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Previously funguy
It's me @J-DAWG, i'm still alive. I have a role play (maybe, slightly based off of BNHA). It's called Rivals! It's about a world inhabited by humans with "quirks" or superpowers. There are schools that are training students with quirks at a teenager age. Even though most people use their quirks for good, but there are some people who use their quirks for crime. They're roles you can take as in this roleplay (choose from the following): Student, Pro-Hero, Citizen, or Villain.

Here is the template, and an example of how to fill out (also my characters.):

Name: Tokasu
Role: Villain
Age: 14
Appearance: Black hair, oval eyes, tall for his age, and peach skin. He wears a school outfit and black Nikes.
Quirk: (Type: Transformer) Snowman
Quirk Explanation: He melts when in the sun's rays. He can sort of control when he melts and what body parts melt, but he can't fully decide that. If he melts fully he can precipitate and come back down when rain or snow comes.
Personality: Tokasu is humorous and light-hearted. He doesn't care for being a villain, but joined with his best friend Saikuru (but, he is the more skilled one of the two).

Name: Saikuru
Role: Villain
Age: 13
Appearance: Black hair, almond eyes, a bit shorter then Tokasu, and dark peach skin. He wears a black jacket over his school outfit, he wears earbuds while he fights, and wears red Nike shoes.
Quirk: (Type: Emitter) Water Cycle
Quirk Explanation: He is able to control the speed of the water cycle and the cycle itself.
Personality: Saikuru is laid back and uses his quirk to stay hidden. He likes to provoke his enemies and taunt them since he's usually not on the battlefield.

Here is the template for the character sheet:

Quirk: (Type: )
Quirk Explanation:
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Bellamy (Tendril) Blake
Role: Villain
Age: 15
Appearance: Tall, muscular, brown hair, white eyes and covered in tattoos. He wears a black cloak, white shirt and jeans.
Quirk: (Type: Transformer) Venom
Quirk Explanation: His quirk is similar to the venom symbiote but it is part of his DNA not an alien lifeform. It gives him increased strength, increased agility, tendrils, and regeneration
Weakness(es): He is very sensitive to sound and fire.
Personality: Bellamy is the embodiment of true evil, he despises everyone and everything, this is because people have always feared him and judged him.
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Emmm... Hello! I really would like to join your roleplay, but i have some qutions. And first is what a "type" means?
I understand that this rp inspired by BNHA, but i don't quite remember it metion a "type" of quirk? (or maybe i just forgot it).


Previously funguy
A type is basically what the quirk can do. An emitter is a quirk that can emit energy, flames, or electricity like Denki and Todoroki. A mutant is a type of quirk that changes your appearance overall such as Spinner or Ashido. A transformer type quirk can change the users appearance or alters their appearance (Such as Tetsu Tetsu or Kirishima). @Shadow_Pup you're excepted and @KikuFurry you're in once you fill out the sheet.
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Oh, I get it now thanks!
@J-DAWG, but I have one more quetion :д
I had in mind character who isn't exactly villian but not a pro-hero too. She's more like something in a middle, a mercenary perhaps? She mostly doing bad stuff and working for bad people but she still can help the police or even pro-heros if she gets paid enough. Will she still be a villian or it will be a different role? (or it's better if I come up with another character?)
Seems cool! Not quite sure on where this is taking place though... A school? Just the city? Whatever, SUPERHEROES ARE COOL. I don't know too much about BNHA, only having seen like 1 episode, but SUPERHEROES ARE COOL. So just don't expect my characters to stick to what exactly a quirk is.

