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Wisteria got out of the private airship and smiled at the sight of the new Beacon. Crowds of other students then swarmed the short female, but she knew that they werent there for her, they were there for the two famous adults behind her. "Mother and father, I dont see the point in your purpose here" Wisteria hissed out, "oh out sweet snow blossom, we are here to send you off to your first day of school, and were also here to see your aunt Ruby" Weiss Schnee stated with a smile, as Wisteria rolled her eyes at her parents. As the butlers and maids carried the Schnee heiress's bags, the young girl walked with her parents towards the building, while Atlas guards surrounded them. "Are the guards needed sweetie?" Jaune askes, "Its for Wisterias protection, plus Winter and Whitley believe that its best that she is protected at all times" Weiss replied as she eyed her daughters back, which revealed a large scar.

"Okay Ms. Schnee-" a Beacon employee started but was caught off by Wisteria, "its Ms. Arc Schnee" the girl corrected as the man nodded his head, "of course, well this if your room and it will be shared by the rest of your team" the man informed before leaving Wisteria with her butlers, guards, and parents. The room was much larger than the rooms of the first building, since Headmistress Ruby decided that the students needed more living space. "Mommy I want my canopy bed to be set up over there!" Wisteria ordered as she pointed to the empty spot next to the window, the butlers nodded their heads and brought in the parts of the girls white canopy bed, before starting to set up the bed and the area around the chosen area of the heiress, while the maids set up Wisterias matching white desk, along with her vanity. "Wisteria dont you think that you should leave some room for your team?" Weiss questioned, but stopped when Wisteria gave her a glare. The parents sighed as they saw that their daughters stuff was taking up about half of the room, "she gets this from you..." Jaune muttered, befire getting punched by Weiss.

While the servants and maids were setting up her part of the room and her parents were talking to Ruby, Wisteria decided to escape from her bodyguards and travel into the nearby forest to play around, "hmmm, I wonder if I'll be able to find any grimm here..." Wisteria whispered to nobody in particular as she held her belived weapon in her right hand
The airship landing woke Nova from the slight nap she had been taking. Rubbing her eyes, the girl sat up and looked out the window of the airship. Beacon and all it's glory lay out the window, and Nova took a deep breath. She had made it. She was here, in Beacon. She was on her way to become a Huntress. Nova grabbed her luggage and her rifle, Titania, and exited the airship along with all the other students. Her luggage wasn't a lot. Just two duffel bags and a backpack, along with Titania. Apparently, she had already been assigned a room and a team, but the paper never said the names of her teammates. Just a room number. Nova's mom hadn't been to happy about that. Evidently, back when she was in Beacon they had a different way of assigning teams.

As Nova walked towards the dorms, she could feel the nervousness inside her begin to rise up. What were her teammates going to be like? She hoped that they would be nice. Wait... what if they were all boys? What if they weren't all boys, but her teammates just didn't like her?! Nova pasued, taking another deep breath. No. She was going to be fine. She was going to make this work. Nova entered the dorms and made her way towards the room she was assigned. It took a little time, but she made it. Nova stood outside the door to her room, still feeling nervous about this whole thing. It took all of her willpower, but Nova finally grabbed the door handle and opened the door.

However, instead of being greeted to the sight of three young teens about her age with different weapons and such, Nova was greeted with a more unusual sight... A group of butlers and maids were constructing a large bed on one half of the room, where a mountain of luggage lay as well. Four other, normal beds had been pushed to the other side of the room, and not a single student was there. Nova looked at the servants in confusion, then stepped out of the room and looked at the room number. It was the correct number, so this was supposed to be her team's room. Nova stepped back in the room, and looked at the servants with confusion before clearing her throat.

"Uh... hello?" Nova said to the servants.
Sterling noticed the airship start to land and decided to get ready to move, he picked up his bag with one hand and his weapon with his other, despite it's size and weight, Sterling was able to carry it as if it was just a baseball bat. As he made his way toward the school, he scoffed at the sight of a woman being escorted by a few guards, was he envious of the woman's position? No, he was annoyed at how spoiled the 'important' person would behave, but at least he knew where he would get one form of entertainment at school and that was smart talking arrogant people.

