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Ask to Join Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup

Junior Cup betting ring! With a keen eye for talent and just 100 poke you could win big! No refunds!

  • Claire

  • Eleonor

  • Esther

  • Joyce

  • Kenzie

  • Reina

  • Scott

  • Wilford

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July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Let's keep the pressure going, Earthquake!"

Peque set his eyes on the new opponent. He didn't seem that impressed by the returning foe, and considering he had hit them earlier with one of his attacks, he knew that hitting them again with his new found power would end the match. He waited for the right moment and then slammed his front paws on the ground, sending a shockwave across the field, causing it to tremble.

"Water Pulse!"

As a precaution, Peque aimed for above the Ampharos. Enemies had a tendency to jump to avoid his Earthquakes and so he was pretty good at shooting them off the air. He fired his Water Pulse where Ampharos would be in case he tried to jump to avoid his first attack.
Kenzie Kirk - July 15th - Lacunosa town, Unova

Kenzie smiled as she saw her plan succeed before her eyes. Well, until the opposing turtwig managed to land a nasty Seed bomb right onto Seadra. The dragon pokemon was sent back by the impact, but was still standing. The dragon pokemon looked far from good though.

"Seadra, Focus energy!" she called out hastily, not really knowing what else to do. The dragon pokemon steadied herself with her heavy breathing calming down as a slight glowing aura enveloped her as she stared down at the opposing tiny leaf pokemon. This was a huge risk, Kenzie knew it, but she just didn't really know what else to do at this point.
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July 15 – Lacunosa Stadium, Lacunosa Town, Unova

“Charge up Chysa! Then jump! Aim forward and let her rip!”

The string of orders seemed vague, but Chysa knew exactly what her trainer was asking of her. The electrified land around her sparked. as power surged towards her, and the gem on her tail soaked it up, and her electric-type moves. As the shockwaves closed in, Chysa leaped into the air, and power coursed up her spine and gathered in the forehead gem. With a malicious bleat, Chysa let loose.

The water pulse didn’t stand a chance—an almost blinding flash of electricity erupted from Ampharos as an empowered Zap Canon was let rip. It blew right through the water pulse, scattering the attack into a hazy mist. Evidently, Chysa hadn’t focused enough to direct the zap canon towards her opponent and it was clear that the powerful electric-type move would strike the ground around Swampert rather than striking Swampert itself.
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July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.


Peque looked at the electricity around him for a bit and then focused on Ampharos when the command was given. She couldn't stay airborn forever and the Swampert knew that. He slammed his front paws again, causing an Earthquake. He prepared for a similar reaction, aiming for where Ampharos would jump to try and avoid the ground move.

"Mud Shot!"

Swampert, aiming at his prediction of where Chysa would move to, shot several spheres made of mud towards the air.

July 15 – Lacunosa Stadium, Lacunosa Town, Unova

A wild grin tore across Claire’s lips, ‘Gotcha!’

Although Zap Cannon could do no harm to the ground type, harming it directly had never been the goal. The condensed orb of electricity impacted the ground and, as a powerful attack tended to do, discharged its energy into an explosion. Though it hadn't damaged Swampert, the Zap Cannon had gouged the battlefield and created a sizeable crater near to swamp Pokémon. This usually wouldn't have been a cause for concern, but after two prior earthquakes, the packed dirt of the battlefield had already been shaken and softened up. Now, as Swampert brought down its might forearms for a third earthquake, the dirt beneath its feet couldn’t hold and the powerful shockwaves caused it to collapse into the crater created by Zap Cannon.

The sudden collapse beneath its feet would send the ground type's aim wild, and Claire certainly wouldn’t miss the opportunity she’d been waiting for.

“Jump and Confuse Ray!”