My Pro-Hero Character:

Name: Crosshair. He keeps his real name secret, but lets people call him Joe.
Role: Pro-Hero
Age: 28
Appearance: Crosshair wears a black leather jacket, with a large red crosshair on the back. He wears combat boots and camo cargo pants, and underneath the jacket wears a ballistics vest. He stands about 6'1", and is pretty well built. Not overly buff, though. He has scruffy black hair, and hazel eyes. He looks a little beat up, pretty much all the time. Has a pistol and knife on his belt, and sometimes carries around a large black duffel bag.
Quirk: ??? (Type: ???)
Quirk Explanation: It's kinda strange... Although Crosshair is a Pro-Hero, people aren't quite sure what his Quirk is. He doesn't really seem to have one. He shows no super strength, no super speed, no transformation or any unusual powers at all. The only thing that's odd is his ability to take down baddies that seem much more powerful than he its. Crosshair's skills with guns and sharpshooting have lead some people to believe that his power has something to do with weapons, but Crosshair has neither confirmed nor denied this.
Personality: Crosshair is more of the quiet type. He doesn't talk much, and prefers to get the job done. When he focuses on a target, he goes after it with whatever he's got at his disposal. Is fond of lottery tickets, and drinks a little. He's not afraid to go outside the law, but knows how far he can stretch it without getting in trouble. It's clear he's gone through some crazy stuff. Crosshair isn't really that mainstream of a hero, preferring to work from the shadows.

Hey, @KikuFurry if you decide to join this RP with your mercenary character, maybe her and Crosshair having history of one or two temporary team ups before?

My Student Character:

Name: Lisa Clark
Role: Student
Age: 16
Appearance: Lisa has long, light brown hair. She stands a little shorter than normal, and usually just wears a t-shirt and shorts. She has green eyes.
Quirk: Steel Skin (Type: Transformer)
Quirk Explanation: Lisa can cause her skin to go metal at will, making her nearly immune to all attacks. That being said, she can still be stunned and changed back to normal if hit by a powerful enough attack. But so far, she's proven herself as rust proof, melt resistant, and explosion resistant. Although a powerful explosion usually is what causes her to turn back to normal. While Steel Skin is active, she also has increased strength and can run a bit faster.
Personality: Lisa usually has a bright personality, but it takes no detective to deduce from the way she's been acting that she had recently gone through something pretty traumatic. Even though, she tries to keep a smile on her face and a cheerful attitude.
@J-DAWG, thank you! Going to fill this sheet right away o3o
@Capitain Cardboard, sounds good~ As i said my character don't mind working with good guys if she gets paid enough. Though i should mention that she isn't really a fighting type and if she works in a team she usually serves as distraction, informator, thief and other stuff where she can avoid fighting by herself and leave it to her partner(s).
And here it goes~

Name: The Demoness. She also calls herself Kin.
Role: Villain, but sometimes she can work with heroes.
Age: 25
Appearance: Kin is a pretty mature woman. She’s about 5’6” and has a trained, but still feminine body. Her hair is black, not really long and trimmed like semicircle. She has a golden eyes with vertical pupil (they don’t give any benefit though). Because of her nickname she tends to wear golden, devil-like, small horns. Although they removable it’s hard to remove them on purpose in fight. She don’t have an actual costume for her “villain”-self but she have many different clothes and costumes, so she usually dresses up depending on situation. She even can change her appearance for some missions with wigs, eyeglasses and make-up. But usually The Demoness prefers tight and comfortable clothes or business suits. She also often carries with her a small backpack (usually black) or handbag where she carries her folder with ready blank contracts.
Quirk: (Type: Emitter) Contract.
Quirk Explanation: This quirk allows Kin to make a contract with every intelligent creature which contains blood (or something like it). After contract’s conditions, a penalty if parties don’t obey the conditions is decided and the contract sealed with blood, both parties start to feeling obligated to fulfill setted conditions. It can be sharp feeling to start fulfilling them or just a reminder on the back of the mind about them. It’s depend on the contract. If for some reason the conditions were been violated the party which violated them will receive a punishment which is also stated in the contract during the next twenty four hours. It can be paying the compensation, delivering an item to another party, silly dance or even death. If other parties except The Demoness will try to dissolve the contract they will be also punished. But if it doing by The Demoness she can decide punish other parties or not (usually she states it in the contract).
Unfortunately this quirk is double-edged sword, because if The Demoness violates the conditions of the contract by herself she also will get a penalty which is usually stated in the contract special for her (if it doesn't she gets a punishment equal to others parties). It’s also possible to state in the contract that she will also be hurt if the contract was dissolved by other parties but she’s usually don’t mention this. Because of that Kin very, very careful about drafting of a contract and she always make sure to leave herself some loopholes in those.
Because her quirk isn’t quite fighting type she prefers to use a diplomacy in tough situations and missions or stels-missions. But if she needed she can fight back with her jujutsu skills, some guns or traditional weapon (unfortunately she’s not really good with those).
Personality: Kin is pretty smart and sly. She’s only cares about her well being and mostly doing stuff that she wants. Ofcourse she understand that there are some times when you need to do stuff that you don’t wanna but usually she’s ok with that. Despite that she’s tends to achieve her goals by doing bad stuff she’s personally not so bad. She have her own standards and principles and very rarely will disobey them.
Usually The Demoness is pretty polite and tolerating others. She often tends to flirt with people with whom she talks and call them “sweetie”, “honey”, “cutie” and etc. Despite that she prefers to work alone she can be a good team player. Because she was studying a psychology she is pretty flexible and usually easily gets along with a team with whom she’s working.
She’s a little paranoid about her contracts and it’s spreaded on her writings and reading different juridical stuff. She’s even reading product labels!