He checked his scroll to see if he had any messages and only found one related to the fact he had already been assigned a team. This was bittersweet for Sterling as he was always a fan of surprises, but there was the chance his team would be garbage. One he made his way to the dorms, he put his weapon away in one of the lockers, he then proceeded to look for whoever he was assigned with along with where they were sleeping.

As he made his way over to the rooms to find where his was, he memorized the room number well only to find a girl was already standing outside, he walked over to say hi and to ask why she din't enter the room yet, but the sight of what happened inside answered his question before he could even ask it. "Okay... can one of you guys tell me what the hell's happening to my room?" Sterling asked almost bluntly before he turned his head and gave a warm smile to Nova. "Sup, name's Sterling." He greeted before he turned back to the room and waited for someone to answer his question.
After assembling Wisteria's bed and desk, along with her vanity. The butlers and maids greeted the other two students before leaving the room.

Wisteria walked up to her supposed to be bedroom, and saw two other students standing at the door, the heiress approached the two with a smile, "hello, I guess you guys are my roommates" the short beauty greeted, as Weiss and Jaune appeared behind their daughter. "Wisteria, me and your father are going to go home to Atlas now, if you need anything, just go talk ti Aunty Ruby~" Weiss cooed before giving her daughter a peck on her head and leaving with Jaune, after they both hugged Wisteria. The said girl waved goodbye to her parents and smiled, before turning her attention to her new teammates
"And I guess you're the one who ruined our room?" Sterling bluntly responded as he took one more look to see how their room was ruined to the point where three students would be crammed on one half like a can of sardines while the other half seemed like what a VIP would have, he assumed Wisteria was likely planning this as she would get homesick, but he didn't feel like creating an argument... yet. "I do hope you plan on giving us a bit more room in there rather than you acting as if you put a restraining order on us." He said as he folded his arms whilst one of his wolf ears twitched, not because he heard something, but because they tended to do that on rare occasions.
"Oh, um... Hi..." Nova said to Sterling. A wolf faunus... His weapon looked pretty cool, like some sort of spiked baseball bat. In fact, just from his appearance and weapon he kind of reminded Nova of Pulsar. From what it sounded like Sterling was on her team as well, but not the one that was setting up the large bed. Before Nova could introduce herself, a white-haired girl approached the pair. She also appeared to be in the room with them. Her parents were with her, and gave the girl a kiss on the cheek before departing. The girl's parents looked kinda familiar, but Nova wasn't quite sure where she had seen their faces.

"Uh... Hi. I'm Nova." Nova said to both Sterling and Wisteria. Evidently, Wisteria was the one that had set up the large bed and taken over half of the room. But still, Nova didn't want to make a bad impression on her teammates, so she elected to stat quiet and watch what was going to happen between Sterling and Wisteria.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Midori made his way to his new home, when he entered he found who he assumed were his roommates, he stood there and said "hey there, my name is Midori Cooper and I'm assuming you are my roommates" he smiled politely before pulling and object from his bag, "I heard you taking about space early and well don't factor me into room space I've got the I'll be fine he said unfolding the hammock-ish bed he had brought with him hanging it up near one wall and throwing his belongings just under it. "See" he said pointing at his set up.
"Oh the room..." Wisteria whispered, but when she looked inside she growled in anger, "this is not how I wanted it to be arranged..." the white haired beauty hissed out. Wisteria walked into the room and took her majestic rapier out, the female then summoned two small Ursas, and at command, the two blue and white Grimms, pushed the bed further to the wall, so that it was right next to the window. While Wisteria moved her desk closer to her bed. The girl then summoned a smaller version of a Beringal, whos job was to move the three other beds, so that her teammates had more space, and with a quick flick of Angelique, Wisteria made the grimms dissapear.

