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Race into the Night (T)

When Hannah Denzel arrives in Kanto, nothing goes as planned after the first few days. Although she does get to see a few sights, it’s safe to say things go downhill after that. Both she and a new companion getting wrapped up in an attempted poaching of rare pokemon – An attempt that succeeded. But they couldn’t have witnesses. So instead of killing them, a hostage situation ensued. Taken to the main base – Nightshade – after being subdued, they wake to an ever growing crime pit.

And to top matters off, the head honcho (Calden Telger) not only recognizes the mute that they brought in, but he has issues with her family. Such as Hannah’s father putting him behind bars for over five years. And the perfect opportunity for revenge was practically dropped in his lap at their arrival. Too good to pass up, really. What starts out as a race for survival uncovers an entire “underground” circulation in Kanto. The idealized view of the region by its law officials was surprisingly off kilter. But the harsh truth was far darker than what was on the surface.

After having two neutral civilians introduced to a completely illegal gathering, there aren’t many choices: Force them to join, or kill them. Any innocence they may have had, fleeing into the blood spattered night.

High T

  • Violence (General - Blood, bruises, broken bones, etc).
  • Realistic Battles.
  • Brutal Battles.
  • Assault / Abuse.
  • Sexual innuendos.
  • Sexual content (kissing, touchy-feely, etc).
  • Possible unwilling sexual content.
  • Human trafficking / References to prostitution.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Alcohol.
  • Blackmarket trading.
  • Attempted Murder / Murder.
  • Partial Nudity.
  • Torture.

This is meant to be a private RP, or three-person max. No offense intended if I do not accept your character.


The Last of the Snowmen
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Oh, this sounds fun. I'd be interested in this, totally =) Would you like us tell you about our character here? Or would you rather a PM? *tries to figure out who he should even use*
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The Last of the Snowmen
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I meant the character I was going to roleplay as =o I've decided upon Rin, who hasn't seen any action since my fic of the same name.
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*Nods.* Well, would you like us to exchange links to our characters? That way we can get a good idea of them, at least. (Although Telger doesn't have a CS yet.) We can discuss them here, though. No worries about that. ^_^