Name: Governess (also known as Hideo)
Role: Villain, the member of The Orphanage, who takes care of kids and recruits them.
Age: Around 30, but he looks like in 25
Appearance: When you first see Hideo it’s common to mistake him for a woman. He has a very feminine body and face and actually prefers to wear female clothes rather than male. His hair also pretty long and colored as blonde. Usually he combs his hair with simple hairpin so the very young kids won’t mess with them. He always has a sweet smile in his face and his green eyes often half-closed. He also wears a lot of makeup on his face so he will look more feminine but it’s actually blends with his face very well.
In The Orphanage Governess prefer to wear simple outfit which includes: white blouse with black, little tie and black skirt with leather belt. But in outside Hideo wears more bright and pretty clothes, but mostly dresses.
Quirk: The Siren (Emitter)
Quirk Explanation: Governess has a beautiful voice, to which you want listen forever. When Hideo sings or talks in sinning mannere, all your worries are melting away and you just want to stay near him and listen to his song. Governess song has a hypnotic effect, that causes you to relax and became a little dumb. Depends on how Hideo sings the hypnosis has different effects. Talking in sinning mannere causes the target only to relax, a little, quiet song only puts the target in dreamy-like state and if Governess sings really hard giving to it all his soul, the target start to feel obligated to protect him or after sinning to carry out a little orders.
How strong his song will affect you also depends on your personality. The weak people, who have many troubles, worries and etc, and usually kids will more easily fall under Governess charm than strong people, who has their mind under control and some life experience. It’s also easy to snap out of song if you cause pain to yourself. The more pain means the longer you’ll be sane.
And of course Hideo can’t sing forever despite all his trainings and how strong his vocal cords. He also gets pain in throat and can’t clearly speak after long, good song.
Personality: Governess actually seems like a pretty good person. He’s nice to kids and really cares about them. It’s a pleasure to talk to him, because he’s always polite and modest. But, unfortunately, most of his act is a lie. Hideo actually hates people and he has some sadistic nature. He like to manipulate people, play mind games with them and really gets satisfied when he succeeds. Only thing that’s true about him is that he really cares about kids. He understands that kids aren’t responsible for actions caused by their parents and every their quirk has a potential. Although Hideo has a little twisted mind and despite that he wants to his kids the best he still teaches them about crimes and hatred to other people. That’s actually mostly because of his own past in which he was abused by other, grown-up people. Also because of his past he tends to be more feminine and woman-like. He even can sometimes reference to himself as “she”.

