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Runescape RP

Zacky and I have decided to make a Runescape RP but we're not sure who else is interested~
And so I'm makin' one of these things.

Basically, we're gonna keep it close but not too close to the game. In the game, things like Rune and Dragon are commonplace and not too powerful compared to higher level items, but for our RP those will be more or less the best available. Quest reward/items won't be allowed since it won't make much sense for everyone to have them. Monsters will be dangerous and people don't usually make it their business to go out and kill them. You can be an adventurer, a blacksmith, or whatever you want to be, but try to stay human. If you want to be some other kind of species (a dwarf for example) try to pick something that isn't considered a monster, and be sure to ask first if it's ok.

The RP will basically start off with an introduction to our characters and such. Everyone somehow gets word of a meeting being held in Varrock for anyone interested in adventure and treasure. The meeting was called by some rich guy who wants someone to fetch him something found only in the wilderness. The wilderness is as scary in our RP as it is in game; it's filled with monsters and evil things and there are no rules. Once you go in there's no guarantee you'll come back out the same person, if you come out at all. The whole thing is filled with dark magic and whatnot, so yeah people crap their pants just thinking about going in there. Anywho, the guy wants you to go deep in the Wilderness and bring him back the baby of a rare lion-like specie of animal but doesn't tell you how come. He just promises an awesome prize to whoever brings it to him first. Since he isn't too specific only a handful of people are willing to go forth with this task.

So all of us set out into the big scary Wilderness looking for the same thing. Our RP will mostly take place in the Wilderness trying to find the lair of the beast, which is a prize in itself since the animal is a treasure hoarder.

Anyone can join I guess, so long as you feel you have a decent knowledge of the game and good RP skills. Who's interested? :)
Cool! I always wondered when someone would make an RP out of this. I will gladly throw myself into this epic quest for honor, glory, and endless k's of gp!

I have full experience of the Free to Play world of Runescape, but I have never been willing enough to shed some cash to see the members world. And you should have faith in my RP skills, experience here should have covered that by now. If you need a character bios or some other input, just say so and I'll fill the form.
I'm interested. Not only have I been wishing forever to get back into roleplaying, I am a crazed Runescapian and actually have a story based off my Runescpe-OC person. Not my character, actually.
But she isn't exactly human, you see... And it might be considered sort of cheap what she is...
Sign me up please!I used to be a member,but I still play runescape a lot.I never thought anyone would write an RS RP,so this is gonna be great!Maybe you should do a sequel set in daemonheim after this story.
Hell, why not? I was a member for a really long time before i got into bigger and better thinghs, but i love Runescape nonetheless. plus this sounds kinda fun, now let me ask this question...can we use items that we receive from games? i wouldnt mind having a Void mage hood :p
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