Ampharos’ gems began to glow as it jumped over the shockwaves and released a blindingly mystifying light towards Swampert, one that—if things went to plan—would catch it off-guard and helpless as it fell into the crater.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

Reina was taken back by the ground suddenly collapsing under Peque, but she wasn't too concerned about it, giving a Pokemon like Peque could very brush off such an event. She needed to concentrate though, as happy as she was to see Peque finally in his final form, she couldn't lose focus on the match. If Peque lost, Viris would be in a bad situation, that's even if she wanted to come out and battle. As far as Reina saw it, they were in the final round.

"Protect!" Reina followed up after Claire.

Peque landed, planting himself on the ground once again. He looked up to see the incoming Confuse Ray, but with Reina's instructions, he was able to set up the invisible barrier that stopped the attack. He needed to even things up.

"Bring her down, Earthquake again!"

Peque sent his ground attack forward, not really looking to hit the Ampharos, but to bring down the ground under him to his level.

July 15 – Lacunosa Stadium, Lacunosa Town, Unova

“Drive it home Chysa, dragon pulse!” With her clever ploy thwarted and few other options ready for immediate use, Claire switched to the faithful offensive. Chysa had landed while Swampert protected itself and while the swamp Pokémon went for another earthquake, the bright-eyed electric type took to the air once more, firing a dragon pulse towards her opponent. Though the constant earthquakes would make landing a bit more difficult, there was little to be done about that.
July 15th, Lacunosa Town, Unova
Joyce Blake

"Just a little more, they must be feeling the damage we've been dealing." Joyce thought to herself, seeing her strategy bear fruit and sending the Seadra on the defensive. When the opposing trainer called for her pokemon to start a set up move, the young woman knew she couldn't simply let it go through. "Don't let them recover! Sapling use Tackle." She shouted.

When the order was given, Sapling quickly kicked off into a sprint straight at the Water Dragon.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Mud Shot!"

Peque faced the incoming Dragon Pulse and took in a deep breath before shooting a series of Mud Shots at the incoming attack. The collision of both moves caused a small explosion in the center.


Again, Peque shook the ground with his power ground move, this time trying to hit his target. The ground began to shake as the shockwave traveled towards the other side of the arena. Meanwhile Reina clenched her fists. The battle was taking longer than she thought, how could they keep going without being able to land a hit on their opponent?
Kenzie Kirk - July 15th - Lacunosa town, Unova

Kenzie looked worriedly at her pokemon, still in the process of charging up. Her opponent didn't let this moment go to waste either as she commanded her Turtwig to tackle the water type pokemon.

"Seadra! Run up and then sweep to the side last minute!" The blonde haired girl called out. Even after being so worn out by the battle, the Seadra looked determined as ever. Right as the slight glow faded, the water type pokemon began to rush up against the Turtwig. Due to the exhaustion she got the timing of her movements wrong and couldn't do the last minute dodge in time. Instead receiving the tackle head on. Seadra was sent flying back, finishing the dragon pokemon.

Kenzie sighed. She was disappointed in herself for letting her pokemon faint so early on, but the fight was stacked up against them with the type match up. "You did well Seadra," the girl said returning her pokemon. Thinking briefly of her remaining team she didn't really have any other option, but to send in her Granbull.

"I know that I promised to save you up for a later battle, but I need you right now. Let's do this Granbull!" She exclaimed and threw out her pokeball. Out emerged the fairy dog pokemon with a blue, silk scarf tied around his neck. Looking down at the tiny leaf pokemon, he let out an aggressive bark which then calmed down to a rumbling growl.

July 15 – Lacunosa Stadium, Lacunosa Town, Unova

“I’ll stop jumping if you stop spamming earthquake!”

