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Jayden Chambers stepped out of Professor Oak's helicopter, holding his bag and looked around. The location was a flower-covered field, and in the close distance, a town. The town was probably Nuvema Town. The helicopter shut, and started flying again. He waited, to see if any more flying vehicles would arrive on the field. Maybe the other six would arrive by boat, or maybe even train.

He grabbed the Poke-Ball on his belt, and released his only Pokemon, Squirtle. It looked around quickly, before jumping onto Jayden's shoulder. 'Unova! Is that... a Purrloin? OH! There's a Mareep! There's tons of Pokemon! Ones I've never seen before!'. Squirtle gently tapped his trainer's face, which he'd been told meant to be quieter, loud noises frightened Squirtle, so Professor Oak had given Squirtle commands to tap on Jayden's face if it was too loud.

'Whilst we wait, let's try practising a move. Use Water Gun!'. Out of Squirtle's mouth came a bolt of water, and he launched it straight into the air. Some of the wild Pokemon looked in awe at the water. As it landed, some went over and attempted to drink it. Jayden backed away. 'Let's just wait, huh?'

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Zoey waved at Kukui as the boat docked off, starting to sail away for Unova. "Have fun out there, Zoey! Do us here proud!" He shouted, waving and giving a big smile to her. She had a black, small shoulder bag in the shape of a rectangle, which contained her 10 poke-balls from the professor and her starter, Litten. The trainer and her Pokemon had much in common, they both loved a good fight, and couldn't wait to get stronger. Zoey turned round, facing the front of the boat as it turned away from Melemele Island, she sat down in a deck chair, basking in the sun and soaking in its strong rays. Looking down into her bag, she smiled again, "This will be nice, won't it, buddy? We've got eachother, all the way through everything."

Upon docking at Unova, the girl got up from her chair, looking around the field of flowers and Pokemon. She quickly got off the boat, onto dry land again and gave a small wave to a Purrlion that looked up at her from a small bush. She reached into her bag and took out Litten's ball, letting him run free. He immediately jumped out and looked around, staring at the new landscape the two had come upon. She looked over a bit more, seeing a helicopter landing to let out a boy with green-ish hair, and she went over to him after it flew away again. She watched the boy practise with his Squirtle and let out a small giggle, "Hi there, I'm Zoey Addison, sent here from Alola for that mission thingy!" Litten looked up at the Squirtle on the boy's shoulder and tilted its head, seeing how timid it was to loud noises. "And I was sent by my professor, Kukui and Lusamine of the Aether Foundation." She smiled at the boy, thinking they could make good friends, being the first person she'd met on Unova for her mission.
'Oh! Hi! Alola, huh? I was supposed to be going there on holiday, but then, I was the one who got chosen by Professor Oak. I come from Kanto, in fact, Lavender Town. The one that people freak out about. I'm Jayden Chambers, and this is Squirtle. He's really shy though, so don't go making loud noises, please!'. Squirtle jumped off his shoulder, grabbed a flower from the field, and walked over to Litten. He put the flower onto Litten's head. Jayden grabbed a few flowers, after seeing Litten, and then tied them around each other, to form a bracelet thing. 'My mum taught me how to do this when I was younger, it's a friendship thing. I'm gonna make one for everyone! Wait, you aren't allergic to flowers are you?' Jayden then realised. 'Oh, oops, sorry, I... uh.... shouldn't have started too fast, sorry... if you wanna give me time before being friends or something, I get it.'
Courir hopped off the private jet(Which Professor Sycamore helpfully chartered for him)'s staircase, Chespin on his shoulder(Asleep.) He said
"Chespin...Wake up, we're here!"
"Ch-Ches?" Chespin said as he woke up, and Courir replied
"Yep, no more lazing around, we can finally have some fun!" as he put his roller skates, and went to where he heard some people talking, he skated around the area, accidently shouting out loud(while Chespin was trying his custom roller skates.)"WHEEEEE! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!" he skated to the people who were talking before, stopped in front of them, and said
"Hey! 'sup!" Chespin said