Name: Demian Colse. The hero name is Frostbite.
Role: Pro-hero
Age: 35
Appearance: Demian has pretty unfamiliar look as he is a foreigner. His features are more strict and sharp. He also has an unusual eyes: their iris is bright-blue but pupils are completely white. His hair also white and they always looks like there are a white hedgehog on his head.
Despite his quirk, which allows him to generate coldness around him, Demian actually prefers to wear warm things like sweaters, hats and scarfs. You can notice wearing him a sweater or scarf even in hot summer! It’s not unusual that sometimes Demian can overdo with warm clothes and will look like a fat penguin.
And Frostbite’s costume isn’t different. He wears white blazer with blue bloomers and fur boots. Because of minuses of his quirk his costume also designed to have heating, so when overusing his quirk Frostbite won’t froze to death. He also wears with similar effect glasses, which also helping him to fixate the temperature drop he is causing. His costume also have s special tubes that absorb coldness of his body and with some chemicals can shoot through special mechanism in his hands the freezing substance.
Quirk: Ice Body (Emitter)
Quirk Explanation: As it’s obvious from quirk’s name, Frostbite’s body is so cold, that it’s generates the coldness around him. Everything that Frostbite touches will covered in frost and with very long duration freeze. He also always generates around himself a cold aura, so it’s always pretty chill around him. But because of it and using his quirk Frostbite always in danger to freeze himself to death. So that’s why his costume has heating for him and he always tends to wear warm clothes and drink hot drinks. Sometimes he even drink alcohol in order to warm up his body.
Personality: Demian often seems as a huge douchebag. He is very strict, sometimes rude and literally cold to others. Because of it he is not very popular hero among civilians but it doesn’t looks like he is cares about it. He also one of the people who thinks that people with “weak” quirks doesn’t belong to Hero League and shouldn’t even try to enter it. He doesn’t goes against them openly but if he has a chance to remind this kind of heroes that they shouldn’t be in Hero League he will not miss it.
He also pretty quiet and a loner wolf. He doesn’t like coop missions and if he even gets one he doesn’t really communicate with his partner. Sometimes it’s look like that Demian actually scared of getting attached to other people.
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Dead account

Previously Super Lazy Man
Name: Samo Tamaero
Role: Hero
Age: 15
Appearance: he has yellow hair, golden eyes,he wears a T-shirt with some lightning on it, he also wears orange pants
Quirk: ( type: Emitter) Electricity manipulation
Quirk Explanation: he can pretty much do whatever he wants with electricity ((similar to hydrokinesis))
Personality: nice, likes jokes, LOVES to eat, great at making strategies, he also thinks fast but he is easely confused

Katana please? :D
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Previously funguy
I've got another OC, and I think I can handle it:

Name: Miruku (Milk Man) Shinsen'na
Role: Student
Age: 17
Appearance: He is an average sized Hawaiian boy. He usually wears a white hoodie, black shoes, and a hat that says: The Power of Cows. He carries at least four pints of milk with him wherever he goes.
Quirk: (Type: Transformer) Calcium
Quirk Explanation: When he drinks milk it increases his speed, strength, and intelligence. After a while, it begins to have the effect of warm milk and puts him to sleep.
Personality: He is extremely rude to the individuals he doesn't favor, but he only taunts them because he knows he can eventually defeat them. He is friendly to everybody when he meets them at first, but he can turn sides when others attack him.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
My student character
Name: Renwick (King Beast) Blake
Role: Student
Age: 15
Appearance: Tall, muscular, white hair, green eyes. He wears a blue t-shirt and jeans.
Quirk: (Type: Transformer) Animal
Quirk Explanation: He can transform into any animal, when he does transforms the animal has a tuft of white hair and green eyes so that you can tell it is Renwick.
Personality: Renwick is the opposite of his twin, he loves to meet new people and make friends, he is kind hearted and loyal.
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Hope I'm not too late to join in :) (Click on the spoilers to see my character forms)
Name: Tokaji
Role: Villain
Age: 17
Appearance: A muscular build is wrapped in rather milky skin which sports scars and markings from battles he has trouble recalling at this point. Thick, dark brown hair sticks up in every direction, curling slightly at the tips and cutting off just above his ears. A pair of honey brown eyes are set deep withing Toka's skull, yet they remain emotionless and dull.
Quirk (Type): Blubber (Transformer)
Quirk Explanation: When in contact with another power skin turns into a thick blubber and absorption properties take place. Any super-powered-based energy can be absorbed by this layer of fat. A power that enhances strength and is put into a physical attack, will simply feel like a regular punch upon impact. This shield can only take so much energy, the rest directly hits Tokaji’s body, injuries don’t show up until after the blubber is retreated, so it’s hard to tell how much damage was caused.
Personality: Tokaji prefers things be done quick and reliably. He's never been very tenacious or passionate, but he liked to take things in the moment; often getting tired of his short-termed goals and trading them for another.