"I am so sorry about that, my butlers and maids can get a bit overboard, now I should introduce myself" the female stated, as she stood in front if the other three students. "I am Wisteria Arc Schnee, the heir of Schnee Dust Company and the only child of Jaune Arc and Wiess Arc Schnee" the Schnee heirress informed with a smile, as she did her complete and utter best to hide the scar on her hand
Nova watched as Midori showed up and staked a claim in the room, a little taken aback by the directness of the brown haired student. Before she could say anything to the boy, an unusual noise caught the girl's attention. Nova looked over to see Wisteria draw her rapier and... summon grimm?! To Nova's shock, a pair of small blue and white Grimms appeared, Ursas, and assisted Wisteria in rearranging the room. Was that her Semblance? Being able to summon Grimm? Also... butlers and maids? So those were hers...

Wisteria introduced herself, and Nova brought herself back into the present.
"Oh! Um... I'm Nova..." The girl said, before realizing that she had already introduced herself back in the hallway. Man, what was she thinking? She was really spacing out today. Nova slowly walked into the room, looking at it's new configuration. It was a bit better, but Wisteria's set up still took up a third of the room. The rest other three beds and desks still looked relatively squeezed, but it was better than a few moments ago. Nova put her bags on the bed closest to Wisteria's bed. The names of Wisteria's parents seemed kinda familiar, but Nova still wasn't sure where she knew the names. "It's, uh, nice to meet you."
Nova looked back at her three roommates. So, these were the three people that she was going to be spending her time with here at Beacon. She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to say...
Wisteria smiled at her teammates before going over to her desk and taking out a framed photo from one of her bags, she then placed the beloved photo on her desk and sighed. "Hmmm, we deffinetly need to get some closets for our clothes" Wisteria stated as she neatly laid her bags underneath her canopy bed, before placing her school uniform on her bed. It was still the in the same design as the first uniform from Beacon, which made Wisteria sigh in relief, since she believed that her aunt would have made the uniforms much more.....crazy. Wisteria brushed out her long hair, until she heard a loud cheerful voice scream her name, "WISTERIA ARC SCHNEE!". Ruby Rose walked into the room, before engulfing the Schnee heiress into a big hug, "Auntie! Not in front of my team!" Wisteria complained, as the headmistress of Beacon continued to hug her niece. After escaping her aunts hold, Wisteria decided to introduce her team to her auntie, "Team, I would like you all to meet my auntie and the headmistress of Beacon, Ruby Rose"
Sterling watched in slight surprise as Wisteria summoned Grimm to rearrange their room a bit more into everyone else's favor, wile there was more room for him and the other two teammates, he still assumed that Wisteria was hogging the room. "That's... better than it was before." Sterling said bluntly as he made his way inside, put is bag away and decided to lie on is back on the bed, he planned to unpack later, right now he wanted to rest after a long trip. He looked up when he saw Wisteria old her uniform and realized Shade Academy was the only place without a dress code, while he didn't mind uniforms, he greatly preferred to wear his casual clothes.

He sat on his bed when he saw the headmistress walk into their room and hug Wisteria, he couldn't help but show an amused smile. "So you're the principal here? Here I thought you'd be introducing yourself to everyone for a welcoming assembly or something." Sterling said as he got out his scroll to check his messages and smiled at the wallpaper he used for his scroll. The image showed him standing between two younger and very adorable female wolf faunas, one with light green hair and the other with dark green.
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"Well, we are all going to meet in the Grimm woods, but I just wanted to see my niece before we go, now that Ive seen my little snowdrop, I have to go ahead to the woods, please be there" Ruby informed, before leaving the teams room.