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin awoke from his house in Nuvema Town to the movement of his Pokémon, who had gotten on his chest, and shook him awake. “That time already, huh? Let’s get to it then.” He said, as he proceeded to get out of his bed, rubbing his hair to straighten it. Oshawott smiled, and got next to him. Still groggy, he clumsily made it to his closet, and switched out of his night clothes into his everyday outfit. “That’s a bit better! Now, we should probably get going. I think Professor Juniper was looking for me.” He continued, to which his Oshawott let out a happy cry. He walked down stairs, said goodbye to his mom, and exited the house into the nice, peaceful environment of the small Unovan town. He began walking toward the professors lab, but noticed there were a few other trainers who seemed newer to the region, not that he knew much more than they did, other than about the Pokémon. He began waking towards them.
'Oh, hey, Zoey, more people!'. He looked over and waved to the Chespin's trainer, and then the trainer in the distance, who was arriving short by. 'Hi! I'm Jayden Chambers from Kanto! You guys are....?'. Squirtle ran up to the Chespin and immediately paused. It didn't know what to give Chespin to say hello, so it stood there. It bowed instead. 'Are you two with the professors? For the thing?'. He grabbed two of the flower-bracelet things. 'I made a load of these for everyone with the professors, but now I realise, you guys might not want a bracelet. Want me to make something else? I can do a lot of things with flowers... it's just a thing I learned when I was younger.'. He saw the jet that one of the two had arrived on, and looked at it flying away. 'Wow, that's a much more.. uh... graceful way of arriving than me... I came on a rusting helicopter..'.
Just as most of the trainers appeared unto the grounds of Nuvema Town, a helicopter's propeller could be heard and it was landing on a free and open spot on the town. As soon as it landed, the clicking sounds of high heels could be heard exiting the aircraft. Out came out a girl, who seemed much older for her age, with a serious expression ans tanned skin that glowed radiantly from the sun. She wore a suit and a latex-looking skirt with a pair of sunglasses. She gave off that kind of professional vibe you get from watching teachers walk down the hall or something.

The girl would then toss her Pokeball, and out came a Chimchar. The Chimchar would then jump unto her shoulder, indicating she was a Pokemon trainer.

After a moment of looking at the town, the girl finally decided to speak to the group of trainers she noticed were standing there. "Hello, there. I am Kitranta Amin, and I was chosen by Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region to investigate some strange oddities that have been occuring here in the Unova region with 6 other trainers who were chosen by their professors. Judging by the Pokemon you all possess, I assume you three were also chosen to do the same task."

Katrinta then adjusted her sunglasses as she kept her serious posture.
Zoey listened to Jayden talk about Kanto, giving him a warming smile. She watched Squirtle walk over to her Pokemon and put a flower in it's head and gave am 'aw' with slightly sparkling eyes, "That is.. the most adorable thing.." Litten looked up, quite surprised and put his head to the floor, sniffing for a nice flower. He chose a lovely yellow one, with a bright green steam and put it in Squirtle's shell with his mouth gently. "And I'll be quiet, don't worry little guy!" She whispered to the cute little Pokemon. As Jayden made a flower bracelet, the girl turned her head, wondering if it was, in fact for her, and it was, so she took it out of the boy's hands and slid it onto her small wrist, "It's nice, thanks! You seem nice, so, I guess we're already friends, I like your energy." She giggled, looking at her flower bracelet.

Litten happily ran around in the flowers, still with his flower from Squirtle, and then stopped in his tracks, seeing a massive jet coming to land by the field, he ran over to it, watching the door until another trainer raced out on skates, which made him jump a bit. Zoey looked at the new boy, who was already with them, and gave a small wave with another smile, "Hey! I'm Zoey Addison, sent here by Professor Kukui and Lusamine of the Aether Foundation on Alola. I'm guessing you're here for the mission, too?" Her Pokemon had run over by now too, giving a 'mrawr' to the Chespin. Just after that boy, another had started to walk over, probably from Unova from what Zoey knew, so she waved to him from afar.

Just as Zoey had got settled so far, another trainer, who looked much older, and much more serious, had come out of a helicopter and come over to the three in the field. "Hi there, I'm here for that thing, yup. I'm Zoey Addison, from Alola, and I was sent by Professor Kukui and Lusamine from the Aether Foundation." Litten looked at her Chimchar, obviously seeing it was another fire type, and he blew a small trail of fire, which was just a smaller form of ember, out of his mouth, greeting the other fire Pokemon in his own way. "He's not trying to make a threat, my litten just likes to introduce himself to other fire types by doing a smaller form of ember." The girl said, leaning down to stroke her Pokemon on his head. "So, a couple more trainers to come, I think." Litten flopped to the floor, impatiently, wanting to get a move on and explore Unova already, "We'll probably get moving soon, fix your attitude, mister!" Zoey said, laughing and picking him up to put him back on his feet.

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Seeing the girl coming out of the helicopter gave Jayden a feel of unease. She gave off the vibe of someone who didn't have much time on a schedule and was reluctantly doing this. 'Yes, I'm here for the mission thing.. I'm Jayden Chambers from Lavender Town, Kanto.'. The girl slightly reminded him of someone from the Alola region. 'You're not from Alola- wait, you can't be..... Sinnoh?' He pointed to the Chespin trainer, and then to the now-arrived Oshawott trainer. 'You're from... Kalos? And are you from Unova?'.