Name: Yasou
Role: Student
Age: 15
Appearance: With well tanned skin and a small, feminine build; Yasou stands rather short, arms and legs not representing someone with an physical capability. Hair so blonde it's nearly white is cut bluntly across her shoulders and above her eyebrows to form bangs which shadow a set of bright blue eyes.
Quirk (Type): Carrier (IDK)
Quirk Explanation: Upon contact, the user can change the mass of any inanimate object. They can make any object they touch lighter or heavier until they touch another item, then the power transfers. With deep concentration multiple object mass’s can be changed at once, however Yasuo has yet to master such a skill. They can also only increase or decrease the mass to a certain amount depending on his physical strength.
Personality: Yasou is serious and scholarly, she tends to take charge in dire situations, but her over-maturity and lack of humor can be mistaken for rudeness or bossiness.She is not one to waste time on silly matters when something important is infront of her, but she tends to have trouble making decisions of morality vs law.

Name: Ryel
Role: Citizen
Age: 16
Appearance: Average is a good way to describe Ry. He had a medium build, despite intense training; slightly tanned skin; and wears grey most days. His hair is a shadow of pale blue which looks gray in dark enough lighting, it lays flt against his head and goes down just past his ears, but is typically pulled back into a messy bun. His eyes are a dull yellow shade, though they shine with passion.
Quirk (Type): Copy (IDK)
Quirk Explanation: Ryel can copy any move he sees. Whether it be quirk-based or simple martial arts, Ryel can sue his energy and imitate the same move how ever many times he wants. The main problem is Ryel's body which often can't keep up with the move's he uses causing him to hurt himself more often than hurt his opponents, which is the reason no school had accepted him to be a hero. He can also only copy the move for as long as he can remember it which often is only a few minutes.
Personality: Ryel is a fiery boy with a spirit that refuses to be broken. He's tenacious and determined but tends to be hotheaded. Ryel can be rather cocky and he tends to have trouble admitting fault or defeat.

Name: Nina Resenvite
Hero-Name: Cottontail
Role: Hero
Age: 28
Standing at 5' 8", this fair skinned woman
has a narrow face, a pointed nose, small lips, and her hazel eyes are angular.
Her brown hair is shoulder length and frizzy, and forms a large afro.
She has short arms, a stocky torso, and strong legs.
Suite Look: Nina's signature look is the large, white bunny hears that poke up from the top of her head that make a silky white mask around her eyes. She also sports a rather revealing suite of lush pink color, matched with pink and white accessories around her legs which better able her leg-strengthening powers.
Quirk (Type): Bunny
Quirk Explanation: The user has almost all rabbit-like abilities.This includes extremely flexible bones, sensitive hearing, and strong legs. She can both run extremely fast and jump rather high, though it's her technology on her suite that really utilizes her power. An immediate weakness is her sensitive ears.
Personality: Nina is a bubbly person, though most of her hero work is done under a cutesy type of marketing personality. She is overall very kind and she loves all things cute, adoring everything from babies to puppies and having an identifiable sweet tooth. Nina serves more as a mascot than an actual hero, though she does tend to be successful when her help is actually needed.