At this point, Claire had no need to call out orders as Chysa leaped once more to avoid the shockwave. At the rate they were going the battle would drag along at a snail’s pace. The Ampharos could do little to Swampert, but Reina seemed equally stumped by their jump. w

Of course, regardless of whether Reina could figure out a counter to jumping, she was bound to win. Once the match’s time lime expired, Reina who still had both pokémon would be declared the victor.
July 15th, Lacunosa Town, Unova
Joyce Blake

"Amazing Sapling! One more to go!" Shouted Joyce, seeing her opponent's first pokemon faint. However, she was quick to drop her premature celebration when Kenzie sent out her second pokemon, a Granbull. The Turtwig stared the dog pokemon down with a brave face, however the loud bark that escaped the Granbull's was able to cause the Tiny Leaf pokemon to recoil. "Sapling took a lot of damage during his battle, I think it would be best to let him take a break." The young trainer said to herself as her hand reach towards her waist. "Alright Sapling, you did good. Take a rest." Joyce declared before holding out a pokeball. A red beam shot out of it and connected with the Turtwig, returning him back to his pokeball.

The young woman then took out a separate capsule. "Alright, this will be your debut battle, I hope you enjoy!" She yelled before throwing the ball. Appearing on the stage was an Abra, he stood with his back straight and his arms behind his back. "Let's do this Teller!" Hearing his trainer's call, Teller moved one arm across his stomach and bowed. He then assume a battle position, ready for action.
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Kenzie Kirk - July 15th - Lacunosa town, Unova

Kenzie waited in anticipation when her opponent switched her pokemon. An Abra. Should be easy. Especially with her Granbulls super effective moves.

"Granbull! Scary face and prepare to attack," The blonde haired girl called out. She wanted this battle to go in her favor and decided to do an early set up before . The fairy dog pokemon leaped forward a bit, just to be a tad closer to the Abra before his scowl furrowed deeper and let out a deep rumbling growl.

"Now! Bite!" the Granbull opened it's jaw and lunged the last bit of distance between him and his opponent, trying to land a super effective hit in the psychic type.
July 15th, Lacunosa Town, Unova
Joyce Blake

Joyce's opponent wasted no time before goin on the offensive. The Scary Face from the Granbull caused Teller to take a step back and leave himself open for the follow up attack. The young trainer needed to do something quickly. "Teller get away with Teleport!" In the time window between the Granbull's Scary Face and Bite, the Abra brought two fingers to his forehead. His eyes then began glowing and in an instant, he disappeared. Teller then reappeared a small distance away, behind the dog pokemon.

"Great job Teller! Now let's hit them with Guard Split!" Reaching out one arm, a blue orb was formed and shot out from Teller towards the Granbull, aiming to split the two pokemon's defensive stats equally between them.
Kenzie Kirk - July 15th - Lacunosa town, Unova

"Take it, but go for a bite again!" Kenzie commanded her pokemon, figuring that taking the move would be fine. Doing a quick spin around the Granbull opened it's maw again and rushed at the psychic type, letting the psychic type move hit him. He briefly glowed as the orb was absorbed into the fairy dog pokemon and was on it's way to return to the Abra, but Granbull was right by his opponent ready to chow down.

The abra was quick an nimble with it's psychic powers, they needed to try and put that to a halt. Her opponent still had her turtwig left while Kenzie only had her Granbull. The blonde haired girl's brow furrowed as she tried to plan and think.
July 15th, Lacunosa Town, Unova
Joyce Blake

Seeing the Granbull round back for another bite. Joyce smirked. "Now that we have more room, defending against a head-on attack will be much easier." She mumbled. "Now Teller! Use Confusion!" With her trainer's command, the Psychic type pokemon pointed at the attacking Fairy type with his right hand. A light glow would appear from the Abra's eyes as a telekinetic force slammed against the opposing pokemon.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Fine, if you're just going to jump the we can attack the ground and the air!" Reina pointed at the jumping Ampharos, "Mud Shot, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Earthquake, one, two, one, one, two!"

Peque sent another ground shaking shockwave and followed up by taking aim above his opponent and shooting various Mud Shots. He didn't stop there, he then slammed the ground again, followed by blasting mud at the air once again. He began to gain a rhythm, using one move right after the other. He would take a breath before using earthquake and then using the two moves one after the other.