Squirtle walked up to the Chimchar, but seeing the girl made him jump into his shell, and spin, similar to a certain videogame's character, over to Oshawott. As it was another Water-type, Squirtle did the same as Litten, except with Water Gun. He raised his head and squirted it into the air, to make a fountain-like effect. It fell back into his mouth, and he clutched his mouth to indicate choking. Jayden picked up his Squirtle, and gave it a hard pat on the shoulder, which caused a large amount of water to splatter onto the floor. 'Squirtle... you need to be more careful!'. Squirtle then made a nervous smile. 'We need to wait for two more trainers, I think, until we can move on.' Squirtle had now noticed a flower in the crack of his shell. He smiled at Litten, knowing it was from him. 'That's so cute!'.
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While everyone was talking, you could hear a train honking in the distance. It stopped in Nuvema Town and you can here a lot of people talking and laughing. Then a girl with light blonde hair walked into the open field. She had her arms crossed and sleeping in her arms was an adorable Mudkip. She walked over to all the trainers. “Hello everyone.”. She grabbed out her flute and started to play a beautiful song. One by one she feeded all the Pokemon some food, even the Pidove flying above.
(Sorry if it’s not very good this is my first role play in pokecharms)


Previously TheJustinMan
As Justin neared, he watched one of the trainers Squirtle get close to his Oshawott, to which the otter Pokémon cried happily. He then answered the question that the trainer had asked him. “Yes, I’m from the Unova region, right here in Nuvema Town, actually! I’m Justin Hardin, and that’s Oshawott.” He replied, as the Pokémon let out another happy cry. “I know a bit about the Pokémon exclusive to this region, so don’t hesitate to ask me about any of them!” He continued. He hadn’t noticed the 6th trainer yet.
Zoey watched the sixth trainer run over, playing a song. She smiled at the other girl, seeing she looked nice, probably nicer than the more professional girl, from what she thought. "One to go.. it's taking a while though, we should probably get going already." Litten nodded to her, raring to go. "I think we all know that you, of all impatient Pokemon, want to go do some battles and explore already." The girl patted his head, trying to calm him down. She looked into her bag, taking out a map of Unova with marked spots of where it was recommended they should go, and looked at everyone else, showing them her map from Kukui. "This here," She pointed to a mark over a town, "Is where we are, in Nuvema. I think we're supposed to stay here tonight, explore a bit, and then move on." Putting her map away, she looked at the boy with the little Oshawott, "You probably know a lot more than any of us about this, want to show us around?" She said with a smile, thinking that everybody would probably want a little exploration around the town, maybe it could even help them on their mission. Litten had started running off, and looked back at the group, with an un-impressed face that nobody else had moved yet.
Squirtle ran over to Mudkip and did the same fountain display, making sure he didn't choke again. This time, it was done quite impressively. Jayden introduced himself like he had for the last four times, 'Hi! I'm Jayden Chambers from Pallet Town. You're from Hoenn, right? I can tell from the Mudkip.'. Litten was getting more impatient, and he could tell Zoey was doing the same. 'We've only been here ten minutes, surely the last person will arrive, right? Maybe he's here? He could have come on a boat or something. Yes, it could be a she. Anyways, I guess we should get moving, we- at least I need to find a place called 'The Son Of The Sea'. It's where we're staying. At least, where I'm staying, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys are too. I wanna put my stuff down in my room before I look around, this is heavy!'. Squirtle leapt up onto his shoulder, and he started walking down. 'Hey, Justin, do you know where it is? You come from this town, right?'.
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Courir was surprised at all the sudden arrivals, he said
"Yep, I'm Courir Blanc, I'm from Kalos, Shalour City, and uh, the plane was thanks to Professor Sycamore. This is my partner, Chespin!"
"Ches-Ches!" Chespin said as he went over to where the other pokémon were. When Courir looked at Kitranta, He got really nervous, and thought to himself Ugh, C'mon, STOP AWKWARDLY STARING AT HER! He snapped out of it, and said
"And obviously, Chespin and I were sent for this mission." he then said while taking one of the bracelets, "Thanks for the bracelet, looks neat!" he put it on.
Kitranta looked on as everyone was having their own conversations. They all really seemed like nice people, but she didn't have time to converse with any of them. After all, she was sent to the Unova region to investigate the mysterious oddities by Professor Rowan himself, not for a vacation. Professor Rowan did tell Kitranta to get along with the other trainers, so she decided to not make such a big deal about the situation, but she hoped they would take the investigation more seriously when the time came.

Chimchar looked on at the trainers, and especially their Pokemon, as it seemed as if it wanted to play with them. The Chimchar was kind of sad when the Squirtle ran away because of Kitranta's serious and intimidating vibes.

Kitranta noticed this too, and patted her Chimchar on it's head. When her Chimchar looked at Kitranta, she had on a smile and nodded as if to tell him he could go and play if he wanted to. The Chimchar then started crying in glee as it jumped off of Kitranta's shoulders, and ran over to the other trainers and their Pokemon to socialize.