Name: James Harris
Hero-Name: Crash
Role: Hero
Age: 41
Appearance: With age, Jame's hair has grayed but otherwise not much has changed since his younger years,especially not the spark in his hallow red eyes. A toned body is covered by rather tanned skin, he stands about average height but makes up for it in muscle. His hair, thick and straight is a silver color, slicked back all the way and matching the grey stubble on his angular face.
Suite Look: James had an overall plain suite, purple baggy pants as matched with an orange shirt, typically ripped. And a headpiece which mimics and explosion is used to hide his face.
Quirk (Type): Explosive Exaggeration
Quirk Explanation: The user has the ability to make the smallest bit of contact create any leave of explosion. This includes either him flicking a wall or a piece of paper falling the the floor, with just the blink of an eye, James can exaggerate the collision made and create and explosion. Although, he tends to only be able to estimate the explosion size and has never really been able to control how big a blast is.
Personality: James is a light-hearted man, always happy-go lucky and joking even in times when it seems like a serious situation. James is rather experienced despite his outward goofy appearance, and he tends to take charge easily. He really takes the upraise in children villains to heart, seeing as he was once bullied for his quirk being too 'villain-like' and almost joined the dark side.
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(there all part of a crime family known as the royals.)
King (real name Harrison miles.)
Role: Villian
Appearance: He wears a white mask with gold roses on it that covers his face but not his hair. and is out fit consists of a very expensive white suit black pants and red shoes out of costume he is usually found wearing sunglasses with blonde hair and pale white skin.
Quirk: Strings type: emitter
Quirk Explanation:
He can turn things into string which he can control and change the density of his strings. what ever he touches he turns to strings but the strings are highly flammable making it risky for him to extend them
Personality: King is a kind person but keeps that under wraps he prefers to be critical of others he tries to use his ability as a protector of the people but forced into becoming a mafia boss. He tries to stay out of the organized crime part of his business. He doesn't mind heros but similar to stain has no qualms with killing fake heroes.

Name: Violet (Susan Miles)
Role: Villain
Age: 16
Appearance: Violet has purple hair and will wear a bandana when committing crimes alongside a tiara on her head a purple jaket and a red shirt, long black pants and purple boots.
Quirk: Springs Type transformation
Quirk explanation: Violet can turn parts of her body into springs she uses this ability to jump high and use strong kicks. She can turn any part of her body into springs it doesn't work with internal organs tho. If the springs break it will shatter violets bones.
Personality: Violet looks up to her older brother king as she is part of the royal crime family. Violet has been shown to rob banks just to impress king even tho he doesn't want her to she is very mischievous but a kind person at heart.

Name:Emerald (Franklin Miles)
Role: Villain
Age: 42
Appearance: He has black hair white skin green scales on some parts of his body reptillian eyes and massive teeth which he covers with a scarf. Long sharp claws webbed hands and feet. A tail that hangs down t the ground. He is ussaly wearing a green suit with a orange flower pin on the suit. He is always found wearing green boots.
Quirk: Crocodile biology type: Mutant
Quirk explanation: Emerald has the physiology of a crocodile he has claws green, scales sharp teeth, he can breath under water for a long amount of time, a tail, increased strength and speed, and a powerful bite.
Personality: Emerald cares about no one and nothing a massive dealer in drugs in the family. It is said part of his soul died with his brother (King and Violets father.) Due to his brother being (accidentally) killed by a pro hero he has a hatred for all heros.
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Umm... Hey, @J-DAWG could you not auto my characters so much? I mean, in that last post you did just drag Lisa around without letting her react, as well pinning her against the wall also without letting her react. You've also done it quite a bit to Crosshair and Lisa before, as well...