"Do you guys want to go to the Grimm woods now?" Wisteria questioned, as she sat on her bed and cleaned the blade of Angelique with a white cotton cloth
Nova was quite surprised at the sudden appearance of this strange, loud woman. This lady was supposed to be their headmistress? Nova could barely get out a "nice to meet you" before the lady was already gone. Nova picked up her rifle and slung it over her shoulder, as well as clipped her grapple hook gun to her belt.
"Alright." Nova said, feeling a bit more determined. She smiled and Wisteria a thumbs up. She could always unpack when they got back to the dorms.
Sterling gave a light shrug as he got up and put his hands in his pockets. "Sure, might as well. Honestly, I would've love to have gotten a drink beforehand, but I suppose I can always work up my thirst and in turn make the drink better when I get it." Sterling said as he lightly gestured everyone to wait for a moment or two as he made his way back to his locker to receive his weapon which he took with a smile. Once he made his way back, he couldn't help but smile lightly at Nova, despite her shyness, Sterling secretly found it adorable. "I like your weapon... Nova was it?" He asked with a raised eyebrow as he slung his weapon over his shoulder.
Wisteria got up from her bed and held Angelique in her right hand, "Once we finish, I'll take you all out for some dinner, my treat" Wisteria declared, while walking out of the room and into the hallway. She signaled for the rest of her team to follow, Wisteria went down the marble staircase steo by step, until she made it into the lobby of the dorm building. She then exited using the double automatic glass doors, she then headed to Grimm woods, eager to hunt down all types of species of grimm
"No, it's called Titania. She's a high-precision rifle, and I've been-" Nova said. A slow blush spread across her face as the girl realized that Sterling was, in fact, talking about her and not her weapon. She began to speak in a flustered fashion. "N-no, wait, I-I mean- Uh... Oh, jeez."
Nova closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself and seem less flustered. Finally, she opened her eyes.
"I'm... Nova. Thank you. It took a lot of work for me to make Titania, even with my parent's help." Nova said, looking up at Sterling. She noticed the weapon he had was slung across his back.
"Your weapon is pretty cool, too. I don't think I've seen one quite like it." Nova said.
Sterling couldn't help but let out a light chuckle at Nova's mistake, he patted her shoulder a few times in an attempt to comfort her. "So you've had some help with your weapon as well, eh?" He said before he began to follow Wisteria, clearly eager to take down some Grimm. he smiled at Nova once more when she complimented his weapon. "Thanks, I call it Anileis and if you think it looks cool now, you should wait until you see what it can do against Grimm." He stated as he swung his weapon a few times in a sway like fashion whilst also careful on where he was swinging it and make sure he didn't hit anyone.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Midori hopped out of his hammock and slung his bow across his back with his quiver, "yeah your weapons are really cool" what did the headmistress say about the forest I wasn't really listening sorry" he looked at the group hoping one of them would give an answer.
When Wisteria reached the entrance of the woods, she was told the rules of the game, by one of the teachers. "Okay so, whichever team hunts down the most grimm, wins" Wisteria muttered. The Schnee heiress walked up to her teammates and informed them of her plan, "To win this game that my aunt has created, we need to hunt down the most grimm, so I have devised a plan and it involves us sticking together, since the different grimms give us different amount of points. For example the Beowolf is gonna have less points than a Nevermore" Wisteria informed. "But with my semblance called Summon, we can take down more grimm and there are no other Schnees, which means our team will be the only one to have an army of Grimm" the white haired beauty informed with a smile. "OKAY TEAMS TO THE STARTING POINTS!" Ruby screamed, as the different teams stood at the entrance of the grimm infested forest. Wistria dragged her team along and made them stand next to her at the entrance, until Ruby screamed for the teams to start. While all the other teams ran in the direction of roars, Wisteria held her team in place and took out Angelique, and as she twirled the blade of the rapier, a large Nevermore grimm appeared. "Go scout out a big target, then tell me, I trust you my sweet Nevermore" Wisteria whispered to the white and blue grimm. The large creature nodded its head and flew up into the sky to look for any grimms thag would score the team large points. "Okay so while my Nevermore is scouting, I suggest we go there since King Taijitsu's prefer to be in quit areas" Wisteria informed as she walked to the direction she had pointed in
Nova watched as Sterling swung his weapon in a rather impressive fashion.
"Cool..." Nova said, watching the weapon. The girl followed Wisteria, and soon the group was outside the Grimm Woods. Other teams were there already, and all had their weapons out at the ready. Most of them had weapons that were able to transform from a melee form to a long range form, much to Nova's discomfort. The girl slung her sniper rifle off her shoulder and held it at the ready, listening to the Headmistress's instructions. Various howls and roars could be heard from the forest, of the Grimms roaming about.