Even if Kitranta didn't want to socialize, she wouldn't stop her Pokemon from doing so. She wanted to see him happy. Though, she then decided to take out her Pokewatch and looked at the time. She also was going to stay at "The Sun of the Sea" resort, though, just like Jayden, she didn't know where it was.

Kitranta then noticed that Jayden was having a bit of trouble carrying his belongings, so she walked up to him and asked, "Would you like some help? I could carry some of your stuff for you if need be." Professor Rowan did say to get along with the other trainers, and Kitranta wanted to show her new teammates that she can be reliable.


Previously TheJustinMan
"Okay, if everyone's here, I guess it's time that we get moving! Son of the Sea..." Justin said, and trailed off as he said the last few words. "I think I know where that is. Over here, by the coast somewhere." He said, pointing back towards the coast area of Nuvema Town. "You do bring up a good point. Where is everyone staying? I believe that Professor Juniper said that I'd be staying at that place as well." He asked the group, before he began walking. Oshawott stood up on his shoulder, with a happy look on it's face.
As everyone got moving to the Son of the Sea, Zoey and Litten followed along. When they reached it, Zoey had remembered Kukui said something about this place, so she guessed it was the right one. “I’m staying here, we might as all now, anyway.” Litten jumped up, taking a reservation card out of Zoey’s bag and ran away into the hotel, “He sure is excited, hopefully your Pokemon are too, I’ve heard good moods make them much better in battle.” She said, as she walked away after Litten into the Son of the Sea.

Her Pokemon had already thrown the card to the receptionist, who looked down at him with a raised eyebrow until Zoey came over. The woman gave them their room, and they went back to the group, “I’m going to my room, it’s number 13.” Then slid back inside the doors, looking down the hallways for 13. “Aha! Here it is, Litten!” The girl called out, standing in front of her room. Her Pokemon quickly caught up to her, then nudged her to open the door. She did so, and the room was cleanly decorated, it looked good overall. Zoey quickly made a small bed out of a big sofa pillow for her Pokemon, then flopped down onto her own, looking up to the ceiling. “This is nice, right?” Litten mrawred in response, sitting down on his pillow.
'Ah, no, I'm fine, thanks for the offer, Kitranta... did I say it right?'. Squirtle looked over to Chimchar, and he walked up to him and apologised to him for thinking he'd be intimidating. He followed Justin down to the Son Of The Sea, and after getting his key, and going up, looking in awe at the stunning interior every time the elevator opened, he arrived at his room, with the number 15 in gold. He walked over to the TV, and sat down, Squirtle crawled out of his backpack, which he had retreated into upon seeing a flood of people. 'This is awesome!'. He turned on the TV to an interview with a gym leader, who was holding a heavy metal guitar and had spiky white hair.

He didn't bother to unpack, he was probably moving out of here the next day, so he just left his backpack and other luggage packed, except he pulled some pyjamas out, ready for the night. Then he realised that it was only three o'clock. Zoey wanted everyone to explore, so he turned the TV off, lights off and ran out, locking the door behind him. Squirtle was in the backpack, which he had repacked and brought out. He waited in the lobby, hoping the others had the same idea.
Courir went to his room(16) and relaxed on the couch(After putting his stuff to the side, as he hadn't packed much, just the essentials.), he said
"Ah, this is nice, ain't it, Chespin?"
"Ches, Ches!"
"Oh, I know! Let's go back to the lobby!" He put Chespin on his shoulder, and quickly went to the lobby, he said to Jayden "Hey, Jay! You don't mind if I call you Jay, Do ya?"
"Ches, Ches, Ches!"
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'Oh, hi... Courir! Jay's fine, but I'd prefer it if you'd stick to Jayden.'. He was rubbing his palm up and down Squirtle's shell, who was spread out over his knees. He was wearing a hoodie now, it had gone cold and rainy all of a sudden, and the heat had also been drained out of the lobby. 'I hope the others got the idea of going down to the lobby. And maybe packing a hoodie.'. Squirtle looked over to Chespin, and looked back. 'Also, are there any Pokemon you're hoping to catch in Unova? I think a Roggenrola would be really cool!'. He looked over to the elevator, awaiting Courir's response, and hoping another person would appear out of the elevator.
Courir smirked, and said
"Heh, maybe a Deino would be neat. But, I don't mind, just whatever comes my way." He smiled, and Chespin said to Squirtle
"Yea, might be best to do some training, We'll be outside, Jayden!" He went outside, and started training Chespin.


