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Private/Closed Pokémon Zaffre

Morty was surprised that the little bug could withstand repeated blows from Misdreavus. It was rather tenacious. Regardless, no one could beat him and his pokémon's unwavering discipline. The call of the swarm empowered their foe, but the gym leader wasn't perturbed; in an outright confrontation, the bug would fall all the same.

“Quickly, Astonish!”

Misdreavus wailed, its hair billowing and its eyes bulging as it released a wave of ghastly energy.

Its closeness meant that it couldn’t dodge the infestation, but Astonish was a weaker move and it was slightly faster to use. Morty was gambling that his move could land before Spinarak’s Protect and, if he was lucky, a well-timed flinch could seal this match. Misdreavus wouldn’t last much longer under the effects of infestation, and though Swarm had only turned a weak attack into a stronger weak attack, the damage still piled up over time.
Vence’s boosted Infestation latched onto Misdreavous just as it launched Astonish.
The small bug Pokémon was prepared for the attack, unfortunately, he still hadn’t quite mastered the activation of Protect and couldn’t get the barrier up before being blasted by Misdreavous’ energy.

“Vence!” Q yelped out as his Spinarak came rolling towards him in an unconscious heap. The young trainer just stared on at his downed Pokémon for a long moment. He wanted to give up so bad… he wanted to rush Vence to the pokecenter right away… but that’s not what they had trained for.

“Alright Vence, return and rest up. You did great…” The burgundy haired boys hand lingered over the pokeballs for both Lumos and Grendel for a moment, before he finally withdrew one and threw it out onto the field with a shout, “Lumos! Lead with Minimize!”

“Wik!” The small candle pokemon emerged with a valiant little roar as her already tiny body was cloaked in a white light that caused her to shrink down and lose about a quarter of her height.
Lumos looked on at the Infestation-coated Misdreavous, trying her hardest to muster up an intimidating expression.
Monty narrowed his eyes and decided the best course of action he could take was to shut down an annoying move like Minimize. “Go Misdreavus, Spite!”

Misdreavus floated backwards, the infestation ravaging her body as her ghastly hair flared about. She wailed a banshee’s wail; ghostly power seeking to restrict and cripple Litwick’s ability to utilize minimize or at the very least restrict the number of times it could use it.

Monty had decided to spend Misdreavus’ remaining time tilting the battle condition in his favor for his next pokémon.