July 15 – Lacunosa Stadium, Lacunosa Town, Unova

It was evident that a stalemate was all the battle would amount to, Chysa simply didn’t have the move variety needed to take down Swampert, and furthermore, Reina would now be on-guard against her more subtle machinations. If even pulling the ground from under her hadn’t created a large enough opportunity to land a confuse ray, then Claire’s options and strategies were all but exhausted. Even skilled as she was, she couldn’t overcome such odds in such a short time frame.

Claire bit her lip as Chysa fought the good fight, jumping earthquakes and intercepting mud shots with dragon pulses. However, ultimately the newly evolved Swampert’s power proved too much, and a barrage of mud shots managed to slip past the Ampharos’ defense and exploded against her body. When the smoke cleared the referee’s flag fell, “Ampharos is unable to battle, the winner of the round and match is Reina and Swampert!”
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Yes!" Reina cheered as she pumped her right fist into the air. "Thank you for the great match Claire! We should get together more!" She called out, wanting to rush over to the other side and meet with her opponent, but the battlefield was not in a great condition. "Come back Peque, you did great, I'm so proud of you." She returned the Swampert into his Pokeball and held it close to her chest before putting it away.

Reina waved at the cheering crowd with a big smile before turning around and making her way back to the waiting room. She had enjoyed her first battle of the tournament and had almost forgotten how much fun it was to feel the adrenaline of a battle running through her veins against an opponent of her level. She set her eyes on the screen displaying who her next opponent and looked for them in the waiting room, her green eyes setting on her next opponent.

"I'm Reina Cortez, I guess we're next." She said as she approached him and offered her hand. "I hope we have a great match!"
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Scott had... mixed emotions about the end of battle. Yes, he'd won, but it had been by a forfeit. Was that the same as winning by knockout? In terms of progression in the tournament brackets, of course it did, but whether it truly proved that he would have won was another matter. Regardless, he still felt that he'd directed his team well, and they'd done their jobs the best they could. He'd need to give the both of them a rest during his next match, and probably have a nurse check over them before the round after that.

He glanced at his opponent one last time as she walked away, hoping she didn't take the loss too hard. Sure, she'd entered the tournament with unevolved Pokemon, but she'd certainly put up quite the fight, and had managed to surprise him several times. He'd have to see if he could find her and discuss the battle with her later, assuming she hadn't already left, and congratulate her on the skill she showed.

There was a brief break in-between the end of the first match and the beginning of the next, and he took the time to get some water and plan his strategy for the next round. Just after he figured out his lead, he was approached by a girl who turned out to be his next opponent. She introduced herself, and he exchanged the courtesy. "Scott Chitape, and I hope the same." After exchanging a few more pleasantries, they were called to head towards the field. Moments later he stepped onto the pitch with a smile, Pokeball in one hand and the other waving to the crowd once again. He also gave a friendly wave to his opponent once they appeared on the other side of the field. "Good luck, I look forward to our battle!"
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July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

Reina made her way to the battlefield after having greeted her opponent. She waved at the crowd once more, getting a louder response than the first time she had entered. This boosted her confidence a bit as she stopped at her spot across the field. She took one long look at the field in front of her and took a deep breath.

"Alright, I know who I'm using for this next round." She placed grabbed a Pokeball from her hand and prepared to toss it. Once the match began she threw it towards the center of the field, the sphere opened up and released the Lombre from it. Chente landed with a bored expression on his face while looking around at the crowd and then waiting for his opponent.
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July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Scott saw his opponent ready their arm to throw the Pokeball, and began lobbing his own onto the field in response. With a glimmer of blue light, Matsu appeared on the field. Her pale eyes stared unblinkingly across the field, barely visible under the large mushroom casting shade on her orange chitinous body. Her two claws slowly flexed open and shut, a single soft click coming from each as they met.

