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Ask to Join Pokemon Warcraft: The Lost Princess

Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-warcraft-the-lost-princess-discussion.22719/

The king of Kelan looked out of his window as he reclined on the large bed. The view that used to be clear blue skies, white clouds or night stars, was now a glass skyscraper. "Why did I allow them to build so close to my palace?" The king said sadly. He looked at his family portrait, which hung on the wall in front of his bed. There was the image of himself, his wife and his daughter. "We were too old to have a baby and somehow you managed to." He said to the picture as he placed his hand over his mouth and coughed loudly.
A maid walked inside quickly, her attention going directly to the coughing king. "My lord." She said before taking a quick bow. "You should rest more, your cough is getting worse."
The king shook his head slowly. "I'm fine. How's my daughter? Has she changed her mind yet?"
The maid looked down at her feet. "She doesn't want to take on such a responsibility. She feels she is too young and that such position will drain her life again, like it did to you."
The king chuckled before it turned into another violent cough. "She doesn't understand, but we have no other choice. If Ganger of the house of Toru becomes king, he will lead this nation to war." The king looked up with his tired eyes. "We have worked too hard to finally have peace, to let someone come and wash it all away."

*In the throne room*
There was a big round table in the middle of the room, where several people had gathered. One of them brushed his black hair with his hand. He had mean looking eyes, a neatly kept beard, and was wearing a long black coat, a white dress shirt under and black pants. He then placed his hands under his chin as he began to speak. "Obviously leaving someone so incompetent as the princess in charge of the most powerful nation is foolish. I offer to make Kelan into the greatest nation in history, while King Lancelot just wants to laugh and smile at the sun. Any day our neighboring nations could unite and take us out, take everything we have worked so hard for. Yet, you all sit here and consider leaving a spoiled brat in charge, who, may I mention, is being placed there by her sick absent-minded father!"
"Enough!" A bulky man of short brown hair stood up and slammed his hands on the table, causing an echo throughout the throne room. "We are not here to overthrow King Lancelot, we are here to make sure the princess has all of our help when she takes the throne." He sat back down. "Our king has made this nation blossom into what it is today, while you Torus just sit in the shadows looking for a chance to take his place."
The man in the black coat leaned back on his chair. "This isn't about a thousand year old family feud, this is about the future of the nation." The man stood up. "Remember my words, for when I am crowned, as Ganger, King of Kelan, the world will be united and have eternal peace." He turned around and walked out, slamming the enormous doors behind him.
A woman with white hair, pale skin and a light blue dress smirked. "Why do we even have him at these meetings?" She looked at the bulky man. "Now Tigreal, why are we really here?"
The bulky man, Tigreal sighed and stood up to speak. "Well Aurora, something has happened that might make Ganger's dreams come true."
A dark blond lady who had really blue eyes and was wearing a black baseball hat giggled. "What? Did the princess ditch her duty? Come on, she isn't that selfish."
"Actually Layla..." Tigreal replied. "She is. The princess has disappeared."
A dark elf of purplish skin and dark purple hair stood up, with a mean look in her black eyes. "How did this happen? If someone finds out, she could easily be killed!"
"Settle down Karrina, we know this and that is why..." Tigreal stopped when he saw Karrina had vanished. He sighed loudly. "Do not let the king know about this until we find her. Nobody, specially Toru, can find out. The better this is kept from anyone else, the less danger there is for the princess."

*Downtown Winchester, Kelan*
"So you're saying this phone is untraceable." A girl wearing a dark red hoodie, which obscured her face, queried.
A thin man wearing a white shirt and blue vest leaned over the electronics store counter. "I already told ya, it is a new number and a new phone. As long as you don't register your real name on it, nobody will know it's you. Get it?" He looked annoyed.
"Okay, how much?" The hooded girl replied.
"Free, the phone you gave me is worth three times that one. I even feel bad for the trade, you sure you don't want anything else?" The man said pointing at the different accessories on the back shelf.
A few moments later the hooded girl walked out, a red bracelet, which was the new phone, on her wrist, and on her ears the latest wireless headphones. She walked with the hood covering her face as much as possible and trying to avoid dwarves that passed by looking up at her. She eventually reached a small park, where she took a seat at a bench and opened up her phone. "It says I need a name." She said aloud.
A Chandelure appeared next to her, hovering above her shoulder to look at the holographic screen over the girl's wrist. The girl turned to the ghost Pokemon. "True, nobody knows your name, Zhask it is. Although I doubt people will believe my name is Zhask." She looked around, as if searching for something with suspicious eyes, then continued to talk to Zhask. "So how long until you take my soul?" She asked and then paused as if listening to an answer. After a few seconds she continued talking. "So if I live 100 years that is how long I can use your powers? What if I become immortal?" She once again waited for an answer and then continued. "Well, maybe I will become the first person to become immortal, you never know. So how do you know my soul is that good?" She paused for a few moments. "I did not need to know you licked my soul. Even if I didn't notice, it is just wrong. Please don't touch it until I die."
A soft laugh was heard, almost as if the wind had done it. The hooded girl stood up and made her way down the street. She kept walking all day, stopping to buy something to drink or eat on the way and then kept walking. She would occasionally talk to the wind as if she was having an actual conversation with someone who wasn't there. Then sunset came, and she found herself in the outskirts of the city, known as "Guild Walkway". A place where most of the guilds had their houses set up, although some others had theirs further into the mountains.
"I see your logic in coming to a place where there aren't as many people, but aren't there like bad people who wonder around? I was always told to never go to the outsides of the city." The hooded girl said in a low voice. She made her way to a small bar, where she took a seat in the corner. The place was entirely made of dark wood but it seemed to be really clean. The bartender seemed to be a woman, probably in her forties, with long wavy black hair. The waiter was a big bearded man who walked up to the girl sitting in the corner.
"You know, people who come here usually pay more attention to the woman covering her face with a hood. So if you do not want to attract attention, I suggest you take it off." The big man said as he handed over a menu.
The hooded girl went silent for a while, looking to her side as if someone was whispering to her. She then nodded and slowly removed her hood, revealing a pretty face with dark blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair. The bearded man seemed surprised and then chuckled. "In your case you might attract attention either way. Don't worry, I'll make sure nobody bothers you, what can I get you... I'm sorry your name?"
"Thank you, my name is Mak..." She was cut off by sudden goosebumps and then continued. "Zhask." She said with a nervous smile.
The bearded man laughed. "For a moment I thought you would say Maker, they say that's the name of the princess, and well, I would be embarrassed to have royalty here and not be prepared. But they never show their faces outside their castle, for security I think. Anyways, Miss Zhask, what can I get you?"
Maker grinned. "Some coffee, please!"

