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Researcher RP


Magearna before it was cool
Alright, so, after noticing I've been pretty much doing nothing in the RP category around here, I've decided it's high time I take matters into my own hands and start up an RP myself. Being a newb, and most likely a n00b, in story writing skills, what I have is definitely lacking in the details department, and that's where, hopefully, some of you come in. Here's what I got so far:
A Vermilion City researcher and his son send out flyers all over the regions of Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn in hopes to get more researchers, as well as any interested trainers or breeders, to accompany them on a trip to the Unova region in order to examine and indicate the cause of some strange activities going on with the Pokemon along Route 16

The plot is slowly moving forward, though there are still some roadblocks that'll have to be passed before this thing can get started, namely these three factors:
  • Conflict
  • Antagonist
  • An acceptable number of interested people
If anyone has any advice on how any of these subjects could be implemented into the RP, I'm definitely open for suggestions.
Hello there! This is a really cool idea and I like it alot. If it's okay I'd like to give you some help where your stuck.

1st:I think it would be better if you chose to focus on one area to research. That makes it easier to set up a plot and less general. That being said you have 2 choices of what you're researching. This will narrow the field a bit.
Historical or scientific, historical being unova's ancient past and lore (archeology) while scientific would focus more on researching certain pokemon or a unique environment(biology)

2nd:Location. Depending on what you choose as a research subject, you should choose a location that suits it. For example, if you choose an archeological approach it should be aimed at a place like relic castle or undella bay where there are ancient ruins and the like. If you go on a more biology driven expedition you would choose a place with unique pokemon or physical characteristics like chargestone cave, where the strange Klink and electromagnetic stones exist in a ubundance.

3rd:Antagonists. This one is a little tricky. I find it easiest when think of something like this, to have the scientists end up in the middle of a bad situation. Like say, if the scientists discover a mountain lake, sheltered from negative outside pollutants, man etc. They end up having to protect it from unscrupulous people whom want to exploit it.

Finally(though this is probably just a knit pick) instead saying looking for "researchers" to join the expedition, change it to trainers. It would just be easier for people to join the RP by using their regular characters instead of having to think someone who is actually a researcher.

I hope this helps, but I just want to be clear these are just my opinions. Even though I posted a lot, you can disregard this whole thing if you want. In the end it's your RP. Whatever you decide to use or not I hope to join if I can if and when this comes to life.


Magearna before it was cool
Thanks for the input, Dinova! That actually really helps me out to shed some more light on the RP's storyline.

I definitely agree with you on the specific research field. Though I'll probably still need some time to think over what exactly to focus on, it'll more than likely be in biology, as that seems more like the subject one of my characters would be more interested in.

The use of trainers would probably be the better idea as well, as you are probably right about more people having trainer characters over researchers. I'll probably make it a combination of both just to allow both classes and thus, more opportunity for people to join.

As I continue thinking over the research field, I expect the location and antagonists to sooner or later come into play as well. I'll most definitely refer back to your advice when that time comes, as you bring up some very good points in those regards.

Glad to see you're interested in the RP, and it'd be great to have you join once it's finally ready to start up. Thanks again for the advice!
I'm not interested in the RP, but this RP doesn't need antagonists per say-- it just needs conflict. I'm thinking the conflict could be in the scientist group itself, with each half conflicted over how to use some resource in a more grey way. This would keep it from being black and white (eg., hide it to preserve it from mean people versus exploiting it for profit) and would allow more philosophical thought to come into play.