Scott pointed towards the Lombre on the opposite side of the field, and gave his first command. "Matsu, let's start this off with a Cross Poison." The bug shuddered into movement, lurching forward and scuttling towards the Lombre with a rapid tapping sound. As she got closer, the tips of her limbs were imbued with a purple glow, and a sickly smell filled the air. Her claws lashed out, firing an X-shaped slash through the air towards her opponent.
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Granbull was hit with the psychic attack and disgruntled growls escaped him. It was clear that an all out aggressive play wouldn't work. They needed to establish more control over the situation, "Granbull, Scary face it and then Lick!" the blonde girl commanded and the fairy dog shook his head, fortunately evading confusion. The plan was to make the attack while Abra was frightened, as well as Kenzie banking on paralysis.

The granbull rose up to its hind legs and began to bark and growl relentlessly and without wasting another second he went back on all fours and rushed at the psychic type, sticking out its slobbering tongue in preparation for the attack.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Can't let them land that attack, Fake Out!"

Lombre slammed his hands together, sending a shock wave that broke the Cross Poison attack and headed straight towards the Parasect.

"Now, Teeter Dance!" Reina held up her right arm and placed her left hand on her hip.

Lombre took the same stance. He looked directly at his opponent and then began to shake his hips. Slowly he took one step forward and then another, maintaining the same pose while moving his hips to the sides. The shaking of his hips sent out waves towards the opponent looking to confuse her with his exotic dancing.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Unfortunately, Matsu's initial attack had failed, and as the opposing Lombre began to dance, the battle was only going to get harder as the Parasect became confused. Scott knew he'd need to play a bit carefully, but he was confident he could pull through.

"Alright, Matsu. I know it's tough, but shake it off and try it again, Cross Poison!"

After the few seconds spent frozen by the Fake Out attack which had allowed the Teeter Dance to begin, Matsu lurched back into motion, head tilted slightly, and raised her claws to fire another Cross Poison. Unfortunately, some of the Parasect's options were restricted since her opponent was also a Grass type, but her offensive powers lent well to the situation. Scott had faith that she'd put up a good fight at the very least.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Chente, hide in the Mist!"

Lombre spread his arms wide and a thick white mist started to spread out of him. The cloud like smoke spread around Chente's side of the field and was just big enough to hide the Pokemon inside of it. Chente knew he couldn't hide much in the mist, but this at least would buy him a second or two for Reina to come up with another strategy.


Just as Chente had expected, his trainer was already thinking ahead. He shoot a volley of Bubblebeam directly at his opponent, looking to slow it down at least before it hit him.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Scott watched as his opponent called for a Mist while Matsu charged up the Cross Poison attack. The opposing Lombre was obscured within moments, and the Parasect's trainer had no idea whether or not her attack had met its mark or gone wide in the cool haze covering the other part of the field. Then, from out of the mist came a stream of bubbles, an attack that Scott himself had called for less than an hour before. The orbs of water began battering Matsu's mushroom, but seemed to have relatively little impact on the grass type.

"Alright, Matsu, let's shake it off with a Leech Life."

The mushroom pokemon skittered forwards into the mist, using the direction of the Bubble Beam to guide herself in the general direction of her opponent. She began swiping back and forth with her claws, and should she score a hit, would quickly sap energy from her opponent through any wounds left by the attack.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

Reina seemed concerned as the Bubblebeam attack did basically nothing. The enemy was incoming with another super effective move and Mist couldn't hide them longer. The best they could do was deal as much damage as possible.

"Chente, Knock Off!"

Chente gritted his teeth as he felt the Leech Life sink into his right shoulder. As he felt his energy drained he covered his right palm in a dark aura. He raised his hand over his hand and let it fall with a Knock Off attack.

"Nature Power!" Reina looked confident, every time they used Nature Power, it was a gamble and it was kind of fun to see what move would come out.