As the night continued the bar soon became filled with suspicious characters, bounty hunters, thugs, video game streamers, and others. Soon Maker began to fill the eyes set on her as she clearly stood out among the crowd. The bearded waiter gently approached her and told her it was time to leave. Without a second though, the hooded girl left the bar and began walking down the dark streets in search of an Inn to spend the night. But it seemed the faster she walked, the more she got the feeling someone was following her. Maker soon began to get nervous as it seemed the streets were darker and footsteps could be heard after, but she was too afraid to turn around. In her panic, she decided to risk asking for help at a random house, hopefully whoever was behind her, would go away. She turned into the walkway of a random place with the sign "Home of the Galactic Stars and Mistral". She quickly knocked on the door as she feared for her life.

*Meanwhile at the guild house of The Death Merchants*
A woman, with long violet hair and blue eyes, walked in the guild house. She had a traditional suit of what a pirate would wear. Dark blue shirt, white leggings and high top black boots. She stood there for a second, before a smile appeared on her face. "I have a mission, worth fifty thousand up front and fifty more when completed."
Avery sat on a couch, petting her Nickit while mentally going over her mission. It was only a training one, but it was still important to her. Infiltrate the guild, become a high-ranking member, and eventually bring the guild more under her boss's control. Well, sorta. She was unable to do that part, so she actually had to plant a tracker under the desk of the guild-leader's desk. Simple. Easy. Something she should excel at. After all, her family was well known for their deception tactics and stealth.

She looked up when she heard a knock on the door. Putting Trixie down on the floor, she stood up and opened it to Maker. Well, this is some news. Looks like the princess. She smiled reassuringly. "How can I help you? I'm sure the Galatic Stars guild is willing to help with whatever is ailing you." Trixie poked her head out of behind her owner's legs to get a better look at the newcomer.
Maker was too busy looking over her shoulder, to make sure nobody was actually following her, but her attention turned to the woman opening the door for her. She smiled, tried to hide how nervous she was but it was difficult for her. She tried to peek over Avery's shoulder to get a peek at what was inside. But then realized she might be making a fool of herself so she turned her attention back to Avery. "Hello, I'm sorry to show up so late I was looking to join a guild." She said nervously.
Luna was sitting in the Office of the Vice Commander of the Mistral guild, sifting through paperwork when a knock was heard, she went down to the stairs and saw the cohabiting guild's member conversing with a Cloaked figure, her Braviary and Starly followed along when Scout (Starly) perched on Luna's head while Horace perched on a nearby couch in the common room. She then walked over to the door and waited for Avery to finish.
Agnes stepped off onto the train platform of the Winchester Central Train Station. Massive amounts of steam swelled up and around from below the train as it cooled down from its recent journey from the neighboring kingdom, Creel. Agnes took in a deep breath and sighed, stretching as she walked away, behind her, an Ampharos wearing a brown leather messenger bag stumbled out of the train almost falling over himself exiting the train then chasing after the dark red skinned demon.

“You know what Flash? That job is the kind of job I just love,” Agnes turned around to face the Ampharos running at her, she caught him and steadied him before he almost fell forward onto his face from his running momentum being stopped. There were countless people swarming off and around the train station now. The abundance of various people and diverse races made Agnes nearly indistinguishable among the crowd, except for maybe the way she was dressed was rather more provocative and indecent compared to the typical Kelan citizen, that and also she was carrying a large thin rectangular case on her back along with a revolver that was strapped to her outer right thigh. “In and out, nice, quick, and easy payday and the proof of kill will be on the news tonight.”

“Amphy!” Flash agreed then he pointed to Agnes’s wrist, there was a slowly blinking blue light indicating an unread message.

“Well I guess it time to head back then.” Agnes looked to the dark orange sky of late afternoon as it was transitioning to the evening. The pair made their way out of the station and towards the Merchant Hotel. There were occasional odd glances that she got from passersbys and even a few offers for her time doing, ‘companion services,’ those who did, received a painful paralyzing jab from Flash that left them sprawling on the ground.

By the time Agnes had made it to the entrance of the hotel it was already dark in the early evening. Stepping inside the grandiose doors of the Merchant Hotel she was greeted by the main reception hall of the hotel the floor was made of various colors of marble that formed its self into the guild’s symbol, a skull that was biting down on a balanced weighing scale. The reception hall was relatively empty with only a few bellboys busying themselves with menial tasks to keep busy.

Agnes was greeted by the doorman shortly after entering the hall. “Welcome back ma’am, judging by your mood I take it the job went well?” he was standing behind a small reception desk near the entrance.

Agnes gave him a faint smile, “It went as well as it can Marrious.” She unslung the large case from her back and placed it onto the desk. Marrious took the case, as he slid it off the table he physically had trouble holding onto the weight of it. He carried it to a room behind him and returned shortly after and handed Agnes a silver coin that had the symbol of the guild on it.

“Are you going to check your messages ma’am? Could be important.” Marrious asked noticing the glowing blue light on her phone bracelet after Agnes took the coin from him and handed it to Flash who placed it carefully into his messenger bag. “Boss might be lookn’ for you. Oh and don’t forget about that.” He gestured to the sidearm on Agnes’s thigh.

Agnes shrugged, “Eh, I just got back, I’ll check it later.” Agnes drew the gun and pointed it at the man with a slight frown, holding it there for a few seconds, before letting it go and it spinning downward her finger around the finger guard, the grip facing Marrious. Marrious looked un-phased and took the firearm with a warm smile

“Rules are rules ma’am.”

Agnes frowned and made her way to the reception desk, her hoof clanging against the floor with each step echoed in the hall, “The boss can wait.” She added as she left, Flash happily waved at Marrious with his flipper as they left who waved back at him with a grin. Once she was the desk she took out a gold coin from one of her shallow, nearly useless pockets and slid the coin across the table at the man behind the desk. The coin had a symbol of a skeletal skull of a horned ram, and on the flip side a five pointed star, a token of membership that was unique to every individual in the guild.

The receptionist took the coin without a word and turned around to the wall behind him, there were hundreds of compartments roughly a few inches tall and across in a hexagon shape, each had a small door in front of it with a small light and a slot next to it that was either red or green. The receptionist walked a bit down the line and deposited to the coin to a slot that was numbered 1725. The green light turned red and the small compartment opened. The receptionist took out the tag, reading: 1725 and the key attached to it from the inside and returned to Agnes handing her the items. “You know the rules, enjoy your stay ma’am.”

Again Agnes handed the keys to Flash who eagerly took it and clipped the keys onto a ring on the side of his bag.

“Don’t forget to check your messages.” The receptionist added as Agnes left the desk and headed to the bar, she shot him a knowing look before she shrugged and continued on her way.

The bar was sparingly rather empty given the time, there were only a few others there, two people sitting at the bar while there were a few others scattered throughout the lounge relaxing on the leather armchairs and sofas with their Pokémon watching television about sports and news, a man and a woman was playing pool. The patrons and the bartender nodded at Agnes as she entered before resuming their activities.