When the Headmistress yelled for the teams to begin, Nova started to charge in along with the other teams. She stopped when she realized that not everyone from her team was running in as well, and looked back to see Wisteria summon a large Nevermore. Once again, Nova was surprised at the heiress's ability. She had seen her summon small Grimms, but this Nevermore was huge! It flew off, and Nova hoped that the other groups weren't going to try to shoot it down. Nova walked back to the group.
"... King Taijitsus? Uh... Aren't those a little... well, tough?" Nova asked cautiously.
Sterling scoffed as Wisteria told him to wait just as the team did whilst everyone else charged into the woods, ready to fight Grimm, Sterling matched everyone else's competitiveness and he strongly desired to win... and if he lost, he'd likely blame Wisteria. He scoffed lightly when he saw her summon a Nevermore to scout ahead, while he admired the summoning techniques the Schnee family possessed, he wanted to try tracking good Grimm himself; as a canine faunas, he possessed a good sense of smell and hearing.

He looked at Nova and nodded in agreement with her opinion on Wisteria's King Taijitsu. "Doesn't matter if it's tough, we're tougher than a few mere Grimm." Sterling said with clear confidence as he spun his weapon a few times. "If we lose this, I'm going to be really pissed off by the way." he said as he waited impatiently for their target to be identified.
Wisteria rolled her eyes and sighed, "King Taijitsu's are not even that strong, you just have to keep the two heads busy" Wisteria informed, before summoning a group of Ursas and Beowolfs and sending them to hunt down other grimm. "Just to keeo you from whining, Im sending that team of my Grimms to hunt down weaker targets, so that they can grab us some points while we work on taking down more powerful enemies" tge heiress informed. She then placed her hand up in the air, before using her blade to send out a burst of flames, and in which a Deathstalker walked out. Wisteria glanced at the large grimm anf shuddered at the sight of the Scorpion like monster
"I think..." Nova's suggestion trailed off, as she watched Wisteria summon more Grimms. Good lord, did this girl have any limit to her summoning ability? She had just summoned a huge Nevermore, and now she was summoning a group of Ursai and Beowolves? Nova watched as the blue and white Grimms walked into the forest, feeling a little uncomfortable. It almost felt like cheating, really. Sending Grimms to hunt other Grimms. Nova turned her attention back to Wisteria. But before Nova could say anything, Wisteria blasted some fire from her rapier, revealing a Deathstalker. A Deathstalker, right at the edge of the forest!

Nova's eyes widened, and the girl took a step back. The Grimm was huge! Taking initiative, Nova dropped to a knee and fired two shots at the large, scorpion-like Grimm. To her dismay, the bullets only glanced off the Grimm's exoskeleton.
"A Deathstalker, I dont have one yet..." Wisteria Schnee muttered. "Slice of the stinger!" Wisteria commanded, as she dodged an attack from the large beast. The heiress used a black glyph to launch herself into the air and landing elegantly on the back of the giant grimm, as the stinger tried to slice at the flower named female, she used Angelique to counter the attack. "NOVA! Aim at its stinger!" Wisteria yelled, before doing a grand jeté to avoid an attack
"I'll help, just try to keep that tail still!" Sterling said as he fell back to get on a tree branch and began to make his weapon transform from a deadly looking Kanabo to a devastating looking bazooka. He got out an Ice Dust Magazine and put it in the barrel before he pointed said bazooka at the Deathstalker. On the sight, there was a little target trying to lock on to the tail, but given how the tail swayed too fast, it was unlikely for the missile to hit it's mark.
Nova looked down the sights of her rifle, trying to keep calm and aim. She had never faced anything this big! Sure, she had gone against Beowolves and Ursai minor, but even then Pulsar and her mother had been there to back her up! Nova fired again, but the Deathstalker had moved at the last moment and the bullet glanced off of the stinger. The Deathstalker noticed Nova and moved quickly. The girl drew her grapple gun but was just too slow in escaping, and the Deathstalker knocked her away with one of it's claws. Nova's Aura still protected her from harm, but the attack still hurt!