Three lights emerged around Lombre, blue, red and yellow. They then aimed at the closed by Parasect and shot at it like bullets, Tri Attack.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

The mushroom on Matsu's back shook with the impact of the Knock Off attack, and she was pushed back slightly as a cloud of spores released with a poof, unfortunately to no effect. She raised her claws as her trainer called for another Cross Poison, but with a sudden bout of confusion taking effect, she instead ended up having her own claw impact her face as the opponent's Nature Power slammed into her raised appendage, dealing its own damage on top of that caused by the confusion induced slip-up.

Scott would have liked to call for another Cross Poison, but the last volley of attacks had left Matsu with damage that could never be called insignificant. As far as he was concerned, the proper play was always to call for... "Another Leech Life, Matsu! They can't win a battle of attrition if you don't let up!"

Between her trainer's words and her own blow to the face, Matsu snapped out of her confusion, and once again lunged at her opponent, this time more wary of its Knock Off but still aiming for blows to vital spots where the most energy could be siphoned from.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"They're persistent, but so are we!" Reina knew the opponent was to close to try and escape, so all they could do was deliver as much damage as possible. "Nature Power!"

Chente cried out as once again the Leech Life sucked the energy out of him. But, instead of shaking off the enemy with Knock Off, this time he prepared another Tri Attack. The three colorful orbs formed above his head and shot directly at the Parasect as soon as Chente released himself from the bug's attack. He stumbled backwards a few steps and fell back, unconscious. Reina felt her heart stopped beating.

As the referee declared Chente unable to battle, Reina's mind went back to her defeat against the GYM Leader Claire. She clenched her fists before calling her Lombre back to his Pokeball. She began to feel nervous again. Her shaking hand reached for the next Pokeball, but she didn't need to. The Pokeball opened on it's own and out of it jumped out Blue Demon, her Hawlucha. The masked fighter glided across the field and landed on his side of the field, looking over his right shoulder and giving his trainer a thumbs up, before turning towards his opponent and giving it a thumbs down.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

The Nature Power attack impacted Matsu solidly, quickly negating the recovery she'd gained through Leech Life, and with the additional downside of causing Paralysis. Sparks briefly flickered over the Parasect's body as her fainted opponent was recalled into a Pokeball, and replaced with a Hawlucha. Scott's eyes briefly widened as the powerful Pokemon hit the field, knowing that it was probably going to be his downfall. With Alfred still resting, he had no easy counter for this Pokemon's typing combination. There was likely very little Matsu could do before fainting, and after that... well, Zuko could do very little against Blue Demon, and calling on Flux was a double-edged sword. He would just have to make the best of a bad situation and pray the Hawlucha wasn't as strong as it looked.

"Alright, Matsu, go for a Spore, then get a Leech Seed ready! Don't fire it, wait for my signal, alright?"

The Parasect shuddered, which Scott took as an acknowledgement of his instructions. The shuddering increased, and spores began to float off Matsu's body... until a jolt of electricity arced through her body and the air around her, and the spores seemed to stop spreading. She had been paralyzed before she could launch the attack. Seemingly she hadn't realized, as she still began charging up a Leech Seed beneath the brim of her mushroom as if nothing had happened.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"We're winning this clean, Wing Attack and then Detect!" Reina saw the opening and wanted to capitalize on it.

Blue Demon ran directly at the enemy, his wings spread wide open. He was ready to intercept any attack but the opponent didn't move, which was just perfect. He swung his left wing first at the enemy and then his right, activating Detect in the process. His eyes gained a small glow as he prepared for any incoming attack.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Matsu was nowhere near fast enough to dodge Blue Demon's attack, even without the Paralysis. The deadly wings closed in to beat down on the fungal Pokemon, and within seconds she had passed out; but not before attempting to leave a parting gift. As her enemy closed the distance, she readied her Leech Seeds, and at her trainer's cry of "Now!" released them. Seeds were launched forward at the incoming threat, and whether they landed on the fighter's feathers or on the ground nearby, they attempted to coil tightly around the Hawlucha.