Agnes responded with a halfhearted wave before she took a seat on the stool near the entrance of the bar.

“What will it be tonight my fair lady?” the bartender asked with a smiled. He looked and dressed exactly like a stereotypical bartender anyone would find at a high end establishment apron, vest, and all.

“Frozen Sylveon, keep it very cold Jarvis.” Agnes looked up at the television above the bartender as he got to work on her drink, it was showing a news broadcast. “So, I take it the job went well?” Jarvis asked as began to mix her drink pouring cake vodka, strawberry vodka, a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, cream, and strawberry syrup into a mixer before he capped it and began shaking its contents.

Agnes had her arms folded on the table, she sat with a slightly lazy posture relaxed and her eyes closed as she waited, hearing the Jarvis’s question she opened her eyes, and then subtly gestured upwards at the current news story that was being broadcasted.

“…members of the Creel government council are shaken up as the shocking news of Governor John Ivey’s assassination occurred earlier today during a public address. The major port city of Newport as well as the rest of the Creel Kingdom is in unrest and uproar, demanding justice and a culprit responsible. Fingers are pointed at vice Governor Johnson as there was talk of disagreements among the local council about trade deals with the Kelan Kingdom….”

Agnes frowned and opened the small hologram display of her phone, ignoring the unread message, she accessed her bank account to see that just moments ago there was a transfer of a sum of thirty thousand, and a just few days ago another thirty thousand was deposited to her. “… Governor Ivey was killed by a single magical shot through the heart that penetrated his protective magical barriers killing him instantly, currently there is no suspects or witnesses as to who the shooter is…” the news report continued. Several of the other patrons in the bar applauded at the news while some chucked.

“Very good clean work…” Jarvis smiled as he poured Agnes's drink out, a light pink on the bottom, white mid-section, an even lighter pink at the top and a layer of light blue to top it off. He slid the drink to Agnes with a smile. “And what would you have Flash?” Jarvis asked Flash.

Agnes gave Jarvis a subtle wink as she drank. Flash was sitting on the stool next to Agnes and he literally lit up as Jarvis asked him what he wanted. Flash quickly grabbed a nearby menu and pointed to a strawberry sundae with child-like glee and excitement. "Amphy!"

“Coming right up Flash.” Jarvis grinned. Agnes laughed lightly at his behavior before she saw what a looked like a female pirate walk into the bar, someone that she had never seen before.

Immediately the atmosphere in the bar changed and the patrons all tensed up looking at the unfamiliar woman, all except Jarvis who was busy and Flash who was watching him with eyes as big as saucers completely oblivious to everything around him.

"I have a mission, worth fifty thousand up front and fifty more when completed." The woman announced after she knew she had the attention of the patrons.

Who the hell is this moron? Agnes turned fully around to face the woman. “What you on about?” Agnes asked leaning back against the table resting her elbows on the bar behind her. “That’s not how we do business, but given the nature of the job, who are you?” Agnes glared at the woman and frowned.
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Atop a large building within the city of Winchester, Taikon sat at the edge of it in his black fur lined jacket, one arm was held out to check his messages while one hand calmly stroked the back of a Zorua who slept soundly, opposite the black fox Pokemon was a Corvisquire who also stared at Taikon's messages. "Guy should be giving me my pay any minute now..." Taikon said with a smile. "How long do you think he'll take before he pays me for having killing you, hm?" He asked as he looked back to see the corpse of a man laid on his back, the suit he wore seemed like that of a usual businessman with what looked like a stab wound directly at where his heart was.

Taikon shrugged at the corpse. "Me neither." He said with a small laugh before he head a little ding and looked back to see a new message, he opened it to see a formal letter of gratitude followed by a rather large payment. "Speak of the devil." Taikon said as he smirked and turned off his messages, he lightly patted on Zorua to wake her up. "C'mon lil' guy, job's done. Let's get ourselves a drink." Taikon said as the Zorua wagged her tail in excitement, Corvisquire also let out an excited squawk.

"Then let's go." Taikon said as he stood up at the edge of the building and let his Zorua jump up on to his shoulder, Corvisquire immediately flew on ahead, Taikon looked down and smiled to know the evening sun was behind him, so the shadows were in front of him. "Hold tight, pal." Taikon said as Zorua simply nodded, Taikon suddenly leaned forward with his arms out as he let himself fall over the side of the building, as he fell, he was careful to maintain his balance as if he was skydiving while his Zorua looked more excited than one may seem. A few citizens looked up in surprise at what they thought was a suicide attempt.

But as Taikon was close to the ground, a strange aura began to envelop both him and his Pokemon, rather than their bodies smash against the concrete ground, both man and Pokemon landed through the ground as if it was water. A few of the citizens flinched at the scene while one looked with disappointment and disgust. "God damn dark wielding extremists..." He said before he moved on as if it was a minor setback. Within a dark alleyway still close to the skyscraper, Taikon emerged from one of the shadows and huffed. "Well, that was fun." He said while Zorua let out a little bark in agreement, the pair walked out of the alley and across the streets, clearly indifferent to the attention he got from a few people who saw that 'suicide attempt.'

Taikon noticed the Death Merchants hotel and smiled even wider, he noticed his Corvisquire perched nearby and held out his arm, immediately the bird Pokemon flew to perch on to it. While Taikon didn't notice--or did notice but not care about--the glances he got from a few people, his Pokemon glared back as they walked inside. "What's up Marrious!" Taikon called out as his Pokemon jumped off of him.

Marrious looked at Taikon with a small smirk as he approached. "Well if it isn't Taikon, you look like your job went well." Marrious said as he gave a little wave to the adorable Zorua. "'Course it did." Taikon replied as he was handed a Silver Death Merchant coin. Marrious held out his hand and gestured Taikon to give him his weapon. "Y'know, you're plenty strong enough, you don't need to showboat your persuasion skills and earn their trust only to wait until their guards are down."

"And where's the fun in that?" Taikon jokingly replied as he handed Marrious his Tanto--a katana with a shortened blade--to the receptionist. "So, anyone interesting I'll meet at the bar?" Taikon asked, Marrious shrugged. "Just Agnes." He simply said as Taikon nodded and waved to Marrious before he began to make his way over to the bar.

"What's up people!" Taikon called out, but only a few of the few patrons greeted back while Taikon walked to the bar. "Hey there Jarvis!" He greeted confidently. "Good to see you again Taikon, what'll it be?" Jarvis asked. "I'll take my usual." Taikon replied as Jarvis nodded. "You got it, one chocolate syrup topped Snover-berry milkshake comin' up." Jarvis said with a nod as he went to prepare Taikon's drink. As Taikon patiently waited for his drink, he turned his head to look around at everyone and eventually turned his attention to a familiar horned lady. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you here again so soon Agnes, how've you been?" Taikon asked as if he greeted an old friend before he noticed the lady dressed like a pirate. "Well, this is new..."
Avery tilted her head as she felt Trixie nuzzle her leg. "You want to join a guild? Which one, two reside here." She pretended to resist a laugh. "I'm personally in Galatic Stars." She glanced behind her and internally groaned. The other guild's Vice Commander. Avery did not want the girl to go off into the other guild. No, she resembled the princess too much. She placed her full attention on the girl again. "Anyway, name? Whatever guild you enter, it is best if I knew your name in case we ever cross paths." She laughed, well made a realistic fake laugh that sounded exactly like a real one.
In... Out.
In... Out.
Breathe in... breathe out.