The strike knocked Nova into a tree trunk, but the girl still kept a hold on Titania and her grapple gun. The Deathstalker scuttled closer and lashed at Nova with it's stinger, but Nova had fired her grapple gun into the tree and pulled herself up just in time to dodge the attack. Now, for just a moment, the Deathstalker's stinger was embedded in a tree trunk.
"Nova, are you okay?" Sterling called to Nova before he looked at the situation the Deathstalker was in. "Perfect." He thought with a sly smirk as he aimed Anileis at the tree where the Deathstalker was stuck in. "Might want to move, Nova, can't guarantee how small the blast will be!" Sterling said as he kept his weapon's sight on the Deathstalker's immobilized tail until a few beeps can be heard from the weapon which indicated that he was locked on. Afterward, he proceeded to fire an Ice Dust missile between the tree and the tail it was stuck in, therefore making the Deathstalker more stuck than it was before and many more opportunities on how to take it down.
Wisteria groaned before walking up to the Deathstalker and summoning her two most powerful Grimms, her Manticore and Sea Feilong. As the two blue and white Grimms attacked the Deathstalker, Wisteria fell to her knees with a pant, even though the heiress was talented in using her Semblance, summoning a giant Nevermore, a team of Beowolfes and Ursas, and still summoning her two most powerful Grimms, took a toll on the white haired beauty. Once the Manticore and Sea Feilong finally defeated the Deathstalker, both of Wisterias grimms dissapeared in particles, as did the dark Deathstalker. Wisteria smiled, knowing that the Deathstalker was now hers to summon whenever
Nova took Sterling's advice, using her grapple gun to pull her to the tree as the wolf Faunus launched his Dust Missile. She felt a cold blast of air as the missile blew up, freezing the Deathstalker's stinger to the tree. Nova clipped her grapple gun back to her belt and brought her rifle back to bearing on the Grimm, only to watch in shock as Wisteria summoned two more Grimm. How many Grimm could this girl summon?! These weren't ordinary Grimm that Wisteria summoned either. The first one was a Manticore. A freaking Manticore! Her mother had told her stories about the time her team was almost wiped out by one, and this girl could summon one?! The second one Nova didn't recognize, some sort of huge serpent-like dragon!

The two powerful (albeit smaller) Grimm tore the Deathstalker apart, then disappeared after. Nova slowly lowered Titania, staring at Wisteria. The girl slowly looked over at Sterling, to make sure he saw what she saw.
Wisteria attempted to stand up, but completely and utterly failing, as she fell back down to her knees. The blue eyed Schnee raised her Rapier in the air, and in which her team of Beowolfes and Ursas dissapeared. "We need to move on and hunt down weaker grimm, the Deathstalker should have already given us twice amount of points than all the other teams and the team of Grimm that I sent out had done their jobs" Wisteria stated as she stood up in slight discomfort. "I wont be able to summon for a bit, so I am only going to be able to support you guys using my glyphs" the heiress informed


