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Private/Closed Randomized Pokemon Journey RP

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Only: @Crims0n @Godjacob @Excalibur Queen @koopa000 @BeastBoyLucario @Cryronn
Kelvin woke up from a shining bright morning in the Sinnoh Region. What a convinient day for it to be such a sunny day, becuase today was the day Kelvin was finally going to get his Pokedex and can finally start his journey on becoming a Pokemon Trainer and Coordinator. Changing out of his pajamas, Kelvin released a Pokemon encased within a Pokeball. With a red flash, a Skorupi appeared. "Are't you excited buddy?" Kelvin exclaimed. "We're going to start our journey soon!" Kelvin could practically see himself now, winning both as a Top Coordinator and Pokemon Master. "But first, we need to get the Pokedex from Professor Rowan and we'll be on our way!" The scorpion pokemon hissed in agreement.
Jonathan woke up to find his Seedot running around in his room. It was a lovely day outside in Twinleaf Town, and Jonathan was about to venture with Seedot on a journey through Sinnoh. Seedot jumped into his arms and they snuggled for a bit. He changed into his outfit, kissed his family bye, and was out the door.
Eric stood outside the entrance to the Professor Rowan's lab, his partner Treecko by his side. All he needed was his Pokedex and he'd be ready to start his adventure.

"Soon, we'll reach the top of the Sinnoh League and be crowned champions. Ready buddy?" Eric asked, as Treecko gave a nod as it stuck a straw in its mouth showing it was ready for the journey ahead.
Ken walked outside his house with his Snivy laying on his shoulder. "Alright ready to go Sly?" He asked his Snivy who nodded in agreement. "Great, let's go." He said as he walked to Professor Roman's lab and entered it.
Jessica quickly ate, then headed out of the door of her house. "Ready to get started Cinder?" the girl asked the Fletchling on her shoulder. Cinder nodded. "Alright then!" Jessica said cheerfully. The girl smiled to herself as she walked towards the lab.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kelvin walked with Skorupi all the way to Sandgem Town, where Professor Rowan's labratory was. As they got closer and closer, Kelvin started a mini pep talk with his Skorupi. "Alright Skorupi, in a few minutes we are going to become official trainers." Skorupi hissed in nervousness and joy as well. "Let us promise to work hard, and to not give up in our dreams!" Skorupi cheered in agreement. It might seem a bit cliche, but it was their promise t each other that would keep them together. In a few minutes, kelvin and Skorupi made it to Sandgem town. Kelvin stepped into the laboratory with all its a glory. "Hello? I'm here to start my journey. My names Kelvin!" Kelvin called out to see if anyone was in there.
Jonathan walked to Sandgem Town, avoiding the wild Bidoofs and Starlys along the way. Once he got to Sandgem, he went straight to the lab and picked up his red Poke'Dex, which looked like a DSi if you looked at it closely. It functioned like one, too. After he picked it up from Rowan, he was on his way to Route 202.
Eric had already been in the lab with Treecko on his left shoulder as he heard someone call for people. Eric turned and saw who he guessed was a trainer and his Skorupi. Eric smiled at the pair.

"Hello there. Name's Eric. This is my partner Treecko. Would you be looking for the professor?" Eric asked.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kelvin looked around to see a boy about the same age with a Treecko. The boy claimed his name to be Eric. "Oh hey there." Kelvin replied. "Name's Kelvin!" Skorupi sees the Treecko and waved its tail to show its greetings. "And yes, I'm currently looking for Professor Rowan." As if on cue, Professor Rowan came about, gesturing a hand motion to let Kelvin come over. After some mini conversation, Kelvin jogged back over to Eric and Treecko. "Sorry bout that, but I'm back with my Pokedex!" Kelvin grinned as he showed off his black Pokedex.
Jessica finally arrived at the lab. She spotted two people with Pokémon that were already there. 'I kind of figured I wouldn't be the first one here.' Jessica thought. She smiled and walked up to the two. "I assume you two are looking for Professor Rowan as well." Jessica said. Cinder let out an excited cry.
"Yeah, though it looks like this guy already found him." Eric said as Kelvin went to get his Pokedex.