Matsu, of course, did not stay conscious long enough to see if her trap had taken effect. The referee quickly called the knockout, and Scott recalled his Parasect into her Pokeball. The choice for his last Pokemon was clear, even if it was risky; but he was confident Flux would be able to pull out a victory. Both Pokemon were fully fighting fit, but if his gambit had worked, the opposing Hawlucha would be continually drained by leech seed, and heal his Magneton in the process. Even if it hadn't worked, he had an easy way to put the Blue Demon out of commission.

"Flux, time to shake things up. Use Lock On!"

With the usual flash of blue light, his Pokemon was released, bobbing faintly in the air and taking in its surroundings quickly. Within seconds, though, all three eyes were trained on the opponent. From Flux's perspective, a reticle had appeared on their opponent, a perfect target to ensure a direct hit. Energy began sparking around their body as the move took effect and their target was locked in.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

Blue Demon saw the incoming Leech Seed, jumping out of the way knowing exactly where it would land thanks to Detect. He then faced his next opponent, a fresh match had just begun and both were fresh and ready to go. However was already on the move, focusing on the Hawlucha.

"Don't let him continue, Encore!" Reina was gaining a bit of confidence back.

Blue Demon used his speed to start clapping his hands rapidly while his opponent used Lock On. The sound wave coming from Hawlucha would lock the Pokemon into using the same move over and over.

"Hone Claws!"

The Hawlucha stopped clapping and began sharping his claws by rubbing them against each other, the claws becoming shinier and and longer as he did so.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

Scott grit his teeth together, frustrated. Flux's big move had been temporarily stalled, giving his opponent all the time they needed to set up. If they continued using Hone Claws, things would be grim, but he couldn't do anything to stop it, and he was sure his opponent knew that.

"Alright, we can work with this. Keep charging up, and focus on your Lock On until that Encore wears off, Flux."

The triple magnet Pokemon didn't give any noticeable reaction, the Lock On forcing his full attention on their opponent. Their eyes took in their opponent's every move, every twitch and flex, but never really leaving the central targeting marker the move had left on the opposing Hawlucha.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Reina, current rank, ?????.

"Show your moves, Cross Chop!"

Blue Demon then raised his arms up to his chest and placed them in an X position. He ran towards the Magneton and then leaped into the air. Once he reached high enough he dove directly towards the magnetic Pokemon. If it hit, he would collide directly with the Pokemon and bounce back upon impact.
July 15th - Lacunosa, Unova. Scott Chitape, current rank: ????

The fighting type move was strong, and the damage had been amplified by the effect of Hone Claws. Scott knew Flux wasn't getting out of the way in time, either, since they'd been sent into a hyper-focus on Lock On following the opponent's Encore. He knew it wouldn't end the battle, though, since Flux's Sturdy ability would ensure they lived the hit, and then they could end the match with an unavoidable Zap Cannon. Just as soon as encore ended, he could call the move and-

With a ringing crash, the Cross Chop slammed into Flux, and sent them flying backwards for a few yards before slamming into the ground. And within seconds... the match had been called. Scott felt like something within him had shattered. This... this should not be possible. "H- how? Flux? Flux!" He ran forward onto the field, kneeling next to his unconscious Pokemon and finding himself staring blankly, unable to understand why the battle was over. He felt his lungs heave as he stared down at the slightly dented top head of his Pokemon, and closed his eyes, trying to keep himself calm. After what felt like several minutes, but was probably only thirty seconds, he opened his eyes and looked at his opponent and her Pokemon, re-uttering the question he'd asked himself moments ago. "How?"
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Friday, July 15 – Lacunosa Town, Unova Region​

Since she was knocked out of the competition, Esther decided to follow the attempts of her newest friends. A monitor inside the lounge kept track of the brackets and advancements; from it, she learned that the top bracket’s first round hand finished, and Reina would be advancing to face her opponent, Scott.

Joyce was still embroiled in a battle against her opponent Kenzie, but Esther figured that battle would be wrapping up soon and there wouldn’t be much more to see. Obviously, it’d be better to head to Reina’s next match so she could catch it from start to finish.