Previously Shadow_Pup
Midori had been providing support from the sidelines. He walked forward now and asked "so which way should we head, then". He pulled a poison tipped arrow from his quiver and prepared the arrow, he was now prepared for anything to happen. He turned back to Wisteria awaiting a response.
Nova jumped down from the tree, scanning the nearby foliage through her telescopic sight in Titania. There weren't any Grimms nearby, as far as she could see. Nova lowered her rifle and turned to Wisteria and Midori.
"It's okay. You've done so much already." Nova said to Wisteria. She looked back up at the forest and swallowed nervously.
"There's only one way to go. Deeper into the forest." Nova said to Midori, a little nervous. The girl brought her rifle up to her cheek and got low, and began to cautiously advance into the forest.
Sterling watched as both the Deathstalker and Wisteria's Grimm disappeared into the wind, he was slightly vexed at the arsenal that Wisteria had with them but kept quiet as he didn't feel like arguing, he nodded at Nova after he heard her suggestion to go deeper into the woods. "Just stay behind us, princess." Sterling said to Wisteria before he looked ahead and reverted Anileis back to it's Kanabo form and held it close to him like a well prepared batter in a baseball game. He took a few whiffs of the air around him. "Hmmm... I can faintly smell a few Grimm, but I doubt they're gonna be heading this way, if they were, the smell would get stronger." Sterling said as he looked back at everyone as his ear twitched. "Although... I can hear some kind of ominous sound." He added.
Nova did another quick sweep of her vision, but paused when Sterling spoke up. The girl glanced back at Sterling, a little confused. She knew certain Faunus, like her brother and mother, had very good senses. But he didn't quite know what Sterling meant by a sound being "ominous".
"Ominous... like, as in Grimm ominous?" Nova asked. She hadn't seen anything through her scope, but Sterling had said that Grimms weren't nearby. Nova turned her attention back to the forest, keeping an eye out for any Grimm.
Wisteria noddes and held Angelique to her side, the heiress attempted to give some information about Grimm location, but stopped herself when she heard a familiar cry from the distance. "No it cant be....." the girl whispered, "it couldnt have had.....found...me.......its here for aunty Ruby and me" Wisteria whispered, before standing up and following the sound of the dangerous Grimm. "Nuckelavee, its here!" Wisteria informed as she got closer to the sound, her grimp on her rapier grew tighter as a lump in her throat formed. The female looked at the entrance of the temple, from where the the horrifying sound emitted from
Sterling raised an eyebrow when Wisteria wandered toward wherever the sound came from. "Wisteria? I thought I said stay behind us, where are you going?" He asked before the heiress mentioned the name of the creature. "A what? There's no way there'd be one all the way out here." Sterling said with a hint of cautiousness in his voice, deep down he figured that Wisteria was right as his ears were never wrong. He followed Wisteria to the temple and put his hand on her shoulder.

"We don't have to go after it... we can just wait for more people to come so we can take it down or just avoid the place entirely. I know we're all strong, but I doubt we're ready to take down a... Nuckelavee? Especially considering you can't summon anymore." Sterling said, the cautiousness in his voice was a lot clearer than before as he held Anileis tight in his hand.
"Sterling, I need to fight it...." Wisteria softly whispered, "its the prime reason I want to become a huntress, its also the reason I have these scars" the blue eyed Schnee informed, referring to the large scar on her back and the one on her hand. "You can stay with the others, but Im not just going to pass encounter with the beast" the female stated, as she removed Sterlings hand off her shoulder. The female than ran towards thw temple before launching herswlf up into the air, using a glyph, and elegantly landing on a large pillar.

Wisteria felt shivers go down her spine, due to the sight of the terrifying creature that had given her the haunting scars
Nova quickly followed Wisteria and Sterling, a bit confused as to what they were doing. She slowed down, however, when the ruined temple came into sight. The girl listened in to Sterling and Wisteria's conversation. Evidently, there was some sort of Grimm in there, but Nova had never heard of a Nuckelavee Grimm. Whatever it was, even Sterling sounded against fighting it. Nova shifted uncomfortably. For her, that Death Stalker had been a big Grimm. What could be worse than that? Wisteria jumped up onto a pillar, using some sort of glyph to propell her up. While that happened, Nova looked to Sterling for what to do. Should they fight it, or try to grab Wisteria and run?

The Nuckelavee let out a shriek as it exited the cave-like entrance, and Nova froze. Her her eyes grew wide with fear, and she took an unconscious step back. The Grimm was smaller than the Death Stalker they had just faced, but... All of Nova's aura was screaming that this creature was extremely dangerous, and she had to run. It looked like some sort of imp-like creature fused onto a horse, with arms that were way to long and rubbery.
"Uh, uh...." Nova tried to speak, to do anything, but found that she couldn't.
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Wisteria stood on the pillar and slightly whimpered. The Nuckelvee looked at the heiress, before trying to reach out and grab the girl, but before it could grab the Schnee. Wisteria jumped out of the way and perfectly landing on another pillar, the girl quickly slid her hand over thw blade and in which made a flame appear on the Rapier. Wisteria jumped, she landed a hit on the beast, but was immidietly pinned to a pillar by the Nuckelvee's long arms. Due to her low energy, Wisteria couldnt even free herself, all she could do was let out screams of pain, as the monster tightened his grip on the young girl