Previously TheJustinMan
Justin had already gone up to his room, Room 9, and had set down some of his things. He already had a jacket, and he began going down the elevator. He had stepped out, only to hear the last few words that were spoken by Jayden and Courir. “You now, you’re more likely to find Roggenrola in a cave. And the next cave is... a while from here.” He said, while Oshawott began looking at the trainer and his Squirtle, letting out an “Osha!” “Honestly, I’d like to find a Venipede. They aren’t very common around here, so I’ll have to wait as well. How are you liking Unova so far, by the way?” He asked.
Kitranta nodded in understanding, and responded to Jayden, "Alright, I understand. And, yes, you did pronounce my name correctly." Chimchar would respond to Jayden's Squirtle, and told the Squirtle that he was just fine.

Kritanta would then follow Justin to the Son Of the Sea resort, and got her room key and service when she arrived. She was placed at room 14, so she would be in the same area as Jayden and Courir. She placed her bag and other belongings unto the bed of the room, as she felt she didn't need to carry them for the time of being. She also took of her sunglasses in the process and placed them on a table.

Kritanta would then look out of two glass doors that lead to some kind of porch in her room, and noticed that it had started raining outisde. And that wasn't all, her room also started to get chilly, so Kritanta decided to change into some pants and a zipper-less hoodie, going for a more casual look as she had to rest for a bit.

Kitranta then decided that she would go down to the lobby, to see if there was anything of importance she could be doing. As soon as she arrived to the lobby area, she noticed Jayden, Justin and Courir, though Courir seemed to have been doing some training, which caused confusion and curiosity as it was raining outside and she didn't think it was really a good idea to be training in that kind of weather.

Since everybody else seemed to have been doing something, like Courir training and Justin and Jayden having a conversation, Kitranta decided that she would just sit down on a bench and check her Pokedex to see if there were any Pokemon she would want to catch for her journey. She had three choices already for Pokemon that would be good to add to her team, a Mareep, Tympole, and Venipede. They were all pretty powerful and would lead to a diverse team.
Zoey sat up on her bed, looking at Litten, “I ‘spose we should get going, I can hear some noise outside, must be everyone else waiting.” She got up, looking outside her porch to see rain, it didn’t look very warm anymore either. “Let’s get some warmer clothes on, I even have something for you too.” She rummaged around in her bags a bit, pulling out a black zip up hoodie and a small black wool scarf. The girl slipped the hoodie on, then took the scarf over to Litten, “Look, I know it’s not really.. normal to put clothes on Pokemon, but you should keep warm with this, I’ll take it off whenever you want me to.” She said, before putting it over his head and lightly tying it up around his neck. He tried to grab at it at first, but then saw the rain and immediately stopped, as he wanted to stay dry.

Zoey stepped out of her room and into an elevator, with Litten safely inside her bag, with his head and front paws peeking out. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, showing the group all doing their own things while they waited. ‘Mraw!’ Litten jumped out of the bag and went to greet Squirtle, and lifted his head up, as if to show the Pokemon his scarf. Zoey went over to him, Squirtle and Jayden, giving a small wave, since she was still in that habit from Alola, “Hey Jayden, so where are we headed now? I’ve got myself and Litten ready for the rain.” She looked at Courir outside, “Someone looks ready already!” She giggled.
Courir, who was now cold and wet, came inside. He said
"Well, 2 things. One, I probably should have put on a hoodie. Two, Chespin really likes the rain." He shook himself, and jokingly said "Anyone got a towel?"
"Ches..." Chespin said as he facepalmed.
Kitranta noticed Courir enter the resort all wet and cold, most likely because he decided to dash outside even though it was raining. She felt unamused by Courir's actions, but, nontheless, Kitranta took of her hoodie and offered it to Courir. She revealed to have been wearing a black athletic tank top, and she showed off a bit of her lean figure.

