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Post Your Trainer Card

Here are my teams for FRLG, Emerald, Colosseum, and USUM. In USUM I actually added Snorlax after winning the league, having used Kartana for a lot of the late game (which has become my designated false striker for SOS chaining).


  • trainercard-Ben (2).png
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As I want my Trainer card to follow the RP story that I'll make for my character, I'll post 2 trainer cards. The first one will be his current team which will be changed as time goes and he gets more pokemon. And the second is the ideal team that I'd like him to have! But this team can be change at any time!


Above is my basic trainer card, with my general team in games (aka some of my fave pokemon), and my 3ds friend code.

Below is my pokemon go friend code, and my current most powerful six pokemon on pokemon go!
not just my favorite felines - also my most recent Pokemon Ultra Moon team
just consist of all my favorite kitties - I didn't evolved Torracat - there are more I liked, that was the last team I used to defeat the champion


Using this one on Insurgence right now. It's a nuzlocke. Roserade and Pidgeot are delta's though, and Flygon can go Mega.

Edit: Pidgeot just died XD Replaced it with Rhyperior :p
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here is my team. i like to think i could be a gym leader. maybe the 3rd or 4th gym leader. not the strongest gym leader but not the weakest either. i'm pretty contempt with that
Here's my final team for my nuzlocke of Pearl:

... I'm still kinda sad that my Empoleon died to a critical hit from my rival's Rapidash just before the league :(


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Made two new trainer cards in honour of my first play through of Pokemon Shield! ^^

I've been rotating between 11 different Pokemon for my team (three of which that are part bug-type) and most recently added Zamazenta to the crew. Should be very helpful for certain max raid battles. x3​
Sadly I had two manetrics. One was sparky and the other was bumble bee my shiny manetric but I couldn’t add my shiny manetric because shiny Pokémon isn’t a option