Aspen could sense the air. He felt in entering his lungs, receding, flowing through the room and touching everything. He could feel the calmness and security of home, could smell the familiar scents of wood and stone and flowers and age. Everything here was peaceful.

Outside the sun was slowly fading beneath the horizon, and the light from behind his eyelids began to pale. The evening was ending, and night would soon arrive. Aspen's eyes remained closed, and he continued to breathe deeply. Even though his eyes were closed, he began to move. He had been sitting on a bamboo pallet with his legs crossed, but now he slowly unwound and rose to his feet. Eyes still closed, he took a deep breath and began to go through the flowing movements of a complicated Tai Chi form. Each movement was precise, honed by many years of repetition.
In the middle of the routine, he paused. A soft footstep, hardly perceptible, had alerted him to the approach of another. He felt a hand come to rest on his shoulder, and he didn't need to open his eyes to know who this person was. Her melodic voice confirmed her identity beyond doubt, and he opened his eyes as she spoke.

"We're about to eat. Won made noodles and broccoli, and I made butter-sauced torchic."

Aspen smiled at her. Her thin form was dressed similarly to himself, with the same light shirt and khaki pants tied together by a dark cloth, and like himself she was barefoot. But her hair was longer and lighter, tied back in a braid, and her eyes were sparklingly blue. His was short and brown, and his eyes were of a darker tint. While he never paid too much attention to his own appearance, he always thought she looked beautiful. After gazing at her for a moment he nodded.

"All right, Lai, I'll be out in a minute. Have you seen Topaz?"

His query referred to the Mienfoo who was his companion and one of his closest friends. The small fighting type had been with him when he started his exercises, but it seemed that he was no longer here. The younger woman smiled.

"I think he went to play with the others. I think he enjoys reuniting with old friends."

"And so do I. All right, let me take off my armbands and I'll be in the dining room in a minute."

He felt her hand pass down from his shoulder, along the length of his arm and squeeze his own for an instant before she turned away and stepped lightly off down the corridor. He watched her go for a moment, and then set about removing the blue cloths wrapped around his forearms. Once they were off he folded them neatly and stowed them away.

Several minutes later he had joined the residents of the monastery in their communal dining room. Food that was unusually tasty compared to the establishment's standard meals was set out before them on the smooth wooden planks of the table, and after a brief moment of silence everyone began to eat. As he ate, Aspen wondered what the special occasion was that induced this more extravagant meal.

Not only did every person, from the oldest monks to the youngest child, all sit intermingled at the table, but the Pokemon of the monastery also sat with them. It was a very pleasant place, as far as Aspen was concerned. This place was home, even though he no longer lived here. He had spent more than half of his life in this place, and he knew most of the people at this table personally. Some of those who had joined since he left on a journey several years ago were unfamiliar to him, of course, but he still knew them by name.

But after dinner, he knew, it was time to go back to the guildhouse. After his sabbatical-esque journey, he had come back to Winchester and joined a guild, Galactic Stars. He had been there for some time, but despite living there he still felt more... whole, perhaps, here. Of course, he had a few friends at Galactic Stars as well, and it was how he made a living for himself and Topaz. He had no intention to leave. But he also had every intention to continue visiting the monastery when he had the chance.

After dinner was over, Aspen hung around a little longer and helped clean things up from the meal. Then it was time to return to the guildhouse. The sky was dark, now, but the city lights illuminated the paths and it wasn’t hard to find his way. He passed shops, restaurants, bars, and all manner of establishments. Then he began to pass guild houses more frequently, and then the guild was in sight.

As he approached, he realized that the door was open and that someone was standing on the threshold. Inside there was someone else. It was difficult to tell who because of the light from inside, but based on the silhouette he thought it might be Avery. The other figure, though, he couldn’t distinguish. Topaz by his side, he walked towards the doorstep and came to a halt.
Maker looked around nervously as she got her self together to answer the questions, as best as she could. "Any guild, which ever has space honestly." She figured that was a good answer and now she needed to give a name, most likely a full name. "My name? It's Zhask, Zhask.... Nightfall." She grinned, trying to look as convincing as possible.
Just when she was beginning to feel safe, she felt someone behind her. She turned around and saw a monk, but in her head, it was the stalker. She jumped back and pointed at him. "Stop following me you creep! I might not look like it, but I can hurt you!"

*Back at the Merchants Hotel*

The woman smirked as she saw she had gotten the attention she wanted. "My name is not important, but the fact that our roots are graved deeply into this nice hotel should be enough for you. This is a first come first serve mission." She reached into a black pouch that was wrapped around her right thigh and pull out a picture, which had a blonde girl with dark blue eyes and very fancy clothes on. "This girl is a run away and has very sensitive information. Which can't fall on the hands of our enemies. So, 50k to anyone who takes the job right now and 50k to who ever finishes it." She placed the picture gently on the counter. "Oh and to make it interesting, catch her alive and I could add another fifty. My contact information is on the back of the picture. Don't let this leave the hotel, unless you want to end up guild less."


Previously The Pikachan
Ino placed down her violin and placed her hands on her waist, looking exhausted but satisfied. She had been practicing in her room the entire day, trying to better her spells. She looked at her two partner Pokemon, Wuru the Wurmple and Iggy the Igglybuff, as one looks at their judges during a contest. She frowned as she noticed the two Pokemon were taking long to reply.

"Well?" Ino said, flapping her wings once, which showed she was getting impatient. "What do you guys think?"

Wuru shot a string shot at Ino while Iggy shook her head to the sides. Ino sighed and rubbed her forehead to remove the sticky web now on it. She opened up her window and looked out to the garden, it was a nice evening and the fresh air felt good on her face. She sat on the window and let her legs hang out. This was her favorite spot, where she could interact with anyone passing by and enjoy the garden.
"Hi, I'm Luna Bell, Vice Commander of The guild Mistral, and Sebastian, the leader, is currently dealing with something, but as to what, I don't know, so I hope that helps with your decision." Luna figured it was her turn to explain her guild, "We're pretty free flowing, I've been in the guild three years, and the missions were random."