"Here, you should probably take this," Kitranta told Courir, "You will most likely catch a cold if you don't, but it's not my place to make you decide what you want."
Now, everyone was outside, from who he could remember. He greeted everyone, as they came, and Zoey had asked him where they were going. 'Uh, it's not my choice, it's everyone's... don't push it on to me!'. As soon as he'd said that, Courir and Chespin had arrived back in the lobby, soaking. Not long after, they were wearing Kitranta's hoodie. Squirtle realised it was raining outside, and he tried to run into the rain. 'No!'. Jayden pulled Squirtle back. 'I don't wanna get wet without having to, Squirtle!. You can run in the rain when we decide where we're going. Anyways, has anyone got an idea to where to go?'.
Zoey smiled, watching Courir and his Pokemon walk back inside, soaked. She gave a small laugh, especially at the Chespin. Looking into her bag, she took out her map again, it was a big one of Unova, and she stared at Nuvema Town, trying to find a good place to go. She looked around for good Pokemon catching areas, since she was very interested in finding strong Pokemon, and where to find them. The girl honestly had no idea where they would be, except the routes of course, so she pointed Route One out and showed it to everybody. “Could we go here? I’m interested in seeing what Pokemon there are to catch in Nuvema, I think Litten here could use a friend.” The cat Pokemon mrawred, as if to agree that he would like a play mate. “Maybe we won’t get anything.. but it’s worth it to get out, maybe find some things about this mission, and just see the sights! Right?” Litten went over to the doors that led outside, still with his little scarf, ready to go. “We could stop off and get some umbrellas if this rain doesn’t stop, I don’t fancy getting wet, neither does Litten, for that matter, he’s just always rearing to go.” She flashed out some cash from her bag, just in case nobody else could pay.
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'You know, that's a good idea, Zoey. Route One.... I believe that's... not far from this hotel. I can pay for an umbrella, you don't need to pay. We probably all have enough. I'm gonna go to Route One now... you guys come at your time. I think I can find the way.'. Squirtle dashed into the rain, and Jayden followed him. 'See ya!'. He arrived at a small store nearby, which coincidentally had umbrellas. After buying one, he had headed out, onto the path of Route One. He looked around, holding the Arcanine-patterned umbrella above his head, and only saw a few Pokemon, as it was raining. The most noticable feature of the route, was a Herdier sitting on a tree stump on the left of the path. It must have been on guard. Jayden turned around, hoping to see the others behind him.
Zoey watched as Jayden ran off with Squirtle to Route One, then walked after him, stopping at the door to look at the others and give a smile, then went outside into the rain, sheltering her head with her hoodie hood. Litten ran out before her along the path to the route, looking excited. She saw a small shop along the way with a tube of umbrellas outside, so she stopped there to go in. Litten anticipated to go ahead, not stopping at the shop, “Alright then.. I’ll meet you there, don’t get lost!” The girl waved to her Pokemon, and then looked through the umbrellas. “Ah, here’s a good one!” She ran in to the counter, paying the money. She’d picked out a Ponyta umbrella with a small fire flare spiking out the top, and Ponyta eyes on both sides.

Litten ran all the way to Route One, somehow knowing how to get there. He stopped at the sign, looking up at Jesse who was now looking back. ‘Mrawr!’ He jumped up, then turned round again, waiting for Zoey and everyone else.

Zoey got out of the shop and strolled over to Route One, where she saw her Pokemon waiting for her. ‘Mrawr?’ He walked around her legs, greeting her. She looked up at Jesse, waving to him. “Hey Jesse! If you want to know why Litten was here before me, I let him go off on his own sometimes, he hates waiting for me. He’s smart enough to get places though.” She looked down at the Pokemon, “Aren’tcha?” Zoey saw Jesse’s umbrella and smiled, “Nice design, I’ve got Ponyta, why not, I guess?” She walked ahead, looking in the water, since it was raining, water Pokemon would probably have a bigger chance of coming out. There was a patch of rippling water, which vaguely showed some basculin swimming around, looking viscous. Litten went to pounce, looking ready to enter battle. “Guys, we might have our first battle here!”
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Courir smiled as he took the hoodie(And put it on), and said
"Thanks!" After he got a towel and dried himself, he gave the hoodie back, and said "Thanks for that, whew, I really am dumb sometimes, ain't I?" He quickly went back to his room, and muttered "Alright, this time, I'm putting on a hoodie." He did so, and quickly went back outside, Chespin immediately started running around, while Courir was eager to just hurry up, he bought a umbrella after seeing Zoey leave the shop, he bought an umbrella with a design based on Dragoniar, he went along to route one, and saw Zoey and Jayden. Chespin said
"Hey guys! 'sup!?"
Kitranta quickly put her hoodie back on, and listened to everyone's conversations. They all wanted to go and capture some Pokèmon at the Route 1 of Unova, but Kitranta had other plans in mind. Kitranta wanted to speak with Professor Juniper. She wanted to know what the specific oddities that were occuring in Unova. Maybe she could use some hints and clues to help her figure out the bigger picture and see why the oddities had been occuring in the first place.

"Justin, am I correct?" Kitranta asked the boy with the Oshawott, "I would like to kindly ask for your assistance. Could you please escort me to the professor's lab? I'd like to have a word or two with her."

Zoey looked away from her Pokemon and the water to look at Courir, she gave a warm smile back to him. "Hey! I'm doing some battles with Litten, I'm excited to see what Pokemon this place has to offer." She looked back, seeing Litten launching fireballs at the basculin, eventually making them faint, even without the trainer's help for moves. She scruffed up his fur playfully in delight, and then turned back to walk over to Courir and Jayden. "Do either of you want to work with me to fight some of these Pokemon? The water is very promising, seeing that it's raining." Zoey said, raising her umbrella. "I don't think Kitranta's coming, nor Justin right now, they would've arrived already." It was just her and the two boys, which sounded quite fun, she expected Courir might be good at battles, but Jayden with his Squirtle.. she really wasn't sure, not that she was doubting him, just curious at this moment.