"Name's Eric, this is my partner Treecko. Nice to meet you." Eric said, introducing himself and his partner to Jessica.
"I'm Jessica. And this is my Fletchling, Cinder." Jessica said. Cinder chirped in greeting. The Flying and Normal type Pokémon then cocked his head at the boys. Jessica smiled. She stroked the Fletchling's head affectionately.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kelvin made it back with Skorupi in hand towards Eric and Treecko just to see another trainer. Luckily, he heard her name on his way back. "Heya Jessica," Kelvin called out. "My name is Kelvin, and this is is my partner Skorupi." Skorupi, like what he did with Treecko, waved its tail to say hi to the newcomer.
Ken saw the conversation the trainers were having then walked towards Professor Rowan. "Hello professor, I'm here to get my pokedex." He said. Ken took the pokedex handed to him by professor Rowan and walked back.
"Man, Sangem town is huge, I can't even find my way to a Polemon center." He then sees a big building. "The Lab! I need my Dex! Let's go, Torchic!" His Torchic lopsidedly waddles around Tommy as they enter the building. He goes up to Professer Rowan who just finished talking to some others. "Hello Professer Rowan! I'm here for my Pokedex!" Said Tommy. "Torchic!" The Tiny bird chirped.
While Kelvin and Jessica introduced themselves to each other, Eric and Treecko walked over to the professor and requested a Pokedex. Rowan soon gave him his Pokedex as a symbol that his days of a trainer have officially began before he walked back over to Kelvin and Jessica.
Jessica let the others get their Pokedexs first, then went to get hers. Cinder let out an excited chirp from his place on Jessica's shoulder. Jessica smiled. 'This is it!' she thought. 'The start of my Pokémon journey in this region.'

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kelvin looks around to see an array of trainers before him. "To those that I haven't introduced to, I'm kelvin and this is Skorupi." Kelvin claimed. In amidst of the crowd, Skorupi bowed and hissed at the same time, presenting itself for others. "And if you guys wouldn't mind, would you guys like o travel together?" Kelvin immediately got straight to the point. It was going to be lonely to be the only human traveling in a whole bunch of Pokemon. Having company of beings he could actually understand would be nice for a change.
Ken turned to face Kelvin. "My name's Ken and this little on is Sly." He said as he pointed to his Snivy and walked beside the door. "I don't mind travelling with other people so I accept you offer." He said as he opened the lab door. "I'll meet you on route 202." He said as he walked out of the lad and towards the exit of Sangem Town.
"Sounds good to me! The more the merrier I say, right buddy?" Eric asked Treecko on his shoulder, who gave a nod liking the idea of traveling with a group. Eric turned to the one named Ken.

"See you on Route 202." Eric said as Ken walked out.
He saw the kid with the Skorupi introduce himself. "Oh, hi Kelvin! My name is Tommy and this is my partner Torchic! Although, me and most people just call her Torchie. Torchi waddled up, spraying minimal embers. "Tor! Torchic!" She called out. "Well, she's an energetic one," he says to Kelvin, scratching the back of his head, "But at least She's cute." Tommy said, laughing. "Torchic!" Torchie chirped, liking the compliment. "Really, don't let it go to your head." He said to Torchie, raising an eyebrow.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kelvin followed the people who went to Route 202. "I'll follow you guys!" Kelvin called out. "Maybe we could catch some new Pokémon there!" Kelvin said facing towards Skorupi. Skorupi was excited to gain a new friend during the journey.

Going through Route 202, Kelvin broke off from the rest to find some Pokémon. Suddenly, black lightning shot out of nowhere directed at the trainer and the Skorupi. Kelvin immediately turned his head towards the source to see a creature with a skull mask and a dark cloak. "Duskull...." The Ghost-Type called out. Kelvin took out his Pokedex and scanned it, in which a robotic feminine voice appeared. "Duskull, the Requiem Pokémon. It loves the crying of children. It startles bad kids by passing through walls and making them cry."

Kelvin, clearly annoyed at the Pokémon attack him, got ready for battle. "Skorupi, Bite!" With a hiss, Skorupi, with its quick movements, got a direct hit on Duskull and gave it a huge bite. Duskull, clearly affected by the super effective move, fired back a Night Shade. Black lighting shot across the grass and got a hit on Skorupi. "Poison Sting!" Skorupi's claws glowed purple and shot poisonous needles at Duskull. Another direct hit and the ghost was down.