Horace squawked a little as Socut Chirped, looking around for any threats when she thought she saw something, but looked the other way, as Horace kept a close eye on Scout as Scout was very curious, and as people say, 'Curiosity killed the Skitty.'
As the photo of the target was passed around the room from person to person, it became quite obvious there was something not quite right about the proposed job. Every person looked at it, chuckled or shook their head in what appeared to be disbelief or doubt and passed it onto the next person only to repeat the process.

Jarvis had finished with the Strawberry sundae and handed to Flash who was giddy as excited as a child receiving a highly anticipated gift, he was leaning around it inspecting his dessert from various angles. her clapped his flipper hands excitedly as Jarvis placed a final cherry on top. With some difficulty Flash managed to hold a spoon in his flipper hands and began slowly scooping small spoons of his treat.

A casual glance from Agnes at Flash, Agnes sighed and bent over and opened Flash's messenger bag and took out a red ribbon. "Hold on there Mister Eager, before you spill this all over yourself." Agnes took one of his flipper hands and placed the spoon near the tip and began tying the ribbon around the spoon and his hand finishing with a neat bow. After Agnes was done Ampharos celebrated waving his arms around excitedly and wiggled in his seat as the end of his tail lit up. "Remember to take your time before you give yourself a brain freeze." Flash chirped and began eating his treat. Agnes smiled warmly at him before her face returned to a scowl as she turned her attention back to the picture as it was handed to her.

“Target made it easy for me, so it was just a quick in and out job, good payoff though.” Agnes said to Taikon as she looked at the photo, at a glance Agnes immediately knew who it was, and she handed the picture to Taikon before turning her attention back to the woman. “This is some kind of joke right? One hundred K for the crowning princess? No one is going to take that job at that price range, you know this. Count me interested, but the price simply isn’t worth it, up it to five-hundred K, start and finish and you’ve got yourself a deal, and that's a generous discount.” Agnes offered with a slight smile.
Taikon nodded in response to Agnes before he had a look at the photo she handed him, immediately he raised an eyebrow. "We have to try and get princess Towers just for a simple one hundred K? Weak..." He said before he heard Agnes' suggestion on the job price being quintupled. "I'll help with the job as well, but you're gonna need to pay me more than a simple one hundred for her royal majesty." He said as he noticed Jarvis wave at him and notified that his drink was ready, Taikon immediately walked back and put a few coins on the counter while he grabbed his drink and sucked on the straw it came with.

Meanwhile Zorua and Corvisquire eyed the Ampharos who appeared to have an ice cream sundae of some kind, the pair both licked their lips, clearly they also wanted a taste of the frozen treat. Taikon quickly caught wind of this and snapped his fingers to get the attention of his Pokemon. "Hey Jarvis, I think my Pokemon want what he's having." He said as he lightly gestured to the Ampharos. Jarvis simply smiled and shook his head with light laughter as he went back to prepare a second pair of sundaes. "Quite the pair of Pokemon you have." Jarvis said.
~The day before~
For awhile Grace had felt like she did not fit in with her family. She was the only fairy among them, well that was because she was adopted by her parents. The two men who raised her were great role models, and gave her all of the love that she could have wanted. She had early on decided to call them Dad and Papa, which pleased the two greatly.

Dad and Papa were a mixed race couple, dad was an elf, while papa was an orc. The three made a really odd family, though the love they had for one another was greatly shown. Grace grew to enjoy spending time with the two. Her dad was a great dancer, and Grace followed his lead from an early age. Being trained in many different types of dance gave her a grace that many her age would not have had.

Papa on the other hand, showed her something that she fell in love with quickly. He was a great tinkerer, and taught Grace the ropes in how to build and work on mamy types of vehicles, though they both shared a love for motorbikes. The two would spend hours at a time in their garage working on Grace's first bike. It was a junker, but between the two, they had it running in no time.

Though life for the fairy was great and all, she felt that there was something out there that she needed to learn. For one thing she would love to learn about why her birth parents had given her up, and why other fairies were so rude to her most of the time.

It was a bittersweet day when she decided to move to Winchester, and leave her home behind. It was a step that she knew she had to take, as she would not find the answers just setting her parent's forest home. By her side were two of her best friends, Vivi her Sylveon, and Fluffy the swublu.

With one last hug to her dads, she climbed onto her bike, while Vivi rode in the side car. Fluffy would be perched onto Grace's shoulder like she always was when they went for a ride. "You guys ready to get going? It is going to be a bit before we get there." Grace smiled when she saw Vivi give a nod, while Fluffy seemed to almost spin in circled had it not been for her need to stay onto Grace's shoulder.

~Present Time~
Grace had settled into her room at the Galactic Stars guild, fairly quickly, as she did not have much in the way of luggage. It saddened her to think that she would not wake up to her Papa cooking breakfast, humming a soft tune, while her dad was at the table reading the morning news on his phone. Though she will miss her parents, this was a new chapter in her life, and she hoped that she would be able to do what she set out to do.

Glancing over to Vivi, she knew that she would not be up for a little bit longer, as the sylveon loved to nap. Fluffy on the other hand would have floated out of the room and into the garden if the window was open. "Vivi I am heading out to the market to see if I can find anything to boost the speed on my bike. I will bring you back a pokepuff." The sylveon did not move but to raise her head and nod. Fluffy on the other sped out of the room as soon as the door was open. "Hey Fluffy wait for me! I do not know this place very well, and if you get lost it will be hard to try and find you again."

Fluffy zoomed right towards the front of the guild. She was loving the breeze from the open garden, and was ready to head out with her parner. It seemed that she would not have stopped, had she not ran into something, or was it someone.

Grace came into the main hall to find that her partner had in fact collided with a short girl only a couple of inches taller then she was. The girl held open the door for someone who seemed to be on edge. Going over to the two, she picked up Fluffy from the ground where she had fallen, and turned to the girl. Her face showed a mixture of very apologetic, and concern for her pokemon. "I am so sorry miss. Fluffy can be a bit impatient, and rushed out as I opened my dorm door. Please forgive her, as I am sure she will not do it again."

Turning her head towards her dizzy swablu, she changed her tone to one that a mother would use. "Fluff that is why we do not rush off everywhere. I do not want to see you hurt. Now why don't you apologize to her as I am sure you are very sorry." Fluffy did just that. She floated right up to her, had a look of naughty child, and chirped out a very sincere sorry.
The main gathering area of Mistral was now less occupied than it normally was, due to the late hours of the day. With exception to a few characters, all varying in their looks in some shape or form. Nonetheless the captain, or Sebastian himself also resided there, sitting on a decently crafted chair made of wood, with his sheathed twin kukris also accompanying him on a nearby table just like any other time.

This was a pretty common routine for Sebastian. He’d simply relax in the main area of Mistral ever so often, at least once every two weeks or so, to gather his thoughts or just for relaxation’s sake. As his philosophy was considerably basic: if one works everyday with no breaks, they’ll eventually dull, just like the blades they wield. Perhaps this was why he often carried a nonchalant attitude.. well it was certainly a fraction of the reason at least.