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'OK! I'm going to find a Pokemon! See you guys in a minute, I'll have caught one!'. Jayden ran off into the tall grass on the Route, and in not long, something grabbed him and pinned him down. On accident, he'd stumbled into a Watchog's habitat, because there was one pinning him down, and a few Patrats looking at him. Squirtle had just managed to find his owner, who had ran off into the wild, too fast for him. 'Squirtle... use Water Gun! Dodge it! Tackle! Growl!'. He repeated commands, which had Squirtle wandering all over the place, but sort of effectively dealing with the Patrat, even if Jayden had confused him.

Eventually, the Watchog seized his throat, and he had nothing to do, as Squirtle wouldn't be able to take this Pokemon down, and he kicked it, hard. The Watchog let him go, evidently not expecting the human to attack, and almost automatically, fired a Poke-Ball at the Watchog.

It didn't work, and the Watchog came out. Squirtle looked at him. 'Fine, that was a stupid idea.'. He grabbed Squirtle, and dashed out of the tall grass. His throat was bruised. He explained the situation to Crystal and Courir, and then a Patrat came out of the same patch of grass. It was probably wanting a fight, but it was badly hurt from Squirtle earlier. However, it was holding the broken Poke-Ball that was thrown at Watchog. Jayden grabbed it, picked out another Poke-Ball and threw it at the Patrat. One click. Two clicks. Three clicks. It was caught.

Jayden released it, and went to hug it, but it didn't move. It was injured. Jayden picked it up, and returned Squirtle, for he wasn't that fast, and Jayden was going to run back as fast as he could to the Pokemon Center. 'I need to heal this Patrat, I can't believe I caught it though! With a Pokemon's permission and all. I guess it was impressed by Squirtle. See ya!'.

After he arrived at Nuvema Town, and had searched the town, he hadn't found a Pokemon Center. He looked down at the Patrat, and began to panic. Then, he remembered he'd saw a lab on his way around the small town. He headed to the lab, and stepped inside. The Patrat was probably getting worse in condition, and he'd just spent half an hour running around a town. Jayden entered the lab, not bothering to take in the surroundings, and shouted to whoever was nearby. 'Can someone heal this Patrat?! Please?! It's really really weak and I can't find anywhere to heal it!'.


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“Oh, sure! I wasn’t planning to catch any Pokémon just yet, anyways.” Justin replied to Kitranta, quickly adjusting his backpack. His Oshawott sat upon his shoulder, looking at the other trainer and her Chimchar with intrigue. He then showed Kitranta the way to Professor Junipers lab. “Hey, uh, what did you want to ask the professor about? If it’s anything about Pokémon in this region, I’d be happy to answer it! And if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine too. I can be nosy sometimes.” He said, as they headed towards the lab.
"It doesn't bother me at all," Kitranta responded, though she said it with such a serious tone it was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not. "While the Pokémon of the Unova region are surely intruiging, Professor Rowan had my Pokédex updated to have data on all of the Pokémon and the entire map of this region. Though, if I ever do need help, it'll be very appreciated if you could," Kitranta explained, "No, what I need to talk to Professor Juniper about is the oddities that are plaguing Unova. We were all sent here to investigate the issue, and I think having some background knowledge could really help us out as we explore the Unova region more and more."

As the two were heading closer to Professor Juniper's lab, Kitrana noticed a mysterious figure run into the lab, but she was able to hear the panic screaming. The voice sounded familiar...

Jayden! Kitranta thought. She then started racing as fast as she could towards Jayden, who was evidently at the lab she was going to enter anyways. She quickly made it right next to Jayden, and noticed the weakened Patrat that was in his arms.

