly scanned into the laptop as it seemed to appear on a screen just above the laptop but she quickly used her hand to block the light to hide the image before anyone can see as it was showing her actually face that was under her mask. The staff guide actually understood this and changed her pic to with just wearing the hooded cape and mask before asking her to step down as she returned to the group. "Ok JC now your Pokemon" "Your first Blue"she said looking at her. "Umbre!"she said before walking over to the scanner as she leaped onto the scanner as she was scanned into the laptop before her imaged appeared on a small screen with all of her info before she leaped off it. "Do you have any other party members or is Blue your only one?" "I actually have five other party members"she said.

She pulled out five other Pokeballs before placing them into slots next to the laptop to register them in the system before taking them back into small balls before hiding them under her hooded cape. "Your all set JC here's your ID card to access everything in the school"he said handing her a white and blue ID card that seemed to go around her neck instantly as one was proved for Blue that went around her neck but in a collar form with a blue orb in the middle which glowed as her name was initialed at the side of the collar. "Alright next lady please step on this scanner"he said as Blue walked over to the boy Taylor as she went to her hind legs and pawed at his Eevee's Pokeball. "Umbre? Bre?"she said looking up at him with her gold eyes. She noticed this as she looked back under her mask and gave a small smile.