“Speaking of dull…” Sebastian reached out for his two machetes and examined them closely, before coming to a well-made conclusion. “Yep, just as I thought. These guys could use some sharpening--” He deduced as he once again, reached out for one of his sheaths, but something was definitely amiss.

“Wait, where is my chakmak? Well whatever, good thing I have two..” Sebastian firmly grabbed his other sheath, but a heavy sigh soon followed. “Okay, somebody has to be pulling my leg here. You’re telling me I dropped both of my chakmaks? ..They can’t be too far though, since I had them before I came back today.”

The grey haired man ducked under the table, scouring the floorboards beneath his feet in hopes of finding his lost tools. His search seemed to have been in vain, until he eventually found them placed into a bag he sometimes carried, even though he couldn’t recall doing the action himself. Must’ve been some kind of trick after all, but before he could even wish to find the culprit, he suddenly heard approaching footsteps coming towards the area.

“Luna? I’m surprised she’s still up this late- wait, wait, wait.. Is she going out?” Sebastian was somewhat appalled by the sight he’d just unfortunately witnessed. “Don’t tell me.. I’m getting to that point where they think I’m too old to invite out!” Sebastian waited a few minutes before getting up to do a quick inspection of what was really going on. When he peered outside, he was hit with a wave of relief, as it looked to be only a misunderstanding on his end. There were a great number of Galactic Stars members, Luna herself, and an unfamiliar face, that was somehow familiar at the same time. Now truth be told, he wouldn’t usually, randomly partake in something as trivial as a late-night conversation, well maybe he would, but this time in particular he felt that he should. Sebastian never held a grudge or anything towards Galactic Stars, but Luna was simply outnumbered there, and he felt that it’d be reassuring for her to have some back-up, at least. Therefore he thought up a quick excuse for his reason for being out there, and made his way over to the small crowd.

“I was wondering where all that commotion was coming from, everything alright out here lad, lasses?” He asked in a non-threatening tone, but one could tell he was actually somewhat concerned.
Aspen was surprised when the figure in the doorway turned upon him and called him a creep, and in addition threatened him. He saw this as completely unprovoked and it took him by surprise. It showed on his face, but he didn’t flinch back. He tried to figure out why this stranger had called him a creep. No reason came to his mind. He couldn’t figure out why she was here, either. At his side, Topaz looked indignant and made some squeaks that indicated his displeasure. Aspen spoke up.

“I’m not a creep, I’m just trying to get inside... I’m a part of the Galactic Stars guild.”

He gestured with a hand to the sign by the door that named the guilds. Topaz nodded as well, as if to confirm Aspen’s words.
Avery grew more and more irritated as more and more people crowded. What was so big about someone knocking on the door. The Swablu flying about didn't help either. She took a calming breath before looking at the girl with a weird name. Zhask. She would have to ask her bosses about this. "Well, as I said I'm in Galatic Stars and to my knowledge both are open, so your choice." She tapped the door and smiled. "Though I'm sure Galatic Stars would love to see new faces smiling about!" She needed to keep a close eye on this girl. If she was who she though she was, then this could be very important to house Toru. Extremely important.
"Oh, well welcome home." Maker replied to Aspen. She turned her attention back to the crowd, which had grown quickly in just a few moments and she wondered if they didn't have nothing better to do then to wait for somebody to visit. She now how to decide which guild she would apply for, but she was more worried about getting out of the street. She then looked over her shoulder like if she was listening to someone, made a small nod and then turned back to the group. "Well I was hoping to join either guild...Oh no I'm feeling dizzy!" She cried out as she seemed to faint and let herself fall backwards.

*Back at the not suspiciously evil guild hotel*
The woman sighed, clearly frustrated as she held her hand to her forehead. "I was hoping to only provide that information to the ones who accepted the mission, but now that you opened your mouth..." She took the picture and placed it back on the counter. "The real mission is locate her, if you can capture her you get a bonus, I don't care if she is complete or not and if there is no other way, take her out. She should be defenseless, nobody knows where she is, but I heard she was seen at a local bar in Guild Walkway. One million for completing the mission and keeping your mouth shut about it. Also, this will increase your reputation by a lot with very powerful people, don't mess up."

The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Eli arrived back at the house, yawning as he walked in, he had been up early and it was now late, the job he had taken did not require much from him, but is was far away. He walked into the house, shifting his pink suit, reaching up to a Just his pink, fedora like hat, witch had a hole in it for his bow and ribbons, he walked down the hall to the separating doors, arriving just in time to witness a girl passing out, reaching out to catch her, he slowly shifted her to pick her up “Guys, what did you do? You should not be knocking out the...” He stopped a second “Newbie, I think” he scolded.
Aspen, having rather quick reflexes, and having already been behind, had also moved to catch the girl, but Eli had come up behind him and jumped in to catch the girl first. Since he was too late to completely catch her by himself, he still helped Eli to support her. At the same time he tried to explain the situation.
“We didn’t do anything, she just said she felt dizzy and started to fall. She said she wanted to join one of the guilds.”
Since it was rather awkward to just stand there supporting the limp girl, he gave a slight grunt and made a suggestion.
“Let’s bring her inside. I’ll get her feet, you take her shoulders.” With that he slowly loosened his support and moved to her feet so he could support that end while they brought her in. He called into the building as he did so, “Someone get some water, please.”
"Oh dear, I hope it is nothing serious. I will get you guys some water." Grace moved to the side and went further in the common area. She had pulled out a small vial. Opening up the vial, and with her use of element, tried to pull the water out and into her hand. It took a couple of minutes for it to work, but she was able to do so without much problem.

Now came the hard part, she had only done this a couple of times, but she knew that they would need more water. So, with concentration and determination she was able to expand the ball of water to about the size of a volleyball. "I hope this will be enough! If not I can try and make more, but it might be a moment as I am not used to use my element this way."
"Let's clear the area a bit," Luna called out to Aspen and The newcomer, she thought it was Eli, but shrugged it off, "Horace, to me!"

The Braviary flew over to Luna, but not without picking up a stool from one of the tables and flying it over to her for Scout to stay on. Luna had been moving objects out of their path as the duo carried Zhask in to the room. Horace had picked up some smaller objects, and then flew off, probably because he saw something small out the window.

"I'll keep things clear, you need to find Horace, because last time he flew off in search of prey, he tried to eat a Beldum, and got a broken wing." Luna called out to Scout.

The Starly flew off in search of Horace, who had been chasing a Venonat and got him back into the right direction, which is in the Guild house, they flew in the window and the perched on Luna's shoulders after she was done clearing out the area.