Esther arrived and took a seat at the front; she was just in time to see the two throw out their first pokémon. Reina led with Chente, she remembered the Lombre from the lounge and figured now was a good time to check its pokédex entry:

Pokédex Entry #271: Lombre, the Jolly Pokémon

Lombre is nocturnal—it will get active after dusk. It is also a mischief maker. When this Pokémon spots anglers, it tugs on their fishing lines from beneath the surface and enjoys their consternation. This pokémon’s entire body is covered by a slippery, slimy film. It feels horribly unpleasant to be touched by this Pokémon's hands.

Esther knitted her brows, that last line was a bit weird, what the hell were those scientists doing?

Anyway, it seemed to be a battle of grass types since Scott had sent out a large, mushroom pokémon.

Pokédex Entry #047: Parasect, the Mushroom Pokémon

Parasect is known to infest large trees en masse and drain nutrients from the lower trunk and roots. When an infested tree dies, they move onto another tree all at once. The mushroom cap on its back scatters toxic spores. In China, the spores are used as herbal medicine.

China...? She’d never heard of that region before.

The battle began with a swift start, Parasect’s cross poison interrupted by Lombre’s Fake Out. Her pokédex revealed the details of each move, highlighting Fake Out as a priority move. Priority-move leads seemed to be a rather common strategy; Esther took mental note of that.

A second attempt at Cross Poison was thwarted by a misty smokescreen, and soon after, Reina abandoned evasion trading blow for super-effective blow. In short order, Chente had been knocked out, but it had managed to land a paralysis with Nature Power that turned into Tri-Attack...an interesting move. It was a move that transformed into another move based on some pre-condition, similar moves included Secret Power and Natural Gift.

Anyway, Scott had the upper hand with his KO on Chente, but things quickly turned around as one of Reina’s pokémon selected itself as her next choice and quickly proved its worth by ending Scott’s Parasect with a wing attack.

With that things were down to the last two pokémon, Reina’s...err, what even was that pokémon?

Pokédex Entry #701: Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon

Although its body is small, its proficient fighting skills enable it to keep up with big bruisers like Machamp and Hariyama. Sometimes it showboats for too long when it's using a special move and gets itself into a pinch.

It seemed like an even match as Reina’s Hawlucha took on Scott’s Magneton. It was shaping up to be a quick and decisive match as both prepped themselves for powerful moves.


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Wilford Pine
Wednesday, July 15th
Lacunosa Town, Unova

Groaning internally, the rich young man realized that he would have to approach the battle somewhat differently. Given that his opponent was at a disadvantage in matchups alone, it should've been obvious that she'd resort to gimmicks such as having her Pokémon hide within the Sandstorm. After ordering his Thwackey to pop the incoming bubbles with his sticks while creating distance from the Hippopotas, Wilford rubbed his temples to discern a new strategy. Clearly, the battle would be progressing at a slower pace than he would like, requiring him to maintain his composure. Additionally, the Sandstorm was making it difficult for Wilford to see his own Pokémon adding an irritant to his eyes and his mind. Regardless, the battle had to continue.

"Stay on guard. Listen for any sudden movements." Keeping his commands simple, the rich young trainer thought further about how he should approach the situation. Hearing this, Thwackey bent his knees slightly as it held his sticks out defensively. Additionally, he began tapping his left feet to the pace that the sandstorm blew, trying to discern the natural tempo of the battlefield. Wilford continued to ponder what his next move would be as he waited for his opponent to issue a command.

July 15 – Lacunoa Town, Unova Region​

Eleonor remained quiet, her previous orders being more than enough for Hippopotas to go off. The thickening sandstorm would be used to hide the next attempt at Yawn, the bubbles obscured by the sand and their paths dancing on the wind; she’d see how he managed to pop those. In the meantime, she would sit back and allow their opponent’s grassy terrain to slowly heal Hippopotas.

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