Kelvin threw a Pokeball at it. A red flash zapped Duskull into the Pokeball. A moment of silence as Duskull was absorbed. Shakes once.......twice.....thrice.... Click! "Yes!" Kelvin exclaimed. "I caught a Duskull!" Kelvin cried out doing one of the cliche freeze frames. Kelvin ran back to the group. "Well, I caught my first Pokémon already!" Kelvin clearly pleased as he showed off the Pokeball Duskull was caught in.
Jessica was running in an attempt to catch up with the others. She tripped over a small Pokémon who had been about halfway across the road before she had tripped over his. "Osha." the small Pokémon moaned while rubbing his head. "You okay little guy?" Jessica asked. The small Pokémon shook his head as if to clear it, then nodded. "Osha." he said. "What are you?" Jessica murmured. She took out her Pokedex and scanned him. "Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon. It fights using its scallop. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing." the Pokedex said. Jessica guessed that this was a Water type Pokémon, and that she would most likely have a disadvantage if she tried battling it. So she decided to try something else. While she had been thinking Cinder and the Oshawott were playing and they seemed to get along just fine. "Hey, little guy." Jessica said. The Oshawott turned to her. "Would you like to come with me?" she asked. "Osha!" the Oshawott said happily. Jessica got down to the Oshawott's level and held the Pokeball out. The Oshawott pressed the button and was captured. Jessica smiled to herself.
Eric scanned Route 202, trying to find his own Pokemon when he stumbled open an interesting sight. A Hippopotas sleeping underneath a nearby tree. Eric quickly took out his Pokedex to scan the napping Pokemon.

"Hippopotas the Hippo Pokemon. It enshrouds itself with sand to protect itself from germs. It does not enjoy getting wet."

Once that Pokedex finished the description, Eric put it away and thought over how to go about capturing it. Eventually Eric gave a shrug and just decided to go for broke; casually tossing a Pokeball at the sleeping Pokemon. The Pokeball jiggled once, jiggled twice, jiggled a third time before the red light faded signaling a capture. Eric smiled as he walked over to pick up the Pokeball which contained their first teammate. Treecko gave his partner a thumbs up.
Ah, Route 202, so many memories oh wait he had never been here before. He then saw a brown Pokemon wilt buck teeth walking around all dopey like. But, it had a glowing aura and it looked powerful. He then gasped in amazement; "God is still alive." He sent out Torchie against the Bidoof. "Pokedex, what Pokemon is this?" Tommy asked. "Bidoof, the plump mouse Pokemon. A Normal type. Bidoof live beside the water where they gnaw on rock or wood to keep their front teeth worn down. They have a steady nature and are not easily upset. It's moves are Tackle, Growl, and Defence Curl." Tommy turned to Torchie. "Okay, Torchie, use Peak!" He yelled out to his little bird. It hit the Bidoof and it stumbled back. "Bidoof!" It yelled and used a powerful tackle in his Torche. Torchie slid back. "Torchie, counterattack with EMBER!" He told his featherball. Torchie struck with the powerful ember. The Bidoof fell to the ground, and Tommy threw a Poke'Ball at it. One roll, two rolls, three rolls, Click! "Oh yeah! I just caught a GOD!" He announced.
Ken saw the rest of the trainers arrive at route 202. "Hey guys, look at my new pokemon!" He called out pointing at a Vanilite floating beside him.
Ken walked down route 202 with Sly on his shoulder. They then felt a breeze. "What was that?" Ken said quietly and looked around until he saw a Vanilite. He pointed his pokedex at it. "A vanilite huh, I'm going to catch it." he sadi as he got a pokeball out. The Vanillite instantly attacked with Icy Wind which made Ken and Sly jump to the side. "Watch out!" Ken sadi as he dodged and dropped his pokeball. The vanillite got closer to the pokeball to look at it then accidentally touched it. The Vanillite then went inside the ball and then the ball shook three times before sparkling. "Well that was easier than I thought." Ken said casually.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
(For the sake of moving on and not letting this rp die, we're going to have the group be at Jubilife City by now and @BeastBoyLucario can catch his Pokémon offscreen)

Kelvin and his newly made friends had made it to Jubilife City, with daylight to spare. Kelvin ,with Skorupi in arms and Duskull floating beside him, walked by the bulletin board until something caught their eye. Rewinding, Kelvin read carefully, and read that there's a Pokémon Contest tomorrow in the city they were in. "Yo guys!" Kelvin called to the group. "There's a Pokémon Contest tomorrow! You guys want to join?" Of course Kelvin was already planning to join, as he wanted to become a Pokémon Coordinator. He and Skorupi already have some moves they can use. Duskull might need some work, but kelvin can manage to pull it off.
Tommy shrugged; "Why not? Could be fun, right Torchie?" Tommy asked his partner. "Torchic!" Chirped Torchie, nodding her head. "Okay, I'll compete!" Said Tommy to the group. Why not do contests as well as gyms. That would be fun.
Jonathan was encountered by a wild Bounsweet, whom he heard wasn't found in Sinnoh. Seedot used Bullet Seed, and Bounsweet used Leafage, a move he'd never seen. From the name, he knew it wasn't very effective. He used Bullet Seed again, and caught the Poke'Mon with his Poke'Ball. "Yes!" he declared.