Previously Gamingfan2
Sudden noise awoke Pocker. Auro, who had been meditating next to him, looked over to him, giving a Finally eye roll. Pocker groggily stood and looked down from the building he was on, curious. Quite a number of people were grouped up down there. Many from the Galactic Stars guild, and Sebastian, interestingly enough. Also some girl he wasn't sure he knew, who looked terrified before falling, unconscious.
Now intrigued, Pocker spoke to Auro. Mentally, of course, as to avoid detection.
Whuh-oh, that's not good. Imma check it out.
Auro rolled his eyes again. Please. You're obviously more interested in potencial excitement than whoever that is.
Pocker grinned. Why not both?
Just don't break anything on the way down.

After carefully navigating down the building and only bumping his knee while doing so, Pocker landed on the floor, with Auro landing not long after. He went over to the group, limping slightly thanks to his newfound injury.
Oh look, a new record.
Auro deadpanned
Pocker didn't see the point in introducing himself, so he simply walked in quietly, watching. He wasn't planning on staying long. Whatever this is, it can't be than important.

The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Eli nodded and maneuvered the girl by her shoulders, helping Aspen bring the newcomer to the couch to lay her down comfortably, once she was down, he looked over at Grace, nodding “That should be plenty, though I think we should wait a bit for her to wake up, we don’t want to accidentally drown her.”
Agnes chuckled and laughed, “It’s no secret around here, but you got yourself a deal.” She picked up the photo and approached the woman. “Luckily I don’t do captures so consider that a discount. A million it is for a corpse.” Agnes smirked, a darker nature tint took over her eyes, “What do you want as a proof of completion? Easiest way would be a news report on TV, or would you rather have something more… personal like her soul perhaps? That will cost you a bit extra, denying the Horn of Baphomet a soul is not something it likes… especially one that looks so... delicious.” the inverted pentagram on her forehead began to faintly pulsate a blood red glow as she gazed at the princess's picture.

In complete contrast of the seriousness of what Agnes was talking about with the client, Flash was till chirping away happily wiggling in his seat to his own unknown rhythm while eating his sundae, seemingly completely oblivious to everything around him.
"Oh hi Pocker," Luna turned around, birds still on her shoulders, "Sorry about the commotion, a woman passed out at the door, and I was the second one to arrive, but Horace here tried to chase a Dratini, so I had to send Scout to steer him back here, otherwise, we'd be dealing with a Pseudo-Legendary rampaging through the guild hall, and when everything's settled, I'm getting back to paperwork."

Horace gave an embarrassed squawk as Scout sat on her head, making Luna sigh, it's been a long day full of paperwork. She had Horace perch on her shoulder, so that he didn't get in the way.
Maker opened her eyes suddenly, looking refreshed. She sat up and smiled, the kind of smile someone shows when they got away with something. She stretched her arms upwards and sighed. "Wow that was weird huh?" She said with an innocent voice. "Do you mind if I spend the night? I don't think I could survive out there, I will join a guild in the morning." She seemed to be talking to everyone at the same time, since she didn't really know who was in which guild. "Also, which one of you is the butler? I could use something to eat. How much are the meals? If I need to pay for the room I can also." She looked at Eli. "Could you be a dear and fetch me some milk and cookies?" She turned her attention back to everyone. "Also I could use a bath, does the room include one? Does it have hot water? My skin is very delicate. What kind of shampoo do you have?"

*Back at the hotel where John Wick sometimes spends the night*
"I don't need her soul. Having her alive just allows me to use her for a while before killing her." She turned around and began to walk away. "I expect results soon from such a recommended guild." She stopped at the door. "By the way, when you contact me, ask for Lesly, she is my assistant." She left the building.

The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Eli raised a brow, looking around the room, he went and grabbed cookies from a jar, and milk from a plastic gallon. With a plate of cookies in his hands, and a glass of milk in a ribbon, he sat down on a chair next to the couch "I'm sorry, but as much as I want to do... all of that, we dont really know who you are, maybe tell us a bit about yourself?" he asked, placing the refreshments on the table.
Agnes smiled, genuine with darker undertones. “Dead it is....” she said under her breath. She took a seat back at the bar, everyone else had seemed to return to whatever they were doing as if nothing had happened. Agnes took another drink before turning to Taikon, “You said you wanted in on this? Sixty fourty split after the guild cut. No negotiation, take it or leave it.” Agnes finished her drink, “Fantastic as always Jarvis.” She gave him a thumbs up. “Glass of water please.” Agnes added, she looked at Flash as he was about half way done with his sundae.

@Red Gallade
Taikon sipped the last of his milkshake and slid the empty glass back to Jarvis. "Perfect beverage." Taikon said with a smile before he playfully spun on the stool he sat on until he faced Agnes. "So you're saying I'm likely gonna get my hands on four hundred thousand for this? I will admit it sounds decent so long as the guild doesn't cut too much of the cash from us, if it takes more than one hundred thousand when done, I will demand us have fifty fifty without any rejections. Capiche?" Taikon asked with a smug grin while Zorua and Corvisquire received their ice cream, the two Pokemon looked at each other with delight before they dug in to their frozen treats.
Agnes giggled, "Guild cut is fifteen percent, that's a hundred and fifty K, you do the math. If you want to tag along still that's fine, but one of us will be dead before the job's over." Agnes stood up, getting ready to leave, "I'm going to go to bed, if your still interested, meet me in the main hall tomorrow morning, we got some reconnaissance to do."

Flash had finished eating his sundae and was trying to untie the ribbon from his flipper, he struggled until Agnes noticed and untied it from him before she headed off to the elevator in the main lobby. Flash hopped off his chair and put his messenger bag back on and took out a small stack of money from it, fumbling around with it and dropping several coins. He looked back at Agnes who was further away now, and Flash began to panic as he struggled to quickly pick up the coins with his flippers.

"Let me give you a hand there buddy." Jarvis smiled as Flash quickly handed him the small stack of money and resumed picking up the coins. "There you are." Jarvis handed the money back to Flash after a brief moment of sorting out the money he was owned.

Flash took the money and hastily stuffed it into his bag and ran off after Agnes, he waved happily at Jarvis and Taikon as he ran off. Agnes was waiting from him by the elevator, she gave him a gentle pat on the back as he rejoined her. Flash fumbled around for the keys to the room and handed it to Agnes as they rode the elevator up. He poked at her bracelet phone as he noticed that there were now even more missed messages and calls.

"Yea, yea I know, I'll check them eventually...." Agnes rubbed her eyes as they stepped off the elevator into the empty quiet halls lined with large double doors, each of them being a specialized room for a guild member. Agnes sighed as she made her way to her room, tired and ready to turn in.
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Taikon rolled his eyebrows as Agnes mentioned death. "The things we do for money." He joked and chuckled lightly. "Fine, suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a partner during this potential dance." He said as he walked over to the bar to see his Pokemon just finish their sundaes, Corvisquire was smart enough to grab a napkin with his talons and wipe his peak with it, Zorua on the other hand had ice cream all over her mouth and cheeks. Taikon chuckled as he stroked his Pokemon's head. "Oh Zorua, you always were a messy eater." He said before he picked up the Zorua while Corvisquire flew on to Taikon's shoulder.