Kitranta then shushed Jayden, as his panicked screaming could make the Patrat feel scared if he continued. "It's going to be okay," Kitranta told Jayden, "Calm down, I should be able to help this Patrat if you let me."
Courir smirked, and said
"Heh, sure, funnily enough, this will end up being Chespin's first battle, but I'm sure it'll be fine!"
"Che-ches?" Chespin looked at his trainer, clearly worried.
"Don't worry, Chespin. It'll be fine." suddenly, Jayden showed up and caught a Patrat, and ran to find a Pokémon Centre. He said "Ah poop, we're already falling behind, better speed up!" he looked in the water, and didn't find anything. So instead he looked in the bushes and tall grass, he saw an Audino, and said "Huh. I think I found the first Pokémon that I wanna catch!" He slowly walked up behind it with Chespin, and whispered to his partner Pokémon "Chespin, use vine whip to tickle it." Chespin, although not so sure of his trainer's plan, did as Courir instructed, and tickled the wild pokémon. the Audino reacted by laughing, and Courir smiled as he lightly tapped the Audino's head with a Pokeball, catching the pokémon, Courir said
"Nailed it! We caught an Audino!" (He had figured out the name of the Pokémon that he caught thanks to many trainers who visit his home city having one.)
"What? It worked." He sent out Audino, who said
"Aud? Aud?"
"Hey there, I'm Courir, I'm your new trainer, don't worry I'll take good care of you!"
"Aud!" Courir smiled as he and his Pokémon walked back over to Zoey.
Zoey kept quiet as Jayden with his newly caught Patrat ran to her and Courir, then away to the Pokemon Centre. When he'd got out of sight, she looked at Courir, "I hope he gets it better.. I suppose we should catch up though, let's do it!" She told him, as they both ran off to find a Pokemon. In advance, she retrieved one of her Poke Balls from her bag, and held it tight in her hand. Litten looked excited, he ran ahead, looking in every grass patch, bush and pond on the Route. Zoey looked around, eventually seeing some movement in a big grass patch, so she quietly sneaked over to it, with Litten quickly coming to her to help. He dived in, already attacking the Pokemon, which made a cute 'bark' sound. "Wait, litten! Don't do too much, I think it's a.. a Lillipup!" She screed, seeing the small Pokemon attacking Litten back as well as it could. The cat Pokemon had only used small moves, and got out of the way, standing at Zoey's side while she threw a Poke Ball at the Lillipup. It looked frightened, crouching to the floor, but couldn't jump out of the way as it was yonked on the head with a ball. One, two, and three clicks, it was caught. The girl turned her head back to Courir, who came running with a new Pokemon too. "Congratulations, I've got a Lillipup, I think you'll like it!" She had a big smile, obviously happy for herself and Courir after their first catches. Litten looked happy too, giving a 'Mrawr' to about every word Zoey said. She threw her Poke Ball containing the new Pokemon onto the ground, and out it popped, not with the best landing. Lillipup fell on the floor, not quite getting grips with what happened in these quick few minutes. She scooped it up, holding it in front of her. "Hi there, little guy! You look weak, don't you? I wonder why that is.." She looked at Litten, raising an eyebrow, then gave a giggle, looking at her friend again. "Courir, I'm going to find that Pokemon Centre Jayden went to, Litten did a number on Lillipup already, it looks scared to death, you can come, if you want."

Zoey walked along the path, holding the Lillipup with Litten trailing beside her. It looked less scared, probably feeling comforted in Zoey's arms by now. After a while longer, she'd not come across a Pokemon Centre, but instead, the lab, which she heard shouting that sounded like Jayden's inside, and entered its doors, making sure to tell Courir too. She looked suprised to see everyone else with Jayden, his Pokemon looked weak, she was worried about it too. She went over to Jayden, seeing that Katrinta was already helping him, "I'm going to find somewhere to heal my Pokemon, I'll tell you about it later!" She said, then quickly went to look for a machine. Lillipup squirmed in her arms, and made its way out, jumping down to the floor. It looked at Litten, and copied him by following Zoey on the other side. Litten looked at the Pokemon, saying hello with a 'Mrawr', and Lillipup had replied with another bark.

Eventually, Zoey found a machine to heal Pokemon, and put both of her Pokemon in their Poke Balls, and the machine got to work. When it was done, she released them again, and they both started playing with each other, and chasing each other around as Zoey went back to her friends. She pointed to where she found the machine, "There's a room back there, you can heal the Pokemon in it." She smiled at him, then watched as Litten and Lillipup became almost instant best friends.
Jayden was hopping like mad on the spot. He saw the Lilipup that Zoey had caught, and gave a bit of an anxious smile. He was really excited for Zoey on the inside, but he was too worried for the Lillipup. He let Kitranta do whatever she needed with it, and he went to the machine nearby to heal his Squirtle. After the iconic tune played, he picked the Poke-Ball up and released Squirtle.

'Squirtle, that Patrat I caught is really badly injured.'. The Pokemon couldn't understand Jayden, a Pokemon and a human learning each other's speech was a thing that only a great bond could do, Squirtle could only tell moves and general emotion. 'Kitrantra is healing it. We need to-'. He pulled Squirtle back, it was wandering off. 'wait!'. Jayden sat on a row of chairs against the wall, petting his Pokemon, it had become some sort of stress-reliever for him to do.
"I won't be relying on the healing machines to heal this Patrat," Kitranta stated. Kitranta then dug out an Oran Berry from her pocket, and fed it to the Patrat. She then took out an alcohol wipe, and started wiping at the wounds the Patrat had. She then wrapped some bandages around the Patrat as well.

Jayden then had the Patrat covered in a blanket, and handed it over to Jayden.

"I have found that treating your Pokémon personally helps them build a better bond with it's trainer," Kitranta stated, "It is a method primarily used in Kalos and Alola, but I've taken accustom to do it myself as well. Your Patrat will be fine."