"Alright, let's get you cleaned up and then off to sleep, we got a job to do tomorrow." Taikon said almost like a father to children. As he took the elevator to the top floor, he smiled at the amount of money he may get and how much fun he may have in this upcoming job, he made his way over to one of the suites fitted for the guild members and immediately ran a bath for the Zorua, Corvisquire immediately rested atop a perch. Normally Zorua wasn't too keen about taking baths, but with the job Taikon was about to do tomorrow, she knew she had to look her best, so she didn't complain about getting cleaned... much.

"There, all clean!" Taikon said as he dried off Zorua with a hairdryer and laughed when he saw the Black fox Pokemon's fur puff up as if hit by static electricity. "Don't worry, it'll go back to normal soon, just sleep it off." Taikon said as he went back in to the bathroom and changed in to his pajamas--which were just pajama pants--, turned off the lights and immediately got in to bed, still excited about the job.
Grace let the water flow back into the little container that she had by her side. Looking to the girl, she knew that she would be very entitled, and in for a bit of a rude awakening, so looking to her own guild, she spoke in a soft tone. "I will be going out, I have some business that I need to take care of in the city. I will let you take care of her."

With that Grace took Fluffy in her arms and walked out of the guild hall. She seemed to be very agitated by the way the girl spoke. "Why would she be there if she expected that sort of treatment. I hope that she does not join our guild, I hate people like that." It did not take Grace long to find the area she was looking for. The place was still open, but she knew that they might not be long before they close.

Grace found the door open, so with graceful movements she made her way inside. Inside she was greeted by a large and very intimidating man. He was an orc with dark green skin and a scar over his left eye. "Hello there lassie, it is not very often we get any of your kind in my shop. What can I get for ya'?" Grace was not the least bit frightened by the large figure. In fact she was comforted by the way the man carried himself.

"Well sir, I am actually looking for some hydroxamic thrusters that will work for a Ace Zoura bike. I am needing an upgrade as the ones I am running are actually almost shocked out the system right now. Also if you have a set of Jax tools I seemed to have left mine at my father's home, so I am needing a new set." The large man seemed to be impressed by the knowledge that this young looking girl had, he did not see many of her kind take an interest in the range that he seemed to carry.

"Well lass I have some that will work with that model of bike, but I have to say that that not many own a classic like that anymore as people just do not want to put in the time for that sort of project. Let me go into the back and get that for you. I will be right back." The orc took to a door of to the side of the shop and went further into the back.

While he was gone Grace took the time to look for a few things that he had on display. One of the things that had caught her eye was a set of wheels. They seemed to be a new model that would look amazing with her bike, she would just have to find a way to get them, as they were a little bit out of her price range at the moment. Still she knew that they would greatly improve the feel of off-roading in different terrains.
Avery crossed her arms and glared at Eli as he gave Maker the cookies. She really did sound like the princess. She hated that tone so much. Just like she hated entitled people. She glared at Maker. "What do you think this place is, the royal palace? If you want food, get it yourself, princess. Also, you can sleep on this couch for tonight, last I checked the dorms are for the guild members. Oh! The bathrooms you can use don't have a shower." She sighed and sat down on the couch Maker was sitting on. "And princess, don't whine about this treatment. We aren't your servants. We could've kicked you back onto the streets." She crossed her arms again as Trixie hopped back onto her lap. She kept an eye on Maker, seeing her reaction to what she said.
Aspen leaned against the wall, cocking an eyebrow and crossing his arms. The new girl seemed a bit snobbish, and he didn’t care for the attitude. However, when Avery reacted rather rudely, he decided to speak up.
“No need to be so harsh, Avery. She’s a guest.”
He turned to look at the girl with the hood, though, and he didn’t look particularly cheerful.
“We aren’t high ranking guilds, so not much luxury here. You should also try to be more polite and stay on good terms with people if you want to have an easy time. I’m sure I can speak for both guilds when I say that. Now, everyone, let’s let our guest rest.”
He gave a reassuring smile to the visitor who seemed to plan to join one of the guilds, waved a hand, and left the room. He planned to get some rest. He planned to wake up before dawn.
The anger that swelled up inside Maker was something she only felt when she was denied something and that had only happened when she requested to leave the castle a long time ago. Now that she was supposedly free, someone was trying to take that away. She bit her lower lip as her anger boiled inside of her. Just when she was about to explode, she looked over her shoulder and slowly calmed down. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, she smiled and looked calm again. "The couch is perfect! I love couches, they are so..." She paused and looked around. "Stylish. Thank you all for the hospitality, I can't wait to..." She gritted her teeth. "Join one of the guilds and spend more time on this beautiful couch." She opened her mouth and pretended to yawn as she placed her mouth up to cover it. "Thank you also for the cookies I'll eat them and then go to sleep, I suppose I can find a place to take a bath tomorrow."

The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Eli raised a hand, indicating she was jumping to far ahead “Hold on a second, there is a process, you can’t just waltz into a guild and say you’re a part of it. That would be irresponsible on the guilds part.” He picked up a cookie and took a bite of it, chewing and swallowing before speaking again, pointing at her with the remain of the sweet treat “and you did not answer me, who are you? and I don’t just mean your name.” He smiled.
"I may have a spare room for our guest, I'm not completely sure," Luna called out from her side of the room.

Luna went upstairs, and checked, finding a room for Zhask next to her own, she then went back downstairs and went to try and talk to the girl.

"I found a spare room on the Mistral end of things, next to my office, if need be, you can use that room to freshen up in the morning." Luna spoke to the woman on the couch, giving glares at Avery and a signal to Horace, meaning to watch this woman until the morning, turning towards Avery and Eli, "From the looks of it, she has had a rough day, please give her some room, okay?"

Luna had her glare at Avery, as a vice commander, she had to do something. She grabbed a cookie and ate it, taking a seat next to her Starly. The Starly chirped as she flew on Luna's Head.
A wide mischievous smile appeared on Maker's face. She stood and looked down at Avery and then at Luna. "That would be great, if it's okay for me to use it, I wouldn't want to over step any boundaries." She said with an innocent voice. She then turned to Eli. "Thank you for the cookies, your outfit is really nice, I wish more butlers dressed like you." She dusted her left shoulder. "It was really nice meeting you all, I can talk about myself all you want once I'm feeling better, I'm still dizzy."
"Don't worry, If something does go wrong, Horace will definitely let you know."

The Braviary that had been sitting on a nearby chair flew off of said chair and sat on Luna's shoulder.

"Before I forget, did you want me to show you the way to the room?" Luna asked, not sure of the woman's response.

Scout decided fly about the whole building, flying past a few Pokemon, amongst them, a Chandelure and a Nickit, before landing at the door to Mistral.